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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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i tried to get in complete spirit with little eagle stickers. football and logos. it will be amped up tonight with this rivalry against the new york giants. and the for the nfc east. >> no question about it. our coverage is just beginning. not in just this next hour we detail some of the players, some of the team but also eagles hall of fame inductee, brian westbrook being one of them as well as our special tonight. >> that's right we'll have a live interview with brian westbrook between 7:00 and 8:00. get you hyped for this rivalry. doesn't feel that cold right now. feels okay. i have so many layers on. i bought this eagles blanket because you know how much i hate being cold. but right now it's all cold. >> we expect temperatures in the low 40s. we're paired with gloves and a scarf or two. just saying we'll be smart as well as those. let's sends it back inside, nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us. how cold will it get?
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>> i need this, glenn? >> yes. it's all relative. you need the heavier clothes as we go through the tonight. early season game. i went to new orleans playoff game a couple years ago and the wind chill was like below zero. it's going to be in the 40s. not going to be tend of the world. just chilly. but look, colors. this is in the pocono mountains, french manor, sign of things to come. still fall. it's not winter. not going to continue to get colder from this point. it's 54 degrees right now in philadelphia. low 50s in surrounding areas clear skies throughout the region so obviously no threat of tonight. the wind is already down a little bit 12 miles per hour an hour ago now it's 9 miles per hour. even calm in wildwood. as we go through the night it's going to drop quickly ahead of the came but then once the game
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starts we'll be kind of leveling off starting at 44 degrees and only dropping a degree two as we through the rest of the evening. the wind only about five to seven miles per hour so that shouldn't be affecting the game very much. we'll see how much it's going to warm up and when with the seven day in a few minutes. >> we heard the forecast but the cold weather caught your heating system by surprise. >> that made for a busy day for local repair workers. deanna durante continues our team coverage. >> reporter: it was a cold morning in this house. >> if it were up to me it would stay off all winter. >> reporter: it wasn't up to anthony. his wife not a fan of the morning chill and with the heat not working he picked up the phone. >> the morning was crazy. >> reporter: soy, steve oler who answered the calls. >> on a day like today we might have 40 to 50 calls. >> reporter: ranged from major to minor. no way know until his repair crews can take a look.
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it was just before 12:00 when they arrived to spring city. turns out a switch that went bad over the summer. the repair took less than a half hour. >> between today and tomorrow very busy. >> reporter: he says all calls where there's no heat will be answered by day's end. >> some calls enough heat or a noise or water drip. >> reporter: a heating expert says don't wait until the first cold snap or second cold snap to get your heater checked out. they say if you test it sometime in early september that can save you money because then if there is a problem you can get estimates to get that repair job done. in spring city, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. right now at 5:00 a guilty verdict in the dead lie market street collapse. a jury convicted griffin campbell of six counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> it was for the six victims who died when a wall collapsed on top of a salvation army thrift shop in 2013.
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campbell was guilty of murder argued the prosecution. >> doug shimell was in the courtroom for that verdict. >> reporter: prosecutors say had they gotten that murder conviction it would have meant a life sentence but griffin campbell may spend the rest of his life in jail just because of the sheer volume of other convictions. three hours of deliberations the jury asked to see video of the demolition next to the salvation army thrift store and they took one more look at the septa bus video before rendering six guilty versd on involuntary manslaughter for griffin campbell. >> unusual, complicated and lengthy case. we felt the jury gave this case its every attention and we're very satisfied. we think justice was done on this case with this verdict. from you're going to take a building down you got to do it the right way. you can't take short cuts. you can't ignore through. you have to look out for the safety of everybody when you do a project like this.
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>> we're happy with today's verdict. >> reporter: i believe the civil litigation will tell the complete and true story of all the participants and all the players. those far above griffin campbell. >> and griffin campbell the building's owner and demolition architect face that civil suit next year. griffin campbell will be sentenced in january. live at the criminal just center i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> subcontractor is also facing jail time for six counts of involuntary manslaughter manslaughter. he pleaded guilty. campbell rejected that same offer and went to trial. police in philadelphia's king's neighborhood are trying to identify a man who robbed a church. once inside he took a flat
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screen tv, he leaves and returns about two minutes later and takes another flat screen television and a microphone. if you recognize him you are asked to call police. back now to our coverage of tonight's monday night match-up between eagles and the giants. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we have exclusive pre-game coverage. keith jones and jacqueline london joins us. >> here at lincoln financial field we'll give you back stage pass. they just started singing the national anthem hopefully you can hear us over that right now. nobody is in the stands. doors hasn't opened. nfl crew members are here set up. what's happening inside right now, at least, is nothing compared to what's happening outside. >> there's a lot of action outside. we noticed as we were driving in. person with the best vantage point is tim furlong, live in sky sfo rs with that bird's eye view. it sounds good in here.
