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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 16, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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55 degrees, breezy this morning. we'll hit the 60s again today. but enjoy it while it lasts. got a cold weekend on the way. may be our first frost of the weekend. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm lauren mayk. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. all of the details on how heavy of a coat do you need for today and the weekend? >> you know, if you needed one yesterday you need one today. some areas will need an umbrella. radar is showing light showers that are moving into the area. those showers are going to be swinging through this morning, and then long gone this afternoon. it's dry in philadelphia. we are watching some light rain move into lehigh and berks counties and farther to the south lancaster is getting light showers. these could swing into chester county. there is a slight chance we'll see a sprinkle this morning in philadelphia. otherwise the skies will be clearing. the clouds will start with sunshine takes over at 10:00. 58 degrees and we'll be in the 60s this afternoon. your neighborhood by
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neighborhood forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington right now is tracking your friday morning traffic. >> and a few updates for you heading out the door with ongoing construction. northeast philadelphia, it has a thumbs up sign for chris. he likes my graphics. between the boulevard and northbound and southbound the inner drive closed between rhawn and woodward street. watch out for crew in the area. and if you're heading out the door on the schuylkill expressway, right around spring garden that construction, we did have here on that left-hand lane, just picked up and moved it. average speeds of about 61 miles per hour. if you're in new jersey, until 6:00 a.m. watch for construction on route 38 eastbound between 295 and haines port mount laurel road. >> we have new information this morning in the case of a murdered doctor in delaware. >> university of delaware student who police describe as obsessed faces murder charges in
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the stabbing death of the psychiatrist. and internet post from 10 months ago actually may provide a possible motive. that social media post was signed by christopher frick, the same name as the man police say confessed to the crime. the post complained about the murder victim and the institution where she worked. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in the digital operations center with the latest on this investigation. good morning. >> reading that post uf realize how angry the writer was toward the doctor who is now dead and the facility where she worked. we'll get more on that. first, christopher frick, a senior at the university of delaware, is now in jail charged with murdering his former psychiatrist, dr. caroline ekong at her home this week. investigators say he was obsessed with dr. ekong, they do not believe that she was aware of her former patient's obsession for her. we did speak to frick's classmates on campus who say they are stunned. >> pretty astonishing someone
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from here would just like go off like and do that to something it's pretty traumatic. >> startling online post you saw there, directed at the murdered doctor written by a christophkc frick. >> it's a crime that sounds like something out of a movie. theevgs plundered a jewelry store by tunnelling in through a neighboring business's wall. when young kim went into his dry-cleaning business yesterday he found this gaping hole in his bathroom wall where police say thieves created a tunnel to get into the time and gold jewelry store on 19th street. the burglars stole jewels and cash from the dry-cleaner. the register says that some customers' clothes were damaged. >> had to clean again all of my clothes again. a week to clean all their things. >> detectives say they are working on getting surveillance
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video in hopes of making an arrest. >> happening today at philadelphia international airport, a major airline will fly into history. the final u.s. airways flight will take off as the company's merger with american airlines nears completion. flight 1939 will depart from philadelphia at 10:05 a.m. this morning. that's named after the year the airline was founded. it will head to charlotte and then phoenix before making a final stop in san francisco. it returns to philadelphia on saturday but by that time it will be flying under a different name, under the american airlines banner. some folks at pittsburgh are upset that the plane is not coming through their city. u.s. airways was formed in pittsburgh as all american aviation. a janitor strike that would have impacted dozens of buildings in philadelphia has now been averted. the union reached a tentative agreement yesterday. the 2800 custodial workers cleaned about 170 buildings throughout the city. they threatened to walk off the job if there wasn't a new
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agreement before their contract expired at midnight. pennsylvanians who buy individual health insurance plans can expect to pay more next year. in some cases a lot more. premiums for some plans will rise more than 20%. analysts say some of the plans may be attracting a higher portion of heavy users who were previously uninsured. while open enrollment for the 2016 insurance year begins on november 1. >> 5:05. opening statements are scheduled to happen today in the federal tax and bank fraud trial of chaka fattah jr. he denied the charges. he is representing himself in court and says prosecutors unfairly targeted him. and he also says the government's case is weak and he is eager to prove it. >> in the next few weeks you know, the details regarding these issues will become clear. you know, it will you know, something that i think, you know, people need to know is i
