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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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for routine physical breast exams by doctors. these are not one size fits all -- these are for women at average risk. doctors generally recommend more intensive screening for high-risk women the society says they have a relatively high false-positive rate, which can be harm many. critics make it confusing -- >> there are some caveats and qualifications. that starts to make it more complicated. it's not that simple one-sentence recommendation we had in the past. have a lower false positive rate, so now, depending on who you ask, women should begin getting mehmet ograms at 40, 45 or 50. keith jones, nbc 10 news. all right. keith, we know you may have questions about what they news
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recommendation mean for women and their health. coming up at 5:00, we'll have a doctor instudio to tell us more about the impact of these new guidelines. >> new right here at 4:00 we are getting a first look at lamar odom hours before he was fountain responsive. "the daily mail" released thinks photos inside the suite where he was found last tuesday. in two of the thoughts he's in bed and his eyes are barely open. he was moved to a hospital in l.a. for further treatment yesterday after regaining consciousness. his family says he continues to make progress with walking, talking and eating. he estranged why, his father and two children from a previous relationship are with him now. car dashia broke her silence today, and issued a statement thanks everyone for their support. it reads in part -- you can never be prepared for an experience like this, but without the outpouring of love and endless prayers that lamar has received and the strength i
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was giving from my loved ones, it would have been difficult to endure. thank you for your continued support. god is great. we have new information about a home invasion in kensington where a woman was jarred awake in the middle of the night and forced to drive to an atm and take money out for the suspects. we just got new information from police. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: do you know why you were targeted? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: no one seems to know would you the men forced their way into the house. this man says he was tied up along with another woman, and this victim said he was forced to drive to an atm machine. >> i just wanted to give them what they wanted so they would leave us alone. >> what did you say? >> i didn't say anything. i just gave them what they wanted. >> reporter: when the robbers brought her back to the house,
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police were waiting. >> the one offender escaped on foot, and at the time the please arrested the other suspect and took him into custody. >> reporter: but why this house and this couple? >> we don't know sure. they don't operate a business or have large amounts of money. it just seemed to be at random. >> in contendsen doing, i'm doug shimmel. some may find this video disturbing. it it happened at brown park in atlantic city on saturday. it appears the man is yelling at the woman for quite a while, better winding up and punching her in the face. we just learned the man is facing more charges after he attacked a guard while being strip-searched at the jail
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yesterday. the woman in the video was taken to the hospital. she is in critical condition. a sunny fall day to organize some pumpkins. our crews packet further this picture, and we're now less than two weeks from halloween. >> glen "hurricane" schwartz has the first look at the forecast. >> i remember seeing pictures of snow on pumpkins around here. >> wow, we don't want that again. >> too soon. >> you're not going to get it, because the temperature has rebounded, and we are now way different than we were yesterday. a lot of sunshine out there at the moment, and we've seen that for a good bit of the day. take a look at they temperatures, up to 71 degrees. our high yesterday was only 55. 71 in reading, in pottstown, and we have a few clouds up in new york state, and that's about it.
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a southwest wind, 16 miles an hour at the airport. that is going to be diminishing, 'with go through the evening hours. >> here's what to expect. it's diminishing, temperatures dropping into the 50, but not as cold as the last couple nights. then it would get even warmer. how much warmer it will get and how long it will last. new at 4:00, the results are in. new jersey has released the scores from its first round the controversial standardized tests. the scores show less than half of new jersey students are college ready. the results show 40% ofenings in this students are performing either at or above their agreed level expectations, certainly education officials admit there's plenty of room for improvement, but in a nationwide
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context, they say the results are basically just what they would expect. it was the test that prompted controversy, and even calls for new jersey students to boycott and op out, but when the department of education released results this afternoon, it showed that four out of every ten students met or exceeded expectations for their grade in english and math. generally in line with expectations, but still with plenty of room for improvement. >> we must not retreat from this commitment, as we begin to see more clearly the work that remains before us. >> the commissioner says the zest is a more accurate mesh than the standardized test that it replacesed. from the outset critics set the exam was too confusing, too long and required too much in-class prep time. >> we don't even know what it
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measures. it seems like it's being thrown at us. >> reporter: the strongest results were among the younger test takers in grates, 3, 4 and 5. >> important to note this test does not have an impact on whether students advance to the grade level. it's simply a measuring stick. some changes are already in the works. we're told that next year's park test will be shorter than the test taken this year. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. last month pennsylvania and delaware released results after bringing their tests up to common core standard. in pennsylvania the number of students who opted out tripled last school year. scores from students who took the death drop 31% in mast. in delaware, scores also slipped. barely half of delaware students who tested are proficiency in english language arts. less than 40% scored proficiently in math.
