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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 19, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> >> right now the coldest air of the season is here as we take a live look at center city philadelphia. freeze warnings in effect with temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s for most of you. don't put away the light jacket yet because the early cold snap will be short lived. we're thank youful for that. what sparked the flames that burned flew an historic country club. fire investigators will be back out there to see what is left of lulu's country club. a prime time showdown at the link. the eagles will be battling the new york giants on "monday night football." the birds will honor this long time fan favorite.
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it's going to be cold for that game as the link it's cold this morning. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" on monday. i'm chris cato. many of you are wakingp to frost on the lawn, maybe on the windshields. looking for the winter coat. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. bill, it's a cold morning all over the area. >> cold and getting colder. we have clear skies and the temperatures are falling. 36 degrees, that's down a degree in the last hour in philadelphia and 6 degrees chillier than yesterday morning. wind barely moving. pottstown, doylestown at the freezing mark, 29 degrees and wrightstown and gloucester county 29 and also at turnersville. a cold start this morning. freeze warnings up and down the east coast as temperatures are still falling. much of the area will drop below freezing. but, it's going to warm up today. a little bit. we'll see bright sunshine, 6:00,
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36, by 9:0039 with a light breeze and noon time sunshine at 48 degrees. there is warmer weather on the way, we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> and bill, we're starting off on the vine street expressway, no problems whether you're headed eastbound or westbound into 95 or the schuylkill. if you're on 95 we're okay, southbound wood haven to the vine street expressway, 64 miles per hour, people are moving around. no problems on the schuylkill eastbound from the blue route to the vine. that's 12 minutes. blue route is great headed southbound and as for mass transit no problems or delays for new jersey transit, patco, septa and dart. more when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> with this taste of winter in the middle of fall you may have to add steps to your routine. find those big coats, bundle the kids up for the bus stop and bundle yourself up. you may find yourself shivering waiting for the train to work.
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katy zachry is live at septa's jacob town station shivering with the rest of the travelers. >> reporter: right. it's so cold you can see my breath as we're talking, chris. we are looking for those travelers going to board the septa train, they are not out on the platform yet. we expect to see them in their cars waiting for the trains. if this isn't a sign that winter is prematurely upon us i don't know what is. a number of these cars parked at the jenkintown station are covered with frost. if you don't have frost you probably will have some very cold precipitation because of that rain that moved in last night just as temperatures were dropping. speaking of temperatures, we go to my ipad you can see it's 33 degrees in the windcode area. we push in there is a freeze warning in place for -- until
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9:00. you have to add extra steps to your morning, i say add extra layers. i have them on, i'm still cold. i don't know why i don't have our hat on. i should probably get my hat on. our photographer is shaking in disapproval. you're going to want the gloves, the hat, especially if kids are headed to the bus stop and have to wait for the bus. if you can drive them to the bus stop even better. we'll be back to show you how people are coping with this unseasonably cold weather. back to you. >> your photographer also has considerably less hair than you so one reason i'm sure he is wearing a hat. katy zachry live. thanks, mat, katy. >> happening today the jury in the building collapse trial will resume deliberations after a break. the jurors have to decide if the demolition contractor acted recklessly.
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he is charged with third-degree murder, his company was taking down a building on market street when a four story brick wall collapsed on a neighboring store, killing six people. the defense called it a horrible accident, prosecutors said campbell valued money over lives. >> this morning fire investigators will be back at a country club in montgomery county trying to figure out why a clubhouse went up in flames. the fire started early yesterday morning at lulu country club. look at the video, more than 100 firefighters battled the flames. the fire was contained to the clubhouse. officials say it's a total loss. they say the building's design including its wooden roof made it difficult. to make it worse the nearest fire hydrant was 1500 feet away. >> we actually tapped into three hydrant systems to be able to have enough water to fight the fire. we had several thousand feet of hose from different points. >> i have never seen a fire in
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person that strong before. >> no one was hurt in the fire. country club officials issued a statement thanking members for support and they hope to come back stronger than ever. in new castle county a driver who caused more than $100,000 during a hit and run crash is still on the run. they saw a dark truck going about 70 miles an hour on a residential street in newark yesterday morning. the truck slammed into a homeowner's driveway, clipped an suv, crashing into two other cars. >> a loud bang, sounded like an explosion. >> you walk out and what? >> disaster in the driveway. you can see he pushed the vehicles probably 8 to 10 foot. >> randy seen there, police are still looking for a dark ford f-250 with a lot of front end damage. the home owner is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to arrest. >> six minutes after 4:00.
