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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  October 18, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. the search for a suspect. we are following breaking news from overnight from florida. one person is dead and four others are hurt after gunfire at a halloween festival. falling temperatures, as this weekend feels as though we are deep into the fall season, and most areas around our neighborhood waking up to temperatures in the 30s. going to get colder for the start of the week. sun is up and shining as we take a live look over center city. we have details in the first
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alert forecast on the frost advisory and freeze warning already in effect. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it's just after 7:00 on this sunday. let's check in with meteorologist, brittney shipp. layers seem to be the name of the game. >> you will need both today heading into tomorrow as well. this cold air is here to stay for the next 24 hours, so temperatures stay in the mid-50s, and we'll stay in the low 50s today, same thing tomorrow and it's the morning temperatures that are of concern, and we have a freeze warning in effect for all the areas highlighted in the purple, and also stretching down into most of south jersey. we have a frost advisory in effect for all the areas highlighted in blue, and that's going to be in trenton, and that stays in effect until 9:00 a.m., a frost advisory, and we are seeing cold temperatures until our area. 39 degrees in philadelphia, and 34 in wilmington, and 37 degrees
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in wildwood. our temperatures will range today between 49 and 52 degrees, cold but sunny. we have a chance of a stray shower around 6:00 p.m. other than that our wind speeds out of the northwest, 5 to 15 miles per hour, and it's going to feel colder than that, and the temperature range, 49 to 52. we're not used to the cold temperatures, but they are not here to stay. i will go over all the details in my full forecast. the drop in temperature did not stop temperature from grabbing dinner or heading to their favorite bar, they had to dress for the weather, and maybe a little sooner this season than we expected that that we talked to one woman that just relocated from miami and tells us she is making due but reconsidering the move. >> got my scarf, and my coat, and i am moving back to miami beach. my friends down there -- >> she's coming home. >> yesterday afternoon in south
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philly, diehard temple football fans layered up to watch the game at the linc. breaking news from overnight, one person is dead, four others are hurt in florida after a shooting at a halloween-themed event. monique braxton is live with details on the search for the gunman. >> we have been monitoring development from ft. meyers, florida, from overnight. this is video we just brought in to the news room. police tell us one man shot and killed at zombie con. the gunshots interrupted the event just before midnight and the annual charity event features people dressing up like zombies, and officials estimate about 20,000 people were at the
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event. a manhunt is still under way for the suspect. we're also working at this hour to bring you comments from the organizers. we'll have that for you in the next half hour. in the digital operation center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. us airways is no more this morning. the final us airways flight touched down at philadelphia international airport yesterday. nbc 10 was there as flight 1939 landed under the merger banner. we spoke with passengers yesterday that took that last u.s. air flight from philly to san francisco. >> to be a part of history and something i can do, something i wanted to do, and i had the chance to do it. it's exciting. >> a warm reception at every arrival and it has been a big celebration on this historic day. >> american says it will take time, possibly overt next few
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months, for all of the planes to be repainted with its logo. news in chester county, police are investigating the deaths of two people found shot inside of a van. police responded to the scene last night on nichols avenue in valley township outside of coatesville. right now police are not releasing details about the victims, possible suspects or motives. detectives from the county and township are working together on this case. this morning state officials are taking care of a 2-year-old boy found wandering barefoot around philadelphia's love park. his parents called to report him missing shortly after he was found. according to investigators the parents were sleeping in love park after being kicked out of their house on friday night, and after the child wondered off somebody noticed him alone and barefoot and flagged down septa police officers. no word on the possibility of any charges in this case.