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in decision 2016, today former senator jim webb announced he is dropping out of the race for president as a democrat. he made that announcement at the national press club said he's frustrated with leadership. webb did not announce a run as president, but he didn't close that door, either. >> how i remain as a voice will depend on what kind of support i'm shown in the coming weeks, as i meet with people from all sides of america's political landscape. and i intend to do that. i feel strongly if i were nominated, that we would win. >> webb said he would not participate in future debates and not attend the democratic fund-raiser in iowa. joe biden -- agreed there's one rule in the office of the vice presidency -- don't disagree with your boss in public. he stressed that point today, saying he and the president are
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in sync when it comes to both of their beliefs. >> president obama and i have idea logically have had no disagreement. none. i mean, zero. >> biden offered no clues about his pending decision to run for president. he will speak as an event for -- a poll shows more democrats say they do not want biden for president. that's according to a new poll. the poll says 30% of primary voters want biden to run. 38% say they do not. it also shows hillary clinton has increased her lead over bernie sanders in the week following the first democratic debate. 50% of primary voters say they would choose clinton over 33% who would vote for sander. a new krn poll shows donald trump and ben carson leading the crowded pack.
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trump received 27%, carson got 22%, followed by jeb bush and marco rubio at 8%. also noteworthy carly fiorina seems to be losing support. the only female in the republican field has just 4% of the vote in this poll. she's tied for seventh place with ted cruz and new jersey governor chris christie. a imagine is charged in connection with the motorcycle crash in texas that was all caught on camera. you see the motorcycle trying to pass the car. the car swerves and hits the bike. the driver of the car says the crash was not intentional. the motorcycle admits he illegally crossed a double yellow line, but believes the crash was no accident. the driver was caught on video saying he doesn't care. he spoke about what happened after the crash. >> the guy krum on me basically verbalry from about 40 foot away. i'm very sorry, like i said, i wish neither one of us was there
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at that same moment. >> before he ever got out of the vehicle, i knew he hit me on purpose. william crum is charged with two counts of aggravated assault. the motorcycle driver's girlfriend was seriously hurt. the pastors of six st. louis churches intentionally set on fire came together with a message of unity. they say they want the arsons to stop. police say all of the fires were set at the exterior doors of the churches all located just a few miles away from each other. it happened in two weeks. the damages ranges from a few hundred dollars to another being nearly destroyed. police are still searching for the suspects in the case. from our nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, four atlantic casinos and internet gambling firm are forced to pay up for rulings violations. the division announced they must forknit winnings and pay fines. among these the trump taj mahal
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must gamblers who had signed up for a self-exclusion list. the borgata has to pay nearly $4,000 confiscated from gamblers who couldn't prove they were 21. today a look at the complex in delaware county. local leaders met to -- that includes building two new plants which could bring dozens of jobs back to the area. you may remember the study was started back in 2012 as sun knocko announced it was closing the refinery and cutting 500 jobs. >> the industrial complex and abutting assets have emerged as symbols of economic promise and industrial revitalization made possible by the u.s. energy renaissance. >> local leaders hope the rebirth of the site will mean growth for not only marcus hook but the entire county. lawmakers in pennsylvania may seen get red the move could
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save the state about 200,000 a year. supporters say the phones are no longer needed, because most drivers now use their cell phones to call for help. >> against a gasoline tax increase. a new rutgers found that 6 in 10 are against raising the gas tax, about the same number of people don't like governor christie's's idea, in exchange for raising the gas tax. the proposed hike would cost the average driver an star $180 a year. shoppers will be spending more on someone in particular this holiday season, according to the national retail federation's holiday -- shoppers plan to shell out more on themselves. survey finds shoppers will spent
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about $132 on themselves. >> an average of $805 this holiday season, the highest amount in the survey's 14-year history. do you like to shop for yourself? >> what about giving for the -- i thought you were supposed to give to others. it does feel better. >> wow. did you see this last night? a treat for "star wars" fans during halftime of the eagles games. >> fans got to be the trailers for "star wars" "the force awakens" in its entirety. tickets to see "star wars" went on sale right after this aired. the trailer previews the seventh installment in the "star wars" is film cannon. the philadelphia eagles season got off to a shaky starts, but the birds are now n
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first place. it wasn't always pretty, though. john clark joins us live with what the players had to say about the game. john? >> hey, the force awakens, that was the story of the eagles defense, yes, the eagles are in first place. they beat the giants last night, in fact they have beaten the giants six straight times on monday night football. the birds are now 3-3 with one more game before their bye week. that is on sunday night football right here on nbc 10 against the undefeated panthers. sure, there were some things that were not pretty about last night's game. four turnovers and a lot of penalties, but the eagles say that doesn't matter. >> i mean a win is a win. to beat that team by 20 points here tonight, you know, obviously we're taking things week by week, and the goal was to get out of here with a win. very pleased with our result.
