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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 17, 2015 12:37am-1:38am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- anne hathaway, from "gotham," ben mckenzie, pizza masters francis garcia and sal basille, featuring the 8g band with stephen perkins. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies andentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] glad to hear it. in that case, let's get to the news. after pope francis became the first pontiff to address the joint session of congress today, he went to meet with a group of homeless people. that's right. he spoke to some people who spent all their time begging for money, and then he met with the homeless.
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[ laughter ] arizona representative paul gosar was the only congressman to refuse to attend this morning's speech by the pope. in gosar's defense, it was his only option once he realized that he and the pope were wearing the same thing. [ laughter ] no way. today? son of a -- [ laughter ] pope francis then traveled to new york city this afternoon and attended evening prayers at saint patrick's cathedral. however, despite all the prayers, traffic in new york is still a [ bleep ] nightmare. [ cheers and applause ] [ honking sounds ] i swear to god. i swear to god. [ laughter ] [ honking ] donald trump -- [ laughter ] i just want to give you a second to remember who it is. donald trump was scheduled to appear on fox news' "the
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o'reilly factor" tonight, but fox cancelled on him after his recent comments criticizing the network. so you want to hear about donald trump, you'll have to try cnn, msnbc, abc, nbc, cbs, bravo, facebook, twitter or just going outside. [ laughter ] pick it up. you have to stay with me. in a "60 minutes" piece set to air sunday, russian president vladimir putin said that what he loves most about america is its creativity, which is the most back-handed compliment, isn't it? it's something you would say about your most disappointing son. this is kevin. he's not a banker or doctor like his brothers, but he's so creative. [ laughter ] and kevin here is going to move out as soon as his web series takes off. isn't that right, kevin? kevin. [ laughter ] the golden state warriors have
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become the second nba team to place advertisements on their practice jerseys. the first, of course, was the new york knicks. [ laughter ] the advertisements on the golden state warriors' jerseys feature the logo for yoats, yogurt with oats for all those times when you've been watching basketball and thought, "i wish there was a product to combine my two favorite game-watching foods, yogurt and oats." [ laughter and applause ] yoats. yoats. a 105-year-old japanese man has set a new record in his age group for the 100 meter dash. he barely outran the guy right behind him. [ laughter ] today is national punctuation day. so today, we celebrate the
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appearance of a period for a totally different reason. [ laughter and applause ] yoats! [ laughter ] yoats to that. gisele bundchen has announced she will be releasing a $700 coffee table book celebrating her 20 year modeling career. and to make sure tom brady reads it, she'll wrap it in the new york jets playbook. [ laughter and applause ] and finally, according to a new study, global warming has begun to affect migrating tree frogs -- wait, wait, i'm sorry. i could be wrong here. but, i think i smell smoke. and that could only mean one thing. it's time for "ya burnt!" [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome to the burn zone. we got a lot of topics to sizzle through. not a lot of time. over here is the burner.
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let's turn on the gas and load her up. first up, pope merchandise. pope merchandise, from t-shirts to mugs, you can get pretty much anything you want to commemorate the pope's historic visit. it's like catholic comic-con, but with fewer virgins. side burn, comic-con. >> side burn. >> seth: and nothing exemplifies your devout submission to catholic doctrine like a pope francis bobblehead doll. although, i guess you can at least use your pope bobblehead to justify your questionable choices. hey pope, is it okay if i masturbate? [ laughter ] pope merch! more like nope merch! ya, burnt! [ cheers and applause ] ah, hayrides. the rides that make you say, "hey, this ride sucks." a tractor pulls a trailer at the break neck speed of five miles per hour. you're not a ride. you're the amish version of space mountain. oh, can we cool it with the haunted hayrides?
