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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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independence blue cross. live fearless. . bridge closed. for now you can't travel the usually busy chestnut street bridge on penn's landing. find out how long a detour will be in place. few answers and still a lot of questions. autopsy results for the camden county boy who was found dead in the woods are inconclusive. this morning we're hearing his father's 911 call. and as we take a live look outside at the philadelphia museum of art and the surrounding area, kind of brisk out there this morning. 56 degrees but a steady breeze. the sun will be out later today and we'll warm into the mid-60s just in time for a weekend cooldown. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today on
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this thursday. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his forecast. >> good morning. we're getting another nice start this morning. the temperatures, they've been coming down overnight. right now 56 degrees in philadelphia. 50 in wilmington and millville. 40s for trenton, doylestown, and pottstown. 52 in south philadelphia. skies clearing out. we'll see sunshine, just a few thin clouds at 6:00 this morning. not much of a warm-up, but 9:00 with a northwesterly wind at 6 miles an hour. into this afternoon we will see the temperatures climb into the 60s. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood. right now jessica boyington has the traffic. that'll be out there until about 5:00 a.m. this morning. it's on odd scene. of course we would have liked to
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look there, but no cars traveling through again for schuylkill and broad street right now. also watch out for traffic lights malfunctioning before presidential boulevard when you're taking city avenue a you have of the schuylkill. and heads up on that pier damage for the bridge. chestnut street is closed at front street. all traffic is being diverted off on the northbound and southbound sides of front street here. if you are trying to access this area from the north side, market will be the best. southern side, you take spruce all the way to that area and hop back on the southern side. >> you mentioned it right there. a warning near penn's driving this morning. penn d.o.t. shut down that could be shut down for awhile. >> reporter: as startling as this sounds, someone found a crack in the base of the bridge.
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so it is off limits until crews have fix the repairs. this is sky force 10 video while inspectors looked at the damage last night. they found a four foot crack in one of the support tiers which helping to hold up the bridge. we're reaching out to penn d.o.t. for more on the cause of the crack and how long they think the repairs are going to last. this is happening near penn traffic on chestnut street is being diverted. we're live this morning. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. at 4:03 now, an update on the death of that 3-year-old boy found in a camden county park tuesday morning. the results of the autopsy didn't clearly show us how the boy died. authorities say the autopsy revealed no obvious cause of death. police found brendan's body half a mile from his home.
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sources close to the investigation tell nbc 10 that the boy was definitely placed there in the park. they say he did not get there on his own. the community yesterday reacted to the father's 911 call. listen. >> where's your emergency? >> i just woke up and my 3-year-old is missing. i woke up and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know if he wandered out. >> now, the father went on to say he had the doors double locked. the prosecutor's office says the inconclusive autopsy will not stop them. a new castle county man could face charges today after he admitted to ikilling a psychiatrist. we do know they took a man into custody yesterday not long after body. tell them he killed the woman who is a psychiatrist at a
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behavioral health center. >> a lot of professional medical people that do live here. and that is what is so shocking that crime happens here. but again, it shows you that crime can happen anywhere. >> now, investigators have not revealed how the doctor died nor any possible links between the the center where the psychiatrist works tells nbc 10 it is cooperating with police and its thoughts are with the doctor's family. 4:05 now. the son of chaka fattah is expected to go on trial on scharges of bank and tax fraud. chaka fattah jr. is charged of pay his personal expenses. he denies those charges. he faces jail time and a fine up to $13 million. now, his father is charged in a different case. in july a grand jury indicted chaka fattah sr. accusing him of
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misusing campaign and grant money, accepting an illegal loan, and other forms of corruption. he denies all wrong doing. his trial is scheduled for next may. congressman fattah is married to nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah. the feds allege she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car. she is not charges and she denies all wrong doing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. well, the pennsylvania attorney general's office is pushing back on suggestions that it did not provide all of is the e-mails involving a state supreme court justice. here's what happened. the judicial conduct board cleared justice michael eakin last year. two weeks ago cain's office received e-mails by eakins
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described as racial and pornographic. cain's office says not only did she hand over all of that material, she says justice eakin also told investigators about the e-mails and did not dispute the scription of them. happening today, a pennsylvania lawmaker will reintroduce a bill that would require background checks for all gun sales in the state. representative steve santos will join law enforcement officials, domestic violence agencies for a rally at the montgomery county courthouse. his bill would close a loophole that would allow non-licensed sellers without conducting a background check on the buyer. 4:07 now. this from our jersey shore bureau. happening now, a ground breaking ceremony for a seawall and boardwalk project. officials say that seawall would provide protection during storms and the project will finally
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restore atlantic city's boardwalk. the ground breaking ceremony is on the north end of pacific avenue. a company that wants to build power generating windmills off the coast of atlantic city says the new jersey state supreme court has rejected its appeal. fisherman's energy says it's now tweaking its plan. state regulators were concerned about the chinese company's operations which is why they rejected the plan. eight minutes after 4:00. a chilly start this morning, but we will see a lot of sunshine and a nice warm-up during the day today. a pretty nice day on tap for tomorrow. tracking some showers. a few spots might see some rain drops before it turns colder this weekend. the temperatures will be plummeting especially saturday night. right now 43 degrees in doylestown. philadelphia is 56.
