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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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come down and take over this investigation. but what philadelphia police do say is that this is a great example of how agencies when they work together, they can make an arrest very quickly. that's the latest here in southwest philadelphia, i'm aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. we have more breaking news right now, the pennsylvania turnpike is now reopened after a crash shut down the westbound side for more than two hours today. sky force 10 live over the scene right now near route 1 in bensalem bucks county. you can see the roadways reopen at this point. the crash involved a tractor trailer and four passenger vehicles. this happened around 1:40 this afternoon. here's how it looked earlier. the truck overturned near the exit and just a small amount of oil spilled, so it was not a hazmat situation. police are still investigating exactly what caused the crash. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the big chill. looks league fall out there, but it's going to feel like winter this weekend. >> a live look outside at the
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schuylkill trail, falling temps will bring the coldest weather of the season so far, so get ready for some frosty nights. >> first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with just how cold it's going to feel this weekend. >> definitely going to feel below freezing for most locations, not as much tonight, but gets colder saturday, colder into sunday night, so that's the big story today. you can see all the areas here highlighted in purple under a freeze watch. frost is going to be possible in the city, more so sunday night versus saturday night, then there's also a freeze watch in effect for parts of our new jersey suburbs, so our temperatures are going to vary a bit. closer to the lehigh valley, temperatures by saturday night and sunday night dropping between the 20s and up to about 30 degrees, so this freeze watch stays in effect from saturday at midnight until 9:00 a.m. on sunday and once again sunday night extending until 9:00 a.m. on monday. as we look closer to parts of south jersey, temperatures hovering right around freezing, close to 30 degrees, just below freezing and that's going to stay in effect from midnight on saturday, extending until 9:00
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a.m. on sunday, and once again midnight on sunday extending into 9:00 a.m. on monday. so cold temperatures expected for us, not as much tonight, we are going to stay close to average, but we are going to get the cold air coming in as we make it through the day on saturday and sunday. so our temperatures this evening are still at 62 degrees by 6:00 p.m., by 9:00 p.m. in the mid 50s, but the cold air will really settle in into the weekend, so i am tracking our first frost and freeze and also near record lows. i'll go over the details for your weekend coming up. >> brittney, thank you. if you want to see the temperatures in your neighborhood, download the nbc 10 app. you can get the weather forecast instantly. nerves are on edge in a camden county community as the death of a 3-year-old boy remains a mystery. >> brendan creato's body was found tuesday and haddon township residents say they are not getting answers about who did it. cydney long is live in haddon township this afternoon. what are police saying today?
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>> reporter: jim and jacqueline, not a word and it's safe to say this community thought they would know by now, three days later, what exactly happened to brendan creato, but they say with no one arrested, no one charged, no definitive cause of death, it is causing some fear and unrest about the safety of their own children. >> we're just nervous, and we'd like to know some answers. halloween is coming up and we're debating whether to even let the kids go trick or treating and there seems to be no answers. >> reporter: it's now been three days since brendan creato's body was discovered within three hours of his father dialing 911 reporting him gone. and from that moment, this community was engaged. >> they were searching my backyard 7:15, that's when i found out. it had just begun. dear god in heaven. >> reporter: searching by foot and driving their own cars in a desperate search to find brendan, but since investigators have confirmed his body was placed there, this community now
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desperate for answers. >> i'm a little scared, because i really would like to know soon, i hope it happens soon, because, you know, no one's hearing anything, no one knows anything at all. >> reporter: detectives were back at the river again today and diane noticed investigators in the neighborhood last night. >> my husband saw the k-9, yeah. >> reporter: that was right outside the apartment? >> yeah, last evening, along cooper street up and down. there was some activity, but no news. >> reporter: so neighbors, as you can imagine, are watching and listening. we called and e-mailed the prosecutor's office today, along with police, as we have each and every day to ask them when we can anticipate the toxicology results and when we will get some more answers. we will continue to press them for answers. live in haddon township, cydney long, nbc 10 news. jury deliberations are now under way in the 2013 market street building collapse that killed six people and injured more than a dozen. for the past two weeks griffin