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allentown's new police chief will be sworn in. keith morris will assume his new duties later this morning. he has been with the force there for 18 years, the last two as assistant chief. he will replace the chief who left to become the police chief of ft. worth, texas. the archdiocese of philadelphia is closing a church. yesterday officials announced st. mary of the assumption will no longer serve as a worship site and will close. it merged with st. john the baptist in 2012 but the archdiocese now says that financial challenges are too great to keep up the building. new information this morning about that 2-year-old boy who was found wandering alone in love park. a ministry has launched a campaign to raise $12,000 in 12 days for the boy's family. the parents told police that they were kicked out of their home on friday so they spent the night in love park and that's when the toddler ran off while they were asleep. he and his 4-year-old sister are
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now in state custody for now. a group called chosen 300 wants to raise enough to pay for one year of housing for the family along with providing money management and social services. choppy waters and cold winds kept the coast guard busy pulling off several rescues in south jersey. in this one a man well overboard 21 miles offshore. he managed to get back on board his boat and wait for help. he was very cold. the coast guard helicopter took him to get medical attention. that wasn't the end of the rescue. a crew on boat also had to board the man's boat to take care of his cat. then the coast guard had to air lift two fishermen to safety. their boat got stuck late saturday night. the coast guard said the men had mild hypothermia. also on saturday, a crew from the coast guard's cape may station had to tow a sail boat to safety. the boat broke down and with a
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freeze advisory the person on board the boat could not risk spending the night on the water. nine minutes after 4:00. the music tells you it's time for a look from our eagle's nest camera. the stadium is calm and quiet now. tonight you know the joint will be jumping as the birds host their arch rival the new york giants on "monday night football." even more than a rivalry game, tonight's contest is a battle for first place in the nfc east. the eagles 2-3, the giants a game ahead, 3-2. here is a look at coach tom coughlin and the g-men arriving in center city yesterday. eli manning on pace for a career season so far but he's lost to the eagles in the 11 of their last 14 meetings. and he knows the birds and their fans will be jacked tonight. >> it will be loud and fired up, rocking, so we've got to do our
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job and we got to go out and play smart, handle the crowd noise, hopefully get off to a fast start and try to calm them down. >> the eagles are going to be wearing their black jerseys tonight, so birds fans are doing likewise to welcome the giants with a blackout at the lirng. also tonight, the eagles at halftime will induct brian westbrook into the team hall of fame. he played in villanova, was the work horse of the offense during the birds' run of title games in the last decade. he also etched his name in history with this 84 yard game winning punt return against the giants fittingly on this very day in 2003. how about that. maybe a repeat tonight. and brian wes brook will join us for eagles game day kickoff. your official station of the philadelphia eagles.
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calendar says october, it feels like december this morning. we have a freeze going on, the temperatures are still falling much of the area already below freezing. it's going to be a chilly day. we'll see bright sunshine but get nowhere near the normal temperatures in the 60s, we'll stay in the 50s this afternoon. but believe it or not a warming trend is on the way. later this week the temperatures will be in the 70s. but look at this morning. 22 degrees right now for mount pocono. trenton right at the freezing mark at 32 degrees, 34 in wilmington. it's cold, but it is clear and dry. that's a live view from south philadelphia. going to be a chilly night in south philly for the game. the temperatures will be in the 40s. but before we get there, these numbers will be coming up in the 50s this afternoon. just above freezing for wilmington. 29 in wrightstown, atlantic city at the airport 29 degrees. some of the coldest air north and west at or below freezing for levittown, langhorne is 29.
