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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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contributed to the decision to move forward with sworn and armed officers. >> guns on campus? it does pose some problems, but increased safety i feel like it's worth it? >> right now our public safety department is picking up the phone and dialing 911. >> crishri he explains their cu officers are unlimited. they get stuck in traffic because they can't use flashing lights or sirens. he insists trained and certified cops on campus will make a difference. >> we'll be able to respond in cases of emergency. they'll be able to question individuals. they'll be able to access law enforcement databases. >> i'm concerned about the hiring standards, because we have a very intensive background that we do here for potential radner police officers. >> the township's police chief tells me villanova reached out to him about working together to
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make the transition. he hopes the succeeds of campus police will be the same here. >> i think the goal is the same, to keep the students safe, but i want to make sure we go about it the right way. >> reporter: villanova tells me the officers would have to receive 800 hours of training, the same that's required for municipal police officers. reporting live in villanova, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> all right, rosemary, just last week we told you about a college at the jersey shore looking at the possibility of arming its security guards. right now atlantic cape community college has officers patrolling campus, but they are not armed an atlanta -- asked to consider arming security guards. the president is bringing a group of experts to see how that would work. a make development this evening as to when women should first get a mammogram. new guidelines by the american cancer society pushed back the age. sydney long is joining us live
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from the md anderson cancer hospital in camden with reaction. sydney? >> reporter: jim, i can tell you this is a big change by the american cancer society, now telling women they can wait five mohr years until they're 45, and it also says women 5 a and older can now do the same every other year. the lead surgeon here at md anderson says it would do two things, cause confusion, but also spark conversation about risk and family history. >> it is a bit of a surprise. we didn't have a lot of advance notice on the new recommendations. >> dr. kristin brill, head breast cancer surgeon at md anderson's center anticipates some confusion and controversy over the new guidelines. >> the fallout could be from the newer recommendations. >> the cancer society's sudden about-face changes the annual
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mammogram recommendation from age 40 to 450 annually for women of average risk. it also came as a surprise to 22-year-old anjenae. >> i don't know my family history. >> reporter: she's in pink today. one of her close friends just diagnosed with breast cancer this week, at the age of 24. >> when it comes to cancer, you think of death sometimes -- you know, like&÷xn americans are dif breast cancer or some type of cancer. >> dr. brill can appreciate constitutions jury of overscreening too soon. >> especially with younger women with dense breast tissue, overscreening or more sensitive screening tools can produce some false-positives and anxiety that's really undue. but she says the average age breast cancer development is age 61. >> my concern, though, is women may not feel the importance of doing mammograms even every two years at that point when breast
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cancer risk is at its greatest. >> i think it should be all ages. my friend is 24. she's not -- imagine if she was 45, would it be worse? so i believe it's not accurate. >> reporter: a local obstetrician, everything is pink, it's now a marketing tool, then you tell women let's do less screening and make people nervous. he also said he reviewed the brand-new guidelines, but still stance by the american college of obstetrics and gynecology and believes women should have that very first screening at the age of 40. live in cam ben, i'm sydney long, nbc 10 news. lots of conversations. for an in-depth look, watch "nbc nightly news with lester holt" right after this broadcast. a health alert. in the past month 19 students
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have been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. there's no real treatment to help with the scores and skin rash. last year only one student came down with the virus. a few articles, the results of the parcc tests were -- parcc test was criticized as being two confusing and too long when the state adopted it last year. today's results show that about 6 on% of new jersey students are below grade level expectations for a college-bound student. the results are generally in line with expectations, and with the results of other states, but education officials admit they show lots of room for improvement. >> we must not retreat from this commitment, as we begin toss much more clearly the work that remains before us. >> states already making adjustments to the 2016 parcc test, officials say that test will be shorter than the exams
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students took in the spring. students and school districts should begin receives their individual results next month. to our weather now. what a difference a day makes. 15 to 20 degree temperature change out there, nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us with his first forecast. it feels nice out there. >> some eagle fans were probably hoping for temperatures like tonight. we've had a lot of sunshine this afternoon, and a warmer air mass, and it has gotten up to 71 degrees today. right now it's 67, in the 60s throughout the area. hardly ni cloud cover around the area, and in philadelphia we see temperatures t. down to 51. at the store on down to 56. no precipitation, mostly clear skies, and thennist going to get
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even warmer tomorrow. we'll see how warm it gets this week, and what things look like for the weekend. with the seven-day in a few minutes. detectives are trying to figure out why a home was the target of a violent invasion. a woman was forced to drive to an atm to withdraw $100. it just seemed to be at random. >> they have one in custody and looking for the second robber. kathleen contain's first day will be thursday.
