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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 15, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, we're following a developing story out of washington. nbc news has learned president obama is set to announce a larger u.s. military presence in afghanistan beyond 2016. good morning, i'm keith jones, here's what we've learned. the president is expected to announce the u.s. will maintain a presence of 5,500 troop, much higher than the initial target of a thousand troops. president obama said he made the decision to keep more troops in afghanistan because of mounting violence and instability in the country. an official white house announcement is expected at any moment now. this is a live picture from the white house in the roosevelt room. we'll bring you the president's announcement live as soon as it
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happens. in the meantime, happening now, the son of congressman chaka fatah is in a philadelphia courtroom for the beginning of his bank and tax fraud trial. monique braxton is here to explain what's happening today. monique? >> reporter: right now jury selection is under way, it's been going on for an hour now. here's video we have captured in the past of chaka fatah, jr., entering the federal courthouse. for months now he's known as chip and has told the court he wanted to represent himself at trial. today a public defender is prepared to represent the 33-year-old who has described himself as an education consulta consultant, high end concierge and political consultant. the indictment alleges fattah used business loans for his personal expenses, made false statements to the irs and failed to file income tax returns. prosecutors allege he lied to keep the money from business loans coming as a way of financing his life-style.
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one source with the court says prosecutors hope to seat the jury today. they say the trial could last as long as a month. we're going to follow developments in the proceeding and have that for you as they warrant. in the digital operations center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. in july, a grand jury indicted congressman chaka fattah, sr., the congressman denies all wrongdoing. his trial is scheduled for next may. congressman fattah is married to renee chenault fattah. she is referenced in the criminal complaint against her husband. she's labelled as person e and an affiliate of the fattah enterprise it is alleged she took part in a scheme to pay closing costs on a vacation home.
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he will outline another slowdown in the drawdown of american troops in afghanistan. the president will say by the end of next year 5,500 troops will remain in afghanistan, significantly more than the original target of a thousand. currently there are 9,800 american there is from a peak of 100,000 in 2011: chris jansing is at the white house. chris, how long has this been in the works? >> reporter: since march when he ordered a review of what to do about the war plan in afghanistan but as recently as march the president said he intended to end this war, get most of the troops out by the end of his administration. obviously that won't happen. it's a significant shift in u.s. policy. it means he can't keep his campaign promise to end the war and he'll be surrounded by his vice president, his defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs. >> jim miklaszewski standing by. is this a reflection on
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recentre surge yens? >> absolutely. officials say it was necessary to maintain a troop presence because the afghan military is in no position right now to be able to take on the resurgence of taliban, al qaeda and now even isis terrorists in afghanistan they need the u.s. help. >> here is the president in the roosevelt room. >> good morning. last december more than 13 years after our nation was attacked by al qaeda in 9/11, america's combat mission in afghanistan came to a responsible end. that milestone was achieved thanks to the courage and the skill of our military, our intelligence and civilian personnel.
