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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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incidents. >> reporter: now philadelphia police are waiting for abington police to take over the scene. we're also told abington police will get a search warrant for that car so they are going to stay here until abington police come down. coming up at 6:00, hear from a witness who watched everything unfold. that's the latest here in southwest philadelphia. i'm aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> now to your first alert weather. we enjoyed another day in the 60s, but it's time to brace for a big drop in temperatures. >> meteorologist brittney shipp is joining us now with the chilly details. brittney? >> things are really going to cool down for us into the weekend. you'll notice the biggest difference as you're waking up on sunday morning, so tomorrow won't be quite as bad, but definitely sunday morning, into monday morning is when the cold is going to settle in and you're going to see the 20s back on the map. quakertown 29 degrees, landsdale
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closer to 31. parts of south jersey, near burlington county, also the southern parts of camden, gloucester county temperatures dropping down to freezing for indian mills, also down to 32 degrees in hammenton and millville. so again, frost will be likely into monday morning, so this is going to affect us saturday night and sunday night. so a cold weekend ahead. we have a freeze watch that's going to be in effect for all the areas here highlighted in purple. we also have frost possible for philadelphia, although there's not a frost advisory just yet. and again, this freeze watch is going to affect the lehigh valley, the poconos, into parts of south jersey. that's going to go into effect overnight saturday and sunday. our temperatures tonight are still pretty mild right now in the 60s. as we head into this evening, we'll drop down into the mid 40s for philadelphia, overnight lows into the 30s to the north and west. currently mainly in the 50s and 60s, 63 degrees in philadelphia, 64 in atlantic city and city
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planner shows a relatively comfortable evening for us, but i am tracking how cold we'll get coming up in my full forecast. sky force 10 over the scene of a deadly crash in camden county today, happened around 8:30 this morning on college drive in gloucester township. one of the cars involved flipped over, killed two people inside. the driver of the second car is in critical condition. and sky force 10 over this accident just off route 55 northbound in elk township gloucester county, one car involved here, this driver was taken to cooper university hospital. initially 55 northbound was restricted to one lane. all those lanes are now open. after last week's deadly shootings at umpqua community college in oregon, a lot of students wondered if their schools were safe from a similar attack. >> now a college at the jersey shore is looking at the possibility of arming its security guards. ted greenberg has more. >> reporter: atlantic cape community college has security
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officers patrolling its three campuses, but they don't carry guns. >> they should have guns just in case because you never know what can happen. >> seems to me a no-brainer, especially in this day and age. >> reporter: this month's deadly mass shooting at a community college in oregon and other similar violence prompted atlantic county executive dennis levinson to send this letter to the president and trustees urging them to consider arming security, especially on the school's secluded campus. >> the unthinkable is happening with regularity and we most certainly have to be prepared. >> it's a very real possibility. how we do that, that's what we're going to be talking about. >> reporter: the college president says he's putting together a team of experts from atlantic and cape may county to work with school officials to identify strategies on how security can be improved. >> taking thought now for us to be responsible and have a look at what our plan is. >> reporter: some students told
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us they are not sold on the idea of having armed officers here. >> i think our security has been doing very well with keeping us safe. >> i feel our security is good enough. i feel it kind of feels like it brings intensity, you know what i mean? >> reporter: college administrators expect to make recommendations to the board of trustees in about three months and changes could come by late january. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. jury deliberations are finished for the day in the 2013 market street building collapse that killed six people and injured more than a dozen others. for the past two weeks general contractor griffin campbell has been on trial for third-degree murder. today both sides made closing arguments before jurors started deliberating around 4:00 p.m. their primary responsibility is to determine if campbell demolished the building even though he knew it was dangerous. prosecutors call campbell a monster who put money over lives. the defense calls it a horrible
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accident. opening statements got under way today in the trial of chaka fattah jr., a retired senior lending officer and vice president for united bank of philadelphia testified. he reviewed fattah jr.'s commercial loan application for his businesses called 259. he's accused of misusing federal education contracts and loans to pay personal expenses. he denied the charges. a community holds its breath for answers about what happened to 3-year-old brendan creato. it also is organizing a moment to breathe, if you will. yoga instructor anita brown will hold a prayerful yoga class tomorrow morning at 8:30, less than two blocks from where brendan's body was found. the child was reported missing by his father monday night. brown anticipates a crowd of up to 50 people. a grief councselor will be ther and organizers are making blue and black ribbons to honor the 3 year old. >> so many of us were brought up
