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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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uphill. >> we will call you that if you bring food in. we will see lots of sunshine, temperatures are running cooler. not just in philadelphia, allentown, down 11 degrees in mull holly. if you need a jacket, 54 and still falling at this her in philadelphia. wilmington in the 40s. millvale down to 45 and 40 degrees in allentown, pocono mountains drops down into the 30s to turn the numbers around. 53, just a scattered cloud or two at 8:00. ten into the middle 60 this afternoon with plenty of sunshine today. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we're doing a big check on the area, we are starting off, if you head into new jersey, watch out for construction to the bridge, the left lane is closed headed into new jersey.
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if you are 73 in new jersey, heading towards the bridge, no problems headed northbound. this is the toll plaza, everything is moving along, no openings right now. as for the rest of the area bridges, the ben franklin is clear as well. we do have ongoing construction westbound into the city. you want to touch on the chestnut street bridge repair. it is closed at front street. they are diverted north and southbound. the best alternate is to take spruce street to columbus boulevard. they will be right by the scene. we have nbc 10 katy zachary has more on this. >> hi, jessica. thanks. as startling as this sounds, someone found a crack in the cessna bridge yesterday. right now sky force 10 is over the chestnut bridge, crews are
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below repairing that crack. it was discovered in the support tier. it helps to hold the bridge up. now i did just hear minutes ago from a penndot spokesperson, they believe it's a sign of normal wear and tear and at this time he doesn't know how long the repairs will take. he said he is going to check with crews at the scene, get back to me. this is happening near pep's landing, where the chestnut crosses over i-95 and columbus boulevard and connects with market street. as a reminder, traffic on chestnut street is being detoured. we will e-mail how long the repairs will last out there. >> we just got some breaking news out of washington. nbc news learned that president obama is announcing a larger u.s. military presence in afghanistan beyond 2016. here's what we know so far t. president is expected toed too ray nouce the u.s. will maintain a presence of 5500 troops in afghanistan.
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now, that itself a lot higher than the initial target of a thousand troops. the president says he made that decision to keep more troops in afghanistan because of mounting violence there and instability in the country. there will be much more about the president's plan on the "today" show and also an official white house announcement is expected later this morning. stay with nbc 10 news for updates on the breaking news. right now we are working to get updates on the condition of the a 91-year-old woman hit by a seta bus last night. it happened around 5:30 yesterday evening. her nephew was not seriously hurt. police are investigating it. a newcastle county man could face charges later today after police say he admitted to killing a psychiatrist. police have not officially released the name of the victim or the suspect. but we do know they took a man into custody yesterday, not long
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after the victim's daughter found her body. authorities say the suspect actually called police and told them he killed the woman, who is a psychiatrist at a behavioral health center in newark. >> a lot of professional medical people that do live here and that is what is so shocking. but criminal can happen anywhere. >> they have not released a leak between the suspect and the victim. they are cooperating with police and the thoughts are with the doctor's family. the son of a congressman, he is accused of misusing [ inaudible ] . he denies the charges. he faces jail time and a fine of up to $13 million.
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his father is charged in a different case. in july, a grand jury indicted the congressman. he is accused of missing campaign funds the congressman denies all wrong doing, his trial is scheduled for next may. congressman is married to nbc 10 achgor. renee is referenced in a criminal complaint against her husband. she is labelled at person e. it amgs she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged and denies any wrong doing. she is on leave from nbc 10. 6:05. today the man accused of six counts of murder in the building collapse in philadelphia will be back on the witness stand in his own defense. yesterday griffin campbell told the jury he had no form am training as a demolition contractor and was basically told what to do by an architect.
