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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the victims' lives. >> it's chilly this morning, but a warm-up is on the way. and we're getting a warming trend. it's 46 degrees. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. this is why st. paul my favorite time of year. the day after a big eagles win. >> yes. >> and it's in the 70s, maybe low 70s today. a perfect fall day. right to meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> beats the cold yesterday. so cold to stafrmt 20s and 30s, much better this morning. this is what akd feels like. we will see lots of sunshine, right now the temperatures, they are looking chilly, 40 in pottstown, wrights down 40, it's 48 degrees at philadelphia international, chester county, west chester down to 38. phoenix industrial warmer at 44, coatesville has well, stopped reporting. they were at 39 degrees. but the entire area will see sunshine and a quick warm-up. view of center city, sunshine,
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47 degrees. chilly at 8:00. by 11:00 we'll be nearing the 60-degree mark. 66 degrees by 2:00. there is a pretty good chance we'll hit 70 degrees. in parts of the area. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your tuesday morning first alert traffic. >>en a update as well in quakertown on we've been following this accident for over an hour now. probably an hour and a half or so. on route 309 southbound where they are forcing all traffic right in this area off at tollgate road so. , for now we did have it closed most of the warning. got word one lane is getting by. you can see backup here headed southbound toward the accident scene. we have alternates for you if you don't want to sit in that backup. you can take that, a little bit of traffic in the tollgate area.
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updates on that to come of course. as for route 422 around trooper road, 9 minutes, starting to be slow to the schuylkill expressway. ongoing construction there, the trooper road off ramp. an ongoing project, 19th street south closed between vine street and the ben franklin parkway. follow the signs in the area. and they get to you. back to you. >> thank you. we're following breaking news of a home invasion in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police are trying to catch the second suspect in the attack that led to a kidnapping. katy, how did this start? >> reporter: philadelphia police tell me it began with two masked men early this morning breaking into this home we're zooming in on near allegheny and f streets. inside the men tied up two of the three people living here, using electrical cords and rope.
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the third person was forced to drive the suspect to a nearby atm wrn machine. they also threatened her with a knife and a hammer and forced her to drive back to her house. mats where dles arrived to find the suspects and the victim outside the home. they were getting into a physical altercation. pes were able to groob one, the other one fled. inside they found one of the victims in pretty bad shape. >> the 26-year-old female who was tied up and tied to a chair when police found her she still had a rope wrapped around her neck. she was hysterical. very upset. >> reporter: she was very upset, taken to temple hospital where i'm told she is in stable condition. the other tied up in the house, a man in his mid to late 30s, he had been punched in the case, stabbed in the chest and again, he was also tied to a bed post.
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you'll hear from police about why they believe this home invasion, robbery and kidnapping was premeditated. >> 6:04. more overnight violence, someone shot a man in the head killing him and philadelphia police found the man lying on eventh street in west oak lane. police do not have suspects or motive. >> a fifth-grader found dozens of bullets on the floor of his classroom last week. the school district says the student found 38 9 mm bullets under a desk. the student told the teach here called police. telling them to talk to their kids and secure any guns or ammunition in their homes. >> there is a bullet, there is a sun so if bullets are easy to
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access. there might be a condition it's easy to access. >> it's not clear where the bullets came from. >> a conviction in the market street building collapse trial is giving family some measure of closure. a jury convicted griffin campbell on six counts of involuntary man slater. it rejected third-degree murder charges. he described himself as the architect who oversaw the project. the prosecutors say he controlled the work side and lied about how the demolition was being done. >> an unusual and complicated case, we feel like the jury gave this case its ever attention and we're very satisfied. we think justice was done on this case with this verdict. >> in 2013 a building collapsed onto the salvation army thrift
