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who killed the doctor? a psychiatrist murdered in her home. tonight what police are saying about a man they say confessed to the crime. but first. 911 where is your emergency? >> i just woke up. my 3-year-old is missing. >> a father's call for help. what the 911 tapes reveal about the disappearance of a boy whose body was found near a south jersey river. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. police spoke to the boy's father today. they are not holding him tonight. the toddler's autopsy results are inconclusive, but a source tells nbc 10 the toddler did not walk into the woods alone and
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that his body was placed there. nbc 10's keith jones reports. >> reporter: family, friends and loved ones who created this memorial here behind me hang on every update. i called the prosecutor's office tonight as the community listens to the 911 call policed by the boy's father in this building that launched this investigation. silence on a front lawn on which a swing sways empty. this is one of brendan's homes, his mom's house, blocks from his father's apartment where dad called 911 tuesday morning. >> i just woke up and my 3-year-old is missing. i just woke up, and he wasn't in my apartment. >>. >> reporter: hours later the was found in the woods near cooper river. an autopsy was inconclusive. x-rays revealed no broken bones. >> we pray for the family. >> reporter: as the community
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grieves they try to pull together the pieces, the few that there are in this case. >> very upsetting. y >> reporter: we played the 911 call tonight for residents. >> i guess he unlocked the door and left. >> sounded nonchalant about the whole finding of -- the missing child. >> reporter: others give the boy's father who police described as inconsolable the benefit of the doubt. >> you don't know what he's feeling. you don't know what he's been through. >> reporter: what's certain is the inconclusive autopsy will hinder the investigation, that much the camden county prosecutor's office told us. what they vowed, though, is it will not stop the investigation. keith johnes, nbc 10 news. neighbors in newcastle county want to know why a psychiatrist was targeted and murdered at her home. police say their suspect confessed. drew smith reports where
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police are offering few details into why this happened. >> reporter: police have been at this house since before the sun came up. the work has continued into the night. we've been taking photographs and analyzing evidence inside the house to try to piece together exactly how this woman was murdered inside. >> it is sad. >> reporter: neighbors on withers way have not seen anything like this. crime tape and a murder scene on the why the block. a family member of the victim stopped by to speak with police but was too emotional to speak with us. >> i feel sorry for the family. it's not anything you would expect. >> reporter: neighbors say it's horrifying that a daughter had to find her dead mother at 4:00 a.m. but it didn't take police long to find a suspect because he called them. >> provided enough detail that we gave it attention and we responded to his location. took him into custody without incident. >> reporter: the suspect lived ten minutes from here. we checked and police are still not releasing the names of the
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people involved or how they knew each other. we know the victim was a 55-year-old psychiatrist. the center where she works sent out a statement saying it's cooperating with police and thinking of the family. >> there is a lot of professional medical people that do live here, and that is what is so shocking, that crime happens here, but again, it shows you that crime can happen anywhere. >> reporter: those who knew this woman say she was extremely kind. >> nicest person you can imagine, the biggest, warmest smile. >> reporter: the neighbors we spoke to say they have a lot of questions about how this happened. they are relieved that police believe the killer is in custody. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. with this just in. bridge problems in penn's landing. chestnut street bridge is closed and could be for a while because an inspection tonight found a four-foot crack in the base of the bridge. penn dot shut it down indefinitely to make repairs.
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a 91-year-old woman in critical condition after being hit by a septa bus in philadelphia's only section. the bus hit the woman and her nephew around 5:30 this evening. the nephew was not seriously hurt. police are investigating. it will be up to philadelphia's next mayor to decide who should next run the city's police department. commissioner charles ramsey announced today he is retiring. ramsey was joined by mayor nutter as the announcement was made. he will retire next january when nutter's term ends. ramsey served eight years as philadelphia's police commissioner. homicides, robberies and shootings have all dropped during that time but ramsey said the job is not done yet. >> there are still some neighborhoods that are far too unsafe. there are too many people being shot on the streets of our city. too many murders, too many r robberie robberies. too much crime. >> chief ramsey's 47-year history in law enforcement began as an 18-year-old recruit for
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the chicago police department. ramsey was previously the police chief in washington, d.c., where he also saw a drop in violent crime. in washington ramsey attracted national attention when his department investigated the death of intern shon dra levy in 2001. he is also known for investigating the 2002 sniper attacks in the d.c. area which left ten dead. after his time in washington, michael nutter nominated ramsey as police commissioner here. ramsey came out of retirement and was sworn in at the beginning of nutter's term in 2008. speculation has started as to who will be the successor. here is a look at some of the names. richard ross, kevin bethel, joseph sullivan, all currently members of the philadelphia police department. septa police chief tom nestol and radner police chief could also fill the role. it's important to note no one will be named commissioner until
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after november's election for mayor. to a developing story now. a computer glitch related to the nation's terror watch list has been fixed tonight. the problem caused delays at several airports. the glitch was in the system that automatically checks passengers against names on the watch list. it caused delays in los angeles as well as new york, boston, dallas, charlotte and baltimore. we're still waiting to hear back from philadelphia as to whether there were any problems here. all right. turning to our weather. a chilly night in manayunk. it will get chillier. >> let's bring in meteorologist sheena parveen. how cold will it feel when we wake up? >> north and west of philadelphia, you'll be the coldest, in about the low 40s. right now we are still kind of chilly outside. these numbers you see will continue to drop off until about sunrise tomorrow. 55 in allentown. 60 philadelphia.
