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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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detectives say nothing about this home invasion makes sense at all. >> reporter: at 2:30 this morning, that all went away. >> i don't know why. i don't bother with anybody in this neighborhood. >> this woman driven to an atm by two mask men after they tied up her boyfriend and another woman in the house on f street. while robbers were at the money machine, detectives say the other woman got free. it was just enough -- >> we're not sure wee -- they do not have large amounts of money in there. at this point in time it's a
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mystery why they were targeted. >> reporter: the one victim thought she may have started her for her honda accord. >> i just wanted to give them money. >> what were you saying? >> they told us they were going to kill us if they got what they wanted police say both suspects could face charges for kidnap, robbery and assault. i'm doug shimell. today a judge ordered the child not be returned to his parents. instead the homeless couple, who was offered visitation was twice a week. 2-year-old jeremiah was walking alone in love park. it turned our his mother and father had no place to live. they spent the night at the park and the toddler -- the couple was moved by the offers of
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support. >> thank you for everything, thank you for being -- >> when you found out you were having furniture donated to your home. >> i judd felt warm, because money don't grow on trees. >> reporter: minute tries has raised $12,000 to provide the family with a year of housing. now to your first alert weather. after an early taste of winter, it felt more comfortable today. >> sheena joins us now. yesterday gloves at the game, and today a big change. >> even some big areas in the 70s today. 70 northeast philly, upper 6s on, even in atlantic city, millville and dover.
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take a look at the difference from yesterday. this is the 24-hour temperature change. we are about 15 to 20 degrees warmer across the entire area, were yet at this time. so we have seen a big jump in temperature. that will continue as we go through most of this week before we go through another cooldown. tonight, though, by 6:00 p.m., still feeling very comfortable, upper 60s mostly clear skies. 8:00 will be around 60, so still school. again the mild air is here. it's going to stick around for a while. i'll show you the timing, and the cooler air that you can expect. that's straight ahead. today big change is announced when it comes to breast cancer screening guidelines. the american cancer society now says screen later and less
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often. the three key changes. first, women should start getting annual mammograms at9ys instead of 40. then they should switch to every other year at age 5. also, routine physical breast exams by doctors aren't necessary, according to these guidelines. this advice is specifically for women with an average breast cancer risk. critics say the new guidelines are confusing for women. >> are some caveats and qualifications. i think that starts to make it more complicated. it's not that simple as we had in the past. >> breast cancer is diagnosed in about 200 -- and kills about 40 thousands of those women. the change is sure to raise a lot of women. we will try to answer some of those questions. the director of breast images will join us, and she's also a
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breast cancer survive. less than half of new jersey's high school juniors are ready for college, as the state released the results from the new standardized tests. george is here to help break down the results. >> reporter:, keith those results really varied by subject. 46% of new jersey students meet expectations in english. that number drops all the way down to 35% in the subject of math. overall the results of about what state leaders expected on the tests that critics have been fighting from the outset. >> basing all of the children's needs on one test. >> reporter: the new jersey teachers union encouraged students to opt out, but it is results are in, and generally in line with expectations. the state said this afternoon
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four out of every ten students met or exceeded expectations, and the strongest scores were among new jersey's youngest test takers in grates 3, 4 and 5. >> that's our only motivation, our only intent to improve what we do to help kids. >> reporter: for comparison, we researched the park results of eighth graders in illinois and massachusetts. new jersey's eighth graders were in the middle of two states in english, but below bout in math, so many text takes tested out of the math, yet controversy about length and teaches to the test have dogged park. >> we see them coming home stressed out. >> reporter: the state is already promising changes. next year's test will be shorter than the one students took earlier this year. and individual student results will be coming home next month around the same time the district will receive their
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districtwide results. late today the teachers' union cautioned against drawing any wide-day-old spread conclusion from today's data. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. inch george, thank you. parents in fadel a -- in 2015 the number of students who opted out of the tests tripled this year in pennsylvania. in delaware, parents are pushing for a new law that would allow students to opt out. the governor vetoed a bill over the summer, but positivesers are calling on the general assembly to override it. two top cops you downplaying if not squashing chatter that they may be candidates for the job of police commissioner in the city. it's a position that will be opened the beginning of next year when current police chief charles ramsey rird. today the current superintendent and a former philadelphia chief inspect or put those rumors to
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rest. >> i know rich ross, who was the first deputy for a number of years in my opinion would be an excellent please commissioner for the city of philadelphia. i think he has all the of the traits needed to be successful. farce myself, radner is my home and this is where i want to be. chief the accept that transit police also shut down any notion he's making a run at replacing ramsey, tweeting this out -- negative. i love being a care take of the underground. today the jury heard taped conversations between fatah and a former business manner. he says fattah applied for fake business ventures, using $48,000 in loans to buy a bmw for a bog news consequence years of age business. amato said he went along with the idea because of a promise of profits.