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to shut down our emotions. it will be okay, just don't cry, and i think that crying is really healing, and that especially when you have the support of others around you, >> today detectives were back out at the site where k-9 units discovered the body. there is no cause or manner of death on brendan's autopsy, which has investigators at somewhat of a standstill. we're following new information in the armed robbery of a temple football player. this police surveillance video released today shows one of two suspects who attacked the victim just after midnight on thursday. the student was leaving a carryout restaurant on 10th and susquehanna streets when two suspects forced him to the ground and stole his car and cell phone. just three hours later another temple student was robbed near his home at 15th and montgomery. police released surveillance video today showing two suspects. the pair showed off a handgun,
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they stole a zrdriver's license debit card, and a temple student i.d. police do not believe the robberies are related. they are following different suspect descriptions in each case. two chester county residents are the first to be charged under pennsylvania's new law that makes it illegal to have animal fighting paraphernalia. they found five pit bull terriers and several puppies last night. also inside the home were dog tread mills, steroids, syringes, and printed material promoting dog fighting. chester county spca is working to find the dogs loving homes. it's illegal to have any fighting paraphernalia in pennsylvania, and that includes adrenaline boosting drugs, blood clotting agents and additional commitment. wilmington police officers will receive a pay increase as part of a new contract with the city. a state labor court ordered the raises. the officers will receive a 3% retroactive pay increase over three years, costing the city
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about $3.5 million. one city councilman says the increases could lead to tax increases next year. tonight residents in part of philadelphia's strawberry mansion section are safer. the reason, volunteers from the insurance society of philadelphia helped local firefighters install free smoke alarms in close to 250 homes. as part of their third annual week of giving. since 2012 the group has raised more than $150,000 to fund fire prevention efforts in the city. a new sports complex in newcastle county is one step closer to reality. this afternoon a ground breaking ceremony took place in middletown on levels road near route 301. the indoor/outdoor facility includes a 170-acre complex with 20 soccer, lacrosse, and hockey fields and 16 baseball diamonds. an unbelievable sight in southern california. cars, trucks, and tractor trailers buried in mud. coming up next we'll hear from
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people who saw the wall of mud coming towards them. plus joe biden sends a message to his biggest supporters. why it could mean he's closer to getting into the presidential race. and it departed as us airways but will return as american airlines. how philadelphia's playing a role in this merger and what passengers need to know before taking their next flight.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a quick but torrential downpour led to massive mudslides in california. trapping hundreds of vehicles on roads just north of l.a. >> drivers report the roads became covered in as little as 30 seconds, stranding some overnight as car-sized boulders and mud continue to cover highways. >> right now cars, trucks, even houses are still surrounded in mud. >> reporter: a day of muck covered cleanup after a night of sheer panic. >> 911! >> reporter: as mudslides in parts of southern california cut off highways near lake hughes. >> it was just like a freight train coming through your house. it really was. it was loud. it was really loud. >> reporter: cars, semitrucks,
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snaking down interstate 5, trapped in a muddy nightmare. >> all we saw was a mountain of boulders and -- and dirt and stuff coming right for us. and it pretty much lifted my car up, and spun us around like it was nothing. >> reporter: the storm struck with little warning. as much as five inches of pounding rain in an hour for some areas, and marble size hail. too much water too fast. triggered mudslides. >> that just wiped some of these cars aft road here. >> reporter: hillsides crumbled into roadways swallowing dozens of cars and even homes. this is the most dangerous weather they've seen in quite some time. they've gone through car by car marking them with yellow tape once they determine nobody is stuck inside. the big digout is under way to free trapped vehicles on the highway. the quick moving system gone, but leaving plenty of damage
