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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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kenney. >> they got what they wanted. >>. at 11:00 we are hearing from one of the victims of a frightening home invasion robbery. i'm vai sikahema, they were tied up and terrorized but some quick actions may have saved the victims. katy zachry is live in the nbc 10 digital operations center. katy, you spoke to this couple. >> reporter: i did, vai, and they are shaken and injured but lucky enough to be at home at this hour. i spoke after they were released from the hospital about the nightmare they woke up to. still in his hospital clothes, this man had little energy to
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talk about the terrifying ordeal that he, his girl different and their friend woke up to overnight. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: do you know them? do you know why you were targeted? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: philadelphia police say the pair of intruders had their faces and hands covered so not to leave fingerprints. they reportedly woke up everyone inside the house, tied this man and the visiting friend to a bed and chair at knife point. >> he got stabbed in the hands a little bit. a lot of blood. >> reporter: then demanded this woman drive them to an atm machine. what were you saying to them? >> i didn't say anything, i gave them what they wanted. they told us they were going to kill us after they got what they wanted. >> reporter: she got them all the cash she could, $100. as she was driving the men back to her home off of allegheny avenue, her friend had broken free. >> she ran down the street, she was banging on everybody's doors and some people wouldn't open their doors to help us. >> reporter: enough neighbors heard the screams. when police arrived they saw the two suspects struggling with this woman on the sidewalk.
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they had a hammer in hand. officers chased down the guy with the hammer, he was arrested, while his accomplice ran off. now, investigators gave the three victims a good look at the guy they arrested. he's 28 years old from philadelphia. they tell me they don't recognize him and they have no idea why they were targeted. live in the digital operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thank you. more overnight violence. someone shot a man in the head, killing him. philadelphia police found a man lying on 11th street and east oak lane. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. police don't have suspects or a motive at this time. yesterday we experienced unseasonably cold temperatures and now we're heading toward unseasonably warm conditions. how warm will it get, though? nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glen, 55. how warm is it going to get? >> that's already warmer than it
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was yesterday so we're definitely going to be getting well into the 60s and maybe even near 70 today and then it goes up from there. a lot of sunshine at the shore. some parts of the shore up to 60 degrees. we have more clouds farther inland. it's 58 in philadelphia. 59 in northeast philly. 60 degrees at atlantic city international. some clouds from the northwest but the only showers are way up in central new york state. they're not moving so i expect it to stay dry and just a mix of sun and clouds during the day. temperatures getting into the upper 60s to near 70 degrees this afternoon and then we get even warmer. we'll see how warm we'll get and how long we'll stay that way with the seven day in just a few minutes. >> see you then, glen. a popular mainline chinese
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restaurant closed for health reasons is reopened today. yang ming was shut down for a roach infestation. citations included failure to control insects and rodents and keeping food in unsanitary conditions. yang ming apologized to its customers on facebook in august, promising to renovate the site. new video into nbc 10 shows two suspects wanted for shooting an atm at a restaurant in port richmo richmond. police say an employee at ming river restaurant on east cambria street heard three gunshots, saw two men firing at the machine. they didn't get any money and they took off. if you can recognize the suspects, you're asked to call philadelphia police. a philadelphia fifth grader found dozens of bullets on the floor of his classroom. this happened last week at james rhodes elementary school in west philadelphia. the school district says the student found 389 millimeter
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bullets under a desk. the student told a teacher who called police. the school sent a letter home to parents the same day telling them to talk to their kids and secure any guns or ammunition inside their homes. >> there is a bullet there is a gun. so if bullets are easy to access it may be a gun that is easy to access. it's not clear where the bullets came from but a school spokesperson says students have brought guns to school in the past to show off to their friends. philadelphia school students got the chance to grill the two candidates for mayor about issues important to them. the rendell center for civics hosted a forum for fourth and fifth graders. former governor ed rendell joined democrat jim kenney and republican melissa murray bailey. the rendell center has developed a lesson plan called "a kid's guide to becoming mayor."
