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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now this bridge is closed to traffic because of a potential safety risk. we'll show you the problem and how to get around it. and deadline day is here, if you had damage during hurricane sandy and you want fema look another your claims. ahead, we'll have what you need to know. it feels like fall outside today, despite this morning, we will warm in the 60s with plenty of sun today. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> it is too nice out there, too, the weather has been awesome, perfect october
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weather. our meteorologist bill henley in his first alert forecast. he loves the leaves changing color. >> it's the fantastic time of year, the weather is gorgeous. the humidity comes way down. humidity is lower this morning t. temperatures, they're also running a little lower at this hour. right now, we're looking at readings in the 40s and 50s. potts town, trenton, 53 in mount holly and womening con is down to 50 degrees at this hour. still 56 at philadelphia international. so a chillier start by several degrees in much of the area, sunshine and a few scattered clouds, 53 degrees at 6:00. not much warmer at 9:00, nice by lunch time with bright sunshine to head up into the middle 60s this afternoon. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast on tap. jessco boyington has first alert traffic. >> we are dealing with ongoing construction. start off on the schuylkill expressway, you can see in the eastbound lanes right here, we do have left-hand lane
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restrictions. as can you see in here, we're losing this lane, all traffic is moving by. we have a 13-minute drive time from the blue route to the expressway. watch out, it closed right now, that's at least out there until 5:00 a.m. we'll definitely keep you updated there. for there, watch out for the schuylkill and broad street expressway will be closed. this could be one of the last days for ongoing construction. watch out, chestnut street still closed at front street. your best way to get around it right notice, all traffic is being diverted to front street. in here. that's not a great enough alternate for you. you can take market street. >> that will make you avoid this entire scene on the northbound side of it. you can pass underneath to columbus boulevard. chris. >> jessica mentioned it there. that's one of the many bridges drivers take across i-95 across
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the landing. it's closed now. >> you want to get more information, it is closed for emergency repairs. we are live in the digital operations center with more on this. good morning, katie. >> good morning. you are talking about a high traffic area. a lot of cars and food traffic are there for the time being, a major break. here is new video into our newsroom of the bridge and repairs and the track, yesterday, someone reported a crack from one of the bridge's support here. when teams went out to inspect it. they actually found a four-feet crack in one of the trusss that helps to hold up the bridge. this morning, penndot will find out the possible cause of the damage and how long the bridge will be there. traffic is being diverted as we heard in jessica's report. live in the operations center,
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nbc 10 news. happening today, it's the last day for homeowners to challenge their flood damaged claims from superstorm sandy. fema's deadline to make a fileing is midnight tonight. homeowners stuffed a loss in 2012 when the storm hit. some claim they were underpaid for their damages. fema is expecting claim reviews. you have until midnight tonight. a man is accused of six counts in murder in the deadly market street collapse will be back on the witness stand in his own defense. yesterday griffin campbell told the jury he had formal training as a contractor. he was basically told what to do by demolition architects. campbell claims his only demolished two small row homes says building on market street eventually collapsed onto the salvation army drift store
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killing six people in 2013. he told the jury there were no discussions about job site safety by the architect. campbell says the only time city inspectors told him to stop was because he didn't have enough insurance. his testimony continues today. happening today, a ribbon cutting ceremony to open a new facility in chester county. it's the north american corporate headquarters for a building materials company. the company says that facility will help attract innovators to the greater philadelphia area. >>. >> happening today in south jersey, the mayor is expected to announce a ride sharing company uber. residents are elg eligible for a free ride from several bars and straupts. it started an lo bor day with a trial. 60 people took advantage of the service the first weekend. it will be up to philadelphia's
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next mayor to decide who should run the city's police department. commissioner ramsay is retiring as the city's top cop. the announcement was made yesterday. he will retire in january. he served ieth years as philadelphia's police commissioner. homicides have all dropped during that time. ramsay says the job is not done yet e. >> there are some neighborhoods that are far too unsafe sa. there are too many people shot on the streets in our city. too many robberies and too much crime. >> his 47-year history in law enforcement began when he was an 18-year-old recruit for the chicago police department. >> before le came to philadelphia, ramsay was the police chief in washington, d.c., where he also oversaw a drop in violent crimes. he led that department from 1998 until 2006 and in walk, he attracted national attention when his department investigated
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the death of intern chandra levy in 2001. he is also known for investigating the 2002 d.c. is sniper attack, which left ten people dead. after his time in washington, michael nutter nominated him as police commissioner in philadelphia and, of course, he came out of retirement and was sworn in at the beginning of nutterrer's term in 28. speculation has already started about who will be ramsay's successor? here is a look at some of the names thrown out there right now. richard roth, currently the deputy commissioner, joseph sullivan, all currently members of the philadelphia police department. police chief tom na cell and the radner police chief. it is important to know no one will be commissioner until after november's election for mayor and the democratic nominee for mayor said he would support bringing someone from within the department. so we'll see what happens there. >> a couple weeks. >> yeah, right.