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>> we all know what's at stake. this was a good giants team, and we were able to execute, but at the end of the day we're taking it one day at a time. we know we have a long way to go. we know where we want to be. we want to continue to grow. it all starts with a work ethic. coming up at 6:00, the birds defense shut out the giants after that first touchdown drive. we'll like at how good the defense was, and what celebrity was singing the eagles fight song. we'll see you then. >> who could that be, j.c.? we'll have to wait. thanks. as john said, the eagles are back in act right here on nbc 10. coming up this weekend, the birds tain on the undefeated panthers. coverage begins at sunday night. stay with us after the game for includes post-game coverage. nbc 10 is your official tv station of the philadelphia eagles. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorology it's glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> it was football weather last night. now today it's feeling like it's springtime out there. we've had a big warmup. and we've got more warming ahead. the dry stretch kins, the 11th straight day without we'll give you an update. with the temperature up to 71 degrees, the winds southwest at 16, relative humidity extremely low. but it's going to drop. we're close to 70 degrees in much of the area, each in the
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poconos. and doyletown and washington township 67 in wilmington, 69 in mt. holly. 70 in trenton. yesterday morning it was 27 at trenton for a record. there's that southwest wind coming across delaware bay. look at the difference in temperatures. 24 hours. 21 degrees warmer right now than it was at this time yesterday. 17 degrees in philadelphia, and 19-degree different in pottstown, yeah, you could feel that one. the fall foliage, in some parts of the east it's already past its peak, but the best color is coming up, generally speaking next week. across southeastern pennsylvania, and parts of new jersey and delaware. we have to go into november, farther to the south to find the peak. the best color in the pocono mountains is this weekend, and we're starting to see a lot more of that color. there's a live picture from the french manor.
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up towards the new york state border, it's already peaked an farther to the north in new england where it has peaked as well. now, as far as moisture is concerned, we're just not seeing very much. a few showers in new york state, not moving in this direction, and it's dry over much of the eastern portion of the country. high pressure right nearby, that relatively cool air mass that is changing into a warmer one. the warmest day of the week is thursday, and then we have a cold front coming down from the north that is going to change things for friday. it certainly is going to be cooler. it's going to be warm, 74 degrees tomorrow, 77 on thursday. then we drop. the average high is getting into the mid 60s so we go from above average to below average.
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after the chilly start saturday, we're back into the 60s. mostly cloudy skies on sunday, about -- the only chance of any kind of showers looks like it will be on sunday. it looks like a fairly small chance and then gets cooler monday and tuesday. the new chip found in credit and debit cards is putting your finances at risk. how police say scammers are using them to steal your money. set to reopen after a reach infestation closed them down, how it got out of the control and how customers will give them another chance, coming up.
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facebook wants to know when is the last time you checked your security settings? >> all part of a lesson for cybersecurity month. a few simple steps would keep your mchgs -- make sure your password is unique to facebook and every other website of
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visit. you can set up e-mail alerts every time you or someone else logs into an account. and a message from a friend or someone else looks suspicious, flag it. >> sometimes it seem out of the ordinary, it probably is. it's a great thing to think that so-and-so would never really say that, or that's something worth following up on. >> one more suggestion, facebook says to create a legacy contact for when you pass away. that gives someone else the ability to take care of your digital lives. >> something they changed fairly recently, i think. >> melissa rivers tweeted i finally figured out my mom's password, at first it catches you off-guard, and you realize it's someone else. >> hershey's chocolate says it's doubling the size of one of the most popular tweets. >> how about a big kiss?
