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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a man is still on the loose after attacking an employee and getting away with a tv. >> there may be a new clue in the murder of a psychiatrist. what was published online that police say may show what motivated her accused killer and former client. >> burglars pulled off a heist in rittenhouse square that played out like a movie. they tunnelled in from a neighboring business. >> and it is going to be a picture perfect fall day. in the next 48 hours it's going to get a little colder. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm chris cato. it's friday. if you haven't turned the heat on you'll be doing so this weekend probably. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with your forecast. not so bad right now. >> no. a few showers that are racing through the area. they are not going to last long. some scattered light showers in the pocono mountains and now in portions of montgomery county and in bucks county, milford
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seeing light rainfall there. the showers will be moving out and then we will see sunshine. and warming into the 60s this afternoon. that will not be happening over the weekend. you can see showers that are moving to the east, almost 50 miles an hour, in the norristown area now, so you might see a sprinkle to start with. and then it is drying out for the rest of the day. sunshine will take over and warm temperatures from the 40s and 50s into the 60s. 49 now in wilmington, trenton also at 49 and 48 in mount holly. while philadelphia international is 54. plenty of 40s northwest. sunshine takes over at 8:00. 11:00, 61, and 65 at 2:00 this afternoon. make a mental note of the temperatures because they are going to be much chillier this weekend. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. it's a friday, let's get a check of traffic. >> we are still watching the schuylkill expressway, these are
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our cameras from passayunk avenue where we have an accident. right in here this is the schuylkill expressway westbound here. right in here we're looking at on this accident scene is the 26th street on ramp. so this isn't directly affecting the traffic on the schuylkill right now. but as they start to merge together in rush hour, if this is still here and not cleaned up we're going to see delays. for now watch out if you get off the 2 siktth street on ramp. you'll see delays. we have police activity on the scene directing traffic around that and it's to the left side. traffic squeezing by to the right. watch out for construction being cleaned up about this time. supposed to clear about 6:00 a.m. on 38 eastbound in new jersey between 295 and hainesport mount laurel road. watch out for a crew in the area. we're following breaking news in northeast philadelphia this morning. a walmart employee is attacked by a shoplifter. monique braxton is live in
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northeast philadelphia. what happened here? >> reporter: police tell us this is the man they want you to help them find. they believe he stabbed a 35-year-old cashier here inside this 24-hour walmart at philadelphia mills. police tell us that it all unfolded about 1:30 this morning. the shopper now a suspect had a 48-inch flat screen tv and two pairs of boots and was on the way out of the store when he was confronted by the cashier, he presented an old $10 receipt. the cashier attempted to stop him and was stabbed. here's what the captain on duty told us. >> when confronted about this worthless receipt, this male said i'm going to kill you, and then he pulled out a folding knife and lunged it toward the chest of the cashier. the cashier blocked that lunge of the knife with his right arm and was stabbed in the right
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arm. >> reporter: police also tell us a customer here in the parking lot attempted to block the now shoplifter's car. the shopper fled with the flat screen in a light colored hatch back toyota prius or similar car. the walmart employee was treated here at the scene by paramedics and was back to work. police also tell us at that time there were 30 employees and about 20 shoppers inside the store. they say they are quite concerned about this kind of activity as the holiday season approaches. we'll have more on that for you within the next half hour. live now at philadelphia mills, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." an internet posting may provide clues to a motive in the murder of a new castle county psychiatrist. police say the suspect is a college student who they describe as an obsessed former patient of the doctor. katy zachry is live in our digital operations center with more on this stunning crime.