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candidates debated at temple university last night. he repeated his port for expanding the port of philadelphia to create but collar jobs. bailey responded by saying the company that runs the ports, packer avenue marine terminal contributed to kenney's campaign. the candidates' third and final debate is set for friday. new information on the case of a four-year-old philadelphia boy killed in a hit-and-run crash in april. the suspect, shaneka mason, had a preliminary hearing today. authorities say she was the driver that killed four-year-old abdullah tv wi latif mason. yesterday a jury convicted contractor griffin campbell on six counts of involuntary manslaughter. they rejected third degree murder charges. campbell described himself as the scape boat for the architect who oversaw the demolition who saw the project. prosecutors say he controlled the work site and lied after the
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collapse about how the demolition was being done. >> an unusual and complicated and lengthy case. we feel like the jury gave this case every attention and justice was done. a demolition on market street and center city collapsed on to a salvation army thrift score killing six people. the family of brendan creato is finalizing burial plans. he was found last week hours after he was reported missing. a private service is scheduled for thursday at kblak doyle funeral home in kohl lynx wood. investigators checked the cooper river not far from where brendan was discovered but they say they didn't find any evidence. beginning next fall, villanova university will establish a campus police department. 19 officers will be trained to carry weapons.
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this comes after a two-year security assessment. drexel, temple and the university of pennsylvania have armed police officers on their campus. and happening today, we'll get our first glimpse at the results of a controversial standardized test in new jersey. the state's department of education will reveal the percentage of student who met grade level expectations on the park exam. individual results won't be released until november. teacher groups and parents have questioned whether the park scores are a valid measurement of student success? the classroom. and a local family is saying thanks for the outpouring of support they received since an unfortunate incident let the world know they were homeless. chosen 300 ministries provided by dinner to michael jones and his family last night. they were thrust into the spotlight after their two-year-old son was found walking alone in love park this weekend. turns out the family had no place to live so they spent the
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night there and the odder will walked away. the story inspired offers of hope and chosen 300 ministries has raised enough funds to provide the families with a year of house. >> i would never have thought that there was people throughout that would randomly sit there and help us or organizations to help us. >> the family will stay in a hotel for a week before moving into permanent housing. lincoln financial field is quiet this morning but it was a lot different about 12 hours ago as fans were cheering an eagles victory over the new york giants. that victory propel it had eagles into first place in the nfc east. a couple weeks ago some fans were wondering if the birds could salvage their season after a 1-3 start. after the birds spotted the giant at touchdown, sam bradford went to work, riley cooper ties it up then the defense took over. nolan carroll, the pick six and demarco murray, his best game as
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an eagle sweeps right, gets a touchdown. the birds blasted the g-men 27-7. >> going into this they'd only given up a short amount of sacks and only turned the ball over not very much so for us to come up with nolan's pick was big. >> they started getting pressure and they got us off the field on third downs. >> the eagles and giants are 3-3 on the season but the birds' head-to-head victory gives them the divisional lead. next up for the eagles, more prime time exposure this time on nbc's "sunday night football." the birds visit cam newton and the undefeated carolina panthers. kickoff at 8:30 sunday night. a dramatic rescue in rushing water. what was supposed to be practice turned very real for some first responders and it was all caught
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on camera. more of this video. we'll have that comeing up. and police say a man tries to illegally sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of paintings and wait until you hear how he got his hands on these works of art. we're seeing a big temperature jump from yesterday morning. how much warmer will it get? i'll show you ahead in my seven-day forecast.
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this is a live picture from cape creek, arizona, in the phoenix suburbs, maybe 10 or 15 miles east of phoenix and what is going on here is a water rescue that you're looking at. vehicles trapped in this swollen river and we're looking at these pictures as you are and it appears they're trying to get somebody out of that vehicle that is trapped in it and will continue to monitor it and keep our eye on it for you. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. a real swift water rescue. a child became separated from an inner tube he was riding in and went under the water.
