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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  October 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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new from overnight, demolition derby, a philadelphia street is covered with glass, debris and damaged cars. police say one driver did it all. fighting for his life, this little boy is very sick and not just from a rare form of cancer. hear what went terribly wrong with his treatment. we head back into the 70s today, but we are tracking much cooler weather, just in time for the weekend. it's 4:30. good morning, this is nbc news today. >> we have a beautiful afternoon yesterday, lots of sunshine, it will be warmer today ploov it or fought for the middle of october. here's meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. off to a good start this morning. >> not bad. the wind is calm for some areas, some spots, it's a little
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chillier than yesterday. northeast philadelphia, millvale running cooler, 4 degrees cooler this morning. millvale is down by 6 degrees. you see 40 for allentown, reading and lancaster at this hour. it is philadelphia international and mount pocono. 54 degrees. we'll all see sunshine, the warm-up is fast. 57 at 9:00. near 70 at noontime, neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, i'm back in ten minutes. rate now jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> we are still watching the vine street expressway with the entire east and westbound forced in from the schuylkill expressway to broad street, closed right now, you see that car in sight. these are our cameras. this is scheduled out there for the next half hour or so. and they do have crews in the area, blocking all of the on ramps. so watch out for that. that will cause you some problems this morning. as for northeast philadelphia, watch out on the boulevard,
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north and south, ongoing construction, between raun and woodward street. also watch out on the boulevard the next half hour. in new jersey the 42 freeway the drive times there, we're still doing great. everything is in the 14, a five-minute trip northbound to the walt whitman bridge. chris. >> let's get back to breaking news, we have a fire, a fire burning through some row homes in reading, birch county, fire crews are on the scene, along 9th streets in reading. we are told this fire started in a three story row home. it then spread to other attack homes. this is a situation that could get worse. at this point there are no reported injuries. again the fir not under control, currently a three alarm. we have a photo journalist on the way. we will get you pictures if we can. new from overnight, a driver lost control and just snapped
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into several parked cars in north philadelphia. the car finally came to a stop after hitting the front of a house near 4th and cam priia. safe lino injuries in the home. but at least three vehicles on that block were damaged. no word yesterday on why the driver lost control. happening today, the new jersey state senate will vote on whether to override governor chris christie's veto of a gun control bill t. bill requires law enforcement to be notified when gun buyers cease to have mental health records is erased. they want a broader overhaul. democrats say republicans should stand by their initial vote and support the override. 27 votes are kneaded to reverse the veto. wanted. police in new jersey are looking for a white supremacist dad who was in nazi uniform and got national attention for talking about adolph hitler. he is now wanted for aggravated
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assault after a domestic incident sunday fight. campbell you remember made national headlines after he refused to make a birthday cake for his son with the title happy birthday hitler on it. collin township investigators are asking anyone who knows where campbell might be to give them a call. septa police say they want to talk to both men in the post-eagle's game punch. you see it happen on the right side of the screen there. this is under surveillance that shows an eagle fans punching out a giants fan after some trash talking after monday night's football game. the assault happened at the 59th street terminal after monday night's game, investigators want the victim and attack tore come forward, because they say there are two sides to every story. there is actually cell phone video of the punch that shows a much closer view, that's on you can watch that there. police are an leading that video, too.