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they served with extraordinary skill and valor and it's worth remembering the more than 2,200 american patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. i visited our troops in afghanistan last year to thank them on behalf of a grateful nation. i told them they could take great pride in the progress they helped achieve. they struck devastating blows against al qaeda in the tribal regions, delivered justice to osama bin laden, prevented terrorist attacks and saved american lives they pushed the taliban back to the afghan people could reclaim their communities, sent their daughters to school and improve their lives. our troops trained afghan forces so they could take the lead for their own security and protect afghans as they voted in historic elections leading to the first democratic transfer of power in their country's history. today american forces no longer patrol afghan villages or
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valleys. our troops are not engaged in major ground combat against the taliban. those missions now belong to afghans who are fully responsible for securing their country. but as i've said before, while america's combat mission in afghanistan may be over, our commitment to afghanistan and its people endures. as commander-in-chief i will not allow afghanistan to be used as safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. our force therefore remain engaged in two narrow but critical missions -- training afghan forces and supporting a counterterrorism operation against the remnants of al qaeda. of course, compared to the 100,000 troops we once had in afghanistan, today fewer than 10,000 remain in support of these very focused missions. i meet regularly with my
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national security team, including commanders in afghanistan to continually assess honestly the situation on the ground. to determine where our strategy is working and where we may need greater flexibility. i've insisted consistently we focus on the development of a sustainable afghan capacity and self-sufficiency. and when we've needed addition avl forces to advance that goal, where we've needed to make adjustments according to timetables, we've made those adjustments. today i want to update the american people on our efforts. since taking the lead for security earlier this year, afghan forces have continued to step up. this has been the first fighting season where afghans have largely been on their own and they are fighting if their country bravely and tenaciously. afghan forces continue to hold most urban areas and when the
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taliban has made gains as in kunduz, afghan forces backed by coalition support had been able to push them back. this year alone thousands of afghan police have lost their lives as have many afghan civilians. at the same time, afghan forces are not as strong as they need to be. they are developing critical capabilities, intelligence, logistics, aviation, command and control. and meanwhile the taliban has made gains, particularly in rural areas and can launch deadly attacks in cities, including kabul. much of this was predictable. we understood that as we transitioned that the taliban would try to exploit some of our movement movements out of particular areas and that it would take time for afghan security forces
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to strengthen. pressure from pakistan has resulted in more al qaeda coming into afghanistan and we've seen the emergence of an isil presence. the bottom line is, in key areas of the country the security situation is still very fragile and in some places there's risk of deterioration. fortunately in president ghani and chief executive abdullah, there's a national unity government that supports a strong partnership with the united states. during their visit earlier this year president ghani and i agreed to continue our count terrorism cooperation and he has asked for continued support as afghan forces grow stronger. following consultations with my entire national security team as well as our international partners and members of congress president ghani and chief executive abdullah i'm announcing the following step which is i am convince offer the
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best possibility for lasting progress in a afghanistan. i've decided to maintain our current posture of 9,800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year, 2016. their mission will not change our troops will continue to pursue those two narrow tasks that i outlined earlier -- training afghan forces and going after al qaeda. but maintaining our current posture through most of next year but maintaining those troops will allow us to sustain our efforts to train and assist afghan forces as they grow stronger. not only during this fighting season but into the next one. ing second, i've decided that instead of going down to a normal embassy presence in kabul by the end of 2016 we will maintain 5,500 troops at a small number of bases, including
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bagram, jalalabad in the east and kandahar in the south. again, the mission will not change. our troops will focus on training afghans and counterterrorism operations but these bases will give us the presence and the reach our forces require to achieve their mission. in this this sense, afghanistan is a key piece of the network of counterterrorism partnerships that we need from south asia to africa to deal more broadly with terror threats quickly and prevent attacks against our homeland. third, we will work with allies and partners to align the steps i'm announcing today with their own presence in afghanistan after 2016. in afghanistan, we are part of a 42 nation coalition and our nato allies and partner cans continue to play an indispensable role in helping afghanistan strengthen its security forces, including
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respect for human rights. and finally because governance and development remain the foundation for stability and progress in afghanistan, we will continue to support president ghani and the national unity government as they pursue critical reforms. president ghani is working to combat corruption and strengthen institutions and uphold rule of law. as i told president ghani and chief abdullah yesterday, efforts that continue progress and justice for the afghan people will continue to have the strong support for the united states and we can not separate  the importance of governance with the issues of security. the more effective these reforms happen, the better off the security situation is going to b
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be. by now it should be clear to the taliban and all who oppose afghan's progress the only way through is a lasting political settlement with the afghan government and like wise, sanctuaries for the taliban and other terrorists must end i will continue to urge all parties in the region to press the taliban to return to peace talks and do their part in pursuit of the peace that afghans deserve. in closing, i want to speak directly to those whose lives are most directly affected by the decisions i'm announcing tod today. america's commitment to you and to a secure, stable and unified afghanistan, that remains firm.
