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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ammunition in schools, police are trying to figure out how dozens of bullets end up inside an elementary school classroom. >> a child found nearly 40 bullets lying on the floor, there was no gun in sight. it was enough for parents to be concerned. drew smith reports from west philadelphia. >> it's been almost a week since this mother first heard about an unusual discovery inside the james rhodes elementary school. >> a letter was sent to my home. >> the district says a fifth grade student found 38 nine
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millimeter bullets. >> that's pretty scary. especially being as though, my children attend this school. >> the rounds were laying on the floor under a desk, right now, people can only guess how they got there. >> it probably was the negligence of a parent. >> the student told her teacher right away, and police got involved. a school spokesman tells us in the past, students have brought in guns or dangerous items as a way to show off. >> these are little kids, curious kids, find somebody at home, something that is attractive and shiny, and it's left unattended. >> police are still investigating how those bullets ended up inside this building. they're asking for conversations to take place outside the school. >> will is a bullet, there is a gun. if bullets are easy to access, there may be a gun that's easy to access. >> parents say it's up to them to make sure bullets or guns
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stay out of young hands. >> we talk about stuff like this every day many. >> they hope the only supplies in the classrooms are pens and pencils and not ammunition. drew smith, nbc10 news. a child survives being run over by a school bus. according to the lakewood scoop, the bus hit the boy while he was crossing in front of the bus, fortunately, the boy remained between the wheels of the bus and escaped with minor bumps and bruises. do you know this man? if so, philadelphia police need your help tonight. someone found him wandering around northeast philadelphia just after midnight. he appears to have a mental disability, and he may go by the name marco williams, call 911 if you can help identify him. >> a pedestrians is in extremely critical condition after a car ran into him in new castle. officers say the driver stayed
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at the scene. some closure today for the families of the victims of the deadly market street building collapse. this afternoon a jury convicted contractor griffin campbell of six counts of involuntary manslaughter, they rejected third degree murder charges. campbell has described himself as the scapegoat for the architect overseeing the demolition project. prosecutors say he controlled the worksite and lied after the collapse about how the demolition was being done. >> an unusual and complicated and lengthy case, we feel like the jury gave this case it's every attention and we're very satisfied. we think justice was done on this case with this verdict. >> six people were killed in the 2013 collapse. another dozen people were injured. >> turning to the weather now, a cool night in center city, nbc10 at broad and locust, we found people bundled up, in fewer layers than they were in this morning. >> a big warmup is on the way.
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let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwar schwartz. what will it feel like when we wake up? >> it's going to be cold, not as cold as it was this morning. but it's going to be warm up quickly as we go through the day. we have clear skies right now, the temperature in some places already down into the 30s, 38 in millville, 40 in allentown and mt. holly, those places will get well down into the 30s overnight. we have clear skies at the moment, and tomorrow morning we're going to have sunshine and we're going to have the temperature climbing rapidly into the 60s even by noon. i'll let you know how warm it's going to get tomorrow, and even warmer later in the week with the 7-day in a few minutes. ♪ you know what that music means, right now the eagles are battling their nfc east rivals at lincoln financial field. >> tonight's matchup also notable for what happened at half time. >> keith jones reports, brian
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westbrook is now in the eagles hall of fame. >> it's been quite a career for the man behind me right here, he's dressed in blue. no, not giants blue, villanova blue, the little guy from villanova, sur rounded by family as he's honored as an inductee in the hall of fame. >> step after step, yard after yard, closer and closer to the eagles hall of fame. brian westbrook takes his earned place. >> beloved by eagles fans and in good company. a nine-time probowler who played in the '60s. he's the all time leader in yards from scrimmage and playoff rushing yards. third in the list in rushing yards in total touchdowns. in total, he helped the birds tally five nfc east titles and xxxix. after all that, 36 west remains humble. >> every time i touch the field, i try to play with that same type of emotion these fans have. they bring it every single week,
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whether we're doing good or bad, they spend their hard earned money to come out and support us. it was because of their love i was able to be successful. >> keith jones, nbc10 news. >> we have new information tonight about former nba star lamar odom, he's been discharged from the hospital in las vegas, and he's now heading to los angeles for further treatment. this report comes from e! news, which is a division of nbc universal. od odom's estranged wife is making the trip with him. he can move his arms and legs. he will need a lot of rehab. investigators are looking into whether odom had a drug overdose while at a brothel last week. the candidates clashed on stage tonight. nbc10 at temple university center for the performing arts where jim kenny and melissa murray bailey, took part in their third debate. we spoke to both candidates afterwards about president
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obama's decision to keep troops in afghanistan through 2017. >> he's the commander in chief. and the president of the united states. he's going to make the decision that's best for the country. >> i don't want any of our men to be hurt or women that are overseas. so i hope they can come home safely. >> the candidates have more than two weeks to get their message out to voters. election day is november 3rd. one of the conditions is headed to the city of brotherly love. chelsea clinton will be in philadelphia tomorrow. she's promoting her new book titled, it's your world, get informed, get inspired and get going. she will visit the palestra at upenn in the morning. tonight there's word of a possible shake-up in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. jim webb's campaign says he's considering running for president as an independent. he released a statement saying that he will discuss his candidacy during a news conference tomorrow.