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>> chris, reading the post you realize how angry the author was toshd the doctor who is now dead and where she worked. more on that in a minute. christopher frick, this guy, a senior at the university of delaware, is in jail this morning charged with murdering his former psychiatrist, dr. caroline ekong at her home this week. investigators say he was obsessed with her, they do not believe dr. ekong was aware of the obsession, we spoke to frick's classmates on the campus of the university of delaware who say they are stunned. >> pretty astonishing someone from here would just like go off like and do that. pretty traumatic. >> the rockford center, someone with the same name as the suspect calls it a prison, claiming to have said yes when a psychiatrist asked if he ever had suicidal thoughts. that person goes on to blame caroline ekong for his quote imprisonment. new castle county police will not confirm for us that
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christopher frick wrote that but tell us it is in keeping with evidence they found at frick's parents house which leads police to believe that he was obsessed with his doctor. a heist that sounds straight out of a movie. thieves plundered a jewelry store after tunneling in from a nearby business. when young kim walked into his dry-cleaning business yesterday he found a gaping hole in the wall of a bathroom. that's where police say thieves created a makeshift tunnel into the jewelry store on 19th street. the burglars stole jewels from a safe and $100 from the dry-cleaner's cash register. the owner says some customers' clothes were damaged in the process. >> had to clean again all my clothes again. so take me about week to clean all their things. >> detectives say they are working on getting surveillance video in hopes of making an arrest. >> this morning we're still waiting to learn the name of a worker who died when a tree fell
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on him in chester county. sky force 10 was over the scene yesterday on reading furnace road in elverson. a tree trimming crew was working when the tree toppled, killing the man. no word on what went wrong. >> investigators are hoping toxicology reports will give them clues into the mysterious death of that 3-year-old camden county boy. the initial autopsy for brendan creato was inconclusive meaning that it offered no definitive cause of death. police found brendan's body tuesday on the banks of the cooper river about a half mile from his home. three hours earlier his father had called 911 to report him missing. and sources tell nbc 10 that detectives believe the boy's body was placed where it was found. investigators say toxicology results can often take as long as 30 days but in this case the state lab may fast track them. opening statements are scheduled for today in the federal tax and bank fraud trial
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of chaka fattah jr. accused of misusing loans to pay for personal expenses. he denies the charges. the 33-year-old who is representing himself says prosecutors unfairly targeted him. adding the government's case is weak and he's eager to prove it. >> in the next few weeks the details regarding these issues will become clear. you know, it will you know, something that i think you know people need to know is that you know i wouldn't do anything wrong really to the philadelphia school district. >> he faces jail time and a fine up to $13 million. >> his father congressman chaka fattah is charged in a different case, his trial not scheduled until next spring. more details, according to an indictment fattah sr. misused his influence, stole taxpayer money and donations and accused of accepting a secret million dollar campaign loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador.
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he has denied all of those charges. congressman fattah is married to "nbc 10 news" renee chenault-fattah. she is renked in the criminal complaint against her husband labeled as person e and affiliate of the fattah enterprise. the feds allege that she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged with a crime and denies wrong doing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. nine minutes after 6:00. i'm tracking scattered light showers, they are fast movers, they are going to be out of here and we'll get sunshine and a breezy day ahead. that wind will turn things colder for the weekend, both saturday and sunday but sunday morning that we could see near record cold. the record is 32 degrees, we'll be at 36 degrees. colder on monday, 33, that is just 4 degrees above the record of 29. and we'll be in the 30s again on
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tuesday. this morning 40s and 50s, clouds, dry in philadelphia. the showers missing the city, falling apart. they are not going to last long. so, the temperatures, the sunshine will be climbing. in the 40s and 50s now. 54 at philadelphia international. trenton and wilmington both at 49 degrees. but 60s this afternoon. so a fairly typical fall day. sunshine, 55 in the pocono mountains, 65 in allentown, quakertown 64 this afternoon. bright sunshine for doylestown, trenton and mount holly. sunny from atlantic city to rehobeth. a warm up to 68 in philadelphia and close to that for wilmington and williamstown. a turn for the cold over the weekend, seven-day forecast when i come back in ten. we consider ourselves warned. ten minutes after 6 now. you may need a warning before you head out the door if you are taking certain routes to work. >> jessica, i think you're
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checking out the schuylkill. what do drivers have in store? >> we're watching an accident scene, these are our cameras right around passayunk avenue. but the accident scene is on the 26th street on ramp just before that. you can see right in here a lot of police activity, lights in the area. just before the cars merge to the schuylkill expressway westbound. so watch out for that if you head down 26th on ramp. gaper delay also on the schuylkill westbound. a recall could pose a problem for parents packing school lunches this morning. ahead the popular children's snack that some stores are pulling off shelves. >> a security change after a threat of a gunman on the loose sparks outrage by some and gets a professor suspended. next why the english professor says she is being punished.