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campbell claims he had only demolished two small row homes to demolish a four story building on mark street that collapsed on killing six people. he told the jury yesterday there were no seductions about job site safety from the architect. his testimony will continue today rnts and in newark, newcastle county, there was a warning to residents there. police say a man tried to pass himself off as a industry employee to get into a woman's home. the university of delaware student who is the victim here, she says the man had a clip board and a blue jump suit with newark written on it. she let him pence two minutes and he left. they want you to know employees drive cars clearly marked. happening today, a pennsylvania law maker will reintroduce a bill that would require background checks for all gun sales in the state the representative will head up a
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rally this morning. his bill would close a loophole that currently allows private non-licensed sellers to sell guns without conducting a background check on the buyer. gabriel gifford made an appearance at a domestic violence summit in washington yesterday they announced a new coalition called the women's coalition for common sense, their goal is to help keep guns out of the hands of abusers and stalkers. >> we have a calling in our country. many women are dying from gun violence. >> the new coles is made up of female policy makers, speakers and celebrities. happening today at the jersey shore, a dproupd breaking ceremony for a $32 million sea wall boardwalk project. officials say the sea wall will provide protection during
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storms. they say the project will finally restore atlantic city's historic boardwalk. it begins at 11:00 a.m. on the north end of pacific avenue. let's get to this breaking news about a half hour igo. we have new information. police are investigating a pair of armed robberies near the temple university campus in north philadelphia a. football player was robbed after he walked out of a takeout restaurant at 10th and susquehanna street t. gunman demanded keys to his car. then around 3 c. 15, another student was outside his home on 15th street when he was robbed of $30. his wallet and his phone police say the robber appears to be the same person. at this point there have been no arrests. we'll keep you posted. it's chillier this morning than yesterday's morning. we have clear skies, lots of
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sunshine to the chills will disappear, clouds arriving tomorrow. a chance we will see some showers. we may or may not get those showers tomorrow. but behind those showers, it will be turning coldered and that happens this weekend. right now you can feel the chill in the air, allentown, look at atlantic city, 50 in northeast philadelphia. the temperatures are still falling right now a few scattered thin cloud. >> that will be it for the day. a couple more than that. plan on lots of sunshine, sunglasses necessary today but there will be more clouds tomorrow. there you go, the clouds are pushing towards the shore and heading off shore. the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, 60s this afternoon morgan town, pennsburg, under low 60s. bright sunny skies, bordertown, morris town, historic 60s for avalon and rehoboth 66. milford this afternoon, sunny
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skies for philadelphia light northwesterly degrees. the weekend, that's turning chillier. look at the afternoon temperatures and come sunday morning we can see readings in the 30s. the 7-day forecast will show you how long that will last when i'm back in ten minutes. >> okay. bill. ten minutes after 6:00. let's get a check of your thursday morning drive now. >> traffic reporter jessica buyington is joining us now. >> it's great right now. reopened since 5:00 this morning, ongoing construction, schuylkill expressway, watch out for potential signs in the area. otherwise smooth stable. 24th street, westbound lanes, moving along, eastbound right in here, check in with drive times under 5 minutes. the rest of our drive times looking pretty typical. 95 southbound, the slowdown.
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about a 17 minutes commute. the schuylkill and the blue route are still doing okay for the most part start with mid-day construction. southbound between little mill road and franklinville and gardenroad in vineland. there will be intermittent lane we'll have more updates in our drive times to come up in the next ten minutes. >> thanks. a recall alert is in new jersey and pennsylvania. coming up next. what you want to look out for in that back of fresh spinach before you eat it. vice president joe biden isn't in the right city, that is not stopping people from shopping. including front runner hillary clinton. next what she has to say about the man she calls her friend. a
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue.
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it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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. >> the decision 2016, later today the democratic national convention committee will officially open its philadelphia office. the ceo will join michael nutter at a south philadelphia shop to talk about how small businesses can get involved in opportunities. the dmc is happening in philadelphia in july. democrats will officially nominate their candidate for president. now there is still a good question mark in the race for president. will vice president biden jump into the race? critical filing deadlines are coming up in the next few weeks. when the vp makes his decision, they can put together a campaign to help them win. democratic front runner hillary clinton isn't commenting, only saying biden can do what's best for him and his family. political experts say if biden jumps in now, his biggest
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challenge will be fundraising. republican presidential front runner donald trump says vermont senator bernie sanders made a mistake, he famously defended hillary clinton's e-mail investigation during tuesday night's debate. in an interview, trump pleased the republican-led committee for investigating the former secretary of state. he praised the american public for being smart and admits he's learned a. or two from his months of campaigning. >> i can make r maybe watch my words and be a little more politically correction. to be honest, i don't want so stay politically correct. it takes a lot of time. we don't have time to only be politically correct. >> well, thompson says clinton was a bad secretary of state and he believes he will be rather easy to beat. meantime, trump republican rival ben carson is back tracking on
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his comments and guns and the holocaust. they say if jews had guns, they could have lessened the horror of the holocaust. carson said he never intended for his words to diminish the enormity of the tragedy. >> 6:17. 53 degree, another hearing will be held in texas for two high school football players who attacked a referee in a game last month. the referee, the two students allege he made racial slurs. the referee, though, denies making any remarks. look at this new video we got here showing a bus on fire. yesterday morning on a highway in washington state. the bus driver tells police he heard what sound like a blown tire. he realized it was actually a fire, he quickly evacuated. no one was hurt. officials say the fire started in the engine compartment.