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remember ben when pope francis landed here if philadelphia, there was a moment that just struck all of us. he came over to police a very special person at the time. >> we'll never forget these images here. still ahead, this family thought their meeting with the pope was a miracle. but it's really what's happened in the week since them that left them counting their blessings. and it was once a casino, ten supposed to be a college by the ocean. now it is the subject of a state investigation. ahead, there is new information about the old property. live here at center city from the adventure aquarium, a little cooler this morning, 56 in the city. much of the area has dropped into the 40s. your hour by hour neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is just ahead.
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>> it's clear sailing with sunshine, that will start the warming process. the temperatures are falling 5 degrees colder than yesterday in northeast philadelphia. 53 degrees, coming out of the west northwest, that clean, dry air is in place. no sign of any showers for us today. tomorrow, though, there is a slight chance of scattered showers before cold air takes hold this weekend. a nice warm-up today. 60s for allentown, reading. great sunshine, a few scattered thin clouds to doylestown, mount holly, sunshine at the shore. you will need sunglasses for wilmington, all into the 60s. with brilliant sunshine today. this weekend, talking 50s and colder as well.
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7-day forecast coming up. >> we are checking area roads, a lot of construction to tell people about this morning. >> of course that bridge issue, jessica boyington is joining us to try to get around that. >> we do have a lot of construction ongoing construction with that bridge repair also out in friday right now, so diverting all traffic, chestnut street is closed and diverting all traffic off for right now right around route 41. no problem. northbound lanes in here. if you are headed northbound more construction out east northbound and southbound, this is ongoing. but several lanes restricted there between 42 and the black horse pike area heading into new jersey, watch out for the left
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lane closed and the break line. >> lots to keep in mind this morning. it has been a year now since the ebola virus and fears dominated the international headlines. >> one nurse survived the deadly illness, next what had her fighting for her life a second time. this philadelphia family thought meeting the pope was miracle. just ahead, hear how their prayers are still being answered weeks later.
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>> new video from yesterday morning on the highway in washington state. take a look. the bus driver said he thought it was a plane tire. when he realized it was a fire, he quickly evacuated the bus. the investigation is ongoing. the british government says if wiki leak founder leaves he
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will be arrested. ecuador asked him to leave to have an mri for pain in his right shoulder. but britain is denying him safe passage. he shots political asylum three years ago to avoid extradition to sweden where he is wanted for questioning over rain allegations. assange leaked information in 2010. a person who survived ebola is quickly ill again. a recurrence is to blame. he is in the same place he was treated after contracting ebola last year. he was there working with a charity group save the children. an expert environment study says it is possible for the ebola virus to reemerge in a small percentage of people who have been previously cured. >> it's very serious in ongoing
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health conditions administer to that virus. >> he is being cared for by specialists for patient was have previously contracted the virus. many people in south carolina are dealing with flood damage. so far crews have manages to reopen over 200 roads. also they've reopened some disaster recovery center t. governor says she pleased with the progress. >> south carolina is on the move. we are excited because we are knocking out all of the challenges that have been in our way. south carolina has said it's not-on-an option. >> the governor also thanked those who who volunteered their time and resources to help people recover. president obama is set to award the highest military honor to a retired captain who foiled suicide bombers in afghanistan. army officials credit forest
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grover with keeping suicide bombers in august of 2012. in november, president obama will award him the medal of honor. grover will be the tenth living recipient to receive the med am of honor for actions in afghanistan. it's going to be a very exciting day for one art lover. >> the barn foundation is expecting its 1 millionth visitor to walk through the door today. i don't think they know who this person is. he doesn't know there is a one millionth visitor yet maybe they know who it is. the foundation opened in may, 2012, after years of legal wrangleing and fight to keep it where they began collecting 1,000 years ago. coming up on ten minutes before 5:00. a little cooler this morning. if you needed a jacket yesterday
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morning, you will likely need it today. skies are nice and clear. not much rain, just enough. even chillier, 56 right now in individual international. we warm into the 60s. there are scattered clouds, those are not rain producers, either. the coolest weather, north and west. potts town, lancaster, trenton at philadelphia. it's a little chillier for wilmington and millvale both at 50 degrees and falling at this hour. very dry air is coming in. it's calm in allentown, potts town and reading. keep the chim in the air this morning for philadelphia and delaware and south jersey. there is a little thin clouds moving off shore. we are watching cloud cover for tomorrow. it could give us some showers, really it's in canada right now. not much in the way there.