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there he is as you can see. >> one responder jumped in to save him from the strong currents, got the boy safely to shore and reunited him with his parents. good thing. the u.n. secretary general is visiting jerusalem and calling for calm after escalating violence in that region. palestinians face tight security in jerusalem as well as the west bank where drivers are passing through roadblocks and israeli security stop cars and check them. palestinian officials condemn the security measures as collective punishment. the israeli military demolished the home of a palestinian man who killed an israeli woman last year. authorities say the man rammed his car into the 25-year-old woman and then stabbed her several times. he was later shot and killed. it's one of the recent steps israel has taken to counter a wave of attacks that have killed nine israelis in the past month. israeli prime minister netanyahu has accused palestinian president mahmoud abbas of inciting violence and
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irresponsible behave glor the region. >> the other day i said i welcome every drop of blood spilled in jerusalem. these are the words of a moderate? he glorifies these killers. he hasn't condemned a single one ever to 30 terrorist attacks on israelis over the last month. >> at least 41 palestinians have also been killed. netanyahu spoke hours before the u.n. secretary general's visit to israel and palestinian territories in an effort to bring an end to the month-long wave of deadly violence that hit the region. and new information about a motorcycle crash in texas that was caught on camera. the driver of the car who ran two people off the road has been charged. 68-year-old william crumb says the crash wasn't intentional and the motorcycle driver admit he is illegally crossed the double yellow line but believes the crash was no accident. because crumb did seem to be apoll j
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apoll -- apologetic afterwards. the motorcycle driver's girlfriend was seriously injured in the crash. police are investigating an unusual case of art theft in san francisco. they say a man squatteding in a million dollar mansion attempted to steal $300,000 in pricey paintings from the property. authorities say a real estate agent found the 39-year-old inside the home on sunday. police say the man had already sold 11 pieces of art through social media and at pawnshops. the mansion apparently hasn't been occupied for years. it's the number one killer of student athletes. sudden cardiac arrest. and a local organization is raising awareness about the issue as it carries out a mission to save young lives. the organization is called can "simon's fund" and we are joined by co-founder darren sudman. he lost his son to khark ycardi
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arrest when he was just three months old. tell us about simon and the loss that led to his effort. >> i don't have many memories of simon because he was three months old when he passed away e. he was born seemingly healthy, did well on his tests. smiled when he was 47 days old and died at 96 days old while he was taking a nap. fortunately our pediatrician told us to get our hearts checked and through that my wife discovered a heart condition that's attributed to 15% of sids deaths. so as a result of that and hearing about other stories of kids who drop dead while they're playing sports, we realize sudden cardiac arrest wasn't just an adult thing and we wanted to do something about that to raise awareness. >> what ed would you want people to know about sudden cardiac arrest, darren, and what you're doing to help prevent future deaths for people. >> there are warning signs. the number one is fainting during or right after exercise. shortness of breath, unexplained
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fatigue and a racing heart. so there's things they can look out for. also a family member under the age of 50 has died suddenly, that should trigger a conversation with a pediatrician or cardiologist. >> did i read your wife was diagnosed and she didn't know she had it, after simon's death? >> correct. >> so she had this. >> she has the condition that is an arrhythmia. it's one of about ten conditions that can cause kids to drop dead. >> tell us about the 5k run. >> it's our third annual simon says run. we planned it around simon's birthday. his 11th birthday would be tomorrow and we welcomed hundreds of families that come out, have a good time, they run, they walk and we also have created a relay race called the chain of survival relay where participants incorporate the tasks required to save somebody's life from sudden
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cardiac arrest. >> we appreciate the fact that you've turned a tragedy into something good and worthwhile. once again, the info here, simon says run, a 5k for kids' heart is sunday at 230 flourtown road. on site registration begins at 7:30 and the race kicks off at 9:00. we've posted more information on and on our mobile app. thank you for coming. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. good luck. is. >> we've had an unseasonably cold couple days but things are changing. we have a big warmup that's already under way. a fairly dry stretch. today will be the 11th straight day without any measurable rain and we'll have the latest on the fall foliage as it gets brighter. the sky is not quite as blue as it was yesterday.
