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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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there. at least not a whole lot of wind. we do have clear skies across the entire area and it's going to stay that way during the game. the temperatures were well below average. the average high for this time of the year is 67. this is as warm as we've gotten today. 54 degrees. so we'll be dropping into the 40s pretty quickly here with these clear skies and, again, relatively light winds. west wind about 12 miles per hour now in philadelphia but as you can see it's considerably lower elsewhere only 3 miles per hour in mount holly right now and as the sun goes down those numbers will go down as well. so as we go through the tonight, the kick-off temperature right around 47 degrees, the wind only about five to seven miles per hour, so it shouldn't be much of a factor. at kick-off about 44. the temperature leveling off as we go through the second half and towards the end of the game, the atmosphere starts trying to
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warm up overall, leading to our warm up starting tomorrow. more on that with the seven day in a few minutes. be alert to possible road closures on route 73 in maple shade because workers are repairing a water main break along the busy highway. sky force 10 over the area near styles avenue. officials say residents can expect low water pressure in the north end of town. today we learned new details a week after the death of a camden county 3-year-old found in the woods. >> investigators looked at the water levels of the cooper river but we still don't know how brendan died. >> nbc 10 cydney long joins us live from haden township. you saw thele little biopsy's family today. >> reporter: i did just for a couple of minutes, just a few hours ago and right outside the father's apartment as it appeared the family was gathering evidence for the little boy's funeral but it comes after a weekend when investigators continue searching
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but there are no real additional clues or hard evidence as to what happened to the little boy. >> can we talk to you for a few minutes? >> reporter: carrying a small pair of his son's black tennis shoes, dj quickly got into his car outside of his apartment. his father speaking off camera to nbc 10 on his behalf telling us we don't know anything yet, we're a close knit family. the baby, the mother and my son are still friends. the shoes to be delivered to blake doyle funeral home which confirms his service will be held this thursday and will be private loin for loved ones and close friends this in a community still on edge and anxiously awaiting specific details as to what led to brendan's death and why. a local dad and grandpop who never met brendan built this memorial. >> this little guy walked eight
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blocks down and just died. >> reporter: he didn't wish to show his face on camera but said the father thanked him at this very spot on thursday night. detectives have been back and forth to the cooper river for six days now and a source close to the investigation confirms water temperature and water level tests done on friday at the bank are tied to this investigation. perhaps to rule out hypothermia. >> these candles will continue to be lit until we find what happened to our little angel, and that's what this means to me. >> reporter: and that gentleman has been here each and every day since brendan passed. investigators also confirm to nbc 10 that no additional clues, no additional hard evidence was uncovered over the weekend during their focus right here at cooper river. live in haden township, i'm cydney long. to another child at risk of
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harm. a toddler found walk being alone in love park. >> the child's parents had no place to stay so they spend the night in love park. the child wandered off. a local organization is raising money for the family. coming up at 4:30 nbc 10, aundrea cline-thomas looks into how you can help the homeless in our area. all right. it is game day at the late monday night football is here. the eagles taking on the giants tonight and we have the official pre-game show game day kick-off tonight at 7:00. >> but first we have team coverage right now at 4:00. tim furlong is checking out traffic around the stadium. we start with comcast sports net john clark on the field. >> reporter: this is a wig one tonight. first place is on the line in the nfc east and really the eagles have owned the giants. they won 11 of 14 against them. also in primetime they owned them.