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behind. jennifer bjorklund, nbc news, lake hughes, california. from mudslides to fire in central texas, covered more than 4500 acres and burned at least 40 homes. a new weather pattern is moving into the area, complicating the way firefighters are going to have to battle this blaze. a federal firefighting team is pitching in to help now. officials aren't sure how much progress they can make, but say they are not sacrificing anyone's safety. >> we have the assistance now of the federal blue team, a professional firefighting team. >> around 300 firefighters are battling that blaze. hillary clinton's long-time staffer testified this morning before house committee investigating the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. the top state department aide when clinton served as secretary of state, now she's the vice chairwoman of clinton's presidential campaign. hillary clinton is expected to
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testify next week. four americans were killed in the attacks, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. just as democrats were starting to count him out, vice president joe biden sent a clear signal he still may enter the race. in a letter to former biden staffers, one of biden's closest advisers wrote, "he believes we must win this collection. everything he and the president have worked for and care about is at stake." former senator ted coughlin served as biden's chief of staff for two decades and has been by the vice president's side for months. coughlin described the approach taken to win the election, a campaign from the heart, a campaign consistent with his values, our values, and the values of the american people. first filing deadlines are about two weeks away, so time is of the essence. here's chuck todd with a look ahead of this sunday's "meet the press." :yet another busy week in presidential politics in the research and looking ahead.
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hillary clinton passed a major test at her first debate of the season. more than half of democrats we surveyed say she was the winner. her next big challenge comes up this week as she goes before the house benghazi committee. on the republican side of the race, donald trump continues to lead the field, but if you're skeptical of his staying power, there's one antiestablishment candidate we think is waiting in the wings, it's ted cruz and he joins me exclusively sunday on "meet the press." >> and you can see "meet the press" here on nbc 1010:30 sunday morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening, we are going to see cooler temperatures as we head into the weekend, so that's our big headline, a cold weekend is on tap and we're talking daytime temperatures as well as overnight temperatures getting close to freezing, i'll show you that and a closer look at the eagles forecast. here's a hint, cold is going to stick around closer to monday
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night. 60 degrees with more sunshine than clouds, 63 in philadelphia, 64 degrees in atlantic city, and across the rest of the region, 59 in pottstown, so pretty much a comfortable evening ahead for us, but then you're going to have to break out the thicker coats into tomorrow and also sunday. 62 currently in mount holly, 64 degrees in atlantic city, 63 in wildwood, so not a bad evening at all. temperatures are going to drop down into the 40s in philadelphia overnight. let's look at future temperatures, cool, even mild air sitting over philadelphia, stretching down into washington and parts of the carolinas, but we have this cold air that's really going to invade us as we head into your saturday, sunday, and linger into monday, so colder temperatures expected for us, national weather service already issued a freeze watch and that's going to affect all the areas here highlighted in purple. we expect to see patchy frost for philadelphia saturday night and more of a possibility as we head into sunday, but no advisories have been issued as of right now for philadelphia,
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stretching down into wilmington. but talking about the freeze warning, which will go into effect for saturday night and also sunday night, we are going to see temperatures through the lehigh valley, close to the poconos in the 20s, up to about 30 degrees. now where we also have a freeze watch is closer to parts of south jersey and temperatures are going to cover closer to freezing or just around 30 degrees. we don't expect to see any 20s in south jersey, so that's the big difference, but the time frame's the same, that's saturday night heading into sunday night. during the day our temperatures are still going to take a hit, as well. 60s today, average is 67. tomorrow mid 50s, 56 degrees the high on saturday. sunday 51, and monday 54 degrees, that's our daytime high. as we get closer to the eagles game, you'll notice the temperatures dropping down substantially. pretty cold out there by the time the game starts at 8:30. a few clouds moving through parts of philadelphia and most of our suburbs to the north and west of the city, then we're
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seeing scattered showers trying to push into the poconos. you'll notice most of the showers are dying out closer to the poconos and we will see the showers dying off as we get into the rest of tonight. lows around the region will not be as cold as what we'll see on saturday night and sunday night we drop down to the mid 40s for philadelphia, 43 in wilmington, down to the 30s for pottstown and allentown. cold night ahead but even colder as the cold air moves in as we push into saturday and sunday. highs around the region tomorrow to kick off your weekend, mid 50s, not the 60s like we enjoyed today and the day before and the day before. 53 your high as we head into pottstown tomorrow. your eagles football forecast, giants taking on the eagles here at home. kickoff we expect temperatures closer to the 40s, 44 degrees by the fourth quarter, closer to about 42 degrees. as far as tonight's concerned, expect temperatures to drop down to 44 degrees from philadelphia, in the 30s for suburbs to the north and west and range tomorrow between 53 and 57