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>> we're following breaking news out of north philadelphia. a wild story that began with a woman's abduction led to a shooting and a police chase. nbc 10's matt delucia is above the scene now in sky force 10. >> reporter: chris, this is where it ended. let's give you a look at the scene. a car that crashed into a wall here. this is 2500 block of college avenue. here's what we know. this is how it started. police tell us that a man took two men by gun point over at 38th and cambridge streets, makes them direct him to the child's mother. now they then drove to the 2500 block of cecil b. moore where the woman was, gun shots fired at that scene. the woman we're told was abducted. the driver took that woman here to the 2500 block of college avenue where you see crashed into a building. that man then flees the vehicle,
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which quickly apprehended by police a short time later. we're told that the woman did suffer some minor injuries as a result of an assault. she was treated by medics on the scene but taken to the hospital where she is in stable condition we're told. right now we're still trying to get information as to who fired those gun shots, so this is all still under investigation right now but you see a crime scene out here, this is close to girard college in this general area. police are still out here at the scene. we'll stay on top of this. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." a recall to tell you about this morning. this is on a snack that is popular among busy parents. go go squeeze is voluntarily recalling some of its applesauce pouchs. production issues could cause mold to form in those pouchs. the applesauce has best buy dates between june 300, 2016 and july 26, 2016. the company says the mold doesn't pose a health risk but
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can cause the sauce to have an unpleasant look or taste. >> a janitor trike that would have impacted dozens of buildings in philadelphia has been averted. the union reached a tentative agreement. the 2800 custodial workers clean about 170 buildings throughout the city. they threatened to walk off the job if the there wasn't a new agreement before their contract expired at midnight. >> 6:17. suspended over free speech. a college professor says she is being punished for exercising her first amendment rights. divya nair is a professor at the college of philadelphia. she says she was suspended for speaking out about increased police presence after administrators added new security measures. students and staff protested the new measures which include more police patrols and students showing i.d. when they enter a building. the school says that this was not a freedom of speech issue, that nair violated her contract. the protesters don't agree.
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>> only a few hours after our protest dispersed that she found out she was suspended without pay. >> we recognize the police as oppressive racist institution. >> i think this speaks to the increasing militarization of the campus. >> nair will remain suspended while the school investigates. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. a couple of issues on the roads. we'll see how things are developing. >> that chestnut street bridge we're watching for two days, what's going on there? >> still dealing with the same closures. i wanted to update anyone. chestnut is closed at front street for that work on the chestnut street bridge. traffic is currently diverted on front street north and southbound the best bet for an alternate to get around. take dock to race and back to columbus or take spruce to plymouth boulevard. the schuylkill expressway, we do still have an accident scene out on the 26th street on ramp
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heading to the schuylkill expressway westbound. watch out for that. as for drive times we're not seeing an increase yet on the schuylkill eastbound or the blue route but 95 southbound slow in the normal spots. we're now at 22 minutes. updates on mass transit when i come back. >> 19 minutes after 6:00. less than an hour before sunrise. and though we have some clouds moving through the area right now we will wind up with lots of sunshine and philadelphia will warm into the upper 60s today. right now it's 44 in mount pocono, 53 with scattered clouds for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city 57 with sunshine, 60s today. there you can see the scattered clouds as the skies are starting to brighten now. a little bit of a breeze now but the wind will be picking up today. and get stronger over the weekend. this morning's wind blowing clouds through the area. and with these clouds we've seen fast-moving showers. but they are not going to last
6:20 am
long. northampton seeing sprinkles, buckingham in bucks county, been salem you might see a sprinkle. barely reaching the ground. most of the active is quickly moving east and nearly 50 miles an hour. so we will be dry. futurecast showing showers in western pennsylvania this afternoon. for us just scattered clouds, 4:00 this afternoon. might see a sprinkle in the pocono mountains, those are rain showers in western pennsylvania. chillier air for the weekend, we will start tomorrow morning in the 40s, but look to the west, those are snow showers mixed with rain showers and that's the cold air that will be arriving for sunday. snow, that's out of the picture for us at least for now. becoming sunny, breezy and 60s this afternoon. west-northwest winds, 16 miles an hour. the colder air starts arriving tomorrow morning. 44 in the morning, 57 in the afternoon. a little bit of a winter preview with temperatures in the 30s for
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sunday and morn moning, colder down to 33 both afternoons with sunshine in the middle 50s. another morning in the 30s tuesday but tuesday afternoon, a nice rebound to 65 degrees. and sunshine, believe it or not, wednesday and thursday in the 70s. >> 70s, wow. in a few hours the curtain closes on a major airline, and the final flight will take off from philadelphia international airport. plus this. champagne flowing and mets fans excited as the team advances to their first national league championship series since 2006. the highlights are next.
