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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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get ready before you head out the door make sure you've got all those cold weather clothes. the sweaters, the coats. right now parts of the area under a freeze warning with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. >> it will be a cold one at the link tonight. yes, the eagles play the giants but the birds are also presenting long time fan favorite brian westbrook with a special honor. >> good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm chris cato. it's 4:30 and cold. we knew this was coming. bill said it's going to be cold but i think we had forgotten what that feels like. >> you know, over the weekend
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you forget a lot. >> over the summer i was thinking. you forget how cold it can be. this is december cold we're looking at. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. currently 1 degree above freezing in northeast philadelphia. lots of spots at or below freezing. 28 in millville, look at the 20s for pottstown. chester county, west chester, all in the 20s right now. in phoenixville at 29 degrees at this hour. so a cold start and a chilly day. we'll see sunshine, skies are clear, 34 degrees in philadelphia at 6:00. then a slow warm-up with bright sunny skies, 39 at 9:00, in the upper 40s at noon time. that's the normal low temperature for this time of year. we'll warm into the 50s this afternoon. most of us, that is. i'll go through the forecast when i'm back. right now jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> and bill, we're looking live on 95 so around the betsy ross
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bridge, ongoing construction there, that's been there some time. watch for lane restrictions. we're great, we have a 12 minute drive time southbound from wood haven road to the vine street expressway. average speed of 66 miles per hour, people are moving out there. if you are heading over into delaware today, this is heading into new jersey so if you are in delaware, going over the delaware memorial bridge watch for lane restrictions, the left lane closed between new casal after. if you're heading into delaware from new jersey, delaware memorial bridge southbound between route 49 which is salem and the toll plaza watch for road work. we'll check in with new jersey roads, chris. >> this just in to "nbc 10 news." philadelphia police are on the scene of two car fires that appear to be suspicious. they appear to be arson. it happened around 3:15 near janny and east tiaoga streets. someone put rags in cars and lit
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them on fire. a neighbor managed to put out the fire with a garden hose on both cars. the cars were slightly damaged as you see. bill mentioned it, you know, the calendar says fall but it feels like december out there this morning. >> i got my coat out. it is cold out there. and that means quite a rude awakening for anyone who has to do more than run to the car this morning. katy zachry is live at septa's jenkintown train station. if you are waiting out on the platform it's going to be chilly. >> reporter: we just talked to some families who just boarded the septa bus that pulled up to the station. and i talked to one family, they had a 4-year-old daughter you see them boarding the train right there. they are headed to disney world so a place much warmer, destination south. but they were freezing huddled together on the platform. many people i'm talking to this morning are huddled in cars,
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their vehicles are on, heaters are on while they are waiting for the train. this is the first train we've seen to come in this morning. you can see how cold it is out here. if there is any sign there is no tell tale sign like frost on the windows. if you're not walking out to see frost you are going to see some pretty cold moisture from the rain that moved in last night, coupled with the near-freezing temperature. so where we are now in montgomery county, it's just a hair above freezing. but in other parts of the area as bill said, it's below freezing. we did talk to travelers and we're going to share with you in the next half hour how they are staying warm and dealing with this premature winter so to speak. as the train moves on a lot of people are happy to be on board in the warmth. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." happening today, chaka fattah jr. is in court for allegedly misusing money.