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the investigation is ongoing. well, you may want to check your veggies in the fridge. dole foods is recalling spinach that was sold in pennsylvania and new jersey. here's what you need to look for on the packaging. it is marked with an enjoy by date of october 15th. if you have it. throw it out. salmonella can cause serious illnesses and even death. time for a look at traffic this morning. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is joining us with that. >> jessica, this is one that could affect a lot of people, right? >> a heavily traffic bridge closed today out in philadelphia. the chestnut street bridge repair that's happening is closing at chestnut and front street. they are diverting everyone off at front street north and southbound. in this area on front street, you can get to columbus boulevard and pass on by again,
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circleing around the block, it's the easiest way. if you are out front, those will be your best way for right now. new jersey on the 42 freeway, moving along nicely, you can see starting to gather a little but everyone is moving. northbound to the walt whitman bridge is a five minute trip heading into philadelphia. mass transit. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll show you the bridge and drive times in the philadelphia area. >> >> even in minutes after 6:00 a. little killier this morning. you see a few scattered clouds in the area getting closer to sunrise, once the sun is up, 54 in philadelphia truly cooler tan yesterday, a breeze and that's a part of the reason it's chillier this morning.
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the humid stays low today, looking into comcast center. you see the clouds. they will be out of the picture for most of the day today this morning 47 in wilmington the 40s are dropping lower in some counties, low 40s in doylestown, look at quakeer town is now 39 degrees. a mostly clear start. oust of the picture for most of the day. plenty of sunshine today it looks like we will see showers first. in the mark. low- to mid-60s this afternoon. that's the normal high temperature. tomorrow, 49 is closer to normal
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sa slight chance of a shower friday, a cold front coming through. we might not get the shower. we will get the cold this weekend. come sunday morning, temperatures in the 30s in center city. we could see 20s in the northern western disturb u suburbs, cooler on monday morning, less wind, clear skies, it will be a cold start for monday, again on tuesday and warmer tuesday afterno afternoon. >> this morning nba:lamar odom is on life support. we have details in the nebraska brothel where he was found unconscious. wearing purple and taking a stance against bullying. it is a part of a larger employee alliance group at nbc universal. today is spirit day. millions will wear purple to stand against violence and show their support for lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender youth. if you are wearing purple, post
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your pictures on social media. you can #pride nbcu and spirit day.
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>> and good morning, everyone. we're starting to see a little better traffic swell but everybody is still open cha chestnut street repair. for now, let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> jessica, skies are clear, so it is chillier this morning. much of the area is in the 40s. just enough of a breeze going to make it feel a little chillier. >> and we are following breaking news on temple university's campus. alerts are going out to students after two students were robbed
6:26 am
early this morning near campus. we will tell you what we have learned about the crimes and the search for the robbers. >> a sizable crash in the center city bridge is off limits to drivers and walkers this morning, coming up, we have a closer look at that dip. >> now the question is, who will take his place? we'll run through the list of people who seem to come to the city's next police commissioner. patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> that breaking news is near temple university campus. two students were held at gunpoint and robbed and the crimes happened across the park. >> we are following more break news out of washington, d.c., nbc news says president obama
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announced a larger military presence in afghanistan beyond 2016. and if you like sunny fall weather, we take a live look on the schuylkill river. it will be sunny and in the 50s today but we're getting ready for the big cool down if times for the weekend. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> it is 6:30. we will get right to meteorologist bill henley for your first alert forecast. >> we are 40 minutes away from sunrise, at this hour, the temperatures are still falling. it is cooler than yesterday morning. look at 40 potts town, millvale, wrights's town, trent on, 47 degrees but the skies are strarting to brighten up. we will see showers this dry air is coming in. so it will feel comfortable
6:31 am
through the day. 59 degrees at 11:00. then in the middle 50s by 2:00 this afternoon. we will go through the forecast. back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is following your first alert forecast. >> normal delays we always see. . it's average speeds of 30 miles per hour. so a slow drive right there. a couple extra minutes before you head out the door. if you take the bridges chestnut has a verdict. all traffic off at front street north and southbound. once you are on front street, go to the boulevard. you will be just fine. we do have delays, the rest of