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beautiful the anthem. how does it took out there, tim? >> reporter: i'm trying t prope me. we're seeing a beautiful day for flying and beautiful night for football and a lot of traffic building as people make their way to the game. what you're looking at is to the west of the wells fargo center where broad street meets 95. so the bulk of that traffic is gets off 95 north, 95 southbound to get on to brood street to head up to the parking areas around the stadium. you see where it converges with people coming on 95 north past the airport to come up this way. as you pass the wells fargo center the parking lot, if you joined us in about an hour ago you can see there are a lot more people here now than there were before. it is piling up and crowding up here pretty quickly but a perfect night for football and perfect night as you see there
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to eavesdrop on my favorite as we push into your location. i have a pretty good location up here about 1,000 feet. you guys turn around, there you go, there's man right there. you guys have a pretty good location as well. not too bad. i'm jealous of your spot especially once the game starts. it will be pretty awesome. back to you guys. >> the excitement is just starting here at nbc 10 too. not only will we detail tonight's huge rivalry but also be on tonight at 7:00 for a full hour as the black out takes place here at lincoln financial field. join us for our pre-game kick-off special 7:00 right here on nbc 10. >> the last time the last black out last year eagles versus the giants, oh, yeah we shut them down. it was a shut out 27-0 eagles. last time they were all-black at night against the giants.
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hopefully that same string of luck will happen. >> hind there goes the eagle right now. we just caught that. things are happening very quickly here. the is on. the music is off, of course. we'll keep you updated right here in our seats inside the stadium. >> coming up in a few minutes a lot of people remember offensive lineman here tom herman. when players are released so much goes into their transition moving to a new city and a new team. we speak to his wife coming up in a few minutes of what that transition is like. we'll talking to her. stay tuned for that. >> excitement is building outside and they are about to come in here. nbc 10 as we continue to cover the huge match-up, giants, eagles here at lincoln financial field for now. back to you. >> we're hoping for a repeat of last year. we'll check in with you again soon coming up. >> also tonight why a pennsylvania congressman says he knows if joe biden is going to
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be running for president. >> plus can you trust reviews that people post online? w why amazon said customers be duped. >> and the death of a 3-year-old boy. information police are waiting for to move this case forward.
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topping our decision 2016 coverage speculation is growing that joe biden will announce he's running for president. a local congressman is adding fuel to fire. here's a look what congressman brendan boyle tweeted out today. i have a very good source close to joe that me vp biden will run for pr e-z. we reached out the a spokesperson for a comment on tweet and we'll bring you that response when we get it. the vice president's office has not responded to the tweet but multiple sources tells nbc news biden could make a final decision on whether he'll run within the next 48 hours. in philadelphia voters will cast their ballots for the next mayor in just over two weeks and tonight democrat jim kinney and the republican will take part in a debate ahead of the election. it's set for 7:30 at temple university center for the performing arts. doors open at 6:30 tonight. the forum is free but registration is required.
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other news. amazon is cracking down on bogus product review. the lawsuit specifically targets users of amazon says people offer to write positive reviews of products they never used. fiber hasn't commented whether it will help amazon but said it will continue to ban sellers who sold fake reviews. you know what that means. in three hours the eagles will take the field for monday night football. >> this is a very different eagles team this year and even though trades are part of the game it can be an adjustment for players who made a connection with team fans and the city. >> so much involved with vad. and ja >> nine new starters including demarco murray.