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we have a strategic partnership for the long term and as you defend and build your country today is a reminder that the united states keeps our commitments. and to our men and women in uniform, i know this means that some of you will rotate back into afghanistan. with the end of our combat mission, this is not like 2010 when nearly 500 americans were killed and many more were injured but still afghanistan remains dangerous 25. brave americans have given their lives there this year. i do not send you into harm's way lightly. it's the most solemn decision i make. i know the wages of war in the wounded warriors i visit in the hospital and the grief of gold star families. but as your commander in chief i believe p this mission is vital
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to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation. and to the american people i know that many of you have grown weary of this conflict. as you are well aware, i do not support the idea of endless war. i have repeatedly argued against marching into open-ended military conflicts that do not serve our core security interests. yet given what's at stake in afghanistan and the opportunity for a stable and committed ally that can partner with us in preventing the emergence of future threats and the fact that we have an international coalition, i'm firmly convinced that we should make this extra effort. in the afghan government we have a serious partner who wants our help and the majority of the afghan people share our goals. we have a bilateral security
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agreement to guide our cooperation and every single day afghan forces are out there fighting and dying to protect their country. they're not looking for us to do it for them. i'm speaking of the afghan army a dwhocadet who grew up seeing bombings and attack on innocent civilians and said "because of this i took the decision to join the army to try and save innocent people's lives." or the police officer trained to defuse explosives. "i know it's dangerous work" he says, "but i've always had a dream of wearing the uniform of afghanistan. serve manager i people and defending my country." or the afghan commando, a hardened veteran of many missions who said "if i start telling you the stories of my life i might start crying." he serves, he said, "because the faster we bring peace, the faster we can bring education and the stronger our unity will grow. only if these things happen will
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afghanistan be able to stand up for itself." my fellow americans, after so many years of war afghanistan will not be a perfect place. it's a poor country that will have to work hard on its development. will there will continue to be contested areas, but afghans like these are standing up for their country. if they were to fail they would endanger the security of us all. and we've made enormous investment in a stable afghanistan. afghans are making difficult but genuine progress. this modest but meaningful extension of our presence while sticking to our current narrow missions can make a real difference. it's the right thing to do.
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my god bless our troops about all who keep us safe and may got continue to bless the united states of america. >> reporter: mr. president can you tell how disappointing this decision is? >> this decision is not disappointing. continually my goal has been to make sure that we give every opportunity for afghanistan to succeed while we still make sure we're meeting our core missions and as i've continually said, my approach is to assess the situation on the ground, figure out what's working, figure out what's not working, make adjustments where necessary. this isn't the first time those adjustments have been made. this won't probably be the last. what what i'm encouraged by is the fact that we have a government that is serious about trying to deliver security and the prospects of better life for the afghan people.
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we have a clear majority of the afghans who want to partner with us and the international community to achieve those go goals. we have a bilateral security arrangement that ensures that our troops can operate in ways that protect them while still achieving their mission. and we've always known that we had to maintain a counterterrorism operation in that region in order to tamp down any reemergence of active al qaeda networks or other networks that might do us harm. so this is consistent with the overall vision that we've had and, frankly, we anticipated as we were drawing drown troop there is would be times we might need to slow things down or fill gaps in afghan capacity. and this is a reflection of that and it's a dangerous area. so part of the conflict we're
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trying to balance is making sure that afghans are out there doing what they need do but that we are giving them a chance to succeed and that we're making sure that our force posture in the area for conducting those narrow missions that we need to conduct we can do so relatively safely. there are still risks involved but force protection, the ability of our embassies to operate effectively, those things factor in so we have to constantly review these approaches. the important thing i want to emphasize though is that the nature of the mission has not changed and the cessation of our combat role has not changed. now the 25 military and civilians killed last year that always weighs on my mind and 25
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deaths are 25 too many. particularly for the families of the fallen. but understand relative to what was involved when we were in an active combat role and actively engaged in war in afghanistan was a very different scenario. here you have a situation we have clarity about what our mission is, we've got a partner who wants to work with us, we're going to continually make adjustments to ensure we give the best possibilities for success and i suspect that they will continue to evaluate this going forward as will the next president around as conditions improve we'll be in a position to make further adjustments is but i'm confident this is the right thing to do and i'm not disappointed because my view has been how do we achieve our goals while minimizing the strain and exposure on our men and women in uniform and make sure we are
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constantly encouraging and sending a message to the afghan people this is their country and they have to defend it. but we'll be a steady partner for them. okay? thank you, everybody. president obama taking one question following that statement, essentially the plan had been for the u.s. to draw down a thousand, end the security personnel at the end of 2016. what the president is announcing here is that the troop level will get down to 5,500 at the end of next year into 2017 so a significant difference in what we had been led to believe. let's go to richard engel right now, he is our chief foreign correspondent, he's been watching along with us from istanbul, richard, give us your sense of what's happening on the ground that is driving this decision. >> well, in afghanistan the situation is one that the government and the afghan security forces cannot control the country. they just lost to the taliban the city of kunduz. the taliban is making inn roads.