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they won the last five times against the giants on monday night football and it is going to be a black out tonight. teelgs will be dressed in all-black uniforms. take a look what happened last year when the eagles faced giants in primetime. they shut them out, 27-0. they dominated the giants. it was the eagles first shut out in 18 years. why not do it again. they are bringing back the black and black uniforms and eagles players are always excited about this. we sat down with malcolm jenkins our nbc 10 player correspondent. he cannot wait for tonight. >> it's a primetime game. you know, the fans are pretty loud at that point. you come out in all-black, it's one of those statement games, especially it being a division game against a team we're very familiar with. it's going to be a fun night. >> reporter: malcolm spoke about how important this is. it's a acquisition game. the eagles already lost to the
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cowboys and reskin. you don't want to go 0-3 in this division. it's a biggie. i'm john clark live at the link. back to you. >> john do, we know anything about teelgs best receiver? is he going to play tonight? >> reporter: he may be the best player receiver in football, odell beckham jr. will come out on this field and test out his hamstring but he made the trip. he wants to play and he is expected to play unless something goes crazy wrong out there in the warm ups. as i said i'm john clark live at the link. i'm hearing choppers. i like seeing nbc 10 sky force 10 up there. >> wave to tim furlong above your head. john clark, thanks very much. there you go. all the family. if you're leaving the house soon for the game what kind of traffic can you expect? >> nbc 10's tim furlong is live in sky force 10. how does it took. did you see the wave from john? >> reporter: i did. i just waved back. i tapped on the window to see if he can hear me.
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it's pretty cool to see the field from 1400 feet. take a look at the parking lot. on 95 there's a little bit of traffic. not too bad right now. i want to show you the parking lot. you can see how many people are already here. neat to watch the tailgaters arriving. take a look. i ran into the first tailgaters. some got here at 9:00 a.m. about the gates even opened. >> i don't think so. i'm not a believer in radford. i'll be positive. they have to win this game tonight or the season is over. >> i don't know if it's totally over. you can see the tailgaters down there having fun. lots of people are going to be wearing black. it's always great to see. we'll talk more about tonight's
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game in the next couple of hours. stay with us. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. you can watch from your couch. we have a one hour special. fwhiegt for brian westbrook as he gets inducted into the eagles hall of fame. he'll join us live. eagles game day starts tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc 10 the official station of the philadelphia eagles. will vice president joe biden run for president? we could be just hours away from finding that out. nbc 10's mitch blacher joins us live. one congressman weighed in today. >> reporter: congressman brendan boyle tweeted out he's hearing that vice president joe biden will run for president. take a look. this is that tweet. it reads i have a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for pr e-z. so far no comment from biden's
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office. we put in several calls and an e-mail to congressman boyle around 1:45 this afternoon and we got a response saying the congressman is in the district working on constituent issues. we're trying to contact him and as soon as i hear from him i'll get back to you. of course we've not heard from his office since then. this comes as multiple sources tell nbc news that the vice president could make a final decision in the next 48 hours. biden has been contemplating a presidential run for months and has reportedly delayed an announcement multiple times before. on friday the vice president did speak with a major labor leader, a source claims biden told the president of the international association of firefighters he was strongly considering running. biden's public schedule has given little indication of his decision. he is speaking at a climate change summit this afternoon. now this is video of the vice president attending church in wilmington this weekend. if biden were throw his hat into
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the ring he would, of course, face the challenge from hillary clinton as well as senator bernie sander. we're reporting live in the digital operations center, i'm mitch blacher. nbc 10 news. joe biden is having an effect onto race even before he enters. take a look. these are the numbers according to a new monmouth university poll. these are the numbers if joe biden is in the race. you can see hillary clinton at 48%. bernie sanders has 21% and joe biden in third with 17%. but when you take joe biden out of the race, hillary's support goes up even more to 57%. a new initiative from first lady michelle obama wants to get teens to talk about their education. >> she's using social media to make it happen. >> if we truly want to engage this generation in a conversation about higher education, we need to give them a space where they can drive that conversation themselves. >> today she launch ad new
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initiative called better make room and the goal is to walk students through every step of the higher education process. students can learn where to sign up for s.a.t. exams and how to get financial aid forms. to see the first lady's new initiative logon to a science student who gained national attention when police thought his class project was a bomb is headed to the white house. his engineering project was an electronic clock and tonight mohamed will be a guest at the president's second white house astronomy night. students, teachers star gaze from the south lawn. all philadelphia school children, kindergarten through grade 12 will soon have access to google apps for education. students and teachers will use that app to share homework, assignments and the school calendar. the google app is secure and private. camden is making a push to aid small business there.
