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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  October 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, we are counting the minutes until the final arrival of the final flight for u.s. airways. it's due to arrive in philadelphia in the next half hour completing u.s. airways merger with american airlines that went into effect at midnight. you will need to bundle up if you go out this morning. temperatures are falling. it's chilly. it's breezy out there. guess what. it's going to be colder tomorrow. i'm roastmary connors, 5:30 on this saturday. let's get to our meteorologist, michelle grossman. feeling like fall. >> oh, yeah, it's cold today, not cool. cool start this morning, though, the cold start tonight into sunday and sunday night into
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monday. we are looking from the cape may came camera, temperatures in the 50s along the shore points today, but not making it out of 56 degrees later on this afternoon. 24 hours ago, we were warmer than where we are now, especially in parts of southern new jersey, 19 degrees cooler this morning compared to 24 hours ago, 7 degrees cooler in philadelphia. a chilly start, but, again, not as cold as it will be tonight into sunday and sunday night into monday. temperatures now in the 40s. some spots, though, in the 30s, 42 degrees in pottstown, and south and east looking at the 40s, 45 in atlantic city, 45 in dover, 43 in georgetown, delaware. we're not making it out of the 50s by the amp. 8:00, a lot of sun, temperatures at 48. 1:00, mostly sunny, 53, and by 4:00, 56 degrees and breezy. a cool day today, colder on sunday, and we'll top the numbers in a few minutes. today marks the final arrival for u.s. airways.
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we're just about a half hour away from the last plane to take off with that logo landing at philadelphia international airport or half hour from arrival rather. the merger with american airlines went in effect at midnight, making american the largest airline in the world. flight 1939 departed from philadelphia yesterday morning. that flight number signifies the year that the airline was founded. the jetliner headed to charlotte and phoenix before a final stop in san francisco due to land here at 6:00 this morning under the american airlines banner. we have a reporter at philadelphia international. we'll hear later on this hour or so. a taxi cab driver is accused of shooting his boss over money. the police say ozzie clark opened fire after an argument over money he believed his boss owed him. nbc 10 was at the scene of the cab company on friday where
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police say clark pulled a gun and shot co-owner alex kagen in the chest, and he then pointed the gun at three other workers and would not let them call an ambulance until they cut him a check. he's recovering at the hospital in stable condition. police caught up with clark in philadelphia. he's now back in avington township to face charges. we are working to get details on this crash from last night involving a police cruiser an another vehicle in franklin township. sky force 10 over the scene here harding highway. we know that one person was air lifted from the accident. right now, it's unclear if it was the officer. be sure to stay with us for the latest updates on the story. in philadelphia, authorities work to identify the body of a woman pulled from the delaware river last night. sky force 10 was over the water on columbus boulevard where the body was discovered.
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unclear how the woman died or how long she was in the water. now to news in atlantic city where police are looking for a shooting suspect. sky force 10 was over this scene at virginia avenue where one person was shot yesterday. the victim showed up in atlantic care medical center. we're working to find out more on the person's conditions. detectives are looking for a motive in the shooting. jury deliberations resume monday in the center city buildings collapse trial. six people died and more than a dozen others were hurt when demolition work sent debris crashing on to a salvation army thrift store in 2013. the demolition contract, griffin campbell, is facing murder charges. his lawyer says he's made a scapegoat. in winchester county, two people are arrested and charged under a new state law banning animal fighting fair fa kneel
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la. they fount several pit bull puppies and dog treadmills, syringes, and materials promoting fighting. they are working to find loving homes for the dogs. it is illegal for anyone to possess items used in animal fighting including adrenaline boosting drugs, blood clotting agents, and conditioning equipment. today, it's app all-out effort to stamp out senseless violence. that's the theme of hands across philadelphia. the march is scheduled from 11:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon along south 52nd street. the local naacp is joining community groups and citizens at the rally. a new poll shows the popularity of pope francis is up across the u.s. since his visit to philadelphia, washington, and new york last month. the new nights of columbus marist poll says 74% americans
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have a favorable upon of pope francis, up from 58% in august. among catholics, favorability climbed up to 90%, and more people feel charitable giving since the visit. pope francis is famous for slipping out to visit the homeless and did it again thursday night. he greeted about 30 men who took up residence at the vatican's new shelter a few blocks from st. peter's square. the pope spent 20 minutes with the men and volunteers who run the shelter. he also got a tour of the facility. putting the brakes on fantasy sports website. one state known for gambling put them out of business, and now pennsylvania is looking for limits on the sites here. more in a moment. plus, a college at the jersey shore is looking to increasing security possibly arming security guards in the
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wake of a deadly campus shooting in oregon. what do students think of the idea? hear from them just ahead.