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store killing knicks people. the family of 3-year-old brendan creato is finalizing plans as investigators search for clues. he was found in the woods last week hours after he was reported missing. a private service for brendan is scheduled for thursday at collingswood. investigators seked the river not far from where brendan was discovered but did not find any new evidence. >> police are looking for a second suspect in the deadly home invasion in dover kent county. the first suspect is in jail after turning himself in to police on sunday. police say two intruders entered a home, the day before and shot two men inside. on this of those men died. the otherer chased the suspects. a woman with the suspects was also killed. that second suspect saline shabazz is still on the run. >> if il fill police have not
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found the man caught on sloont. police just released this video why we're showing it to you, it shows a guy kicking in the door of the church on south 56th street. went to get inside he take as tv, then he comes backs about two minutes later, takes another flat screen. if you recognize him call police. >> gridlock leaving the eagles game. perhaps you were in this. look at the stand still on northbound 95. the drivers sat nearly two hours before things got cleared up. video from one of our traffic cameras show the mess. the medic took the drive tear hahnemann hot. that person's condition. some photos of the backup and the crash scene sent by a philadelphia police officer through twitter. you can see the impact that the
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closed northbound games giving plans time to digest the victory. all mains are back open this morning. also new a poll finds people in joyj are giving a thumbs down to a proposed increase in the gasoline tax. six in ten are against raising the gas tack even if the extra money is used to improve their roads. about the same number who don't like the candidate of racing the gas tax in exchange for a cut in estate taxes. it would cost the average driver $180 a year. >> we took a vote yesterday and everybody voted to raise the temperature so today there are going higher after a chilly start in the 40s but not seeing the 20s that so much of the area enjoyed yesterday. a beautiful day ahead, a big warm-up. a trend that's going to continue
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into later this week. right now you still need a jacket. 48 for millville and for philadelphia and we'll see bright sunshine. just over an hour from sun rise. clear view. no blouds, no rain and a nice breeze making for a warmer start. 12 degrees warmer in philadelphia. wilmington is up 14 but mill yil the poconos up by 22. a much nicer start, typical awe tem day with clouds to the north this is where we'll find rain during the day. you'll sew see scattered clouds at times but into the 60s this afternoon for mount pocono. and close to 70 for reading and allentown. what a turnaround for doylestown, mount holly, 60s to near 70 this afternoon. nothing but sunshine for atlantic city and dover. a warm-up, 70 today, 67 in
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westchester and swedesboro 68. i'll show you how long this is going to last when i am back in 10 minutes. >> family to the game, they were giants fans. i got a nephew that play for the giants. they were barely getting in this morning as i was leaving for work. >> let's check traffic now on the way to work. jessica boyington has that. she is looking at the pennsylvania turnpike. >> 95 is clear. we don't have tailgaters driving home. we'll check drive times, everything so far in the green which is good maybe because of the eagles. you like korean. i don't know. trying to do something with that. 22 minutes at the trip. the northeast extension watch for construction. we have a roaming maintenance vehicle there between lansdale
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and quakertown. also on route 309 southbound watch for that accident. so it's right in this area here. not a huge backup just because now they have the lane getting by and lot a lot of traffic in the area. you'll be find moving through. we're on 76 here because it's in new jersey. no problems if you're heading into south jersey tor philadelphia area. >> 11 minutes past 6:00. one time hero, oscar pistorius is out of prison. not exactly free. and dave, after being found unconscious, lamar odom is leaving fay gas and who is still at his side.