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degrees. your seven-day forecast shows those 50s are here to stay for the next three days. we warm back into the 60s as we head into tuesday, and then take a look at what happens on our tuesday, we warm back into the 60s, 65 wednesday, 70 degrees, at least we're going back above average but the overnight lows on saturday night and sunday night that are really going to feel cold. >> brr. all right, nbc 10 and telemundo 62 want you to celebrate with us. fun's happening this saturday, october 17th, of course, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the camden water front. there will be music, dancing, costumes, arts and crafts and meet and take pictures with the nbc 10 and telemundo 62 on-air team. head to for the details. you can also get a $4 discount on the cost of admission by using the promote code 4ninos. did you get a new credit card in the mail recently? the new cards have a security chip supposed to make your
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information safer, but for many customers it's just causing more problems. we'll explain how you can avoid some of those hassles next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. did you do that? remember these videos, the ice bucket challenge? the sensation that had people all over the country raising money to fight als. now numbers show that support has dramatically dropped.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> on this week's nbc 10 at issue we take on the question whether or not parents should let their underaged children drink alcohol at home. it's against the law in many states, including pennsylvania, but some say it's time to make a change and give parents the right to choose. others say it is sending the wrong message. don't miss nbc 10 at issue sundays at 11:30 after "meet the press." you may have received one in the mail, i have, those new credit cards embedded with the security computer chip. well they are now hitting mailboxes as a way to keep your identity protected and cash registers nationwide are being updated, gradually. it's not exactly been a smooth rollout. most retailers don't have the new credit card readers in place. about 20% of consumers have
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actually received their new cards and are told to switch immediately as your current one will soon expire. switching cards, though, is a lot to deal with. you have to think about the companies that automatically charge your credit card every month, newspapers or gym memberships, a lot of those charges are not going through. the old credit cards are expiring before customers update their new information. >> just got the new mastercard with the new little chip in it, and it was compromised. >> slid it through, it didn't take. >> i didn't know why my credit card wasn't going through. >> so what should you do when your new card arrives? first, activate it, don't procrastinate like me. second, update your payment information to any of the companies that bill you regularly, and third, beware, watch out for any scams. you've probably complained about the crowds. >> no, i never do. >> you like them? >> i'm the rare person who gets
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me in the holiday spirit. people in delaware are celebrating. how businesses revitalize the christi christiana mall. >> tonight, brian westbrook is looking back even further at his glory days on the high school football field. our friday night flashback is coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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>> sunny and in the 60s, that's how it's supposed to feel this time of year, but we are bracing for an early taste of winter. here's a live look at the fall foliage from our camera in the poconos, where temperatures could drop into the upper 20s. >> the what? >> i know. >> too soon. >> brittney, it's too soon. >> i know, but it's not just the poconos, the lehigh valley is going to see temperatures in the high 20s as we get into monday morning. sunday night's going to be one of the coldest nights. here's a closer look, the areas highlighted in purple is a freeze watch that will go into effect saturday night and sunday night, so we have cold weekend nights ahead for us. frost is going to be a possibility for areas like philadelphia, also into wilmington. let's take a look at some of the numbers as you wake up on sunday morning. 31 degrees only for allentown. we'll be in the 30s for bethlehem. quakertown 29 degrees on sunday, 31 in pottstown and a closer look at the other spot that's going to be the coldest, closer to south jersey. not right along the shoreline,
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but the southern parts of burlington county and gloucester and camden counties down to 32 degrees in vooinland, 33 degrees sunday morning in millville and frost is going to be likely once again as we head into monday morning. tonight will not be quite as bad, but definitely we are going to see closer to record cold as we head into sunday morning and monday morning, and that's included for philadelphia, too. so our forecast alone, no frost advisory yet for philadelphia, closer to 36 degrees, the record is 32. we are going to drop down to 33 monday morning and the record is 29. i'm keeping a close eye on the really cold temperatures for you. your city planner shows we have another nice night ahead, temperatures by 7:00 p.m. at 58 degrees, by 10:00 p.m. 54 and tonight we'll see temperatures dropping down into the mid 40s. saturday and sunday, those are your cold nights. coming up i'll let you know how cold it gets saturday during the day and also on sunday in my full forecast.
