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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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march and rally to raise awareness about safety in our schools. sky force 10 captured the scene within the last hour. >> nbc 10's doug shimell spoke with the students today. joining us live now in spring garden. what do they have to say? >> well, you know, if you're a student, you should be facing test anxiety, no the gun anxiety. >> the students and clergy aimed their march at the gun range. his business sits near the community college of philadelphia that was on lockdown two weeks ago during a gun scare. he says he knows college shootings and threats polarize people against shops like his. >> i hate using the word either side. we're all americans here. we shouldn't be divided here. but i open my place up to them, to everyone, to come here and have a discussion. >> he says he met with the march organizers several months about his application to add a gun shot to the shooting range.
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>> it's the first time we've done it. >> but brian miller says the previous gun shop sold weapons that turned up at crime scenes. >> they attract crime, they attract violence, and that's bad for the whole city. but it's especially bad with being so close to where students are educated. >> for many local high school and college students, academic terror is enough. >> a lot of people were feeling as though they had to choose between getting an education and living their life. and that's a decision that no 20-year-old, no 19-year-old should have to make. >> but campus violence is becoming the ever present fixture. >> for these cases to keep on occurring and not even be surprising anymore is surprising and devastating and really sad. and so a rally is necessary. >> one of those students says until lawmakers in harrisburg and washington get over their fear of the national rifle association, nothing's going to change.
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live in spring garden, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. right now at 5:00, ending a few days of frenzy and months of speculation, joe biden says today he will not run for president. biden says he and his family were mourning the death of beau biden and too much time had gone by to mount a winning campaign now. steve handelsman has the story from the white house. >> reporter: with his wife jill and president obama by his side, vice president joe biden said it's too late for him to run for president. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> the bidens have been mourning since may. now, they're smiling at the memory of their son, says joe, not just weeping over his death from cancer. but the vice president warned his window to run narrowed while they mourned. >> it might close. i've concluded, it has closed.
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>> hillary clinton gets stronger, gaining five points over bernie sanders with biden out. clinton at 58% in the new nbc news "wall street journal" poll. >> you can't say anything certain in politics, but she's the closest thing to a lock i've ever seen in an open primary campaign. >> republican front-runner donald trump tweeted personally, i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad. at the debate, clinton had called trump's party her enemy. >> probably the republicans. >> that's not joe biden's style. >> they are opposition. they're not our enemies. >> after 42 years in washington, a senator, twice a presidential candidate and then vice president, biden promises to keep speaking out, which knowing joe, nobody doubts. here the a the rose garden today, biden said democrats clearly meaning hillary clinton should campaign on president obama's record and not against it. i've steve handelsman, nbc news at the white house.
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today's news may surprise some people. it's a list headlined by pennsylvania representative brendan boyle. you may remember on monday, boyle tweeted this out. quote, i have a very good source close to joe that tells me vp biden will run for pres, end quote. upon hearing the decision today, respective boyle took to twitter once again and says, quote, i'm surprised, clearly something changed. like many, i admire and respect vp biden. in the meantime, i'll stick to my day job, end quote. and today, biden said while he won't be a candidate, he won't be silent either. one issue he plans to take on is the fight against cancer. we know biden has a special connection to this cause after his son beau died of brain cancer. much more on that coming up at 5:00. now to your first alert weather. nbc 10 along the bridge in cape may county. a gorgeous day to get outside and maybe take a walk, like those people were doing.