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millville, though, already at 49 degrees. 46 in mount pocono. here are some of the colder spots overnight tonight. 42 for the morning low in allentown. be bethlehem. 42 in quakertown tomorrow morning. 8:00 in the morning philadelphia low 50s. by noon in the low 60s. poconos low 40s by 8:00. along the shore temperatures starting out in the upper 40s. we're seeing plenty of sunshine tomorrow. big cooldown going into the weekend with 30-degree temperatures. the son of congressman pata is expected in a philadelphia courtroom tomorrow. he is accused of misusing federal education contracts and loans to pay personal expenses. he denies the charges. fattah jr. faces jail time and a
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fine of up to $13 million. his father is charged in a different case. in july a grand jury indicted senior. he is accused of misusing campaign funds and grant money. he denies wrong doing. his' married to nbc 10 anchor renee chenault-fattah. she is labeled as person e and a filliat of the fattah enterprise. the feds allege she took part in a scheme to sell a car in order to pay vacation costs on a home. she is not charged. renee is on leave from nbc 10. tonight investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire at this whole foods store in cherry hill. an nbc 10 viewer sent us this video. authorities say no one was hurt. crews put out the fire in a couple of minutes. from our delaware bureau, four people shot in a matter of
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minutes. tonight, wilmington police are trying to figure out if the shootings are connected. a 51-year-old man was killed. 15 minutes later three other men were shot, including a 61-year-old who was hit in the leg. no word on suspects or a motive. delaware senators tom harper and chris coons hosted a job fair today in front of jc penney at the mall in newark. if you missed out today there is a second job fair taking place november 16th from noon to 4:00 at delaware technical community college. today a final farewell for civil rights leader jerry mondeesire. friends and community leaders gathered to celebrate his life at bright hope baptist church in north philadelphia. today would have been his 66th birthday. he passed away ten days ago. he was a journalist and activist who took over the philadelphia
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chapter of the naacp in 1991 and was a founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalists. coming up which part of your weekend will near freezing. a recall on spinach in the area. the brand to check your refrigerator for tonight. the disabled boy blessed by pope francis in philadelphia. now his family is getting another blessing. how people are stepping up to help. why this passport stopped a couple from traveling to their honeymoon.
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you may want to check the fridge tonight. dole is recalling its bagged spinach salad because of salmonella concerns. the spinach was sold in pennsylvania as well as new jersey. the product is marked with an enjoy by date of october 15th. salmonella can cause serious illnesses and death. to a story you saw first on nbc 10. a montgomery county man is behind bars after police say he
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went on a vandalism spree damaging two businesses and the inside of an historic church. police led a shackled christopher rhodes into court today. the 32-year-old is accused of smashing items outside the tavern on october 5th. he continued his spree to a nearby church and supermarket. >> while in the sanctuary tore up some of the hymn books and lit fire to some of the pages, which was very concerning to us. >> rhodes is being held on a $10,000 cash bail. it could take several weeks to find out whether lamar odom overdosed inside a nevada brothel. a sheriff says a person who called 911 said the former nba star had been doing cocaine and had taken sexual performance enhancers. the brothel says he spent more than five figures during his stay. jay gray reports.
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>> reporter: we're learning more now about what happened inside this nevada brothel where former nba and reality tv star lamar odom spent several days before being rushed to a hospital after this 911 call tuesday afternoon. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> we need an ambulance. >> reporter: when paramedics arrived at the love ranch 70 miles outside of las vegas they say the 35-year-old was unconscious and struggling to breathe. >> he had blood coming from his nose and his mouth, along with a white substance. >> reporter: odom was first treated at a nearby hospital and transferred to this facility in vegas where doctors are said to be treating the situation as an overdose. sources close to the athlete say he had multiple drugs in his system including cocaine. a sample of his blood was obtained by investigators using a search warrant who say at this point they don't have the results from toxicology tests. the former nba champion gained notoriety off the court when he
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married khloe kardashian in 2009. the couple reportedly filed for divorce in 2013. reports indicate kardashian has been at his bedside since late tuesday. her mom and sister have also been scene at the las vegas hospital. while fans and former teammates are reaching out on social media, many, like all-star chris paul, stunned by the news. >> i just wanted to extend love and support to one of our nba brothers, lamar odom. we love you, man. keep fighting. >> reporter: a former champion, now fighting for his life. jay gray, nbc news, las vegas. tonight a philadelphia newlywed says a passport controversy turned her dream honeymoon into a nightmare. she tried using this passport but the airline said it was too
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damaged. so they could not get on their flight to greece after their wedding. the airline provided a statement that reads, the danger with allowing a passenger to trovl with a damaged passport is that they may not be allowed entrance into the foreign country to which they are traveling and would immediately be put back on a plane to the u.s. carly baker applied and paid for a new passport. she and her husband are in greece tonight after she paid around $2,000 in fees and missed several days of their honeymoon. a local family's prayers are being answered. >> it's all thanks to a chance meeting with pope francis during his visit to philadelphia. the keating family and their son michael were on the tarmac to welcome pope francis last month. the pontiff stopped to bless 10-year-old michael. since then their lives have changed. the family has received nearly $100,000 in donations to buy a new van.