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if a few weeks they will launch hershey's kisses deluxe. it has hazelnut in the center and flecking of crispy rice. the new kits will be available across the country, sold through valentine's day. >> could be popular. >> you don't need that hazelnut in there. >> no, less is more. >> the eagles pulled off a big one. >> coming up next. tim furlong talks to birds fans who are just not sure the quarterback is cut out for the job. plus your arm should how if you're at risk for melanoma. don't forget to vote for our high school game of the week. the early voting right here.]?i hammenton, and marple-newtown. to cast your vote on go to
4:26 pm, or text your vote. the voting closings thursday, and we'll announce the winner thursday night at 11:00.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> plays like this one having some eagle fans grumblings about qb sam bradford today. they beat the giants last night, but some say it was a sloppy win. bradford threw three interceptions. not good enough to win. for a lot of people they want more than that. they want a really good game. >> they want perfection there, right? >> fans and talk radio are abuzz with disapproval. >> tim furlong went out to find
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out what the fans had to say. >> we got our win, a great show by the defense, but today that three -- just isn't as satisfies. sure we'll take the win, but something isn't right. arch red zone interceptions, salomon, you can't do that. >> maybe just maybe he's not that good. >> can number. >> to catch up, the question is,
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is he goings to catch up soon enough? >> now would be. for a game sunday night. >> cam newton is showing us how if he plays like he did last night, probably won't be good enough. >> as tim mentioned, right here. the undefeated carolina panthers. >> for postgame coverage. nbc 10 is your official station of your philadelphia eagles. >> new for thes show lamar odom hours before he was found unresponsive. the photos from "the daily mail" show him there last week. he was transferred to a hospital in los angeles from las vegas yesterday, days after regaining
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consciousness. his family says he's making progress in his recover. american cancer society released new guidelines for breast cancer screening. biggest change, recommending first mammogram at 45, and then women should get one every year under age 55, then every other year after that. the new guidelines do not match what other groups have suggested. and we're getting a first look today at the results of the controversial park tests in new jersey. it shows less than happen are college ready. only about four out of every ten students med or competed expectations. critics said the exam was too confusing, too long and required too much in-class prep time. the family of oscar pistorius is once again on the defense, denying allegations he got special treatment that released him from treatment early. he was snug early at night.
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he served less than one year, and indeed he's on. a judge signed an order that allowed gerry sandusky to appear at a hearing. right now he's serving up to 60 year in a state prison. the hearing is scheduled for october 29th, the attorney general's off has already apealed did a pennsylvania school is the latest to cut t s ties. >> the school is also in to returns to create a scholarship. dozens of women have accused cosby of sexual assault. he's never been charged with a crime. police in port richmond are looking for two suspects who shot an atm at a restaurant. you saw two men firing at the
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men. if you took on the, you're asked to call philadelphia police. heads up if you live near dover air force base. the base will test its antiterrorism and response capabilities with a four-day drill. it's a training requirement. rjts can experience as in this in mum sill vehicles, and sirens sounding more frequently. hackers are trying to infiltrate a new security measurer. >> it involves that new chip. coming up next, the new warning for consumers. and predicting your skin cancer risk. what your arm can tell you about your chance of getting melanoma. 6
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. so finding out your risk of skin cancer could be as simple as looking at the right arm. the in umber of moles could predict the risk of melanoma. british researchers compared it to mole counts on more than a dozen parts of the body and found the number on the right arm was most predictive, and more moles means a higher risk of melanoma. there's a new way hackers are trying to steal your personal information. it involves the new chip and credit cards. the e-mails say they need to update their can see by responding. or by clicking on a link. the ftc says don't do it, never respond to an e-mail or phone call that asks you for your card numbers.
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subway announces it would be transitioning to antibiotic-free meats. the chicken begins in march, it will change the change to turkey sometime next year, pork and beef will follow with the gold of the completed transition in 2025. sony has reached a settlement. the hacking will pay current and former employees up to $8 million. legal fees and other expenses. hackers called guardians of peace broke into sony computers, then released thousands of e-mails and documents last november. >> apple's ceo is calling the debut a success. tim cook says there's 6.5 million paying subscribers to the service as of early june. the rival spotify said it had 20 million pays customers.
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infested with roaching is a problem that shut down one of our area's most popular restaurants. >> but yang ming is now ready to open. today we got a first look insigned add asked what are they are doing to keep meals insect-free. glenn? the 70s are bam. i'm tracking how how long the warmup will last.
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a famous main line landmark is set to reopen tomorrow two months after health inspectors shut it down. it was shut down in august. you may recall health inspectors found violation after violation, and the place was infested with roaches. >> the owners invited our cameras inside and nbc 10's
4:44 pm
deanna durante was there. >> reporter: getting ready for the lunch rush. it's something workers have not done in nearly two months. >> reporter: do you take any responsibility? >> yeah. anytime any problem, i should say responsibility myself. cold and a roach infestation. . we just went to -- we've been -- we're going to reopen the strahan this coming wednesday morning and lunch. >> sewer line upgrates, new paint, woodwork and carpet, the owners hope the customers return.