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campbell has been on trial for third-degree murder. today both sides gave closing statements before jurors started deliberating about an hour ago. their primary responsibility is to determine if campbell proceeded with the demolition knowing it was dangerous. the defense calls it a horrible accident. we're following new information in the armed robbery of a temple football player. police surveillance video right here released today shows one of two suspects who attacked the victim just after midnight on thursday. the student was leaving a carryout restaurant on 10th and susquehanna streets when two suspects forced him to the ground and stole his car and cell phone. just three hours later another temple student was robbed near his home at 15th and montgomery. police released these imjages, two men stole a driver's license, two debit cards, and a temple student i.d. police do not believe the two robberies are related. they are following different suspect descriptions in each case. philadelphia police are looking for a man who robbed a
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walmart and stabbed a cashier early this morning. investigators tell us that man was stealing a 48-inch tv and boots at the philadelphia mills walmart. when a cashier confronted him as he was leaving the store, the suspect presented an old receipt. when the cashier told him that receipt wasn't real, the man threatened the cashier. >> the male said, i'm going to kill you. then he pulled out a folding knife and lunged it towards the chest of the cashier. the cashier block ee eed that l of the knife with his right arm and was stabbed in the right arm. the cashier didn't want to talk to us on camera because it's against walmart policy. you can see the bandage on his arm. the suspect drove away in a hatchback toyota prius. a man is in custody after police say he abducted a woman in north philadelphia. police say the armed suspect forced the victim's mother and brother into his car this morning to head to a home where she was. once at the house, he left the
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mom and brother go and allegedly abducts the woman he's looking for. the suspect then loses control of the suv he's driving and crashes into a building. the victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. rider university suspended its men's cross-country team for hazing after the team planned to run naked around the school's track. school police stopped the students from doing the naked run back on september 5th. all 28 members of the team were then investigated. the university found that no team members were coerced into participating, but the behavior was still considered hazing. the entire team was suspended from a meet on september 19th. a burlington county community is hoping to find whoever dumped debris at a soccer complex, putting children at risk. officials with the indian mills complex say sharp metal studs with screws sticking out were illegally dumped last weekend or some time this week. the sports group is trying to help track down who's
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responsible. right now u.s. airways is flying its final flight around philadelphia to san francisco. the flight took off from philadelphia international airport at 10:36 this morning. 31 minutes late. it's flight 1939, that is the year the airline was founded. the plane stopped in charlotte, then phoenix, before it makes a final stop in san francisco. the flight returns to philadelphia saturday, but by then it will be flying under the american airlines banner. some people in pittsburgh are upset the plane isn't coming through their city. u.s. airways was formed in pittsburgh as all american aviation. american and u.s. airways merged in december 2013. it has taken nearly two years to integrate. tomorrow their reservation systems officially become one. >> american actually has a system that's pretty easy to
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slide in the us airways system. they've been doing a pretty good job of this the last few years. >> officials say they don't fores foresee any issues tomorrow. they've done full scale testing with 5 million mock reservations. still, if you're flying american this weekend, get to the airport early. american has added 1,300 new check-in kiosks around the world and hired 1,600 extra reservation representatives, plus 24-hour command center with 1,000 employees is running from tomorrow until october 27th to help with any customer concerns. some new jobs are coming to delaware. >> they are, the mall is expanding and so are the possibilities for workers. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong tells us about the economic boom coming to that part of newcastle county. >> reporter: kate hudson has six stores around the country, one in the christiana mall. >> new york city, we have a lot of people coming from the city, a lot of people coming from maryland, from pennsylvania, so we're a good melting pot of a