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>> exactly, let's talk to sheena parveen. today, felt like late summer. what's it going to feel like later? it's going to catch up to us, isn't it? >> yes, eventually before the weekend gets here, it will be catching up with you. but in the meantime, i'd say get out and enjoy the weather today, unseasonably warm tomorrow, and we get a cool down before the weekend gets here. right now, though, at 74 degrees in philadelphia. now, the average high where we are supposed to be this time of year is actually at 65 degrees. 10 degrees above normal, even in northeast philly, 75 degrees chester springs. 76 degrees in wilmington. lehigh valley around the mid-70s. allentown, 74 degrees, and mt. pocono, very comfortable at this hour. 68 degrees. 73 in blue bell, closer to the shore, temperatures in some areas are in the 60s. beach haven, 66 degrees, atlantic city airport, 69. woodbine coming in at 76. dover, 68 degrees, millville, 69, very comfortable outside, and in fact, it's going to stay pretty comfortable as we go
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through the rest of your evening. not as cold tonight, but the skies will be clear. by 7:00 p.m., we'll be in about the upper 60s through the philadelphia area. low 60s along the shore and up in the poconos, then by 11:00 tonight, only about the mid-50s for the poconos and along the shore and only around 60 degrees by 11:00 p.m. in the philadelphia area. so, again, not as cold tonight. tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than today, believe it or not. but then, we get that cool down before the weekend comes. i'll show you how cool it's going to get and how long that'll last coming up. >> thank you. we have new information tonight about the death of a 3-year-old boy. investigators have ruled there were no signs of sexual assault to the young victim. and they say no signs of forced entry into the father's apartment. nbc 10 also learned today that the boy's father d.j. and his parents now have lawyers. yesterday, marked one week since brendan's body was discovered near the cooper river. autopsy results are inconclusive and toxicology reports are still
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pending. philadelphia police make an arrest in a pair of violent crimes near the campus, but they are still searching for a second suspect. 26-year-old robert sherrill is charged with car jacking, robbery and other offenses. police say sherrill is one of two men who stole a temple football player's car as he was leaving a chinese restaurant at 10 street and susquehanna avenue wednesday. a few hours later, investigators believe the two robbed another student at gunpoint at 15 street and montgomery avenue. the search for the second suspect continues. a man accused of killing seven people in seven weeks in pennsylvania, new jersey, told police he heard the devil's voice in his head. 23-year-old todd west and two others on trial for killing a man in easton and man and woman in allentown back in july. according to the district attorney, the victims were chosen at random. victims lived in allentown, lehigh county.
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survivors testified that a man fired a gun at them from the inside window of an suv at a stoplight. west told police his two accomplices brought the ammunition to the crime scenes. they brought him, as well. all three suspects have pleaded not guilty, west's lawyer is looking into having his client's mental health tested. take a look the a this row house fire in crescentville this morning. on geneva avenue, trying to save his dogs. a viewer sent us this video. neighbors say the own er went i to rescue a second dog. you can see rescuers trying to resuscitate one of the animals, but unable to save it. the other dog survived. the man being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. a firefighter and two police officers are recovering after saving a man from a burning house last night. the firefighter was struck by debris and treated in the e.r. before going home.
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the officers who had smoke inhalation are also out of the hospital. the person who had to be rescued was taken to temple hospital. switching gears now, state troopers on board. today, pennsylvania troopers hitched a ride on school buses across the state as part of operation safe stop. it's meant to crack down on drivers who illegally pass school buses. the penalty is a $250 fine, a 60-day license suspension, and five points against your driver's license. in the meantime, delaware's teacher of the year works in a fourth grade classroom. sandra hall was chosen out of 9,000 teachers in the first state. she's a mother of two and a military spouse. nominees had to submit a portfolio explaining their teaching philosophy. some have struggles outside of school that we can only imagine. as teachers, we must get to know our students. understand where they come from
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and discover their stories. >> and teacher chelsea collins of salem in new jersey's teacher of the year represents pennsylvania, all three will go on to complete and compete in a national program. a popular main line chinese restaurant is back in business two months after health inspectors shut it down for a roach infestation. customers return where it opened for lunch this afternoon. back in august, police cited yangming for failing to control insects and rodents and keeping food in unsanitary conditions. they spent $500,000 to repair the restaurant. customers told us, they're happy to have their favorite restaurant back. bethlehem city council gave a thumbs up for martin tower, empty since 2007. it sits on 53 acres of land.