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doylestown in the 20s, and 20s for quakertown. it's a cold start. we'll see lots of sunshine. satellite shows we are in the clear, won't get the pop-up showers like we did yesterday. will stay dry today. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, sunshine, high of 47 degrees for mount pocono, 50s for allentown, quakertown and reading. bright sunshine, doylestown, trenton and mount holly. a slow warm-up but in the 50s today. you'll see sunny skies for cape may, rehobeth and atlantic city. philadelphia will warm to 54 degrees, 53 in wilmington and williams town. a cold start this morning. take a look at the hour by hour forecast for the big game tonight coming back in ten minutes. >> jessica boyington is changing the oil in her traffic computer now so we'll check in with her in a few minutes. up next, happening later this week, an olympian turned convicted killer is now out of
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prison. oscar pistorius hasn't even spent a full year behind bars for the shooting death of his girlfriend. next we'll hear reaction about the plan to release him early. and a trick-or-treat ripped from the sports headlines. how one patriots fan is making his voice heard in time for halloween.
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breaking news out of central florida, police believe they found the body of an 11-year-old girl missing since last year. the grandmother and aunt found the body in a freezer at the grandmother's home. authorities say the body is likely that of the girl who hasn't been seen since august
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last year. investigators say that they made that discovery and called police and the girl's mother was arrested friday after refusing to answer questions about her daughter's whereabouts during a court hearing. neighbors say everything seemed normal. >> my son had played with her kids, my niece played with the kids. it's just everything seemed all right when i first seen them which was months ago. >> the grandmother says that the girl's mom and unidentified man dropped off that freezer last we week. police plan to turn over the fweed the medical examiner. >> operators have to register aircraft under a new plan. nbc news learned that will require anyone buying a drone to register it with the department of transportation. this move stems from concerns over close calls between drones and commercial airliners.
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transportation secretary anthony fox will join the head of the faa for the announcement. investigators in california will continue work to determine what caused a driver to plunge off of a pier last night, killing one man and leaving another in critical condition. witnesses say they spotted a white sedan driving erratically before the car went over a parking block, broke through the railing and fell in the water below. in columba five are dead, 13 injured after a plane crashed into a bakery. the plane went down shortly after takeoff and crashed into the bakery in the western part of the city. the five people on board were killed. 13 injured were all people inside the bakery at the time. tomorrow oscar pistorius, the south african olympian who made international headlines for shooting and killing his girlfriend, will be released from prison. pistorius will be freed on parole just one day short of one year behind bars, for killing
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his girlfriend inside their home. he testified he shot her thinking she was an intruder. he was convicted of manslaughter, acquitted of premeditated murder. he was sentenced to five years in prison but became eligible for parole after 10 months. many in south africa say his punishment was too light. >> it's not fair. >> that amount of time, unacceptable. >> pistorius will spend the rest of his five-year sentence under house arrest at his uncle's home. >> relentless rains will stick around in the philippines after a typhoon killed at least two people and left thousands homeless. officials say the slow moving storm will sit over the region for three days now because the high pressure in the north and another typhoon in the northwest pacific. the typhoon made landfall yesterday with 93-mile-per-hour
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winds. more flooding and land slides are expected over the next few days. >> if you believe the nfl's deflate gate was a witch hunt check out what a patriots fan conjured up. a display showing an effigy of roger goodell about to be burned a at the stake. the patriots fan is matthew cooper, a chiropractor from wayland, massachusetts. he said he has been pleasantly surprised by the neighborhood reaction. >> i can't believe the amount of people that say it brought a smile or they are like go pats, and people like burn him, all kinds of funny things. >> he can't believe it's popular in his patriot fan neighborhood? goodell is appealing a ruling that overturned his suspension of tom brady for his alleged role in tampering with the air pressure of footballs. from halloween to a very early taste of winter, check out