6:32 am
the area is is doing just fine. we are following breaking news from washington, senior administration officials say president obama will keep 5500 troops in afghanistan. >> that is a big change from what he wanted to do. the president's decision means he is going to end the war on his watch. in jersey, we will hand off the conflict to his successor. obama had originally planned to pull out a military base presence by the end of next year military leaders say they need more support from the u.s. the president is expected to announce this with leaders at the white house. there will be much more ahead on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. stay tuned for updates on this breaking story. >> we are following more breaking news, police are investigating a pair of armed
6:33 am
robberies in north philadelphia. one student was robbed as he walked into a takeout restaurant just after midnight. the gunman demanded his car keys. another temple student was outside his home on 15th street when he was robbed of $30. police say these robberies are not related. so far, there are no arrests. an update on the death of that 3-year-old boy found in a cabin county park tuesday morning. the results of an autopsy do not clearly show how the boy died and yesterday the 911 calm. >> what is your emergency? >> i just woke up and he wasn't in the house. i don't know if he wandered out. >> the autopsy shows no broken bones and no cause of death. police found his body near the cooper river about a half mile from his home and sources close
6:34 am
to the investigation tell us that the boy was definitely placed there. he didn't get there on his own they say. now the camden proupt ki prosecutors office said it will hinder their investigation but will not stop it. >> it will be up to philadelphia's next mayor to decide who could next run the city's police department. commissioner charles ramsey is retiring. he was joined by mayor nutter as the announcement was made yesterday he'll retire next january. ramsay served eight years as philadelphia police commissioner, homicides, shootings, have all dropped during that time. ramsay says the job is not done yet. >> there are still some neighborhoods still far too unsafe. there are too many people shot in our city. too many murders. too many robberies, too much crime. >> chief ramsay's 47 year history in law enforcement dependant when he was an 18-year-old recruit for the
6:35 am
chicago plashd he was chief of police in washington, d.c. >> when he was there we also saw a drop in violent crime. he led that department from 1998 until 2006 and while he was there, he attracted national attention when his department investigated the death of chandra levy in 2001. he is known for investigating the d.c. sniper attacks, which left ten people dead. after his time in washington, that's when mayor michael nutter nominated ramsay to be the philadelphia commissioner. he came out of retirement and was sworn in at the beginning of nutter's term in 2008. president obama said in part from chicago to d.c. to philadelphia, commissioner ramsay has always supported our men and women in yooufrt uniform and the communitys they bravely serve and protect each and every day and the president also relied on ramsay's council and leadership when le appointed
6:36 am
them to co-chair his 21st century policing task force in the wake of police related killings in first quarterson and speculation has already began, of course, as to who will be the next police commissionner philadelphia. here's a look at some of the names thrown out there richard ross, kevin beth em. they're all currently members of the philadelphia police department now it's important to note that no one will be the commissioner until after november's election for mayor. of course, we will follow the decision process, you can get updates any time through the nbc 10 news app. >> 6:36. chilly this morning. a chill is in the air.
6:37 am
we will see fight sunshine, warm into the 50s. tomorrow a chance we will see some showers, as the cold front comes through. now, parts of the area stay completely dry. we will get the cold to follow that cold front over the weekend. the temperatures will be dropping. right now, they're coming down slowly, 41 degrees in mount pocono, wilmington is in the clear. scattered thin clouds, you see the scattered clouds in the pocono mountains, to produce fresh mountains this morning. those clouds mainly out of the picture for today. tomorrow another round of clouds come in and a chance you can see the showers in the mountains, this morning, a dry air in place and fairly light. down 10 degrees in allentown, 11 in mullholy, 60 in wilmington and at the store there they go, the last two clouds moving out to see no sign of any rain with these clouds, best chance will
6:38 am
wait for tomorrow. today, a nice warm-up middle 60s for allentown right along the coast. 64, cape may, 66 in dover. northwesterly winds that will stay throughout the day. 65 degrees this afternoon. the weekend forecast and seven day when i'm back if ten minutes. >> there morning, we're taking a closer look into what closed a chestnut street bridge. nbc 10 is live now in the digital operations center. katy, how long can this cause problems for drivers? >> reporter: hi, lauren, it is closed as of yesterday. we should have more.
