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with frick, they do say he was obsessed with her but point out it was not a romantic obsession. the doctor had no reason to expect she would ever see him again. police say she wouldn't have known he'd been planning this out for the last three years. >> his intention was to commit homicide. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. your commander in chief, i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation. >> a major change in strategy from the commander in chief. american troops will stay on the ground in afghanistan longer than the president's original deadline. the president unveiled a new plan to keep 5,500 troops in afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017. nbc 10's keith jones is live in t the digital operations room with more. >> more troops in afghanistan,
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he made the announcement this morning. again, the new plan called for 5,500 troops to remain in afghanistan when obama leaves office in two years. the shift retreats from his promise to end the war during his tenure. the president calls the security situation in afghanistan still very fragile and says in some cases there are risks of deterioration. >> this modest, but meaningful extension of our presence while sticking to our current missions, can make a real difference. it's the right thing to do. >> the president says the afghan military has made gains but still is not as strong as it needs to be. obama says the mission in afghanistan won't change. he says they'll focus on counterterrorism and training afghan troops. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. emergency repairs under way right now on a philadelphia bridge. >> a crack was discovered, forcing it to be shut down. take a look at where this
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emergency repair is happening, it's at chestnut street and front street along pens landing. lye in sky force 10 for us this afternoon, how's traffic xg looking? >> we have a birds-eye view and seems drivers got the memo. not a whole lot of traffic here. take a look at the bridge, pedestrians are still allowed to walk on the bridge, but here is the good news, detours will only last for a couple of days. >> i don't think they should fix it, completely fix it, not patch it up, fix it. that's dangerous. >> reporter: pennsylvania's department of transportation has known about this four-foot crack on a column of a ramp of the bridge since april. >> this was the calm we have identified for repair. >> reporter: repairs were scheduled to begin next week but it was forced to expedite the plans. last night a phone call alerted
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police and set up roadblocks out of an abundance of caution. >> the traffic, that's going to be bad, really bad, i think. >> reporter: crews are working to erect scaffolding to support the weight of the ramp, then build it back up. >> age, deterioration, looks like water, corrosive materials from the winter probably got down into the concrete and with the expansion and contraction, it's had some deterioration. >> reporter: simply put, wear and tear took its toll not uncommon for a 32-year-old bridge. weight restrictions are expected more frequently. >> if we find a bridge or aspect of a bridge we find to be unsafe, we don't hesitate to close the structure. >> reporter: in this case, the work is expected to take two weeks, although the bridge will reopen to drivers this weekend. it's important to note that i-95 and columbus boulevard are not
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affected with these closures. how much will all this cost? they said $80,000 coming from penn dot's budget. live in sky force 10, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. this south philadelphia man's accused of beating his ex-girlfriend's dog with a baseball bat. andrew wallace severely injured the dog's leg, facing three counts of animal cruelty, also accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. the son of congressman fattal appeared in court today. jury selection began for shaka fattah jr., accused of misusing federal education contracts and loans to pay personal expenses. he denies those charges. fattah jr. faces jail time and a fine of up to $13 million. nbc 10's deanna durante was in court today and spoke to fattah jr. you'll hear that interview tonight at 5:30. his father is charged in a
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different case. in july a grand jury indicted chaka fattah sr., accused of misusing donations and grant money, also denies all wrong doing. his trial is scheduled next may. c an affiliate of the fattah enterprise. the feds allege she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car in order to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she was not charged and denies any wrong doing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. police are investigating a pair of armed robberies near the temple university campus in north philadelphia. a gunman demanded a student's car keys as he walked into a takeout restaurant just after midnight. around 3:15 this morning, another temple student was outside his home on 15th street when he was robbed of $30, his wallet, and an iphone. police say the robberies are not