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webb previously said he felt the democratic debate had been rigged in terms of who was going to get the time on the floor. another potential shake-up, joe biden is reportedly nearing a decision whether he will enter the presidential race. multiple sources tell nbc news, that decision could come within 48 hours. however, one local congressman says biden will run. representative brendan boyle of pennsylvania tweeted, i have a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for president. we reached out to biden's spokesperson on the tweet but we haven't heard back. donald trump has hit his highest level of support in the polls since entering the presidential race. according to a new nbc news poll. 25% of republican primary voters support the real estate mogul, ben carson came in second with 22% of support. trump spoke about the new numbers at a campaign event in south carolina.
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>> we're in number one position, and you have a lot of people that are not doing well in that poll. you have a lot of zeros. you know, zero, zero, zero, z o zero. >> today we learned that trump and carson's campaigns have requested secret service protection. a congressional advisory committee will determine whether that will happen. tomorrow we will get a first glimpse at the results of the controversial park exams. the percentage of students who met grade level expectations on the new state tests. the new jersey education association has already questioned whether the park scores are a valid measurement of student success in the classroom. villanova is set to beef up its security. it will establish a university police department, 19 officers will be trained to carry weapons, this comes after a two-year security assessment by the university. drexel, temple and upenn have already armed police officers on campus. new information tonight
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about a doctor from south jersey found dead in a manhattan apartment. kirstin overdosed on cocaine and alcohol. she was originally from washington township in gloucester county, she worked as a dermatologist in new york. police questioned two men including one thought to be her boyfriend, neither is expected to face charges. if you have a drone, you may have to register it with the government soon. a task force will create guidelines for a national drone registry in about a month. the goal is to get the program started before the end of the holiday season, when about 1 million drones are expected to be sold. incidents involving drones are on the rise. that puts the pressure on officials to better regulate them. this cold snap's about to break, i'm watching when temperatures will jump into the 70s and how long warmer air will stick around. why this homecoming video is
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brings tears to everyone's eyes.
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protests outside baltimore city hall tonight as councilmembers voted to confirm a new police commissioner, kevin davis takes over for anthony bats. bats was fired amid increasing violence that followed the freddie gray protest. last week, 16 people were arrested after protesters refused to leave city hall, during a committee vote on davis. an historic mural of bill cosby was defaced overnight in d.c. an artist put a sticker of kim jong-un over cosby's face. he said it would be better to look at a dictator than to look at cosby. oscar pistorius is out of prison tonight. the double amputee is at his
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uncle's home. he served almost a year of his five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend on valentine's day back in 2013. he said he thought she was an intruder. the family of a 3-year-old worked on funeral plans today, as investigators continue to search for clues into how he died. brendan was found in the woods in haddon township camden county last week, hours after he was reported missing by his father. a private service for brendan is scheduled for thursday. investigators checked the cooper river close to where brendan was found but did not find any new evidence. a local family is voicing their thanks tonight. nbc10 was there as chosen 300 ministries provided dinner to michael jones and his family tonight. they were this rust into the spotlight after their 2-year-old son was found walking alone in love park this weekend.
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the family had no place to live, they spent the night there, and the toddler wandered away. their story inspired many to left-hand a helping ham. and ministries has raised $12,000 to provide the family with permanent housing. >> i would have never thought there were people out here that would sit there and help us, or organizations that were out there to help us. >> the family will be in a hotel for a week before moving into permanent housing. it's the homecoming story that's gone viral on the internet. a bucks county high school elects a king and queen both with downs syndrome. >> denise nakano reports, it's the fall tradition that's uniting the community. ♪ >> reporter: you could say nick mcgee's heartbeats like a drum. the much-loved senior snared the hearts of thousands.
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he and his classmate both have down syndrome, were crowned homecoming king and queen this past friday. >> i was happy at first. and nervous and excited. >> i wasn't, no. because people voted for me, and people love me. >> reporter: those closest to them, the announcement came as little surprise. >> i had my fingers crossed and when liz name got called i started crying. nick's sister lauren captured the moment on video. you can see him in his excitement. >> this video needs to be seen by so many people. it not only made me happy, it made everyone else happy. >> we belong together. >> they have been friends since 10th grade, now they have the experience of a lifetime that binds them and their school.
