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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the new electronic nail care system from amopé. love every step. >> this morning we found an internet post that could provide a new clue after the murder of a psychiatrist in her home. police say a former patient obsessed stabbed the doctor. >> a live look outside where we have a cool start this morning. it's going to warm up some this afternoon but don't expect that to last much cooler weather is on the way for your weekend. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm chris cato. we made it. here we are. let's get it started. meteorologist bill henley is here with his first alert forecast. bill started his friday like three hours ago. >> we're going to see sunshine, it's a cool start, yes, but it's going to be a nice warm-up this afternoon.
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the temperatures will be climbing from the 40s and 50s. 45 right now in reading, trenton is at 49. 50 in wilmington. and 56 degrees at philadelphia international. the forecast hour by hour, sunshine, we will see bright sunshine today. 55 degrees at 9:00, by lunch time we'll be in the 60s. your hour by hour forecast when i come back. jessica boyington right now is watching traffic. jessica. >> and bill, we have an update for the vine street expressway closure and construction, reopened and we're about a half hour ahead of schedule. so it's good news there. vine street expressway cameras looking live around 24th street westbound, you can see cars traveling east and west but westbound here to the schuylkill expressway no problem. watch out for some cleanup and crew in the area. you want to be careful driving through the area. as for chestnut street bridge closed into penns landing. traffic is being diverted on
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front. the best bet is dock to race and back on to columbus boulevard and get by several other options to get to columbus as well. when i come back in the next 10 minutes we'll have more updates on construction. a new potential clue in the murder of a local doctor. a new castle county psychiatrist. katy zachry is live in the digital operations center this morning with more on what this post said. what did you find? >> if a person who did write the comment is the suspect, then he has some scathing words for his skik tryst. seen here christopher frick is in jail for murder. he showed up at the home of his former psychiatrist dr. ekong and stabbed her to death this week. dr. ekong worked at the rockford center. we found a review, smm posting adds calls it a prison, claiming to have said yes when a psychiatrist there asked if he
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ever had suicidal thoughts. i(no carrierringringconnect 570 >> two of the three suspects 570 accused of beating up a gay couple in center city will not spend a day in jail. one victim had a broken jaw and
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broken cheek bones, phillip williams and kevin harygan pleaded guilty in exchange they both get five years probation. they have to stay out of center city during that period and they have to do community service work for the lgbt community. the two say the attack was not motivated by the couple's sexual orientation. a third defendant refused the plea deal and will go to trial. a date has not been set. >> testimony is expected to wrap up for griffin campbell the contractor accused of murder in the deadly market street collapse. campbell took the stand on wednesday in his own defense. he told the jury he had no formal training as a demolition contractor and was basically told what to do by demolition architect. campbell claims he only demolished two small row homes prior to agreeing to demolish the market street buildings that
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eventually collapsed on a thrift store. that killed six people. >> 4:35. a bus driver could face years in prison after pleading guilty for his role in a fatal tour bus crash. he was behind the wheel when the bus overturned carrying 49 passengers and was headed back to new york after a sight seeing tour to d.c. he pleaded guilty three counts of operating a vehicle causing death. the 57-year-old faces a maximum of seven years in prison. the south philadelphia man charged with three counts of animal cruelty for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend's dog with a baseball bat. the spca says andrew wallace injured the dog's legs, also accused of assaulting the ex-girlfriend. >> out in full force to try to recruit new hires. the gloucester county job fair at rowan college from 9:00 to noon.
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it will feature 71 employers from around the area, some of the jobs include law enforcement, trade, health care and retail. work can stress you out sometimes. >> it can. there can be troublesome health consequences. new research finds that high stress jobs can put you at increased risk for a stroke. we'll run down some of the jobs that pose the most danger. >> and vaccine advance. the promising news about tests on ebola vaccine that so far is said to be 100% effective.
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>> you know how we're all talking about the cold weather coming, people near los angeles are dealing with flooding. >> heavy downpours caused flash flooding, stranded hundreds of drivers along a busy highway. take a look at this video we got in. wa water, mud and rocks. secondary roads were impassable. some were trapped in homes.