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related. police are also trying to track down a robber who attacked a 69-year-old man in center city. the victim was walking on locust street tuesday night when a man asked for money. the robber pushed him to the ground and took the wallet. the victim was treated for minor injuries. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a live look outside at the skyline from our camera on top of lincoln financial field. enjoy these temperatures now. it won't be this warm again for several days. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with a chilly forecast. >> we're going to see the coldest temperatures of the season, sheena? >> so far we will as we go into the weekend. the rest of the evening, though, cool side, but nice, dry conditions, then we look back off to our west, some rain around the great lakes. i think tomorrow there's a chance of a couple stray showers, but most of the area should be staying dry as this cold front approaches. this will be the one to really cool us down going into your weekend. right now, though, mid 60s philadelphia, low 60s through
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the lehigh valley, mid 60s for south jersey and delaware. a cool afternoon for the area, but take a look at what is on the way. so cool air mass is sitting right over us and this will be the case as we go into friday, then look what happens into the weekend. you see this darker blue, that's air from canada. so we are looking at temperatures in the 30s over part of your weekend and even starting off next week. this cold air will be getting the first frost and freeze for part of the area this season. coming up we'll talk about how cold it will get over part of your weekend and how long it will last. that's straight ahead. an ordained minister running for register of wills says she won't sign off on same-sex certificates, but she says she won't obstruct couples from getting the documents either. pottstown mayor sharon valentine-thomas says if elected she plans to seek court approval by having her deputies sign such documents. valentine-thomas is the republican challenger to democrat incumbent, you may
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remember haines made headlines by granting same-sex marriage licenses back in 2013, before it was legal in pennsylvania. as for thomas-valentine, she says kim davis, the clerk jailed for five days for refusing to issue the licenses has arrangements similar to the ones she would request. when davis got out of jail, davis changed the licenses to remove her name. to decision 2016, the pressure is building for vice president biden to decide whether to make a presidential run. today stood outside his house in washington waiting for south korea's president. kristen welker tried to ask him about a potential run for the white house and got some amusing responses. >> running for president? >> i'll answer in korean. >> have you made your decision yet? >> i can't hear you. >> have you made your decision yet?
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>> the deadline for vice president biden's decision is in early november, but the first state's primary ballot committee meets october 29th. a series of proposed reforms to the state's criminal justice system today. the plan includes ideas for investing in law enforcement and drug treatment, for changes in the treatment of juveniles and for ensuring the accuracy of the criminal justice system. the attorney general also wants to scale back the minimum mandatory sentencing law so the punishment fits the crime. delaware's current three strikes and you're out sentencing law requires life sentences for three-time violent felons no matter what their felony was. house bill in harrisburg would require universal background checks for anyone who buys a gun in pennsylvania, requiring all firearms, including private sales, be done before a licensed firearms dealer or county sheriff. during the purchase, the criminal background would be checked out, as would information about whether the
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buyer had ever involuntary been committed to a mental health facility. >> i think there's more control over vehicles than there is over guns. there's a lot of issues that we need to start looking at. >> all the polls show that nearly 90% of all pennsylvanians, gun owners and nongun owners alike, support universal background checks. it's the legislature, frankly, out of step with the people of pennsylvania. >> the bill was first introduced in 2013 but it was voted down. four new jersey men were indicted for allegedly orchestrating a staged car accident in paterson and later seeking more than $48,000 in medical payouts from an insurance company. a state grand jury charged the three with health care claims fraud, conspiracy, and attempted theft by deception. janitors and custodial workers in many of philadelphia's office buildings could walk off the job if a
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labor agreement isn't reached at midnight. the 2,800 janitors clean about 170 buildings throughout philadelphia. the buildings' owners want to freeze the workers pensions. the janitors have also been asked to contribute more to their hurealth insurance cost. no benefit increase for social security recipients, just the third time in 40 years the benefits will remain flat. the main reason is low gas prices. the announcement will affect benefits for more than 70 million people, that's more than one-fifth of the nation's population. new jersey's fifth medical marijuana dispensary is now open in cranbury. a spokesperson for the health department says there are more than 5,500 registered patients and 355 caregivers authorized to purchase medical marijuana in new jersey. i want to go to some
