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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 22, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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53 degrees, it won't last long, though, we are tracking colder weather for the weekend. more october-like weather on the way. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> let's talk about the warmer weather ahead today. >> 76 degrees, so sunny and nice. it's going to be another warm afternoon. a little chili in northeast philadelphia. millvale in the low 40s. doylestown in the middle 40s this morning. at philadelphia international, two degrees from the last hour. look at philadelphia and northeast as we both are in the 40s right now. the temperatures are a bit higher. they will be going higher during the day today. wear your sun class ifs. from 52 at 7:00.
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72 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. i'll show you which areas will be the warmest neighborhood by neighborhood. right now, jessica boyington is watching your first alert on thursday morning. >> bill, we are still watching the vine street expressway. good news, all lanes reopenedch watch out for the possible delays in the exit ramps that they had blocked off. >> right about 24th street. no problems eastbound towards 95. now reopened again between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. watch out for ongoing construction on the new jersey turnpike, we have the left lane closed there unless northbound between exit 4 and burlington. >> we continue to follow
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breaking news out of berkes county. a fire damaged several homes in reading and the fire continues to burn. it started at 9th and we are told it spread to other homes. it's reached three alarms. they don't have it under control as of last report. at this time there are no reports of injuries, though. we have a crew on the way. they're getting close to the scene. as soon as we have pictures on there, we will put that on air. new this morning, pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen cane is officially unable practice law. her law license was suspended iktived in might. this comes after she was charged with perjury and accused of leaking garagement grand jury information to a reporter. yesterday, though, cane said she can perform 98% of her job duties. she says she is going to release more pornographic e-mails leaked she says to a state supreme court justice. she says her political
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indictment came because she made those controversial e-mails public. new from overnight, nbc 10 was on brockton road shortly after a woman says she was awakened by breaking glass. she found a bullet had been through a bedroom window. no one was hurt. police are trying to figure out where that bullet came from. thefully of that three-year-old boy found dead last week are preparing for his funeral later today. it will be private. meantime the attorney for the boy's father after prosecutors revealed new evidence, dj is the father the last person to see his son alive before going to bed the night of okay 12th. camden county prosecutors say he was not sexually assaulted and there was no sign of forced entry into the father's
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apartment. so he says investigators said his client is not a suspect. >> he is trying to answer all the questions everyone is trying to answer. she has the added burden of going through the law. >> brendan's body was found a half mile from his home near cooper river. investigators are waiting for toxicology results. an autopsy came back inconclusive. investigators in lehigh county hope an autopsy will yield answers in the death of a 26-year-old women. here's what we know. someone found jill wasn't bar baugh dead in whitehall yesterday. investigators called the death suspicious. though they haven't explained why they consider that. an autopsy will be performed today. there is new information about the hazing death of a new york college student in the pocono mountains. five newly charged fraternity members are due in court later
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today they are the last of 37 people charged. frat members physically abused deng in a hazing ritual and tried to cover it up. they are accused of mind folding him, weighing him down with a book bag while members knocked him out unconscious. philadelphia police say they've arrested a man who car jacked a temple university football player at gunpoint and then robbed another student the same night. the 26-year-old is the pan charged with carjackings, robbery and other crimes. police say he is one of two men that stole a football players car last thursday. a few hours later, investigators believe the same two robbed another student at gunpoint at 15th street in montgomery avenue. police are still looking for that second suspect. now from our trenton bauer row today, the mayor is
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welcoming the public to city hall to hear the state of the city. mayor eric jackson says he wants to encourage economic development. since he took afc last year. he will go over what progress has been made in those areas an more. now it's time to leave you with this warning. if you ride seta and patco, your train could be running slower all because of mother nature. katy zachary is live at overbrooke stakes to explain why leaves could make you late, katy. >> reporter: i know, chris, at this time of year we have the beautiful fall foliage. the truth is those leaves can we'll be right back havoc on your morning commute. the reason is they fall on the rail tracks, they create an oily slippery substance which makes it harder for trains to stop and accelerate. trains on both lines could be running slower to account for
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this. actually every night, septa rails are power washed to remove that oily residue. >> i think safety first. i think it's a little bit slower. it's safer for everybody i think. >> reporter: and as we get deeper into the fall season, this problem only gets worse. coming up in the next hour, we'll show you what septa's other lines of defenses so that your morning commute is not too much delayed. reporting live, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's 7 minutes after 5:00 and we are getting a cool if not chilly start this morning. s at the present time-like, though, for this afternoon. once again, we're back in the 70s today. it turns cooler for tomorrow and for the weekend and this weekend, a good chance we'll see scattered showers in the area.