6:39 am
it extends and connects to market street. this morning no one is walking or driving over it. sky force 10 will slow you the repair crews. the crack is four feet long. it was found in one of the bridge's support peers. this morning a spokesperson tells me it is likely from wear and tear from a break. it poses a public safety risk that they went ahead and closed the bridge we sent crews to see how long repairs will make. in the meantime, you will be diverted on to front street. live in the operations center, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> exactly how that detail will wo work. >> yeah, chris, that i are diverting all traffic off around front street at chestnut and
6:40 am
front. you will be accessing front street north and southbound your best chance to get by going around the block and you get head on right through the area. as for the area in camden, new jersey right now we're on the boulevard. can you see all traffic moving along nicely this is actually the ben frankly bridge toll plaza back there. watch out for ongoing construction some construction that popped up a few moments ago, causing ten or 15 minute delays on route 1 inthound southbound. there is a new danger this morning from the ebola virus. >> we will tell you how this potentially deadly disease could make history. plus this. >> i cried and cried and cried. >> a blessing from the pope and an outpouring of support from across the country, including
6:41 am
from a favorite hollywood director. how a few second with pope francis changed this chester county family's life.
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6:44 am
o. >> two university students were robbed at gunpoint overnight in two separate incidents. now police are searching for those two robbers. toni braxton joins us live. what can you tell us? >> good morning. since i last talked to you, we moved to detectives. they are the lead agency now investigating two overnight incidents involving students at temple university. here is some video we captured for you a short time ago we were told by police sources just after midnight, a student says
6:45 am
when you walked into this chinese takeout a gunman demanded his car keys. he handed them over. verdicts are hoping under surveillance cameras posted right above the door captured the gunmen. the carjacking occurred a few blocks from housing. temple police are reviewing under surveillance tape from the center about four miles away. police say about 3:15 this morning, another temple student was robbed near his home between montgomery and berks. he told police he was out on a smoke break when he was robbed at gunpoint. now $30 was taken as well as his wallet and iphone, several students are already on edge following the sexual assault of another student in late september. now, we're going to stay if touch with both detectives, temple police and the students no find out what's the very
6:46 am
latest of the investigation. live now from center city, nbc 10 news. >> lamar odom remains under close watch in a las vegas hospital. we now know doctors are treating his situation as an overdose. the former nba person was found unconscious in this brothel if nevada. blood was coming out of his nose and mouth along with a white substance. sources say he had multiple drugs in his system. reports show that odom suffered a stroke and is now on a ventilator. support from fans and fellow athletes is pouring in. >> i want to extend a lot of support to one of our nba brothers, lamar odom. we love you man. keep fighting. >> and reports indicate his former wife chloe kardashian has been at his bedside since tuesday.
6:47 am
her mom and sister have been seen at a vegas hotel. we have more on the stockton purchase of the casino. they will conduct a hearing to follow up on the investigation into the deal. he bought it for $18 million last september and it was hoping to be converted. restriction on how the property can be used scuttled those plan plans. >> this is what the 2nd graders of the valley christian school in huntington valley are saying about pennsylvania's stalled budget agreement. teachers are starting to run out of supplies there, now all the kids in the class signed this petition. they plan to send it along with that video to harrisburg to governor wolf and their local
6:48 am
representative. we are now at 107 days without a budget in pennsylvania. that's more than a quarter of a year, now to a developing story, secretary of state john kerry plans to travel to the middle east in an effort to ease soaring israel-palestinian tevenlths israeli security forces have been put on high alert. they confirmed the growing rates of stabbing incidents. one incident took place yesterday as nbc cameras were rolling. a man with a knife ran past the security checkpoint, israeli police shot him, killing. . in recent weeks, eight israelis have been killed while plun hundred palestinians have died. nbc news talked to a new jersey rabbi with ties to the area. >> kids are being cold not to go on buses and to only be in safe places. >> the ambassador at the united nations are meeting later today in hopes of organizing an emergency meeting about the violence in israel.
