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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  October 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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don't wait. call now. nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today an argument over money allegedly leads to gunfire, and now a cab driver is facing charges in the shooting of his boss. it's the final leg of the final u.s. airways flight ever. the plane that left philadelphia yesterday morning is expected to return just before 6:00 a.m. and the merger with american airlines will be complete. we are following the journey. as you head out this morning, you'll notice a chilly change in the weather. it's blustery today too. here's a live look outside over
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center city, philadelphia where it's going to get colder later in the weekend. it's fall. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, it's 5:00 on saturday morning. let's get to michelle grossman, good morning. >> good morning, cold today, feeling like fall, temperatures in the low 50s. all week long in the 60s, that felt like fall, but today is chilly and chillier sunday. let's look outdoors because it is dark outside, but clear skies dropping the temperature overnight. now, it's cool this morning, but not as cold as it will be sunday and sunday night into monday. low 40s, some 30s, 39 in mount pocono, 44 in reading, 44 in dover, 45 in atlantic city, and 44 in wildwood, new jersey. winds are not bad right now, 5-10 miles per hour. by this afternoon, anywhere from
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5-15 miles per hour, so along with the cool air, it's going to feel blustery as we head throughout the afternoon. a cool one today. we'll be up to 56 degrees, but cooler as we head towards sunday. by 8:00, mostly supny skies, 48, the sun not warming us up at all, 1:00, mostly sunny, breezy, and 4:00, 56 degrees. a cool day today, cooler sunday. those numbers are coming up. new from overnight, the fourth robbery near temple university's campus within the past week. investigators tell us someone was robbed at broad and jefferson streets at 1:00 this morning. police have not made arrests in this case, and it's unclear whether the victim was a student. we'll continue to follow it. nearby, a man was attacked and robbed while walking to his apartment at 19th and diamond last night. sky force 10 was there over the investigation. four men assaulted the victim before forcing him into the apartment and stealing several
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items. the victim was treated for a wound near his eye. he has expected to be okay. take a look at this new surveillance video showing one of the two suspects police say attacked a temple university football player on thursday. according to investigators, the student was leaving a takeout restaurant when the suspects forced him to the ground before stealing his car and cell phone. we also have surveillance video showing two suspects wanted for robbing another temple thñstude three hours earlier on thursday. police tell us the student was and montgomery. they do not believe the two robberies are related. they have different descriptions of the suspects iá!%mcase. anyone with information is asked to call the philadelphia polnúc. this morning, a(g< taxi cab driver in montgomery county is accused of shooting his bossjn over money. azzie clark opened fireko;ko ov
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argument of money he believed his boss owed to fçhim.> an argument for a coupleññ dollars, maybe he misunderstand something because alex, he's a very honest man. >> he's recovering atwáñ the hospital in stable condition. police caught up with clark in philadelphia. he's now back in qx ttht!ot,z charges. later today, family and friends of this murdered mother will hold a community rally in port rich mond, virginia.
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she was gunned down in july after someone entered her apartment and shot her with her 2-year-old daughter in the room. her child was not hurt. there's witnesses and video showing a man sprinting away, but they have not made any arrests in this case. flawed and speculative, that's what they call the case against him about his alleged misuse of federal education contracts and loans. she's defending himself and denies the charges. prosecutors say he used bank loans to pay personal expenses like gambling debts. in courts this week, a representative from the sugar house casino testified that he lost $125,000 in ten months of gambling. his father was in the courtroom yesterday also facing federal charges in a separate case. now, according to the indictment, he's misused of using congressional influence, stealing taxpayer money, and charitable donations, and accused of accepting a secret million dollar campaign loan and
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taking a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador. chaka sr. denied all charges. renee is referenced in the criminal complaint against her husband, labeled as person e. an an affiliate. the feds allege she took part to fraudulently sell a car to pay closing costs. she's not charged and denies wrong doing. right now, she's on leave from nbc 10. today, the final arrival for u.s. airways where. we're an hour away from the last plane to take off with that logo landing at philadelphia international airport. the u.s. airways merger with american airlines went in effect at midnight. flight 1939 departed from philadelphia yesterday morning. the flight number signifies the year that the airline was
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founded. the jetliner headed to charlotte and phoenix before making a final stop in san francisco. it's due to land back here just before 6:00 this morning under the american airlines banner. we'll have a live report from the airport this morning at 5:30. also happening today, the annual fliers 5k in south philadelphia. we have a live look at wells fargo center where participants in today's 5k gather in the next few hours. the race starts at 9:00 a.m., so if you're in the area, expect traffic delays later on this morning. a fright and a fight. a police officer is upset with organizers at a local haunted house that told him to leave his weapon outside, but the halloween attraction is sticking to its guns.