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now you see isis also, a group that never had a presence in afghanistan and there is a concern that if the -- well, i guess you call it the former plan was carried out and u.s. troops started drawing down very soon that the government would collapse and the afghan security forces would collapse and we would have effectively what was a repeat of iraq and i think when you listen to the president's remark today, keep thinking about iraq. when the u.s. pulled out of iraq and went down to a very small number of troops, the iraqi government collapsed, the iraqi army collapsed. now by maintaining 10,000 troops in afghanistan for another year and then only drawing down to 5,000 after that i think the president is trying to prevent afghanistan from being another failure like iraq. >> richard, help me understand the language. the president talks about the end of the combat mission, that is already over. but then he talks about
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counterterror operations. we saw the accidental bombing of a hospital in afghanistan during combat operations. what, if any, is the difference in terms of what americans are engaged in there. >> u.s. troops about 10,000 are on the ground in afghanistan now. they are not kicking down doors, they are not launching their own operation but they are in harm's way. they are going with afghan forces, they are flying aircraft above afghan forces in battle. afghan forces are out front but american troops are advising them in the rear. that's the kind of situation that will continue for the next year and beyond. that is a different situation than actual combat operations where u.s. troops are kicking down doors and the first ones into the battle. >> richard engel in istanbul. the president making this announcement a short time ago that the u.s. presence in afghanistan will continue with larger numbers into 2016 and 2017. we'll have full coverage of the implications of this when we see
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you later for "nbc nightly news." until then, i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york.
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lamar odom remains under close watch at a las vegas hospital and we know doctors are treating his situation as an overdose. the former nba star was found unconscious tuesday at this brothel in nevada. investigators say blood was coming from his nose and mouth along with a white substance. sources close to odom say he had
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multiple drugs in his system but toxicology test results aren't out yet. reports show he suffered a stroke and is now on a ventilator. we'll be right back.
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we are following breaking news it felt president just announced the military will keep 5,500 troops in afghanistan in 2015 and 2016. that's a lot higher than the initial target of a thousand
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troops. president obama says the security situation in afghanistan is so fragile so more troops are needed z. there are currently 9,800 troops serving in the country. meanwhile, happening now, jury selection in the priel of shaka fattah, jr., under way. she's the son of congressman shaka fattah. nbc's monique braxton has more from the digital operations center. monique, what have you learned? >> reporter: for months th chaka fatah -- chaka fattah, jr., said he will represent himself. but family and friends have launched a legal fund and have raised about $5,000. now a public defender is prepared to represent the 33-year-old. he doesn't have a law degree and has described himself as an education consultant, high end concierge and political consultant. the 23-count indictment alleges fattah used business loans for
11:32 am
his personal expenses, made false statements to the irs and failed to file income tax returns. prosecutors allege he lied to keep the money from business loans coming as a way of financing his life-style. now, one source told us prosecutors hope to seat a jury today. they also say this trial could last for a month. in the digital operations center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> monique, thank you. in july, a grand jury indicted congressman chaka fatah, sr., he also denies all wrongdoing. his trial is scheduled for next may. congressman fattah is married to nbc news anchor renee chenault fattah. renee is referenced in the criminal complaint against her husband. she's labelled as person "e" and an affiliate of the enterprise. the defense allege shi took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car to pay closing costs on a vacation home.