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officials say the mud might not be cleared away until later today. there are no reports of deaths or injuries, though, from this flooding. the storm brought hail to northern los angeles county. a woman shot this video from her home u. can see the hail piled up so much it almost looks like snow. >> they needed rain for the drought conditions in lcht a. but didn't want flooding rain. today we're seeing some showers in the pocono mountains but for philadelphia it's cloudy. you can see the clouds in this live view from here at the studios. temperatures 50s to start with. 53 at philadelphia. the wind is calm in northeast philadelphia. there is the rain moving through the pocono mountains, light showers from scranton north into new york. allentown you might see a sprinkle but likely to stay dry in philadelphia. most of the showers stay to the north. and the clouds will be moving
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out this afternoon. that will allow temperatures to warm into the 60s for fleetwood, pennsburg and morgantown, abington up to 66 and 67 in new hope. and at the shore, it will be 60s this afternoon. cape may, 66 degrees. up to 67 for millville and symrna 66. bright sunshine during the afternoon hours. the clouds will clear out. we'll warm to 68 degrees. a little breezy at times for wilmington and newark, both at 66 degrees today. the weekend, that's looking chillier. 50s for saturday and sunday. the real cold arrives sunday morning. the seven-day forecast details when i'm back in ten minutes. 20 minutes till 5:00. time to check the highways to see if there's any detour you may need to take. >> there is construction out there, jessica boyington is keeping an eye on that for us. what are you finding? >> on the roosevelt boulevard northeast philadelphia, north and southbound, the inner drive
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is currently closed between rhawn and wood ward. that's a good stretch to be closed but we're not dealing with a ton of volume in the area to watch out for that. but it's only out until 5:00 a.m. so another 20 minutes or so. watch for cleanup. if you are heading out the door in new jersey, 42 freeway, right around the new jersey turnpike northbound lanes heading to 295 or if you're heading to the walt whitman bridge, five minute as to that point. checking in with the rest of the bridges we're clear on all of them, tacony palmyra, the betsy, the ben is clear but watch for lane restrictions and construction into the city. it was a deadly air strike shocking because of where it happened. >> a u.s. plane bombed a hospital run by doctors without borders in afghanistan. you know that story. but now there is new information that suggests the crew of the gun ship knew what the target was and questioned the order that resulted in the deaths of
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doctors and patients. >> plus, he hasn't said he is running yet, but if joe biden does get into the presidential race, we now know what may be in his platform. we'll tell you what a top aide says about biden's top priorities. >> it's a great opportunity for me, i think it will benefit the community. >> santa's not talking about delivering christmas presents. he has a new gig in an alaskan town. a clue, he needed the support of the local voters to get it.
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your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine.
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tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. it's 4:44. happening today, israeli police say they will ban some muslim men from entering a holy site in jerusalem because of the violence in the area. police say men younger than 40 will be barred from the mosque compound. there are no restrictions for women. israeli officials say this is a new measure to ensure calm in the area adding that younger palestinian men have been involved in the recent violence.
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the european union offered financial aid to turkey if that country will help stem the flow of migrants into europe. turkey would have to improve the lives of the syrian refugees and encourage them to stay in turkey. in exchange turkey could then get more than $3.4 billion in aid. eu leaders agreed to coordinate border control to slow the influx of migrants crossing turkey. to a major change in strategy from the commander in chief. american troops will stay on the ground in afghanistan longer than the president's original deadline. president obama made the announcement yesterday morning. the new plan calls for 5500 troops to remain in afghanistan when the president leaves office in early 2017. the shift retreats from his original promise to end war there during his tenure. the president called the security situation in afghanistan still very fragile and said in some cases there are risks of deterioration. >> this modest but meaningful extension of our presence, while
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sticking to our current narrow missions, can make a real difference. it's the right thing to do. >> president obama says the afghan military has made gains but it is still not as strong as it needs to be. a new report says american special operations analysts knew a target was a hospital. the associated press says officials suspected the hospital was used by a pakistani operative to coordinate taliban activity. doctors without borders says the facility was not being used for military purposes. >> 4:46. on to decision 2016. republican presidential hopeful marco rubio brought his campaign to king of prussia yesterday. the florida senator was in town to speak at an event. rubio and others are trailing donald trump in the polls. he says his campaign is prepared for a long fight.