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some of the nearly $1 million they say he spent on personal expenses. he says none of that is true and the government's case is weak. his father the congressman is accused in a separate case of misusing federal grant money and charitable donations among other thing, he also denies wrong doing. his wife "nbc 10 news" renee chenault-fattah is on leave from nbc 10 is be labelededle in the enterprise in the federal indictment. the feds allege that she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she denies wrong doing as well. >> from our delaware bureau, two families are homeless after fire tore through their mobile home. officials say this is a case of arson. flames broke out yesterday at the trailer park on indiana road
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in stanton. police told us three homes were set on fire. damage to two of them is in the tens of thousands of dollars. one victim told us he and other family members including children woke up to the smell of smoke. >> running outside the house and like fire, fire, and then we were like wake up, and everybody woke up. >> the red cross is helping the families involved. police have made no arrests in this case but say it appears the culprit tried to steal a car before setting the homes on fire. 35 degrees. now to decision 2015. the race for philadelphia mayor is back in the spotlight. democrat jim kenny and republican melissa murray bailey will again debate the issues. their debate is 7:30 tonight at temple university center for the performing arts, doors open at 6:30. it's free but you need to register ahead. you can also tweet your
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questions to >> birds fans are ready for the national close-up, the next national close-up. a live look inside a calm, quiet lincoln financial field. this is from our view in the eagles nest. tonight the place will be rocking as the birds host the new york giants for "monday night football." like so many other times in the past tonight's contest is a battle for first place in the nfc east. the eagles 2-3, the giants are leading the division at 3-2, and here's a look at the team, the giants arriving in center city yesterday, quarterback eli manning having one of his best seasons so far. but the eagles usually have his number. he lost to the birds 11 of the last 14 times. the birds quarterback sam bradford would like that trend to continue. >> obviously it's a big game because it's a division opponent as well, but as far as anything
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else i think it's big because it's playing this week. >> leave the green jerseys home. the eagles are wearing the black jerseys as fans are doing the same to welcome the g-men to a blackout at the link. >> also tonight at halftime the eagles will induct former running back brian westbrook into the team's hall of fame. he played college ball at villanova, helped spark the eagles offense during the run of title games during the last decade. he made the pro bowl twice. he also etched his name in eagles history with this 84 yard game winning punt return against the giants fittingly on this very day back in 2003. former eagles coach andy reid described his work horse rusher. >> smart, smart, smart. and i'm giving a little prop to
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to go there and he's a smart guy. and he could do everything. not the biggest guy in the world, but he could block, he would knock your tail off, if you blitz, catch, run, did it all. >> brian westbrook retired from the nfl in 2010, and that very smart guy will join us live at the link for a special edition of eagles game day kickoff that starts tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. your official station of the philadelphia eagles. very exciting, very cold, but exciting. >> when you wear your black to the stadium make sure it's like a black sweater with a black coat on top. >> layer up. parents, listen up. there is a hidden danger with some halloween costumes. >> this is a good heads up. if your little coast or goblin plans to use paint, beware of a potentially toxic chemical. why it's not banned. >> with so many choices which
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one is best? ahead, the experts weigh in on the safest car seats and what parents need to know. >> 35 degrees, 4:40, and we've got a cold perfect for december but it's much colder than normal for this october morning.
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coldest of the season so far. skies are clear in the temperatures have been falling. rift now in philadelphia it's just above freezing in the city. look at northeast philadelphia, 33, lots of 20s for pottstown, doylestown, wrightstown at 29 degrees. good news is we'll see clear skies, lots of sunshine, will mean temperatures will be climbing but it's going to be a chilly one. grab your sunglasses, bundle up, low 50s this afternoon for bethlehem, pennsburg, morgantown. sunny for bordentown, abington,
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plenty of sunshine for millville, symrna and milford in the 50s, and sunny skies, low 50s this afternoon for wilmington, woodstown. >> let's get the temperatures up there. 4:43. an accident to tell you about this morning before you head out. >> hopefully you are bundled up. jessica boyington has got you covered on traffic. >> can't help you with your jacket but tell you where to avoid. we're still doing okay. there is an accident on the garden state parkway southbound at 539, exit 58, that's only blocking the right shoulder. no lanes blocked here so watch out for it if you're heading by the scene. for the 42 freeway, right around deptford, no problems, these are the northbound lanes here, that will head northbound to the walt whitman bridge. as for construction in new
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jersey, white horse pike, there is a traffic shift for bridge work. when i come back we'll check with more drive times. >> this morning thousands of students across the area are bundling up to start the next week of school. >> better be. before they set foot in class they ride a bus like this one. hear what safety officials say every bus should have. >> and it's a two-bedroom cottage with a legendary, how you can call it home.