11:33 am
she is not charged and denies wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. checking out other top stories right now, police are investigating a pair of armed robberies near the temple university campus in south philly. one says a robber took his car keys as he walked into a restaurant. another student says he was robbed outside his home. police say the robberies aren't related. so far there have been no arrests. and police are searching for this man who broke a car window while trying to steal items in south philly. the car's alarm went off and the man ran off empty handed. lehigh university is taking back the honorary degree it gave to bill cosby back in 2004. the university says his behavior was "inconsistent with the character and high standards expected of honorees." court documents show he admitted to extramarital relationships with women, some of whom accuse him of sexual assaults. the chestnut street bridge over i-95 is closed because of a
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four foot long crack on a support beam. we're told repairs could take two weeks to complete. nbc 10's matt delucia is live above the bridge in skyforce 10. matt, what's the impact you're seeing from the sky? >> the only way to get over is by foot. this is over the chestnut street ramp. you see pedestrians but no cars are allowed over here. this is at front street. this is why. look at video. a four-foot crack in the concrete support pier underneath chestnut street. not very wide but wide enough to raise concerns. someone told penndot that something did not look right. we saw penndot crews earlier this morning. i was on the phone with penndot and asked how long these repairs take. he said about two weeks. a spokesperson did say this appears to be normal wear and
11:35 am
tear but workers will be investigating whether other factors played a role. now, i was down on the ground not long ago, i spoke with some folks who are still walking over this ramp. >> they're a little old some of these bridges and roads. they need to work on them, that's for sure. >> it's a problem. the government's got to do something about fixing it. infrastructure failing is a problem all over the country and we're seeing it right here in phil full and, yeah, people have to step up and take care of it. >> reporter: another live look right now. traffic is being detoured north and south of chestnut street at front street. you see chestnut going over here, it goes around and over to market street so no vehicles on there right now. when i was talking with penndot they tell me the crack is in this general area right here on the east side of the ramp so i-95 and columbus boulevard here not affected at all. you see traffic is moving smoothly right now but, again, we've been in contact with
11:36 am
penndot throughout the morning. we hope to get some more updates a this is progresses but one thing that i was told in fact that this crack was discovered during an inspection back in april and repairs were scheduled to begin next week but that's been ramped up and accelerated so now two more weeks until this thing is reopened. live at skyforce 10, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> we want to give you a look at the best way to get around these repairs, too. let's turn to jessica boyington. >> i'm jessica boyington. a crash in a bridge is causing a problem for drivers today in philadelphia. the chestnut street bridge is closed, headed over to 95 to penn's landing. in that general area chestnut street is closed around front street and all traffic currently is being diverted on the front street north and southbound. your best bet to get around there, once you're on front street you can head back over into columbus boulevard or take
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spruce to columbus and it will get you by. nbc news has learned former house speaker dennis hastert intends to plead guilty to federal charges. those charges include breaking banking laws and lying to the fbi. the 73-year-old illinois republican is accused of paying someone millions of dollars to hide claims of misconduct in his past. a plea deal would prevent a trial and help keep any potentially embarrassing secrets quiet. hastert's attorney says he expects to have that plea deal agreement ready by monday but didn't provide any other details. a woman was kicked off an american airlines flight and fellow passengers let the crew know they didn't agree with the move. listen [ boos ] you can hear it right there, the passengers boo it had crew and one person promised to never fly with the company again. it started sunday in phoenix. the woman says a male flight attendant got angry with her during boarding and ordered her
11:38 am
off the plane. >> the flight attendant says "i asked you three times to stay right there." and i was like, oh, my goshment he comes closer and he's like "i can just kick you off this flight right now, you can get on the next flight." i asked him what his name was and he said "that's none of your business." she stood up and exited the plane. she was booked on the next flight to portland free of charge. it's still unclear why the crew member requested she leave the flight. american airlines says it is investigating the matter. a philadelphia newlywed says a passport problem turned her honeymoon into a nightmare. listen to this. take a look at this, carly baker's passport. she tried using it at philadelphia international airport but american airlines said it was too damaged so baker and her husband couldn't get on the flight to greece after their wedding last friday. american tells nbc 10 it was following "state department guidelines." the airline provided a statement that reads "the danger with allowing a passenger to travel with a damaged passport is that they may not be allowed entrance
11:39 am
into the foreign country to which they are traveling and would immediately be put back on a plane to the u.s. "so what does carly do? she applied and paid for a new passport. she and her husband are in greece right now. that's after she paid around $2,000 in fees and missed several days of their honeymoon. we'll transition to this. when a person's heart stop every second counts. now a new app aims to get new life saving help to victims very fast. we'll show you how it works coming up. sunshine is warming temperatures today but there's colder air on the way. seven-day forecast is just ahead.