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about 6:15. oscar pistorius the olympic runner who shot and killed his girlfriend is out of prison and under house arrest. last year a jury found pistorius guilty of what amounts to manslaughter in that country. in the shooting death of model reeva steenkamp. prison officials released pistorius about a year into his five-year sentence, he is now at his uncle's mansion. here is some reaction. >> he gets away with everything. if i killed somebody, if i killed my girlfriend i wouldble in jail 25 years. >> how can you kill a person and be let go like that. >> i don't think it was a violation. >> prosecutors say pistorius committed murder and they are asking south africa's supreme court to give him 15 years in prison. former nba star la mor odom is transferring to a los angeles hospital to continue treatment
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after being found unresponsive at a legal brothel. he regained consciousness on friday. sources close tell e news he was taken off life support this weekend and is breathing on his own. doctors say he is able to move his arms and legs but will need lot of rehab. >> the courts will handle a second lawsuit in connection with that cargo ship that sank. a widow of a crew member aboard file add wrongful death suit. that development came as the navy vessel left to search for the ship. the ship is taking equipment and investigators to try to find the ship and retrieve its data recorder. it was on is its regular run when it lost power and vanished. 33 crew members were on board. >> beginning next fall villanova university will establish a campus police department. 19 officers will be trained to carry weapons, this after a two-year security assessment, drexel, temple and the
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university of pennsylvania with armed police officers on their campuses. a new survey finds many parents dond know how to find the emergency plan. nearly 40% of parents said there had been an emergency situation at their child's preschool over two years only 37% knew if a plan existed. many centers may be prepare forward these situations but emergency plans don't work well if the parents aren't aware of them. fill till school children in k-12 will have free access to google apps for education. students and teachers will use the tools to share home work. google apps are secure and private. >> the texas teen who gained national attention after a teacher mistook a clock for a bomb attended a special event at the white house. president obama made good on his
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invite, the 14-year-old, he was one of more than 100 guests invited to stargaze for astronomy might. all cameras were on him. asked whether he wanted to bring his clock to the white house. >> we were mentioning after the game 95, then it cleared out. let's see what it is now. >> it's 6:18 so let's check in to see what 95 looks like. >> like clock work. it's you know, an and off all morning and as we see behind me starting to be in the yellow. typically 12 minutes south to the vid street expressway. we're looking at girard avenue where a disabled vehicle. the southbound lanes taking out the right-hand lane right now. so approaching that scene we're starting to see some delays but we're use as to that.
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we'll fly through right now, see if everything is moving along. that's good news. 15 minutes. the blue route to the vine street expressway. a heads up heading out the door later on this evening, or heading om home. also dealing with the philadelphia flyers versus the dallas stars. so expect volume at that time. >> 6:19 and we're now less than an hour away from sunrise. we're starting to see the skies brighten up a bit. you can see some scattered thin clouds, right overner city. this is a view from here at the nbc 10 studios. 48 in philadelphia. the wind is at 10 miles an hour, that is really going to help boost hour temperatures from 40s into the upper 60s, possibly 70 degrees. this is a view from the marquis
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de lafayette hotel in cape map. plenty of sunshine and you'll see nothing on the radar, not today, the weekend that's a different story. today, hour by hour forecast shows a warm-up. 4:00, 68 in philadelphia. we could hit 70 later today. so a nice turn around after yesterday's chill. upper 60s and owe judges, thanks in part to the southwest wind. the warming trend continues tomorrow. after a morning low a beautiful day ahead for thursday. chillier on friday. we'll see sunshine 60 the high, the cold arrives saturday morning down to 38 degrees. then clouds arrive sunday with a chance of showers drying out and cooler monday. >> bill, thanks. it's 20 minutes past 6:00. the city of brotherly love is showing its colors to a boy wandering around.
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happening today former first daughter chelsea clinton will be in philadelphia today for the visit not linked to her mother's presidential campaign. chelsea clinton will be in town to promote her book "it's your world get informed. get going. she will speak with students and then meet with kids at a middle school. >> good morning everyone. jessica boyington with your traffic. we're looking live now at wood hafben road around academy road.
6:25 am
no problems there. we'll have updates at 309 and 422 when i come back at 6:30. now a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> 47 degrees at 6:25. and we will see sunshine. that's the view from the comcast center in center city. clear skies and it's a chilly morning but it's not the cold that we felt yesterday. the temperatures are well above yesterday's levels, right now in philadelphia we are seeing readings of 12 degrees warmer than yesterday, up by 20 in millville, and look at mount pocono, 22 degrees warmer. >> we're live in kensington this morning at the site of a home invasion. katy zachry has been at the scene getting new details from police. >> reporter: hi, vai. detectives tell me a scary scene played out inside this kensington home. a family inside was woken up overnight by masked intruders.