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wouldn't do anything wrong to philadelphia school district. >> fattah jr. faces jail time and a fine up to $13 million. his father congressman chaka fattah sr. is charged in a different case, his trial isn't scheduled until next spring. here are more details on the charges he is facing. according to the indictment fattah sr. misused congressional influence and accused of accepting a secret loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist. he has denied all of those charges. he is married to nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah. she is referenced in the criminal complaint against her husband, she is labeled as person e and affiliate of the fattah enterprise. the feds allege that she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged with a crime and denies wrong doing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. investigators hope
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toxicology reports will give them clues in the mysterious death of a 3-year-old camden county boy. the initial autopsy on brendan creato was inconclusive meaning it covered no definitive cause of his death. police found brendan's body on tuesday morn on the banks of the river in haddon township about a half mile from his home. three hours earlier his father called 911 to report him missing. sources tell nbc 10 detectives believe the boy's body was placed where it was found. investigators say toxicology reports can often take as long as 30 days. in this case the state lab may fast track them. this morning we are still waiting to learn the name of a worker who died when a tree fell on him in chester county. sky force 10 was over the scene around 5:30 yesterday on reading furnace road in elverson. a tree trimming crew was working when the tree topped, killing the man.
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no word on what went wrong. new this morning, philadelphia police want you to look at this picture here. they need help finding this woman. 75-year-old joyce laury suffers from alzheimer's, dementia and schizophrenia. she was last seen yesterday at 5:00 after she left her home near second and church street in old city. if you think you may know where she is, call police. emergency road work continues this morning in old city. crews are working to repair a crack in a column beneath the chestnut street bridge. take a look at video of that cracked column. penn dot noticed it back in april. they were going to begin repairs next week but a pedestrian spotted the damaged column on wednesday, they thought maybe the crack had grown in size so police closed off the intersection of chestnut and front street to be safe. drivers have to detour but pedestrians can still walk over
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the bridge. >> they should fix it completely fix it, not patch it up. fix it. because that's dangerous. >> we find a bridge or aspect of a bridge that we find to be potentially unsafe, we don't hesitate to close the structure. >> the repair will cost about $80,000 and that comes out of penn dot's budget. happening today, the grand opening of a new high school building and campus at tacony academy charter school in philadelphia. the school began as k-4 but it has grown over seven years to k-12. the ribbon cutting at 10:00 a.m. today. also today in philadelphia, thousands of students and their parents are expected to take part in the philly high school fair. event lets them connect with more than 100 public, private, charter and catholic high schools. it will be held from 3 to 7:00 p.m. at the pennsylvania c
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convention center. 10 minutes after 5:00. we're starting to see clouds move into the area and i'm tracking some showers. most of the showers are in the north in the pocono mountains but we're seeing some in some of the western suburbs too. skies will be clearing, we'll see sunshine today. and the wind picking up today will make for a colder weekend. we'll see winds increase on saturday and the temperatures will stay much below normal for this time of year. 44 right now in doylestown, philadelphia some scattered clouds at 54 and it's 59 right now in millville. dry at the shore, a little bit of traffic there. not much. we'll see sunshine, bright sunshine this afternoon. it will warm into the 60s at the shore. this is the shower activity that is coming in because of a cold front that will drop the temperatures for saturday and sunday. but right now it's rain that's dropping from the clouds. allentown starting to see a few raindrops, they could make it into philadelphia, might see a sprinkle but not a lot of
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rainfall here. and it won't last. the skies will be clearing, 54 for the pocono mountains. middle 60s for allentown and quakertown. and sunshine this afternoon we're looking at 60s for doylestown, norristown and mount holly at the shore. mainly dry. and 67 for atlantic city. up to 67 also for rehobeth and dover and you'll see clouds this morning to start with in wilmington and williamstown, then bright sunshine into the afternoon. 68 this afternoon for philadelphia. 60s today but gets chillier this weekend. i've got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> people haven't turned on the heat yet this season, then this may be your weekend for that. >> this is the time. >> may want to do that. stand by. >> let's head out on the roads. and pennsylvania turnpike drivers this is for you. >> yes. we're watching an incident on the p.a. turnpike where we have a tractor-trailer fire, the tires actually caught fire and causing some problems in the p.a. turnpike westbound between
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valley forge and route 29. if you're heading out the door we're going to check with drive times. westbound route 1 to valley forge, 23 minutes there. 22 minutes eastbound from valley forge to route 1. heading out the door on the blue route it's okay around the germantown pike. you can see cars moving nicely with no lane restrictions and mass transit running on time with no delays, for new jersey transit, patco, dart and septa. >> still ahead, a construction site becomes a crime scene. construction workers discover what they think is a halloween decoration, but what they found much more disturbing. plus, a fight for free speech at a college. how the black lives matter movement got one professor suspended.