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let's talk about a first of its kind event in philadelphia this weekend that will shine a spotlight on an issue involving human rights. the walk for freedom will go from center city to old city. it's being organized by hope bag
11:43 am
emission. joining me is associate director kelly caldwell and founder sharon hackney robinson. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having us. >> i appreciate both your time. we were just talking about this. we were talking about human trafficking and this is what this is about, raising awareness. it's something you don't think happens in this country yet recently as you pointed out it does. >> yes. just as recent as yesterday there was a nationwide bust across the country of over 150 perpetrators arrested in operation cross country with the fbi in close to 150 children were rescued. >> that's an amazing number. it's staggering and that leads us into this. what's the hope bag mission? >> the hope bag mission was founded about two years ago. i happen to be a critical care nurse also and we just -- we have a lot of human traffic victims in north philadelphia
11:44 am
and the hope bag mission provides emergency care, supplies, for women and children that have entered a safe house or recovery center. we provide emergency supplies such as personal care items, small articles of clothing. >> just the tools they need. >> yes. >> amazing, i was going to ask you that, too, what's inside. that's what we're looking at right now, the packaging process here. this is a global event, too, it's not just here. you talked about the nationwide need for it, the fact that there was a big investigation that just concluded. tell me about the other events happening around the world. >> so the philly walk for freedom is actually a campaign that is partnered with an international organization called a-21 campaign. they have offices in seven countries. we have an office here in the united states that's in california and over 200 cities are participating. this is second year, this is the
11:45 am
second annual walk for freedom where we represent over the 27 million women, men, and children being held in bondage through trafficking. >> that's the number you need to know, 27 million: let that number sit for itself. >> 800,000 in the united states. >> wow. that's amazing. how can people get involved at home? they hear this awareness now of human trafficking. they know it's a problem in philadelphia, what can they do? >> they can go to our web site. where on the landing page if they would like to participate in our philly walk for freedom which is this saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 they can also find copious amounts of information with the national organizations that we work with, local organizations. we work with a myriad of organizations and we can find information about what human trafficking is and what to look for and how they can become more
11:46 am
cognizant in their community. >> how many people are expected out this weekend? >> wow -- >> i love that reaction. wow is a good reaction. >> we had an overwhelming response right now. we were setting the bar at 250 but i think we're going to meet that and beyond. >> we're really excited. if for no other reason, this is the first time this has been done in philadelphia. we're the first hosts to bring the walk to philadelphia so we're really excited about that. but just to be able to get that message out that this is real this is not something that's taking place in another country. this is right here in philadelphia and in many places right next door. >> very good. thank you very much. you want to set the stage with this first inaugural one in philadelphia. thank you so much for coming in, i appreciate it. associate director kelli caldwell and founder sharon
11:47 am
hackne hackney-robinson. the mile walk will start at the city hall courtyard and end at independence mall in old city. we posted a link, too, for more information on the nbc 10 news app. make sure you download it. it's free. we'll be right back with a weather check. vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow
11:48 am
north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
11:49 am
another beautiful autumn day. we have lots of sunshine and temperatures are on the rise. we are in the 60s right now. tracking some showers for
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tonight. behind those showers it's going to turn colder for the weekend. in fact, this weekend we could see flirting with record low temperatures. on sunday morning 36 degrees. the record is 32. on monday morning down to 33 in philadelphia. the record is 29 degrees. and the cold, well, it will still be chilly on tuesday morning but well above the record low of 27 degrees. so by comparison today is nice and warm. sunshine, a few passing clouds and a little bit of a breeze. that's the only thing holding our temperatures back this morning. the wind is steady now at 12 miles an hour in philadelphia. that's a northwesterly wind, very dry air which is going to allow our temperatures to warm into the 60s during the afternoon but get chilly tonight. 61 degrees right now in philadelphia. still seeing 50s for parts of the area. chester springs, wilmington in the upper 50s right now. sunshine bright at the shore, there were a few clouds overnight. now we're seeing scattered thin
