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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hour. tim. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, jim. i was out there day today. you can see as we look down on the ground below us. by brood everybody coming off 95 trying to get here. it's an awesome night. everybody is asking what will happen. it's a big game big, big game. what will happen? i'm a little concerned about it to be honest. i'm a big fan. life long fan. i feel apprehensive. i spoke with my eagles fan bretheren. >> you want to know about the eagles game tonight. go the fans who got here first. dan's eagles rig custom upholstery. he has a crock pot full of mac and cheese. the eagles need sam bradford to be consistent. that's one thing this guy can agree on.
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this team can only go as far as >> they have to win the game. >> reporter: most fans tell me it's a win. how big? >> big. go green all day long. >> all day, baby. >> reporter: that guy says the eagles have the best offense in football. i inform him actually they don't. i won't do that again. >> are you a giants fan? go birds all day long. don't you dare question it. >> reporter: i will not question that. i will not question that even a little bit. dude scared me a little bit. take a look from 1,200 feet up. the black out game. we love it when they wear the black jerseys. the black end zone. my friend keith and jacqueline are sitting in the south end zone. arri life right behind you. good night for us eagles fans. >> we hope so, tim.
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thanks a lot. appreciate that vantage point. so amazing from up there. >> excitement is building. you can see the players coming out, they are warming up. you see the giants out here stretching. and recognize the eagles right way abecause they are in all-black. green still in the locker room. >> odom beckham jr. didn't talk too much football. doesn't look like that hamstring was bothering him. he was out on the field. meantime, we're less than two hours away from kick-off. we're getting started here on nbc 10. tune innbc 10 following "nightly news" at 6:30. 7:00 hour long special eagles game day kick-off. we'll take a look at the career of brian westbrook. hear from chip kelly and malcolm jacobs, nfc east. eagles game kick-off at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. >> exciting.
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start to their season was rocky but clinching a win tonight would be huge. we'll be watching and we hope you too on nbc 10. guy, of course we will. we want to take another live look at the field. this time through our eagles nest camera where, yeah, figure tubes cold one out there. jacqueline and keith with the gloves on. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us now with his florida keys? -- first alert forecast. >> obviously clear skies, you can see just how blue that sky is during the day today and things are not going change much tonight any kind of cloud cover. 53 degrees now. just dropped one degree in the past hour. it drop a few more in the next hour 50 in pottstown and allentown. holly at 50. 49 degrees in millville. already dropped into the 40s in a couple of spots. you can see there's just no
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cloud cover anywhere. we're now up to 14 miles per hour in philadelphia. you can see surrounding the city it's very much lighter and dead calm in mounlty. do expect that wind to be diminishing as we head towards the beginning of the game. now 47 degrees in the next hour and then by kick-off down 44 and leveling off a little bit after that. we'll see how much is going to warm up and it will warm up a lot after tonight with the seven day in a minutes. >> one upside for this cold snap good for businesses that repair furnaces. not so great for people who woke up this morning without any heat. one furnace repair company tells nbc 10 phones were ringing off the hook. oler brothers says its prioritize house with no heat and then additional crews worked to fix other heater malfunctions. company says the day's cold snap should be a warning to consumers to check your furnace now or you may pay big later. >> i always recommend in the
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middle of september just turn on your heater even though it's not that cold out. run it for five or ten minutes. make sure it's working. >> he says with warmer weather onto way not a bad time to check your heater now if you haven't already. other big news today guilty verdict in the deadly market street collapse. this afternoon jury convicted contractor griffin campbell on six counts of involuntary manslaughter. nbc 10's doug shimell was in the courtroom for that verdict. >> reporter: today's guilty verdict starts a process where in two central figures were not charged in the criminal case will wind up in court on a civil suit. in their barely three hours of deliberation the jury asked to see video of the demolition next to the salvation army thrift store and they took one more look at the septa bus video of the collapse before rendering six guilty verdicts on involuntary manslaughter for contractor griffin campbell. >> unusual and complicated and