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bunch of different demographics. yes, tax free definitely helps. >> reporter: no sales tax gets people shopping here. per square foot, one of america's most profitable malls and with growth comes opportunity. the mall held a job fair this week, 3,500 people work here, they need 1,000 more for the holidays. i'm told many retailers actually try to poach employees from other retailers inside the mall and now you have this christiana fashion center adjacent to the mall opening up. some of the big stores already opening, container store opens tomorrow, dsw a few weeks later. all these stores and restaurants are all going to need good employees. this guy just got a job at the new eddie bauer store inside the mall. his manager says he needs more people like him. she doesn't want to hear anybody that can't find a job, at least not here. >> not trying hard enough. always a job, always someone willing to take you. just need to show it. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. six flags great adventure is
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scaling back plans for a controversial solar project. the initial plan dedicated 90 acres to the project. in order to complete it, crews would have to cut down 19,000 trees, so several environmental groups filed a lawsuit in may to prevent that from happening. now the proposal is for a 66-acre farm that would supply all the park's electricity. atlantic city is trying to go greener with an energy event that wrapped up about an hour ago. the energy fair showed off solar and wind power and alternative fuel vehicles. atlantic city is one of 50 communities competing in a $5 million contest to reduce energy by both residents and the government. you want to rock around the clock in wildwood this weekend, the 12th annual fabulous '50s and beyond celebration starts tonight. the celebration pays tribute to the wildwoods role in the birth
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of rock and music. saturday, there will be a street fair with muse ek and entertainment all day. also this weekend, part of philadelphia will be transformed into hog mead, the outdoor event includes performers dressed like characters from the book series, a complementary bus will take wizards and muggles throughout chestnut hill. visitors will take part in a scavenger hunt. feeling the love for pope francis. a new poll shows his popularity is booming since his visit to philadelphia, d.c., and new york. a new poll shows 74% of americans surveyed have a favorable opinion of pope francis, that's up from 58% in august. among catholics his number has climbed to 90%. people also feel better about their own faith and charitable giving since the pope's visit. pope francis is famous for
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slipping out to visit the homeless and did it again last night, greeting about 30 men who have taken up residence at the vatican's new shelter. the pope spent about 20 minutes with the men and volunteers who run the shelter. he also got a tour of the dorm and other rooms at the facility. right now police in atlantic city are looking for suspects after a shooting about four hours ago. sky force 10 was over the crime scene around 1:00. authorities tell us one person was shot at the intersection of virginia and sewell avenues. the victim showed up at atlantic care medical center. detectives are still trying to find a motive. newly released surveillance video shows lamar odom arriving at a nevada brothel last saturday. you can see odom arriving three days before he was found unresponsive in a vip villa there. the brothel owner says odom paid $75,000 and was getting ready to extend his stay. employees told police odom used
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cocaine the day he arrived and an herbal sexual stimulant. he suffered a stroke and remains in a coma at a las vegas hospital. take a look at this video from houston, texas. scaffolding collapsing this morning. at least five workers were rescued and taken to the hospital. crews are still trying to figure out if anymore workers are trapped inside. this collapse happened at an apartment complex under construction. there's no word yet on what caused it. some new poll numbers out following this week's democratic debate in the race for president. nbc's steve handelsman tells us what the candidates are doing as they get back on the campaign trail. >> reporter: in new hampshire where bernie sanders leads her in most polls, hillary clinton made a promise on an issue she thinks distinguishes her from him, guns. >> as president, i will push and achieve universal background checks. >> reporter: most democrats are saying clinton won the debate in las vegas, but a headline
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stage -- clinton's closest aide was questioned today at the republican run house committee on benghazi and the e-mails, where hillary clinton herself has to testify next week. again, democrats are asking is this probe a gop plot? >> whether this is a taxpayer funded effort to derail the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> i am confident that the american people will say this was a professionally conducted investigation. >> reporter: another clinton concern, joe biden running. no pressure to decide today from president obama. >> i think that the vice president, like every other candidate, makes their own decisions. >> reporter: fundraising would be a big biden challenge. clinton, who tops the democratic field nationally also tops in fundraising. $30 million so far. bernie sanders $26 million. donald trump has raised just $3.9 million, the least of any republican running.