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today there will be a memorial service for this philadelphia man shot to death in a home invasion. tony harris was killed on friday night. three armed men stormed in through his unlocked door. according to police, the robbers shot harris after demanding cash that he did not have. this weekend temple officials are urging students to be vigilant while police investigate four unsolved robberies all within the past few days near the university. this map shows the crime scenes around the north philadelphia campus. temple officials sent a text alert around 1:00 yesterday morning, and somebody robbed a freshman at gunpoint on jefferson street and his iphone was stolen along with two debit cards and two p.i.n. numbers. the student was not injured. on friday night another man attacked on 19th and diamond street. four men assaulted the victim and then forced him into his
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apartment where they stole several items. in a different case, police released this surveillance video showing one of two suspects who allegedly attacked a temple football player on thursday. investigators tell us the victim was leaving a chinese take out restaurant when the robbers stole his car and cell phone. earlier on thursday, another temple student was robbed bringing the total number of victims this week to four. again, no arrests in any of these cases. philadelphia police and temple police would like information if you have it. in northeast pennsylvania, a man accused of firing shots outside of a walmart before being wounded by police is now facing charges. the gunfire trapped dozens of shoppers yesterday. authorities placed the walmart on lockdown after shooters fired in the parking lot and he exchanged fires with responding officers and got hit. the suspect underwent surgery and faces a list of charges and
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investigators will now be looking for a motive in this case. a taxicab driver in montgomery county in jail this morning. a judge arraigned ozzie clark yesterday. he open fire after an argument over cash he believed his boss owed him. according to police, clark pulled a gun and shot the co-owner, alex kagan in the chest. he then pointed the weapon at three other workers and would not let them call an ambulance until they cut him a check. we are following developing news overseas. the deadly clashes continue between israeli forces and palestinians. next we will tell you what the israeli president is now doing in the wake of the violence. the hunt for el chapo. police are ramping up the search for one of mexico's most
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notorious drug king pens after he escaped yet again.
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although it's cold this morning, at least we are not dealing with snow. there's already enough to shovel in northern michigan, in some areas up to five inches of snow on the ground, and it's a little early but not that unusual for
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snow to fall this time of year in northern michigan. it probably feels a little too early after seeing that snow video. our temperatures in the 30s this morning and some locations in the 40s, and as we head into tomorrow, you will actually see 20s on the map, but not to worry, these conditions will not stick around as we head into next week. there was a live look at the poconos, and this morning the temperatures starting off in the mid-20s, and our shot shows quiet conditions for us, and we see lots of sunshine today but cold weather sticking around for us head into the rest of today and into tomorrow. we have freeze warnings in effect for most of the areas, and temperatures expected to stay in the 30s throughout your 9:00 hour, and then we will start to warm things up a bit. freeze warnings go back into effect tonight lasting until 9:00 a.m. on monday, and we have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. this morning for all the areas highlighted in blue, trenton and philadelphia and
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wilmington, stretching down to delaware and cape may counties. here is a look at our coastal temperatures, 34 in wilmington and 37 in wildwood and 32 in atlantic city. our temperatures today will range between 49 and 52, and cold and sunny for us. staying well below our average of 66 for this time of year. i am tracking warmer weather in my next forecast. looking forward to that. now to decision 2016. reports say that vice president joe biden could make his decision for running for president by today. he attended his granddaughter's cross-country meet in wilmington yesterday and this is video from the meet, and the vice president spoke with the head of the national firefighters union on friday and according to nbc news, biden told the union president he is strongly considering a run for the white house. in new york last night, vice
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president biden received a human rights award, and the greek orthodox church presented him with a award. let's head out on the campaign trail. hillary clinton spoke to party representatives in birmingham, alabama yesterday. it was clinton's final scheduled campaign stop before her appearance, before the house panel on benghazi on thursday. the former secretary of state will testify about the 2012 terror attack that killed four americans, including the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens. a quick note as we talk about presidential politics, ted cruz, senator from texas, will be one of chuck todd's guest on "meet the press" this morning, and that's happening at 10:30, here on nbc 10. stick with us in the next half hour because we will talk to
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chuck live for a preview. now to news, more unrest overseas. five palestinians were shot and killed in jerusalem during another day of violent clashes. officials say all of the shooting victims attempted to attack police officers before being -- shot. they are convinced israel wants to move more of their rights. the ongoing violence wants to prompt people living in israel to arm themselves. authorities in mexico are searching up their search for drug lord, el chapo guzman. he escaped from prison in the summertime, and officials from the prison and pilot were
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arrested for helping him escape. troops are active in the area. thousands of hyundai cars being recalled. we will explain why the company is making announcement before the winter weather sets in. >> thank you so much. no, i'm just playing. back in the limelight. comedian tracy morgan returns to "saturday night live" and jokes about his nearly fatal accidents. highlights from the big night are next.