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on in definite any temporary, and also akeying will make public her e-mail to her staff. a key endorsement today in the race for philadelphia city council. mayor nutter backed greenly and brown as well as derek green who won a spot on the ballot in the primary. they who used to work in the nutter administration. he's running for one of the two atlarge seats. to decision 2016. still no decision from vice president joe biden on his political future. we asked ed rendell whether biden should run for president. rendell says no. >> i don't see a path to victory
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for him. he's been a great vice president. i think the best in my lifetime. he also says he would hope he would retire and go out as one of the best vice president, not go out as a losing -- and he added hillary clinton can beat donald trump if they go head to head. a montgomery county man is accused of sharing more than 1,000 images of child importantographer. pablo rodriguez was aroasted yesterday. homeland security seized hi computers last metropolitan, found several e-mails accounts with 1500 images and videos of naked children. bill cosby loseses another honorary degree, the board at frankly and marshall rescinded the idea, giving to cosby 15iers. also looking at returning the $100,000 he gave to start a scholarship that several students already used. he faces numerous allegations, but never been charged with a
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crime. governor chris christie says no flights from new jersey to cuba until a cop killer is brought to justice. he wants new jersey and the port authority to reject an effort to start airlines service to cuba. she was convicted of killing a state trooper in 1997, but escaped to cuba. coming up next at 6:00, roaches at a popular restaurant on the main line. two months later, a first look inside the kitsch. also a house floated away at the jersey shore. tonight who will foot the bill for crews to pull it out. glenn? we have a big warmup during the day a today. we'll see how long that warm weather lasts with the forecast up next.
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'roach infestation just one of the sanitary issues that such down a main line landmark over the summer. now the owners of the popular restaurant are asking customer toss come back saying they've cleaned up. we take you inside yangming. >> alan, do you remember me? >> sandy mckenna is a longtime
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customer. >> i'd like to just take a look at the kitchen. >> reporter: she says she plans to return, though her friends need some convincing. >> he felt the customers were betrayed, and that their health was endangered. >> reporter: it was in august when several sanitary concerns forced radner town ship to close yangming. >> do you take any responsibility for that? >> yeah. any time any problems i should take responsibility. >> reporter: food prep has begun for tomorrow's lunch. they told you that they invited us in today so they could show people rather than tell them that they've cleaned up their act. >> our cameras were inside. the owners say they spent half a million replacing carpet, and cleaning. they say new sewer lines were instayed. managers told me the -- and a lacks pest control company was part of the problem.
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you can't blame it completely on an old building. people will find it hard to believe you didn't see any evidence. >> yeah, i was a little -- on the trustee the pest control company to do the job. >> reporter: the restaurant says it has reservation for wednesday and the hope is the old customer base will return the. >> you can find out if your favorite restaurant has any health violations. just look for the link on our website and news app. sky force 10 was above an demolition crews looked to remove this house in ruins. it's been sitting in the grassy sound chabl for nearly three weeks. the how collapsed during stormy weather, floated downstream and settled in the spot, which is popular for fishing and crabbing. we spoke to one neighbor who wishes the state would fix his
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house instead which was damaged by the floating home. >> i'm very frustrated. everywhere i turn no one is responsible. >> it's costing the state between 150 and 175,000 to demolish the homes. crews expect it another day or so to finish the job. that was quite a storm that we had, but we don't have any kind of significant storms on the horizon. we've had a big warmup here. the temperature is going up considerably in the last 24 hours. we continue the dry stitch of weather. today is the 11th day in a row without any measurable rain. not a big storm chance, a chance of any kind of rain. we have a lot of sunshine during the day today right now it's clear for the most part. the wind is still 13 myron, but
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city not as strong as even an hour ago. today 71, and then it's going up from there. 74 on wednesday, 77 thursday before we cool down. we're in the 60s across much of the area. you can see mid 60s for the most part. very uniform conditions when you have the wind that helps to do that. look at this difference here. generally 15 to 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the poconos, 20 degrees warmer, and there are showers on the map, but they're up in new york state, moving straight to the east. and the eastern two thirds of the country overall. still very, very dry, with high pressure right over the east coast. now the cool air has move out. warmer air moved in, the warmest day looks like it comes on
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thursday, well up into the 70s, then a cold front comes down from the north. that will cool us down, but it's not going to make it as cold as what we saw sunday or monday. so as we go through the night tonight, we're going to see the temperatures not drop as much. then tomorrow up a little more from what we saw today, then on thursday, another shot of warmer air pushing it closer to 80 degrees than to 70. then there we cool off a bit on friday and saturday, but on sunday, it starts trying to warm up a bit. we're not talking about those 70s returning. so the next two days after today, we've got temperatures into the 70s, and then that's it for a while. 52 for a low in philadelphia, not as cold as was last night. 42 degrees for the low north and west, and a couple days ago remember they were in the 20s.