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>> and he struck him out and the new york mets have won the series. >> and the champagne is still flowing in new york. playoff baseball keeps on
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rolling in the big apple after the mets advance to their first nlcs since 2006. they take on the chicago cubs beginning saturday in queens. here is how it went down like all year long, new york relied on their pitching to come up big. it was a pitcher's duel in l.a. as they took on dodgers, the dodgers in the elimination game. it was close all the way. the dodgers left a lot of runners on base. the mets came up big at the end winning 3-2 thanks to that pitching. >> and i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're on 95 around allegheny avenue. word of this scene here where all you see is brake lights approaching an accident. we have a southbound drive time from woodhaven to the vine street expressway of 28 minutes so we're starting to see delays and a little early. updates on this and more when i come back. for now a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> jessica, a chilly start, 40s and 50s.
6:26 am
there are some clouds over the city and some fast-moving very light showers. not much to these showers and not going to last. the radar shows they are moving quickly and really spotty and light. >> we're following breaking news this morning. police say a suspect stabbed a walmart worker and stole a television from a walmart in northeast philadelphia. coming up a look at the latest surveillance video, photo of that suspect. rl scout meeting.. ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant. they recently rated their
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care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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we're following two breaking news stories this morning. first, a walmart worker is stabbed on the job in northeast philadelphia. >> also in philadelphia, a kidnapping leads to a car crash in north philadelphia. sky force 10 is live over the scene with the latest. they are taking a suspect into custody in that case right now. welcome to "nbc 10 news today."
6:30 am
i'm chris cato. >> i'm lauren mayk. let's get to meteorologist bill henley, it's first alert forecast for chilly weather ahead. >> we're tracking a few light showers. this is a cold front that's going to make things colder for the weekend, a few sprinkles moving toward trenton. the wind, 12 miles an hour in philadelphia. will be stronger tomorrow and the temperatures will be lower. 47 right now in pottstown, 56 in millville, 40s for trenton and wilmington and northeast philadelphia 53. that's now. this afternoon, no problem. bright sunshine, the clouds will be out of here by 8:00. by 11:00 we'll be in the low 60s, and the temperatures with bright sunny skies will continue to climb. 65 by 2:00. and it will go higher than that in some spots. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we're still watching 95 right around allegheny avenue.
6:31 am
reports of a multivehicle accident creating this mess here on the southbound side. you can see the drive time starting to spike up there. southbound to the vine street expressway, 31 minutes, and 27 miles per hour. we're barely moving there at that point where that accident scene is. heading over to new jersey, watch out for construction on route 55, southbound between little mill road and franklinville and garden road in vineland. there will be intermittent lane closures out there until about 3:30 this afternoon. so something to plan for for your day. if you are in delaware and heading over to new jersey, watch for construction on the delaware memorial bridge between route 9 and new castle avenue and the mid span the left lane is closed heading into new jersey. >> we're following breaking news out of north philadelphia this morning. a wild story that began with a woman's abduction and led to a shooting and a police chase. >> matt delucia is live in sky force 10 over the scene where the chase ended. matt, what can you see?