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the proposal, eliminates a requirement that the building be rehabilitated and reused. rezoning allows for the property to be used for shops, restaurants and homes. it is still not a done deal. fattah jr. says prosecutors can't keep up with him inside the courtroom. >> they're just continuing to try to lay out their weak case. it's not going so well. >> coming up, an inside look at his fraud trial and how he's defending himself against the charges. plus, a deadly case of road rage and this 4-year-old girl caught in the cross-fire. the piece of information that police are begging for. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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a new york teenager beaten within inches of his life inside his church in upstate new york testified against his family today. christopher leonard testified his parents, his sister and three others punched him and whipped him with an electrical cord. the 17-year-old said the beating took place because both he and his brother refused to answer questions during a meeting last week at the word of life christian church in new hartford. his 19-year-old brother died of the injuries. all six have entered pleas of
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not guilty. more than 100 law enforcement executives, including charles ramsey are in washington to call for reducing crime by reducing unnecessary arrests. these police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors have formed a new coalition called law enforcement leaders to reduce crime and incarceration. the group is operating under the premise putting too many people behind bars does not keep the public safe. they are pushing congress and state lawmakers for three things. alternatives to arrests, reducing the number of criminal laws and ending mandatory minimum prison sentences. >> we all have something we can say. >> if you put a gun in somebody's face and say, give me your money, that's a crime. and if you get caught with ten bags of heroin, do you think those two crimes should carry the same weight in the criminal justice system? >> do we have to have another solution? not just non-arrest. but placement in programs that can lead people to a life of
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sobriety and one of nonviolence. >> more than a few million people in a u.s. prison, more than any other country in the world. we are learning more about a tragic road rage incident in new mexico. a toddler was shot and killed during the incident. >> police are now begging other drivers along the busy interstate where it all took place to help them find out who is responsible. jay gray has the latest. >> it happened along this stretch of interstate 40 in albuquerque. >> the truck was literally going across several lanes and just to avoid this vehicle to pass. >> road rage that investigators say ended with murder. >> one car pulled up against the other car and started firing rounds into that vehicle. >> one of those rounds killing 4-year-old lily garcia. >> i've seen tragic loss of children in car crashes. to me, this is one of those crimes which is unexplainable. >> late this afternoon, investigators released a description of the suspect, the
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male in his mid-20s to early 30s, light to dark complexion possibly hispanic, average build, short dark hair and a goatee. believed to be driving a maroon or dark red toyota four-door sedan with tinted windows, a spoiler and a university of new mexico logo sticker. >> the tragic loss of little 4-year-old lily long before her time. but our commitment to the family and to our community is that we will catch this guy. >> sheriff deputies also hope at some point to get important information from the little girl's mom and dad who were inside the truck, but not injured when the shots were fired. >> the parents have to go through a grieving process. we owe them the highest degree of suspect -- respect, and a time for the family to be together. >> family shattered by what police are calling a senseless atta
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attack. america, apparently, is tired of hearing about the e-mail scandal surrounding hillary clinton. that's according to a new poll. 59% of those surveyed said they're sick of hearing about the issue. however, 48% say she's not being honest about the matter. clinton will get a chance to clear the air tomorrow. she's set to testify before the congressional committee. investigating the deaths of american officials in benghazi. questions about her e-mail accounts are expected to come up. well, we are in the 70s again, today, but a little bit warmer than we were yesterday at this time. about a few degrees warmer. still unseasonably warm, though, we should be in the mid-60s this time of the year. but we'll be warmer even tomorrow. enjoy that weather because colder air is coming back into the forecast before the weekend gets here. and it's going to be cool across the weekend. we are watching for any chance