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he uses his own money. but trump still leads his pack in the polls, though ben carson is closing, and trump leads in brassiness, inzisisting today t next debate run two hours, no running over, and the candidates be allowed to make statements. steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> well, we've enjoyed really nice above-average conditions over the past couple of days, but now it's going to start to feel like winter into the weekend, so keep that in mind as you're making plans, going to feel cold both on saturday and sunday and definitely saturday night, into sunday night. here's a closer look at your headlines, we've seen some of the clouds increasing, but a cold weekend ahead. our first frost and freeze and also near record overnight lows for us. i'll go over all the details on that, but currently right now from philadelphia it is still comfortable, 64 degrees, a few clouds, humidity down to 34%. wind speeds out of the west at
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18 miles per hour. and then across the rest of the region, 63 degrees in atlantic city, 63 in wildwood. we're in the mid 60s for dover, 58 degrees in pottstown, we're going to see a pretty nice evening as we head into the next couple of hours, but things are going to change as we head into saturday and sunday. we are going to see cooler air moving in from the north. you'll notice cold air is going to settle in for us through saturday and sunday, so our temperatures won't get a chance to recover and that's why we're going to see a freeze watch that's in effect for most of the lehigh valley, stretching up into the poconos and lancaster county and also a freeze watch if you're closer to parts of south jersey. as far as philadelphia is concerned along the i-95 corridor, frost is going to be a possibility, no advisories issued just yet. let's start off with the lehigh valley, freeze watch goes into effect. this is going to be for saturday night, heading into sunday morning, then sunday night into monday. we expect temperatures to stay into the 20s, up to about 30 degrees. it will be a little warmer, but
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still, of course, cold if you're closer to south jersey. no 20s, but we expect temperatures below freezing, close to 30 degrees and this freeze watch is going to go into effect midnight to 9:00 a.m. on sunday and once again midnight to monday morning around 9:00 a.m. so it's going to be cold as you take the kids to the bus stop. saturday night into sunday morning, here's a break down of some of our coldest temperatures if you live in the suburbs in jersey, we'll be closer to 32 degrees, 33 in millville, williamstown about 33 degrees on sunday morning. as you're gearing up to go to church, it's going to be very comfortable. frost is going to be likely monday morning, so it's two evenings of the cold temperatures. closer to the lehigh valley, 20s, 29 degrees will be the current temperature as we get into sunday morning, so 29 for quakertown, about 31 for pottstown and 31 degrees in allentown. this is one of the first times we're going to see the frost and freeze warnings issued. it's also going to be a cold
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weekend ahead in terms of daytime highs. average for this time of year is 67 degrees. saturday and sunday we stay in the 50s, 56 degrees on saturday, 51 on sunday, and even as you head back to work, 54. that's going to set us up for a cold eagles game into monday night. our satellite radar shows we're going to see clear conditions in terms of no rainfall for philadelphia, south jersey, but you're noticing a few more clouds working their way into the poconos, even a few showers. we don't want the showers to go past the poconos, they should start to die out into the rest of this evening. for tonight, partly cloudy skies, still cold, temperatures drop down to 44 degrees for philadelphia, 39 for the suburbs north and west and into tomorrow temperatures ranging between 53 and 57. your seven-day forecast shows the cold temperatures in store for us over the next couple of days, but the good news is we start to warm back up as we head into tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> all right, brittney. attention lego lovers. one local mall has some big
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projects you'll want to see. the christiana mall in newark, delaware, is hosting the lego road show. master builders in connecticut spent thousands building ten replicas of american sites like the u.s. supreme court, independence hall, and the statue of liberty. the exhibit is spread throughout the mall and is free if you want to check it out. you can hear some of the experts' secrets to building such incredible big projects. >> have a formula, they use a computer program to assist them, but a lot of the artistic parts are free handed. guys just come with it off the fly. >> not like the legos you would make christmas morning, right? this is the latest stop on the exhibit's nationwide tour. you can see the creations at the christiana mall now through november 1st. >> i was lucky if i could make a box, you know, out of a couple of them. tiz the season for flu.