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nothing heavy. 45 in boils town, millvale is 42. it's 51 at philadelphia international. those temperatures are still coming down, the sun is not up yet. skies are clear. the wind is definitely lighter than yesterday, which is allowing the readings to go a bit. the chill is in the air. not for long. satellite shows a few high clouds northwest. >> that will be it for today. you will see clouds come through tonight. i don't think we will get showers with those clouds. we will get a big warm-up. look at the 70s, fleetwood, penns burg, camelback, all into the 70s, plenty of sunshine, a light southwesterly breeze. king of prussia, norristown 77. warmer at the shore. cape may warms into the low 70s. 74 forerehoboth. sunny skies, you need your sun class ifs, newark 74. 76 in malverne. seven-day forecast with a look at the weekend.
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i'll give you the showers when we come back in ten minutes. >> all right, bill. sounds like a plan. eight minutes after 5:00. you are planning to walk out the door, here's what you can expect on the roof. >> jessica boyington is watching for your ride to work. >> we're watching route 309. we have a scene on the northbound side. the vehicle is pushed over into the right-hand shoulder. cars are out of the way. you can see above my head, actually, cars coming through the area, still moving along just fine. so something to watch out for the accident scene is under control. as for an update on the roosevelt boulevard, good news, that construction has cleared out of the way on the inner drive, closed between the north and southbound side of raun and woodward street. watch out for some residual work, other than that, mass transit is gad to go this morning. no problems or delays this
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morning. >> it's just about 10 after 50 5:00. yesterday, high school students learned important lessons about sharing the road. the day included construction and real life scenarios. they learned about mind spots, appropriate following and stopping distances around large trucks and buses and the daerngs of distracted driving. operation safe driving was created to combat a number of deaths involving crashes, trucks, buses and cars. well, a tough day ahead, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton, she'll be in the hot seat on capitol hill as republicans get ready to grill her on the 2012 deadly attacks in benghazi. we'll have a preview. plus game over in camden. we will tell you why the river sharks say they are being forced out of campbell field.
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>> happening today, they will hold a meeting about those faulty airbags made by takata. they made vehicles have been recalled. an investigation found they displayed too much force in the faces of drivers and passengers. also happening today, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will testify before the house select committee on benghazi. the tragedy followed clinton since she was secretary of state. four americans, including u.s.
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ambassador chris stephens died in the attacks on the u.s. conflict on september 11th, 2012. when clinton testified about benefit dpaez in 2013, she took responsibility for the department's failures leading up to it. she said she is more focused on improving security tan figuring out what triggers the attack. meantime the top super packs backing hillary clinton has released its first paid tv ad. >> the secretary of state, she stood strong for america traveling almost a million miles, never backing down, now republicans are playing politics over benghazi. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable. right? we put together a benghazi special committee. >> priority usa says the six figure ad will hair in early voting states of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. clinton will not have to worry about facing jill biden in that democratic challenge. the vice president officially said yesterday, he will not run
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for president. the vice president made that announcement in the roads garden with his wife, jill and president obama by his side. biden says the grieving process over his son beau was pivotal in his decision not to run. >> beau is our inspiration unfortunately, i believe we are out of time the time necessary to mount a warning campaign to the nomination. >> and repeat national polls sew biden if he ran would be a distant third behind both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a grow-op of conservative republicans if congress say they generally support paul ryan, last night, 70% agree to the endor endorsement. the position comes from positions including a former
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endorsement from that freedom caucus group. this afternoon, president obama will veto a $612 billion defense bill. the president housed the measure. it would increase defense funding to a separate war fighting account. president obama also approves of provisions in the bill that would complicate the closure at guantonomo bay, cuba. it is 5:16. our area is losing one of its professional sports teams. the baseball team ended operations after 15 seasons in camden. >> come didn't county took ownership a few years ago. the team and the county couldn't come to an agraemt on the new lease. >> it was a sad day for us. our owners in the organization. most importantly the fans.