6:32 am
>> reporter: lauren and chris, we see a vehicle that ran into a building. let's look at that from down here on the fround. you can see this is the vehicle we're talking about there. into this building by girard college. we went around to the other side and actually hit the back of this vehicle here, this is damage to this parked car as well. about 3:30 this morning a 44-year-old man went into a house on the 1100 block of north 39th street, looking for a woman. that woman's mother and brother in the house, they toll him that she is at 1700 block of north 25th street. they force them in the car, they get there t man frees the mother and brother but abducts the woman that he's looking for. the sister has a gun t two start exchanging gun fire, no one was hit or injured in that but the man left with the woman he was looking for, drove about 10 minutes away here to 25th and college avenue here. this area that you're looking at live and crashed into that wall. the man then left, fled the
6:33 am
scene. the woman was taken to the hospital complaining of a headache. she is in stable condition. that man was captured by police a short time later. a wild scene out here early this morning. several scenes that police are looking at. detectives of course investigating. we're live in sky force 10. more breaking news this morning. police are on the hunt for a suspect after a robbery and stabbing inside a walmart in northeast philadelphia. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the scene with new details on the attack. monique. >> reporter: this is the man philadelphia police hope you can help them catch. they say just before 1:30 this morning, this individual stabbed a cashier here in this walmart at philadelphia mills. they say a cashier stopped him or attempted to, as he approached the counter. they say that when she stopped him, he showed her a $10 receipt
6:34 am
that was not authentic. and this is what he said to her according to police. he said, i'm going to kill you and then he pulled out a folding knife, lunging it at the cashier. the cashier tried to block it and was stabbed in his right arm. a customer in the parking lot also attempted to block the suspect's car with a shopping cart but the suspect got away. this occurred six weeks before the holiday shopping season begins. >> this walmart is open 24 hours. even as we near the christmas season, there are already 50 people inside the store, there are 30 employees and there was 20 shoppers inside when this happened. >> reporter: philadelphia police also tell us the suspect fled from the parking lot in a light colored hatch back toyota prius or similar car. the walmart employee was treated here by paramedics on the scene
6:35 am
and has since returned to work. we're told about 50 people were in the store when the crime occurred. that's the latest for now. from philadelphia mills, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> 6:35. testimony is expected to wrap up soon for the contractor who is accused of causing that deadly market street building collapse two years ago. griffin campbell took the stand in his own defense. he told the jury he had no formal training as a demolition contractor and told what to do by the demolition architect. he claims he demolished two small homes prior to agreeing to demolish the four story building. als you know the building wall collapsed on top of a neighboring store. killing six people. >> this morning a man wanted for raping and robbing a temple university student is in custody. police tracked down bennett in north jersey on wednesday. we have surveillance video
6:36 am
police released of the suspect. the attack happened september 28. a man hit her in the arm with a gun, pushed her into a construction area and victimized her. >> two of the three suspects accused of beating up a gay couple in center city will not spend one day in jail. you may recall one victim suffered a broken jaw and cheek bone in the september 2014 assault. phillip williams and kevin harrigan pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and conspiracy. in exchange for their guilty pleas they will both only get probation, however, they must stay out of center city for their entire probation, and they must do community service with the lgbt community. williams and harrigan say the attack was not motivated by sexual orientation. a third defendant refused a deal and will go to trial. the trial date has not been set. >> 6:36. happening today, the countdown is on to a historic day in
6:37 am
commercial aviation. at philadelphia airport where the final u.s. airways flight will take off from as that company's merger with american airlines is almost complete. flight 1939 will depart at 10:05 this morning, arrive in charlotte, then it's off to phoenix and a final stop in san francisco. flight 1939 will return to philadelphia on saturday but by then it will be flying under the american airlines banner. with that the mega merger will be done. the flight is named for the year that u.s. airways went into business. 6:37. getting closer to sun rise and we will see lots of sunshine today. this morning, though, i'm tracking very light fast-moving showers. the showers have been moving through at nearly 50 miles an hour which means they are going to clear out in a hurry and we'll see lots of sunshine. it will be breezy today.
