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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> and how about this. if you couldn't stay up to see the end of it, the eagles took down the giants on "monday night football" at the link and the birds are in first place. the taste of victory made sweeter by what happened at halftime. we'll explain that as well. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on this tuesday. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. and 47 degrees outside, a live look outside, a chilly start again but temperatures climb into the 70s by this afternoon. and then how long will that warm weather last? we find out from meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> tracy, quite a turn from yesterday when it was so cold with 20s and 30s. this morning we're in the 40s. a chilly start, yes, but not the cold that we had yesterday morning. red sox borrow is 44, 43, that's fifth and warten and right along the delaware river it's 46 degrees. we're in the clear so we'll see sunshine, to warm us up. a chilly start at 7:00, 47 degrees. the sun coming up after 7:00 and
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we'll see bright sunshine for the balance of the day. 10:00, 54 degrees, and then 64 and still climbing at 1:00 this afternoon. i'll show you how warm it's going to get with the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> and bill, we're watching out for an accident scene in quakertown on route 309, southbound, blocking off lanes you can see the southbound lanes here, pretty much a string of red, they are forcing off all traffic right around this area at tollgate road. your best bet to get by, you see old bethlehem pike, pretty much runs parallel to the scene. so you can take that. fine moving through the area because there's not a lot of traffic at this time of the morning in that spot. for 422 around trooper road construction out here so there are lane restrictions on 422 but eastbound drive time doing great. a 7 minute trip from 29the schuylkill expressway. if you are getting off around trooper you can see lane restrictions on the off ramp so watch for that.
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mass transit great so far. no delays for new jersey transit, putt co, dart and septa. >> thanks. it's 5:02. back to breaking news in kensington neighborhood, police are investigating an early morning violent home invasion. katy zachry has been at the scene for more than an hour. what are police telling you? >> reporter: tracy, i can't underscore enough police say this was a violent scene inside this home right near the intersection of f and allegheny. they say two masked men broke in, tied up two of the three inside using a electrical cord and rope. the third person in the house was forced to drive the suspects to a nearby atm machine where she was forced to withdraw money from her account for them. the suspected forced the woman to drive back to the house where police arrived to find the suspects and victim arguing and struggling getting into a physical fight. police were able to grab one of
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the suspects, the other fled. inside one of the victims was in bad shape. take a listen. >> assaulted, punched to his face, had bruises to his face, stabbed several times to his upper chest. however, although he lost a lot of blood he was conscious, walking, talking. >> reporter: police say that man in his mid to late 30s was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition. that man and another woman inside the home two of them, were tied up, one to a chair, one to the bed post with electrical cords and rope. again they were assaulted. police say this is a pretty extensive crime they are dealing with aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping, and the list goes on. we'll have another update coming up in the next half hour. reporting live in kensington, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> new video to share with you this morning. enough video that has gone viral
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online and it's disturbing. it shows a man punching a woman, knocking her unconscious. >> bing. >> this happened in atlantic city. the woman is in critical condition. this video was shot on saturday in browns park in atlantic city. it was posted on facebook and other forms of social media. yesterday police arrested the man there in the video, ivan hunter, on charges of aggravated assault. >> in a span of two weeks the eagles have gone from trying to salvage the season everyone was all in a 'tissy, to now sitting atop the nfc east. >> the birds defense made up for the offense to beat the giants at the link. vai sikahema is here in the digital operation center. vai knows about the battle with the giants. >> good morning chris and tracy. this game was more reminiscent