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>> cases already reported in the area, what health officials are saying about how bad the flu will be this year. and the call that could come to your cell phone demanding money. the warning from police about the latest scam. plus, unexpected passenger, the birth that happened right in the middle of a flight and how passengers and crew came together to help the new mom.
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brittney shipp is here with the best spots to go. brittney? >> my personal favorite is along kelly drive. definitely chilly no matter where you go, but some of the leaves starting to change, the yellow is more of a moderate changeover, not quite at its peak, but some of the higher elevations closer to the poconos getting pretty close to the peak and the color change there. so if we zoom in, i'll show you what it looks like in the poconos near camelback mountain, you can see some of the leaves
4:25 pm
starting to change, definitely not at the peak yet. as we take a closer look at philadelphia, like i mentioned-a moderate changeover, but again you are going to have to head to higher elevations in order to get closer to that peak color change. we're right around 25 to 50% closer to the poconos. that might not be a bad place to go. again, bring a jacket. i am tracking near record lows into the weekend. also what to expect for your saturday, sunday, and the eagles game on monday. jim? >> see you soon, brittney. what would you do if the irs came calling? >> there's a new scheme that has local phones ringing. we'll play one call from a scammer and tell you how to know when you really should pay up. and wait until you see what some young migrants found when they tried to hitch a ride on the wrong truck. vince mazzeo-
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks?
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the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> well, grab those jackets if you're heading out tonight. a live look at 30th street station, where a lot of travelers are out and about. going to feel the frosty temperatures this weekend. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the cold forecast. >> going to feel more like november this weekend, right? >> it is, temperatures well below average during the day and definitely overnight, so we do have a cold weekend nights ahead. this is for saturday night and sunday night. all the areas highlighted in purple under a freeze watch, which will go into effect midnight on saturday, lasting until sunday morning. same thing into sunday night, also parts of south jersey under the freeze watch, but for philadelphia, wilmington, northern parts of camden, gloucester county not under the freeze watch, but frost is going to be a possibility as we head
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into saturday night. your sunday morning lows are going to be very cold if you're closer to south jersey. if you take a look, most locations are going to hover around freezing, so chatsworth closer to 33 degrees, millville 33, again, saturday night heading into sunday morning. this is going to be likely once again into monday morning as you're taking the kids to the bus stop, so a very cold next couple of days for us. it's going to be even colder if you live closer to the lehigh valley or suburbs north and west with temperatures in the high 20s, 30, 31 degrees, quakertown dropping down to 29 degrees sunday morning, so we are expecting frost and some of your plants, unfortunately, this is probably the last hoorah for them. current temperatures at 51 degrees in the poconos, 61 currently in allentown. mild night in philadelphia at 64 degrees, but coming up, how cold it's going to get this weekend. all the details in just a bit. >> all right, brittney. an aggressive phone scam
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targeting new jersey is caught on video and the nbc 10 investigators have it. >> investigative reporter mitch blacher is joining us with the warning from consumer affairs. mitch? >> guys, this is the kind of story that comes into our tip line every day but we rarely get to see it on camera. listen closely as the man on the phone tells a woman she didn't pay her taxes and may be arrested unless she pays up now. >> you will never respond to the police officer, that is the reason your letters were returned to the irs office and you are trying to ignore them or defraud with the federal government, this is what happened. you have to inform the irs now she doesn't want to rectify the situation with you guys anymore, so we'll proceed with the legal actions, okay, from here and probably, like, next hour and a half you'll be served with this arrest warrant at your house by the local offices. >> now this is a version of what is commonly known as the irs
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scam. if you get a call like this, you should simply hang up, do not provide any personal information and certainly do not make payments. if you want to check to make sure your taxes are paid, you can call the irs directly. most government agencies are not going to call you and tell you you owe money, they are going to send you a bill in the mail. you can always report scams to the police or state attorney general. mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. we're following some breaking news, lamar odom is reportedly now out of a coma and speaking on his own. that's what sources are telling the e! network this afternoon. the 35 year old woke up today for the first time since he was found unconscious in the nevada brothel on tuesday. workers there told police odom used cocaine the day he arrived and an herbal sexual stimulant throughout his visit. he suffered a stroke but is said to be off life support now.