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today city and federal officials attended this workshop held at the waterfront technology center. the goal is to find ways to lure new sources into the city like financial and public agencies who will work with camden based businesses the. camden is truly a great place to do business and simply because change is in the air. a resource fair at the event helped match various agencies with businesses looking for support. there's a new top cop in the lehigh valley. keith morris was sworn in today as interim chief in allentown. geef gerald resigned to become the chief in fort worth, texas. morris says one of his top priorities is improflg the relationship between officers and the community. a deadly fire in bucks county overnight. check out the flames from a barn on sawmill road. two horses and a few chickens died in this fire.
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the homeowners tried to rescue the animals but they could not get inside. the exact cause of this fire is not known. a new requirement for owners of drones today the government announced drone users will soon need to register their aircraft. a task force will create guidelines for a national drone registry in about a month. the goal is to get the program started before tend of the holiday season when a million drones are expected to be sold. a recent incident including drones interfering with firefighting efforts in california put pressure on officials to regulate the unmanned aircraft. a southwest airlines plain was on its way from l.a. to san francisco when trouble started. the captain declared a state of emergency after two passengers who were not traveling together got into an altercation. witness tells us a woman tilted her seat back minutes after takeoff and that's when witnesses say the man allegedly started choking her from the seat behind.
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she screamed for help and the crew responded. >> flight 2010 declaring an emergency. evidently we've got two passengers that are in a physical altercation so we need to get turned around and back to lax. >> passenger video shows number of police cars responding here. fbi agents removed one bern from the boeing 737 for questioning. an update on lamar odom. his family says his condition continues to improve in the hospital. odom was found unconscious at a nevada brothel about a week ago. medical personnel said multiple drugs were in his system when he was found. a publicist for odom's aunt says he's alert and undergoing some testing. odom regain consciousness on friday. there's still no word when he'll be released from the hospital. first responders scramble to rescue hundreds of villagers in the philippines. they are trapped by flooding that swamped the area after typhoon koppu moved through.
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parts of the philippines were under three feet of water early today. slow moving typhoon is forecast to head out to sea tomorrow or wednesday. pacific ocean has just been battered by typhoon after typhoon this season all related to that extra strong el nino out in the tropical pacific. meantime that closes the atlantic hurricane season to be suppressed somewhat. we got some cold weather around here, cold birds tonight. and it's a little early for weather this cold but it is going to warm up. we got a big warm up that's going to be coming very quickly too. it's not going to stay there all week, the cold air will be returning. but maybe not quite as cold as it has been today. we got clear skies now. 54 degrees is the highest it's been today. the average high, 67.
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we've got an 11 mile-per-hour wind. five degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. so it was really cold yesterday. 50 degrees in westchester. we had some snow flurries reported. 48 now pocono. we had temperatures down in the 20s this morning so some places going up a good 30 degrees. and we're going to see even bigger warm up tomorrow. temperatures in the 20s this morning. quakertown, pottstown, 25. doylestown 26. reading 28. trenton is 27. that was the only record that was set. 35 degrees in philadelphia. we have pretty much of a hard freeze just about every where and so the growing season officially ended according to the national weather service. we do have dry conditions across the entire region, a few clouds up towards canada. look how dry the eastern half of the country is.