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here's a live look as the sun begins to come up in south philly over by the linc. clear skies out there, looking good, and temperatures for most of our neighborhoods are in the 30s. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's definitely a cold start to the morning, but here is video, heavy rain near sacramento caused flash flooding and mudslides in southern and it's now moving north. officials say because so many trees and brush were destroyed during the wildfires, there's nothing to watch the mudslides so that's definitely a concern out west. here we are dealing with cooler temperatures to start and even seeing snow in parts of michigan, and as we head into this morning and tomorrow morning, we are going to see cold, temperatures below average for us as well, and chilly conditions will stick around for the eagles' game on monday night, but the cold temperatures will be short lived and we are
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warming things back up as we head into next week. here's a closer look for the spread in temperatures in allentown, low 30s, and lots of sunshine and you will notice in philadelphia, it's warmer, so philadelphia is under a frost advisory, but other locations in south jersey and most of our suburbs to the north and west, under a freeze warning. temperatures not quite as cold in philadelphia, but still well below average. at 33 degrees in pottstown and 32 in allentown and 36 in wildwood and 32 degrees at the atlantic city airport and we will see an instant repeat of all the cold temperatures tomorrow morning as well, and by tomorrow temperatures will be colder as the cold air continues to work its way down from canada, and it's far reaching as far south as atlanta, and the cold air is going to be locked in as we head into your monday. we have a freeze warning staying in effect this morning until 9:00 a.m., and once again tonight into tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., and we have a frost advisory for another few hours
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from wilmington stretch into delaware and into parts of cape may. we will see clear skies as we head into the rest of today, and lots of sunshine and staying dry with the exception of a few stray showers as we head into your early evening hours, so closer to 6:00 p.m., we have a few stray showers moving through new castle county, and other than that we will stay nice and clear which will help to contribute how cold it will get tonight once again. highs around the region today, from the high 40s into the low 50s. 53 in millville, and in atlantic city, but take a look at how much colder it gets head into monday morning. we are talking about temperatures dropping into the mid-20s, and 27 in pottstown, and temperatures will get above freezing for philadelphia tomorrow morning. today we range between 49 and 52 degrees, cold and sunny. your 7-day forecast shows we will warm things up, not today and not tomorrow, but as we head
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into next week, by tuesday we are back to the 60s, 70s on wednesday and thursday. >> looking forward to that. thanks, brittney. students in camden are now serving the kramer hill community through a new food pantry. camden academy high school students will operate the pantry every third saturday of the month providing food for the families of fellow students. a recall we want to let you know about. hyundai is recalling 27,000 cars because they may not respond well to the salt that will be dumped on our roads this winter. the recall covers elantras made from 2010 to 2011, and sonatas, and it is limited to the salt
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belt, and that includes pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey. still ahead, a twister caught on camera. we'll explain what caused this wild weather to break out in southern california.
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here's a live look at the philadelphia museum of art where the aids fund is hosting its annual 5k run and walk. if you are going to be in the area today, mlk drive will be shut down and the street eakins oval and the art museum area until about noon. the hallen town halloween parade starts on 17th street
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today and ends on 9th street. if you are attending organizers would like you to use the #hhallentown. families are free to come and go as they please starting at 10:00 this morning, and families can create a scarecrow and play games and ride a hay wagon tour. tracy morgan hosted "saturday night live" right here on nbc 10. the former cast member was sideline ed, as you may remember, by a highway crash that nearly killed him last year. the accident ended up killing his friend, and it left him, tracy morgan, in a coma, battling a traumatic brain injury. the comedian was in several sketches last night including a
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"30 rock" reunion. here is a quick listen to his opening monologue when he jokes about the accident. >> here i am! [ applause ] hey, people are wondering, can he speak? does he have 100% mental capacity? the truth is i never did. i might actually be a few points higher now. >> morgan's appearance on "snl" was his first since 2011. the time is 7:28. we are following breaking news from overnight. one person is dead after a shooting at a halloween-themed event in florida. our monique braxton is following the developments from the digital operation center. >> zombicon organizers have the shooter's statement, and we'll have that after the break. it's a cold start to the morning and it's going to get colder tomorrow.
