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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tonight a freeze warning goes into effect for parts of our area and will just keep getting colder for the next two days. good evening. we'll be feeling the the chill tonight and monday morning to start the workweek. we'll bring you live team coverage of the forecast. let's start with first alert meteorologist brittney shipp who is timing out the temperatures. brittney, tell us about that freeze warning. >> we have a freeze warning, also a frost advisory for philadelphia stretching into wilmington. that goes into effect midnight,
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9:00 a.m. sunday. temperatures overnight are going to get down pretty close to freezing here. for philadelphia we'll stay warmer. for the rest of the area, freeze warning, especially suburbs to the north and west, also suburbs in south jersey under that freeze warning which will last once again tomorrow night when our temperatures are going to get even colder. so let's start with the low tonight. we'll drop to 38 degrees for philadelphia. if you're de los pottstown, 31, allens town, redding 32 degrees. right along the shore closer to cape may temperatures are going to stay warmer, about 39. 33 melville, temperatures atlantic city airport are going to whoever right around freezing. again, temperatures will drop even more as we head into tomorrow night. your current temperatures show we're down about 10 degrees from this time yesterday. yesterday we were in the 60s. right now from philadelphia, 52 degrees. it's already chilly out, 48 in pottstown, 47 in allentown and city planner shows us as we go
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into the next couple of hours, a cold night ahead. temperatures by 11:00 p.m. at 46, overnight low for philadelphia at 38. coming up i'll be tracking how much colder it's going to get as we head into sunday morning and also into monday morning. cold eagles forecast for you. then i'm tracking warmer temperatures again. i'll have that in my seven-day forecast. temple football fans will be cold tonight. you're looking live inside lincoln financial field where they play university of central florida in about 90 minutes. randy gyllenhaal is with tailgaters and joins us outside lincoln. are people ready for the cold? >> temple kicks off in an hour and a half. like you've been saying, temperature at game time will be freezing. that's not stopping tailgaters from cooking up hot dogs. look at this. lots of excitement for temple fans. for the first time in such a long time, the owls are 5-0. undefeated five games into the
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season. that is causing some big anticipation. if temple wins tonight, it could mean owls crack associated press top 25 teams in the country. but first they are going to have to be university of central florida and deal with the first major cold front we've seen all season. temperatures hovering in the 40s around game time. fans we spoke to came prepared. >> you guys really bundled up. >> wreh, we are. we have blankets in the car. >> we don't get cold. >> i think, i don't know but it hasn't been recent. >> it's been a very long time so a big game tonight at the ling. randy gyllenhaal. >> thanks, randy. make sure you're prepared next time the weather turns wintry with the nbc 10 weather app. parents of a barefoot
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toddler found wandering around love park last night have been found. no police are investigating whether there should be any charges. police say parents called police to report their son missing. the two say they have been kicked out of where they are staying last night so they spent the night in love park. when those parents fell asleep, they say their 2-year-old son wandered off. police found him alone and barefoot and took him to the hospital for observation. he's been placed with state officials as an investigation continues. a philadelphia man is feeling lucky he was not seriously hurt after a violent home invasion last night. nbc 10's andundrea thomas. he was bum rushed at the door, two men had guns. >> i just heard a bunch of
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commotion. >> tristan williams lived next door to the victim. >> two fellas coming out of the room and i guess they were saying your neighbors are robbed, call the cops. >> the 25-year-old about to enter the door at 7:15 last night when two men came up behind him armed with guns. >> 7:00 is not that late but it's just getting dark. even in the daytime it's scary. >> the victim was forced spoke his second floor apartment, pistol whipped and robbed. >> he didn't look too good the first time i seen him, you know. he was kind of bloody. >> the gunmen were last seen running away on uber street. we knocked on the victim's door and there was no response. >> this is my city. bad things happen everywhere, really don't matter where you go. >> for williams. >> sad it had to happen right next door to me. >> this crime hit too close to home. >> that kind of put me on edge a
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little bit. >> now, those armed men got away with some jewelry. the victim went to the hospital but was treated and released. police released a description of those suspects. african-american men in their mid to late 20s. here is the thing, they had distinguishing characteristics, one a tattoo under his eye. the other is missing top front teeth. if you have any information, give philadelphia police a call. reporting liver in north philadelphia i'm andraya thomas. police looking for robber at temple university, all over campus. they sent out latest robbery this morning, robbed a 19-year-old man along west jefferson street taking an iphone and two debit cards with pin number. temple university confirmed the victim is a freshman at the school. he was not hurt during the
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robbery. philadelphia police say another man was robbed as he walked to his apartment on 19th and diamond streets last night. police tell us four men assaulted the victim and forced him spoke his apartment where they stole several items. the victim is getting treated for a wound near his eye. these two new robberies near temple come after police release this surveillance video of one of the two suspects who attacked a temple football player. police say the victim is leaving a chinese takeout restaurant when the robber stole his car and cell phone. another temple student also robbed thursday morning. so far no arrests in any of these cases. well, a new era in flight in philadelphia. the final us airways flight landed at philadelphia international airport this morning and is now a permanent part of american airlines. flight 1939 landed under american airlines banner. we talked to passengers who took the last us airways flight, a round trip from philadelphia to
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san francisco. >> be a part of history, something i can do, wanted to do, had a chance to do. every arrival, big celebration on this historic day. >> american says it will take some time for all the planes to be repainted with its logo. so far the transition appears to be smooth as the two airlines merge their reservation systems today. >> now to decision 2016 we may learn this weekend if vice president joe biden will run for president. he attended his granddaughter's cross-country meet near wilmington this morning. biden is reportedly close to making a decision. an nbc news poll found that biden's support has dropped. he was ought 15% in september. after this week's democratic debate, his support dropped to 10%. biden would have a large financial hole to fill compared to other democratic challengers.