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so, we're in for a fairly dry if not completely dry week this week. now, here's the future cast for the temperatures. with a southwest wind it's not going to allow the temperature to drop a whole lot tonight especially in the city. so we may get a big difference between the city and the suburbs and the computer model not picking that up as well as it probably would be. so watch what happens here as we go through the morning. by 6:00, 7:00 a.m. i would expect it to be in the mid-40s in philadelphia. might be some 30s to the north and west. we could easily see a ten degree temperature difference between the city and some of the colder suburbs but it's going to warm up quickly tomorrow. wednesday 70 degrees. there's that 70 in philadelphia. 54 degrees right now with bright sunshine. so the atmosphere has to warm up tremendously in order to get to
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70 degrees with sunshine tomorrow. and then that's going to mean it's not going to cool off that much tomorrow night and then we warm right back up into the 70s on wednesday. we're starting in the 50s and there are those 70s. now we're talking mid-70s on wednesday. for the eagles tonight, we're close to the 70s. that's for sure. it's unseasonably cold but there's at least not a whole lot of wind. temperature 47 just before the game. kick-off at 44 degrees and then holding pretty steady. this isn't going to keep us steady for the rest of the week. back to the west 68 degrees right now in detroit. 70 in chicago. 78 in st. louis. and 80 in wichita, kansas. there's some warm air and some of that is what is headed our way as we go through the next couple of days, straight west flow brings the warmer air in, and it's also continuing to feed the dry air in here. so we're going to stay dry for
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much if not all of this week. so for tonight, we expect mostly clear skies. going to be another chilly one but not as cold as it was this morning. 35 in philadelphia, mid-20s in some of the northern western suburbs this morning. that's not quite as cold. still need a jacket in the morning. not going to need a jacket by afternoon probably after what we saw today. that 70 degrees tomorrow will feel mighty warm much warmer during the afternoon and south-southwest winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. wednesday even warmer. thursday up to 77 degrees. so now we're talking about 10 degrees above average. but then we got 20 degree temperature drop for friday. and then we start warming up a little bit over the weekend and by sunday we could be back up to 70. the archdiocese of philadelphia is closing a church in manayunk.
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st. mary of the assumption will close as a roman catholic church. it merged with st. john the baptist parish in 2012. the archdiocese says financial challenges are just too great to keep up the building. a fashion show in our area intends to highlight women typically ignored by high end designers. >> women who are considered curvy or plus-size. the group pink the runway said it's giving women size 8 and up a new way to express themselves fashion wise. the runway show will feature plus-size models in luxury brand. tickets for the october 30th fashion show start at $100. here's my question. when did size 8 become plus-size? >> not sure our viewers will agree but a good cause nonetheless. you hit him. >> i don't care. >> watch as this motorcyclist is hit by a car. what the driver says made him do
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it. then the pregnancy debate on alcohol. the new study shows how harmful it is to drink small amounts while expecting. smokers listen up what local lawmakers are pushing to make you kick the habit. coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress.
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i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. . see this video of a motorcycle helmet camera captured a dramatic crash in texas. take a look. >> brian fisher's helmet cam caught his friend crossing a double yellow line when a white pickup truck suddenly swerved and clipped his motorcycle. the crash sent him and his girlfriend into the air and on to the side of the road. the woman broke her wrist. the man had minor injuries. fisher confronted the driver and asked him what he was doing and why he swerved? >> you hit him. >> i don't care. >> we got it on tape. >> i don't care.
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>> you will care. >> later driver claimed a wasp stunning him. a new bill will no longer allow teenagers in pennsylvania to buy cigarettes. the bill would raise the legal age to purchase any tobacco product from 18 to 21. it was introduced by state representative vanessa lowry brown. officials say tobacco has more long term effects than alcohol in many people but opponents say it's one fair veterans younger than 21 returning from military service can't have a cigarette. no word when the bill would be considered. the rocky statue defaced. >> next which former player is talking trash to eagles fans on twitter before tonight's big game. jersey shore water waste, a scrub down cutback on the jellyfish population. >> hopefully we can swim here again. >> i'm ted greenberg. what you can do now to help take the sting out of next summer.
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you definitely going need your jackets during the night tonight, you needed them this morning you'll need them tomorrow morning. not all week. warm up is on the way. my first look forecast is on the way next.
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. nbc 10 is your official eagles station and we have the best pre-game show in town. if you're heading out to the game you'll need to bundle up. yeah. speaking of bundling up, please say it ain't snow. look at this first flakes of the season covering grass and trees in erie. over the weekend. some areas got up to five inches of heavy wet snow. brought down some tree limbs and power lines.