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of showers across the weekend, too. it's not going to ruin any of your plans. looks like it could be saturday night into early sunday morning. but, of course, we'll have updates tomorrow and friday. live look out at center city, looking at nice conditions, 74 degrees in philadelphia. so far, we have gotten to 75 degrees, but there you see the average high of 65. we started out the week in the mid-50s. yesterday, low 70s, today, mid-70s. tomorrow, we should be right around 77 degrees. but, again, enjoy that warm weather if that's what you like. once we get into friday, we're going to be dropping into the low 60s. we'll be well above normal and dropping a little bit below normal. right now, in the mid-70s for most of the area, south jersey and delaware dropping into the upper 60s. 68 degrees in dover, millville, atlantic city, 74, though, in allentown. 75 degrees right now northeast philly. nice and dry, and we expect to stay this way to end the week. the mild air is going to stick around, the coldest air up to our north. and that's where you see that
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snow. that's not heading in this direction anytime soon. the cooler air will move in as we end the week. future weather, we stay dry as we go into tomorrow, all because of that area of high pressure. that's also going to give us the warmest day out of the week right around 77 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. so a very comfortable day. then, a cold front moves through as we go into friday, that cooler air starts to move in. and it's going to stick around as we start off the weekend. so a chilly start to your saturday morning. even as we go into sunday, down in the carolinas, we are still looking at some cool weather, but nice weather for the eagles game against the panthers, sunday, 8:30 p.m., if you're heading in that direction, it'll be dry, mostly cloudy, upper 60s by 11:30. temperatures in the low 60s. so pretty cool across the entire weekend. but pretty comfortable, too. tonight, though, clear skies, not as cold, 55 for the low in philadelphia. 47 degrees, areas north and west. and tomorrow, again, an unseasonably warm day. high temperatures anywhere from 75 to 78 degrees.
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and a mix of sun and clouds outside. and we'll see that sunshine coming back in the forecast more as we go into friday. but the temperatures will be dropping. so 77 tomorrow, then 62 on friday. just remember that because tomorrow afternoon, you're not going to need a jacket, but by friday afternoon, you probably will. going into the weekend, you're going to want it in the morning, saturday, maybe through the afternoon, and we'll be watching for that shower chance. mostly sunday morning at this point, but temperatures do stay in the low 60s, again. another cold front next week, we start off in the low 60s. the future has arrived. october 21st, 2015 is the day doc punched into his delorean and took marty mcfly to the future. plus, caught on video, one man shows us the wrong way to catch a flight.
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comedian chris rock will host the oscars for a second time. rock announced it on twitter, writing, look who's back. #oscars. he made history in 2005 when he became the academy award's first black host. in the statement today, two producers called him the mvp of the entertainment industry. the 88th annual academy awards will be held february 28th. it's a big day for fans of the "back to the future" film series. >> today, in particular, it's got special significance. it's the day the film's characters arrive in the future.
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nbc reports. >> where are we? when are we? >> reporter: back in 1989, "back to the future ii" predicted a lot about this exact date. >> wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> might look like. >> future. >> reporter: some of it's still pretty fanciful. >> he's on a hover board. >> but real life engineers are trying to get us closer. and while they've not yet taken to the skies, a self-driving car modified by engineers at stanford can take riders for a spin. this morning, kids at the chicago area high school got an up close glimpse at one of the cars used in the film. >> it's all about the car. and what kid hasn't wanted to travel through time? >> for jason, the next best thing was collecting back to the future memorabilia. >> when you think about those movies, you can't help but smile because they're fun. >> come on, kid, that's an
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important historical landmark. >> some other time. >> while some of the foresight -- >> wait a minute, cubs win world series. >> may have to wait. >> strike three called -- >> given the past few nights -- >> i would say maybe next year. >> i'll check this out, doc. >> some of it was inevitable. >> one prediction that "back to the future ii" got right was my receding hairline. >> but a movie series that was all about time enjoys a popularity that's timeless. nbc news. >> yeah, the cubbies would have to win four in a row now. "usa today" marking the occasion with this cover. a picture of marty mcfly played by michael j. fox in the series getting arrested. those of you that have seen "back to the future ii," it's the same cover shown to mcfly in the film. love they're taking part in that, though. >> and the cubs have work to do if they're going to meet the goal. >> yeah, if they're going to try to play reversal on the mets there. i don't think it's going to
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happen. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we have new revelations from the fraud trial today against chaka fattah jr., why he's comparing himself to zuckerburg and billgates. now a leader at the v.a. is being subpoenaed by congress and could face criminal charges. and coming up new at 6:00, no more baseball in camden. the city's minor league baseball team is leaving town after 15 seasons. what the team is saying about why they had to make the movie.