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from our delaware bureau, the christiana shopping complex is expanding. it is bringing more options for shoppers, more jobs, and more of something else. we're talking about traffic in that area. >> yeah, but as nbc 10 delaware reporter tim furlong shows us, most people are happy with the changes. >> reporter: a very busy shopping complex has gotten bigger and busier in the last couple years and it's in the middle of yet another growth spurt. >> sales are strong, traffic is strong, overall we're having one of the best years we've had. >> reporter: more than half of the christiana mall's customers come from 30 minutes away, and now across the parking lot from the mall another company is building the enormous christiana fashion center, huge stores, some open, some set to open soon, and lots of heavy gear pushing dirt to make way for even more retail and restaurants. weekends and especially during the holidays the roads in and around the shopping paradise are going to be slamming. the container store opens
5:32 pm
tomorrow, their new managers haven't seen their new neighborhood at its busiest. >> our customers, you know, love to come in, love to shop with us, and, you know, give yourself a little bit of time going into the area, but please come and see us. >> reporter: they have made a lot of improvements in the area and treat the area as a constant work in progress. the mall also brings in police officer to help with traffic during the holidays but does beg to question how much is too much, but clearly, the field of dreams mentality really works well here. if you build it, they will come and shop in it. >> most malls would kill for that problem, to have too many people in their center, so we're happy to have it. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> customers are dealing with similar issues around the king of prussia mall in montgomery county. a construction project is under way to connect the two ends of the mall, this is a rendering of the final look. the construction equipment has taken up dozens of parking spots, which could pose a problem during the mall's busy holiday season.
5:33 pm
you know how hard it is to find a parking space. the mall now plans to add more valet parking to help alleviate that congestion. king of prussia is also planning to hire up to 2,000 seasonal workers for the holidays. the holiday rush runs between thanksgiving and new years, but the mall says it wants to hire people soon. happen right now, take a look at this live picture. this is a dust storm that's moving through phoenix, arizona, right now. the weather service is asking people to pull as far off the road as possible until visibility there improves. the winds are about 60 miles per hour. also right now at 5:00, some new developments in the medical scare for nba star lamar odom. we've learned tonight odom is out of a coma and is now speaking on his own, that's what sources are telling nbc's sister network e!. the 35-year-old former nba champ woke up today for the first time
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since being found unconscious in the nevada brothel on tuesday. employees of the brothel told police odom used cocaine the day he arrived and an herbal sexual stimulant throughout his visit. he's said to be off life support now. someone gunned down a man in allentown last night and investigators want to know who did it. shane preston was found dead just after 11:00 last night on west allen street. an autopsy set for tomorrow, no word of any suspects. and a walmart cashier is recovering from stab wounds. he was attacked while trying to stop a shoplifter this morning. philadelphia police say the suspect was walking out of the philadelphia mills store with a 48-inch tv when the cashier asked for a receipt, the suspect presented an old one, and when the cashier questioned him, he threatened the worker before st stabbing him in the arm. the suspect then drove away in a light colored hatchback toyota prius. closer to getting protected sand dunes that many ocean front
5:35 pm
home owners didn't want. of the 128 home owners, they have completed property assessments for the last ten holdouts who refused to sign easements for work to begin. the state plans to launch imminent domain proceedings if they still refuse. in the next 30 to 45 days the state will file dozens of motio motions. new jersey has already filed for imminent domain for properties. hundreds of volunteers took to the streets of north philadelphia to fix eight homes in desperate need of repair. for these people it was all in a day's work. local students, corporate volunteers, and home owners worked side by side for rebuilding together philadelphia. the homes they repaired were on north franklin street. they took on a variety of projects, including grab bars for elderly home owners, vinyl floors, as well as painting. >> our work is all about
5:36 pm
community, the community involved home owners, neighbors, volunteers, and it involves the entire city. we all benefit from this work. >> in the past two days, the group made repairs to 13 homes. we've seen it on signs for years, but now there's a movement to change the symbol for the handicap. why supporters say it will focus on people's abilities instead of their disabilities. plus, rescued from the rubble, a collapse at a construction site sends workers to the hospital. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> remember that? last year when everyone was dumping ice water on their heads for charity, turns out the ice bucket challenge is a lot less lucrative this year.