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♪ ♪ >> we have new information on a legal case at the us prison at guantanamo bay cuba. a military judge could decide if the trial of several 9/11 terror suspects can move forward. the suspects could get the death penalty if they are convicted and the judge halted the trial last year when a defense lawyer revealed the fbi had questioned
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members of his legal team. >> there are reports this morning of more deadly violence in the holy land. this latest wave involves a palestinian gunman who shot neefrly a dozen israelis before he was killed. the gun fire broke out last night at a bus station in southern israel. officials say the man stabbed an israeli soldier, then shot and killed another soldier and wounded 10 others with a rifle before police gunned him down. israeli citizens question why palestinians are lashing out in such numbers. >> do i need to live in a world where i'm afraid to leave home to go to my college studies or go shopping. i want the police to take more action and increase their security presence. >> the deadly unrest in israel, the west bank and gaza erupted a month ago over a holy site sacred to jews and muslims. >> the father of a chicago boy who accidentally shot and killed
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his brother has admitted to buying the gun illegally and showing the 6-year-old where it was hidden. michael santiago faces child endangerment charges. his 6-year-old son grabbed the gun and shot his 3-year-old brother in the face during a game of cops and robbers. the boy died. community leaders say this tragedy is part of a growing problem in the city. >> you can't put a gun inside of the house. you cannot show a child a gun. that's the wrong thing to do. you are supposed to lock this gun up, put it away. >> santiago says he bought the gun to protect himself and his family after getting death threats around his involvement in a gang-related murder case. >> the gunman wanted in connection in a shooting in a zom bestreet shooting has not been found. a man died, four were injured in that shooting early sunday. witnesses say the streets were chaotic and say it was hard to distinguish whether the shooting was real since most were wearing
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halloween props. >> no one knew where the shots came from so people were running towards it, running against it. pretty chaotic i'd say. >> not only have they not found the gunman, they don't know if the shooting was random or someone was targeted. >> it's a big part of a lot of costumes, we're talking about makeup and face paint. >> these are popular for kids but could be hazardous to their health. the campaign for safe cosmetics say most of the products they tested contained lead, the food and drug administration does not conduct tests of novellety cosmetics. most products come from china and issued this warning for parents. >> we're sending a warning to parents, please for the sake of your beautiful children, don't buy cosmetic face paint made in china. it could be bad for your kids. >> lead is banned from makeup in canada and europe, but not here in the u.s.
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>> ten minutes before 5:00. it's cold this morning, 20s and 30s right now. skies are clear so the temperatures at this hour are still falling. we have not seen the coldest yet so far this morning. 36 degrees in philadelphia international. that's the warm spot for most of the region. freeze warnings are up this morning and look at the pocono mountains, saw snow yesterday, getting frost this morning. a little bit of a wintry scene and they are starting to make snow. that may be premature. we have some warm weather on the way before the week is done. wait until you see the seven-day forecast. heading out now, have to bundle up. 20s, millville and atlantic city in the upper 20s, 29 in wrights down, doylestown is 27, look at blue bell, 28, lafayette hill, willow grove at 30 degrees. collegeville 26 degrees now, and
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falling in gilbertsville, 29 there. at the airport in pottstown, 28 degrees, a cold start all around this morning. but, everybody is in the clear, we won't see the pop-up showers that we had yesterday with rain in philadelphia, but there were snowflakes in some of the western suburbs and in the pocono mountains. today just sunshine. and the temperatures will come up but only in the low to mid-50s. this time of year we should be in the upper 60s. and that's where we'll be tomorrow. talk about a rebound. 42 in the morning. chilly to start with, but 69 degrees in the afternoon, and the warming trend continues for wednesday and thursday, middle 70s for sunny skies, we'll see that change, though, on friday. the weekend, too, will be chilly e low 60s for friday and saturday. a chance of scattered showers sunday. >> time now is 4:51. and let's take a look at our traffic this morning. see how the roads on this chilly morning are shaping up.