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>> camden county says it is an active organization to bring it to the stadium. happening tonight, right now the scene is 6 and o. the first time it had that record. if they lose toornt, it will be the first 7 and o start in school history and temple is ranked 37th in the a.p. poll. now you can vote for our high school game of the weening. >> it's moving in today. you can learn the weren't tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. the next story may be hard for phillies fans. the team division rival, the fork mets, are going to the world series. they completed their game. this wasn't closed. you can cross another of those "back to the future 2"
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predictions off the list. the cubbies will fought be champions in 2017. it's 5:18. jessica boyington is watching, oh, we have some emergency lights there. >> we have a few things going on so far on this thursday morning. this one on 309. we have an accident. thankfully this accident scene is under control. on the northbound side, traffic is moving by just fine. in newark, delaware, watch out on i-95 when that route 1 and 273. we have two lanes blocked there. still allowing traffic to move by the area. now, moving over into new jersey, we have ongoing construction on the whitehorse pike. there will be traffic when i come back in the next ten minutes, we will go over the
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area bridges. >> first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 19 minutes after 5:00. chilly, a little cooler than yesterday. the wind has really died down and skies arifies and clear. 51 degrees right now. that's 1 degrees cooler. it's not just philadelphia. more, a little cooler in south jersey as well. you will see sunshine today. it will be bright. we will wind up warmer than yesterday afternoon. trenten is cooler. look at atlantic city at the airport, down by 9. very light winds or no wind and clear skies. there are some clouds to the northwest. they should pass by during the day dry. but this will likely bring us showers this weekend. look at the heavy downpours moving into texas this system
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explodes to the north. then it is on the move. by tomorrow night it in the mid-west. by saturday night, those showers enter pennsylvania. forth western pennsylvania and those showers are due in hear sunday morning. for today, though, dry. look at these temperatures, 74 to 77 degrees this afternoon. 65 is the normal high temperature this time of year. tomorrow we'll be 63 after a school start and 49 degrees in the suburbs. the real cold arrives saturday morning. 39 degrees in center city. we'll see plenty of readings lower than that. 64 saturday afternoon, clouds arrive sunday. there is a chance of source, especially likely in the morning. early afternoon hours by late in the day, we see sunshine, the temperatures will warm up to 66 degrees, it will be dry for monday and tuesday. another round of showers possible wednesday. >> all right. bill. equal under the law. what the irs has decided about
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same-sex marriages that will put those couples on the same footing as heterosexual couples. plus, say it ain't so, a lego shortage. we'll tell you why the company says it may not be able to make enough to fulfill every wish on santa's list this year zplmpblt
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zplmpblths. >> nearly a half dozen energy star homes are now available in chester county. check out the official rib been
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cutting. pico is celebrating the opening of five homes in malverne. each property meets strict dpans for energy efficiency. it counts for whoever lives there. customers that purchase these homes expect to save about there were 500 a year on their electric and natural gas bill. a new study suggests bundleing your homeowners insurance could save you money. i wanted to read this in thegyco lizard. i can't do that accent. consumers can purchase the policies from the same company. since everyone's situation is unique, though, experts encourage you to get bundled and separate quotes and yet i few it was a gecko and not a lizard. no parents, yes, a shortage, the danish company may not be able to make building bricks for the rest of the year because of the
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high demand from toy stores in europe. the irs is brigg out tax rules for same-sex marriage couples. details on that. >> the intempbal revenue service for tax purposes nationwide. even if marriages that took place that will not legalize them. they will interpret the home husband and wives. this is after the landmark ruling in june. many rules will apply to federal tax filing status. personal and dependency exemptions and standard deductions. over on wall street the markets will snap a two-day losing streak. they ger up for the busiest days of the earning season. companies report today on unemployment and existing home
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sales. earning 3m, mcdonald's and they break the win streak. 49 points tuesday. the nasdaq down 40 to 4840. back over to you. >> thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 51 degrees here at nbc 10. our skies are clear. we are on our way to another beautiful day. 51 degrees at 5:26. jessica boyington. >> we are still watching this accident scene on route 309 at easton road in springfield on the northbound side. you see police activity there on that right-hand shoulder. accident under control. traffic still getting by. i'm on the set of the art
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museum. now the temporary suspension is in place for pennsylvania's attorney general. what exactly does that mean for kathleen cane? we'll look at that after the break.
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. right now on nbc 10 news today, pennsylvania's top lawyer
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can't practice law. attorney general kathleen cane's law license was suspended at midnight. she says she can still do her job. it's a last hoo raw, a chili start. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> it won't be chili today. we will have a well above average day. bill henley, not every october, 22nd, you can still wear shorts. >> no, it seems very little wind this morning. but there will be a southwest wind breeze developing. we're seeing at philadelphia international. it's not chillier to start with than yesterday. 40 for most of the region. 52 in dover, a warm spot, the


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