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take a look at this video of a man burglarizing the cvs on stenton avenue in the northeast. the particular broke in through a rear door last saturday after midnight. he tosses aside several boxes before deciding on one to steal. it's a box of diapers worth about $50. the 184 inmates on pennsylvania's death row can continue their class action lawsuit alleging illegal activity by the department of corrections. the suit argues that officials illegally changed the drugs used in lethal injections. the department made the change because it's run into trouble getting some drugs. yesterday the commonwealth court refused to drop the lawsuit. the suit was filed by lehigh valley mass murderer michael ba ballard and four other inmates. a philadelphia man facing animal cruelty charges after authorities found one dead dog and two others injured on his property. authorities announced the
4:34 pm
charges today against their owner eric garner. the two surviving dogs are now up for adoption after being treated and rehabilitated since they were rescued in july. the pennsylvania spca calls the case a blatant act of cruelty. police are looking at surveillance video to try to find suspects in a jewelry heist. the thieves tunnelled their way into a jewelry store yesterday. philadelphia police say these criminals created two holes in the walls of the dry cleaners next door to time and gold jewelry. suspects got away with jewels, as well as some cash at the dry cleaners. the fbi and philadelphia police are hoping someone recognizes this man who's wanted for a bank robbery. he handed a teller a note demanding cash, then got away on foot. he was wearing a white nike cap, dark colored pants and shoes and a black and white jacket. one school district is allowing the young adult novel
4:35 pm
"looking for alaska" to be put back into schools, a week after the book was banned. the superintendent removed the popular john green novel after a parent complained about its mature content. the parents got a letter yesterday saying the book will be reinstated after a review of school board policy. "looking for alaska" will not be taught in classrooms but will be available for students to check out on their own. young migrants trying to travel from france to britain illegally will think twice before they jump into a truck next time. check out this video of a polar bear inside the back of this truck. the bear's in a cage, but it still scared some of the migrant away. the police disagreed and got them all out of that truck. here's the buzz from space this week. new pictures of saturn's moon. nasa released these pictures of the icy moon after a spacecraft captured it on wednesday. the craft flew about 1,100 miles above the moon's surface.
4:36 pm
we're expecting more pictures of saturn at the end of the month. some senior drivers feeling better fitted into their cars today after a free event in philadelphia. ben penndot hosted a free car fit event. safety coordinators offered individualized safety checks for older drivers to make sure they and their vehicles are working well together. it's that time of year when we begin to hear more about flu cases. >> at least one person in our area has already been hospitalized, in fact. doctors say time to get the vaccination. just how bad the flu season is expected to be. and a little pink pill that is supposed to boost a woman's sex drive goes on sale this weekend. how it could be just the first of many options for women.
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. this is nbc 10 news. >> if you're a fishing fan, the
4:40 pm
state of delaware wants to sell you some highly sought after license plates. the governor signed a bill yesterday for the state to sell low digit plates for surf fishing vehicles. the sale of these plates was discontinued in 1994 and since then fishing enthusiasts have been obsessed with them. delaware will sell 100 of these plates this year with a minimum bid of $250 each. the results are in for this week's high school game of the week. the winner oxford versus bishop shanahan with 47% of the vote. you can see highlights of the game on the blitz tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. coming up tomorrow. >> happening tomorrow at the adventure aquarium along the camden water front. you can enjoy music, dancing, costumes, arts and crafts and meet and take pictures with the members of the nbc 10 and telemundo 62 on-air team. head to to buy tickets and get a $4 discount by using the promo code "4ninos."