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pennsylvania lawmakers are pushing a bill to allow vehicles to go through red lights when sensors fail. the house vote 178-18 in favor of the measure. if approved by the senate -- if they're caught at a light that won't turn green. motorcycle riders stand to benefit most from the measurer. a proposal would raise residents' taxes by 40%. the increase is likely to change as commissioners review the proposals. with a surplus in case other cuts are needed. bethlehem township haz raised taxes only twice. two more meetings are set to discuss the proposal. the board will vote on a plan in december. sky 10, today crews begin pulling an entire house out of the water in north wildwood.
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who is playing for the cleanup, and why neighbors say it won't solve their problems. plus this video got a lot of people talking, a driver appears to swerve intentionally into a motorcycle, knocking it to the ground. now the driver is blaming a bug bite for the crash. and after his triumphant return to snl, tracy morgan is taking his art on the road. where his new comedy tour is stopping in our area. that's next.
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severe rain in arizona caused flooding that trapped one woman in her suv. three rescuers fought rising water to reach the woman. the video has gone viral. more than 3 million views online of a horrific crash. two motorcycle riders thrown after they claim they were targeted by a car on a texas highway. today we're hearing from both of those drivers in the controversial case. nbc national's correspondent jay gray has their story. >> reporter: this shocking video shows the crash unfold. the white car swerved just as a motorcycle is trying to pass,
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clipping the front wheel -- >> what were you doing? you hit them. >> i don't care. >> i got this on the video. >> reporter: almost as stunning as the picture is his words. >> i don't care. >> reporter: 68-year-old william crum has been charged with two counts, but now says he is sorry and his erratic driving was the result of an insect bite. >> all of a sudden i felt this tread stinging in my left leg. i thought it was a wasp or something. i didn't know. i immediately went like this. i was driving with my left hand, and i immediately went back. >> eric sanders doesn't buy the story and believes he was targeted by crum. >> he hit me on purpose. i don't care what he said, or
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his explanation. >> reporter: he admits he crossed the double yellow line, but said it was legal, because traffic was traveling as a dang are youly slow pace. his girlfriend suffered injuries. she's out of icu as surgery. a police spokesman says the accident is still under investigation. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. after renews his comedy career with appearances on "saturday night live" and emmys, tracy morgan is taking his act on the road. he's launching venues around the country, picking up the pieces tour begins this february in indiana. morgan was in a coma for two weeks following a car accident in 2014. a truck driver for walmart crashed into a van morgan was in along the new jersey turnpike. jimmy mac mcnair died in the car
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crash. the truck driver is still charged in the crash. today testimony continued in the trial of of an elderly gangster 80-year-old vincent asara is charged where -- today a firsthand account was given of the heist. , to trying to gain leniency in their own cases. if convicted, asara faces a life sentence. a western pennsylvania couple shot at a pittsburgh mall are suing the mall's owners now. a total of three people were shot inside the macy's at monroeville in allegheny pennsylvania, the couple claims there wasn't enough secure or surveillance cameras. the company isn't commenting on the lawsuit. 17-year-old tarod thornhill
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of penn hills is charged in that shooting. a battle is brewing on capitol hill after today's senate vote for block sanctuary cities legislation. democrats voted 54-45 against a republican-backed bill that would shield residents from federal immigration authorities. 60 votes are required to pass. this bill is in response to july's pier shooting in san francisco. the man charged in the shooting was in the country illegally despite a lengthy criminal report and multiple deportations. it will punish -- with the collection -- thecktáuráuáq threatened to veto the bill. former senator jim webb has dropped out of the democratic presidential race. he says he will meet with people across the political perspective to consider a third-pared run. today joe biden hinted he might be leaning toward -- >> and offered up veiled
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criticism of hillary clinton. >> reporter: in washington today, vice president biden threw some not-so-subtle jabs at hillary clinton, suggesting he's better at working across the political aisle. >> i still have a lot of republican friends. i don't thing my chief enemy is the republican party. >> pell portrayed himself as closer to president obama and revised his story on the bin laden raid, saying he privately supported it. >> i told him my opinion that i thought he should go, but follow his own instincts. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows two thirds of democrats don't think he should run or don't care. >> it makes him look indecisive. there are people in the party who are frustrated and feel frozing by the lack of clarity. clinton is lead -- regaining