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happening today, philadelphia police commissioner ramsay and more than 100 law enforcement leaders will meet with president obama today. they have formed a new coalition called law enforcement leaders to reduce crime and incarceration. they're pushing congress and state lawmakers for three things, three alternatives to arrests. reducing the number of criminal laws and ending mandatory minimum prison sentences. >> if you put a gun if somebody's face and say, "give me your money." that's a crime. if you get caught with ten bags of heroin, do you think that those two crimes should carry the same weight in the criminal justice system? >> you have to have another solution. not just non-arrest. but placement in programs that can lead people to a life of sobriety and one of non-violence. >> more than 2 million people
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are in u.s. prisons. >> that is more than any other country in the world. we have few information now about a lawsuit filed by the family of a woman that died after attending a polar bear plunge at the jersey shore. a jury ruled a doctor acted properly when he declared her dead after hearing her description over the phone. the woman fell off while drinking the night after a pom lar bear plunge in 2009. her parents sued the doctor saying she may have been alive in spite of her appearance the jury ruled he is not liable. in harrisburg, a group of clergy members across the state is pushing for legalization of medical marijuana. they want to give patient what is they call a safe and responsible remedy. state senators passed the bill this year, but it has not moved in the house. while it is ill loo el to buy medical marijuana in pennsylvania, it is illegal in new jersey and delaware. more americans are now
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smoking recreational marijuana. that's according to a new deposit research that says the number of adults that use the drugs have more than doubled since 2001. the highest increases were among women, african-americans, hispanic and in middle aged or older adults. 4:37 now. philadelphia city leaders will call for action today to help ease the burden of student loan debt. a councilman will join others to gather at city hall to call for a special committee that will look at ways to tackle the problem of student debt and recommend ways that the city can help philadelphians taper those loans for higher education. a recent philadelphia study shows the rise of student death quarterly in a decline in small businesses. also today the candidates for philadelphia officers will get to talk about issues facing the city. the republican mayoral candidate will be there along with representatives and a democratic representative jim kinney. they will address crews to advocate for educational
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development, women and youth services. a philadelphia toddler is fateing for his life. his parents say it's bus he had an overdose of keep ma. >> the sad story. wait until you hear what is being done about it now. also ahead, is pope francis sick? hear what we are learning. another gorgeous day before things change for the weekend. your hour by hour forecast just ahead. zplmpl
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zplmplts. >> 20 minutes before 5:00 a. little chilly outside. yes, skies are clear. very little wind blowing. that's a live view of boathouse row. if you are a little shaken in the camera, a little light breeze, but philadelphia and northeast airport is calm. 49 degrees. that's cooler tan yesterday by 4
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degrees. getting a cooler start there. it seems to be a fast warm-up today a. few scattered clouds to the north. that's where they'll stay, we might see a few scattered clouds. like yesterday, we see plenty of sunshine, look what it does to the temperatures, middle 70s for morgan town, bethlehem. plenty of sunshine for borden town, abington 76 this afternoon. millville, all well into the 70s, sunshine, 77 degrees for philadelphia, not much cooler. sunshine today the weekend, that will see some changes. cooler for saturday, especially chilly in the morning where the temps will dip into the 30. nice rebound in the afternoon t. sunshine on sunday with a chance of showers. 7-day forecast in ten minutes. time to check the radz before you step out the doord and get in the old car. whatever you are driving. >> nice.
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including 295. jessica, what do you think? >> we're right through the work zone, traffic is moving along great. we do have those lane restrictions, southbound in here or northbound, but 13 minute drive time, southbound at this point, no problems, so far this morning in new jersey heading to philadelphia. but let's move over into delaware on 95 right now, watch out for the ramp closures, 95 north and southbound ramp, closed with ongoing construction. the northbound ramps is also closed. we willee the drive in 95 to see how it's looking anyway. it's great so far. northbound or spound from 295 to 495, at the most it will take you an 11-minute trip. when i come back, we will take you to the philadelphia area. first cancer, then chemo. >> this toddler is in the hospital fighting for his life because of a potential medical mistake. what the hospital told them about their son's treatment.