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welcome back on this saturday morning, i'm michelle kbro grossman. temperatures in the 40s now, chilly start i'd say, some spots in the 30s, but not as cold as it will be tonight and sunday night into monday. clear skies make us chilly this morning with temperatures, again, in the 40s, clear skies across the area, and tdoylestow 44, and some spots in the 30s. trenton 44, and wilmington 42, and this afternoon, temperatures in the 50s. 54 later on this afternoon, and just in the 40s in mount p poccono. same story in bucks county,
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montgomery county, across the river to new jersey, temperatures mainly in the mid-50s. 54 in doylestown this afternoon and 56 in mount holly. a pretty looking day. 57 in atlantic city, and 56 degrees in the city. 57 in trenton and 56 in glassboro. a cool start and send and cooler sunday. more on that coming up. a chance could be coming todayly fantasy sports websites in pennsylvania. legislation to limit them to those run by the state's 12 cosc casinos is slated for a vote in the state house of representatives. comcast, parent company of nbc. regular laters in nevada ordered draft kings, fan duel and other sites to shut down saying they cannot operate in the state
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without a gambling license. frank palone asked lawmakers to hold a hearing to examine the legal sta tuls of fantasy games in the garden state. >> a new york bank starts foreclosure proceedings at the plant around a dispute surrounding revel casino. the bank of melon is fore closing on acr energy partners who are providing just enough electricity to power the fire safety systems, but the bank says the new owner of the former casino has fallen $800,000 behind on payments. today, the second annual walk for freedom is set for the heart of philadelphia. here's a live look at center city where the mile walk takes place. it will start at city hall and will head to independence mall. it goes from 10:00 this morning until noon with the goal to raise awareness and funding for victims of human trafficking.
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the friday night lights were shining bright on a cool autumn evening, all the action from the local gridiron next in the high school blitz.
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it is that time again. high school football at its findest under the friday night lights kicking off with two top 20 teams in southeastern pennsylvania. downing town east looking to stay perfect against no. 18. east going for it on a fourth and short. it's a good call. a pass, carrying the defender or two into the end zone. they hold on to win it 22-12 over coatsville. kicking off the south, patterson turns the first play into 90
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yards for the touchdown. talk about a tone setter. 39-0. visiting springfield montgomery county. the 6'5" quarterback rumbles in for the touchdown to win 26-7. look at ryan quigley, impressive, 87 yards for the fvpd, catholic wins 34-2 1. lee high valley, parkland on the road to east. looking for kenny, and finding kenny in the end zone, 33 yards strike. they knock off east 21-3. penbury up 14-0. finding the alley, gone down the sideline, 37 yard touchdown. winning a close one, 38-32. let's head to the sky for skylights. hosting kensington.
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troubles, finds a way out mainly to another amir louis who takes it in for six, closing at 61-0. visiting west catholic. the defense getting to west quarterback evans, coughing up the ball, and they are there to scoop it up and score. west catholic bounces back in a big way 48-13. upper dublin on the road, ryan fires open to sours, not getting him, it's 42-0. upper moreland with the upper hand on upper marion. connects to ryan in the end zone, 25 yard touchdown. nice catch, winning a close one, wow, 22-21. at the game in st. augusta, kyle kicks things off in a big way. 18 yard score, and they improve are 6-0 winning 41-14. a big play between cedar creek
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and oak crest all from cedar creek. deep to lou, and 83 yards, 7-0 pirates. second quarter now, more big plays. hooking up with beau knows big plays, and 65 yards to the house. 14-7 at that point. cedar creek rolls 40-14. elsewhere, delta hosting eastern, losing the last three combined 122-0. not much better this time around. collins with the keeper. good call. untouched. into the end zone. a lot of scores when they win it 55-6. speaking of, we can now reveal next friday's game of the week, hampton at dellsea, and maple newtown at garnet valley. log on to vote now and vote all week long. that's all for the high school blitz. i'm amy fadool. have a great day. vermont shore college is
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looking at the possibility of arming security guards after several school shootings across the country in the past few months. atlantic county executives sent this letter to atlantic case community college's president and trustees urging them to consider arming security, especially on the school's secluded campus. the school's president says it's a very real possibility and that he's working with the officials to develop a strategy to improve overall security. students gave us their opinions. >> they should have guns just in case because you never know what can happen. >> looking around, it feels like it's really -- it brings intensity. >> i think our security has been doing very well with keeping us safe. >> college administrators are expected to make recommendations to the board of trustees in the next three months. changes could come by late january. now you're nbc 10 first alert weather. welcome back on this saturday morning, i'm meteorologist michelle grossman.