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ground lost over the summer. clinton meanwhile, is prepare for her thursday appearance investigating benghazi. nothing -- if the vice president decides to run. vice president biden is currently polling in third place with 15%, but even if he does decide to jump in, he's tens of million behind in fund-raising. brian moore, nbc news washington. > . tack a like at center stilled. clear skies, and we'll continue to see the dry conditions in the forecast all the way through pretty much the end of the week. a big warmup in the forecast today was the beginning of that. this continues as we go into wednesday and thursday, but we stay dry the whole time, too. so the dry pattern is
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continuing. another big cooldown for the weekend. we'll see another cold front moving through towards friday. that will start to drop those temperatures again. right now around 70 degrees. south jersey and delaware were right around 70 degrees. so pretty uniform temperatures. this is about 15 to 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this same time. look at this big drop from month to today, a big rise in temperatures when you look at it that way. today so far 71 degrees, we'll keep warming tomorrow. by thursday, 77 degrees. the average high is 65, but then we have that other cooldown coming, so from thursday to friday, we're going to see temperatures drop back to around 60 degrees. so remember that, as we end out the week. here is what's happening across the country. a big area of cold area. it's moved away in this big warm air mass, that's pretty much going to stay in place as we go
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through most of the rest of the week. radar, though, showing us drive. the rain to the north will be staying to the north. we will be staying dry. so here's future weather, as wes go into tonight and tomorrow temperatures listen warming up from the southwest wind. then we go into thursday, that will be the warmest day, so remember that, because then you're going to need a jacket as we go into friday. the cold front moves through into friday. that cooler air starts to move back down. that's why we'll see another drop in temperatures. tonight will still be cool, just not as cold as last night. about the low 40s tonight, philadelphia airplane about the low 50s. then tomorrow another really nice day. so warmer than today, and we keep the warming trend going into thursday. 77 for thursday, partly cloudy, then friday mostly clear skies, look at the temperature drop, 60
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degrees friday. seared with a colder air. by sunday we're still in the mid 60s and stay cool even going into next week, so enjoy the warm weather this week. a win is a win, right? some are slamming the birds saying yeah it was a one, builts it wasn't pretty. they are in first place, that's good, but now fans are wondering how long that will last. plus "back to the future" fans have tomorrow marked on their calendars. we'll explain why and how local towns are celebrating this special day. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms.
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acela. take off.
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it's a date that movie buffs may recognize, and it's almost here. >> we're talking about october 21st, 2015 at 4:29 p.m. ring a bell for you? that's when marty mcfly and dr. emmitt brown 2r568d forward in time in "back to the future 2." some celebrate with back to the future today. some things turned out to be true, like video chat, but then again it also predicted flying cars, hoverboards and self-lacing sneakers. to top it all off, the chicago cubs winning the world series happened to be predicted.
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that happened in more than 100 years. baseball fans are keeping a close watch on the nationality league championship. >> so are -- and six flags great america near chicago. the two theme parks have a bet going, whoever wins the series, the new york metz or the chicago cubs, will rename their park and signature thrill right after their own. if the cubs pen, it would be renamed six flags great cubs. . great america could become six flation great metz. the massive roller coast ergo lie@will be renamed go metz. they pledge to keep the names through november 1st. this is some site. crews in cape may county have quite a cleanup. >> reporter: an unusual demolition project at the jersey shore after a house is washed
5:27 pm
into a popular waterway. >> i'm glad they were quick in response to deal with it. >> i'm ted greenberg and asking who is paying to get it out of here. >> governor tom wolf weighs in on pennsylvania's budget woes. for life...
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sgli this is nbc 10 news. >> an unusual sight. crews are pulling an entire house out of bay, just off north wildwood. the house has been sitting there for weeks. while neighbors are happy to see it go, they say more work needs to be done. jersey shore reporter ted greenberg has the story. >> a house in ruins. >> i'm glad they were quick in response to deal with it. >> piece by piece demolition contractors are pulling debris from the wrecked home out of grassy sound channel off north wildwood. it's been there for nearly three weeks, when the house collapsed into the back bay during stormy weather floated downstream.