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the first snowflakes in the area yesterday. yes. this video was taken by one of our viewers in brookhaven, delaware county. hopefully no accumulation there. bill henley is getting early credit for that snow. it's snow fighting with the grass in upstate new york. you know winter is around the corner when you start to see that. a little too early for that stuff. meteorologist bill henley is standing by, no precipitation falling this morning, bill. people may see frost, right? >> you will see frost. we have scattered rain showers in philadelphia, but snowing in reading yesterday as well. those snow showers very light and out of the picture today. our skies are clear. this is a live view looking toward center city. 36 degrees, and falling in philadelphia. 6 degrees chillier than yesterday. that's above freezing but most of the area with clear skies seeing the radiational cooling, all the heat is escaping and the
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temperatures have dropped below freezing in fact. look at the 20s for pottstown, doylestown, wrightstown, mill industrial at 28 degrees. and it's down to 34 in wilmington. at the shore this morning, 30s for cape may, 36 degrees right now, cape may at the airport is 34 degrees, below freezing in cape may court house, woodbine and ocean view. farther to the north you'll find 29 degrees in mullica township. right along the tuckahoe river, and below freezing in northfield. so a cold start. it will be a sunny day. you'll need sunglasses and this will be the coldest of the week as the temperatures will rebound nicely. for today, we'll start at 34 degrees in philadelphia, 6:00, by 9:00, 39 degrees. and 48 degrees at lunch time. in the 50s this afternoon. but then the numbers come right down, just in time for the game tonight. it's going to be cold for tailgating, below 50 degrees. 45 at kickoff, dropping into the
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low 40s late in the game. >> giants helmets won't be the only blue things at those temperatures. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has news of an accident. in south jersey. >> we're in little egg harbor township on the garden state parkway an accident scene, actually not blocking any of the roadways, so good news there. it's in the right shoulder is blocked. southbound right around 539 which is around exit 58 in little egg harbor township. the schuylkill expressway, doing great so far. spring garden street where our cameras are, 11 minutes westbound from the vine street expressway to the blue route. no problems eastbound and i don't know if you tlerd is an eagles gape too. watch out for stadium traffic around lincoln financial field and the entire stadium area, watch for tailgaters around 8:30 and starting before then. back to you. >> in a few hours of course another traffic scene. thousands of school buses will be hitting the road for the
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daily trip to and from school. happening this week school bus safety is taking center stage. ahead in the next half hour, the equipment that experts say every bus should have. the biggest danger facing student passengers. stronger than the storm. there were plenty of lessons since hurricane sandy. see how this house can stand up to mother nature's worst. and we'd like to invite you behind the scenes. you can talk to us, ask us question, find out what you did over the weekend, chat with us on paris scope, nbc philadelphia. i'll see you there.
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it hasn't happened in 36
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years but this morning it is happening. the temple owls football team is ranked in the national polls. the football team. that's right. temple is a perfect 6-0 following the win over central florida saturday night. the owls ranked 22nd in the poll and 24th in the coaches poll. the head coach said he's really happy for his players. >> i think it's nice that there is national recognition, people are respecting temple in the way our guys play and who we played in the long run you know, we have to make it mean something by winning and being in the top 25 at the end of the year. >> fans hope that temple hangs on to matt ruhle for a while. if they win and go 7-0, it will be the first time in school history that happened. >> a college in north jersey is getting national honors for building a hurricane-resistant home. the stevens institute won the energy department's solar decathlon. did you know about that?
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dozens of students designed and built this home that can withstand hurricane force winds and flooding. the institute was one of the smallest in the competition of 14 universities. 35 degrees at 4:27. our skies are clear and the temperatures are still falling right now. coldest weather of the season so far. if you're heading out bundle up. also grab your sunglasses. going to be a sunny day. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> we're looking at 309. no problems north or southbound. but we have a lot of construction going on. >> eagles fans hope the force will be with the birds. next, hear what the game against the giants has in common with one of the highly anticipated movies of the year.
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get ready before you head out the door make sure you've got all those cold weather clothes. the sweaters, the coats. right now parts of the area under a freeze warning with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. >> it will be a cold one at the link tonight. yes, the eagles play the giants but the birds are also presenting long time fan favorite brian westbrook with a special honor. >> good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm chris cato. it's 4:30 and cold. we knew this was coming. bill said it's going to be cold but i think we had forgotten what that feels like. >> you know, over


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