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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> new at 11:00 -- is it a motive for murder? the internet post that could provide a new clue after a psychiatrist is killed in her home. good evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. nbc 10 found an online complaint about the murdered doctor and mental health facility where she worked. it was signed christopher frick, the same name as the man police say confessed to the crime. police are looking into whether their suspect wrote about his frustration months before the murder. >> reporter: the name christopher frick is the buzz inside the mathematics departments here. no one knew him personally but
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were still shocked to hear what police had to say about their classmate. we showed his bhmug shot to peoe who walked the same halls and sat in the same class as the mathematics major until now because he's in jail charged with the murder of a psychiatrist. >> shocking someone from here would go off and do that to somebody. >> reporter: police revealed frick was obsessed with the doctor and she didn't even know it. the last time the doctor met with frick professionally was three years ago. then yesterday investigators say he showed up at her home early in the morning and stabbed her to death. there was no answer tonight at the home of frick's parents but police say they are cooperating. >> yes, he had been planning this event. >> she worked at the rockford center. we found one of the online reviews and someone posting as christopher frick calls it a prison. he claims to have said yes when a psychiatrist asked if he ever had suicidal thoughts. the poster blames caroline for
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his imprisonment and for not admitting she was wrong. police right now lent confirming that frick wrote that post but it fit the pattern of obsession that investigators say they found in evidence at his parents' house. an obsession that went undetected until this deadly crime. >> very surprising that something like that would happen. >> reporter: they asked for privacy and had no comment. at the university of delaware, drew smith, nbc 10 news. a woman shot in the neck while sitting in a car in the west oak lane neighborhood. police with flashlights searching the car. it happened just before 9:00 tonight. the woman was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. no word on suspects or a motive. tonight police are waiting on toxicology reports for a little boy found dead in south jersey. the initial autopsy on brandon
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creato is inconclusive. his body was found tuesday morning on the banks of the cooper river. it was found a fuse hours after his father called 911 to report the boy missing. toxicology results can often take as long as 30 days, but for this case, it could be fast tracked by the state lab. now to a real-life crime that sounds like the plot to a movie. thieves hit up a jewelry store in rittenhouse square by tunnelling in from a neighboring business. the thieves got away and left quite a mess behind. >> it was crazy. >> when the owner of a dry cleaners walked into his store, this is what he says he saw. a huge gaping hole and his bathroom in shambles. allegedly the work of thieves. so they could get to a jewelry store next door. time & gold jewelry on 19th street in rittenhouse square. >> when i open the door, which is the bathroom door, there's a
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big hole there. so somebody knock in, come into my store. on the right side there's a jewelry store next door. i saw the big hole there. >> the makeshift tunnel was created in the overnight hours but in order for the criminals to get to the jewels, the owner says clothes in his dry cleaners were damaged in the process making life tough for this accide business owner. >> i had to clean all the clothes again. >> reporter: the suspects got away with jewels from a safe and about $100 from the dry cleaner's cash register leaving a path of destruction on the way out and the store temporarily hung out to dry. >> kind of upset, but i get through. i've been here eight years. so all the customers. >> central detectives are working on getting surveillance video from the scene in hopes of making an arrest. the jewelry store will reopen
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tomorrow morning at 10:00. skyforce 10 over a deadly accident in chester county tonight. a tree trimming crew was working here when a tree fell and killed one of the workers. this was the scene around 5:30 in elverson. authorities have not identified the victim. eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway are back open after a nightmarish rush hour. this is video from skyforce 10 earlier. all lanes were shut down on 76 east near university avenue after a dump truck and pickup truck collided. two people were taken to the hospital. dining out in manayunk8j tonight. >> soon a big change in weather that feels more like winter, ready or not. let's go to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it's going to get colder after tomorrow, though. to end out the week, still going to be cool but here's the cold front we're watching.
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some rain with this. a chance we could see a couple stray showers tomorrow. cold air behind it is ready to move in just in time for your weekend. as we go into tomorrow, still a cool day but we're not going to be as cold as we expect this weekend. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, 53. 10:00 a.m., close to 60. more clouds around with that cold front moving through. by noon, temperatures in the low 60s. there's that cool air mass to end out the week. then look at all the cold air spilling down from canada. we're talking about a big change in our temperatures for the weekend. we've not seen this yet so far this season. 30 degree temps with the first frost of the season, too. coming up, the coldest night we expect and the areas that will see the coldest temperatures, too. that's straight ahead. to a major change in strategy from the commander in chief. american troops will stay on the ground in afghanistan longer than the president's original deadline. president obama made the announcement this morning. the new plan calls for 5500
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troops to remain in afghanistan when the president leaves office in two years. the shift retreats from his promise to end the war there during his tenure. the president calls the security situation in afghanistan still very fragile and says in some cases there are risks of deterioration. >> this modest, but meaningful extension of our presence, while sticking to our current narrow missions can make a real difference. it's the right thing to do. >> the president says the afghan military has made gains but is still not as strong as it needs to be. to decision 2016, republican presidential hopeful marco rubio was in king of prussia tonight. the florida senator was in town to speak at an event hosted by the chester county republicans. he trails donald trump in the polls but his campaign is
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prepared for the long fight. trump is funding his own campaign but that doesn't stop people from sending in unsolicited donations. he raised nearly $4 million in the past three months. his campaign says it received 74,000 unsolicited donations. the average contribution was a little more than $50. trump has personally spent about $2 million since launching his campaign. on the democratic side, hillary clinton spent the day in texas shoring up support among latino americans. she received a key endorsement in the lone star state. hud secretary and former san antonio mayor castro backed clinton for president. and before the rally hillary said she'd consider castro as a running mate if she wins the democratic nomination. attorneys for dennis hastert say reached a plea agreement in a hush money case. hastert will plead guilty to charges accusing him of lying to the fbi about bank withdrawals of $3.5 million.