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news about lamar odom, an update on his improving condition next.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. welcome back on this sat morning, i'm michelle grossman, a cold start to the day, but not as cold as we will be tonight and sunday night into monday. outdoors, we see dark skies and cool temperatures across the area. this is a live look outside from the adventure aquarium camera. temperatures are cold in the doylestown, philadelphia 47, and millville 40 degrees under clear skies with 30s on the map in pocono and 42 in wil mington. it's a pretty day, but cool, 46 the high in mount pocono, and 356 in trenton, and cool along
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the coast as well, and temperatures mainly in the upper 50s, 57 in dover. closer to the city, we'll top out at 56 degrees. 57 today in wilmington, and a cool day today, cooler sunday into the low 50s. more on that coming up. this haunted house is new castle county is good for chills and thrills, but one police officer says he was shocked when the attraction banned him from carrying his gun inside. brightland in middletown says they have a safety policy, no guns allowed. this week, a facebook post was viral after an offduty delaware police officer was stopped from going in. the officer wanted to bring his service weapon in case of an emergency. bright lan says, though, they support police, but standing by the policy. >> we don't think it's appropriate for people to carry
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firearms inside a dark, dimly lit haunted house where people are jumping out to startle people. >> brightlands started 18 years ago as a way to raise money for leukemia, now delaware's largest and most popular haunted attraction. odom, family members say he woke up from the coma and communicated with them last night from his hospital bed in las vegas. he was put on life support after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel tuesday. he suffered a stroke, and according to the owner, odom took cocaine and supplements called herbal vie ag gra. he's the estranged husband of the tv star, chloe kardashian. morgan works to recover from a crash on the new jersey turnpike, and now the comedian's back, returning to the old stomping grounds to host "saturday night live," expected
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to be an emotional appearance, and his hosting duties on "saturday night live" come 16 months after suffering a traumatic brain injury when the limo he was riding in was hit by a truck. >> to have him come back after what he's been through, it's, like, special on so many different levels. >> joining him tonight, dem demi lovato, this week's music guest on "snl." will he or won't he? a new sign that vice president biden may, just may get into the presidential race after all. the message he sent to former staffers.
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new this morning, reportings of more deaths in the latest violence between israelis and palestinians. in this is gaza where two died with israeli forces yesterday. this morning, medics say three
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of the own were killed in the west bank after fighting broke out after pal stipians declaring a day of rage against israel, and palestinians are worried that israel is i trying to take over a muslim shrine in jerusalem. according to authorities in mexico, they captured one of the most wanted kingpins. the leader of the cyclones, a leader of the faction cartel, the last of 15 priority targets officials have. looking for. with the capture, they seized $20,000 in cash. now to decision 2016. there's a new signal that vice president biden could be entering the presidential race. one of the vice president's closest advisers wrote a letter to former biden staffers reading in part he, meaning bidden, believes we have to win the election, everything he and the president have worked for and care about is at stake.
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former senator ted coffman was biden's chief of staff for two decades. he described the approach biden would take to win the election and wrote a campaign from the heart, a campaign consistent with his values, our values, and the values of the american people. biden is up against the clock. the first filing deadlines for primary states are early next month. here's chuck todd with a look to presidential politics on tomorrow's "meet the press." >> another busy week in presidential politics in the rearview mirror and looking ahead. hillary clinton passed a major task at the first debate of the season, and more than half of democrats we surveyed said she was the winner. the next big challenge coming up p week as she goes before the house benghazi committee. on the republican side of the race, trump leads the field, but if you are skeptical, there's one antiestablishment candidate waiting in the wings, ted cruz,
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joining me exclusively sunday on "meet the press." >> watch "meet the press" here on nbc 10 at 10:30 tomorrow morning. a rhode island man is speaking out about being attacked by a shark and losing his leg last week. the 25-year-old says the shark hit him like an 18-wheeler truck. colin cook was waiting for a wave off the north shore last week when the 13-foot tiger shark bit through his surf board's leash and attacked him. he punched the shark off the leg before a fellow surfer aided him. doctors, though, were forced to amputate most of the left leg and a few fingers. >> the first few days, four or five days were really hard, and just day by day, just getting better slowly and healing up and trying to stay strong. >> cook says he's determined to surf again and will spend the next two weeks in hawaii rehabbing before heading back to rhode island.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a cold start to the day, but not like tomorrow night. we're in the 30s and 40s in the area. there's a colt blast, sun today, not warming us up. cold today, colder tomorrow, not out of the low 50s tomorrow. breezy too with a northwesterly breeze there today and per sis tent on sunday making it feel cooler than it is. tomorrow may feel like the upper 40s. there's a freeze watch in place tonight into sunday and sunday night into monday. those spots in just a few mibs. 47 now in philadelphia. winds from the north, northwest at 5 miles per hour. temperatures, they are cool this morning, but, again, not as cold as tonight. 47 in philadelphia, 40 in lancaster, 43 in allentown, 39 in mount pocono. that's the coolest spot.