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the wind is 15 miles an hour out of the west-southwest and we're 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. you add 13 to the 55 and that means 68 for the high today. we're going for around 70. 74 tomorrow and 77 on thursday. these are low temperatures. kind of low but not nearly as low as the previous morning. 38 in reading. 44 in mount holly, 47 in millville. millville was in the 30s the previous night. right now we have the west/southwest wind warming us up into the 50s. 61 reported at blue bell. 57 in washington township. 59 in rightstown. yesterday morning trent onset a record with a 27-degree low and
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today we'll be close to 70 there. we continue to see near 60 degrees at the shore. there's the patch of clouds but it's dry, showers up in new york state not moving this way and there isn't anything else that southwest wind warming things up. temperatures getting up near 70 in much of the area, especially to the north and west. then tonight with the southwest wind it won't cool off as much as it did last night. tomorrow it will warm up even more than today. we may have a bit of a wind shift briefly from the northwest but look at temperatures getting well into the '70s. so the cool air that's been around, that's leaving. a milder air through thursday but then another shot of cooler
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air that won't last, either. sew for today some clouds out there but not expecting any kind of rain. a mix of sun and clouds will be much warmer than yesterday. 74 degrees tomorrow. just a beautiful day, warm for this time of the year. the average high is 66 another nice warm day on thursday. then we drop significantly on friday. not anything like the last couple days. cold start to the weekend but temperatures start going up and a slight chance of showers on sunday or monday. >> thank you, glenn. we have new information that skrould you take a closer look at your arm. we'll explain. and vice president joe biden is said to be approaching a decision but to democratic voters want him to run for president?
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the results of a new poll may surprise you.
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take a look at your arm. the number of moles that you have on it could predict your risk of melanoma. british researchers compared skin cancer risks to mole counts on 17 parts of the body. they found the number of holes on the right arm was most accurate in predicting the total number on the body. women with more than 11 holes on their right are arm are more likely to have at least 100
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total moles and have a higher risk of melanoma. it's been an eyesore, a house floating in the bay. we have an update on a home that's literally underwater. and what happened at one high school's home coming is touching a lot of people. why the choice for king and queen has gone viral.
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>> they told us that they were going to kill us after they got what they wanted. right now at 11:00, victims have a frightening story to tell after they're tied up during an overnight home i vision. philadelphia police say a couple in kingsi ikensington are reliee home right now. katy zachry has the story. >> reporter: i spoke to two of the victims as they returned home from the hospital.
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they described what happened inside their house as terrifying. they say the two masked men who broke in here said they were going to kill them. sir, how are you doing? still in his hospital clothe, this man has little energy to talk about the terrifying ordeal that he, his girlfriend and their friend woke up to overnight. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: do you know them? do you know why you were targeted? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: philadelphia police say the pair of intruders had their faces and hands covered so not to leave fingerprints. that i reportedly woke up everyone inside the house, tied this man and the visiting friend to a bed and chair at knife point. >> he got stabbed in the hands a little bit, a lot of blood. >> reporter: then demanded this woman drive them to an atm machine. what were you saying to them? >> i didn't say anything. i gave them what they wanted. they told us they were going to kill us after they got what they wanted. >> reporter: she got them all the cash they could, $100. meanwhile, as she was driving
11:32 am
back to her home off allegheny avenue, her friend had broken free. >> she was banging on everybody's doors and some people wouldn't open their doors. >> reporter: when police arrived they saw two suspects struggling with the woman on the sidewalk. they had a hammer in hand. officers chased down the guy with a hammer. he was arrested while his accomplice ran off. the victims tell me if philadelphia police officers had not arrived at the scene as quickly as they did they fear it would have ended worse: reporting from kensington, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. and checking out our top stories right now, a man was shot and killed overnight in east oak lane. police found the man lying on 11th street. they say someone shot him in the head. police haven't arrested anyone in the murder. and philadelphia police are looking for two suspects caught on camera shooting an atm. this happened sunday morning at ming river restaurant in port richmond. police say the suspects fired
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three shots into the machine but didn't get any money. if you recognize these suspects, you're asked to call philadelphia police. and a popular main line chinese restaurant shut down for health problems is back in business. officials shut down yang minute in bryn mawr for a roach infestation in august. police toll us citations included failure to control insects and rodents and keeping food in unsan fair conditions. yang ming apologized to its customers and promised to renovate their site. fans had to dress in layers last night if eagles game but a they won't need any jackets for long. seeing a dramatic temperature swing as things are warming up. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. hey, glenn. it's already warmer now than
11:34 am
it was any time during the day yesterday or sunday for that matter and it's not even noon yet so it will be going up. there's the pocono mountains. a mix of cloutsds and sun there. it was down to 20 in the poconos yesterday morning. 58 in mount pocono right now. what a rebound. 58 in philadelphia. 59 in northeast philly and 60 in atlantic city international. we have patches of clouds but the rain -- well, there isn't any in pennsylvania. we have a couple showers in new york state. they're more moving straight to the east so we don't expect them to be in the area. temperatures will be into the 60s across much of the area and approaching 70 degrees by later this afternoon. it should stay dry once again. we'll see how much warmer it will get this week and it will with the seven-day in just a few minutes.