5:31 pm
the cost of the demolition between $150 and $175,000. the state will be footing that bill, at least for now. >> the state does reserve the rights to recoup the costs of it. edward dorcheck says hess's in limbo. the house crashed into his pier. the 75-year-old says he can't afford to fix what the floating home ripped down. >> i'm very frustrated. don't know what's going to happen. everyone i turn, no one is responsible. >> neighbors conditioned for years about the home's deteriorating condition. the owner told us after hurricane sandy, he didn't have money to make repairs the the currents job is expected to take another day or so.
5:32 pm
a wrecked piece of jersey shore property now destined for a landfill. >> right now at 5:00, burglary victims have the opportunity to get some of that is belongings back. 56-year-old richard lewis of wilmington is charged in at least two burglaries. one was a home on buck road, another on carpenter es road. police searched his home and recovered stolen jewelry and a rare painting. victims can see the items next tuesday at the public safety building. we could learn tomorrow what pennsylvania's top prosecutor plans to do when her law license is suspended. she says she's prepared an e-mail for her staff that will also be made public. that e-mail will include what duties she intends to perform after the suspension. her license to practice law was put on indefinite temporary suspension by the state supreme
5:33 pm
court last month. meanwhile, some are calling for her to be kicked out of office. political activist gene stilt says the constitution lets the governor call a senate hearing for kane to be impeached so long as there's reasonable cause. >> we're way past that. there's crimes, disciplinary board action, way past the reasonable cause. kane is still being paid $158,000 a year for nothing, he says. . the eagles have gone from worst to first after their monday night victory over the giants. the birds are at the top of their division. >> but not all fans are ready to celebrate just yet. happy, happy, right? >> it should be all in, but it's not. >> the fanatic.
5:34 pm
>> callers liked what they saw from the d. they didn't like what they saw from sb. miszed communication, weak throws, c'mon. >> was last night progress? >> no. it was three interceptions, a lot of underthrown balls. i didn't see him make a positive step last night. >> i didn't, either. >> even at halftime with the eagles leading, you had people at twitter saying maybe it's time to put in sanchez. is he still the best option? who knows? certainly they'll need more out of him. >> so on a day when we should all be smiling, we're all sort of complicated. are they guess to pick up steak?
5:35 pm
it's monday night football, the defense is killing it and you're saying to yourself. >> we'll take it. >> it's still a win. the birds take on the undefeated carolina panthers in charlotte. kickoff is at 8:20. stay with us with us for exclusive coverage. the official tv station of the philadelphia eagles. don't forget to vote for high school game of the week. your choices include -- you request also text year vote. new recommendation for ma'am ograms have raised questions and
5:36 pm
concerns tonight for women. we'll take a closer look at the changes. plus a local doctor explains what women should take away from this information. and we have warmer temperatures still in the forecast for the rest of the week under another cooldown. i'll show you the timing of that and how warm we'll get. that's coming up.
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111 days and counting the. today pennsylvania appears no closer to passing a budget. >> it's not an idle threat. i feel like paul revere saying, this is something that's coming.
5:39 pm
tells me. to pass a budget gap with gimmicks. he may be forced to cut funding from purpose -- >> a $2 billion definite set. guess where the cuts will come? >> doesn't that sort of defy the lodger here of why you came into office? >> if i have to do that, yeah. i don't know how you get to a rational conversation, what your priorities are, until you actually say mathematically, let's plug this hole. the governor calls emergency funding bill to schools and rape crisis centers a short-term fix. now in the fourth month of this financial feud, he stands by the need for a long-term solution, and says it's up to lawmakers to bring it to im. >> what are you prepared to give to make this finally come to an end? >> i have made compromises on liquor, on pensions, on expenditures. i just don't know how you compromise on 2 plus 2 equals 4.