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these chilly temperatures are not here to stay. i am tracking warmer weather. i will go over all the details in my full forecast.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. >> right now, on nbc 10 news today, temperatures are dropping all across our area and it's going to get colder for the start of the week. doesn't really look cold out there as we take a live view of a sunny philadelphia skyline, but some parts of our area are now under a frost advisory or freeze warning. good morning and welcome back to nbc "nbc10 news today." i am rosemary connors. it's just after 7:30 on this chilly sunday. let's get to meteorologist, brittney shipp, and she has been
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tracking the dip in temperatures. >> doesn't look like it's cold outside, but it definitely is and you will notice that when you step outside this morning. we saw the cooler temperatures yesterday and it will be colder today and even colder tomorrow morning. the sun is shining brightly but we have a cold wind blowing in from the northeast, and our temperatures in allentown, 32 degrees. 30 degrees in millville, and 36 in wildwood and the city planner shows over the next couple hours temperatures pushing into the high 40s, and so we will be slow to warm up. today's high for philadelphia, 52 degrees and that's going to be a range between 49 and 52. cold and sunny, and conditions expected for us, and coming up i am tracking even colder air moving in, and head into monday, and also a chilly eagle's forecast on tap for you, and all the details for you in my next forecast.
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>> thanks, brittney. right now the search continues for a gunman responsible for killing one person and hurting four others during a shooting at a halloween zombie convention in ft. meyers, florida. monique braxton has an update. >> the zombicon in ft. meyers, florida, is now a crime scene and the search for the shooter continues. while you were sleeping we gathered this video showing people running for cover after a gunman open fire at a halloween festival in ft. meyers, and police barricaded an area telling people downtown was closed and detectives are canvassing the scene, according to witnesses. one witness says zombicon turned chaotic after shots rang out just before midnight and police tell us one man was shot and killed and four others injured and are expected to recover. zombicon is an outdoor music festival, annual charity event where people dress up like
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zombies. organizers estimate about 20,000 people were in the crowd. now zombicon organizers posted this message on the website. we are deeply saddened by the news of what happened within the footprint of our event and we take the safety of our patrons seriously. we will continue to monitor the situation in florida, and have an update for you in the next half hour. live in the digital operation center, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. thanks for the update, monique. now to the news in atlanta county, two people dead after a fire ripped through a house. authorities are now in the process of notifying relatives before they release the names of the victims. a deadly house fire in delaware county killed a man who police say was trying to murder his girlfriend.
7:35 am
he set fire to his own home, and police tell us that the man blocked the door after setting the fire and got trapped. they found his body beneath a pile of debris. the man's girlfriend, who also lived in the home managed to jump out of a window to safety. staying in delaware county, you are looking at pictures from a ral ly showing support for police officers. many held signs that read "police lives matter." organizers of the rally say police need community support now more than ever. there's a new push in montgomery county to prevent prescription drug abuse. nbc 10 was at the upper marion township police department along with two dozen other departments worked together to take back unused prescription drugs. yesterday's event highlights the many drop off boxes around the
7:36 am
county where you can leave your old prescription meds. good music, healthy food and wellness checks. that's what was going on at the 12th annual wellness festival in east falls yesterday. attendees got nutrition kits along with tips on how to reduce stress and live a healthier life. next on nbc "nbc10 news today," a man in critical condition after he was attacked by a shark. the second shark attack there in hawaii in a matter of two weeks. we'll explain how some people jumped into action to pull him back to shore.