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of the game i played in 20 years ago or so. they pounded the ball well, ran the voobl hard, demarco murray had his best night. after the birds spotted new york a touchdown early on, sam bradford then hit riley cooper for the equalizer here. and then the eagles defense, they took over played magnificent game, the eagles defense did. carroll scoring on the pick 6. murray as i said swept on the right side for the touchdown to put the game out of reach. the birds dispose of the giants 27-7. >> going into this they'd only given up short amount of sacks and turned the ball over not very much either so for us to come up with the pick was big. >> they did a good job, they started getting pressure, we didn't run the ball as well and got us off the field on third downs. >> three on the season but the
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birds head to -- the birds zriktry gives them the division lead in this match-up. demeco ryans was having his best performance early in the game but he left with a hamstring injury, we'll be monitoring that and keep an eye on him through practice this week. vai sikahema, nbc 10. >> for eagles fans the victory even sweeter by the tribute to a hero from the past, brian westbrook. during halftime they inducted him in the hall of fame. he wore his 36. some birds fans did the same. he is the all-time leader in yard from scrimmage. he helped the birds win a bunch of titles and a trip to the super bowl. westbrook told our john clark that he's tried his best every game he plays. >> every time i touch the field i try to play with that same type of emotion that the fans have. they bring it every week whether
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we're doing good or bad, they spend their hard earned money to come out here and support us. >> he is john clark's colleague at comcast sportsnet. next up more exposure on sunday night football. the birds zrz the panthers, kickoff at 8:30 sunday night. >> new this morning, speaking of the eagles game, fans had plenty of time to sit in the vehicles and digest that victory over the giants. gridlock after the game on 95, this is a view from a traffic camera. stand still on 95 northbound. that's after a car crashed into a flashing sign near the sports complex. drivers sitting here for almost two hours before things cleared up. here's more video from inside the mess there on 95. just before midnight. medics took the driver who crashed to the hospital. we're working to find out the person's condition and how the crash happened. here are photos of the tremendous backup and the crash
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scene. you can see the impact there, it closed the northbound lanes. again giving eagle fans plenty of time to talk about the game. all lanes are back open this morning. it's 5:08. it's not show and tell parents want to hear about. a philadelphia fifth-grader found dozens of bullets on the floor of his classroom. it happened last week at james rose elementary school. the school district says the student found 38 9 mm bullets under a desk. the school sent a letter home to parents the same day telling them to talk with their children and secure guns or ammunition in their homes. >> when there is a bullet there is a gun, so if bullets are easy to access, there might be a gun that is easy to access. >> still not clear where the bullets came from. that school spokesperson says students have brought guns to school in the past to show them off to friends.
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zril a nova university has announced it will beef up security establishing a university police department. 19 officers will be trained to carry weapons, this comes after a two-year assessment. drexel, temple and the university of pennsylvania already have armed police officers on campus. nine after 5:00. a conviction in the market street building collapse trial is giving families of victims some measure of closure. yesterday a jury convicted contractor griffin campbell on six counts of involuntary manslaughter, it rejected third-degree murder charges. campbell described himself as the scapegoat for the architect. the prosecutors say campbell controlled the work site and lied after the collapse about how the demolition was being done. >> unusual and complicated and lengthy case, we feel like the jury gave this case its every attention and we're very satisfied. we think justice was done on this case with this verdict. >> in 2013 a building under
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demolition on market street in center city collapsed onto a salvation army thrift store, killing six people. >> we're about two hours away from sun rise this morning. we're getting a chilly start this morning but it's not the real cold air that we saw yesterday. and sunshine, it's going to be a beautiful day, a warming trend starts today. and the temperatures get even warmer over the next couple days. right now still need a jacket outside. 43 in doylestown, philadelphia is 47, amend 48 in millville. nothing to show you here in the way of clouds or rain or even strong winds. we have a nice breeze out of the southwest and that's going to help boost our temperatures. scattered clouds starting to move in into allentown. some rain is falling at times the clouds moving through the pocono mountains but most of the day we're looking at sunshine.