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also, trying to buck the trend. we'll tell you how workers at one mall are trying to keep the doors closed on a popular holiday shopping day. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
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>> it's a quarter to 5:00. this morning, the family wants answers. >> their infant son allegedly received ten times the amount of chemotherapy the strooemt treatment prescribed. isaac harrison was being treated at the hospital. the chemotherapy dose the father says was supposed to be 3.3 minimumly grams was 33 milligrams and administered for five straight days. >> they said this is one of the biggest medical mistakes in 35 years. all the pain, losing hair, crying, all the pain that he's going through. >> well, little isaac is now fighting under a doctor's care at children's hospital of
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philadelphia. we reached out to st. christophers, they declined comment citing patient confidentiality. the harrison family provided nbc 10 with letters they received from the hospital. in one letter officials say isaac was being treated for an unusual cancer the calculation done was inaccurate. it goes on to say, this complication is the cause for great regret. the family says the hospital told them that they will continue to investigate the case. investigators say a security camera captured video of a man suspected of killing and shooting a new york police officer a. camera in harlem shows what appears to be tyrone howard driving the bike in the moment before the shooting. he fired one shot that killed officer randolph holder. he was also injured and treated for his injuries and he was arraigned wednesday nate for the murder and other crimes. meantime, first responders will gather at the national september
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11th memorial to may tribute. firefighters saluted him as they escorted his body to a manhattan funeral home. officer holder's family members say holder was a loving and easy going plan. >> all he wanted to be -- >> the father says officer holder was going to be promoted to detective and was about to close on a new home. he will be buried in his neighboring area. the model of mother reeva steencamp says she has no revenge for para-olympian oscar pistorius. pistorius was released this week for killing sustain camp. he was sentenced to five years for culpable homicide, similar to man absolutes in the u.s. he spoke at the launch of the
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reeva steenkamp yesterday. she said she didn't want his torious to suffer. she added it was important in order to mover on. >> he's already a disabled person. i didn't want him to be thrown in jail and be suffering. because i don't wish suffering on anyone. >> tis porous will be confined to his uncle's home in pretoria. prosecutors argue he should have been convicted of murder rather than culpable homicide. the vatican says reports that the pope has a brain tumor are untrue. rumors began when an italian newspaper reported pope francis has a small, curable brain tumor. the paper cited unnamed nursing sources that claimed sheshot sought help and the vatican spokesman calls the report unfounded and irresponsible.
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the paper says it's by its story. the brain cancer specialist says he never examined the pontiff and also says the reports are quote completely false. >> well, we all know that plaque friday is big business and it seemed like every thanksgiving more stores are staying opened for holiday employees and they never close. >> it's always a big debate. now the staff at one glocester county mall wants to buck that trend. workers started a petition asking that management reconsider opening the mall at 6:00 thanksgiving night. they say taking people away from the holiday based around spending time with family and friends. we reached out to the mall for comment. we have yet to hear back. cominging up on ten minutes before 5:00 t. temperatures are coming down the skies are clear humidity is running a little bit
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higher as the temperatures have cooled in some spots more than others. no sign of fog there. the lights are on. the sunshine will be bright again today. 46 in potts town, millvale is down to 42 degrees. a little chili there. glenside in the low 50s. this morning at 43 in blue best. look at lafayette at 46 degrees, collegeville taking the morning off. bill gertsville is down to 42 degrees. backing some showers. these showers are coming in advance of a cold front that arrives tonight. i don't think we'll get showers with the passage tonight. we will get a cooler day tomorrow. we will save lives during the day today. sun class ifs again today t. jacket you might need this morning won't be required later on, 74 to 77 degrees this
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afternoon. normal temperatures are right in the middle 60. way above formal today. >> that changes tomorrow, 63 the high after a morning low of 49 degrees. it will be breezy. it will be sunny on friday. partly snas for saturday a. cold start. 39. that's in the city, some will be colder. 64 in the afternoon, there is a chance of light showers, mainly in the morning. by afternoon, we get some breaks of sunshine, a break from any showers for monday and tuesday. another round of showers possible wednesday. >> all right. nine minutes before 5:00. if you are headed out early. >> nbc 10 traffic reporter jessica boyington will show us what's happening will. >> no problems yet. we have some spots on the inner drive with ongoing construction, but right now we are looking at fox street, no problems here
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watch out for ongoing construction, tying things up on 19th street south. that's closed between vine street. you'll be just feign if you follow the pa turnpike, we're good to go. this morning, westbound, eastbound it will take you 23 minutes when i come back in the 5:00 hour, we will check in with the vine street expressway. if you take patco, you should be aware of a natural hazard that may slow you down this time of year. we're talking leaves, fallen leaves. ahead at 5:00, see what the transit agency is doing to keep the leaves from slowing down your morning commute. >> next, the more kids the merrier. what parents are missing out on when they stop at two.