6:38 am
and then stronger winds this weekend will turn things cooler especially on sunday morning when we see near record temperatures. 44 right now in the pocono mountains. clouds in mount pocono. we're getting breaks in the clouds in philadelphia and trenton. 49 in trenton. wilmington is 49 degrees. and this is a view from blue mountain. that's blue sky, the clouds are quickly moving out. showers, they were very light. doesn't look like we'll get more wet weather over the weekend, the showers are mainly to the north in new york state. we have in our area a few sprinkles moving through extreme northeastern pennsylvania, already cleared allentown and just raindrop or two moving through south philadelphia. those might not even reach the ground. we will reach the 60s. allentown, quakertown, middle 60s, you'll see sunny skies for trenton, norristown, warming to 66. rehobeth 68, it's 67 for
6:39 am
vineland and atlantic city. breezy at times for philadelphia, wilmington and westchester. in spite of that we'll warm into the 60s. the weekend, different story. 50s, 57 for saturday, turns colder, gust ef winds bring in the cold air, sunday morning in the 30s. just 54 degrees sunday afternoon. then it gets colder. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> we may get our first cover up your plants warning in a couple days. seems early for that. >> yeah. well, it's early in the morning, 6:39 this morning. jessica boyington joining us with an accident on 309. what's happening there? >> 309 dealing with multivehicle accident. there are lane restrictions in place on 309 southbound right around county line road. so watch for that heading 0 but the door there. and on 95, watching major delays around allegheny avenue approaching an accident scene.
6:40 am
we look at drive times, 95 southbound, already in the red. that's really early for that this morning so get yourself extra time before you head out the door. to the vine street expressway, we're dealing with 34 minutes, that's about a 12 minute trip with no traffic. so we're 25 minutes. on the schuylkill, slow, 20 minutes from blue truitt the vine. no problems on the blue. more on these scenes and more drive times when i come back in the next ten. >> quick draw coming up an 11 erld girl used a pencil and paper to take down a suspected serial murderer. >> the fantasy sport site, now on pause.
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decision 2016 now. republican hopeful marco rubio brought his campaign to king of prussia yesterday. he was in town to speak at an event. rubio is trailing donald trump and others in the polls but says his campaign is ready for a long fight. to make that happen candidates need money so let's look now at how much the money -- how much money the candidates raised so far for the campaigns. ben carson at $20 million now. he collected the most on the gop side. jeb bush has over $13 million and there is rubio, $6 million to spend right now. on the democratic side of things, hillary clinton, she has slightly ahead of bernie sanders, $28 million and sanders at $26 million. many of his donations coming from small donor, online contributions. clinton is reaching out for support to the latina-american community. in texas yesterday she received a key endorsement in that state,
6:45 am
h.u.d. secretary and former san antonio mayor julian castro is backing her. clinton says she will consider castro as a possible running mate if she wins the democratic nomination. >> a hint about what vice president joe biden's presidential campaign would look like if he decides to run. long time bind adviser ted kaufman says the vice president would run an optimistic unscripted campaign from the heart. that's according to an e-mail obtained by the associated press that kauffman sent to biden supporters. the main theme of a biden campaign would be restoring middle class opportunity. 6:45. investors will be looking to end a week on a high note after a promising thursday on wall street the dow closed up 217 points, the highest level since august. goldman sachs and boeing contributed to the gain. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also closed up yesterday. another state is now investigating daily fantasy
6:46 am
sports sites like fan duel and draft kings. nevada regulators say the sites cannot operate in the state without a gambling license. both sides acknowledged that employees have played and won significant amount of money on each other's websites. the two banned their employees playing until the industry develops a more detailed policy. comcast which is the parent company of nbc universal and nbc sports is among the investors in fan duel. >> the u.s. air man hailed as a hero for helping to stop a terrorist attack on a french train has been released from the hospital after he was stabbed. spencer stone was stabbed three times during an argument with two men last week. police say the incident was not related to terrorism or what transpired in paris. no arrests have been made in that case. happening today, a man charged with beating his son to death at a church in new york is expected to be in court for a hearing. bruce leonard and his wife deborah are charged with