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lengthy case. we felt the jury gave this case its every attention and we're very satisfied, we think justice was done on this case with this verdict. >> if you're going take a building down you got to do it the right way. you take short cuts. you can't ignore through. you have to look out for the safety of everybody when you do a project like this. >> reporter: you happy with today's verdict? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: why? >> i saw the judgment today. >> reporter: the civil litigation will tell true and correct story of all the participants and players far above griffin campbell. griffin campbell is due to be sentenced in january. the civil case goes to trial in september of next year. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> new details today a week after a 3-year-old camden boy found dead in the woods. ors say no new evidence was
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uncovered. today nbc 10 was there as the boy's father left his apartment to finalize funeral arrangements. we learned a private service is scheduled thursday at lake doyle funeral home. today brendan's grandfather told us the family is very close, and that his son and brendan's mother remain friends. durng to 2016. speculation growing joe biden is running for president. a local congressman is kind of adding to the guessing game. here's a look at what congressman dan boyle tweeted out. i have a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for pr e-z. we reached out the his spokesperson for comment on the tweet and we'll bring you that response when we get. the vice president's office has not responded. multiple sources tells nbc news biden could make a final decision wlon he'll run in the next 48 hours. here in philadelphia voters will cast their ballots for the
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next mayor in just over two weeks and tonight democrat jim kinney and melissa murray bailey will take part in a debate. the debate is set for 7:30. doors open at 6:00. this is the second debate between two candidates. they will answer questions submitted by voters on twitter. regist police need some help identifying a man who ripped off a church. take a look. the man is caught on surveillance video kicking in the hoarse of healing waters church on south 56th street. once inside took a flat screen television, and he actually leaves and comes back two minutes later and takes another flat screen tv and microphone. if you recognize this guy you're asked to call police. police need your help finding this armed robber. this picture of a man in question right here police say a guy in his 20s went into a cvs
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on lancaster avenue early sunday morning. after buying something the suspectened the clerk with a tire iron and demanded money. >> a new top cop in less had high valley. keith morris was sworn in. chief fitzgerald resigned to become the chief in ft. worth, texas. more vies an 18 year veteran of the force. he says one of his top priorities sim proving the relationship between officers and the community. well as the weather turns chilly peco is offering special discounts customers who want to switch from electric to gas heat qualify for a rebate. to make the switch residential customers will see rebates up to $200. $1,000 for commercial customers. second discount is on the table for entire neighborhoods that make this switch. amtrak making it easier for passengers to surf the web onto
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go. company says 90% of passengers will have access to free wi-fi by tend of next year. today the company rolled out phase one much that plan for auto train riders. speaking of cars a heads up for drivers if you travel along the roosevelt boulevard you could be in for some delays tonight. p penndot will have work crews out to repair a bridge at home and fairfield street. the work is scheduled to begin at 7:00 tonight and run through 6:00 tomorrow morning. help for the homeless. what you can do for local families in need to help them back on their feet. glenn "hurricane" schwartz -- >> we got a chilly night ahead but a big warm up onto way. we got details on my first alert seven day forecast.
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welcome back. going to take a live look inside the link right here from sky force ten. there's the end zone in black. relatively quiet before tonight's storm with the giants, across street slightly more lively scene. we are at xfinity live where fans have been gathering for the better part of the evening in anticipation of tonight's game.
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jessica wearing her black there as well. >> reporter: jim, we're here at xfinity live. fans starting to pile in. maybe to get afrom the cold. but safe to say they are in good spirits. i'll step out of the way. i would say this crowd has doubled at least since i got here about an hour ago. the fans are excited. eagles versus giants later tonight. happening real soon. can you feel it in the air we caught up with some fans a few moments ago hanging out before game. here's what some of them had to say. >> all right. well, i guess we don't have that right now. as you can see the fans are pumped. they are excited. everyone is in good spirits in here today. we're really having good spirits. except for the fact that all of us we can say safe to say in philadelphia don't want to be in a bad mood tomorrow morning.