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i've taken trips to ikea with my wife that were scarier. side burn, ikea. >> side burn. >> seth: hayrides, i took a straw poll, and the results are in. ya burnt! volkswagen. the german car maker is accused of cheating on emissions tests. now their stock is plummeting and they may have to recall millions of cars. and just when we were beginning to trust the germans again. [ laughter ] listen, if you're gonna cheat on a test, germany, at least take a page from the americans and cheat off the asian kids. plus, volkswagen, you're the boring car. you're not supposed to have a scandal. this would be like finding out judy from hr is part of a sex cult. >> judy just wants to connect. >> seth: i suppose we should've known better than to trust you, volkswagen. after all, you invented the vw bug. the car whose very appearance makes people punch their friends. hey, volkswagen, no punch backs, ya burnt! ah, sweaters, the shirt that
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turns every doorknob into a taser. plus, it's an easy way to make it look like you gained 30 extra pounds. hey buddy, "you put on some weight?" no, "it's just a cable knit." and if you get hot inside, you can always take a sweater off. the only down side is, you have to look like a mad scientist the rest of the day. look at bernie sanders. he took off his sweater in 1981, and his hair still hasn't recovered. [ laughter ] side burn, bernie sanders. >> side bernie. >> seth: sweaters, i'm itchy, but you? ya burnt! jon hamm. after eight nominations for your portrayal of don draper, one of the most iconic tv characters of all time, you finally won your first emmy. maybe some people didn't think it was hard for a smooth, handsome guy to play a smooth, handsome guy, but make no mistake, you were the heart of "mad men." and that's you're this weeks unburnable fall upwards to safety, my friend. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] nasa! everyone was so excited for the new matt damon movie "the
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martian", and then you had to come and announce that what happens in the movie was impossible. wow, thank you. are you also going to tell me that a planet can't actually be ruled by apes? how about telling kids that the ice caps are melting and santa's house is going to be under water soon. >> ho, ho, no! >> seth: houston, we have a problem. you're a buzz kill. nasa, ya burnt! [ cheers and applause ] up next, smiling strangers. you -- [ buzzer ] that buzzer means we've run out of time. looks like i have to turn that frown right-side up another time. this has been "ya burnt." [ cheers and applause ] everybody, we have a great show for you tonight. from the new film "the intern", the always delightful anne hathaway is joining us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is from the show "gotham" on fox. ben mckenzie is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] and they have just written a cookbook called "staten italy." they're the host of cooking channels "pizza masters," francis garcia and sal basille
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are joining us. [ cheers and applause ] they're going to teach me how to make a staten island pie. can't wait for that. we will be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for nearly 10 years. humira can lower your ability
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you guys, he's been here all week on the drums. from jane's addiction, give it up for stephen perkins. [ cheers and applause ] stephen and jane's addiction will be performing their classic album, "ritual de lo habitual" in its entirety, at the fun fun fun festival in austin, where the group will be the headline act on saturday, november 7th. thank you for being here all week, stephen, really appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] and give it up for the 8g band, everybody! the best band going. [ cheers and applause ] you guys, our first guest is an academy award winning actress who starred in movies like "interstellar", "the dark knight rises", and "the devil wears prada." starting friday, you can see her opposite robert de niro in the new film "the intern." let's take a look. >> thanks, but you don't have to. i can open the door. >> sure. >> okay, so this shouldn't take more than an hour. but if you can't stay here, i'll call becky and then she'll find you, and then you can just pull up. >> don't worry.
12:51 am
i'll be here. >> i think i forgot to eat today. >> should i pick you up some sushi? >> no, i eat too much mercury. i'll be fine. i'm good. i'm actually kinda nauseous so -- ♪ >> seth: please welcome to the show, anne hathaway. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i'm well. how are you? >> seth: it's good to see you, as always. >> thank you. lovely to see you. >> seth: i saw something, because i feel like you have -- obviously, you've worked with robert de niro, you've worked with meryl streep. you've been in hollywood a long time. you've won an oscar. might be hard to get blown away, but i saw footage from you on your red carpet for the premiere of "the intern", and you were losing your mind a little bit
12:52 am
because mariah carey was there. >> yes. >> seth: so were you just -- is that someone you've never met before? >> no, i still haven't met her. >> seth: what happened? she was right there at your premiere. >> i know it. yeah, i know you think, you just want to, like, run up and say "hey, how's it going?" but if you're not going to, like, sit down and have a meal with them, or work with them. sometimes when you meet -- i mean i am not good at meeting people. >> seth: so you're worried you'll make a bad first impression? is that what you're saying? >> i'm not worried. i know. >> seth: you know. >> it is so happening. i am not good at keeping it, like, together and cool. >> seth: gotcha. so you would rather not even have the interaction than risk talking to mariah carey? >> basically, yeah, i mean -- >> seth: hypothetically -- hypothetically, i'm mariah carey. what do you do you think you would have done? >> hypothetically? >> seth: yeah, so i'm mariah carey, i'm talking to somebody, and you come over. >> um, excuse me. >> seth: oh, hi. [ laughter ] >> okay, this is going to sound so weird. but my cousin and i used to have a mechanical reindeer. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and we named it "charm bracelet" after your album. it is so nice to meet you. [ laughter ]
12:53 am
and that is a true story. you're welcome. >> seth: what does a mechanical reindeer have to do with it? >> nothing. [ laughter ] >> seth: i get the charm -- >> mariah's album had just come out, and this is the truth. mariah's album had just come out, "charm bracelet." >> seth: uh huh. >> and we -- it was being sold at target, and we were in target and we bought a mechanical reindeer. we're like, "it's called charm bracelet!" it's not a very good story. >> seth: gotcha, no, no, no. again, i mean, not to me, but mariah carey would love it. >> she would be very taken by it. >> seth: -- were you intimidated to work with robert de niro? is that some -- yeah. >> yes. oh, yeah. i mean, it's just -- like i just sort of think after 50 years, am i going to bore him? am i going to hold him back? what's going to happen? so, but i worked with, you know, meryl ten years ago, and i spent so much time freaking out on that movie that i, like, missed the experience of making it in a lot of ways. so this one, i was like, just get over it as quickly as you can. so about two weeks into it, i don't know, i just chilled out. i just chilled out.