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it's taken us a long time to gel. the 2-3 record indicates that >> it does. in chip kelly's moves one of those moves included todd herman, one of the longest tenured players on the roster and so popular. we caught up with his wife elizabeth before one of the games here to talk about that transition to a team and a new city. welcomed back with open arms at the link, the field where veteran offensive lineman tom herman played for ten years. his first return wearing indy blue instead of eagles green. >> it's so nice but bittersweet, you know, because our visits are very short, you know. and our hearts are here. >> returning with a new team and as a newlywed. we caught up with his wife elizabeth during the eagles pre-season game against the colts to talk about their new
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life now outside the city where they make so many memories. >> it's a little hard sometimes because leaving family, leaving such close friends, teammates, a brother for todd. i can't even understand, really. but, you know, change is good. it's all good. >> the city welcoming tom back wi with brotherly love. expressing appreciation for what philadelphia gave him. >> that's why i love philadelphia so much. one of the reasons why. that's why we love coming back. >> on the sidelines and front and center, cheering todd on for so many years as an eagle. now that chant has changed. >> you're wearing a colts shirt. how weird is that? >> it is kind of odd because i don't get to sing the fight song. i can't cheer for them when they
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are doing well. it's funny. that was weird. i can't sing it. i can't do it. >> relocating to a new city for an athlete is often immediate with no time to leisurely pack or even get settled before starting work outs with your new team. >> it's a roller coaster. >> the herreman-to pack up the moving van and think it road after their return from their wedding in sicily. >> it was rushed. we didn't get enough time for it to sink in we were leaving philadelphia. have to find new work. you have to make new friends. you're essentially by yourself. it's good because we're with the loves of our lives. that's all we but it's more difficult than some people can imagine. >> making new memories now, but grateful for fond philadelphia ones. still looking forward to the next time they touch down in the
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place they will always call home. >> what speaks volumes is how todd herreman was received when he came back and played the colts versus the eagles. he received a stoongd aviation when he put out the billboard saying thank you philadelphia for all you've done. sending out that tweet. that's a class act. that's what people remember. they still say you to him. it says a lot. >> jimmy rollins did something similar. chip kelly would talk about how it's difficult to part with long term players. it meant a lot to the city of philadelphia or city if you're talking about being a coach and having to leave a player. talking about tonight. here in philadelphia, the weather is going to drop, temperatures are going to gown to about the low 40s here. we're ready with our gloves. i've broken them out here. caught me. she's got the blanket on this side. let's go back inside to nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's going to be cold night
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tonight but if we had a weather pattern like this in january and the eagles are on a night like this, be about 30 to 40 degrees colder, so good time that this is an october game. cold birds tonight and then it's going to start warming up. as early as tomorrow. it's going to be significantly warmer. the cold will be returning, maybe not quite as cold as it is now. but it will get colder before the is back. we have perfectly clear skies out there. that's what we've seen all day today. 54 trees. winds southwest at 9 miles per hour five degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday and yesterday we only got up to 5453 degrees. so far 54. but tomorrow up near 70. average high is 67. and then up to 77 degrees by thursday. flirting with the 80 degree mark. down to 20 in mount pocono. 25 in allentown. that 27 in trenton that was the
5:20 pm
one record that was set for the day. 27 in mount holly also. 35 officially in philadelphia. you can see so many of these places below the freezing mark. so what about now? 48 in mount pocono. 50 in quakertown and doylestown. so yeah it's pretty chilly and over the next couple of hours these numbers are going to drop fairly quickly down into the 40s with the clear skies. the wind still not quite calm but it will be dying down tonight and then picking up out of the west tomorrow and we look our west to see where our air is coming from and there's some pretty warmer air that's coming our way. 78 degrees in st. louis. wind is coming straight from that direction. 80 degrees in wichita. two, three days of a west wind. that's definitely going to warm us up. we don't have a lot of moisture that's going to be coming this way so we expect a fair amount of sunshine and really no rain
5:21 pm
for much of this week if not all of the week and as you can see, later on tonight we're in the 40s by 11:00 and then it doesn't drop a whole lot especially in the urban areas because the atmosphere is trying to warm up too much. we could be down in the 30s, some areas north and west but then really starts warming up quickly tomorrow and you see some of these temperatures at 70 or a little bit above and then once we get to 70 tomorrow we should get higher than that over the next couple of days. so we really are not going to be seeing beats of last night's or tonight's temperatures for a good while. now as we go through the night tonight like i said it will drop quickly. and then kind of level off. 47 by tailgate time, by kick-off it's 44. then it starts to level off by tend of the game. so for tonight we got that 43 degree low, temperatures
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actually rise later tonight in philadelphia. 33 in areas north and west. it was 25 this morning. near 70 degrees after that chilly start tomorrow. so you need a coat early. 74 on wednesday. 77 on thursday. then a drop on friday. but just a one day drop and we start warming up again over the weekend. experts say the bus is still the safest way to get your children to school but there are ways to make them safer. what school buses are missing and why other drivers are the biggest danger. >> and a sixth football player to die this year and raising new concerns about the safety of high school football.