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>> >> a grisly discovery in ohio leads to a murder charge. contractors found what they at first thought was a halloween decoration. then they realized it was a woman's body when they tried to move it. police found an i.d. card and were able to identify the woman. a man is now in custody charged with murder. neighbors say they are worried for their children. >> please help, do something. we've got kids out here that play. seeing that this morning, no kid should have to see that. none. and now we have to pretend it was something else. >> police have identified the victim as a 31-year-old woman, a
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27-year-old man is accused of killing her. >> a father charged with beating his son to death at a church in new york is expected in court today. >>bruce leonard and his wife they are charged with first-degree manslaughter. police say a counseling session with their 19-year-old son lucas turned physical. he died. his 17-year-old brother was also beaten and remains in the hospital. three other members of the church were arrested. >> the u.s. air man hailed as a hero helping to stop a terrorist attack on a french train has been released from the hospital after he was stabbed outside a nightclub. spencer stone was stabbed during an argument with two men. the incident was not related to terrorism or what transpired in paris. no arrests have been made in that case. 5:16. suspended over free speech. a college professor says she punished for e sizing her first
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amendment right. she is a professor at the community college of philadelphia. she says she was suspended for speaking out against increased police presence on campus. now that came after administrators added new security measures following threats of a gunman on campus. students and staff protested the new measures which include more police patrols and students having to show i.d. when they enter a building. the school says this isn't a freedom of speech issue, that she violated her contract. the protesters say otherwise. >> only a few hours after our protest dispersed that she found out that she was suspended without pay. we recognize the police as oppressive racist institution. >> i think this speaks to the increasing militarization of the campus. >> she will remain suspended while the school investigates. >> a house bill will require universal background checks for any one who buys a gun in pennsylvania. supporters held a rally yesterday. the legislation would rir all firearms including private sales
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be before a licensed dealer or a county sheriff. during the purchase authorities would check out the buyer's criminal background and would check information about whether the buyer had ever involuntarily been committed to a mental health facility. >> i think there is more control over vehicles than guns. so i mean, there is a lot of issues we need to look at. >> all of the poll shows that nearly 90% of all pennsylvanians, gun owners and non-gun owners alike, support universal background checks. it's the legislature, frankly, out of step with the people of pennsylvania. >> the bill was introduced in 2013 but lawmakers voted it down. >> a town in south jersey is trying to put the brakes on drunk driving. it'sics spanneding a service that leaders say is saving lives. this builds on a pilot program that started last december called don't take the risk. eve sham township is teaming up with uber and be my designated driver to provide safe rides to people who are drunk.