12:54 am
bob and i started talking about stuff behind the scenes, you know, just little things. what his life's like, what my life's like, and by the end, we were really fond of each other so it was okay. >> seth: how does the crew react around robert de niro, because i would think they would also be in awe? >> it's kind of like, he's mariah carey and they're me. >> seth: gotcha. >> they do. and i imagine it must be really hard to be bob, because everybody just wants to do impressions of him, like, to him. >> seth: to him, yeah. >> which just seems so awkward to me. >> seth: yeah, i wouldn't want -- >> i wouldn't want to do that either. >> seth: yeah. >> we had one journalist come in and he brought in a photo of himself doing travis bickle. >> seth: oh, wow, that's super weird. >> thank you. >> seth: do you one, though? >> thank you. >> seth: do you have one now? >> no. i don't, the best "bob" is this. >> seth: right. >> he just doesn't talk that much. >> seth: gotcha, that was very good. [ laughter ] >> seth: for a second there, i was completely transported. do you want to see mine? >> and scene. of course i do. [ laughter ] >> seth: see, i took your note not to say anything, which is helpful. >> it helps you. it helps it. >> seth: i feel, like, my first or second year he hosted "snl", and it was so intimidating.
12:55 am
>> he hosted "snl"? >> seth: he hosted "snl." >> oh, i'm going to youtube that tonight. >> seth: it's really fun. but i ended up -- i got -- it was one of those things where i was walking into an elevator and it was too late to bail. when i got to the elevator, he was the only person in it. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: and i was too -- i didn't want to be the only person in an elevator with robert de niro, but i also didn't want to be the guy that was like -- and walk out. >> so, how'd you play it? [ laughter ] >> seth: i got in and it was really quiet the whole way down. >> because he's quiet. >> seth: and then he said, "did you like that sketch?" and i said, "i did." and he went, "really funny." [ laughter ] >> and you're like, i can die now. >> seth: yeah, i can die now. >> this is great. >> seth: i didn't die. i blacked out. [ laughter ] >> seth: the nurse -- the nbc nurse said i should have died, but i was really lucky. >> i've got to say, the cool thing about bob is that he doesn't, like, act like a legend. like, when he walks into a place, he doesn't like, he's not, like "kiss the ring", i mean i can't say that today, the real guy's here. [ laughter ] >> seth: and that guy does it all of the time. he's a real -- >> you cannot go anywhere without him being, like, "hey." >> seth: yeah, well, he's a real pope about it. [ laughter ]
12:56 am
>> but bob so -- he's totally cool, and he's really serious, he's just about the work. he takes it so seriously, and he was a total delight. >> seth: that's awesome. he was also at "snl", one of the biggest laughers at the table read, which can be a really intense time. he was just, really, he was constantly tickled. and bob -- like robert de niro laughs the way you want robert de niro to laugh. >> yeah. >> seth: like, i don't know -- it's a weird, like, where he's actually doing this. fantastic. [ laughter ] >> this is not a humble brag. this is a full-out brag. >> seth: uh huh. >> i didn't know this, but there was, like, tons of funny guys on the set. we got like, basically the entire staff of "workaholics" on our movie. and they were trying to make bob laugh, and they were apparently struggling with it. and i made bob laugh the other day, and i was so psyched. and a journalist came in and they were like, "bob, how would this movie have been different in the '70s?" and bob gave an answer. and after the guy left, i said, "please, bob, if this movie had been made in the '70's, my character would have been a man and there would have been and a lot more cocaine. and he laughed, i was so psyched! big laugh! >> seth: that's very nice. well done! that is a -- [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: very well done. >> thank you very much.