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cool start to the day, you need the fleece this morning. a live look outside, clear skies this morning helping to drop the temperatures overnight, and we'll see that again tomorrow. so 54 degrees by later on this afternoon. i think we'll top out in philadelphia at 56. look at mount pocono, 43 degrees as a high today, closer to 45, but in the mid-40s for mount pocono. 54 in reading, and 54 in toms river and a cool day, we have breezy conditions as well. then we're going to drop into the 20s in some spots tonight. look at this spot, north and west in the 20s in allentown, reading, 32, 36 in philadelphia, that's a little low, but we have a freeze watch where you see the purple counties, we have a freeze watch. bring in any of the fall plants that you don't want to see go. just cover them or bring them indoors if you can, especially to the north and west and spots in parts of southern new jersey, temperatures drop into the 30s
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and 20s. today, cool, breezy, 55-58. mostly sunny skies, though, looking pretty. you need the sunglasses and jacket, the scarf, maybe some spots with a blustery wind at 5-15 miles per hour. seven day forecast, 56 today, tomorrow, 53, a cool start to the day, and by monday, a lot of sun, 54, breezy tuesday, and this is wrong -- 56, 51 on sunday, i don't know why that happened. temperatures in the 50s monday and back in the 70s wednesday and thursday. friday, mostly sunny, 62. >> just another reason to catch your next forecast, thank, michelle. nbc 10 and channel 62 invite you to celebrate dia delnino this afternoon on the camden water front for music, dancing, costumes, and arts and crafts, meet and take pictures with members of the nbc 10 and telemundo 62 on air team.
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i'll be there as soon as we're finished with the newscast. to buy tickets, get a $4 discount using the promo code 4 ninos. the eagles are set to take the field for a big monday night football matchup. you'll hear from their feature runningback on "facing the giants" next in sports. (child crying) this is a pos, not a ppo. a ppo? it's a pos. i want a pos or i have a pos? you have a pos. so you want me to have a ppo? you have a pos, not a ppo that means...
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this is nbc 10 news. at 5:24 on this saturday, here's a live look at the comcast center in philadelphia, about 46 degrees outside. it's going to be a cool one this weekend, certainly going to feel like fall, and meteorologist michelle grossman says come tomorrow, it's colder. details throughout the newscast. today, part of philadelphia will be transformed for the chestnut hill harry potter festival. dress up the kids in warmer
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coats so they don't catch a cold. the outdoor event includes performers dressed like characters from the book series, and a bus takes muggles throughout chestnut hill and there's a scavenger hunt and check out the serpent of the straw maze. this runs from 10:00 this morning until 6:00 this evening. tonight, candle light ghost tours begin, lasting an hour and begin every 15-20 minutes starting at 7:00 p.m., admission is $20 a person, and event organizers say don't expect any actors or decorations, just real ghosts. hi, i'm amy fadool from c comcast sports. running back ryan matthews limited at practice friday with a groin injury. meanwhile wide receiver nelson aguilar and michael kendricks out.
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demarco mur cay coming off his best game as an eagle. 37 yards on the ground and air. this week, they face a challenge, the giants's stout run defense, ranked sec best in the league, but murray is up for it. >> obviously, one of the top defenses against the run in the league, and, you know, i've been able to play against those guys the last four years, always a challenge, you know, and they are always, you know, playing well, playing at a high level this year, so i think we have to definitely be on our edge to, you know, face up against these guys. from the gridiron to the ice, fliers do not play again until tuesday, but the orange and black had a welcomed sight friday at practice. mason returned to the practice ice after missing the last two games dealing with a personal family matter. mason is not sure if he'll play tuesday, but for now, he's happy to just be back. >> there's definitely a mental hurdle that needed to be overcome, and, you know, just takes time, and, you know,
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that's why i took the tame to come out for the morning skate just to be around the guys and also just to start working back at hockey. >> we're less than two weeks away from the start of the sixers' season, and with the setback to the big man and another rash of injuries, expectations are for another rebuilding effort. a report on details an alleged suspension in the upper management of the sixers over a number of thing, most notably, the rehappen of joe lmb, second surgery on the foot missing the second straight season. they called the points of the report, though, inaccurate. sixers on court preseason action against the wizards. not a good night, one of 17 turnovers, leading right to a wizard's bucket. washington cruises to a 127-118 victory. that's a look at sports. it's the end of an era in aviation. it's about to happen right here
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in philadelphia. the u.s. airways plane that left phillie yesterday morning is expected to return just before 6:00, and the merger with american airlines will be complete. we're following the journey. a chilly start, clear skies, though, and once the sun is out, a lot of sun today, and it will not warm us up at all. temperatures this afternoon, 56 degrees, and here's a live look outside, waking up to temperatures mainly in the 40s, full forecast coming up.
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, we are counting the minutes until the final arrival of the final flight for u.s. airways. it's due to arrive in philadelphia in the next half hour completing u.s. airways merger with american airlines that went into effect at midnight. you will need to bundle up if you go out this morning. temperatures are falling. it's chilly. it's breezy out there. guess what. it's going to be colder tomorrow. i'm roastmary connors, 5:30 on this saturday. let's get to our meteorologist, michelle grossman. feeling like fall. >> oh, yeah, it's cold today, not cool. cool start this morning, though, the cold start tonight into sunday and sunday


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