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hastert allegedly used that money to pay a man to keep quiet about decades-old sex abuse allegations. hastert is expected to appear in court october 28th to enter that plea. opening statements are scheduled for tomorrow in the federal tax and bank fraud trial of shaka fahtad jr. the 33-year-old whose representing himself says prosecutors unfairly targeted him adding the government's case is weak and he's eager to prove it. >> in the next few weeks, the details harding these issues will become clear. it will, you know, something that i think people need to know is that i wouldn't do anything wrong related to the philadelphia school district. >> he faces jail time and a fine of up to $13 million. his father congressman fatah is charged in a different case. his trial is not scheduled to begin until next spring.
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here are more details on the charges against him. according to the indictment, fatah sr. is accused of misusing his congressional influence, stealing taxpayer money and charitable donations. he's also accused of accepting a secret million-dollar campaign loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador. he has denied all of the charges. congressman fatah is married to renee chenault-fattah. renee is referenced. she's labeled as person e and an affiliate of the fattah. they allege she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car in order to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged and denies any wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. a janitor's strike is averted. they reached a tentative agreement representing dozens of buildings. the custodial workers cleared
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about 70 buildings throughout philadelphia and threatened to walk off the job if there wasn't a new glaemt before the contract expired. the first frost will hit over the weekend. when temperatures will dip near freezing. also students protesting security changes at philadelphia community college. now a professor is suspended. why her lawyer says her freedom of speech was violated. then police in one pennsylvania town pull over speeders allegedly cashing in. the loophole officers use to get money from drivers costing the state nearly 90s n$90,000.
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the national restaurant chain cosi is blaming pope francis for lower than expected third quarter profits. the pope's four-day visit to the east coast accounted for a 0.3% dip in sales in the third quarter. cosi joins doens of other businesses that saw their yearly projections lag due to the papal visit. the state of pennsylvania is
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out nearly $86,000 due to a disability parking scheme in wyoming county. according to an auditor general report the incidents originated in the borough of laceyville just north of scranton. the report alleges the police chief of laceyville would pull over drivers on state route 6 and cite them for speeding. he'd instruct them to request a hearing and plead guilty to the lesser charge of a disability parking violation. that would allow the borough to recoup 100% of the fines instead of splitting the money. also new at 11:00, suspended over free speech? a college professional says she's being punished for exercising her first amendment rights. >> the college says there's more to this story. nbcton's randy gyllenhaal reports. >> reporter: protesting outside the community college of
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philadelphia, this group of students are demanding their english professor get her job back after she was suspended without pay. >> we believe this is a retaliatory measure against her exercising her freedom of speech on campus. >> reporter: it all started last week when the college was under lockdown. you may remember there was a threat of a gunman on the loose. in the aftermath, the administration says they put new security measures in place. more police patrols and students must now show their i.d.s to get into buildings. that sparked protests. >> we recognize the police as an oppressive, racist institution. >> this speaks to the increasing militarization of the campus. >> reporter: professor nayir spoke at a rally against the increased police presence and was later suspended. >> only a few hours after our protest dispersed she found out that she was suspended without pay. >> reporter: the college says it has nothing to do with her politics. in a statement they said let's
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be clear. this is not a freedom of speech issue. the school claims she violated the terms of her contract and she had a disciplinary hearing today. >> i am still suspended, pending investigation. >> reporter: the professor declined an interview but thanked the protesters and led them in a chant. >> no justice -- >> no peace. >> take it to the streets. >> her attorney is appealing the school's decision. rand e gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. a landmark day on tap tomorrow at philadelphia international airport. the final usairways flight takes off as the airlines merger with earn nears completion. the flight will arrive in charlotte about two hours later and then off to phoenix and the final stop in san francisco and flight 1939 returns to philly saturday. but this time under the american airlines banner and with that the megamerger will be complete.
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flight 1939 is named for the year usairways went into business. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we have more 60-degree temperatures to end out the week. enjoy it because it's going to get colder this weekend. if you needed a light jacket today you might need one tomorrow and then you'll have to switch it out for a thicker one. a cold weekend in the forecast. temperatures in the 30s as we go into sunday and monday morning. our first frost and freeze of the season for parts of the area. right now we're cooling down. mid-40s for pottstown. mid-50s philadelphia. new jersey suburbs in the 40s. millville, 44. so it will be a cool start tomorrow morning again. daytime high temperatures, the average high 67. we're going to stay around that as we end out the week. look at the big weekend drop-off. temperatures saturday only topping off around 57 degrees.