12:57 am
>> seth: so, this is a nancy meyers film. nancy meyers films, known -- i would say, they're known for being very funny. they're known for being very successful. they're known for the best kitchens in the business. like, nancy meyers movies always have the best kitchens. >> yes, they do. >> seth: this seems like a workplace comedy. is there any kitchen work in there for you? >> there is a kitchen. >> seth: there is, really? >> yes, my character gets a perfectly lovely kitchen. >> seth: wow, that's so awesome. >> it was so awesome. and i didn't want to make nancy feel bad about it, because, you know, i think -- you know, she just loves kitchens, but she doesn't quite understand why we all fetishize them. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> so, i didn't try to freak out, but like, i didn't pull a full mariah, but on the inside. >> seth: and now, when you leave set and you go back to your actual life kitchen, are you like [ bleep ] this? [ laughter ] >> well, the thing is, when i was pulling inspirations for my kitchen, i did use a lot of nancy meyers kitchens. >> seth: they are. yes, it's the kitchen to want. >> but, yeah, but it doesn't matter. i mean, as long, if her touch isn't on it, it's not as -- >> seth: gotcha. >> not as impressive. >> seth: i read this recently. your husband adam, lovely guy -- you guys were watching television, and you mentioned the film "the devil wears prada"
12:58 am
came on -- >> mm-hmm. >> seth: -- and he asked to watch it. was that -- did you watch a movie you were in with your husband? because i would imagine that would be strange. >> well, when you say it like that, it sounds terrible. [ laughter ] >> seth: well, no, no, i would -- i just -- i feel like it's weird. watching myself is weird. >> i -- it is. >> seth: yeah. >> it's uncomfortable. and, so i don't do it, but i was channel-surfing, adam was in the other room. and i -- it was the first part of "the devil wears prada." so it was like the kt tunstall song and i'm eating a bagel, and i was like, "oh, i haven't seen this in a while." and i kinda got caught up in it, and adam came in, he's like "hey, babe, what do you want for -- oh, my god, are we watching it?" "can we watch it?" [ laughter ] and, it's sweet, because he was a fan of the movie before -- >> seth: oh, that's really sweet. >> yeah, or creepy. but i think it's sweet. [ laughter ] >> seth: you know, it's so funny. i think with a lot of what we said tonight, there's such a thin line with being sweet and creepy. >> it's so true. >> seth: and we're just constantly walking on that line, hoping we end up on the right side. >> i don't think i'm ever on the right side. but so anyways, so we watched it.
12:59 am
and it turns out it is just a wonderful film. >> seth: that's great. >> it was nice to be able to watch it after so many years. >> seth: i also can't believe, you just mentioned, it was ten years ago. i can't believe it's been ten years. >> right? >> seth: that's crazy to me. >> i know. >> seth: i have a weird sense of time, though, so. >> tell me more. >> seth: i feel like we've been talking for hours. [ laughter ] now, no, no, in a good way, um. in a good way. >> it's fine. how are you tonight, all of you? >> seth: no, come on. [ cheers and applause ] don't you dare take her from me! don't you dare steal her from me! >> seth: you -- we mentioned the pope is in town. is it true when you were younger, one of your first aspirations was to be a nun? >> yes. >> seth: what happened? what pushed you away from -- >> i had sex? i don't know -- [ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah! 32 and married, baby! [ laughter ] >> seth: not a nun! >> no, i really -- i genuinely thought it was going to be a beautiful thing to have a life of service, but i also hadn't had sex yet, so. so that is what happened. >> seth: that is really the main eliminator. >> but i still think it is. so if you're doing it, thanks. >> seth: yeah, great. >> we need people like you.
1:00 am
>> seth: good sales pitch. [ laughter ] a lot of kids are going to be running to the convent after they see this interview. >> just in case in the call from god didn't do it for you, listen to this girl! >> seth: it's so lovely to see you as always. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: anne hathaway, everybody! "the intern" opens everywhere tomorrow. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ one, two, three, oh! ♪ woo
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♪ >> seth: welcome back to the show. what a great guest. how great was anne hathaway? [ cheers and applause ] so great. so great. she's gone now, you know. gone forever. you know, i had one last question i wanted to ask her. something that was on my mind the second i laid my eyes on her. and she was sitting right there. and instead, i just let her walk out of the studio door and out of my life forever. [ laughter ] >> you know, seth. anne's probably still here. if you leave now, i bet you can catch her before she leaves the building. >> seth: i mean, who am i kidding, wally. what would someone like anne hathaway want with a guy like me? >> don't be crazy, seth? you've got so many good things going for you, man! [ cheers and applause ]
1:05 am
>> seth: gene, everybody, you're all just being nice. >> hey, she came on the show, right? >> seth: yeah. >> she answered all your questions, right? >> seth: yeah. >> well then stop sitting there like a little bitch. grow some [ bleep ] balls and go ask her your question! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you know what? you're right. i'm gonna do it! i'm going to ask her the question! [ cheers and applause ] anne! has anyone seen anne hathaway? she looks taller in person, than you'd think. her hair looks good long or short. she was just a guest on my talk show. anne. ♪ [ laughter ] >> hey. >> seth: lutz, what are you doing here? >> i write for the show. >> seth: but why are you wearing a wig? >> i don't know. found it. >> seth: so you just put it on?