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a new survey from the university of michigan finds many parents don't know how to find the emergency plan for a child's daycare center or pre-school. 40% of parents said there had been an emergency situation, pour power outage. but only 42% knew if an emergency plan existed. many centers may be prepared for these situations, but emergency plans don't work well if parents aren't on board. >> to a different new survey one that suggests drivers don't know the law when it comes to passing
5:26 pm
a school bus. school bus drivers in 26 states actually kept track of the number of people who illegally passed their stopped school buses and they reported more than 78,000 motorists just went right by their buses in a single day. in a span of 180 day school that can add up to 14 million violations. now as a result of the survey experts are making some demands to make sure children are safe. they want to have every bus to have longer arms and mounted cameras to encourage safe driving by everyone including school bus drivers. experts say riding a school bus is still the safest way to transport a to and from school. those big yellow vehicles. they are conspicuous. easy to see. high. the kids are up high out of the crash zone. it's the way to get kids to school if you want them to arrive safely. >> this week in fact is national school bus safety week. question here, what happened
5:27 pm
to a 3-year-old boy found dead in camden county. >> tonight investigators are trying to get his family and the community answers. what the boy's loved ones told us today about their loss. >> plus as drones increase in pop larlt the government is getting more concerned about their safety. what owners could be forced to do before they could fly. that's next on nbc 10 at 5:00.
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we're back now with a live look over financial field. dressed in black for monday night football tonight. tens of thousands of people are tailgating right now. you see them outside the stadium. birds take on the new york giants at 8:15 tonight. good evening. we're live inside lincoln financial field. i'm keith jones. >> i'm jacqueline london. 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. we're so excited over the next hour to bring you build up and excitement of this rivalry tonight from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. a special right here on nbc 10. >> we'll be covering what you need to know before the game tonight. we'll be detailing something special happening at times with b. west, westbrook. live interview as well. one thing we have to talk about because we can't avoid. the temperatures are dropping quick. >> the gloves have come out. i wait ad little bit before i
5:31 pm
brought out the gloves. getting a little chilly. people are prepared for that. layered up and the heat of this rivalry will get them warmed up. >> they will be fired up. let's go back inside. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us. >> well, is, yeah, cold outside. because it's so early in the season to be this cold. it's not the actual temperature. we've had football in temperatures way below 42, 44 degrees. but a little early in the season for that. so our bodies may not be quite adjusted yet. we had a lot of sunshine. that's going to give way to clear skies tonight and allow the temperature to go down. there aren't any clouds that are moving our way and the temperature now holding at 54 degrees. it's a little bit cooler around the surrounding areas. a little bit of wind. five to ten miles per hour. that's about all we're going to be seeing this evening, maybe five miles per hour for an average during the game.