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meantime, trump says though he is funding his own campaign, that doesn't stop people from sending in unsolicited donations. federal campaign documents show he raised nearly $4 million in the past three months, his campaign says it received 74,000 unsolicited donations. the average contribution a little more than $50. trump has personally spent about $2 million since launching his campaign. >> hillary clinton is seeking support from latino americans in texas. clinton received a key endorsement in the lone star state yesterday, h.u.d. secretary and former mayor julian castro backed her. clinton said she would consider castro as a running mate if she wins the democratic nomination. >> and we're getting a hint about what vice president joe biden's presidential campaign would be like if he decides to run. long time biden adviser ted kaufman says he would run as an optimistic and unscripted
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campaign running it from the heart. that's according to an e-mail obtained by the associated press that kauffman sent to biden supporters. he says a main theme of biden's campaign would be restoring middle class opportunities. >> attorneys for former house speaker dennis hastert said they reached a plea agreement. hastert will plead guilty charges accusing him of lying to the fbi about bank withdrawals of $3.5 million. he allegedly used that money to pay a man to keep quiet about decades old sex abuse allegations. hastert is expected to appear in court on october 28 to enter that plea. oscar pistorius will leave a south african prison and move to house arrest next week. the olympic runner shot and killed his girlfriend in 2013. he served nearly a year of his 5-year sentence for manslaughter. pistorius maintains he thought steenkamp was an intruder and killed her by mistake.
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prosecutors say she shot her after an argument and they will again seek a murder conviction next month. >> lamar odom remains unconscious two days after he was found passed out. sources close to odom tell our sister ned work that doctors are treating the situation as a drug overdose. odom is breathing with a ventilator. he suffered brain damage from at least one stroke. support is pouring in from former teammates and fans, the hash tag prayers for lamar is trending on social media. >> you may be glad that it's friday but does your job have you stressed out? a study finds your high stress position could increase your risk of a stroke. researchers in china looked at thousands of workers in four countries including the u.s. they found people with high stress jobs were 22% more likely to have a stroke than those in low stress jobs. researchers found the risk was even higher in women.
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they say jobs that cause the most stress were demanding but offered little personal control like nursing aides, restaurant workers and other service jobs. researchers in spain are testing ebola vaccine on 40 volunteers including a doctor. the promising vaccine has been report bid the world health organization to be 100% effective in other early tests. these 40 volunteers are all health workers and the same vaccine is being tested simultaneously in the united states. 4:50. flu shot time. you can get that today in south jersey. camden county is holding a clinic at the collingswood senior center from 11:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon. you can also get a free flu shot in delaware count i today, medical professionals will give those at the haverford area ymca on north eagle road. the walk-in clinic runs from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
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nine minutes before 5:00. we've got clouds moving through the area. i'm tracking some showers. the showers are not likely to reach boathouse row. right now the pocono mountains seeing some rain, mount pocono reporting cloudy skies and 49 degrees. in the 50s for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city. warm to the 60s this afternoon. live view of beach avenue from the marquis de lafayette hotel. likely to stay dry at the shore and in the 60s later today. but it's going to get chillier this weekend. you see the clouds we're starting with, see them at the shore. a few breaks in the clouds for northern and western suburbs but this line of clouds will need to get through before we see sunshine this afternoon. as far as rain is concerned, there is not much here. you see light showers in york and lancaster counties into berks county. light rain showers are a possibility for reading, but really most of the activity is staying farther to the north, pottsville has seen raindrop,
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hazelton has light rain in the area. and wright has a little bit of light rain. the future weather shows showers moving out, and look at the sunshine for philadelphia. that's at 9:00 this morning. as we go into the late morning and afternoon hours, our skies mostly clear. we could see scattered clouds at 3:00 but no showers with those clouds. today, 60s. becoming sunny, a little breezy, winds up to 16 miles an hour. then the wind increases into the weekend, and the temperatures decrease. 57 the high, that's after a morning low of 44 on saturday and look at the cold for sunday and monday mornings. 36 degrees to start with on sunday. 33 on monday. both days we'll top out at 54 in the afternoon. this time of year we should be in the upper 60s. and we'll be back in the 60s on tuesday and look at this, we've got 70s wednesday and thursday. >> there you go. >> that's a nice breather. >> getting back to where we want
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to be. some of us want to be. 4:52. if you need to get to where you need to be let's see how you may get there. >> jessica has her eye on 295. >> we're in mount holly where it's smooth sailing for our cameras at 5:41. but some construction cleaning up in the area on 295 and the the southbound side between this point at 5:41 and willingboro until about 5:00 a.m. watch for crews if you're heading out the door. and we're going to move over on 95 throughout delaware, we can see our fly here moving along nicely. northbound or southbound no problems from 295 to 495. a 10-minute trip there. and once you're in delaware you are heading into new jersey on the delaware memorial bridge watch for construction between route 9 and new castle avenue. mid span of the bridge the left lane is closed heading into new jersey. today is the swan song for u.s. airways, the airline will bow out of commercial aviation with its final flight leaving from philadelphia later this morning. coming up in minutes, we'll have more on the merger that led to
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this day. with the sea goggles included the champagne flowed as the new york mets advance to their first national league series since 2006. the celebration and the highlights next.