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it's a flight some passengers will never forget. >> they welcomed an extra person mid flight. the unexpected arrival that had everyone scrambling what to do. see how passengers pitched in to help a mother who went into labor midair. we've been enjoying mild conditions, but we're going to see cold weather into the weekend. i'll let you know exactly what to expect coming up in my full forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> well, delaware reports its first official flu case was season. >> and it was serious enough to send a man to the emergency room. delaware health officials tell us the 26-year-old man was treated in the e.r. and is now recovering at home. health officials say get your flu shot now. takes about two weeks for it to
4:45 pm
become fully effective. vaccination rate is about 90% thanks to a massive vaccine effort. >> makes it convenient with the multiple flu stations they set up and the different time frames for busy nurses like myself. >> there's no guarantee it will match all viral strains that will circulate this year, but it could stop a severe illness. the drug to help women with a low sex drive becomes available tomorrow, but some predict women won't be rushing to take it. that's because the drug called adi cannot be taken with alcohol or certain medications. some health care workers say that is causing some women to look elsewhere for help. many believe other drugs to treat a woman's low libido will be in development. adi changes brain chemicals linked to mood and appetite. a healthy newborn baby is back on the ground after being born a mile high. six hours into an air china
4:46 pm
flight from taiwan to los angeles, a passenger told a flight attendant she was going into labor. an l.a. doctor coming back from her honeymoon jumped in to deliver her baby. the mom was eight months pregnant. she and the baby are said to be doing well. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. after enjoying another day with temperatures in the 60s, by tomorrow we'll be in the mid 50s, but really tomorrow night, into sunday night that is the big weather headline, so a cold weekend ahead for us, we are tracking our first frost and freeze and temperatures overnight saturday and sunday will get pretty close to our record lows, so within about five degrees, we don't expect to break the reports, but we'll be close. allentown 61 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, philadelphia mix of sun and clouds, 64, so enjoyable, comfortable. atlantic city at 63 with lots of sunshine. as we go into the rest of tonight, by 6:00 p.m. 61
4:47 pm
degrees, by 9:00 p.m. mid 50s. 52 degrees by midnight and overnight temperatures will get back down into the 40s. so a nice evening ahead for us, but things change into the weekend. all this cold air rush in from the north and also the northwest, and that's going to set us up for both cold temperatures during the day tomorrow, but definitely as we head into saturday night, sunday, and then sunday night. even lingering into monday morning. so here's a closer look at what the national weather service has issued a freeze watch which will turn into a warning for parts of the lehigh valley, poconos, lancaster county and parts of south jersey under a freeze watch into saturday night and sunday night. we don't have any advisories right now for philadelphia, but frost is going to be a possibility. more so sunday night than saturday night, so here's a closer look at the freezing temperatures. this is closer to the poconos and lehigh valley, we expect temperatures to drop down on saturday night and sunday night, into the 20s and close to 30 degrees. either way, below freezing and
4:48 pm
again that's going to be for saturday at midnight to 9:00 a.m. sunday and same thing on monday. freeze watch for areas highlighted here, vineland i'll include it, maurice river, corbin city and this is going to be for saturday night and sunday night with temperatures hovering closer to 30 degrees. we shouldn't see any 20s in jersey, that's mainly confined to the lehigh valley and the poconos. satellite radar shot shows we have a few clouds that are lingering. if you're closer to the lehigh valley and into the poconos from philadelphia and along the shore, clear skies. we're watching the few scattered showers starting to push into the poconos. we do expect these to die out as you get south of the poconos as we head into the rest of tonight. we expect to stay nice and dry on your friday evening. let's talk temperatures in your future weather here as we progress the model, we'll show you as we get into saturday, it is going to be a cool start to the morning, temperatures in the mid 40s but into saturday during the day we'll warm into the mid 50s but won't be until saturday night you'll start to see the
4:49 pm
30s and 20s on the map. we'll do it all over again sunday evening. i am tracking a cold next couple of nights ahead. our seven-day forecast shows into tomorrow, 56 degrees will be your daytime high to kick off the weekend. as you take a look at sunday, 51. cold and cloudy. you have a chance of a stray shower on sunday and the big question is, what's it going to look like into monday, for monday night football. you can see the high's going to be 54 degrees. as we get closer to the game at 8:30, our temperatures are going to drop quickly into the 40s. so it's going to be pretty cold out there. >> right at the beginning of the eagles season people were complaining, it's not football weather. >> so hot, we were sweating. now definitely want to bundle up. >> got your wish. >> football weather. we had a good time, didn't we? >> always. >> all right. well, a familiar face coming back to "snl." tracy morgan no stranger to "saturday night live." >> no, but after his near death experience a year ago, he has
4:50 pm
new perspective on life. coming up, how he's putting the past behind him.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> just over a year ago comedian tracy morgan nearly died in an accident on the new jersey turnpike. >> this weekend he's back in his old home at "snl." mark barger shows us how he's recovering through laughter. >> tracy morgan's emotional appearance on last month's emmy awards was just a start.