6:26 am
some of the family was tied up inside, another member was kidnapped. i'll break it down for you after the break. >> the eagles get a ranking no one can be mad about. we'll check out the game highs and lows ahead. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself.
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a woman screaming may be what saved her and two other victims' lives in a home invasion. we're following this breaking news live in philadelphia kensington neighborhood. >> the good, the bad, the sloppy, doesn't matter how you describe the eagles game against the giants, a win is a win. >> here is a live look outside. speaking of wins, a chill in the air but by this afternoon we'll get a warm-up and get your first
6:30 am
alert forecast hour by hour coming up. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. that was extraordinary. right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. 47 degrees out. it's a chilly start. >> it is but it's going to be one in the win column today and we expect to fly the "w" for several days with more nice weather to come. 47 now, you still need a jacket. 48 in the till fill. pottstown down to 40, a couple of spots in the 30s but we're on the way to a quick warm-up. from the 40s at 8:00 to upper 50s a it 11:00. and then it's well in the 60s this afternoon. 2:00 today, 66 degrees and with the southwest winds blowing the temperatures go higher. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back. jessica boyington right now tracking your first alert traffic. >> we're starting things off on 422, starting to see delays and this is out of the ordinary for this time of morning. route 422 at trooper road, right in here the eastbound lanes we're seeing a 12-minute drive
6:31 am
time to the schuylkill expressway. typically about a seven-minute trip so we're adding on some time here. and watch for an accident on 422 eastbound at the eastbound side in the right shoulder. 309 we have one lane getting by southbound right around tollgate road and starting to see yellow throughout the area, again though traffic is moving through you can take old bethlehem pike. you'll be fine moving on through. for the drive times and the rest of our area, 95 southbound and the schuylkill expressway really starting to slow down heading into the center city area. no problems on the blue route from the schuylkill to 95 we're still at 15 minutes. >> following breaking news of a home invasion. a woman screams, neighbors actions and the fast response of police may have saved the lives of three people. katy is live in kensington. how did this start, walk us through this.
6:32 am
>> reporter: during and after this home invasion. police say it began with overnight two men broke into this home we're zooming in on. inside they tied up a man and woman inside. a third person in the house was forced at knife point to drive the two to a nearby atm machine. she was told to drive them back to the house. once they got back out here the woman started screaming at her attackers. police arrived in time to catch one of the suspects. the other fled. inside the house officers went in and found one of the tied up victims stabbed. the other was not as badly injured. they believe the suspects plans this violent attack. >> the fact both were wearing masks or one had a t shirt covering the face and both had gloves or socks, they didn't
6:33 am
want to leave fingerprints behind. >> reporter: despite that investigators spent the morning inside that home dusting for possible prints. investigators tell me all three victims here at the scene positively identified the one suspect that police were able to catch here. they positively identified him, they say they do not know him. police say he is a 28-year-old man from philadelphia, his accomplice is still on the loose. we want to updateow on the breaking news in new york city. a massive building fire in the chelsea neighborhood. here is a live picture from our station there. this is under control now. just smoke, earlier huge flames coming from the top floor. this is an apartment building under construction. they were renovating these to make luxury condos in this building went for some rein it
6:34 am
caught fire. they don't know whatp caused the fire but prompted evacuations. they were actually afraid at one point that this building may collapse because of the intensity of the flames. now they have the situation under control. again, neighboring buildings, apartment buildings, have been evacuated. those people not allowed to return home. streets around 17th street in chelsea if you are familiar are closed but there are some great photos on instagram. it was a credit for firefighters. they is you nou have this under control still investigating a cause. >> a local family saying thanks for the outpouring of support since an unfortunate incident told the world that they were homeless. nbc 10 was there as chosen 300 ministries provided dinner to michael jones and his family.