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50 degrees in millville. we will see sunshine. looking across the delaware this morning. and like yesterday, we'll warm into the 60s. might not be quite as warm as it was yesterday afternoon when we hit 68 degrees. but it will be just as dry. no sign of any showers this morning. we'll see sunshine, bright sunshine through the day. don't forget your sunglasses this morning if you're headed out the door. camelback, 61 will be the high temperature. you'll see sunshine boardington. and at the shore, bright sunny skies. few passing clouds and 65 for avalon. smyrna, 66 degrees today. and sunny skies for philadelphia, wilmington, woodstown all in the middle 60s for today. 60s today, but definitely cooler this weekend. a look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. it's nine minutes after 4:00. some road problems in philadelphia this morning has kept jessica boyington kind of
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business. job security, right? >> that's all i care about. speaking of the schuylkill, we have ongoing there. in here you can see these signs and cones peeking out the left-hand lane. all traffic moving by just fine. we have a 12-minute drive towards the center city area expressway. the expressway is closed right watch out for traffic light malfunction. that's actually once you get off of the schuylkill expressway at the bottom of the off ramp. use caution because ongoing traffic doesn't have signal. mass transit, currently no problem. when i come back in the next ten minutes, more updates on the drive times and construction spots in the area. >> we will look forward to that.
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thank you. happening today, septa will teach kids in springfield delaware county how to stay safe near the track. on the route 101 trolley line. about 2400 students attend school near that line. septa will show them how to safely cross the tracks. this morning we're learning new details about lamar odom. he's still in a hospital in critical condition. next hear what police say he had in his system when he was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada. plus their honeymoon became a travel nightmare. a philadelphia bride showed up at the airport with her passport, but can you spot the problem here. we'll tell you why her dream getaway was almost grounded.
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4:14 now. a computer glitch related to the terror watch list is now fixed. but the problem caused delays at several airports across the country. the glitch was in the system that automatically checks passengers against names on the terror watch list. that had to be done manually instead. it caused delays in los angeles, new york, boston, dallas, charlotte, and baltimore. we're still waiting to hear back from philadelphia as to whether there were problems here. lamar odom remains under close watch at a las vegas hospital. we now know that doctors are treating his situation as an overdose. the former nba player was found unconscious tuesday at this brothel in nevada. investigators say blood was coming from his nose along with a white substance. and sources close to odom say he had multiple drugs in his system. toxicology test results are not yet out. reports show he suffered a
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stroke and is now on a ventilator. support from fans and fellow athletes is pouring in. >> i just wanted to extend love and support to one of our nba brothers, lamar odom. we love you, man. keep fighting. >> now, reports indicated odom's former wife chloe kardashian has been at his bedside since late tuesday. her mom and sister have also been seen at a vegas hotel there. the wreckage of a small plane in florida will be removed today. investigators are still trying to figure out how many people were killed. they can confirm that at least two people are dead including the pilot and one person on the ground. but investigators say they still have a lot of work ahead of them. >> looking at the experience of the pilot, looking at the weather he may have flow through. all aspects will be reviewed. >> very fortunate it wasn't a larger and only two homes were affected.
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>> now, some say there were people inside those homes before the homes were destroyed by the plane. and the flames. one man believes his daughter was in one of the homes at the time of the crash. he hasn't seen her since. john kerry plans to travel to the middle east in an effort to restore palestinian tensions. israeli security forces have been put on high alert. they've been concerned about the growing rate of stabbings. palestinia palestinians stabbing israelis. a man with a knife ran past a security check point and israeli police shot him dead. in recent weeks, eight israelis have been killed in a string of stabbings and stonings. nbc 10 news talked with a new jersey rabbi who has ties to the area. >> the kids are being told not to go on buses and to only be in
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safe places. >> arab ambassadors at the united nations are meeting later today in hopes of organizing an emergency meeting about the violence in israel. well, you may want to check the veggies in your fridge. dole is recalling its bagged spinach salad because of salmonella concerns. that was sold in pennsylvania and new jersey. now, here's what you need to look out for on the package. the product is marked with enjoy by date of october 15th. if you have one of those bags with that date, the company says throw it away. salmonella can cause serious illness, even death. 4:17 now. happening today, the democratic national convention committee will officially open its philadelphia office. the convention ceo will join mayor michael nutter this afternoon at a south philadelphia print shop. they're going to talk about how small businesses can get involved in convention opportunities. of course the dnc is happening in philadelphia in july next year and the democrat wills
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officially nominate their candidate for president. republican presidential front runner donald trump is weighing in on tuesday night's democratic debate. as for his own campaign? the donald is admitting that he could have done a few things differently. trump says vermont senator bernie sanders made a mistake when he defended the e-mail investigation during the debate. trump praised the benghazi committee for investigating the former secretary of state. he also praised the american public for being smart and admits he's learned a thing or two from his month of campaigning. >> i can watch my words a little bit, maybe be a little bit more politically correct. to be honest with you, one of the reasons i am doing well is i don't want to -- being politically correct takes a lot of time. we don't always have time to be politically correct. >> he believes hillary clinton will be rather easy to beat.