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sunday only topping out around 54 degrees and waking up with temperatures in the 30s. look at these forecast high temperatures compared to the -- or low temperatures compared to the record lows. so for sunday going with a forecast of 37 degrees for the morning low. philadelphia area records 38. monday, 34 degrees for the morning low. record is 29. tuesday, still expecting in the upper 30s. record there 27. we have a stretch of cold air moving in. that's going to last into the beginning of next week. locally nice and dry. rain just up to our north and west. part of a cold front. this is the one bringing that coiled air in in time for your weekend. could see a couple of stray showers from this tomorrow. most of us will stay dry but we will be staying cool. staying in the 60s for your friday. cold front moves through. colder air mass moves in. that's going to drag down that colder air. by the morning hours, sunday and monday, we expect to be in the 30s. some of the coldest areas will
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be the lehigh valley. sunday morning, temperatures around freezing or below freezing. frost in this area is likely, and it's going to happen again as we go into monday morning. also some of our new jersey suburbs expect temperatures right around freezing into sunday morning. same thing into monday morning, too. partly cloudy and cool temperature around 50 for the low in philadelphia. 43 areas north and west. tomorrow, more clouds with the cold front moving in. slight chance of a stray shower. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. and then we drop off to the 50s saturday. saturday morning we'll still be in about the 40s for most of the area. by the afternoon, we will be around 57 degrees. sunday, mid-50s. and waking up to temperatures in the 30s. monday morning temperatures in the 30s. bundle the kids up at the bus stop. quite a change compared to this week and chilly for the eagles game monday night. by the middle of next week, we can warm back up. >> sheena, thank you. let the fantasy fallout
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begin. sites like draft kings and fan duel can't operate in the state without a gambling license. both sides have acknowledged their employees have played and won significant won on each other's sites. they comcast, the parent company of nbc universal and nbc sports are among the investors in fan duel. thank you, jacqueline. chip kelly got his start in the college raunnks. what does he think about returning there? and the qbs emerging leadership and why they took a little while to come to the surface. we'll be right back.
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your home for the most live sports. >> i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net. michael kendricks did not practice today. and nelson aguilar also missed practice with an ankle injury. chip kelly's oregon roots in the pac-12 have brought on all this speculation that he'd leave the league to go back to college now that the usc job is open following the firing of the head coach steve sarkisian. today kelly was asked about those rumors. >> i understand that. i came from college. i'm going to go back to college. i hope some day to be like coach coughlin and stay around long enough. i answered it the same way a year ago and my first year. it's an unfortunate part of the game. >> go back to college line was tongue and cheek? couldn't quite tell. bradford seems to find his roots against the saints.
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after the game, players talked about a meeting bradford held before the game started. signs of an emerging leader. >> anybody coming in new to an organization or a team, there's got to be, you have to establish yourself a little bit before you can start to say, hey, because anybody -- why is this guy telling me something to do. he just got here. >> people question my leadership because i'm quiet but they don't see what i do behind the scenes or the relationships i've built with those guys. i'm very comfortable stepping up and saying something when i feel it needs to be said. >> the giants enter the linc banged up. odell beckham jr. did not practice today. he injured his hamstring during the giants win over the 49ers on sunday. no word on his status for sunday. this week's high school blitz game of the week. oxford versus bishop shanahan won the vote. you can see that tomorrow night on the blitz on nbc 10 news at
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11:00. less than two weeks from the start of the nba season. the sixers will limp into the upcoming campaign. okafor will not play in the preseason game against the wizards tomorrow. he's been dealing with a sore knee that's kept him out of monday's game. the mets have beaten the dodgers in game five of the nlds and advance to face the cubs. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back. okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios? well fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. whatever speed you need, fios has it.
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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mary lee is back. the great white shark has returned to new jersey's coastline. they tagged mary lee three years ago. today the 60-foot 340-pound shark was near ocean city. she gained popularity in the spring. she spent most of the summer off the coast of florida, georgia and the carolinas. this saturday, join nbc 10 and telemundo 62 for a day of
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fun at the camden waterfront. come out between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for music, dance, arts and crafts and meet members of our on-air team. you'll also get a $4 discount on admission by using the promo code 4 ninos. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is up next. >> tom hanks is my guest tonight plus jessica chastain, music from pentatonix. >> i love hashtags. >> we love hashtags. >> tom looks excited. >> #fallon tonight always. >> getting cold. >> tomorrow will be cold. we'll stil be in the 60s. not too bad tomorrow. more clouds around. into the weekend, we're talking about 50s. look at that big drop from friday to saturday. 57 for the high saturday. 54 sunday. but the morning temperature, that's what we'redñ really payi close attention to in the 30s sunday morning, monday morning,
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tuesday morning and areas north and western lehigh valley will be the coldest and the new jersey suburbs. we expect frost and the first freeze of the season, too. >> you warned us. sheena, thanks. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us.
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