6:35 am
they were thrust into the spotlight after their son was found walking alone. the family had no place to live. the toddler just simply wandered away. the story inspired offers of help and chosen 300 raised $12,000 to provide the family with a year of housing. >> i would have never thought there was people out here that would sit there and help us, or organizations that were throughout to help us. >> the family will be staying in a hotel for a week before moving into permanent housing. >> 150 elementary schoolers get a chance to ask the mayoral candidates some touch questions. fourth and fifth grade students will feet during today's consideration with the candidates event. the debate at temple last night, kenney repeated support for exspanding the port to create blue collar jobs, bailey
6:36 am
runs the port contributed to kenney's campaign. >> the keegles are waking up finding themselves in first place. thanks to a victory over the giants. the birds spotted the giants aed is a touchdown. the defense took over. carroll on a pick 6. then demarco murray goes right side. that touchdown there puts the game out of reach. the birds blasted the g-men, 27-7. >> going into this they'd only given up short amount of sacks and only turned the ball over, not very much either. for us to come up with no one's kick was big. >> they did a good job, started getting pressure. we didn't run the ball as well. eagles and the fipts 3-3 on the
6:37 am
season but the 1/3 victory last night gives them the division win. next up more prime time exposure this time on nbc sunday night football. the birds visit the undefeated panthers, kickoff at 8:30 sunday night. great as the win was, this is better. high school in bucks county is continuing its royal celebration. >> the crowning of their homecoming queen and king. central bucks to nick and lily. nick's sister captured it on video. i won! moving students to join innen the favorite chant. the seniors have down syndrome. they say they were surprised by the honor. >> i was happy at first. and nervous and excited. >> i wasn't now because people
6:38 am
vote forward me and people love me. >> the announcement of the new king and questionnaire brought some of their classmates to tears. congratulations to both of them. >> >> 22 minutes before 7:00. closer to sun rise. we are in the clear today. is a chilly morning but a beautiful afternoon ahead. near 70 degrees, much warmer than yesterday and a warming trend that's going to continue right on into the latter part of the work week. 44 right now, a few scattered clouds, no rain associated with clouds. philadelphia, 48 degrees and cape may at this time yesterday was in the 30s, now 50. look at this beautiful view. sunshine will be bright. barely a cloud in the sky.
6:39 am
you'll see cloudiness to the north but you'll notice a nice breeze. a southwest wind already with us at 10 miles an hour, stronger in the oklahoma mountains. a warming win for us will we'll see that. nothing more than cloudiness, thicker to the north, the rain associated with that will stay well to our north. so a dry and warmer day. 67 for camel back. 68 and morgantown. look at the 70s, new hope and getting close to 70 for millville, milford and smern ar. sunshine from the city to the shore and the mountains, 70 for philadelphia. wilmington, all in the upper 60s. but things change in a wag bay this weekend. the details when i'm back. >> in 20 minutes it will be
6:40 am
7:00. >> another delay but how severe. jessica boyington is watching that. >> we can't win on 95. it's always an issue but we're here to help you out with that on 95 around cottman avenue. southbound side starting to bam up and a lot for now. 34 minutes so we're way in the red. somebody to the vine street expressway. word up ahead of this season around the fine street eparkway. 422, we'll fly through there. we're seeing delays on the eastbound side and that's not typical for this time of the morning. 29 to the schoogle expressway. watch or an accident season there. mass transit doing yet. when i come back in the next 10 minutes another check on traffic. >> we'll see you then.
6:41 am
the race for the white house could be heating up on the democratic side. we'll tell you how soon vice president joe biden is expected to make his decision about whether to run. >> the empire strikes again, fans of a galaxy far, far away got a peek at the upcoming star wars movie.