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breaking news now from sky force 10. this is over i-76, a serious accident here in the eastbound lanes and it's causing the eastbound lanes at university avenue to be shut down right now. as we look at these live pictures from sky force 10, it looks to involve two vehicles here at least, a truck and a pickup truck there. you see the roadway still shut down with authorities walking beside that accident scene. again, this is i-76 at university avenue. it is shut down on the eastbound lanes and as we pull back wider, you can see the impact on traffic here. we'll continue to monitor the aftermath of this serious accident on 76 east. meantime, we have new video of a pickpocket who prompted an assault on a septa bus. the guy in the pink shirt reaches into the pocket of the passenger in red there. the passenger is on to him, though, the pickpocket pushes him off the bus and roughs him up. this happens tuesday afternoon at the 26th septa bus, philadelphia police are looking
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for a second person of interest, as well. you're asked to call them with any tips. well, two days after two-time basketball champ lamar odom was found unconference, his condition has not improved. sources close to odom tell our sister network e! doctors are treating the situation as a drug overdose. odom is in a coma and breathing with the help of a ventilator. doctors found drugs in his system and say he suffered brain damage from at least one stroke. support is pouring in from teammates and fans, #prayers r forlamar is trending on social media. now the subject of an inquiry by the justice department and fbi, the probe comes after lawmakers questioned the use of insider information on draft kings and fan duel by website employees. according to the wall street journal, the investigation is still in the early stages and part of an ongoing discussion to determine the legality of daily fantasy sports sites. comcast, the parent company of
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nbc universal and nbc sports are among investors of fan duel. security footage casts new light on the escape of joaquin el chapo guzman. hammering sounds several minutes before his escape. el chapo can be seen lying under a blanket when the hammering begins. a split screen shows no one reacting. after 25 minutes, two officers gather in front of screens and talk. nearly 30 minutes pass before guards appear outside the cell. a mexican company is capitalizing on the drug lord's recent brazen escape by releasing an el chapo costume. just in time for halloween. the kingpin's costume, complete with prison garb, is set to be a hot seller. the head of the company says they have long been making fun of political figures both within mexico and beyond. back at home, work began today on a multimillion dollar sea wall to protect the northern
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end of atlantic city. the project will put a seawall providing protection during storms. the project will also restore atlantic city's historic boardwalk, which had already been condemned before it was damaged more by superstorm sandy nearly three years ago. >> really opens up what looks now like vacant land that will soon be ocean front land, water front land, boardwalk land. >> state's also working on beach protection projects in ocean and cape may counties. some students in delaware are taking the classroom outdoors. they are exploring the river in these canoes there. making it possible with canoe mobile program, offering young people a chance to explore waterways using a fleet of six canoes to learn more about urban wilderness. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a nice thursday for the
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area, completely clear skies for most of your day today. tomorrow, though, it's still going to be cool to end out the week, so if you needed the light jacket today, you're going to need one again tomorrow. we will see more clouds moving through because of the cold front, slight chance of a shower, most of us will stay dry. what the front's going to do is really cool us down for the weekend, so we are talking about a cold weekend forecast. these are going to be some of the coldest temperatures so far this season and it does look like the first frost and freeze of this season, too. i'll show you that in just a second. right now we have the clear skies across philadelphia area, temperature now in the mid 60s, and we'll stay in the 60s through the rest of this afternoon and early evening. so;q average high is actually 57 degrees. yesterday we were 68, today so far the mid 60s. tomorrow about the mid 60s, but look at the weekend dropoff. saturday and sunday, that's the high temperature, 57 saturday, 54 sunday. and by sunday morning, we are talking about morning lows widespread 30s across most of
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the area. temperatures now, though, still in the 60s north and west, cool for the lehigh valley, about the low 60s. 64 millville, 64 degrees in dover, 65 wilmington and nice and dry, the closest rain is up around the great lakes, where we find the cold front around chicago. that's the one that's going to swing through later in the day tomorrow and is going to be cooling us down for the weekend. just a slight chance of a shower. here's a look at future weather, future temperatures, and precip. as we go into tonight, dry, clouds moving through tomorrow, high temperatures still in the mid 60s, nice day to end out the week, but look what happens saturday. saturday afternoon we will be in the 50s. areas north and west in the mid to low 50s for a daytime high and look what happens into sunday morning, so this is going to be saturday night, into sunday morning, where we expect widespread 30-degree temperatures except along the shore. this is sunday 7:00 a.m., coldest temperatures hit before sunrise, so that's when we'll see the numbers bottoming out.