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a winter weather outlook is expected to be released today from scientists at noaa. the report is a good indicator of how mild or extreme the winter weather will be in the coming mornts. it includes the predictions for temperatures and snow totals for the upcoming season along with the latest forecast for el nino and how that may influence this winter. sounds like a perfect segue to bring in nbc 10 meteorologist bill henley. has that noaa report been accurate? >> the current one i just looked at shows that we're expecting an above average temperature for the winter. but before we get there, you may not be clapping next week. because we're going to get a winter preview before we get to winter. right now clear skies and a chillier start this morning. 56 degrees in philadelphia. humidity's way down. we are running a little bit cooler compared to yesterday in
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philadelphia down by three degrees. nice clear view from the bank building. you'll see a lot of sunshine today. the next couple days will be beautiful. today the wind won't be all that strong, but it's coming out of the northwest. that's the dry, cool air coming into play that we're starting with. some scattered clouds over new jersey, those will clear. then we'll see sunshine for today. there are some showers moving through canada that could come our way early tomorrow morning. those showers on the move. 3:00 tomorrow morning we'll be watching this line of scattered light showers that will try to move into the area. it may not be successful. so we may get away shower free on friday. that's a cold front coming in with that shower chance and that's going to make for a colder weekend. for today, 53 degrees at 6:00. by 9:00, 54. low 60s at noon time. we'll top out in the middle 60s
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today. look at the weekend. saturday, 57 degrees. the wind will be blowing to make it feel colder. with that wind, colder air to start with on sunday. we'll drop down into the 30s. only up to 54 degrees on sunday afternoon. afternoon. and then it will probably get colder into next week. i got to 7-day forecast for us in the next half hour. >> that sound promising. all right. thank you, bill. 4:21 now. let's get a check of the roads now. we got some construction going on. what else do we have? let's look at the boulevard. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that beautiful highway behind her there. >> you know, nothing going on at this point in the boulevard. it's good to start off with something nice as well. right around broad street, no problems northbound or southbound at this moment. in the philadelphia area, no problems getting to 95 and the schuylkill. the blue route intoound southbound.
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looking at a 15-minute trek from delaware. we have ongoing construction, ramp closures as well. 95 to 896. also if you are out in northeast, philadelphia, watch out until 35:30 on the boulevard, chris. on the subject of mass transit. viewers in the he high area support this plan. now, here's what's happening. we have a study to focus on rail service to philadelphia, new york, new jersey and harrisburg. septa buses will be involved in this. if the plan goes through, it will be ten years until the transportation network is up and running. so don't hold your breath. here's something you can do with your families this weekend. nbc 10 invite to celebrate el
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nino saturday at the adventure aquarium. we'll have music. we'll have dancing, costumes, crafts, all sorts of games there. you can also meet some mooeb members of the at the le mun do on air team. go to to buy your tickets. you can get a $4 discount by using the promo code. he has left philadelphia's men and women for eight years, now he's calling it a career. this was the breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. police commission charles ramsey officially retiring. ahead at 4:30, we'll hear him talk about his decision. plus who could be the city's next leader. next, a travel nightmare, a honeymoon almost didn't happen because of this here why her passports ruined her dream trip to greece. we can't go to greece, we can show what you is happening behind the scenes, you can
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interact with us, talk with us, ask us questions. we will chat back and a great flag we have to give away. some of you will say, hey, chris, your character is not up right now. we are working on that. follow us here on periscope. our address is nbc philadelphia.
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>> it's okay, a with him says a passport problem turned her honeymoon into a nightmare. she tried to use it. but american airlines said it was too damaged. so she and her husband could not get on her flight to greece after their wedding last friday.
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american airlines says it was just following state department guidelines. the airlines provided us a statement that reads, quote the danger with allowing a passenger to travel with a damaged passport is they may not be allowed entrance into the foreign country which they are traveling and would immediately be put back on a plane to the u.s. carley applied for and paid for a new passport. she and her husband are in greece now, but that's after she paid almost $2,000 in fees and missed several days of their honey pop. >> skies are clearing this morning. we will be in for a nice sunny one. it's a chilly start. readings are in the 40s and 50s. our forecast just ahead. it's been almost three years since hurricane sandy and the deadline for challenging damage is finally here. what we'll tell you what you need to know to do today before
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it's too late.
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so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now this bridge is closed to traffic because of a potential safety risk. we'll show you the problem and how to get around it. and deadline day is here, if you had damage during hurricane sandy and you want fema look another your claims. ahead, we'll have what you need to know. it feels like fall outside today, despite this morning, we will warm in the 60s with plenty of sun today. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> it is too nice out there, too, the weather has been awesome, perfect


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