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o stay positive. stay with nbc 10 following "nightly news" for an hour long special eagles game day kick-off is the official eagles pre-game show. we'll look at the career of brian westbrook aof his hall of fame induction and plus hear from chip kelly and malcolm jenkins as the eagles gear up for a battle with the giants. that's right here on nbc 10 at 7:00. to this serious story now a toddler found walking alone in love park is bringing a new sense of urgency to philadelphia's homeless issue. the child's parents had no place to stay so they stayed in love park and the wild wandered off. now an organization is raising money for family. aundrea cline-thomas has a broader look how you can help the homeless across our area. >> reporter: well, jim, choose 300 ministries and that's where
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we are right now. it is dinner time. they serve dinner three times a week. family from love park, they come here often. now the founders have a combination of community support, state and city legislative action could really tackle this problem of homelessness once and for all especially as it pertains to children and families. >> well, honestly, a roof anywhere right now would be helpful. >> reporter: brian jenkins founder of chosen 300 is working the phones and taking the lead. his organization helped raise $12,000 to provide michael jones and his family permanent housing. >> our goal is to help them on this journey then also provide the case management that they need. >> reporter: jones was thrust into the spotlight after his 2-year-old son was found walking alone in love park. he wandered away from his family who were sleeping outside of the visitors center. >> that night we couldn't find anybody to take the kids.
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it started to get cold. >> reporter: city leaders said families like this should call a hotline so they can get in a shelter even if there aren't any beds. >> that's the idea. that's not the reality. city shelters have been full and are full for years. >> reporter: he runs covenant house a private shelter for youth. every year even they have to turn hundreds away. >> these are anybody's kids. this can happen to so many families in philadelphia. >> a lot of people there in the streets is not on drugs. they are not doing drugs. just a lot of people come in bad situations. >> reporter: now good news for michael jones and his family. not only did people raise $12,000 to help them with housing for a year they are going to be in a hotel next week and the following week they are expected or this week and the following week they are expected to find that permanent housing. now those who work with the
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homeless community say that more success stories like this can happen with continued generosity of the for people to donate to various shelters and organizations. reporting live in west philly i'm aundrea cline-thomas, in connection 10 news. special treat tonight in center city the papal choir will perform. that event begins at 7:30. we saw that chill come in over the weekend, lasted through today. going to last through tonight. and then it's going to go away for a while. some cold birds tonight. stand by tomorrow the temperatures really going to skyrocket. big warm up there. cold returns before the weekend. but only temporarily and not
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quite as cold as it's been in the last 24 hours. still clear skies out there. 53 degrees. the wind southwest at 14. that's at philadelphia international airport. rest of the area seeing winds less than 10 miles per hour. we did see 53 for a high yesterday. 55 today. average high 66 for this time of the year. tomorrow up to 70. then 74. then 77. long from these numbers. 20 degrees for the low in mount pocono. 25 in allentown. quakertown. pottstown 27. trenton that was our record that was set this morning, 28 degrees in blueville, 27 in mount holly, 30 in wilmington, 27 in millville. those are not typical temperatures for any time in october. 53 degrees right now in philadelphia. and 50 degrees in allentown. plenty of warmer air back to the west. you can see 65 degrees in
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detroit. 77 in st. louis. and got up to 80 in wichita, kansas today. so, yeah, there is definitely dry air and warmer air that is headed in our direction and so we're going to see that as we go through the tonight temperatures level off. they won't drop a whole lot. once we get past say 8:00 or 9:00 we'll start getting a little bit level and really going to warm up quickly starting tomorrow as soon as that sun starts coming up and by tomorrow afternoon you may not need the jackets any more let alone the heavy jackets that you might need tomorrow morning. 43 for the low tonight. 33 in some of the suburbs but remember it was 25 in some of the suburbs this morning. up near 70 tomorrow afternoon wi with mostly sunny skies. thursday 77. the big drop on friday down to 57, but then we go right back up over the weekend back to 70 by
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sunday. hey, we are live at the link. i'm john clark. eagles with another black out against the giants. the last black out against the giants. we'll hear from the eagles coming up next plus hear from andy reed and le sean mccoy about brian westbrook going into the hall of fame.