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12-year-old xaviana is passionate about art and music. she loves to ride and come up with raps. but she enjoys going skating, so
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we headed to the skate palace. >> let's get on the hardwood. >> when it comes to family, she knows what she's looking for. >> a mom. kids. something like that. >> she is this week's wednesday's child. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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right now at 5:00, a congressman's son on trial for fraud. but tonight fattah jr. tells nbc 10, he's winning the case. prosecutors say fattah used money from business loans to live a lavish life and not pay his taxes. >> deanna durante spoke to fattah outside court today. what did he tell you? >> reporter: testimony in the case has wrapped for the day. he says he's a businessman going up against seasoned federal prosecutors. and he says that the case against him is weak. >> they're just continuing to try to lay out their weak case. not going so well. they got a team of people.
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they got two experienced people. you saw them blowing up in the courtroom. they can't handle themselves professionally. >> at times, exchanges between 32-year-old fattah jr. and prosecutors was heated. one prosecutor raised his voice against the man defending himself. >> i'm not a lawyer. i'm not an expert. i'm going to do the best of the situation i have. looking forward to getting this wrapped up. >> fattah jr. was often up from his seat rifling through files. presented letters written by former clients. the government presented witnesses who testified fattah jr. was paid as much as $10,000 from one person in order to obtain a credit card. a credit card that man never got. tax records are being shown to the jury to demonstrate fattah jr. didn't report all of his income to the government. >> they can't beat this person who sits on the couch watching "law and order." >> he reacted to testimony from a former college roommate who testified earlier in the week he didn't do much in college but eat pizza and watch tv.
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>> yeah, so did mark zuckerburg and bill gates. whatst the problem? >> now, one witness said when he was in high school, he also tried to obtain a credit card through his concierge service. said he never got the card and never reported he gave him money in exchange for the card he never got. he figured the bank would believe a congressman's son over him. nbc 10 news. authorities say a man suspected of fatally shooting a new york city police officer had been wanted in connection with another shooting last month. 33-year-old officer randolph holder was shot in the head last night during a gun battle as he chased a suspect in a bicycle theft. tyrone howard is now in police custody. he was caught several blocks away with a gun shot wound to his leg. authorities say howard had been arrested 20 times for offenses, including drug possession and robbery and was sentenced to state prison twice since 2007. that shooting happened as holder and his partners were responding
5:33 pm
to a call of shots fired near a public housing development. when they arrived, a man and other witnesses say his bike had been stolen at gunpoint. that's when the chase began. holder's father, a former police officer himself described his son as an easy going young man who did his duty diligently. >> wanted to be a policeman. and that he did. he delivers duties diligently. with pride. principle and discipline. >> officer holder was the fourth new york city police officer killed in the last 11 months. new information tonight about five suspects accused in the hazing death of a new york college student in the pocono mountains. five fraternity members the last of 37 to be charged in the death of michael deng. frat brothers at the college physically abused deng in a
5:34 pm
hazing ritual, then tried to cover it up. they're accused of blindfolding him and weighing him down with the book bag while fraternity members knocked him unconscious. it was an hour before anyone called for help. the five suspects are due in court tomorrow. today, a house committee issued subpoenas to five high-ranking officials at the department of veterans affairs. the reason, they didn't show up at a hearing today about alleged manipulation of the agency's hiring system. diana ruben's director of the philadelphia regional office for the veterans benefits administration is one of those people. she could possibly face criminal prosecution. the department's acting inspector general said two officials forced regional managers to accept job transfers. instead of filling the vacancies, took the positions and kept their pay. claiming more than 400,000 in moving expenses. the city is taking steps in