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to decision 2016 now as speculation continues to swirl about a possible presidential run, vice president joe biden spoke at an event this morning about his current job. the vp talked at the walter mondale living legacy forum. the two discussed the partnerships they developed with the presidents they served, president obama and former president jimmy carter and how they worked through differences. biden credited mondale, or fritz, as he called him, with modernizing the office of the vice president. and a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows more democrats say they don't want to see joe biden intenter the presidential race. 30% say they'd prefer seeing him stay out of the contest. the nbc's kristen welker is keeping a close eye on every
11:36 am
move. >> reporter: vice president joe biden at an event honoring the uso paying tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> every one of those warriors represents a community. >> reporter: he's still keeping his political intentions close to the vest but fuelled spem lags calling a meeting with top advisors at his home in washington, d.c., placing calls to key constituents. he also raised eyebrows with this comments. >> i don't considered republicans enemies, they're friends. which republicans considered a veiled swipe at hillary clinton when asked about which enemies she's most proud of. >> probably the republicans. >> reporter: a source close to biden denies his comments were directed at secretary clinton who is watching all of it closely. she's off the trail, preparing for her testimony before the committee investigating the attack against benghazi. the clinton campaign announcing she'll get an assist from her
11:37 am
husband former president bill clinton when she stumps in iowa this weekend. meanwhile democrat, including biden supporters who have been working to put together a strategy say privately his time for deciding has just about run out. party insiders agree. >> there's superficial deadlines including the fact the party wants him to decide one way or the other. you also have folks saying the time has passed. >> reporter: kristen welker, nbc 10 news. meanwhile, a current candidate for the democratic presidential nomination is set to shake up the race. jim webb will drop out of the race and run as an independent. a source familiar with his thinking confirmed the news to our sister network, msnbc. the former senator is set to discuss his plans later today. he said he felt the democratic debate last week had been rigged in terms who was going to get time on the stage. on the republican side, donald trump has his highest
11:38 am
level of support in the polls since entering the presidential race. a new cbs news "wall street journal" poll shows 25% of gop primary voters support him. ben carson came in a close second with 22%. last night in south carolina trump spoke about his new numbers. >> we're in the number one position and you have a lot of people that are not doing well in that poll. you have a lot of zeros. you know, zero, zero, zero. >> we learned yet that the trump and carson campaigns requested secret service protection. a congressional advisory committee will determine if that happens we co-customers now qualify for a rebate. customers can get rebates of up to 200 bucks. commercial customers can get more, up to $1,000 in rebates. a discount is on for entire neighborhoods that make the switch.
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officials say the plan will help peco make the switch. amtrak is upgrading its wi-fi service. 90% of passengers will have access to free wi-fi by next year. the company rolled out phase one of the plan yesterday for riders who travel with their cars. officials say it's part of ongoing efforts to enhance the passenger experience. from our jersey shore bureau, crews will remove a house that collapsed into the water in cape may county. a coastal storm pushed the two-story home near the grassy sound bridge leading from north wildwood into the intercoastal waterway. jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is following the story and we'll have an update starting on nbc 10 at 4:00. and chances are you saw plenty of these at the jersey shore this summer. dangerous jellyfish on a bunch of beaches. now workers are trying to prevent next summer's population of jellyfish from getting worse.