6:47 am
first-degree manslaughter, police say a counseling session with their 19-year-old son turned physical and their son died after suffering blunt force trauma. authorities say his 17-year-old brother was also beaten and is still in the hospital. three other members of the church were arrested. also today, the mother of tamir rice wille discuss the prosecutor's criminal investigation into her son's death. on saturday an ohio prosecutor released reports that found the police officer who shot and killed the 12-year-old was justified in his actions. rice's mother responded over the weekend saying the officer shot immediately without first assessing the situation. >> attorneys for former house speaker dennis hastert say they reached a plea agreement in a hush money case. hastert will plead guilty charges accusing him of lying to the fbi about bank withdrawals of $3.5 million. he allegedly used the money to pay a man to keep quiet about decades old sex abuse allegations.
6:48 am
hastert is expected to appear in court on october 28 to enter that plea. new this morning, israeli police say they will now ban some muslim men from entering a holy site in jerusalem because of recent violence there. police say that men younger than 40 will be barred from the mosque compound. there are no restrictions for women. israeli officials say this is a new measure to try to ensure calm in the area, adding that younger palestinian men have been involved in the recent violence. >> a new report says american special operations analysts knew the target of a deadly air strike in afghanistan was a hospital being used by doctors without borders. the associated press says officials suspected the hospital was being used by a pakistani operative. doctors without borders says the facility was not being used for military purposes. oscar pistorius will leave a south african prison and move into house arrest next week.
6:49 am
the double ap pew tee olympic runner shot and killed his girlfriend in 2013. he served almost a year of a five-year sentence for manslaughter. pistorius maintains he thought steenkamp was an intruder and killed her by mistake. prosecutors will again seek a murder conviction next month. >> this is one of my favorite stories of the morning. a connecticut man is facing charges for at least ten robberies, that's not the amazing part. >> it's the 11-year-old girl and her drawing skills that we want to tell you about. her name is rebecca. she was honored by police in stratford for her sketch of this burglary suspect. police came to her door a few months ago and asked if she had seen anybody suspicious after a string of burglaries. she drew up a doodle of sorts but she didn't think it would led to anything but turns out it matched up to a man pedro bruno who has since confessed to ten
6:50 am
burglaries including the break-in at her own home. >> drew a picture of him. it wasn't like the best picture, it was just like a head, some legs and a hat. after i thought about it in the morning, probably like he's going to crumble it up. >> payback. you did this and my daughter's drawing resolved the issue. >> police were able to recover some of the items stolen in the burglaries. rebecca says she's not sure if maybe she wants to be a sketch artist when she grows up. >> we're on the way to a picture perfect afternoon. this morning some clouds that are quickly moving through the area. we saw some scattered light showers, they were moving through at 50 miles an hour. and we are not going to see them in philadelphia. 54 with a wind out of the west at 11 miles an hour. sunshine at the shore, this is a
6:51 am
view from cape may. it's going to be a nice sunny day at the shore and will stay dry at the shore with temperatures this afternoon in the 60s. right now look at the cool. coatesville, pottstown, doylestown, upper 40s and it's cool at the shore. cape may at the airport reporting 59. look at woodbine, 57 and chillier in ocean view right now. it's going to be a cool day. the clouds will not last. they are moving just about as quickly as the shower this is morning. already breaking in central pennsylvania, which means sunshine for us. there go the showers off to the north. the next chance of showers, well, it's not going to happen for us today or even tonight or this weekend. we'll see some scattered clouds. western pennsylvania gets scattered rain showers today. it gets colder this weekend. not just for philadelphia. those are snow showers in western pennsylvania. we won't see the snow but we'll see the cold. saturday afternoon at 3:00, 55 degrees, by sunday morning those