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>> i i want to come up for lunch, they really don't want to return here, but like i had, i will give a good record. >>. >> think thought the customers were betrayed. >>. >> reporter: managers say they have already taken reservations. in radner, deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
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nice-looking weather out there. we were a big warmup that's taken place today. it will be even warmer over the next couple days. >> today is the 11th day in a rout wow measurable precipitation. we'll talk about our next chance for any kind of showers, not exactly a wet pattern that we're in. a lot of blue in that sky again today, after some clouds this morning, and it's 71 degrees right now. winds southwest at 16. 27% relative humidity, so it's nearly 70 in pocono. trenten was down to 27 degrees yesterday morning for a record. it's 67 in wilmington, 71 degrees in dover right now in delaware. there will be more 70s during the day tomorrow. the temperatures 10 to 20
4:47 pm
degrees warmer, mt. pocono 21 degrees warmer. when you see the poconos that warm, you know the atmosphere high up is warming up quite a bit as well. you can see the clear skies around, the clouds and showers, they're just moving straight west to east, and we are still very, very dry across the eastern two thirds of the country. so between the dry air and the southwest wind, that's going to allow us to warm up tomorrow. as you can see, tonight it's not cooling off as much. we're in the 50s at 11:00 throughout the area. by tomorrow morning, there's 40s, but not the 30s, and not the 20s that we saw the last couple days. by noontime we're already near 60 degrees. the only exception is right at the shore, of course the wind is coming in. tomorrow night it's even milder than tonight.
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under we get to thursday morning, and not a lot of clouds either. 77 droes at 3:00 thursday. and again, according to the computer model, and maybe it will be a place that's close to 80 degrees by thursday. so here's the warmer air coming in from the west. cold air is not that far away. the cold air is retreat ago bit. but again it's still not that far away. just because we have some warm weather over the next two, three days, it does not mean we have changed the overall pattern. it's like an up and down typical kind of fall pattern that we are
4:49 pm
seeing. biery next week, we have some cooler air coming down from the north here, and we have temperatures that are down as a result. so let's take a look at our weekend overall. most likely sunday night, as opposed to earlier during the day. 42 north and west, and then during the day tomorrow. >> and then after that chilly start on saturday, we are going to be seeing a pretty nice afternoon. a bit on the cool side, and just a slight chance of some showers
4:50 pm
on sunday, best chance would be sunday night, the way it looks right now, but we'll keep watching that. of course ever weekend is a big weekend around here. >> i'm glad the 50s weren't here to stay. it was just a quick burst. >> yeah, at least most of us don't want to go straight from summer to winter. fall is nice, beautiful, the leaves changing. >> a gradual move into winter. >> that's part of whats great about living here, the seasons. you don't want to miss a whole season. all right. we'll be right back.
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u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon went to the middle east today in an attempt to stop a deadly wave of israeli/palestinian violence. >> estimated two more attacks, and fresh clashes. nbc's ayman. >> reporter: he said he came as a reflection of the global emergency. >> i'm here to encourage and support all airports to lower tensions and prevent the situation from spinning out of control. >> reporter: he has met with the israeli president. he has met with the israeli prime minister, and is expected to meet with the plan jane authority mahmoud abbas later this week. he will be hearing from them the
4:55 pm
reasons why they believe this round of violence erupted. according to the israelis, they believe it's a result of incitement particularly from the palestinian authority and other senior members of palestinian groups such as hamas and others. they say it's trying to alter the rules of who can come in and out of the old city, including the holiest site of islam and the holiest site for jews. on the ground the situation remains tense. both palestinians were killed as a result of those attacks, and in gaza, at least one mindial was killed by israelis during clashes along the border. here's keith joan.
4:56 pm
>> all new at 5:00, a community rallies after a homeless couple after their child was found wandering. but a judge said the child cannot return to his parents. we'll have an update. and we're about 15 to 20 degrees warmer today than yesterday, but the warmup continues this week before a big drop in temperatures. i'll show you when that is set to arrive. plus two people armed with am hammer and knife barge into a philadelphia home. tonight the people inside tell you about that ordeal. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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route now at 5:00, the parents of a child found wandering alone are told they can't get their son back. but first three victims terrorized inside a philadelphia home. tonight police are puzzled by the attack. i'm scared. do you know them? do you know why you were targeted? >> no, i don't. tonight the victims talk to nbc 10 about what they talked and what they went through and how they escaped their attackers. nbc news -- -- threatened them with a knife and hammer. >> tonight people are still looking for another. doug? >> reporter: police say the suspect is edwin valez, but
5:00 pm
detectives say nothing about this home invasion makes sense at all. >> reporter: at 2:30 this morning, that all went away. >> i don't know why. i don't bother with anybody in this neighborhood. >> this woman driven to an atm by two mask men after they tied up her boyfriend and another woman in the house on f street. while robbers were at the money machine, detectives say the other woman got free. it was just enough -- >> we're not sure wee -- they do not have large amounts of money in there. at thi


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