5:40 pm
i don't know how you do that. i don't know how you compromise on the truth that we are facing a structural budget deficits. >> right now no new bet meetings have been called. we also called legislators to get a response to governor's statements. the state republican party told us in part, quote. tom wolf's massive tax hikes have been rejected by both democrats and republicans in the state house on two indications. for the sake of our school districts, social services and the commonwealth at large, we hope that tom wolf will stop campaigning long enough to sit down with republicans and develop a solution to our budget crisis. we turn to this now. driving out hunger, the 40,000-pound donations that a local food bank just received. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. vince mazzeo-
5:41 pm
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
new advice for women from the american cancer society. when it comes to breast cancer screenings, and it boils down to three key changes. first, annual mammograms should begin at 45 instead of 40. then they should switch to every other year at age 55, and routine physical breast exams by doctors are no longer necessary. and today's new guidelines only seem to be adding to the confusion. with recommendations continuing to shift, many women are left with more questions than answers. >> we wanted to try to clear up some of that confusion. >> dr. debra coppic joins us. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you.
5:44 pm
so now these annual mammograms should start at age 45, right? other groups have recommended 45 or 50. you were diagnosed with breast cancer in your 40s. knowing this, what advice would you give to women now? >> i think it's unfortunate that the american cancer society came out with these guidelines, but there are many, many other organizations that recommend yearly screening mammography starting at age 40. it's simpler for women to remember, and it also has provinging to the best way to reduce mortality from breast cancer. >> dr. copit, what about the radiation risk look with the false-positive risks. radiation risks are not positive. >> well, a couple things, the risk for developing cancer from the radiation of a mammogram is the theoretical risk. that's first and foremost.
5:45 pm
the false positives i this is -- unfortunately what they did was make them completely confusing for patients and clinicians. as for mri, it's a wonderful study in a paul group of high-risk patients, and it doesn't really apply to the general population the way that screening miami ography does. >> so considering that, doctor, what would you tell women that come to you? >> i would tell them to start getting mammograms at age 40, and continue yearsly until you're if at an age where you feel it's not benefiting you anymore. that's when you have the discussion with your physician about when to stop? but certainly not when to start. and of course if you have a genetic -- then these guidelines, of course, then don't apply. >> absolutely. this is for the average risk
5:46 pm
woman. >> dr. copit, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. helps to eliminate this confusion. transmission are help automaker -- >> they're also requires more trips to the repair shop, coke to a new record lexus and toyota, which rely on older transmissions were the best performings, audi, mazda and subaru rounded out the top five. worst, infin at this time, cadillac, ram -- amazon is boosting its holiday hiring by 25%. amazon said today it would hire 100,000 seasonal workers. that's on top of the 25,000 full-time employees the company has hired recently. it indicates a shift in the way we are shopping. brick and mortar retailers target and walmart are hiring about the same number of
5:47 pm
seasonal associates as last year. a 40,000-pound deliveries. nbc 10 was in, when a semipacked with macaroni and, philabundance will deliver the food to the 400 partner agencies. >> it's a wonderful contribution, and we will get this out to everyone in need. >> philabundance serves about 90,000 people a week in nine counties in pennsylvania and new jersey. well, the warmup is on the way starting with today, we are in the low 70s, or at least for most of the area we did get to around 70 degrees. the warmup is going to continue tomorrow even as we go into thursday, we'll be staying dry. so we've seen about 11 days so far with rainfall that we cannot measure, because we've had so
5:48 pm
little. most days have been just dry. temperatures dropping once again from the warm area back down to the cold. right now in philadelphia, though, it's 70 degrees, mostly sunny out there. that's continuing to give us the warmer air. tomorrow will in fact by warmer than today. right now through the lehigh valley, 70 degrees. much of south jersey right around 70. dover coming in at 69 degrees. tonight, even though we'll have clearer skies, we won't be as cold as we were last night. the rain you see up around buffalo, that will stay to the north, area of high pressure will be keeping us dry as we go through the next several days, and it will be keeping or temperature on the warmer side. too. but watch as we go through time here, this is future weather and temperatures we stay dry and by 9:00 a.m. almost in the mid 50s, around the philadelphia area. through tomorrow afternoon we'll be topping out in the mid 70s, low 70s, areas north and west.