6:49 am
praun is set to award the highest military honor to a retired army captain who foiled suicide bombers in afghanistan. army officials credited him with keeping a suicide bomber from carrying out a plan in august of 2012. if november, president obama will award him the medal of honor. grover will be the tenth living recipient to receive the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. a british nurse who survived ebola is now critically ill again. doctors say an apparent recurrence is responsible for that. she is back in isolation at the same place she was treated after contracting ebola while working in sierra leone last year. she was there with a charity group save the children. an expert if biomed cal studies says it is possible for the ebola virus to re-emerge in a small percentage of people
6:50 am
previously cured. >> very few have ongoing health conditions linked to that virus. >> and the nurse is being cared for by specialists. >> a local family's prayers are being answered. >> you remember the pope met after got off the airplane, he met with the family. they were there on the tarmac to welcome pope francis and the pontiff stopped. he told his motorcade to stop and get out and bless ten-year-old michael and that encounter has changed their lives in more ways than one. the family received nearly $100,000 in donations. they are using that money to buy a new van as to help michael get around and $50,000 of that money came from an unlikely source. >> someone donated doctor 50,000 and i'm in awe. >> when i bound to that out i
6:51 am
cried and cried and cried. >> he said that hollywood director abrams do nated the $50 grand and the film maker said he was inspired be i the family's grace and commitment. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henl henley. >> 9 minutes before 7:00 a. little glow, a pre sun advise sunlight. twilight right now, it's 54 degrees in philadelphia. a west wind is keeping the humidity in chevenlth that will be will be falling while the temps are flat. there morning scattered clouds, fair weather clouds move through the area. it will be mainly sunny. 45 if wrights town, 47 in womening torp, in chester county, down to 41 degrees.
6:52 am
right now, it's 47. >> a chilly start, clearing skies, we will see sunshine, it will be bright for this afternoon and we'll see sunshine tomorrow, tomorrow a chance that this front moves to canada, there is not a lot of rainfall there, but a shower or two is possible tomorrow and then the cold arrives, saturday afternoon. 65 in philadelphia. winds blowing out of the northwest 2:00 in the morning, 30s in new jersey, pennsylvania and the number is still falling in philadelphia at that hour. we will see 30s sunday morning, today we warm into the skikdz 60, typical fall weather, just like you would expect, mostly sunny, nice and comfortable today. tomorrow the temperatures lower in the morning 49 degrees, 68 degrees in the afternoon, a slight chance of a shower on
6:53 am
friday. here comes a steady breeze, that gusty winds on saturday and temperatures lower saturday afternoon, 67 degrees. it gets cold sunday morning oomp colder monday morning down to 33 degrees flirting with the record low of 29 monday morning. 36 on tuesday and then warmer tuesday afternoon and near sfwent on wednesday. >> perfect cold weather on monday night for the eagles. >> 6:53. as your morning drive takes you along 295, something you should be aware of. >> it's just about the time folks should be heading out the door. >> it's when people start to see those problems. more problems do happen as we are on 295 southbound lane is closed to 206 due to an accident in the area. so some delay there is on 295. after the schuylkill expressway, these are cameras around spring
6:54 am
garden street. headed westbound from the expressway. i took the time because the eastbounds a a couple minutes shorter than that so we see more delays. as for mass transit, no problems for septa, 11 minute delays on both of those lines. >> 6:54. we continue to follow breaking news. safety alert went out to students this morning after two robberies, two separate robberies, we'll tell you what was found out about this crime near campus and this. chris, a crack was discovered in a center city philadelphia bridge. it has closed off an area of old city. coming up, we will show you the damage.
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>> we are live outside where investigators are checking into two crimes against temple university students that occurred overnight. they tell us this after midnight a. student tells us he walked in and a gunman demanded his car keys. he handed them over. they are hoping under surveillance videotape will show them the funman. police say the car jacking occurred a few blocks from student house. at 3! 15 this morning, another temple student was robbed at his home. he told police he was out on a smoke break when $30, a wallet and iphone were taken. we are going to be monitoring both investigations. live outside central, nbc 10 news. >> i have information about a center city bridge closed this morning because of a crash. take a look at this video we
6:59 am
have of the crack. it was four feet long discovered in one of the support piers for the cessna street bridge crews started repairs early this morning. they could know later this information just how long that bridge will be closed. >> jessica boyington with an update. watch out the southbound ratch to route 206 is closed. we have seeing major delays in new jersey at the new jersey turnpike heading into philadelphia. >> it's a chilly start. the clouds have few scattered clouds, temperatures are running lower than yesterday. 81 u 41 in doyle town, millvale 44. 53 in philadelphia. warming to the 50s today.
7:00 am
all right. people will need coats this weekend. the "today" show is up next. >> have a great day, everyone. thanks for joining us.


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