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>> they are loving, friendly, and always happy, that's how i feel like the king and queen should be. >> in bucks county, denise nakano, nbc10 news. >> i love that, bowing to his queen. >> those two really did win, great to see the team united behind them. >> the whole spirit is wonderful. their friendship as well. >> very good. a chilly one tonight, i know it's not going to last. >> if you're tired of the chilly weather for the last couple days, you want the warmer weather to come back, you're getting it, because we had some chilly brrrs tonight, it's going to be warming up quickly. starting tomorrow, you're going to notice it. and the cold is going to return, not as cold as it was in the last 24 hours, but it's not going to just keep warming up every day for the next week. all right, 47 degrees in philadelphia right now, the wind has diminished, less than 10 miles an hour, 7 degrees warmer than it was at this time
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yesterday. yesterday's high only 53, today 55, look at tomorrow, 70. 74 wednesday. 77 on thursday. cold ones this morning, 25 in allentown, quakertown 20 in the poconos, 27 in trenton, was a record for the date. that's the only record that was set this morning. 27 in mt. holly, also in millville, it's not going to be quite as cold tonight, we're not talking about 20s, we're talking about 30s, 40 in allentown now, mt. holly, they'll be closer to the freezing mark, it was much, much closer last night. 61 in detroit, even at this hour, 70 in with a wash places back in the middle of the country got up to near 80, and with the west wind, some of that warmer air is coming here, not a lot of moisture either. a couple showers across the great lakes. not going to make it in this direction, you can see as we go
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through the night tonight. places in the 30s, but not in the mid-20s, it will quickly warm up during the day, by noontime, we're in the 60s across most of the area, in the afternoon, into the 70s, at least in parts of the region, as we go into tuesday night, it's not as cold as tonight. keeps going up a little bit each night, by wednesday morning we're not seeing 30s any more, are we. and wednesday afternoon, look at this, temperatures going back up into the 70s, and then it's going to continue to get even warmer as we go into thursday. for the rest of the night tonight, we're going to be seeing temperatures dropping only into the low 40s, let's say in the philadelphia area, the atmosphere is trying to warm up, clear skies and light winds aren't going to allow the temperature to drop too much. 33 in some of the northern and western suburbsp during the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine,
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once again, but a lot warmer, 55 today, up near 70 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, and the 7-day forecast, even warmer wednesday, with 74. thursday 77. and then pretty good cold shot for just one day. 57 for the high on friday, and then we start warming back up over the weekend. the average high for this time of the year is 66. so we're going to be way above it, we're going to go below, and then we're going to go back up again. kind of a roller coaster. mainly dry for the rest of the week too. >> i can't believe how it's going to shoot up to 77. >> that's amazing. >> and then it drops off again. >> we'll see. danny's not just watching the eagles tonight? >> i'm not just watching the eagles, coming up next, a little baseball. the phillies extreme makeover continues with another former all-star being shown the door, that story is on the way when nbc10 news returns.
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it may only be week six, there's no sugar coating it, the importance of tonight's eagles/giants game is catastrophic for the birds. they need to get the 3-3 to maintain pace in the division. right now, they're on top 27-7 late in the fourth quarter, they are on defense right now, they have gotten a pick 6 in this game, nolan carroll has returned a touch john to make the eagles a 27-7 leader right now, in the fourth quarter. let's go to the phillies who continued the offseason reshuffling of their
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outfielders. officially ending brown's time in philly. he was once the moist untouchable prospect and an all-star in 2013. he drove in 83 runs, he has struggled badly, since hitting just 228 this past season. after a rare five-day layoff, the flyers return to action, hosting the dallas stars, they hope they haven't lost their juice after back to back shutout victories. >> we played some pretty good teams here, in the early going. for sure dallas is another team that can create, they trade offense and can do it pretty quickly. we have to be good without the puck, and then in turn, we have to -- you know, we have to be -- we have to have an attack mentality, we have to make sure we're doing it our way. >> don't forget to vote for our high school game of the week. your choices include hammonton and delsea. log on to nbc10 and vote now. and vote all week. that's sports, i'm danny
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pommells. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging,
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attention bruce springsteen fans, is that you? >> sure. >> you can take your love of the boss to a new level. >> the jersey shore home where he wrote the born to run album is going back on the market. it's listed for $299,000. the last owner said it planned to turn the house into a tribute to the jersey rockledge end, it didn't quite work out. he lived here from 1974 and 1975, this is where he wrote thunder wrote. >> inspired to write those songs. very cool. "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is up next. >> we have justin timberlake, a lip sync battle with ellen degeneres. mclemore, it is a huge show. do not change the channel.
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>> that was an incredible show. if you missed it, you have to stay up and watch it. ellen and justin are incredible together. >> we got some incredible things going on in the world. it's generally in the pacific ocean, hurricane season here, we've had a suppressed season, because of the el nino in the pacific, they are getting clobbered in the pacific. see that one in the central pacific? that is the 20th category four or five hurricane or typhoon in the pacific. just this season. that beats the old record three times the old record for the number of major hurricanes or typhoons. it's the same thing, it's just called different things in different parts of the world. pretty amazing. our forecast is looking pretty amazing once we get past the chilly morning. temperatures get into the 70s for three days. >> thursday looks amazing. wednesday we get all the sun. we'll call in sick those days.
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>> we will. that's nbc10 at 11:00, i'm jacqueline london. >> hope to see you tomorrow.
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