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public works said they won't salt the roads until temperatures get a little bit colder. welcome to winter a little early. welcome back. the cold air is with us. for how long. here's glenn schwartz. >> not a whole lot longer. one pretty chilly night ahead and than big quick warm up. blue sky will help tomorrow, let the sun warm things up way more than what we saw today. look how cold it was this morning. 20 degrees in mount pocono. 25 in allentown. quakertown. 26 in doylestown. 25 in pottstown. now there were some snow flurries in parts of chester county yesterday. some the first of the season. but it doesn't necessarily mean we're in for a cold weather pattern here. right now temperatures have rebounded into the 50s so it's way below average. average high is 67 for this time
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of the year. and even with sunshine to be that far below average that's a cold air mass. that air mass will be changing. west wind now. not very strong but it's going bring in warmer air tomorrow. won't help us tonight. need to bundle up for the eagles game, 47 degrees for tailgating, then 44. it doesn't drop very much as we go through the rest of the game. the atmosphere is trying to warm up hour by hour. wait until you see how warm with the seven day in just a few minutes. >> thanks, glen. we're two and a half hours away from our game day wickoff special. >> tim furlong once again live in ski force 10 with a look at the action from above. how is it tooking? >> building up a little bit. we're four hours before kick-off. look at broad street exit coming off the bridge there coming north from the airport. you can see it's starting to slow down because everybody of course wants to get off 95 south
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and north in the same spot to get into the sports complex. might want to consider using public transportation to get out here or come in from a different angle than you're seeing. a lot of people coming in to the tailgate lots by the wells fargo center. lots going on here all day. some of those people in the rvs they have been here a while. they are just having fun and having some beverages, i'm imagining. but they are going to have a good time. they are not sitting in the traffic as the work day ends for a lot of people. that's when it will build up a little bit here. all in good fun. take your time. give yourself plenty of time. make sure you take it extra slow and give yourself extra time and strategize some of the other ways to get here aside from i-95. if you can think of those ways. that seems like a good idea. take the broad street line down and walk up to the field for tonight's dpam. that way you get home nice and
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safe as well. and if giants and eagles fans don't hate each other already former giants punter steve weatherford tweeted this picture. it shows the rocky statue with his number 5 jersey on it. then he went back and forth with people on twitter. join us for one hour special edition of eagles game day kick-off. it's a big night as well for brian westbrook as he's inducted into the eagles hall of fame. westbrook will join us live. it starts tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc 10 the official station of the philadelphia eagles. a guilt i verdict in the trial of the contractor in the center city market street collapse. a philadelphia jury found grif fist campbell guilty of six counts of involuntary
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manslaughter and not guilty of third degree manslaughter charges. >> joining me now for analysis is our legal expert. thanks for being here this afternoon. let's start off with what does it say about the prosecution's case that jurors opted for the lesser charge. >> it says the jury did not believe the prosecution's theory. he was charged with third degree murder. that was the original lead charge in this case. at this point after being acquitted of third degree murder and being found guilty of the misdeamnor and involuntary manslaughter the lead charge is aggravated assault. in order for the prosecution to prove its case the third degree murder charge needs malice. it means the defendant in this case was aware and knew that this could cause death and didn't care because he wanted to cut corners. the involuntary manslaughter, on the other hand, says he did know. he was an idiot.
4:35 pm
he was doing this job but didn't know it was going to cause death but grossly negligent. >> griffith campbell had a chance to plea out before trial started. but he turned it down. >> he had an opportunity to plead guilty to the charges he ended up with. the prosecution planned to drop the third degree murder charges for a plea bargain. so is that loss for the prosecution because after going through a complete trial, jury trial and spending all the money that it takes to prosecute a trial he ended up with the same exact charges. so this is kind of a win for the defense because he doesn't have the third degree murder charges only the involuntary manslaughter which is misdeamnor awrong the felony catastrophe and aggravated assault charges. >> the possible sentences are a lot less in this case now. >> yes. he's definitely looking at significant decrease in time and this is able for him when he goes to sentencing to tell a
4:36 pm
judge, the jury did not believe i murdered anyone. this is involuntary. my behavior was he negligent. >> thanks again for weighing in here. we'll have more reaction on this story coming up tonight at 5:00. we appreciate it. losing weight and oprah winfrey. oprah's new business venture next. >> drinking alcohol while sfleg some new health guidelines are out. >> plus gets rid of jellyfish down at the jersey shore. what people did that hopefully will eliminate them next summer.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity.
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me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. this is a hotly debated topic. is alcohol ever safe during pregnancy even in small amounts. >> new research finds the answer is no.