1:06 am
>> guess so. >> seth: what about the shawl? >> it's mine. you like it? >> seth: hey, i'm looking for anne hathaway. have you seen her? >> yeah, i think she's in her dressing room. >> seth: thanks, lutz. >> you're welcome. >> seth: hey, anne? there's something i want to ask you. >> you looking for the pretty lady who was just in here? >> seth: i was. >> left about 20 seconds ago. seemed sad, though. said something about one question that wasn't asked. >> seth: do you know where she went? >> in the elevator bank. >> seth: wish we luck. >> little does anyone know it, but i don't officially work here. i snuck into the building eight years ago and i've lived here ever since. [ laughter ] [ evil laughter ] [ laughter ] >> seth: anne! anne! ♪ [ laughter ] >> seth: what are you doing? >> testing out the water
1:07 am
systems. >> seth: and what are you doing? >> i'm just wagging this metal. [ laughter ] >> seth: can i borrow those flowers? >> actually these are for -- [ laughter ] ♪ >> seth: anne! >> seth! >> seth: anne, don't go. there's something i have to ask you. >> then ask it. >> seth: look, ever since you walked into my studio, there was something -- >> okay, so, i am actually running a little bit late. >> seth: okay, sure, sure, right. anne, i know i'm not some fancy, academy-award winning actor. some dog-walker to the stars. >> seth, i don't care about that. that never mattered to me. >> seth: i'm just a talk show host looking at a talk show guest asking her -- >> yes. >> seth: can you hold these for a second? >> yes. >> seth: you were excellent in the off-broadway show "grounded." is returning to the states something you'd like to do in the future? >> oh, yeah, definitely. i mean, like, if the right opportunity came up? >> seth: okay, cool. just wanted to know. >> was that it? >> seth: yeah. >> all right, cool. >> seth: wait, anne.
1:08 am
>> yes. ♪ >> seth: there's one more thing. >> what is it? >> seth: was robert de niro a prankster on set. >> um, not really, no. >> seth: okay. >> okay. >> seth: not at all? >> like, he's goofy, but no. not like a prankster, not like george clooney. >> seth: all right. >> bye! >> seth: bye, see ya. >> bye. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you know our next guest from shows like "the o.c." and "southland." he can currently be seen playing detective james gordon in the second season on "gotham" on
1:13 am
fox. let's take a look. >> listen to me. if you turn yourself in, i can help you. >> how, jim? >> by taking me back arkham? i don't think so. >> you're sick. >> oh, of course. everything's always my fault. so typical. >> listen to me. i know you, barbara. i know you. you're a good, kind woman. this isn't you. >> you can always make me laugh. [ laughter ] ♪ how do i look? >> seth: please welcome ben mckenzie. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: how are you? >> i am well, sir. >> seth: it was very lovely to see you at the emmys this past sunday. >> yes. >> seth: i talked about it monday where it like, before you presented, there was like a tiny
1:14 am
little bar you got to hang out with other people on tv. >> we were all sort of huddled. it was like 20 or 30 celebrity types in a room. >> seth: there was a camera, i didn't realize it was being live-streamed. i don't know if you knew it was being live-streamed. >> i didn't know that. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> would have liked to have known that. >> seth: my wife told me when i got home, you were the only person who was eating the sushi. [ laughter ] i did, i realized that when i looked back. >> that's my claim to fame in general. i'm always the guy eating the sushi. >> seth: i kept looking at the sushi, and kevin spacey would be blocking the sushi. and like, oh no, gotta get to the sushi. >> i know, i know. i actually elbowed kevin out of the way. like, kevin, come on. >> seth: this is very exciting. for those who didn't watch the fantastic first season, you play a young detective jim gordon -- >> yes. >> seth: -- in "gotham", and when you take on a role like this, obviously, comic book fans notoriously hard to please. they've been very pleased with this. what do you attribute it to? >> me. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, i think so too. >> yeah, it's been me. >> seth: i was going to say you too, yeah. >> no, i mean, we really all worked very hard on it. we were very nervous about it. continue to be nervous about it. no, we were very nervous about it going in, because the expectations are very high. you know, it's batman.
1:15 am
it's obviously a beloved franchise, 75 years. >> seth: yup. >> of the mythology. and so, we were worried about it. i actually called up jeff johns, who runs dc. >> seth: yes, a wonderful guy. >> yeah, great guy. very chill. very nice guy. and i asked him after i was cast. i basically called him and go, what do i do? and he's like, let me send you some stuff. so he sent me, like, piles of dc, you know, all of the comics. >> seth: were they comics, were they like encyclopedic books about batman? >> thank god they were not encyclopedias. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> i don't ever wanna, yeah. they were pictures. they were pictures. >> seth: it's all of the fun of comics, gone. >> words? no, they were pictures with some words on them. >> seth: okay. >> and "gotham" central, year one. you know, all kinds of great stuff. and so, i read them all and i said, great. can we do lunch, and he said yes. we met at a diner in the valley. i sat down, i said "great, i've read all this stuff. what do i do."