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cold temperatures to start off this morning. same thing tomorrow morning, and in fact tomorrow morning is going to get even colder than this morning as you can imagine. a big cold blast for us but not going to stick around. it will stick around for the eagles' game on monday night, and then you can see philadelphia a little warmer than most locations, and it's colder in allentown and atlantic
7:40 am
city, and both locations under a freeze warning and philadelphia under a frost advisory because the temperatures are a bit warmer. patchy frost is possible throughout most areas this morning. 30 degrees in millville and 30 degrees in mount holly, and 35 in northeast philadelphia, and along the shoreline, temperatures mainly in the low 30s hovering above freezing at the airport in atlantic city. the cold air is moving in from the northwest so you will see the temperatures in places like atlanta in the 40s to start off this morning. so this cold air is going to stick around as we head into today and into tomorrow, and we have a freeze warning which will expire at 9:00 a.m., but go back into effect tonight lasting until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's for all the areas highlighted in purple, and some
7:41 am
locations under a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. this morning, and then it will go back into effect again head into monday morning. another cold morning on tap for us. tomorrow will be even colder. our satellite radar shot shows lots of sunshine today, and most of the disturbance stays out of the region with the exception of a stray shower that will be possible as we get into the rest of tonight. between 5:00 and 7:00, that's the biggest chance for the showers, and then we will see sunshine as we head into tomorrow as well and see colder temperatures. as far as today, highs in the 50s, and we will see a high of 53. now even colder temperatures expected for us by monday, so take a look at some of these temperatures. we will drop down into the 20s in allentown, and pottstown 27,
7:42 am
and 33 in atlantic city and 36 in wildwood. the eagles' forecast, and with a late kickoff we are going to see cold conditions for the eagles game. the range is 49 and 52, cold and sunny, and as we head into the next couple of days after tomorrow, we will start to see the temperatures recovering, back to the 60s we go. we stay in the 70s both on wednesday and thursday. republican presidential candidate, texas senator, ted cruz, will be one of chuck todd's test on "meet the press" this morning here on nbc 10. a live preview of that interview and more on the race for the white house is coming up in just minutes. on this week's nbc 10, at
7:43 am
issue, we take on the issue whether or not parents should let underaged kids drink at home, and some say it's time to make a change and give parents the right to choose and others say it's sending the wrong message. that's right after "meet the press." we'll be right back.
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games and all of them at home but a tough test on the road last night at ohio state. were the buckeyes sleeping on the nittany lions? maybe for a little bit. second quarter, and this is what ohio state did all night, 315 rushing yards. not many highlights for penn state, but here is one. this is a great effort to get into the end zone, but penn state loses 38-10, so they have been out scored their last two trips to ohio state, 101-24. take a look at this. michigan up two on michigan state. ten seconds left, and the punter can't handle the snap and tried to kick it again, and ends up in the hands of jackson and he returns it 38 yards for the
7:47 am
touchdown and time expires. look at the faces. michigan state stuns michigan, 27-23, and jalen who scored the touchdown dislocated his hip on the play and had to be taken to the hospital. temple was only up one on winless central florida at the half, so the coach does his half-time speech on the field. the owls respond. thomas, season highs with three touchdowns, and 199 rushing yards and temple up by six and then they score again, and look at the trickery on the two-point conversi conversion. temple wins 30-16. they are 6-0 for the first time in 41 years. villanova all over albany, and the offensive line pushing goodsack into the end zone.
7:48 am
and then requiring from penn and now coaching columbia, and penn crushes columbia, 42-7. the eagles tomorrow night, missing key players against the giants. agholor is out, and running back, brian macould be in. demarco has been running better the last two weeks. >> a lot of new pieces, quarterbacks and receivers and running backs, and the scheme is set for all of us, and i think we are headed in the right direction. >> this is nice. angel's star, mike trout, from
7:49 am
millville, new jersey, sent eagles special sneakers, and he is an eagles' season ticket holder. mike trout may be there tomorrow night. catch eagles game day kickoff here on nbc10, and don't forget to vote for our high school game of the week. here are your choices. hammonton versus delsea, and upper dublin versus upper moreland, and marple-newtown versus garnet valley, and log on to and vote now and all week long. the mets win game one last night hosting the cubs. d'arnaud, a solo shot off the big apple in the big apple. mets win 4-2. the royals are up 2-0 in the alcs against the blue jays. i am john clark. enjoy your sunday.