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reading 30, philadelphia around the mid 30s, millville close to freezing, but along the shore temperatures in the 40s. in delaware, 30s there, too, close to freezing in wilmington. by sunday noon, temperatures only about the mid 40s for most of the area. as we zoom out here, take a look at how close any snow showers could be. we're talking about some lake effect snow showers. should be staying around the great lakes, but a windy day for us saturday and sunday. that really just shows you how cold the air mass is moving in. tonight, though, we stay cool around 50 for philadelphia, 43 allentown and reading, 46 pottstown. millville around 47 degrees overnight tonight and tomorrow we see more clouds around than today. slight chance of a shower. i think most of the area will stay dry. 65 to 68 degrees for the high temperature, so pretty nice end to the week, but you might need the light jacket through the afternoon. morning lows sunday in the 30s, freezing north and west in some
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of our new jersey suburbs. by monday i think we're going to be colder monday morning. for the eagles game monday night it's going to be chilly. you will want the jacket if you are going to the eagles game monday, but look at the stretch of dry weather, too. we do, however, start to warm up near 70 degrees again by the middle of next week. all right, i want to go back to our breaking news from sky force 10. you'll want to avoid the eastbound schuylkill expressway because of this bad accident here. aundrea cline-thomas is in sky force 10 with a birds-eye view. >> reporter: looks like a dump truck is on its side and the white pickup truck ran into it with debris on the roadway, and you see that something is kind of gone over the median. it really is a huge mess out here. we just want to go ahead and have you take a look, traffic is backed up for miles. we see that traffic is being diverted on to 28th street, so
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if you're coming out here, you're going to have to get off on 28th street. traffic there isn't even really moving, and as you can see, this shot right here, this is just backed up for miles. best if you avoid this area at all costs. it is just stop and go, stop and go, very frustrating situation. we hope there are no injuries there, though. we've seen law enforcement come out on the road, taking pictures. we haven't seen any ambulances or anything like that, so we're not quite sure what the situation is for the people that are involved, but what we have seen is just backup for miles. that's the latest from sky force 10. nbc 10 news. >> all right, thank you. keep us posted if they open that roadway back up. we'll be right back. this pennsylvania borough administrator making more than $800,000 a month for only seven days of work. why his salary is coming out of your paycheck. passengers come to the aid of this woman after she's kicked
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off their flight. what she says happened that now has the airline on damage control. then, the new drug health experts say will keep you from craving alcohol coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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you may have noticed many of us here on nbc 10 are wearing our purple today. it's our way of taking a stand against bullying. >> there are even purple cupcakes in the newsroom. they didn't want us to bring out here. it's all part of something very important. it is a larger initiative by employee alliance group, today is spirit day, millions wearing purple to take a stand against violence and show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexuals, and transgender youth. vice president joe biden led a discussion at the white house in honor of domestic violence awareness month. biden introduced the violence against women act in 1990 while he was still a senator. the bill passed four years later and since then domestic violence rates have fallen by more than
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50%. >> it is the most vicious, heinous form of violence there is, and it does enormous, enormous, enormous damage. beyond the physical damage. >> biden says despite the progress that's been made, success can only be measured when no woman blames herself for being abused. all right. thousands of dollars in pay. >> for very few hours of work. the nbc 10 investigators dig into why one man is getting taxpayer money for working just a couple of hours a month. and a bear wanders into a classroom, but there's no concern here. why students weren't even told to leave the building. but first, sky force 10 over the schuylkill expressway where the eastbound lanes are shut down. we'll bring you more next.
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back to our breaking news on i-76 eastbound. this bad accident right here shutting down the eastbound lanes. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is keeping an eye on things for us in sky force 10. aundrea? >> reporter: we're learning that one person was taken to pres betarian hospital with very serious injuries. we want to give you a new look at the scene. you see a wrecker service has come and a white pickup truck is behind that, so they are starting to clear the scene. that just started happening within the last half hour or so. you see the dump truck still on its side and the trailer has gone over the retaining wall. drivers are being diverted on 28th street, but we take a look out that traffic is backed up for miles. drivers aren't being let back on
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to the highway, only being let on, so you can see it's stop and go, drivers are being forced to get off, but it is stop and go. if you can avoid the area, that's what you're being advised to do. again, one person is seriously injured, taken to the hospital at this time. that is the latest from sky force 10, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> long afternoon for all of those people there. the issues in the tiny borough of colwyn have turned into a problem for everyone in pennsylvania. >> as taxpayers, we're paying to fix them. a citizen reached out to the nbc 10 investigators about one cost in particular, harry hairston has looked at the pay of the interim borough administrator. what did you find? >> take a look at this, colwyn used to have a full-time borough manager making about $21 an hour, but to save money the council voted to eliminate that position. now the state has brought in an