5:32 pm
and the temperature average will be in the 40s starting about 47 degrees just before the game, and then into the mid-40s possibly down to as low as 42, 43 degrees by the fourth quarter. but it's not going to plunge into the 30s like it did last night. talk more about a bigger warm up in a few minutes. we have breaking news just into our newsroom. nbc news has confirmed oscar pistorius is now of jail. he's at a relative's house where he'll remain on house arrest. judge sentenced pistorius to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp back on valentine's day in 2013. pistorius says he thought she was an intruder. he's been released early because of good behavior. nearly a week after a 3-year-old went missing and later found dead in camden county there are still few answers about how he died. >> tonight the family has begun funeral arrangements as
5:33 pm
investigators try to move this case forward. cydney long has been following this investigation from the beginning. she's joining us live once again in haddon township. >> reporter: jim, it really is. until investigators can rule in specifically what happened to little brendan cueto they are working to rule out certain factors possible factors like hypothermia. they shifted their focus to cooper river over the weekend. in the meantime we talked to his family a couple of hours ago. >> you know, dj, can we talk to you for a few minutes. >> reporter: only nbc 10 cameras were there when the father picked up the shoes where his son will be laid to rest. we heard his voice on the 911 call but first time we've seen him since brendan' death outside the cooper street apartment in which the little boy went missing. little brendan's grandfather
5:34 pm
told me off camera quote, we don't know anything yet. we're a very close knit family. mother and the baby's father, my son are still friends. and we learned today the family will hold a private funeral this thursday at lake doyle funeral home in nearby collingswood. >> i'm mystified. this grandfather is heartbroken. he built this memorial and fought off tears today even though he never the little boy. >> what does it nine and what brings you back here each day. >> this memorial to me means we keep brendan in our thoughts. we keep him alive in our memory. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation confirms testing done on the cooper river water temperature and water level is directly tied to brendan' death investigation. >> we need to find out somebody did this. this little guy didn't walk eight blocks down and just die.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: and that local r resident didn't wish to show his face on camera. he net father at the memorial site. meantime investigators could not provide us with what the water tests showed but they did say no new material evidence was found by cooper river. live in haddon township, i'm cydney long, in connection 10 news. >> new information this evening in a deadly home invasion in dover county. one of the suspects 23-year-old matthew harrington is in jail. he turned himself into police yesterday around 1:30 in the morning saturday police were called to a home on john clark road in rodney village. two men made their way into the home. they shot two other men inside. one of those men died the other chased the suspects. shots were fired and a woman who police say was with the suspects was killed. the second suspect 21-year-old he is line chavez is still on
5:36 pm
the run. new information on the arrest of man wanted for assaulting a police officer in atlantic county. s.w.a.t. team evacuated neighbors in a neighborhood and they arrested james galloway in a home nearby. in june police stopped galloway and when officers approached the car galloway took off. his car crash ad short distance away. police say they found heroin in the car. fire investigators were back at a country club in montgomery county today trying to figure out why a clubhouse went up in flames. the fire started early yesterday morning. more than a hundred firefighters bat those flames. the fire was contained to the clubhouse. no one was hurt. a follow up tonight on a story we brought to you at 5:00 last friday. that's when hundreds of volunteers took to streets of north philadelphia to fix several homes.
5:37 pm
>> it's nice. >> they took on a variety of projects including installing grab bars information derly homeowners. 2019 days the group made repairs to 13 homes. we're back out here at lincoln financial. we just saw some of the giants players. they are warming up, running around the field trying to get a little limber. mclaughlin who is from our area, well-known, she's going sing the national anthem. things are getting close. excitement is building. >> a lot of fans outside, they will be opening the doors shortly. they come inside. one of the things you'll see here at the link, i was staring up at the banners, six had one guy on field. huge part of the philadelphia eagles. talk about brian westbrook.
5:38 pm
we'll have a retrosuspepective. he's about to be inducted into the eagles hall of fame at halftime tonight. we'll be right back.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. yet another tragedy on the football field. a high school junior collapsed during a game in texas over the weekend. he was rushed to a hospital where he died the next day. the 16-year-old cameron matthews collapsed onto sidelines friday night after telling teammates he felt dizzy. officials say he suffered an aneurysm. his friends and family are heartbroken but don't believe football is to blame. >> body jueverybody assumes it' football thing. he didn't take a shot to the head. it wasn't anything.
5:41 pm
it happened on the football field. >> matthews is the sixth high school football player nationwide to die after a game since the school year started. last month a 17-year-old new jersey high school quarterback collapsed after taking a hit on field. evan murray of washington, warren county, suffered a massive hemorrhage caused by a lacerated spleen. >> another chilly night ahead but a warm up is onto way and then we'll be back in the 70s next in my first alert forecast.