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sunny and warm tomorrow, high temperatures in the low to mid 70s, the average high is closer to 65. then 77 on thursday. probably dry, a chance of rain is not zero, but it's pretty low. friday we are significantly cooler after a front comes through. a high of only 60 degrees, then a cool start on saturday. 30s in most of the area. 63 degrees for the high. then on sunday, that should be the cloudiest day, and the day with the highest chance of showers, but even that is knolls a very high chance. call it about a 20% chance right now, and if that would occur, most likely at night, and then monday and tuesday we're on the cool side as well. hurricane, thanks. i'm john clack. how about the eagles defense hold it together. and sam bradford knows he has to
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hey, i'm john clark. the eagles are in first place as 3-3. they have their defense to thank for that. of the game. the birds' defense got three turnovers. the giants only had three you see nolan carroll will. the birds have forced 16 turnovers. the birds' d got away eli manning. they shut down the giants after a rough start.
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>> sticking together as a team and organization believing in each other. >> you have a group that is mentally tough and resilient and won't fold and pout and turn on each other every time something goes wrong, the way our guys respond is what separates them. >> now, sam bradfordb- threw the more interceptions last night. that's five in the last two games, nine picks in his first six games. the last eagles quarterback to do that, ron jaworski. chip kelly knows, this has to change. >> i don't know what waiting out is. sam's or quarterback, so we have full confidence. >> it's just indonzant, missing throws. there was some good, some bad. where we want to be, i've got to play much better.
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>> brian westintoic is now an eagles hall of famer. he was inducted last night with maxi bond. mike trout and bradley cooper, bradley even sang the birds' fight song. ♪ fly eagles fly >> a real-life silver linings playbook there. they're at a five-day break, going against the dallas stars. the backup goalie has two shutdowns. steve mason is back from dealing with a serious personal issue. he will start tonight. >> i feel pretty good. i had a good couple days here. you know, put the work in and just make sure i did the best i could to prepare. i'm john clark. we'll have flyers highlights at
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11:00. see you then. >> thanks, j.c. one on one with chelsea clinton. she talks about what she thinking of her mother's run for president. it's an exclusive tonight at 11:00.
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a couple nice days coming up. >> if you like that sort of thing, which i do. it's a little too early for the cold stuff. it's coming, but we've got a couple very mild days. 71 degrees today, 74 tomorrow, 77 thursday, and then it's back closer to the average temperatures as we go through the weekend and into next week. generally dry pattern just a chance of a couple showers later on sunday. that's not intoed for fall. the colors are getting better and better all the time, peaking
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in the poconos this weekend. the news continuing now with "nbc nightly news with lester holt." tonight, breast cancer confusion. a major shift from the american cancer society over what age women should start getting mammograms. tonight the heated debate and question so many are asking. biden versus clienton. the vice president sounding more like a candidate seemingly taking swipes at hillary clinton and what he said today about the lynn bin laden raid raising eyebrows. and new car rankings. which is the most reliable and most headaches. we have the list filled with surprises. and the future is now. october 2015, we are hours from the day that back to the future stepped on the hover board. what did the movie get


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