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you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good, to great, to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing. hurry, ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. >> announcer: this is nbc10 news. a tale of two presidential frontrunners tops this morning's edition of nbc's "meet the press." joining us for a preview is moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, rosemary. >> mill hillary clinton is goin be under the microphone testifying before the house on benghazi, and she says the
7:53 am
hearings are about something else. >> kevin mccarthy essentially backed up the clinton campaign's claim or said things that said this was a committee to set up to just target hillary clinton, and i think you will hear her say that a lot next thursday, but make no mistake, there are going to be a bunch of tough questions and the clinton campaign knows this is not going to be easy, and they set aside four straight days. she had an event yesterday and has no more public schedules between now and thursday, and she is treating this almost more seriously than she did last week's debate, and maybe more so and you can make an argument what happens thursday may be the single most important moment of her presidential campaign until the actual voting begins. >> let's talk about the republican side of the race.
7:54 am
donald trump continues to lead the polls, and cruz is waiting in the wings, and could he emerge as the top tier candidate if trump falters in this? >> he could, and it has been an "if" issue for ted cruz and what we have seen so far, he is building a campaign sustainable for the long hall, and has a shot, if trump and carson falter and at this point it's a bigger if than we thought, the summer of trump and carson is now the fall of trump and carson, and do you realize no republican candidate has more cash, more money in the bank right now than ted cruz. he has more than ted bush and rubio, and obviously donald trump will his billions can spend whatever he wants. we will see if cruz can figure out a way to peel off trump and
7:55 am
carson supporters. >> chuck, thank you very much. senator ted cruz will be just one of chuck's guest on "meet the press," and that comes your way at 10:30 right here on nbc10. now to a little extreme weather. california drivers saw this twister and it popped up in the area just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. officials are not reporting any damage, and that's the good news. a land sprout is a tornado that forms when intersecting winds converge without the presence of a super cell thunderstorm. >> in hawaii, a man remains in critical condition after a tiger shark attack. officials say the man was swimming with a friend off the island of oahu on saturday when the shark bit his leg, and this is the second time they have had a shark attack in a week, week and a half, and the other man was not hurt.
7:56 am
two kayakers that spotted the swimmers paddled them back to shore and first responders treated them before taking them to the hospital and officials have closed the beaches there along the island. a groom backed out and the bride's family turned the heartbreaking night into an event they would never forget, and they decided to invite the homeless to come and eat last night, and they arrived at one of the finest hotels to have a night out. >> i found out on monday, and this was something we would do to give back. >> very generous to lose out on something so important to yourself and to give it to somebody else is really giving. >> the night was still too painful for the bride and chose to stay at home, and today her and her mother will make off to belize to make good use of what
7:57 am
would have been her honeymoon. you had a nice honeymoon? >> very nice. we were in hawaii, at the time of the first shark attack. very careful in the water. >> good, i am glad you are back in one piece. there's a live look outside right now where the sun is shining brightly on the philadelphia art museum. and this morning, it's going to stay cold for us. most of the area under a freeze warning or frost advisory. we will drop back down close to freezing for philadelphia, and some spots are going to get down into the mid-20s as we head into tonight, so that's going to be a very cold walk to the bus stop or commute to work tomorrow. keep that in mind. and a cold monday night football game on tap for us, but tuesday, wednesday and thursday, back to the 60s and 70s we go, so it's going to be short-lived, this cold snap. >> we will be looking forward to the 70s, right?
7:58 am
>> looking forward to it. >> that's going to do it for us, and we will see you back here at 9:00. have a good one. i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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good morning. breaking overnight, deadly shooting. a gunman opens fire in the middle of a crowded zombie festival sending people running for their lives. one person is dead, several others injured. this morning the hunt for the shooter. >> oh my god. bitter blast. millions of you waking up to near-freezing temperatures with snow on the ground in several states. good nutz? there's a warm-up in sight. dylan will let us know when. stay out of the water. that is the warning in oahu after two people were attacked by sharks, onlookers in disbelief. this is the eighth attack in hawaii and the busy vacation season is just getting under way. and tracy's triumphant


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