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interim borough administrator who charges $100 an hour and works two days a week. meet michael, the interim administrator for financially distressed colwyn. two days a week he drives to train borough employees, prepare for council meetings, and work with the state on a recovery plan for colwyn. >> i provide them with the management skills that come from a law degree, a master's degree in public administration, and 30 years of experience in government management. >> and all that experience comes with a price. the nbc 10 investigators obtained o'rourke's invoices to the borough since he started working there in may. they show he earns $100 an hour, another $50 an hour for his drive to and from york and is also reimbursed for mileage, tolls, and lodging. records show in july o'rourke worked seven days and was
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compensated more than $8,000. in august he was in colwyn ten days and took home more than $9,000. and in september after 11 days in the office, he earned almost $12,000. grossly overpaid for what he's doing. i would see $100 an hour if he's going out and getting grants, if he's going out and getting businesses to come in here, which we sorely need. >> reporter: the borough is not getting enough for the price taxpayers are paying. >> instead of a north/south carpet bagger, he's a west/east. >> o'rourke says he's in colwyn because the pa department of community and economic development contracted with him after the borough council fired his former borough manager. the colwyn council voted to accept help earlier this year. some have asked what is it you're really doing to justify that kind of money? >> you'd have to ask them if i'm
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worth what they are paying me. >> we did. in a statement to the department tells the nbc 10 investigators the situation in colwyn requires an experienced professional. we're told similar interim positions pay anywhere between $75 to $275 an hour, depending on the issues in the municipality. >> do i think he should be making all that kind of money? no, but i'm not paying him. >> colwyn council president says he's not complaining, because the state picks up o'rourke's tab, meaning all the taxpayers of pennsylvania are footing the bill. and he doesn't have any issues with the interim administrator's work. >> he's properly training the girls -- the ladies in the office, and he's been doing a lot of things. >> that's not enough for this man. >> in my opinion, at this point i would want to see him replaced. >> still, o'rourke makes no apologies for his pay rate.
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>> isn't this america where we better ourselves and get a better life for ourselves? that's all it is. >> colwyn has been approved for $190,000 for state money. it's used $60,000 so far, in part to pay o'rourke. the borough will have to receive the state's plan for its economic recovery monday. the council will have 30 days to vote it up or down. . >> harry hairston, thank you. the mysterious death of a 3-year-old boy continues to hang over a south new jersey town. >> brendan creato's body was found a few hours after his father called 911 to report him missing tuesday morning. cydney long is live in haddon township. where does the investigation stand right now? >> reporter: jacqueline and jim, i can tell you it is at a touch of a standstill, that's because right now haddon township police headquarters, as well as their parking lot, has been somewhat of a home base for county detectives as they come and go into the community to gather
4:35 pm
information here. we're told they are still doing so today, but we have not seen one detective, not here or at other locations at the center of this investigation. there is an eerie quiet in haddon township. it's now been more than 48 hours since a k-9 unit led police to 3-year-old brendan creato's body on the base of the cooper river, and unlike yesterday when detectives and crime scene investigators spent a second day in the woods, today we did not find any investigators, but both the memorials of teddy bears and flowers are growing, along with the prayers for answers in this community. >> this really hit home. usually in these small towns, it doesn't happen. and this is like a lesson, i brought flowers and a stuffed animal. going to teach my daughter, you know, stranger danger or whatever, you u hope -- i hope it was just a tragic accident. >> reporter: brendan's fund raising page is growing, too.
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it began at $300 in the hours after brendan died. it's now nearly $13,000, which will help loved ones with his funeral. we're in constant contact with investigators, but information today is at a standstill. in part because the initial autopsy performed is inconclusive with no cause or manner of death. investigators tell me toxicology will be the next test to come back, which can often take as long as a month, but for this case it could be fast tracked by the state lab. and yesterday we heard the little boy brendan's father, d.j. creato on his 911 call to dispatchers. he was describing what his son was wearing, the pajamas and also giving his address. we have learned today that was the only 911 call that was placed tuesday morning. live in haddon township, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. and a pennsylvania father shares a heart breaking message. >> if i can avoid one other family from going through this
4:37 pm
heart ache where i'm sitting at right now, i think my son's legacy will remain intact. >> the family learned their son's death was tied to the game they loved. warnings for others ahead. also coming up, a new way to turn off the cravings when it comes to alcohol. the pill you can take to stop drinking. vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that.