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the battle against bedbugs. the newly established task force met today at the pennsylvania convention center. the goal was to learn how other towns fight bedbugs and get educated about state laws and regulations. the task force was formed in february to curb the rise of infestations in the city and surrounding area. state forest is back open after reports of black bears acting aggressively towards hikers. state and wildlife officials say they caught and killed four bears in the county park. another bear that allegedly chased eight people at the reservation was also caught and killed. investigators are trying to find out if people were feeding the bears. additional warning signs will go up telling people not to feed them. well, what appears pennsylvania's budget battles getting in the way of other matters on the voting table. a state representative of
5:36 pm
committee there forced to postpone a vote to expand gambling as lawmakers work to w toward a resolution. a third expansion in the state in the last six years. among the proposals on the table, legalizing internet gambling, the addition of video poker machines at bars. more slot machines and regulating taxing, regulating and taxing online fantasy sports. take a look at this, an exciting time for fvlt students. today, whyy announced a major expansion of media labs in philadelphia schools. the career and technical hospital. over the next three years, media labs set up and training being provided at 27 philadelphia schools. he's out of the running, saying he won't join the race for president. but now, he plans to take on another campaign. how the vice president is
5:37 pm
putting the fight against cancer in the spotlight. tax time is still a fup months away, but the irs is making changes to protect your private information. the new safeguards that will be in place when you file your next return.
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. have a look at this. you ever miss a flight? well, take a look at this guy. you can see him sprinting on to the runway in denver to stop this plane from taking off. he missed his flight to ohio so he raced on to the tarmac after going through an emergency exit. and it's all because he was trying to get to his high school reunion. the man was arrested. he pleaded not guilty to one count of criminal tampering. an attempt now to stem the explosion of identity fraud has officials making changes to this year's tax returns. the irs says it's made 20 safeguards to protect taxpayer
5:40 pm
information starting this tax season. they'll also be enhanced information sharing between the irs and tax preparation companies when returns are filed and stricter log-in requirements. the irs plans to monitor how long it takes to complete a return and check the electronic address, where the return originated. well, a father reunites with his family after a medical scare. how this nfl player nearly lost his foot from a serious infection. and we have more warm air in the forecast before the week's over, but also, a bigger cooldown on the way. i'll show you those details and how long the cooler air will last coming up.
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vice president joe biden announced he will not run for president in 2016. biden made his announcement from the rose garden this afternoon with his wife jill and president obama by his side. the vice president citing the death of his son beau was a major factor in his decision. he sought the nomination in 1988 and 2008. but exited both races early. the vice president addressed
5:44 pm
several topics during his announcement today. >> he says this decision won't keep him silent. >> but the most impassioned portion of the vice president's speech today had nothing to do with politics. >> nbc 10's is live with more. >> the single most important factor in biden's decision to not run may have been brain cancer took the life of his son this past spring. the vice president vowing to fight that disease as long as he is still standing. >> absolute national commitment. to end cancer, as we know it today. and i'm going to spend the next 15 months in this office pushing as hard as i can to accomplish this. because i know there are democrats and republicans on the hill who share our passion, our passion to silence this deadly disease. >> it was his dying wish his father give it one last go at a
5:45 pm
white house bid. according to the centers for disease control, breast cancer is the most common form of disease in the u.s. delaware and new jersey, among the states with the highest incidents of cancer. and we looked at the numbers and found according to the american cancer society, the most grant money is spent on breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer is next followed by lung cancer. brain cancer is seventh in funding according to the american cancer society. live from the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. back to you. >> jim, thank you, and a new charity golf tournament in honor of bo biden will take place in wilmington. the memorial invitational is set for october 26th at the wilmington country club. the first to benefit the beau biden foundation for the protection of children. the nonprofit continues the work of the late attorney general to prosecute child sex offenders and help the victims. and harrisburg, a group of clergy members are pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana. dozens of clergy members from across the state announced their
5:46 pm