1:16 am
still the question is, what do i do? and he goes, "yeah, ignore all that stuff. we haven't ever seen this character this young." like, so, just -- >> seth: oh, that's nice, though. >> it was great. >> seth: it is true that you are playing a character we have never seen at this age. so you do have some freedom to do your own thing. >> yeah, and at the end of the day, he's right. i mean, at the end of the day, he's a creative endeavor and over the 75 years, countless artists, whether they're writers, actors, directors, cinematographers. they all lend their hand, right. this is our american mythology, in a way. we don't have the history to have, you know, whatever, i'm getting very sort of overly intellectual about it. >> seth: but, batman's our zeus. >> yes. and that's a sad statement on america. but you know. >> seth: but still. [ laughter ] i'll tell you this. there are more kids in greece reading batman comics than there are kids in america reading zeus. >> amen. and in greece right now, they really want a batman. [ laughter ] >> seth: but this year is -- >> oh wow, great. [ laughter ] >> seth: they're not watching.
1:17 am
>> greece defenders out there. i have a lot of explaining to do to michael chiklis. >> seth: there you go. you have a famous greek-american michael chiklis. >> thank you for making that transition. [ laughter ] >> seth: wanted to make sure everybody know where you were going. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> seth: this year seems to be in the promotional materials, this the influx of the villains, this is a big villain year. >> yes. >> seth: which in all the dc comic heroes, i would say batman has the best villains. >> yes, he does. and you described last year when i was trying to very terribly describe it as an origin story, you described it as muppet babies for batman. >> seth: yes, it's "muppet babies" for batman. >> so if season one was "muppet babies" for batman, season two is child's play. >> seth: oh, that's very exciting. >> yes, they're unleashed. >> seth: i can't wait for when it gets old enough that it's the o.c. for batman. [ cheers and applause ] crossover. crossover. >> crossover. yes. so we have all of the sort of famous villains. penguin, riddler, our proto-joker, jerome.
1:18 am
but we also have some villains that have not been seen ever, i think, live action. and i know you're a big fan. >> seth: yes. >> so i have an exclusive. >> seth: okay. >> "late night" for seth meyers. >> seth: thank you. >> "with seth meyers." >> seth: it's "late night" colon -- [ laughter ] >> exclusive. fans are waiting, this is very exciting. eduardo flamingo. >> seth: oh, very deep cuts. >> very deep. >> seth: deep villain, yeah. >> the fans are going crazy. >> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> there we go. >> seth: sort of one of the more flamboyant villains. >> you can say flamboyant. that would be a way to describe it. >> seth: i guess when your last name's flamingo. also, you're a villain, so you can change it. >> exactly. >> seth: if you're cool with that. >> yeah, we do have a lot of villains. we have, we have mr. freeze. we have firefly, we've got a whole sort of cacophony of villainy. >> seth: that's great. you're playing a police officer, this time a detective. you played a police officer for
1:19 am
years on the wonderful show "southland." a los angeles police officer. now, when you do roles like this, do you get to actually do some training? do you try to learn about what it means to be a police officer? >> yeah, not just the boring, like paperwork part of it, but the fun stuff. we got to do ride-alongs, you know, which were great. and then we got to go to the academy and actually train where the police officers train. >> seth: got it. >> and we got to spin out cars. we got to like, basically do a high-speed chase or medium-speed chase. they're not allowed to do this over 40 miles per hour. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> per the lawyers in l.a. you know, you get behind the wheel of a car, whatever car you're chasing. and you steer into the rear wheel of the car with your front tire. >> seth: got it. >> yeah. and everything in your body is telling you this is a terrible idea. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> but you spin into them. you turn into them. >> seth: the only way it's not a terrible idea if you're holding a joystick, and it's happening on a television. >> yeah, exactly. >> seth: cause that is a full, that's like video game is life. >> exactly. >> seth: and so you did it? did you actually do it? >> we did it, it was awesome. >> seth: right. >> i just want to tell you right
1:20 am
now it's awesome. >> seth: did the person you did it to, did they think it was awesome? were they like what is going on? >> it's like some lapd veteran who is like yeah, kid, we're fine, whatever. >> seth: i hope you're okay. >> yeah, exactly. are you all right, actor boy? [ laughter ] oh, my god, it's great! he's like, yeah, yeah, whatever. >> seth: i'm a policeman! >> i'm a police officer. it's really funny, we actually did a ride-along in this rough neighborhood in l.a. and me and michael cudlitz, we're all like, we've got the bullet-proof vests on and all the tactical gear and whatever. and we get out of the car, and they've got these two guys who are from the neighborhood who are maybe ex-gang or current gang, whatever. and they're just kind of chilling, like they might have had them locked up or whatever. but they're basically just hanging out. and the police officer, to mess with us, they go, "hey, what do you think of these guys," referring to the actors, so me and michael are like -- and the dudes, just dead pan, they go, "man, that's some csi-looking dudes." [ laughter ]
1:21 am