4:40 pm
hypocrite. two people have been taken to the hospital after this accident between a dump truck and a pickup truck. again, in the eastbound lanes shut down since about 4:00 this afternoon, drivers are being diverted off on to 28th street. the eastbound lanes, they remain closed while crews work to clear the remainder of the accident this afternoon, creating a lot of back ups on the eastbound schuylkill. we'll keep you poised. you'd think a sight like this would be enough to empty
4:41 pm
classrooms. not the case in montana. this bear took a stroll through a high school's hallway wednesday. no one was hurt, in fact, classes went on as usual as police ushered the furry guest back outside. >> looking to learn a thing or two there. >> maybe looking for porridge, you never know. meanwhile, welcoming its 1 millionth visitor, oliver brooks from california, he won a free membership to the museum. brooks represents a museum in long beach. he was visiting today with his mother, who grew up here in philadelphia. the philadelphia campus opened in may of 2012. well, kicked off a plane. >> a passenger gets the boot, but the other passengers come to her defense. what they did and how the airline is now trying to make up for it. well, another cool day to end out your week tomorrow, but
4:42 pm
big changes for the weekend. we are talking about the first frost and the first freeze of the season. i'll show you who can expect the coldest temperatures coming up.
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stricter alcohol policies may reduce the rate of liver-related deaths. that's according to a new study. researchers rated states on alcohol taxes, retail price restrictions, and hours of sale regulations and found those with stricter policies have lower alcoholic cirrhosis death rates. researchers also noted significant regional variation in the relationship between alcohol policies and death rates, with the strongest association found in the northeast. a new drug shows early promise in reducing alcohol cravings. researchers in sweden looked at a small group of adults dependent on alcohol and they were divided into two groups. one group given an experimental drug, the other was given a
4:46 pm
placebo. after two weeks the group given the drug said they did not crave alcohol as much as the placebo group. well, an airline crew kicks a female passenger right off the flight. >> today other passengers on that plane are coming to her defense. >> lost a lot of customers. [ booing ] >> all that booing is reaction from passengers on an american airlines flight as the woman left the plane. the incident happened on a flight from phoenix to portland. a flight attendant became angry with the woman during boarding and ordered her off the plane. >> look over and the flight attendant says, i asked you three times to stay right there. i was like, oh, my gosh. he comes closer, i can just kick you off this flight right now, you can just get on the next flight. >> everybody was like, what are you doing? don't treat her like this. >> it's still unclear why crew members wanted her off the plane. the woman was booked on another
4:47 pm
flight free of charge. american airlines says it's investigating the incident. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, you're going to need to keep the jacket handy one more day before the week is over and maybe trade it out for a thicker one as we go into the weekend. i'll show you the forecast in just a second. it will be getting a lot colder. here's a live look at the poconos. beautiful sunset about to happen in the poconos with mostly clear skies, but yes, you will need the jacket again tonight. it's going to be chilly and cool into tomorrow. then cold as we go into the weekend. temperatures will be dropping off quite a bit and it does look to be our first frost and freeze of the season for much of the area, so i'll show you the forecast in just a second. we're still in the 60s now, though. low 60s through the lehigh valley, mid 60s now philadelphia, mid to low 60s through most of new jersey, 65 in wilmington, 64 degrees in
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dover. as we go through this evening, cool with mostly clear skies by 6:00 p.m., 64 degrees, bit of a breeze out there. 8:0060 degrees and by 10:00 around 57 degrees, so a cool evening for the area and then tomorrow we'll see a little more in the way of cloud cover. another could front is going to right now we are, of course, nice and dry on the radar. beautiful day today. a lot of sunshine. didn't really warm us up too much, though, but the cold front you see well back off to our west, that one will be swinging through going into the weekend, so that's really going to cool our temperatures down. could see a stray shower tomorrow, but most of us will be staying on the dry side just noticing the clouds around. so we do stay cool for friday, this is tomorrow before the cold front gets here. we will still be in the 60s. once it swings through, though, take a look at the air mass moving in for the weekend. big area of high pressure pulling down the colder air from canada, so as we go into sunday and monday morning, those are going to be the coldest mornings. look at what the temperatures
4:49 pm
will be like, mid 30s philadelphia, low 30s through the lehigh valley, even parts of new jersey possibly, especially interior sections and 30s even in delaware, so it is going to get cold as we go into a couple mornings starting about sunday morning. so the coldest sunday morning does look to be the lehigh valley areas north and west of philadelphia. here's what you can expect sunday morning. 32 allentown, 32 bethlehem, 31 cookestown, 31 degrees landsdale and pottstown. it is sunday and monday morning that you want to remember this, especially once the kids get out to the bus stop monday morning. make sure they are bundled up, too. for tonight, not that cold just yet. 43 for the morning low in allentown, 43 reading. 50 for philadelphia. some areas of new jersey could get into the mid to upper 40s like millville overnight, but tomorrow back into the 60s. 65 to 68 degrees. more clouds through part of the