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$50,000 came from an unlikely source. >> jj abrams donated $50,000. i am in awe. >> when i found that out i cried and cried. >> film director jj abrams who said he was inspired by the family's grace and commitment. wonderful outcome for them. >> really is. a new van had been on their wish list for years because the old one didn't have a ramp. it's a huge blessing for them. to our weather. better get the jackets out, right, sheena? >> you'll need one tomorrow morning and an even bigger jacket into the weekend. i'll show you when the coldest temperatures are set to arrive. otherwise, a cool end to the week. today was much cooler than yesterday. this will stay that way going into friday. cooler weekend in store too. temperatures will only be topping out in the 50s, bottoming out in the 30s as we go through part of your weekend. i'll show you the forecast in just a second. the average high right now is 67 degrees.
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yesterday we were at 76. today we got to 78. so pretty good temperature drop between yesterday and today. we stay cool thursday and friday, mid 60s. look at that big weekend drop, though. down into the upper 50s for a high on saturday. you will definitely notice those changes. and it's going to start off windy too. we're in the mid 50s. north and west cooling down. 60 for philadelphia. millville is a cooler spot but already in the 40s. many areas in the 40s by tomorrow morning. we're pretty much dry on radar. some clouds to the west. maybe a few isolated sprinkles. not holding together too much. what's going on, though, is this cool air mass is coming into play. this will be the case as we go into thursday and friday. then you see another cold front approaching as we go into friday. this one will be swinging through just in time for the weekend. then a reinforcing cold front moves through again over the weekend so we are talking about some very cold air moving in
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from the north that we haven't seen so far this season. big area of high pressure that will be dragging the air down and giving us temperatures in the 30s by sunrise both sunday and monday morning. come monday morning you'll want to bundle the kids up at the bus stop. it will be quite the shocker compared to this week. tonight we be cool. cooling down. tomorrow morning you'll want a jacket. 42 in allentown. poconos upper 30s. philadelphia upper 40s by tomorrow morning. some of the suburbs of new jersey and delaware, mid to upper 40s. sunny and cool tomorrow. more sunshine than we saw today. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s through the afternoon. around average for this time of the year. friday we'll see more clouds. a couple stray showers. the clouds will be because of the cold front. that will be pushing the temperatures down into the 50s this weekend. there you see it. sunday morning 38 degrees. monday morning 36. at or below freezing come monday
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morning. we could be seeing frost around too. danny. thanks, sheena. eagles defensive end fletcher cox recognized for his stellar efforts. the beauty of sports. every day you have a chance to see something you've never seen. in today's case, several things you've never seen. that's next.
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i'm danny pommels. flyers goalie steve mason missed tonight's game tending to a personal family matter. michal neuvirth in net. flyers honoring kimmo timonen for the action got started. second period 1-0. the captain nets his first goal of the season.
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2-0. orange and black. third period, backup goalie michal neuvirth looking for a second consecutive shutout. an octopus in the net. slams the door. flyers beat the blackhawks 3-0. phillies named the time president today. one of the great things about baseball is you can never predict. game five between the rangers and blue jays. 7th inning craziest you'll ever see. martin's throw to the pitcher. hit choo's bat. it's ruled a live ball. the run counts. blue jay fans are not happy. throwing things on the field. players urging them not to throw things. mothers shielding the children. not a good scene in toronto. rangers unravel later. a moon shot. benches cleared twice. toronto wins the wild affair and
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advances. eagles and giants. five days away from the monday-night showdown at lincoln field. did you see the one-man army sunday? that was number 91 fletcher cox named nfc defensive player of the week. >> like i say, finally somebody recognizes it. hard work is paying off. i feel like, without those guys in the back end and the guys pushing the middle, none of that stuff would have happened. i do consider myself one of the best d-linemen in the league. it doesn't come easy. you have to work for it and be greedy about it. don't forget to vote for the high school football game of the week. here are the choices on your screen. cast your vote at nbc or call or text your vote. we'll announce the winner thursday night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ that's mc light performing at the white house tonight. the president and first lady enjoying every minute of it. it's part of the in performance at the white house. other performances included smokey robinson, usher and queen latifah. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon is up next. >> who is visiting tonight. >> thank you. vin diesel is my guess tonight and music from selena gomez. great show. do not change channels. >> jam-packed tonight. cooler temps. >> you'll want a jacket when you head out. the rest of the week will be cool. when we get to the weekend, we are talking cold. 30-degree morning. >> what was that? >> 30-degree morning. >> okay. >> sorry, jim. >> that's okay. >> we need more than a light
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jacket. >> yes, we do. >> that's nbc 10 at 11:00. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. for sheena and all of us, have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to
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make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vin diesel selena gomez and atur


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