5:49 pm
the warmup continues going into thursday. highs right around 70 degrees for the philadelphia area, and then after thursday, that's when we see that bigger cooldown coming in. so even with the cool air moving in, not until the end of the week, we still have the fall foliage with the warmer temperatures, may not feel too much like fall, but certainly looks like it. here's the map of the new england area, best color for our area into new jersey and northern delaware, best color for any fall foliage will be october 24th through the 31st. i'm sure you've already seen it out there, especially if you're in the poconos. the best color is actually this week, and it doesn't last very long. the color in extreme northern p.a. has already peaked. if we go even farther into new england, a lot of that color is now quickly passing. so you definitely want to try to see the fall foliage before all the leaves start to fall off. it doesn't last very long. tonight will be clear out, knolls at cold. 42 degrees, areas north and
5:50 pm
west. then tomorrow we'll still see a warm day sunny skies, temperatures from 72 to 75 degrees. we keep on warming up as we go into thursday, then we see the drop not until the end of the week. thursday 77 degrees, a warm day, again the average high 65. again we go into friday, we drop down to 60. another cold front moving through. we will be sunny. going into the weekend a chilly start saturday. lows right around the 40s, highs around 60 degrees. sunday we'll be in the mid 60s. the low 60s come back next week, so enjoy the warm area torte. today we got a look at what's next for the industrial complex. it includes building two new plants which could bring dozens of jobs back to the area. you may remember the study was started back in 2012 after sun
5:51 pm
knoc sunoco. -- >> emerged as economic promise and revitalization made possible by the u.s. energy renaissance. local leaders hope the rebirth will be growth not only for marcus hook, but the entire county. state senators discuss the possibilities today of. the move could save about $2 4u7bz,000 a year. supporters say the phones are no longer needed, because most drivers use phones. crew are trying to find out if there's spots where cell phones don't work. they can't vote yet, but many kids still have an opinion. next a group of elementary school children give us their insight about the changes they want philadelphia's next mayor to make.
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contact your health plan for the latest information. two weeks from today on november 3rd, philadelphia voters will go to the polls though choose the city's next mayor. republican melissa murray-bailey is up against democrat jim kenny. today they faced some critics.
5:55 pm
>> dozens of fourth and fifth graders proposed ideas on how the next mayor can improve the city and schools. >> reporter: these kids have opinions on how to make their world and their schools better. >> i think they should -- and the city -- >> >> reporter: she their their ideas with philadelphia's mayoral candidates. we also wanted to know what they think of the other race, presidential one. >> reporter: what would you like to see the next president do? >> i would like to see -- >> reporter: the number of candidates running for president tops 20, but two names stand out even if you're 10. >> hillary clinton and donald trump. >> reporter: now if she wins, she would be the first woman president. what do you think about that? >> that would be school. having a girl runs as a president.
5:56 pm
you know, boys and stuff, they think girls can't do anything. >> i love that. >> out of the mouths of babes. >> exactly. all right. a treat for "star wars" fans, if you cause you will it during half time during the eagles game last night. >> fans got to see the trailer in its entirety. ♪ >> tickets to see "star wars" went on sale right after the trailer aired. fans crashed some ticket sites for a short time. the movie opens this december 18th. the trailer previews the seventh installment in the "star wars" film can ton. nbc 10 news at 6:00. a changing of the guard that has one local police chief concerned. glenn? >> you needed your winter coat yesterday. make short sleeves today. my forecast for the rest of the week is next. also new guidelines for when
5:57 pm
women should get a ma'mmograamm. tonight reaction from local doctors and patients on the front lines fighting cancer. that's next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
a local university ramps up security on campus, setting up its own police force with armed officer.
5:59 pm
tonight a. good evening i'm jim rosenfield. villanova is making the move for a university police department. right now if there's an emergency on campus, public safety officers, they have to call 911. nbc 10's rosemary conors joins us live with why radner's police chief is concerned about the process here. rosemary? >> reporter: he's got some questions. for example, what will the protocol be when it comes to handling a crisis to protect the 10,000 students who are here on campus? villanova is calling for about 20 of the 75-member public safety department to be police ready to act with force in the event of an emergency. >> you never know. even if a safe place it can happen. >> reporter: while oregon may be on the other coast, a recent mass shooting there hit home on villanova's campus where over two years ago the school began contemplating starting a campus police department. the increase in that kind of random active shooter violence
6:00 pm
contributed to the decision to move forward with sworn and armed officers. >> guns on campus? it does pose some problems, but increased safety i feel like it's worth it? >> right now our public safety department is picking up the phone and dialing 911. >> crishri he explains their cu officers are unlimited. they get stuck in traffic because they can't use flashing lights or sirens. he insists trained and certified cops on campus will make a difference. >> we'll be able to respond in cases of emergency. they'll be able to question individuals. they'll be able to access law enforcement databases. >> i'm concerned about the hiring standards, because we have a very intensive background that we do here for potential radner police officers. >> the township's police chief tells me villanova reached out to him about working together to


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