11:51 am
clouds, nothing like the thick cloud cover that came through the day yesterday. but there are clouds on the way and with this cloud cover will come the chance of some showers. but most of these showers now looks like we'll miss philadelphia. midnight tonight look at those good downpours in western pennsylvania as that swings into our area. that's a cold front, it really dries out. but the cold air will be coming in the wake of those showers that are going to pass to our north. you'll feel it this weekend. today, though, 60s for allentown, reading and quakertown. nothing but sunshine for doylestown, norristown and mount holly. low 60s. brilliant sunshine at the shore for cape may and atlantic city into the 60s and 63 in dover. plenty of sunshine for wilmington, philadelphia, williamstown, breezy at times but sunny skies through the day today. cooler tomorrow morning, 40s and low 50s to start with, the isolated shower threat in the morning, most areas will stay dry. then here comes the cold gusty winds with sunshine on saturday,
11:52 am
57 the high and then in the 30s sunday morning, cold again monday morning. in fact, colder, 33 degrees for the high temperature of 55. it's going to get cold for the eagles game monday evening for "monday night football" and temperatures moderate back into the 60s for tuesday and wednesday. >> bill, thank you. a british nurse who survived ebola is critically ill again and doctors say an apparent recurrence of ebola is to blame. she's back in an isolation unit at the royal free hospital. it's the same place she was treated after contracting ebola after working in sierra leone last year. she was working for save the children. an expert in biomedical studies says it is possible for the ebola virus to reemerge in a small percentage of people who have previously been cured. >> the 13,000 survivors we've seen in west africa, very few of them have ongoing health conditions linked to that virus.
11:53 am
>> the nurse is being cared for by specialists with experience in treating patients who have previously contracted the virus. women looking to prevent fractures as they get older may want to drink black tea. researchers in australia analyzed the data on more than 1,000 women in their 70s. those who drank at least three cups of black tea a day had a nearly 35% lower risk of a spinal fracture. the risk of a hip fracture was reduced by about 40%. experts say more studies are needed to see exactly how the antioxidant of tea are benefitting bone health. some breast-feeding mothers may not be getting the support they need when they head back to work after having their baby. a new study finds the majority of new moms aren't given adequate accommodations to pump while at work. only 40% of the women surveyed said they had enough break time and a private space to pump. researchers say mothers who have the appropriate support are more likely to exclusively
11:54 am
breast-feed their babies for the first six months. if your job is stressful you could be at risk of a stroke. a new study classified jobs according to several risk factors such as mental load, time pressure and how much control workers had over their work. workers found highly stressed workers like waitresses and nursing aids are more at risk for a stroke than those in lower stress jobs like janitors or scientists. speaking of health, most people aren't trained to perform cpr. now public health experts are encouraging people to download a smart phone app that could help save someone's life. the app is called the pulse point and is made possible by a nonprofit that works with more than 1300 communities. when someone calls 911 with a cardiac arrest emergency, the app alerts anyone nearby who has the app and is trained in cpr, doctors say that can double and even triple the likelihood of a cardiac arrest victim surviving.
11:55 am
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let's check back in with bill henley. sunshine. >> if we could vote for weather this is what we would vote for. a beautiful day, lots of sunshine, 60s this afternoon which is where we are right now. a live sunny view of boat house row. the wind is blowing as you can clearly see by the shake in the camera and the flags on top of the boat house, the winds will be picking up as we go into the afternoon and tonight we could see gusty winds as well. temperatures warming into the low to upper 70s today. breezy, the winds get gusty tonight and some showers move through parts of the area. these are more likely to the north into the pocono mountains than in philadelphia but that's a cold front coming through. so we'll reach 67 friday afternoon and then here comes the cold for the weekend. 57 degrees on saturday and a real december preview for sunday and monday mornings with temperatures in the 30s. not quite as cold but still in the 30s tuesday morning. i'm not sure anybody is ready for that. >> i'm not ready for it. thank you very much, bill.
11:57 am
thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm keith jones. for bill henley and all of us at nbc 10, have a great day. ♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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