support for medical marijuana. the group wants lawmakers to give patients what they call a safe and responsible remedy. state senators passed a medical marijuana bill this year, but it has not moved in the house. while it is illegal to buy medical marijuana in pennsylvania, it is legal in new jersey, and delaware. more americans are now smoking recreational marijuana. according to new government statistics, the number of adults using the drug has more than doubled since 2001. the highest increases were among women, african-americans, hispanics and in middle-aged or older adults. you might have heard about this now. there is some good news for giants tight end daniel fous. he's been reunited with his family. >> daddy! >> how are you doing? >> this is video from his instagram page and the reception he received from his children when he finally returned home. he has been fighting the
5:47 pm
infection for most of october. he's had several surgeries since his diagnosis. he could lose part of his foot. he's got two more surgeries planned and isn't expected to return to the field this season. you love seeing that reception at home, glad he's doing okay, though. >> so good. makes you smile, doesn't it? >> no doubt. here's something you don't want to hear, though. more than half of food industry workers in the u.s. say they go to work sick. >> researchers polled people working in food processing plants, cafeterias restaurants, and grocery stores. 51% said they frequently go to work when they're ill. the most common reasons for fear of losing their wages and letting down fellow coworkers. 15% said they would not serve the food they make to their own families. >> no way -- >> that's scary. >> it puts it in perspective. >> nbc 10's sheena parveen joins us now. hey, sheena. >> yeah. you know what, we've seen beautiful weather today. we had nice weather yesterday,
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and if you like the warm weat r weather, the streak is going to keep continuing. we have nice weather in the forecast tomorrow, too. a little bit warmer than today. that's going to put us at an unseasonably warm level. here's a live look outside right now. cape may, right at the shore, beautiful conditions. clear skies and the unseasonably warm temperatures. those continue, too. tomorrow will be right around 77 degrees. today we got to 76 so far. cooler air is on the way, though. so tomorrow, we say warm, it's going to be the warmest day of the week. the cooler air before the weekend. and we are watching a chance for weakened showers. nothing to ruin your plans, but we could see some move in. saturday night or early sunday morning. we'll update you on that. right now, mid-70s through most of the areas. low 70s for glassboro and wilmington. atlantic city at 69 degrees. and here's a look up in the poconos, the fall foliage is pretty much at its peak in the
5:49 pm
poconos. philadelphia area, though, will be seeing the peak as we go into next week and the farther south you go, the peak's going to be like early november. new england seeing a lot of the leaves starting to fall off. nice and dry, not as cold as it's been the past several nights. . that cold air that's going to be up in canada for the next several days will try to move down, but until into the weekend. today, we're in the 70s, tomorrow, we'll still be in the 70s. especially with that south wind moving in. we'll be about 10 degrees or more above normal. that's for your tomorrow forecast. then a cold front as we move into friday, and there you see some cooler air spilling down. friday will be a cooler day. you might want your jacket
5:50 pm
through the afternoon at least maybe a light jacket. so we have colder air moving in for the start of your saturday morning. temperatures around 40 degrees for your early saturday and areas north and westerly lehigh valley could get in the upper 30s in some locations. of course, more details on that as we get closer. but either way, you're going to need to swap out the short sleeves tomorrow for a jacket by the end of the week. tonight, though, clear skies, not as cold, 55 degrees, for the low in philadelphia, 47 areas north and west. tomorrow, beautiful day, mixed with sun and clouds out there, temperatures 75 to 78 degrees. the average high is 65 degrees. if you like this type of weather, enjoy this. it is going to be changing into the -- that's going to come with plenty of sunshine. we're watching for chance of
5:51 pm
showers. not too bad sunday, but then another cold front moving into next week dropping back into the low 60s for a daytime high. >> and pretty good football weather for friday. >> here's a look at the early voting. this week's choices, hamilton versus delsea. dublin versus upper moreland. get those votes in. to cast your vote go to, also call or text your vote to 610-624-4111. voting closes tomorrow and we'll announce the winner on nbc 10 news at 11:00. which every picture perfect fall day, the threat of wild fire climbs higher. and so do we to show you who is keeping a watchful eye. and coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the camden river sharks are swimming out of town. why the minor league baseball
5:52 pm
team says it has to take family entertainment out of the city after 15 seasons.