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>> hopefully your car heater is working well. jessica boyington is watching 422 for us. >> if you are heading out on 422 the problem now will be probably the cold because we're in the clear so far. right around trooper road, you can see right behind me with an eight-minute drive time east to the schuylkill expressway, no problems yet even through the work zone right around the trooper road area we're okay. for the p.a. turnpike, road work cleared up a little early, we have a westbound and eastbound drive time identical, 23 minutes from route 1 to valley forge, mass transit great so far without delays. when i come back in the next 10 minutes another check on your traffic. there will be focus on school buses this week. it's national school bus safety week. experts are making demands when it comes to making sure children are safe. they want every bus to have longer stop arms and mounted
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cameras to encourage safe driving including school bus drivers. the biggest problem other drivers. a recent survey showed they commit more than 78,000 illegal passing violations in a single day. experts say riding a school bus is still the safest way to transport a child to and from schools. >> big yellow vehicles, they are conspicuous, easy to see, and they are high, they have all of the kids up high out of the crash zone. it is the way to get kids to school if you want them to arrive safely. >> based on that survey up to 14 million moving violations could happen in the u.s. within one school year. >> as you know, there is more than a fall chill in the air right now. it's downright freezing. take a look at this live picture from septa station. you can see the frost on the windshield. i don't know where to find my ice scraper.
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hopefully you'll find yours. next at 5:00, it's chilly wait for the train stop there. we'll have a warm-up in the seven-day forecast. >> and what do the eagles have in common with the star wars franchise? you'll have to wait until tonight's game to find out or we'll tell you next.
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tonight's game to find out or
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in decision 2016 another weekend has come and gone and we are inching closer to filing deadlines, still no decision from vice president joe biden about running for the white house. take a look, looking at biden at his granddaughter's cross country meet near wilmington saturday. nbc news learned that he told the firefighters union he is strongly considering a run for the democratic nomination. in the republican race t fuld between donald trump and have jeb bush getting more personal. trump jabbed bush about the role of his brother the former
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president during 9/11. jeb bush fired back with this. >> trump says he quote always felt that i was in the military despite never serving in the military and draft deferments during vietnam. >> nobody bigger or better at the military than i. >> jeb bush's campaign said the video raises questions whether trump possesses the judgment to be commander in chief. >> 4:57. it's a must have item for every parent of a small child but how do you know if you are choosing the safest car seat? the good housekeeping institute tested seats from multiple brands to find some of the best on the market. they say the chicco key fit they have one of the best. it has one pull strap to tighten it. it should never shift more than an inch in either direction after you fasten it. for convertible seats they like the britax tight fit for
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children up to 65 pounds. >> we love this one again, for its installation, ease of installation. which is again very important to us. because installing your car seat correctly is one of the most difficult things and the biggest pain points for parents. >> good housekeeping also gave the contender 65 high marks for a headrest that can adjust. if the you get your car seat second hand experts recommend you find out how old it is before you use it. that's because all car seats have expiration dates and last six or seven years. >> burlington county is hosting a free community training session later today. it's part of a state wide effort to educate the public about overdose medication treatments. it's used to treat heroin overdose. the training takes place tonight from 6:30 to 8:00 at the burlington city police department.
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>> attention bruce springsteen fans. a lot of you out there i'm sure. the jersey shore home where the boss wrote the born to run album is going back on the market. the cottage is listed for $229,000. the last owners plan to turn the house into a tribute to the jersey rock legend. that didn't work out so springsteen lived there from 1974-75 and it is where he wrote thunder road and jungle land. >> he wrote every song on the record there in the home. may be the future owner will be inspired. >> think about that. maybe there is something in the walls. >> we'll find out. >> if you watch the eagles tonight you'll get a bonus, out of this world. >> new trailer for the star wars movie will air at halftime. to the delight of people all over the world. here is a clip of that second teaser trailer for the force awakens. this one already has tens of millions of views. the new film debuts december 18
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and tickets go on sale right after that trailer airs. bet they will sell out. >> you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. it is fall but right now the only thing falling is the temperature. taking a dive, a fall freeze out there as we take a live look from the birds nest at the link. if you plan on heading to the game to see the eagles take on the giants bundle up. >> fire investigators will be back on the scene this morning to sift through what is left of the lulu country club. more than 100 firefighters battled the flames there. what officials say made the fire so hard to contain. >> a community comes together to help a family of a little boy found wandering alone in love park over the weekend. what pe


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