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it's chilly today, this morning, cool this afternoon, and breezy, and cold tonight. cold sunday into monday. there's a freeze watch tonight and sunday into monday. weather headlines on your sat morning, yeah. colder weekend. we'll feel the chill set in today, and also tomorrow, colder tomorrow than it is today. breezy on top of that. we have a cool temperatures, a northwesterly flow, persistent throughout the weekend. it's feeling cooler than it is. because of the cold temperatures, there's a freeze watch. i'll show you those spot are cool this morning, 47 degrees in philadelphia. winds from the north, northwest at 5 miles per hour. we are colding compared to 24 hours ago, 7 degrees colder. somes are 18 degrees colder compared to 24 hours ago. temperatures in the region, 43 in allentown, 40 in lancaster, 47 in philadelphia. south and east, low to mid-40s. 45 in atlantic city, 45 in dover, and 55 in wildwood. it is a chilly start, a cool
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afternoon, and live look outside. we are waking up to clear skies. we will see tons of sun today, pretty looking day, but cold. that weekend chill has set in today. all also for sunday, we're going to talk overnight lows in a minute, and we'll have milder air come through the region later on this week, but we're going to be cool for a few days before we start upper 60s and even 70s returned here to your seven day forecast. freeze watch in place, tonight into sunday and sunday into monday. all the counties in the purple, bring in sensitive plants that may not make it through a frost or freeze. bring indoors, cover with plastic or a sheet, and today, looking at temperatures around 56 degrees in philadelphia. cool, breezy today, winds from the northwest at 5-15 miles per hour. pretty persistent throughout the day and breezy day towards sunday as well. today, temperatures in the mid-50s. that's normal this time of year, and tonight, temperatures dropping into the 30s. some spots in the 20s, 30s, and
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mid to upper 30s in philadelphia. 7 day forecast, temperatures around 56 in philadelphia. a cooler breezy day, and sunday's interesting. a mixture of sun, clouds, persistent northwesterly flow. that may kick off a sprinkle later in the day sunday. keep that in mind. 53. monday. sunshine, eagles playing at night, a cold game, 54 the degrees, the highs, and temperatures in the 30s. we m mad rate nicely, wednesday and thursday, 70. friday, cooler, 62. officials in california say it could take days to reopen a state highway near los angeles after mud slides shut it down earlier this week in some places on interstate 5, the mud is between 2-6 feet deep. rescuers helped dozens drivers trapped by the mud slides
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thursday afternoon. fortunately, nobody was hurt. halloween is quickly approa approaching. close to the end of the month, and this morning, we have a warning from eye doctors for folks who wear lenses. a recent study found several varieties testedtive for chlorine and other chemicals that harm your eyes. the group recommends buying costume contact lenses from retailers that require a prescription and sell approved products. the fda approved a drug to reduce the effects of a popular blood thinner who are prescri prescribeed this to reduce stroke risk. there was no antedote, and several parties reported severe bleeding. this new drug acts as that antedote. get a flu shot in bucks county today. there's a flu shot clippic going
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on at the quakerstown farmer's market until 3:00 this afternoon. the market is on station road in quakertown with a free flu shot clinic in montgomery county today at avington junior high school. peele we'll be right back. i'm there's no place like it in the world. come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley.
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or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
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this is nbc 10 news. at 5:55 on saturday, here's a live look over center city. temperatures right now in the mid-40s. not going to get a whole lot warmer today, but plenty of sunshine as meteorologist michelle gross mman tells us, b temperatures are cool and colder tomorrow. a drought in southern mexico has caused this 16 century church toe reappear in the middle of a reservoir. the drought dropped the water
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level by 75 feet, far enough that visitors can now see a large portion of the church, and, in fact, in 2002, the water was so low that people could actually walk inside. let's head to virginia where a bald eagle that was rescued as a baby is now back in the wild. the found at a golf course after blown from the nest. a wildlife center nursed the eagle for four months before releasing it yesterday. the head of the wildlife center says this is a moment she'll never forget. >> i never thought i would have this privilege, touched, but to be able to release him, still feel like i need to crier, taking an orphaned or injury animal and see them go out and take flight, releasing them is what it's all about. officials tagged the eagle with a safety vice to track its location and flight patterns. hundreds of volunteers took to the streets of north philadelphia yesterday to fix eight homes in desperate needs of repair.
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students, corporate volunteers, and homeowners worked side by side for rebuilding together philadelphia. they repaired homes on north franklin street yesterday taking on a variety projects including painting and installing vinyl floors and grab bars for elderly homeowners. >> our work is about community. the community involves homeowners, neighbors, involves volunteers, and it voinvolves t entire city. we all benefit. >> in two days, they repaired more than a dozen homes. it's going to be rocking in wildwood that weekend. the 12th annual fabulous '50s started last night with a dance party and that continues today. the celebration pays tribute to the wildwood's role in the birth of rock n' roll music. later there's a street fair and entertainment throughout the day and early evening. the time now is 5:57, and
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aviation era ending here in philadelphia. we learned that u.s. airways' final flight just touched down at philadelphia international airport. with that, the merger with american airlines is complete. we'll have a live update coming up. all right, a chilly start to the day, temperatures in the 40s outside. we're waking up to clear skies, a lot of sun today, and a nice looking weekend, but a cold one, the chill settled in, looking at temperatures around 50 degrees, a live look outside, 46 in allentown, 38 in mount pocono and your full forecast is coming up.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, flying off into the sunset. it's the end of an era for u.s. air with the airline's final destination here in philadelphia. a live update from the airport. a rash of violent robberies near the campus of a philadelphia college. we'll tell you what police are now advising students to do. chilly start to our weekend this morning as we take a live look over center city. temperatures in philadelphia in the 40s, in some parts, though, in the 30s.


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