5:39 pm
the als association says the challenge raised just over a million dollars this year. last year the campaign raised $115 million. >> being a part of some broader movement and broader audience and belonging to that is very, very powerful. however, it's very, very short term, and these kind of campaigns typically peak and then they disappear, and the biggest challenge is how do you build long-term awareness. >> the als association raises money to fight lou gehrig's disease. connecticut could be the next state to adopt the new symbol for disability parking. here's how the symbol looks right now. it is a stick figure sitting in a wheelchair. compare it to the redesign. the new symbol is a more action oriented figure designed to show that people in wheelchairs can be independent. last year new york adopted this
5:40 pm
new symbol but some members of the disability rights community are against it. we know how good he played as an eagle, but what about his time in high school? we're taking him on a friday night flashback next. i hope you're ready for the cold, because it is here. i am tracking temperatures dropping close and below freezing. i'll let you know which areas will be affected coming up.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> six construction workers are injured after the scaffolding collapsed in houston this morning. you can see in this video piles of metal lying at the base of the seven-story building.
5:43 pm
the workers had to be rescued from the rubble. this collapse happened at an apartment complex under construction. no word yet what caused it. a change could be coming to daily fantasy sports websites in pennsylvania. legislation to limit them to those run by the state's 12 casinos is slated for a committee vote next week in the state house of representatives. comcast, the parent company of nbc, is among the investors. in one of those sites, fan duel. as for now, sports sites in nevada are out of business. regulators have ordered draft kings, fan duel, and others like them to shut down saying they can't operate in the state without a gambling license. frank pallone has also asked lawmakers here to hold a hearing to examine the legal status of fantasy games, given that internet gambling is illegal in the u.s. well, the eagles face a big test on monday night when they take on the division rivals new york giants. >> one of the eagles most high profile players is feeling the pressure. amy joins us from comcast
5:44 pm
sportsnet. demarco murray want add lot of touches in the last game and he got it. >> absolutely, says he looks to get into a rhythm and he was able to do that against the saints. when the eagles take the field monday night, do so trying to get to the top of the division, if you can believe it. a win over the giants would do just that. demarco murray coming off his best game as an eagle. he now faces quite the challenge against the giants defense, the second best in the league. murray says he's up for it. >> yeah, obviously, they are one of the top defenses against the run in the league, and i've been able to play against those guys the last four years, so it's always been a challenge. ayers and those guys are always playing pretty well, playing at a high level this year. definitely be on our edge to face up against these guys. >> much more on the eagles game plan for beating the giants coming up at 6:00. for now, amy fadool, comcast sportsnet. friday night flashback is brought to you by philadelphia's
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credit union. >> time now for our friday night flashback, where we show you the pros where they once were. >> tonight we focus on the guy with much of the attention monday night, soon to be eagles hall of famer brian westbrook. the eagles will honor their all time yards from scrimmage leader at half-time monday night. before he reached the eagles, he was a standout running back in high school. westbrook was more than a standout athlete, he was a standout student, three-year member of the school's honor roll. he earned honorable mention all state for success on the football field and one memory from his younger days stands out above all others. >> my favorite memory probably was my junior year, we won the championship, and so, you know, we had a lot of very good players on our team, but our coach was a big stickler on allowing the teams to play, so he allowed the teams to play, but he also put me in the game so many times and i was able to
5:46 pm