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5:43 pm
. lawsuit has been filed following the sinking of a cargo ship in the atlantic ocean during hurricane joaquin. today a wrongful death suit was filed on behalf of a widow. it comes as a navy vessel left
5:44 pm
virginia earlier today to search for that ship. the uss apache is taking equipment and investigators to an area near crooked island in the bahamas to find the el faro and retrieve its data recorder. the ship was on its regular cargo run when it lost power and disappeared during joaquin. 33 crew members were on board. all right. once again live look inside xfinity live where under three hours fans will be cheering on the eagles as they face off against the giants coming up on monday night football. looks busy there already. >> keith and jacqueline are live with our exclusive pre-game coverage. fans will be cheering on current and former players tonight. >> they will. at halftime the eagles will induct their 2015 hall of fame class, vaughn gets in. he was a rookie on the 1960s eagles title team. >> the guy, the little guy, i
5:45 pm
should say who made his mark as a gianter, brian westbrook, the pride of villanova will also get in. >> westbrook, he's at the 30, cut to the outside, 35, 40, 35, 40, westbrook -- 15, 10, westbrook! touchdown! >> brian westbrook's journey to eagles stardom began first at high in maryland then at villanova university where the under sides but ultratalented westbrook made his mark. >> he was professional the day he arrived here. it was all about getting better as an athlete, getting better as a student. >> andy reed noticed westbrook's skills and invited him down for a work out. >> we bring him down in a hurricane. we got 60 mile-per-hour winds. >> we were shooting the machine
5:46 pm
from one part of the field. he's running over and catching these punts and i'm going this guy is incredible. >> a guy trying out i got to try to go get it. >> now a small player from a small football school gets his big moment and westbrook couldn't be more excited. >> just the thought of that brings a smile to my face. so many times in your career you can't take the time to admire things that you've accomplished. now that i'm retired and able to look back on it and appreciate all the good things that i was able to do with the help and assistance of my team it just means so much more to me. >> such an awesome role model. thousands of children, the fans here, the philadelphia eagles and you look around this stadium and you realize boy did he make some incredible people tloins field. >> de. he'll be recognized for that tonight. john clark will be live with brian westbrook during our special between 7:00 and 8:00. so something to look forward to. >> no question. we broke out the gloves already.
5:47 pm
our jackets are on. it's a black out. doesn't mean it's any warmer. the breeze is coming in. you know what? it could be worse, i guess. >> right. it could be december or january. because this weather pattern in a few months would be causing some brutal cold across the area. but it's going to be leaving after tonight. things are going to be changing quite a bit. cold birds tonight, though. temperatures will go down into the 40s. big warm up starts tomorrow. it won't last all week but last much of the week and cold air returning before the weekend. blue sky. just a beautiful sight. 54 degrees right now. we have official high of 55. average high 56. southwest wind at 9 miles per hour. you can see we're in the low 50s across most of the area, 48 degrees in mount pocono. and even low 50s, glassboro and
5:48 pm
mount holly at 51 degrees so we'll be down into the 40s very quickly. but going quick warm up too because the warm is not that far away. even detroit at 68, and cincinnati at 64. 78 st. louis. 79 des moines, iowa. 80 in wichita, kansas. so, yeah, it's going to get warmer. a lot warmer. you can see why. that warmer air is already sitting there. just expecting it to come out of nowhere. speaking of nowhere we're not seeing any showers pretty much for the eastern half of the country. so with this southwest wind, yeah, temperatures going to be dropping shortly after sunset, but that's going to be fighting off that southwest wind trying to warm up the atmosphere. going to be warming up higher up in the atmosphere all tonight and sometimes when that happens the city doesn't drop as low, anywhere near as low as the suburbs. could be a big contrast. you can see by tomorrow
5:49 pm
afternoon, computer models showing several places to 70 degrees. then tomorrow night it's not as cold as it is tonight. down into the 50s. perhaps upper 40s in the city. that's about it. then during the day wednesday, watch those temperatures jump into the mid-70s. how's that going to feel after today 55 and snow flurries in some areas yesterday. the temperatures will drop pretty quickly in the next couple of hours down about 47 degrees just before the game. kick-off about 44. and leveling off pretty much for tend of the game about 43 degrees. that warmer air is moving in from west to east. and it's going to stay with us through the day on thursday, then we get a shot colder air coming down. that will not be as cold as what we saw yesterday and today but it's going to be pretty chilly and then we start warming up
5:50 pm
over the weekend again. so, it's not going to be a long lasting warm up and then this next cold shot is going to be a very brief one that comes later in the week. as we go through the tonight we have clear skies. 43 degrees for a low in philadelphia, down as low as 33 in some of the suburbs. then down as low as 25 this morning. and record low in trenton at 27. mostly sunny, lot warmer tomorrow afternoon. highs up near 70. 55, 15 degree jump in one day. that's pretty significant. then 74, warmer on wednesday, warmer than that thursday. big drop on friday with some showers and then as we go into the weekend temperatures start going back up, 60s on saturday and close to 70 on sunday. glenn, thank you very much. live at lincoln financial field. weapon decided brisk is a good
5:51 pm
way to describe the weather. >> it's going 74 in a few days. count couldn't have that. >> big game tonight. thousands of fans will have their eyes on this game. something else to look out for. >> we're talking about a "star wars" trailer, the force awakens it will air tonight at halftime. you're watching the second tears trailer. this one has more than 64 million views on u tube. >> that's a lot. the seven "star wars" film debuts december 18th as one of the highly buzzed movies of the year. tickets for film go on sale right after trailer airs tonight. so so many reasons to keep us on nbc 10. >> kick-off is about 8:15. before that starting at 7:00 you're going want to tune into nbc 10 for our special pre-game, game day kick-off.