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>> about quart tear 7. take a look at this. someone stuck a sticker of north korean leader kim joung yoon on a mural of bill cosby in washington, d.c. it didn't stay long. a friend of the artist says he removed the sticker late
6:45 am
yesterday. he says regardless of the accusations against cosby he remains a very respected man. decision 2016. donald trump is enjoying his highest level of support since getting into the race. according to a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, 25% of republican primary voters support the real estate mogul while ben carson was second. last night trump talked about his numbers at a campaign event. >> we're number one position and you have a lot of people that are not doing well in that poll. you have a lot of zeros. zero. zero. zero. >> we learned yesterday that trump and car son campaigns requested secret service protection. a committee will determine if that will happen. >> another runner-up with the democrats could come from vice president joe biden nearing a decision whether he will enter the presidential race.
6:46 am
sources tell nbc news that could come by tomorrow. here is a hint about biden. brendan boyle of pennsylvania tweeted this. i have a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for prez. we reached out to boyle's spokesperson but haven't heard back. >> the cia is looking into whether a high school student hacked the top spy. the hacker claims he got into brennan's account. the hacker posted on twitter what appears to be names and e-mails of current and former intelligence officials. a privacy expert says it's reminder that nothing is sacred about e-mail. >> give people this advice all the time. you're typing into a key board no matter what you're typing, a love note to your lover, assume somebody else is probably looking over your shoulder. >> the cia says the hacker did not gain acset to the director's
6:47 am
government e-mail or secret information. >> two people charged in the death of a toddler have a court hearing. the body of the child now identified as bella bond was found on a beach in massachusetts in june. the mother and her boyfriend were arrested last month and are set to appear in court. the state of hot. is halting executions until 2017 because it captain find enough lethal drugs. ohio ran out of supplies of its previous drugs and hasn't been able to get new shipments from overseas. >> a medical examiner says a doctor with ties to south jersey died of an overdose in a manhattan apartment. the report shows kiersten cerveny overdosed on cocaine and alcohol. she was from gloucester county and worked as a dermatologist in
6:48 am
new york. police questioned two men but neither is expected to face charges. 6:47 nouf. open enrollment under the affordable care act starts next month. upgrades to the website may not be finished by then. two of them will improve your search for a doctor and tell you if your health plan covers prescription drugs. the upgreat will launch when it's determined that data provided is accurate. open enroll nm from november 1 to january 31. if you own a drone or thinking about buying one you'll have to register it like a car. a government task force to create a registry, the goal to get it started before the holiday season when one million drones are expected to be sold. there is pressure on officials to put regulations in place. >> southern california is bracing for one of the strongest el ninos in years, forecasters
6:49 am
say 18 years to be precise, they say the los angeles area could get up to 200% more rainfall than average. el nino occurs when the eastern pacific ocean is unusually warm, enough to change weather patterns. got a tas with flash floods and mudslides. and storm proof homes and businesses. the historic find hidden more than a decade. this morning we have new video from mexico showing a 16 century church. you can see it appearing in the middle of what was once a lake. that's because a drought that dropped water levels by 80 feet. historians think it was built to spanish holennists, this is the first time it was been available since 2002. kau now go on line to buy advance tickets for the star star wars movie. >> websites crashed last night.
6:50 am
>> why did they crash, because everybody saw this. the second full length star wars trailer debut during the halftime last night. a pair of shorter teaser trailers were posted earlier but this was long. the seventh star wars movie, the force awakens premiers december 18. that was very good, vai. they need a backup voice, we've got help for you. we've got a nicer day ahead. lots of sunshine. we've saw plenty of sunshine but it stayed billy. this is a live view from the cast center. a few scattered clouds. no sign of rain. 48 in philadelphia. 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time.