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candidates for pennsylvania supreme court debated the issues today in philadelphia. six of the seven candidates were at the community college of philadelphia. the forum focused on issues including the right to vote, educational access, reproductive health care access and crime and punishment. event sponsor say election of supreme court judges is the most important decision voters can make. the general election is november 3rd. well, a i will begins in an hour for a philadelphia mother shot execution style in front of her toddler. friends and family of 22-year-old stephanie dzikowski are holding a memorial today to keep attention on this unsolved case. she was killed back in july inside her port richmond home. they tried to chase the suspect but he got away. police do have surveillance video of the killer but so far they have made no arrest. still ahead on nbc 10 news
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at 6:00, a man sets his own home on far and gets lost inside. what police are saying about a motive for the arson next. plus illegal drugs aren't the only kind that get people adibted. how authorities in montgomery county are working to get prescription drugs out of people's homes tonight.
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students in camden are now serving cramer hill community through a new food pantry. the church joined food bank of south jersey and camden charter school network to open the pantry this morning. camden high school students will operate the pantry every third saturday of the month providing food for the families of fellow students. a railroad rodeo for septa workers today, rail operators, conductors and engineers had
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their skills tested during a yearly event. families are invited so workers can show off their children how they keep their trains moving. it's also a serious competition. employees battle through obstacles for bragging rights and prizes. teams will be selected to compete in an international rodeo in phoenix next year. all aboard the hogwarts train, wizarding world of harry potter at chestnut hill. we'll take you into the chamber of secrets next. >> it's definitely going to be a cold night ahead, even colder tomorrow. i'll let you know how chilly it will get for the rest of your weekend. that's all coming up in my full forecast.
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a man is dead after police say he set his own house on fire in delaware county last night to try to kill his girlfriend.
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colling dale firefighters arrived last night. he set the house on fire and blockaded the door. he somehow got trapped and was found dead under a pile of debris. his girl flend who also lived in the home jumped out onto debris. a new push in montgomery county to prevent prescription drug abuse. two dozen worked to take back prescription drugs. they want to keep it out of the hands of children. there are drug drop boxes where you can leave your own prescription medications around the county. today police officers in delaware county got a boost of support. community members lined the streets of baltimore pike in springfield township this afternoon with police lives matter signs. organizers of the rally say law
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enforcement needs support now more than ever. back in january thousands gathered in springfield to support police officers around the state and the country. ♪ >> good music, healthy food and wellness checks all part of this community event in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. sponsored 12th annual festival. visitors could get nutrition tips in time for holiday season as well as learn how to reduce stress and live a healthier life. harry potter and all his friends are in chestnut hill this weekend. the harry potter festival transformed germantown avenue into hogwarts today. potter fans of all ages enjoyed an enchanting day of wizards,
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potions, spells, scavenger hunts and more. first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. we have a cold evening on tap for us. it's going to get even colder as we head into tomorrow but a beautiful sunset for us with a few clouds lingering over philadelphia skyline. our headlines are colder temperatures expected as you wake up tomorrow morning, even colder as you head back on monday. we have a cold eagles forecast for you. i'm also tracking warmer temperatures again. not to worry this cold snap isn't here to say. philadelphia 5.2 degrees. humidity down. winds north northwest at 9 miles per hour across the region. we are seeing temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s with more than 10 degrees cooler right now from this time yesterday. 48 degrees in pottstown, 47 in allentown. can you see cold air from the northwest and will continue to see that cold air moving in as we go into the weekend. temperatures at the atlantic city airport at 52 and we're at
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54 in wildwood. like i mentioned cold wind from the northwest. you can see how cold it is off in buffalo at 40. only 44 in detroit. so very cold for most of the northeast of the country. you'll notice that all the cool air sitting over us yesterday is going to continue to head to the south. we will see this cold blast moving in and sticking around monday, heading into monday night. by tuesday we'll start to see mild air returning to our area. 24-hour temperature change shoes we're down more than 11 degrees in philadelphia from this time yesterday. 10 degrees cooler in pottstown, 10 degrees in allentown as well. for tonight we have a frost advisory from midnight until 9:00 a.m. sunday. temperatures for all the area highlighted in light blue expect to get down between 30 and 33 degrees. philadelphia will be a little bit warmer than that temperature range. it's going to be the most cold closer to lehigh valley into the poconos. we have a freeze warning. also for suburbs in south