11:40 am
new jersey is calling the mission operation bulkhead blitz. it's an experiment in which baby sea nettles or polyps are uped off bulkheads to which the creatures attach themselves for the winter. experts say the jellyfish population had swelled in the bay and they're encouraging people with waterfront property to do scrubbing of their own. >> the general public has a way to minimize the problem so they can enjoy their lagoons again. >> sea nettles are part of the ecosystem and experts say the goal isn't to eradicate them but with fewer around they hope people can take a plunge next summer pain free. the eagles victory wasn't the only thing that had fanned cheering. at half time there was a strange disturbance in the internet. that drew a smile from
11:41 am
hurricane's face. you can't see it. coming up, see how a frors the galaxy far away crashed some web sites. >> may the schwartz be with you. mel brooks take on that. all right, what a difference a day makes. i'm tracking a big temperature swing and i'll show you how warm it will get ahead in my seven-day forecast.
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shareholders have approved a merger with aetna. officials say the deal is worth $37 billion. the two companies expect the merger to close in the second half of next year. aetna would become the largest provider of medical plans for the elderly. the proposed merger follows the implementation of president obama's health care overall which extended health care to millions of people. insurers say joining forces will help them better compete adds the government tries to rein in health care spending. looking for a job this holiday season? amazon says it plans to hire 20,000 more seasonal workers this year than last year. the e-commerce giant says it's creating 100,000 jobs for the holiday season to meet increased customer demand: apple's ceo is calling the debut of apple music a success. tim cook says there are six and a half million paying subscribers to the streaming
11:45 am
music service and as of early june its rival spotify said it had 20 million paying customers. carnival cruise line has announced it's relaxing its bring your own beverage policy. until now, guests were only allowed to carry non-alcoholic beverages like sodas at the start of the voyage. now the giant says passengers can carry non-alcoholic drinks on board after port calls as long as those beverages are in cans or cartons of 12 or fewer ounces. carnivals ban on bottled beverages which it announced over the summer remains. you can now go online to buy advanced tickets for the new "star wars" movie. web sites offering those tickets crashed last night right after fans saw this. check it out. is. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> reporter: the first trailer
11:46 am
debuted during half time of last night's eagles/giants game. a pair of teaser trailers were released. "the force awakens" premiers december 18. a bucks county high school homecoming honors are going viral. the king and queen are capturing people's hearts. central bucks south gave top honors to north korea mcgee and lily bowman friday night. nick's sister lauren captured the moment on video nick is soaking up the spotlight, pointing there to the scoreboard. love it. it just moved students to join in on the favorite chant. the seniors, who have down syndrome, say they were surprised by the honor. >> i was happy at first and nervous, and excited. >> i was announced because people avoid from me and people love me and see me. >> the announcement of the newly
11:47 am
crowned king and queen brought some of their classmates to tears. congratulations. it's a misunderstood disease and it affects different parts of the body and it's difficult to diagnosis. we're talking about lupus. this weekend a local organization will help raise money and awareness for lupus. joining us to tell us more is annette myrick, the ceo of the philadelphia tri-state chapter of the lupus foundation of america. tell us about this disease. >> lupus is a serious disease. it can strike without warning. it can be life threatening and it's highly unpredictable. it affects women most of the time though men can get lupus, too, and mostly women in their child bearing years. >> tell us how your organization helped those suffering from lupus. >> our mission is two field. we're searching for better treatments and the cure because we want a world without lupus but we provide programs and
11:48 am
services to help those living well or live getter. >> tell us about the lupus loop and how the money is raised? >> the lupus loop is our largest event of the year. it's a 5k run, 2.5 mile walk out in fair mount park near memorial hall. and it's a fantastic day and full of empowerment and inspiration in terms of those living with lupus, coming together as a community and raising critically important funds for the mission. >> i was telling you before we started that i have -- my wife and i have friends, the life has lupus. >> yes. >> it's almost impossible not to know somebody. >> exactly. everybody seems to know someone will lupus. so the more we talk about it the more we find those connections and threads and coming out the the lupus loop is a great way to show support for that someone you know. >> once again the 24th annual lupus loop. 5k and 2.5 mile walk is sunday in fair mount park across from
11:49 am
the please touch museum so there's something there for everybody. on site registration begins at 7:30 and the run starts at 9:00 a.m. we've posted a link for more information on our web site on and the mobile app. thank you for coming in and good luck. >> thank you. >> that cold was a shock to the system but things have changed already sand we are warming up and the next couple days after today will be mighty warm. we have a dry stretch of weather that will likely last the rest of the week and we'll have the latest on the fall foliage issue. you can see sunshine throughout in some parts of the sky. others have clouds but it's not stopping the temperature from rising. 58 degrees, that's 13 warmer than it was at this time yesterday and we're already up close to 60 at the poconos.