6:51 am
pocono mountains, making snow yesterday. not today. temperatures are warmer, in fact, 22 degrees warmer. it's still a chilly stafrmt the city, 47 degrees but we'll see sunshine. for now none of this. the rain to the north is going to stay to the north while we enjoy sunshine that's weakened though it's a different story. we could see wet weather coming through on sunday. for today you need your sunglasses. this afternoon so comfortable with winds out of the southwest at 15 miles an hour. if that's not warm enough check this out. tomorrow 75 after a low of 48. let's goo it again on thursday, 75 after morning low of 50. then cooler but we'll see lots of sunshine. a high of 66. on friday the cold arrives saturday morning when the numbers drop into the 30s.
6:52 am
we'll get rain showers, and drying out monday with a high of 60 degrees. >> 8 minutes before 7:00. let's check the ride to work. >> check in with jessica i saw working last night's game. here she is early this morning. >> here i am. i need a nap. it's okay, we had fun. we got a win out of it. so we're all okay. but we're not so far. everything is starting to pile up so pay attention. on the p.a. turnpike. two lanes are blocked there. so if you're on 95. we're approaching an accident seend an through the work zone. our drive times. this is flip-flopping. a lot of backup south through the vine street expressway. big increase there. for the accident on route 309,
6:53 am
southbound around tollgate road still one lane getting by. your best bet take old bethlehem pike. you'll be fine. one more check on traffic in the next five minutes or so. >> following breaking news in kensington, plons the scene after home invasion. katy is live in kengs on the with the latest. >> a philadelphia couple is tied up by their neck and hands to bedroom furniture while another family member is kidnapped. coming up i'll explain how police are one step closer to solving this crime. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living
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their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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>> reporter: i'm katy zachry live in kensington. overnight a violent home invasion and kidnapping played out inside this home off allegheny avenue. minutes ago two of the three victims returned home after this violent home invasion, according to police two men with their faces and hands covered broke into the house, they tied up two of the people inside, stabbing one of them. while he was tied to the bed. another person in the home was forced to drive the suspect to an atm machine for cash. when they got back to the house the victim started screaming, neighbors called police and officers got here fast enough to catch and arrest one of the suspects. the second all in dark clothing we're told ran north, he has not been seen since. i did av a quick conversation with two of the victims.
6:58 am
we'll have much more on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. a lot going on now as we are in the heart of rush hour. watch out for a car fire, an accident on the p.a. turnpike eastbound around willow grove with two lanes blocked. 95, our cameras trying to look at around the betsy ross bridge, 33 minute drive time that's heavy for this time. southbound from wood haven to the vine street, it's about a 12 minute trip. you can see the delay southbound and all of the cars a bring of brake lights. also earlier disabled truck we haven't been able to recover from. route 309 south that's happening here you can see some read on the southbound lanes. exiting all traffic off around toll gate road. if you want to avoid delay, runs
6:59 am
pair atell to the scene and we want to set you up, watch out, for stadium traffic. you have flyers versus the dallas stars. >> chill is in the air. look at that, a few scattered in this clouds. a great night for football last night but it's going to be warmer during the day today. in fact, we're seeing much warmer conditions, 14 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. in philadelphia. 49 degrees right now, and the wind is going to help boost our temperatures to near 70 degrees. that means there's chilly spots. chester county down to 38 and westchester and 44 in phoenixville, that's a warm-up. coatesville 41. it's not going to take long with bright sunshine for the temperatures to climb. sunshine and the wind at 14 miles an hour. we'll be in the low 70s.
7:00 am
>> nice. thank you. the "today" show is up next. good morning. indecision 2016. the pressure on vice president joe biden intense to make his choice known. do democrats want him in the race? the surprising numbers from our new poll just out this morning. hacked. the fbi and secret service investigating cyber attacks against the cia director and the secretary of homeland security and the hearing claims to be a high school student who has already picked his next target. arrested but not sorry. the driver accused of swerving into a motorcycle causing it to crash now charged with aggravated assault, but will he apologize to the bike their he hit? >> to him no because he was doing something illegal. >> this morning


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