4:50 pm
day. slight chance of a shower 5z the cold front moves through, but over the weekend, sunshine and temperatures dropping off. saturday morning we're still going to be in the 40s for most of the area to start, but sunday morning is going to be the cold one. monday morning is going to be the cold one and chilly for the eagles game come monday night, so you will want to bundle up if you're heading to that. highs starting next week on monday mid 50s. by game time monday night we're talking about temperatures in the 40s. so you will want to bundle up, jacqueline, because i know you will be out there. you'll want to dress warm, dress accordingly, because once the sun sets, the temperatures will be dropping. >> keith and i are hosting the special before the eagles game monday. gloves, hats, heavy coats. you don't know, but it is going to be cold. >> once the sun goes down, the temperatures will start to drop off and even people in the stands, the fans, it's going to be chilly. you're going to be dressing the warmest so far since the season
4:51 pm
started. >> portable heater, jacqueline, that's what you need. >> i know, and a lot of hot cocoa. toe socks, everything. we'll bring everything. >> thanks, sheena, we'll need it. playing football, in fact, should not be a life or death decision. >> one pennsylvania family says they are paying the price for letting their son on the field. the temple university standout took his own life. now doctors say football is to blame. what his father is telling other parents next.
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introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. the suicide of a temple football star may be connected to the concussions he suffered on the playing field. >> spoke about the message for every athlete. >> adrien robinson jr. was living his dream.
4:55 pm
he played in the nfl and was about to start a new career in the canadian football league, but in may he ended his career and his life and his family could not understand why. >> so we start seeing signs, nothing that would alarm me, but now looking back, i can see where things was going wrong with him. >> his father noticed the usually happy harrisburg native had developed mood swings and aggression. his family learned this week through lab results that robinson was silently suffering from traumatic brain injuries likely caused from concussions on the field and they believe that led to his suicide. it was all such a revelation for the robinsons that if he had to do it again, adrian sr. would probably not let his son play football to begin with. >> knowing now, it would have have to be a passion i would advice against it. >> the robinsons now wants families with athletes to look for traumatic brain injury earlier and get their athletes help if they see them. >> there's no doubt if i can
4:56 pm
avoid one other family going through this heart ache where i'm sitting at right now, i think my son's legacy will be intact. >> robinson now joins a growing list of former nfl players diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after their suicides. >> last year a lab tested 79 former players, 76 of their brains showed signs of a degenerative brain disorder. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's keith jones. >> jim and jackie, we continue to follow breaking news that affects a lot of people's evening commute. the eastbound lanes of 76 are closed right now because of this, an accident near university city. traffic is backed up for miles. i'll have a live update from sky force 10 next. plus, two men plead guilty to attacking a gay couple. now they've been banned from center city. more details are next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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right now at 5:00, keep out. a judge tells two men they are banned from center city after attacking a gay couple. plus, we're going to get an early taste of winter this weekend with temperatures in the 30s. what about the rest of the winter season? the nbc 10 first alert weather team's new details of the winter weather forecast. we begin with breaking news from sky force 10 where an accident is causing major problems on the schuylkill expressway. >> aundrea cline-thomas is live
5:00 pm
in sky force 10 with the details. what do the backups look like from up there, aundrea? >> it is terrible, keith. first we have to tell you two people are seriously injured. they are being treated at the hospital, one look at the scene explains why. within the last few minutes a tow truck has arrived with a dump truck and a tow truck has already removed the pickup truck that was also involved in this accident. the dump truck, as you can see, is still on its side with a trailer over the retaining wall. there is some debris on the road, you don't know if it's from the truck or if it was put down as a precaution for possible leaking gas, but by the position of the dump truck it's hard to tell how the exact occurred. we're going to, as you can see, zoom out here and kind of show you this traffic that is backed up as far as the eye can see. we're seeing the ripple effect also on other roads, including university avenue. traffic along i-76


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