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for reading and quakertown and allentown, upper 60s today. plenty of sunshine and a nice southwest breeze and much warmer day for trenton, doylestown and mount holly. the warmth at the shore, too, sunshine, 67 for atlantic city and cape may. rehobeth 68 degrees and flirting with 70 degrees in philadelphia, drexel hill and wilmington all well in the 60s today. with warmer weather to come in the next couple days. then things take a turn for the chilly on saturday. especially in the morning, back in the 30s to start, 61 saturday afternoon, and pretty good chance we'll see showers move through on sunday, though it will be warmer with a high of 68. a look at the weather before we get to the weekend with the 7 day when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> 11 minutes after 5:00. your morning drive takes you through the quakertown area you need a heads up. >> jessica boyington has been watching that accident on 309. >> so word that it's still closed on 309 on the southbound
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side, not both directions at least, that is the glass half full. right around tollgate road forcing traffic off there, we had a car versus a tractor-trailer in the area. you can see the accident is up here. we have red behind this graphic but it's slow by the scene and obviously getting off before that, you want to take old bethlehem pike to get by. the schuylkill expressway, girard avenue no problems east from the the blue truitt the vine street expressway. a 12-minute drive time into the center city area. sometimes we like to give you a heads up later this evening. stadium traffic, we're dealing with that later on today, again for the wells fargo center so watch for tailgaters and all of the normal things you know the philadelphia like to do, philadelphia flyers versus dallas stars, that starts at 7:30 p.m. >> 12 minutes past 5. amtrak is adding a new convenience for commuters, we'll tell you what the transit agency says 90% of passengers will have
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free access to by next year. plus this. a training e size in texas turns into a real water rescue for a group of emergency responders.
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new this morning the state of ohio is haltings executions until 2017 because it can't find enough lethal drugs. the decision will create a backlog of two dozen executions
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scheduled the next several years. ohio ran out of supplies of its previous drugs and hasn't been able to get new shipments from overseas. >> oscar pistorius, the double amputee olympic runner who shot and killed his girlfriend is now out of prison and under house arrest in south africa. he is now at his uncle's house near pretoria. prison officials released him last night less than a year into his five-year prison sentence. the olympic star known as the blade runner must spend the rest of his sentence under supervision at the house. last year a jury found pistorius guilty what if amounts to manslaughter in the shooting death of his girlfriend model reeva steenkamp. prosecutors are appealing the ruling, the verdict, saying pistorius should have been convicted of murder. his release brought mixed reaction from people in pretoria. >> celebrity, you get away with everything. if i killed my girlfriend i would be in jail for 25 years. >> how can you kill a person and be let go like that.
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>> under south african law an offender sentenced to five years or less in prison can be released after serving just a fraction of that time. it's 5:17. the cia is looking into whether a high school student hacked the personal e-mail of the agency's top spy. the hacker claims that he got into the director's account by fooling internet providers into revealing information for resetting the password. the hacker posted what appears to be names and e-mails of current and former intelligence officials. a privacy expert says it's reminder that nothing is sacred about e-mail. >> when you're typing into a key board no matter what you are typing, a love note to your lover, assume somebody else is looking over your shoulder. >> the cia says the hacker did not gain access to director brennan's government e-mail or top secret information.
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>> any shape, any size. if you own a drone or you are thinking about buying one, you'll have to register it just like you do your car. a government task force plans to create a national drone registry in the next month, the goal is to get the program started before the end of the holiday season when about one million drones are expected to be sold. incidents involving drones are on the rise which is putting pressure on officials to put these regulations in place. look at this video. training exercise for emergency responders in texas turned into a real swift water rescue. the trainees spot add boy struggling in the river. the child had been separated from the inner tube he was in and went under water. you can see one spotter jumped in to save him from the current. he got the boy to shore and reunited him with his parents. >> it's a lack of watt they're led to a historic sight hidden more than a decade. this morning we have new video from mexico showing a 16th
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century church that was once under water. you can see that the church is now appearing to be standing in the middle of what was once a lake. that's because of a drought there, the water dropped by 80 feet. historians believe the church was built centuries ago. this is the first time it's been visible since 2002. amtrak is upgrading its wi-fi service. the company says 90% of passengers will have access to free wi-fi by the end of next year. the company rolled out phase one of the plan yesterday for auto train riders who travel with cars. officials say it's part of an ongoing effort to enhance the passenger experience. >> let's see what your passenger or driving experience will be if you're heading out the door at 5:19. >> hopefully smooth though you may not have free wi-fi. jessica boyington is watching 476 for us. >> yes, the vine street expressway, we do our hand signals, sometimes they don't go over well.