11:50 am
58 in westchester, 60 in atlantic city at the airport, 58 in dover. a lot of places will be getting to 70 plus. this is frenchmaner in the pocono mountains and you can see these nice colors. what time are we going to be seeing the peak of the fall colors? we're already past the peak up near the new york state board er is expected to be this weekend for peak colors and over the next week or two spreading to the south and, of course, some folks is it's their favorite time of year. you can see the clouds that are around but just a couple little light showers in new york state not moving this way and there's plenty of dry air in the eastern portion of the country as well. those southwest winds pushing some parts of the area into the 70s this afternoon not right at
11:51 am
the shore with the southwest wind coming off the cool ocean. not as cool tomorrow morning as what we saw which is nowhere near as cold as it was yesterday morning and we're well into the 70s during the day tomorrow. sand even warmer than that on thursday. so we're up near 70 degrees today, a mix of sun and clouds obviously much warmer than yesterday. the high was only 55. the average high is 66. so we're already jumping to above average. so we've got some more great weather for the most of us. 74 on wednesday, 75 thursday. we cool down on friday but that's just kind of temporary. by saturday morning we have a chilly start to the weekend but it will start warming up on sunday. just a slight chance of showers on sunday and monday. and we'll be right back.
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don't forget to vote for our high school game of the week. here are your choices, hammonton and delse. marple-newtown. log on to nbc 10 and vote all week long. little babies may not feel your tickles the way you may
11:55 am
think. a new study used mechanical vibrations to tick it will cross feet of four and six-month-old baby. the four-month-olds moved the tickled foot 70% of the time. the six-month-olds moved their foot just half of the time. researchers suggests this suggests younger babies don't perceive touch with the outside world while slightly older ones can make this association. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all new "ellen" with late night tv host james corden and indy rock band florence and the machine. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00 this afternoon. revised advice about when women should start getting mammograms and how often. we'll tell you the changes and what it means for women's health. plus we're asking a doctor all your questions about the new guidelines starting this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on our top story. philadelphia police are searching for an intruder still on the loose after they say he and an accomplice terrorized a
11:56 am
couple and their friend overnight. police say the two men broke into a house in kensington, they held the man and his friend at knife point and tied them to a bed and chair. the suspects forced a woman to go to an atm and took out $100. the friend broke free and got neighbors to call 911. police arrested one of the alleged attackers. the trio says they didn't recognize him and they had no idea why they were being targeted. let's bring in chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a look at the afternoon weather. a lot of people a little surprised at how cold it got last couple of days and we're thinking my gosh we're going into winter already? no, it was just a brief thing. now we're back and temperatures getting up near 70 today and well into the 70s on wednesday and thursday. so a lot of folks will enjoy that. then it will cool down a little bit friday and saturday but not as cool as it's been the last couple days. >> i think the wind last night helped warm us a little bit,
11:57 am
don't you think? >> there wasn't much wind at the stadium, either so -- >> just getting a win makes people feel better. >> beating the giants does make people feel better. >> i'm vai sikahema. for glauenn "hurricane" schwart all of us have a great day.
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>> andre: we covered your entire debt, and you refuse to help my brother? >> aiden: i mean, do you really think if the evidence against chad came up missing, the police would just say, "oh, gosh, he's innocent"? >> andre: you get the evidence. we'll handle the police. >> aiden: all right, look, even if i did, i can't see you two just forgetting about the money i owe you. >> andre: do you realize that your family would be in grave danger if you don't do as we ask? young chase would be in jeopardy. think about it. >> aiden: i'll get you the money. >> andre: well, why don't you ask hope for it? while you're at it, i'm sure she wouldn't mind paying your entire debt to my father. oh, i'm sorry, i forgot. you owe much more than hope's liquid assets are worth. but she does have a lovely


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