we were like, thank you. we'd love to have the csi success. thank you. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> yeah, you never -- >> seth: can we not have your autograph? >> yeah, exactly. you never feel so emasculated, as when you're riding along with real -- >> seth: pretending to be a real police officer? >> it's terrible. when you were younger, i heard that you interned for your local congressman. >> i did. >> seth: so you've actually spent time in washington, d.c. >> i have. >> seth: what is more dysfunctional, "gotham" or washington, d.c.? >> it's a toss up. [ laughter ] d.c. is like "gotham", except with more paperwork. >> seth: yeah. >> it's like -- i interned for an incredible congressman. congressman lloyd doggett from texas, who is still, i believe serving in his wonderful -- you realize the drudgery of it all. and like, let me put it to you this way. i was 19 years old, i came into it as a college student, thinking "politics maybe." >> seth: yeah. >> and then i was like, nah, acting. acting's the more flexible -- [ laughter ]
1:22 am
celebrity. that's the easier road to -- >> seth: exactly. because then, you can one day be in a show like "the west wing" where it's the fun politics. >> exactly. >> seth: where you get things done as opposed to voting for bills. >> it's better to do a scene with martin sheen in a nice air conditioned studio in burbank. and go get some craft service afterward. >> seth: well, i'm glad you chose acting. thank you so much for being back on the show. give it up for ben mckenzie, everybody. the second season of "gotham" airs monday nights on fox. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night." ♪ hold the phone. because at&t and directv are now one! which means you can access your dvr at the dmv. change channels while he changes pants. you don't have to be a couch potato, you can be a train potato! and let them watch all the shows they love, inside the ride that you really kind of hate.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night." we're here with francis garcia and sal basille. the owners of artichoke basille's pizza and the hosts of cooking channel's "pizza masters." [ cheers and applause ] they're going to teach me a recipe from their cook book, "staten italy."
1:28 am
gentlemen, how do we do this? >> we're doing the meatball pie, right, frank? >> seth: meatball pie. >> the first thing we gotta do, seth, is stretch the dough. >> seth: okay, great. >> my cousin's a great teacher. >> i've got de-bling a little bit here, hold on. >> seth: okay, you're gonna take your bling off. and i do wanna -- for our audience, these are your actual voices, yes? >> these are our actual voices. yes, they are. all right. [ laughter ] >> funny guy. >> seth: the way you say, "you're a funny guy" is the most terrifying thing i've ever heard. [ laughter ] it's like the last thing you hear. all right, great, so this is where -- >> where we stretch it out, yeah. >> the first thing you do is you smash it a little bit. >> seth: okay, great. smashing, let's get it a good angle here. >> yeah, get in there. come on, seth. >> seth: so you want me to do this? okay, great, there we go. you smash it. you smash it. [ laughter ] this a very expensive suit, gentlemen. [ laughter ] all right, there we go, there we go. all right. you get both sides of it. okay, perfect. >> he's got nice fingers there. [ laughter ] >> all right, all right, all right, hold on. >> seth: okay. oh -- this is a tossing. oh, look at this. >> back and forth. back and forth. >> seth: okay. woah! [ cheers and applause ]
1:29 am
>> all right. >> now right on top of that. there we go, there we go. >> seth: can i try to throw once? >> yeah, throw it up in the air. >> seth: all right. woah! [ cheers and applause ] all right, i didn't think that would work. >> i think you did that all right. >> seth: all right. >> good job. >> i got your dry cleaning bill, don't worry. >> seth: okay, no worries. >> all right, so first we do -- >> seth: the problem is, i swore to my wife i would never do cocaine again and i feel like -- [ laughter ] -- i come home tonight. >> this would be a good night, no? >> seth: yeah, that would be a good night, yeah. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> so the cheese first. >> seth: all right, the cheese. you promise me this isn't just butter? >> nah. >> the last we do, is you put down the mozzarella -- >> seth: the mozzarell -- did you just catch that in your mouth? >> i did, i did. i do tricks. >> all right. [ applause ] >> years of practice. >> seth: all right. after you put down the mozzarell. >> seth: okay, how much more? how much mozarrell? >> put down more mozzarell. >> yeah, put one of these down. >> seth: okay, just one? >> crush it up in your hand. >> no, smash it in your hand. all around. >> seth: all right. there we go --
1:30 am
all right. is that enough? is that enough cheese? >> yeah, why not. put some more after. >> seth: so it's very scientific is what i'm getting from you guys. >> it is very scientific. >> seth: okay, great. >> all right. >> seth: how long have you -- when did you open your first pizza place? >> 2007 was the first artichoke. >> seth: the first one down in the east village? >> yep, 14th between first and second avenue. >> seth: and then chelsea, right? >> and then chelsea and then mcdoogle street. >> seth: can we taste these? >> we just opened up the newest in park slope in brooklyn. >> seth: all right, great, oh can we taste these? >> yeah, meatball, it's delicious. there you go. see? >> seth: well, i'm about to find out, you don't have to tell me. >> give me one, sal. throw me a meatball, will you? >> seth: mm-hmm, that's a good meatball. >> it's called the staten island pie. >> seth: all right. >> we ran a special after yom kippur. >> delicious. [ laughter ] >> seth: are you guys from staten island? >> yeah. >> seth: uh huh, really? >> we call it staten italy. >> seth: staten italy, that's nice. now how many recipes are in the book? >> 146. >> seth: great, are they all pizza? >> no. >> nah. >> seth: okay. >> all right. >> put some tomato sauce down there. >> you go like this here, look. >> nice and easy. >> the one way -- just do the perimeter.