help that team win. i had a touchdown in the championship game, so for me that was probably the most exciting time, winning the championship, but also playing a big part of that game and helping my team win. >> and don't forget tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, we'll have all your high school highlights in our weekly high school blitz tonight at 11:00 on nbc 10. and brian westbrook will be a big part of nbc 10's pregame coverage leading up to monday night's matchup. our eagles game day kickoff begins sunday morning at 10:00 with a look back at the three best moments from westbrook's career. >> then our kickoff coverage continues monday night. westbrook will join us live at the link before being inducted into the eagles hall of fame, that starts at 7:00 here on nbc 10. brittney, by the time we get to monday night, it's going to feel like football weather. >> definitely, because our temperatures are taking a nose dive as we head into saturday, sunday, and that's when we continue into monday. i have your eagles for s foreca
5:47 pm
you. get out your cute eagles sweatshirt. >> my cute one? >> your cute one. outside right now, cape may looks pretty, but definitely chilly as we head into the weekend. that's our big weather headline, we are tracking colder air moving in on saturday and on sunday. you'll really feel a difference as we head into saturday morning and also sunday morning, but definitely the coldst will be on monday, so a cold weekend on tap for us, we are going to see our first frost of the season and then your eagles forecast, it will be a cold one. there's a live look in philadelphia, just a few clouds hanging out. 63 degrees, so really an enjoyable evening ahead for us. our humidity is low, wind speeds are breezy at about 10 miles per hour, but as we go into the rest of tonight, temperatures will stay close to average. saturday night and sunday night you'll really feel the difference. live look at the poconos, 53 degrees, 64 in dover, 63 in wilmington and again the mid 60s
5:48 pm
along the shore, 64 degrees in atlantic city. a closer look at our current temperatures as we look back to the west. you can see how cold it is in places like buffalo, 48 degrees. a lot of this cold canadian air is going to head our way as we push into the weekend. cool air in place that's out of here and we are going to see this cold air moving in. that's going to stick around, not only for saturday, sunday, but you can see until monday. won't be until tuesday our temperatures start to recover, so right now we have a freeze watch and that's going to go into effect tomorrow at midnight, lasting into your sunday morning hours, also your monday morning hours. frost is going to be a possibility for philadelphia as we head into saturday night, but most of sunday night with this freeze watch in effect for parts of the poconos, lehigh valley, and also for parts of south jersey. these are some of the numbers that we're expecting to see. it's going to be a cold sunday morning, we expect to get down to freezing, 33 degrees, 33 in mount holly, temperatures in pem perton at 33 and frost is going
5:49 pm
to be likely once again monday morning as you're getting kids ready to head back to school, another cold morning on tap for us. closer look at the lehigh valley areas, 31 degrees will be our current at that time, 29 will be the temperature in quakertown, we'll be waking up at 31 degrees. won't be just the overnight temperatures we're going to suffer with, also during the day. our average is 67 degrees for this time of year, heading into tomorrow, 56, only a high of 51 degrees on sunday and by monday temperatures don't recover much, 54 degrees our daytime high. by the time you head to the game monday night, it will be on the cold side. radar shows clouds starting to push into parts of the lehigh valley and into the poconos. same thing with the light showers, most are dying down as they get closer to the poconos. we don't want these to go farther south than the poconos, closer to the lehigh valley and we'll stay mainly dry as we head into the rest of tonight and the weekend. our highs around the region tomorrow will push into the mid
5:50 pm
50s, so still about ten degrees colder than today. today we push into the mid 60s so expect temperatures for philadelphia closer to 57, same for wilmington. 55 in allentown, 45 degrees the high in the poconos and 59 will be the high tomorrow in atlantic city. if you plan on heading out to the eagles game, know it's going to be cold as the eagles take on the giants. by kickoff 44 degrees and cold. temperatures expected to stay cold into the fourth quarter, only 42 degrees. as far as tonight's concerned, 39 north and west and pushing into tomorrow, notice our temperatures will stay in the 50s. that already starts us off on the cold side as we get into saturday night and into sunday night. here's a break down of your seven day forecast. 56 on your saturday, overnight lows down to 38 degrees for philadelphia, much colder for other locations, especially in the lehigh valley and parts of south jersey and we stay cold into monday, back into the 60s by tuesday.