6:52 am
temperatures plunge into the 30s. 8:00 in the morning, 36 degrees in philadelphia, the freezing mark north and west. stand by for sunshine. upper 60s to near 70 degrees this afternoon. nowhere near this weekend. 57 with a gusty wind on saturday. you'll have to bundle up if you're heading out sunday. 36 to start with. 54 in the afternoon. and colder monday morn, just above freezing for philadelphia. so most of the suburbs will be below freezing on monday morning. then the temperatures rebound tuesday afternoon, 60s, 70s for wednesday and thursday. >> that "monday night football" is going to be a cold one. 6:52. seeing brake lights on 76. not unusual for this time of morning. >> nobody wants to sit in traffic on a friday morning. >> i know, we do have a small accident scene that pushed over into the shoulder so some small
6:53 am
gaper delay. this is where the schuylkill is pretty much two lanes, only on the off ramp. headed to the schuylkill eastbound, something to watch out for when you head by the area. eastbound drive time from the blue route to the vine street. we're watching this accident on 309 southbound around county line road and for mass transit delays on trenton line. one more check on traffic when i come back in the next five minutes. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, a walmart employee stabbed and the robber is on the loose. we're also following this. >> a university of delaware student is in jail accused of killing his former psychiatrist. coming up, we've uncovered what may be a first-hand account of his anger and obsession for her.
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6:57. following breaking news out of northeast philadelphia where police are looking for a shoplifter they say stabbed a walmart worker. it happened at philadelphia mills. police have surveillance pictures of the suspect. investigators say he was walking out of the store with a flat screen tv and boots, he tried to pass off a bogus receipt. the employee confronted him. that's when he stabbed the worker in the arm and ran off. medics treated the employee at the scene. i'm matt delucia live in sky force 10. you see a car crashed into a wall here. right now police are investigating the case of three abductions at three scenes. at this point a woman was injured, she was taken to the hospital complaining of head
6:58 am
issues. she is in stable condition. the person driving this vehicle and the suspect of these abductions was taken into custody a short time later. police again are still investigating this case and we'll have more for you throughout the morning. live in sky force 10, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." i'm katy zachry. a kufrt of delaware student christopher frick is in jail this morning accused of murdering his psychiatrist. his former psychiatrist at her home in delaware. nbc 10 discovered an online post written by a christopher frick that details anger and rage toward his former doctor and the medical practice where she worked. police will not confirm for us if frick is the author of this but say it is in line with other evidence they found. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." good morning. i'm jessica boyington. we are on the 42 freeway in new jersey right now. right around route 41 in west
6:59 am
deptford township. you can see cars squeezing by. we had a vehicle in the center lanes, now a backup behind this, you can see cars trying to get by in the right-hand shoulder. don't do that but watch out for this car here, a few vehicles, even one into the ditch. so slow go on the 42 freeway in deptford. sky force 10 is over center city, just a few scattered clouds now, we're getting closer to sunrise. we'll wind up with a lot of sunshine today and see a warm-up. tracking some fast-moving showers, just about done, just a few sprinkles moving through camden county. 55 in philadelphia. still seeing 40s north and west. the clouds overhead will be thinning out. we'll go from 54 at 8:00 to 61 at 11:00 this morning. and then in the middle 60s by 2:00 this afternoon. upper 60s today, but much chiller for the weekend.
7:00 am
>> a dry run for winter. >> time to order fire wood. good morning. breaking news. flash flooding triggers massive mudslides in southern california. a major interstate shut down. drivers stranded for hours. children rescued from the trapped school bus and concerned officials are askg is this just the beginning? the bump. our new poll shows hillary clinton pulling ahead of bernie sanders after her performance at this week's democratic debate while on the republican side ben carson surges even closer to front-runner donald trump as new signs emerge that vice president joe biden may be about to throw his hat into the ring. inside look. new surveillance video this morning showing


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