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jersey, so southern burlington county included in that same thing gloucester and camden colder than philadelphia. tomorrow temperatures down into the low 30s, 30 for quakerstown, 31 lambs dale. if you're closer in jersey, 33, into the 30s in pemberton and 30 in millville. it's going to be a pretty cold night ahead for us. here is the big picture with our lows tonight. mid-20s for poconos. close to 40 for wildwood. philadelphia staying close to 38 degrees. those two areas i mentioned, if you live in south jersey also are suburbs north and west of the city. those are the two spots that are going to see the coldest temperatures for tonight and also tomorrow night. our satellite radar shows sprinkles moving into the area. part of the weather disturbance that lingers to the northwest of us. even if we head into tomorrow we
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are going to see lingering showers closer to 4:00 p.m. on sunday and start to see everything clearing up. the good thing is at least we are going to see temperatures warming back up as we head into next week. so your seven-day forecast shows that as we push into tomorrow, 52 degrees for monday. 54. so your eagles game in the 40s by the time we see kickoff and heading into next week back to the 60s by tuesday. >> thanks, brittney. we get you ready for a big penn state, temple undefeated. we'll hear from them. some eagles ruled out for monday night's giant showdown. plus the gift mike trout is giving the birds. that is next.
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time to check in with thomas roberts for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." thomas. >> hi, denise, thank you. coming up tonight, i know you've
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been talking about this, much of the country hit by the coldest weather the season. talking about the cleanup that continues out west from that big mudslide in california. plus, is he running or not? joe biden talking to a labor leader and strongly indicating a potential run. also new details about the manhunt and shoot-out with notorious drug kingpin that left him wounded. some great fashions all free at a very unique store where shopping takes on special meaning when we see you in just a few minutes for "nightly news." denise, i'll send it back to you. >> see you then, thomas. thank you. this is xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity your home for the most live sport. >> john clark from comcast sports net. the eagles will be missing key players monday night against giants. receiver out, alonzo. running back chris matthews questionable with a groin
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many carries as demarco murray. he has 5 yards a carry. demarco has run the ball better the last two games. >> a lot of new pieces, quarterbacks, receivers, running backs. i think it's for all of us. i think everyone will work together, everyone figuring each other out but i think we're heading in the right direction. >> for the giants becker and beason questionable. kicko alonzo out. jordan hicks going to keep getting playing time. he's gotten the most snaps inside linebacker this season he has the most big players for defensive rookie in the nfl and nobody has more fumble recovers on defense. his teammates say he is like a veteran. >> every day you come in here you've got something to look to as an example of where you want
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to do one day. what it takes to get there. you come in and see the mistakes you made in the game. you do some good plays and everybody does some bad plays. it's all about the process. all about continually getting better each game. >> how about angel star mike trout from millville, new jersey. he sent eagles players sweet kicks, eagles style sneakers they made. trout will probably be there monday night. he's still an eagle season ticket holder. catch eagle kickoff tomorrow at 10:00 on nbc 10 one-on-one and our player correspondent malcolm jenkins. penn state has won five straight games at home. tonight the toughest test on the road at ohio state. nittany lions took buckeyes in double overtime. james franklin knows how tough tonight will be. >> they have been real competitive in the first half.
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they warned people. yeah, it's obviously something we're aware of and do a good job of and continue to build momentum and make plays. they are fast. they are fast wideout, fast at running back, big and physical on the offensive line. >> temple hosts central florida in just over an hour. owls 5-0 for the first time in years, florida 0-6. here is coach an hour ago hoping to stay undefeated. >> we talked about the fact that's the way it's going to be. when you win games you get everybody's best game. we can't control anybody but ourselves. we're pretty confident when we play well, we have a pretty good chance to win. >> villanova visitsing albany. he depends. look at the offensive line. pushing into the end zone. villanova leads 37-0 in the
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third quarter. the quakers winningest coach retired. penn leads 42-7 in the fourth quarter. i'm john clark sending it back to you denise. >> all right, john. thank you so much. that's nbc 10. from all of us here, we'll see you back at 11:00. "nbc nightly news" is next. for news and weather updates any time head to
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on this saturday night, the big chill. it's only october, but here comes the snow and the season's first deep freeze. millions facing a weekend of extreme weather, while in southern california, they're still digging out from mountains of mud. days of rage. new clashes and more bloodshed in the middle east as the deadly conflict between palestinians and israelis shows no sign of ending. still on the run but now wounded after a gun battle with mexican marines. the latest tonight on the drug kingpin el chapo, who remains one of the most wanted men in the world. and the comeback of a very funny man after a devastating accident. comedian tracy morgan returns to his saturday night home live from new york. "nightly news" bin


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