5:51 pm
dancing will keep you warm over this cold weekend. there will be a lot of moving at the 12th annual fabulous '50s and beyond celebration. it starts tonight. the two-day celebration plays tribute to the role of the birth of rock and roll music. tonight there's a dance party outside the wildwood convention center. saturday will be a street fair with music and entertainment all day. also this weekend, part of philadelphia will be transformed into hogs mead for the harry pott potter festival. a complementary bus will take wizards and muggles throughout chestnut hills. visitors will take part in the scavenger hunt and maze. the event runs from 10:00 until 6:00. >> didn't know they had buses back then. >> something new. learning something new every day here, right? >> absolutely. it is the end of an era for us airways. >> the airline took its final
5:52 pm
flight out of philadelphia this morning before merging with american airlines. what the change means for passengers and what you need to know before your first flight. vince mazzeo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow
5:53 pm
north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
5:54 pm
this is nbc 10 news.
5:55 pm
>> the end of an era in aviation today. the final us airways flight took off from philadelphia international airport this morning. the last journey before an historic merger with american airlines is complete. the plane still has a few more stops to make before its final leg, a red eye from san francisco back to philly. >> when the flight finally lands tomorrow, us airways will no longer exist. >> nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray explains what customers need to know about this merger. >> reporter: us airways' final departure will be on this air bus 8321, still displaying colors and familiar logo, it's like 1939, the year the carrier began as it becomes a part of american, now the world's largest airline. >> what i hope for as a traveler is that the airlines will choose the best of each of them. >> reporter: the merger was announced two years ago and since then the airlines have been working behind the scenes towards this day, running 5 million mock reservations,
5:56 pm
testing more than 9,000 computers and kiosks, and spending more than a million hours training employees. >> american actually has a system that's pretty easy to slide in the us airways system. they've been actually doing a pretty good job of this for the last few years. >> reporter: still, at times it's been confusing and frustrating for passengers. >> we were like are we american or us air, we didn't know what we were supposed to be checking in at. >> reporter: the website and reservation system will go dark, it will take longer to repaint planes and swap out crew uniforms, as us airways flies away. jay gray, nbc news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, are people in jersey rude? tonight a new campaign launched for people who ride the train. brittney? >> and break out the jackets, it's going to be a chilly weekend. i'll have all the details coming up in my first alert forecast. plus, we continue to follow breaking news. a workplace shooting. that's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now at 6:00, a worker accused of shooting his boss over an alleged argument about money on national boss' day. good evening everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. we're going to show you a picture of the victim, alex kagen, a father of three. the shooting happened this afternoon at a cab company in abington township, montgomery county. and police tracked down the
5:59 pm
suspect in southwest philadelphia. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is joining us live from southwest philly with the latest. aundrea? >> reporter: well, we're learning from kagan's business partner he was shot in his right side. the suspect was tracked down nearly 20 miles away, right here at this intersection. you see his car, that blue dodge avenger is tistill here at the intersection. now this all happened at 1:30 at the suburban taxi company, according to abington police, kagan and the suspect had an argument about money. that's when the suspect allegedly shot him and fled. here's the arrest from sky force 10. witnesses from the corner store watched the entire thing unfold. they said that they were scared, but that the situation did not cause a whole lot of commotion.
6:00 pm
>> we saw the police coming over, asked him to get out of the car and he had a gun on his side. then he got out of the car. >> reporter: now at last check alex kagan is in stable condition at the hospital. philadelphia police recovered a .40-caliber handgun at the scene. there was also a woman in the car who is also now in police custody. abington police are taking over the stichituation. i still haven't heard back about when the intersection will be cleared. reporting live in southwest philadelphia, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. to our weather now, and if you haven't fired up the heat yet, you may have to this weekend. we could see our first freeze in some areas. nbc 10 meteorologist brittney shipp is joining us now with her chilly first alert forecast. brittney? >> cold one into the n


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