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5:54 pm
i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court. and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court. with the change of the seasons, thousands of acres of trees, forests and brush are at risk of burning. >> nbc 10's katy zachary talked to members of the new jersey
5:55 pm
forest who take this threat very seriously. >> the summer in south jersey was hot and dry. without much moisture going into an already dry fall, it means this area is even more prone to burn. >> might not be tomorrow, might be ten years from now. you will see a forest fire somewhere, you know, in the pine burn. >> tom knows. >> constantly scanning for smoke. >> he covers the pine barons. >> i see smoke out in the city. >> he also lives in these woods. >> we have hundreds and hundreds of recreational fires that are going on this time of year. >> it's why all the state's fire towers are manned this time of year. there's increased risk for forest fire in the fall because the ground is so dry, especially after a summer drought. and more people are building fires. >> take the ashes, you need to put them in a metal container outside of your home and like a clearing of sand.
5:56 pm
let them cool down completely for two or three days. >> it's when people don't follow that advice, this can happen. the last big fire eight up dozens of acres inside wharton state forest. the observers are trained to spot the first signs of smoke and call the nearest fire department on the ground. >> in the wooded communities, it could be someone having an outdoor backyard fire, could be wood stove ashes disposed, any source of heat. >> reporting from medford lakes, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, borrowing to get by. philadelphia's schools are worried they're reaching their limits. we're live to question the district about whether a school shutdown could happen before thanksgiving. glenn? >> yeah, unseasonably warm temperatures today, and it's going to stick around for tomorrow, too. but i am tracking a series of cold fronts and i'll time them out for you coming up. but first, new information into the death of a 3-year-old new jersey boy. what factors police are now
5:57 pm
ruling out as the victim's father lawyers up.
5:58 pm
unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> the presidential race won't widen with biden. the vice president ended months
5:59 pm
of intense speculation this afternoon when he announced he will not run for the white house. but first, new on nbc 10 news at 6:00. investigators rule out several factors in the case of a 3-year-old boy found dead last week. good evening, everyone. the camden county prosecutor's office announced there's no indication the victim was sexually assaulted. also, there were no signs of forced entry into the boy's home. and we've learned the toddler's father has hired an attorney who spoke with us today. and we also spoke with a forensic pathologist about the evidence in this case? >> reporter: jim, that is correct. we had a busy day. the father's attorney cannot break attorney-client privilege, but tells me he's been told, quote, there are no suspects. he says little brendan's parents were separated but amicable. if the toxicology tests, which are still pending come back with no cause of death, this could be a case that ends up on the cold
6:00 pm
or unsolved shelf. >> speaking on behalf of d.j., philadelphia defense attorney says his client is not a suspect in the case of his dead son. investigators ruled the boy was not sexually assaulted and detectives found no signs of forced entry into the dad's apartment. quote, d.j. gave an interview to police without me. he did everything he could to help them. he added, quote, i became engaged with the case on the day of the boy's disappearance. d.j.'s friend advised him and i agree, it's a smart move when you have something like this because it's a complicated process. and while residents remain on edge and many worry the case might be dragging -- >> this case is unique in the sense the autopsy was completed so quickly. >> kimberly moran who teaches criminal justice at rutgers and arcadia says it's moving quite fast. but if


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