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based on new study doctors say any amount of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to brain, heart and kidney problems in children even learning disabilities and memory problems opinion drinking during the first trimester boosts the risks by a whopping 65%. all right guys you can skip the supplements that's the word from fox chase cancer center when it comes to men with prostate cancer. some men take pills that have anti-cancer or proven healing effects. but supplements do not lower the risk of the cancer, risk of it spreading or dying from that disease. they do nothing to change the progression of the cancer at all. scientists say the supplements are not unsafe just unnecessary. she's famously talked openly about her struggles to lose weight and now oprah winfrey is buying into weight watchers in a big way.
4:41 pm
winfrey will pay more than $43 million for a stake in the weight loss company and join its board. the company said winfrey will develop and plan new programs. how you can help the homeless problem in philadelphia the answer is coming up next. >> how long will we need those winter coats? >> we're going to need them tonight but then thing will change dramatically and you can put them way for a little while. we'll tell you how much warmer it will get with the forecast coming up next. eo- fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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. a small child found alone on a cold night in love park. police found his parents who say they are homeless and had to spend the night in the park. this weekend's story reignited the problem facing the homeless in our region. >> nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas joins us live this from west philadelphia. >> you talked to the child's
4:45 pm
father and several organizations about children living on streets. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. this story could have received a lot of ridicule. instead it received compassion especially from the founder of the organization behind me, chosen 300. i want also put a face on homelessness. >> it's like freaking me out that all this love is, you know, being pushed out there. >> reporter: in less than a day organization chosen 300 has helped raise $12,000 for michael jones and his family to help him get back on their feet. >> the funds that are raised will go towards to making sure their splientd. >> reporter: outpouring of support comes after his 2-year-old son was found walking alone and bare fine love park. he wandered away from his family sleeping in a cardboard box near the visitor center. >> that night we couldn't find anybody taking the kids and it
4:46 pm
started getting cold. i had to improvise. >> reporter: two years jones has been looking for work to support his fiancee, 2 and 4-year-old with no luck. >> in the last two days i got 55 job offers. >> reporter: what could have been the moment of defeat ended up being a pivotal turning point. >> there's no way i will mess up. >> reporter: i talked to the mayor's office of supportive housing who says that families living on the street is rather rare. they say that families need to call a hotline number, somebody will come and pick them up and take the home a shelter, even if there aren't any beds. but when you talked to mr. jones and other organizations they say it's not that simple. coming up at 6:00 we're going take a broader look at homelessness and how you can help. reporting live in west philadelphia i'm aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. young and homeless our
4:47 pm
reporter spent two months on the streets in philadelphia. on any given night there's hundreds of teens and young adults searching for a place to live. we documented the very personal stories of 16 people in our digital exclusive, faceless of homeless youth. go to our nbc 10 app for a look at the problem and solutions. we had a hard freeze through much of the area this morning. and it didn't warm up a whole lot today. it's going to be cold for the eagles tonight and unseasonably cold. good thing we're not seeing this pattern in january or else we would be down close to zero. got a big warm up going on. that's starting tomorrow. but then the cold is going to return before the weekend does so it's not going to be like a long lasting warm spell. look how blue the sky is. the flag not blowing a lot. not that windy. the temperature even with the
4:48 pm
sunshine that's 13 degrees below average. that's the for the day. it's five degrees warmer it was this time yesterday when there were clouds around helping to keep the temperature down too. so yesterday's high 53. today so far 54. then we jump up to 70. tomorrow 70 for wednesday, 77 on thursday. and -- that's not going to keep going up. to go back down starting on friday. we don't see trends that extend forever in this part of the world. right now 50 degrees in quakertown. 52 in allentown. 51 in doylestown and washington township, mount holly. wilmington is at 53. it's 52 in trenton. which set a record for low temperatures this morning at 25 and it's only 48 degrees in delaware. 52 at beach haven. to the west it's a whole lot warmer. you don't have to go that far west just to detroit it's 68 degrees. little farther west 78 in st.