4:54 pm
>> i miss you guys so much. when i got on stage, it was overwhelming for me. >> another wave of emotion likely this weekend when morgan comes back to host the show that ignited his career. >> i didn't say stop, bobby, keep clapping. >> morgan's return comes just 16 months after a highway crash left him with a tra tumatic bra injury. >> to have him come back is special on so many levels. >> reporter: current "snl" cast member grew up watching morgan's antics in studio 8-h. >> that bird is a liar. >> you'll see lots of familiar faces still around. >> so many of the people who work here have worked here for so many years that most people are his old coworkers, you know, so people are really excited to have him back. it's going to be awesome. >> monday night morgan tweeted pictures of his first comedy club appearance. michael che recalled seeing morgan in a similar venue days before his accident.
4:55 pm
>> he reenacted planet of the apes for 45 minutes in the back of a comedy club, so i can't wait to see him again. >> a show with four decades of memorable moments. >> this is not the season finale. >> it will be after i'm done with it. >> could have a few more this weekend. mark barger, nbc news. >> great to see that sense of humor intact. >> i know, a couple months ago he said he wanted to get back to making people laugh. it's here. >> worked just now. more to come on saturday. well, big chill also on the way for the weekend. >> brittney is keeping track of the temperatures. >> we are really cooling things down as we head into the weekend, both during the day but especially at night. i am tracking a freeze watch for you. i'll let you know how cold it's going to get. >> also ahead after last week's deadly shootings in oregon, many students wondered if their schools were safe from a similar attack. now a college at the jersey shore is looking at the possibility of arming its security guards. plus the worker accused of
4:56 pm
shooting his boss. how far the suspect got before he was captured next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now at 5:00 a worker accused of shooting his boss at a montgomery county cab company. sky force 10 over the taxi company in north hills, where police say the shooting happened this afternoon. the suspect made it nearly 20 miles from the scene there in
4:59 pm
abington township to southwest philadelphia before he was caught. >> that's where nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is live tonight. i know you have some information on the suspect. first, how is the victim doing? >> reporter: we're told that victim is in stable condition. just to give you a perspective, it would take nearly an hour to get to this intersection at 72nd and woodland avenue where police made the arrest. they stopped this blue dodge avenger. here's a look at the arrest from sky force 10. witnesses say there wasn't any commotion at all. police ordered the driver to stop, then made the arrest. they also recovered a .40-caliber handgun. a woman was in the passenger seat of the car and she's also in custody tonight. >> big success showing how an incident that happened at 1:30 this afternoon, information sharing between agencies and how quickly someone is brought into custody without any further
5:00 pm
incidents. >> reporter: now philadelphia police are waiting for abington police to take over the scene. we're also told abington police will get a search warrant for that car so they are going to stay here until abington police come down. coming up at 6:00, hear from a witness who watched everything unfold. that's the latest here in southwest philadelphia. i'm aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> now to your first alert weather. we enjoyed another day in the 60s, but it's time to brace for a big drop in temperatures. >> meteorologist brittney shipp is joining us now with the chilly details. brittney? >> things are really going to cool down for us into the weekend. you'll notice the biggest difference as you're waking up on sunday morning, so tomorrow won't be quite as bad, but definitely sunday morning, into monday morning is when the cold is going to settle in and you're going to see the 20s back on the map. quakertown 29


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