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here is how it works. an evesham resident at the township's 19 bars and restaurants can get a free ride simply by installing the app on their smart phone. >> protect our children, first of all they shouldn't be driving when they are drink. >> the program doesn't use any taxpayer money, instead, businesses and some anonymous donors donated money to pay for the free rides. if you are not an evesham resident the program will get you home safe for full price. it's about 20 minutes after 5:00 and time to check the roads before you head out on your friday morning. >> friday morning traffic. nobody wants that, right. >> fridays are less, the lightest amount of traffic that you see throughout the week. tuesdays for example are the busiest. but that's just a little side note i noticed from my traffic experiences. tuesday is the busiest, friday the lightest. for construction we see that
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every day, that's in center city now, 19th street south, closed between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. they have signs in the area and detours for you. take those, you'll be fine. down the p.a. turnpike a tractor-trailer fire where tires actually caught fire on this tractor-trailer now. it's pushed on the right-hand side. westbound between valley forge and route 29. drive times still okay if you are westbound, or eastbound. on the schuylkill expressway montgomery drive, it's smooth sailing so far, all lanes moving along nicely. road work picked up early eastbound from the blue to the vine, 12 minutes into the center city area. >> jessica says light traffic. i have light showers i'm tracking in the area. they haven't reached philadelphia yet. a chance this we'll see scattered light showers. in fact, right now our skies are mostly clear.
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54 degrees in philadelphia. a light southwest wind. that's a change in the direction from yesterday. that's going to allow for a nice warm-up this afternoon. don't expect that this weekend. the temperatures will be going the other direction. this is a live view looking camelback in the pocono mountains where the rainfall is steadiest. you see the clouds that are across south jersey, it's thicker north and west. that's where the rain is moving through the area. you see the back edge of these clouds. it's not going to be an all day rain or cloud cover. the clouds will swing through moving at a pretty good clip. light showers extend from lancaster into the pocono mountains. look how quickly they clear out. lots of sunshine, a few scattered clouds and showers will stay in western pennsylvania this afternoon. you can expect more showers heading into tomorrow morning. we will be chilly, but look at western pennsylvania, that's rain and snow showers. that colder air, that will be moving in for our sunday morning. for today, 60s this afternoon.
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that's typical for this time of year. clouds to start, then sunny and breezy today. gusty winds tomorrow. we'll limit the temperature to 57 in the afternoon after a morning loy w of 44. turning colder for sunday. 30s sunday morning, 36 degrees, 54 in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine on monday and we'll need it because monday morning will be colder. 33 degrees to start with, and then warming to 54 degrees. another chilly start on tuesday but a warm-up tuesday afternoon. wednesday and thursday the 70s. >> perfect cold weather for an eagles victory over the giants. thank you for that, bill. still ahead if your retirement plan is based on winning a fortune in fantasy football, hold on a minute. nevada regulators say websites like draftkings and fan duel cannot operate without a gambling license. we'll tell you what that means for your teams coming up. and a popular kids snack is recalled. what parents really should know this morning before you pack
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your kids' lunch.
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listen up before i pack your kids lunch. there is a recall on a snack popular among parents, go go squeeze is recalling some applesauce pouchs, production issues could cause mold to form in the pouchs. yuck. it has best buy dates between june 30 and july 26, 2016. the company says the mold poses no health risk but it can cause
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the apple sasauce to have an unpleasant look for taste. >> nevada ruling could change how fantasy sports websites and apps are regulated. land dou landon dowdy is here. good morning. >> hey there. good morning to you. fantasy sports sites ordered to shut down in nevada because they may be violating the law. "the wall street journal" cited a notice. it affects draft kings and fan duel under fire for flooding the market with internet apps without a nevada gambling license, representatives weren't available for comment. back over to you. >> thanks for that. chilly start this morning. our skies have clouds in the area. and some showers too. but we're not seeing them at the
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shore. a view of beach avenue, 59 degrees in cape may. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> we're looking live at route 202 around the schuylkill expressway. no problems or restrictions. it's smooth sailing. we'll check with the p.a. turnpike coming up.
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we're following breaking news in northeast philadelphia this morning. a walmart worker is stabbed on the job. we're live on the scene coming up. >> there are new clues now in the murder of a local doctor, police suspect a former patient obsessed with her killed her. and now they may know why. >> and we're in store for a sunny but breezy day today. temperatures in the 60s. so, what's happening this weekend? the answer just ahead in your nbc 10 first alert forecast. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm chris cato. what's happening this weekend you're going to say where did i put my big coat? >> cold out. >> and a big bed spread for the bed. meteorologist bill henley is here with his morning forecast. it's not too bad this morning. >> you can repurpose that blanket during the day, chris. you need it over the weekend. there is a cold front on the way and will bring us cold for the weekend. it's producing some


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