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>> happening today, former first daughter barra bush will visit philadelphia. she's the ceo and co-founder of global health core. she will headline the lecture series in global health. bush will present her personal journey in developing the organization and she'll talk about how it has grown and helped improve health care disparity in the areas it serves. a congressman's son insists he is winning his fraud kaz as he continues to represent himself in court. he is afoous cuesed of misusing money from a loan and tax evasion. at times there were heated exchangess between he and federal prosecutors. a former college roommate testified he didn't do much in college but eat pidz za and watch tv. >> no mark zucker burg or bill gates. what's wrong? they're continuing to layout their weak case. it's not going so well. they got a team of people.
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they got experienced people. you saw them blowing up in the courtroom. >> he presented letters from a client that gave his work high marks and says that evidence proves he is a successful businessman. his father congressman, is facing several charges in a separate grand jury indictment. the long time congressman is accused of misusing campaign funds, do nations and grant money. he also denies wrongdoing. his trial is scheduled for next may. the congressman is married to nbc 10 anchor renee fattah. she is labelled as person e and an affiliate of the fattah enterprise the fesd aallege shelves a part of a scheme to fraudulently sell a car to pay for a vacation home. she is not charged and accused of no wrong-doing. renee is on leave. pennsylvania's budget impasse heads towards the four
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month mark n. delaware county, a program pre k counts has enough money to make it to about mid-december. >> that means they need money by then if not good enough if the budget passes by then. they need the money by then. so they're really frustrated and concerned about not what would happen to staff, but what would happen to the kids, they wouldn't get a pre k education will. >> the most important thing is what would u could happen to that child. he's not a number. she's not a number. >> today's child tells us that the state owes them more than $400,000 for their program. philadelphians say it's sad when families only have two children. he says as much in an interview with a french catholic magazine in assembly on the family at the vatican. he says it's sad to see so many couple today cheat thems out of more love and more joy by only having two children.
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he gas on to say he wishes we had more large families because they are quote the hope of the church. probably the biggest factor from keeping families from having more children is the cost of raising them. according to data, it costs more than doctor 245,000 for a middle income family to raise one child born in 2013 from birth until age 18. >> that number did not factor in the expense of sending a child to private school. according to national catholic sewing the average catholic elementary school costs $3,300 and $8700 for high school. when questioned about the high cost of raising children, god will provide for families to raise multiple children. a popular children's group is changing it up for autism. i love this. >> we are talking "sesame street". they released the amazing song. take a listen.
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[ music playing ] amazing ♪ ♪ we are all amazing >> the song touts the benefits of being different. this coincide itself with the introduction of the newest member, julie. judgmentally has autism. this is all a part of a program to promote educational awareness of autism. you are watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >>. >> right now on nbc 10 news, bullets fly, hitting a home in the middle of the night. we'll tell you how the woman avoided getting hurt. the pretty autumn leaves cause a hazard on the track. what they are doing to keep it from causing problems to your commute. >> we will see sunshine, we also have a cool start. not bad. 53 degrees, it won't last long,
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though, we are tracking colder weather for the weekend. more october-like weather on the way. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> let's talk about the warmer weather ahead today. >> 76 degrees, so sunny and nice. it's going to be another warm afternoon. a little chili in northeast philadelphia. millvale in the low 40s. doylestown in the middle 40s this morning. at philadelphia international, two degrees from the last hour. look at philadelphia and northeast as we both are in the 40s right now. the temperatures are a bit higher. they will be going higher during the day today. wear your sun class ifs. from 52 at


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