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676. i wanted to give you an update. we had it closed eastbound between the schuylkill and broad street. back open. i wanted to check with the drive times. eastbound to 95 no problems, drive times under five minutes so that's a good thing. drive times the rest of the area, 95 southbound no problems from wood haven road to the vine street expressway, 13 minutes, 12 on the schuylkill, heading into the center city area, still watch out in quakertown, route 309 southbound at tollgate road we do have that accident active there. seems to be lightening up a bit with the delay but still word that it's closed southbound and they are diverting all traffic around tollgate road. the best bet to get around now old bethlehem pike that runs pair air leg parallel to the scene. 20 minutes after 5:00, you need a jacket but we're not experiencing the winter-like cold we had yesterday. a bit of a breeze blowing that's going to help warm temperatures
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during the day. 47 in philadelphia is 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. and the warming trend will continue a clear view from center city, the view from the comcast center. we'll see nothing but sunshine during the day. the temperatures, at this hour they are falling. low 40s now for pottstown and wrightstown, millville, though, was in the 20s at this hour yesterday. look at langhorne at 51, right in the middle 40s for warrington, quakertown drop zboed into the 30s. the rain is to the north. that's where it's going to stay. we'll stay dry, a pretty good warm-up today and warmer weather tomorrow. the hour by hour futurecast showing temperatures heading into the upper 60s this afternoon. 70 for lancaster, we could see 70 in philadelphia. it will be a warmer evening, last night the eagles game it was in the 40s. middle 50s by 11:00. this time tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the middle 40s. but tomorrow afternoon look at
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that, sunshine, the clouds pass to the north. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon our temperatures are in the 70s. even warmer on thursday. so a nice stretch of weather ahead starts the day mostly sunny skies, nice and mild, upper 60s and low 70s. tomorrow even warmer. dropping down to the 40s overnight, 74 the high for wednesday, and thursday up to 75. but that's where the warmth ends. a breezy chiller day friday. a cold start saturday morning. 38, 61 saturday afternoon. a chance we'll see showers on sunday, but becoming partly sunny for monday. >> yesterday and this morning's weather probably had you doing this, cranking up the thermostat. if you find yourself pinching pennies to pay your peco bill there is a way to save some cash that won't leave you out in the cold.
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>>. >> we have new details on a mega merger that would create one of the largest health insurance companies. good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right, health insurer aetna a step closer to completing its $37 billion deal for humana, shareholders have approved the proposed merger. both expect the deal to close in the second half of next year and if regulators okay it aetna will be the largest provider of medicare plans for the elderly, the companies hope joining will
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help them better compete as the government reins in health care spending. >> thanks. >> coming up after the break philadelphia police say that two men broke into this home we're zooming in on, they were called to find a woman outside struggling with two suspects. one of them had a hammer but what they found inside they tell us because much worse. >> plus, his face was once on this mural in our nation's capital. someone replaced with it kim jong-un. which actor has been etched out of this piece of art.
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breaking news in philadelphia, a family is attacked while they were sleeping inside their home in kensington, one of them was forced into a car with a suspect. >> and would you know what to do if there was an emergency at your child's school or day care? there is one thing that experts say parents need to know before leaving their child behind. we'll have that for you. >> what a difference a day makes, a live look outside, things starting to heat up again. we're tracking a warming trend in the first alert forecast. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. we're looking for a warm up but
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this morning you'll probably want the big coat before you step out. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with his coat on, not the big one. bill. >> this is, yes, this will do, you know. actually this is typical this time of year. this is typical october weather. yesterday we got a taste of december. right now the temperatures, well, they are falling at this hour, down to 39 in reading. 42 right now at pottstown. it's in the upper 40s for philadelphia, mount holly and millville yesterday was in the 20s. we're better this morning. we'll see a warm-up during the day. sunshine, 7:00, 47 degrees, by 10:00, 54. and then we are well into the 60s. that's 1:00 this afternoon with a lot more sunshine in store during the afternoon hours, so the warming trend continues later today. got your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. >> we're watching for an accident scene, a car versus tr


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