1:31 am
>> seth: yep, it's the perimeter, got it. >> yep. >> seth: all right. >> you go like this. >> seth: interior perimeter, great. >> interior perimeter. we make a bull's eye. >> seth: oh, great, okay. >> and that's it. >> and then we throw some rigotta down. >> seth: some rigotta -- all right, great. so on "pizza masters", you guys go around the country and you try pizza from other places, right? >> all over. >> we do. >> seth: and do you have a favorite that's not in new york? >> it was in alaska, actually. >> seth: really, what was the name of it? i think i've been there. >> what was it called, sal? >> no, it was in rhode island. [ applause ] >> seth: they're right next door to each other, i can -- [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> we went to a place in rhode island called "al fornos", which was really good. >> seth: okay, great. >> let's put some red onions down for flavor. >> seth: yeah, why not throw some red onions in? >> red onions are big in staten island. >> all right, great. so is this a normal size of a pizza, or is this a super big? >> this is actually little bit smaller than what we usually do in the store. >> seth: is it really? >> it is, yeah. >> we get five dollars a slice, though. we gotta make it nice. >> seth: we're not doing too bad, huh? >> no, we're doing all right. >> seth: you're doing all right. good, i'm glad to hear it. >> we're not doing like you, but we're doing all right. >> seth: well, that's all right. [ laughter ] >> a little bit of olive oil. >> seth: a little bit of olive oil. that looks good, my friends, great. all right and that's it, huh? >> that's it and then we're going to throw it into the
1:32 am
imaginary oven down here. >> seth: okay, the imaginary oven, and then we're gonna take out the imaginary pizza pie! [ cheers and applause ] >> and then you go like this here. >> seth: oh, my goodness, you guys. this looks fantastic. >> i hope this tastes good. >> seth: i'm going to have some. can i have some? >> try it out. >> seth: all right, great. >> hold on, we gotta rip -- we got to cut it. >> seth: oh, you got to cut it? >> yeah, we've got to cut it. >> seth: oh, my goodness. hey! [ laughter ] >> watch your arm! >> seth: all right. >> i'm lefty too. >> seth: oh, good. yeah, that was not your best cut. >> that small one right there. >> seth: the small one, thank you. aw, thank you, guys, so much. >> not bad. >> yeah, that's it. >> don't mind if i do. >> seth: thank you very much, guys. seriously, fantastic. >> yep. the pope would approve, right? >> seth: mm-hmm, absolutely. has the pope stopped by yet? has he stopped by? >> not yet. >> seth: not yet, all right. >> i heard he's coming tonight, late night, though. >> seth: oh, he's gonna come. we saved a seat for him, but he hasn't showed up yet. >> if anybody can get him a pie, it's you. >> seth: yeah, i'll do by best. i'll just run up to him in front
1:33 am
of police and go "i've got pizza for you!" [ laughter ] "pope, i got a pizza for you!" >> there are some maniacs out there who do that! >> seth: yeah, they do that all the time! gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. congratulations on your show. [ cheers and applause ] check out "staten italy," everybody. francis garcia. sal basille, everybody. "pizza masters" airs wednesday nights on cooking channel and "staten italy" is available in bookstores now. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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1:35 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to anne hathaway, ben mckenzie, francis garcia, sal basille. stephen perkins, thank you again. the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:37 am
♪ ♪ carson: hey guys, you're watching "last call", i'm carson daly, thanks for being here. good one tonight. we're at 235th, this is


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