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but light temps, we'll see a shower to start with tomorrow. mostly sunny, the humidity stays low. there is a chance of a typical fall wet. tomorrow, 49 degrees to start with. a high of 67. a slight chance of showers, we'll be dry on friday. >> that chance of a shower comes from a cold front that will push through the area and drop the temperatures with gusty wind saturday. after a morning low of 44 sunday morning, 56 agent. cold breeze going sunday. it gets colder on monday morning with less wind and clear skies. 55 in the afternoon a. cold front on tuesday. temperatures back in the 60s tuesday and wednesday afternoon. >> okay, bill, it's about 9 minutes until 5:00. we have construction projects to tell you ability. now we are taking a look at one of the major routes through the
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area. >> 95sh that's what first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is taking a look at this morning. >> good morning, you are watching out for some construction. that's usually what you have to deal is with in the early morning hours we still have lane restrictions on the 95. on the betsy ross bridge. you see that happening right here in the southbound lanes. still problems with the drivetimes wruch out for it on city avenue watch out coming off the schuylkill expressway. traffic is coming towards you. no problems right in here. you see everything glean and moving. we'll have more upsedates for to you come. when i come pack in the next ten minutes. >> all right, jessica. you may have noticed a lot of us are wearing purple there morning, at least some
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variations of it. the reason we are doing this is to staik take a stance against bullying and to show support for members of our community. >> it's a part of an employee alliance group at nbc universal. >> it's an lbgt and straight allie alliance. it has been bringing people together since 1986. today is spirit day. >> that means millions of people will wear purple to stand up against violence and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender views. if you are wearing purple today, use #prideabcnews and spirit date. we are also wearing, at least some of us are, another more free and cheaper clothing this morning. we will tell you about that later in the show. why we're wearing. that was that a tease or what? >> i wonder what that means. a bridge in philadelphia is
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closed this morning. there won't be traffic along it for some time. this is at penn's landing. we will take a closer look at what's wrong with the chestnut street bridge and what's being done to physical it. also next, counting their blessings, this family thought that beating the pope was a miracle. as you will see what's happened since then that has left them truly inspired.
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>> we have new information on stockton university failed purchase of the casino in atlantic city t. city budget and appropriations committee will conduct a hearing next month to follow up on the investigation into the deal. now, they bought the casino for $18 million hoping to turn it into a satellite campus. but legal restrictions on how that property can be used shuttled those plans. a local family's prayers, all thanks to a chance meeting with
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pope francis, they were there on the tar mark to welcome him last month. the pontiff stopped to bless ten-year-old michael, since then, their lives have changed. the family has received nearly $100,000 in donations to buy a few van, 50,000 of that came from an unlikely source. they donated doctor 50,000 and i'm in awe. >> when i found that out i just cried and cried and cried. >> while the film director says he was inspired by the family's grace and commitment. >> and the archdiocese of philadelphia released a new video in its quest to attract more priests to the vocation. >> we are looking at something beyond what we can truly achieve in our life. >> the video a part of the recruitment program with the archdiocese. parishioners will be asked to
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submit names of men they think would be good priests. a vocation committee will review those names and follow up with those people. yesterday, a pope asked for forgive inside for recent scandals. there have been a string of problems to the catholic church in the past week. on the eve of the pontiff's big meeting, a vatican monsignor came out and resigned in his scandal and criticism by the church. all right. we told you we were wearing more than purple clothing for another reason. >> i have to wait for this one. >> i'm not hurting myself. what do you think about my chosen wear for the morning? this is how i usually dress. >> you just don't see it on the anchor desk. >> sorry about that. >> we are actually showing our stripes to support the ronald mcdonald house. >> this is for a terrific cause t. ronald mcdonald house soccer
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campaign. for a $10 donation, you can get your hands or your face on a red or white socks that support hugely ill children. it continues with a birthday party with the ronald mcdonald house live in south fichltd people are showing their stripes on social media, you using the #stocky and show your plate. are you already done with my assistant. >> you helped me with a photo #socky. >> not like saki like the jap needs before annual. >> you are watching nbc 10 feuds at 5:00 a.m. it starts right now. >> and a traffic heads up. right now, you cannot drive on this bridge. penndot closed the cleft nut street bridge because of
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emergency repairs. don't worry, we got you covered this morning, we will show you the problem and how to get around it. >> a 911 call from the father of a 3-year-old found dead if camden county. this morning the neighborhood is reacting to the call as investigators search for answers. a live look outside this morning, looking out toward art museum. you will want a light jacket this morning. a little cool out there chillier weather is on the way for the weekend. good morning, i'm chris cato. >> we get an update on that chili weather. >> temperatures are falling right now. our skies are mostly clear. we have less humid air that's allowing the temperatures to go lower. 47 inse


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