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i'm john clark live from the link, a night here. eagles-giants for first place in the nfc east and the eagles have owned the giants recently. they won 11 of last 14 games against them. on monday night football the birds have won in a row. it's a black out here tonight. the eagles will be in full black uniforms. take a look at odell beckham jr. warming up twin last half an
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hour. he said on the field he'll play tonight coming off that hamstring injury last sunday night but he looked fine. he is a go. stan bradford warming up on the field as well and got to be feeling pretty good facing this giants secondary. the giants are giving up over 300 passing yards game. that's the most in the nfl. and they are without their best player in the secondary, and it's a huge game tonight. >> every division game is a rivalry game seems in the nfc east. so, you know, you definitely, you get a little bit more juiced to play these games because you have to see these games two times a year. you know them. you're familiar with them. there's not much you're going to do fool one another. it's just showing up and seeing who can punch harder basically. >> playing good football, the defense is doing a good job, getting a lot of turnovers. offense has been scoring points
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these last few weeks. we expect their best football and go in there and play good ball. >> and how fitting that brian westbrook will go into the eagles hall of fame tonight. he had some of his biggest plays against the giants. listen to an dip reed the man who coached him and drafted him and mccoy his protege. >> smart. smart, smart. i'm giving props to villanova. you got to be smart to go there. he's a smart guy. key do everything. not the biggest guy in the world but he can block. he'll knock your tail off if you blitz, he can catch, run, he can do it all. >> congratulations, you deserve it. i can't think of another person that he did it more than you.
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congratulations. >> special night here at the link. i look forward to seeing you, jacqueline london and keith jones at 7:00 for our. let's send it over to you guys. >> yeah. it's going to be exciting. lot of players on the field warming up. it's a black out. we some good luck charms. we have this blanket. people can tell from the distance eagles sticker to bring some good luck. hopefully bring some good luck to this team. >> may not need it. beautiful, right? perfect. that's eagles spirit. >> thousands of people will soon fill this stadium and hopefully it will heat up. we got the blanket and gloves.
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it will heat up for a giant rivalry, no pun intended. >> we have the special four coming up tonight at 7:00. 7:00 to 8:00. live, one on one interview with brian westbrook who will be inducted inthe eagles hall of fame tonight. so much to look forward to. leading up to tonight's game for monday night football. we'll see you at 7:00. >> you guys are ready out there and glenn we're ready with the weather. >> yeah. i would say it's december weather. happens to be october is the only problem. there's no rain, no snow, a lot of wind. we could start seeing more weather conditions. if you want a warm up you'll get it we get through the cold tonight. temperatures will jump into the 70s for much of the rest of the week. we do have temperatures getting up closer to 80 degrees by thursday and then a big drop on friday. that's only going to be a brief one, not quite as extreme as what we saw yesterday into
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today. and then it starts warming up again over the weekend by sunday we be up close to 70 degrees. you don't see any kind of rain in that seven day forecast. about the only chance, slight chance would be on sunday. i put that at about 20% chance at this point. still a relatively dry pattern and as you can see the temperatures go up and down, up and down. but it's down now. and it's going to go up quick. >> so we have one more day there where we'll see 30s overnight later in the week. for keith and jacqueline and all the fans you guys need to bundle up. you have already? >> it doesn't feel that bad out here. granted we having lights on us. we checked the temperature. it's in the low 50s. not that bad especially if you layer up. with the body heat of all the people here jamming into lincoln financial and so many players we saw jordan matthews, sam
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bradford a good night ahead. >> all right looking forward to it. thanks for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is next. tonight, the cia director hacked. a high school student claims he broke into the e-mail account of america's top spy. an alarming breach nnd investigation is underway. what secrets may have been exposed. preventing a disaster. concerned by a growing number of drones coming close to planes. today, new rules as holiday sales are expected to soar. and abuse. goes after people it claims are getting paid to write positive comments. can you really trust what you are reading before you click buy. and the oprah effect. open about her decades-long struggle with her weight. she takes a big stake in weight watchers. the company hoping customers follow her


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