5:52 pm
7:00. you see john clark and jackie and. we'll keep you covered and bring you behind-the-scenes of the game leading up to the kick-off. gigantic rivalry. last time there was a black out at the link, philadelphia eagles trampled on the giants 27-0. >> hope it will happen again tonight with a sea of black with everyone's attire. >> the lights just turned on here. we'll send it back to you. >> we'll see you later on tonight. >> see if they add on any mores. the government is getting more concerned about drones safety. >> what owners can be forced to do they fly. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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5:55 pm
the questions and controversy over drones are flying to a new level tonight. the faa has announce ad plan that would require most hobbyists to register fixed wing aircraft but there's some concern tonight about what that will mean for enthusiasts and the industry. >> jay gray has a closer look at the changes you can expect. >> reporter: speculation and rumor about federal regulations have been flying almost as long as the aircraft themselves. >> it's really hard to follow rules if you don't know what the rules are. >> reporter: today the federal aviation administration tried to clear the air when it comes to drones announcing a plan that
5:56 pm
will require most operators to register their machines. >> it may be okay to operate an off road vehicle without registering it if you're using it on your own property. however, if you intend to take it on to local streets or highways, you're expected to register it and operate it safely to text the public. >> reporter: the number of incidents involving drones flying over places they shouldn't continues to climb. large crowds, sporting events, teen white house. >> radio controlled helicopter that went over the top of us at 4,000. >> reporter: faa data shows the number of sightings near airplanes and airports has nearly tripled close to 100 every month compared to 238 all of last year. now the faa won't require registration for toys or drones they consider a minimal safety risk. however there's still a lot of concern within the industry it can ground a business that's just taking off. kyle owns dallas drone and
5:57 pm
business has been soaring. >> the new evolving market both for commercial and retail. >> reporter: but he worries what new regulations could mean going into the christmas shopping season. >> what will happen to my business? will customers still come in? will it scare them away? >> reporter: questions that have many in the industry covering as they wait to see what happens next. jay gray, nbc news. >> coming up next on nbc 10, help for the homeless. while a local group rallies around a family in need we look at the growing problem of homelessness city wide. >> another chilly night but a big warm up onto way. we have details next on my first alert seven day forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 the verdict is in, guilty as charged for contractor responsible for the market street building collapse that killed six people. good evening i'm jim rosenfield. we're all over in tonight's big game in south philadelphia. the eagles getting stoet square off against the giants. first place in the nfc east is on the line tonight. we have team coverage of tonight's game. fans get ready for tonight's match up. tim furlong has more on what birds fans are feeling at this
6:00 pm
hour. tim. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, jim. i was out there day today. you can see as we look down on the ground below us. by brood everybody coming off 95 trying to get here. it's an awesome night. everybody is asking what will happen. it's a big game big, big game. what will happen? i'm a little concerned about it to be honest. i'm a big fan. life long fan. i feel apprehensive. i spoke with my eagles fan bretheren. >> you want to know about the eagles game tonight. go the fans who got here first. dan's eagles rig custom upholstery. he has a crock pot full of mac and cheese. the eagles need sam bradford to be consistent. that's one thing this guy


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