4:49 pm
louis. and 80 in wichita. you get a couple of days of west wind three days of a west wind and it will warm up a whole lot. cold and dry across the east and we're just plain dry across the rest of the eastern half of the country. again, temperatures are going to be going down into the 40s tonight but with a southwest wind the atmosphere trying to warm up pretty quickly and when that happens the downtown areas do not cool off very much and suburbs do. so we can be down in the 30s northern and western areas while it probably won't be down into the 30s for philadelphia. that's why we're going to put this forecast for the eagles tonight. temperatures leveling off between the beginning of the game and tend of the game but real cool down will come in the time just before the game starts after dark and the temperature will really start to plunge there. for the rest of the night tonight mostly clear.
4:50 pm
cold but not as cold last night. 33 north and west. temperatures will level off or going up a little. still cold. enough to wear a coat in the morning. you won't need it in the afternoon probably with all that sunshine pushing us near 70. going to feel a whole lot warmer. it is going to be a whole lot warmer. it continues to be warmer and thursday and then we cool down quite a bit friday before we start warming up again over the weekend. fall cleaning at the jersey shore. >> workers are doing in the water today to make sure you're next summer.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. . you saw plenty of these perhaps at the jersey shore this
4:54 pm
summer. dangerous jellyfish on a lot of beaches there. call it operation bulk head blitz. >> today workers spent the day to prevent next summer's population of jellyfish from getting worse. jersey shore reporter ted greenberg reports. >> reporter: it's a scrub down using household tools aimed at taking the sting out of waterways. >> up can't go swimming. >> reporter: like the one in comes river. >> brings up welts and it's painful. >> reporter: the target in these lagoons, young microscopic sea needle jellyfish that grow into stinging creatures like this. >> too many of them. got to reduce the population. >> reporter: the state organized this first-ever bulk head blitz an experiment in which baby sea nettles are literally scrubbed off bulk heads and floating docks constructed with manmade
4:55 pm
materials, hard surfaces to which the creatures attach themselves for the winter. >> basically kill the polies so they can't reattach. >> reporter: targeting lagoons like this is key. researchers found00,000 polies on just one floating dock in this area. >> us as humans are part of the problem. so now we need to figure out how we can be part of the absolution. >> reporter: these experts and volunteers are urging those with waterfront property to do some scrubbing of their own. >> the goal would be that if the general public has a way to minimize the problem. so that they can enjoy their lagoons again. >> reporter: sea nettles are part of the environment here. with less jellyfish they hope people can again take the plunge -- >> hopefully we can be swimming here again pain free. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00 the eagles get ready for the
4:56 pm
national spotlight. >> we'll go live to lincoln financial field for explosive pre-game coverage for the monday night match-up between eagles and the giants. >> chilly one for the fans. not as bad as yesterday but still in for pretty cold night when temperatures get back into the 70s in my first alert forecast. >> is your home ready for winter? how some people were caught offguard by this early taste of winter and what you can do to get your home ready next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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now at 5:00 guilty a jury convict the contractor involved in the deadly market street collapse. plus an early taste of winter catches homeowners offguard. why some neighbors had trouble getting heat and what you need to do get your home ready. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. first up, eagles fans getting fired up for tonight's monday night match-up against the giants. this is a live look right here at lincoln financial field from our exclusive eagles nest camera. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. tonight we have exclusive pre-game coverage. keith jones and jacqueline jones joins us. it's black out. not only is the end zone black or the players going to be wearing black we're rocking black as well. i thought i took things far enough. no. got the logos. >> people can't see it.
5:00 pm
i tried to get in complete spirit with little eagle stickers. football and logos. it will be amped up tonight with this rivalry against the new york giants. and the for the nfc east. >> no question about it. our coverage is just beginning. not in just this next hour we detail some of the players, some of the team but also eagles hall of fame inductee, brian westbrook being one of them as well as our special tonight. >> that's right we'll have a live interview with brian westbrook between 7:00 and 8:00. get you hyped for this rivalry. doesn't feel that cold right now. feels okay. i have so many layers on. i bought this eagles blanket because you know how much i hate being cold. but right now it's all cold. >> we expect temperatures in the low 40s. we're paired with gloves and a scarf or two. just saying we'll be smart as well as those. let's sends it back inside, nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us. how


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