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>> atlantic city casinos hit it big in september. the eight casinos won a little more than $230 million from gamblers last month. that's an 11% jump from a year ago. officials credit a healthy labor day weekend and a lucky month, lucky for them at the table games for the bump in winnings. >> work is under way now on a multi-million-dollar sea wall to protect the northern end of atlantic city. we told you this was coming yesterday. a $32 million project will put a sea wall along the inlet. officials say it will provide protection during storms. the project will also restore
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atlantic city's boardwalk. it had been condemned, at least that northern section was before superstorm sandy further damaged it three years ago. >> the fantasy fallout continues. another state is now investigating daily sites like fanduel and draft kings. nevada regulators say those sites cannot operate in the state without a gambling license. both sites have acknowledged that their employees have played and won significant money on each other's sites. they recently banned their employees from playing until the industry develops a more detailed policy. comcast the parent company of nbc universal and nbc sports are among the investors in fanduel. >> it's like we dialed back the clock to the 1980s. unlikely matchup in the national league championship series t new york mets taking on the chicago cubs. >> and he struck him out. and the new york mets have won the series. >> playoff baseball keeps on
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rolling in the big apple. the mets advance to their first nlcs since 2006 and will face the cubs beginning saturday in queens. just like all year long, new york relied on pitching to come up big and it did. it was a pitcher's duel in los angeles as they faced the dodgers. a close one all the way until the end but the mets won 3-2, thanks to the strong bull pen. >> happening today, do you have what it takes to be a phillies ball girl? the team is holding try-outs for the remaining spots for the season. the local college students trying out will be showcasing their softball skills at citizens bank park today between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. >> with the holidays approaching you would think santa would be busy. >> but apparently he is a good multitasker. santa took on another job. >> it's a great opportunity for me. >> okay, so it's not the gift giving. this man's snam actually santa
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claus. his legal name is santa claus. did you hear me say that. he won a seat on the city council in north pole, alaska. his platform involves promoting responsible growth and opportunities for children. he will be sworn in on monday. >> almost not fair. for anyone running against him. >> apparently he locked down the elf vote. >> i would hate to run against santa claus. >> you are watching "nbc 10 news." there are new clues in the murder of a local doctor. police suspect a former patient of hers killed her and now they may know why. >> u.s. airways will make its final flight from philadelphia international airport today. we'll tell you how it could impact your holiday travel plans. >> should be a nice weekend for travel as we take a live look outside at the comcast center.
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55 degrees, breezy this morning. we'll hit the 60s again today. but enjoy it while it lasts. got a cold weekend on the way. may be our first frost of the weekend. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm lauren mayk. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. all of the details on how heavy of a coat do you need for today and the weekend? >> you know, if you needed one yesterday you need one today. some areas will need an umbrella. radar is showing light showers that are moving into the area. those showers are going to be swinging through this morning, and then long gone this afternoon. it's dry in philadelphia. we are watching some light rain move into lehigh and berks counties and farther to the south lancaster is getting light showers. these could swing into chester county. there is a slight chance we'll see a sprinkle this morning in philadelphia. otherwise the skies will be clearing. the clouds will start with sunshine takes over at 10:00. 58 degrees and we'll be


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