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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 22, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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attorney general kathleen cane's law license was suspended at midnight. she says she can still do her job. it's a last hoo raw, a chili start. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> it won't be chili today. we will have a well above average day. bill henley, not every october, 22nd, you can still wear shorts. >> no, it seems very little wind this morning. but there will be a southwest wind breeze developing. we're seeing at philadelphia international. it's not chillier to start with than yesterday. 40 for most of the region. 52 in dover, a warm spot, the pocono mountains in the area.
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sunshine for most of the area, a fast warm-up. 52 and 72 degrees by early this afternoon. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, right now, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> we are still watching route 309 with this accident scene. now we have police activity there. where they're walking all around on the roadways. something to watch out for. 309 northbound, click over on to your side thank my, traffic is still moving through to the left-hand side of that scene. you are headed out the door. delaware, southbound between route 1 and 273. we have two left lanes blocked. traffic is still allowed to move through the area t. drive times, 95 southbound, a 13-minute stretch, no problems on the schuylkill if you are headed into center city. >> it's 5:31.
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breaking news out of reading, berkes county, a house fire is still burning out ofle kro. it started around 3:30 t. flames then spread to other attached homes. there are no reports of any injuries. we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. new this morning, pennsylvania's top law enforcement officer cannot practice law. attorney general kathleen cane's law license is suspended as of today. we have a look at what led to this and what this means now. >> today is the first full day of a temporary suspension. it doesn't pre remove her. we have been reviewing the legal ramifications and listening to comments they made in the past. it could prevent the attorney general from having involvement in the criminal and civil cases. her office oversees.
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it's unclear, though, what role cane will be able to perform while still collecting her close to $159,000 salary as well as the health and retirement benefits. now the supreme court suspension order was expected. although extraordinary, it's unprecedented. in their one-page order the justices agreed with the disciplinary board that criminal allegations became org straighted and lied under oath about a dprj leak have damaged her ability to oversee the criminal and civil justice functions of her office. now what does all that mean? in the next half hour, we will look at what's down the road, what's next. the victim calls for her to step down, calls for her to be impeached. that's coming up in the next half hour. on the steps of the art museum, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, a stray bullet hit the overbook farms
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neighborhood. nbc was on brockton road shortly after a woman says she was awoken by breaking glass. also overnight, a driver loses control and crashes into several parked cars in philadelphia t. car came to a stop after hitting the front of a house. there was only minor damage to the house. no reports of injuries. at least three vehicles were also damaged. no word on why the driver lost control remember happening today the new jersey state senate will vote on whether to override chris christie's veto. the bill requires law enforcement to be notified when potential gun buyers seemed to have mental health records erased. she wants broader overhaul of how the state treats mental health issues. they say they should support the override. 27 votes are kneaded to reverse the reto.
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police in new jersey are looking for the white supremacist dad who dresses in nazi uniforms and who got nashlth attention. heath campbell is wanted for aggravated assault after a domestic incident sunday nate. campbell made national headlines when he asked a supermarket to make a cape for his son with the title happy birthday, hitler. his son's name is hitler. investigators are asking anyone who knows where campbell might be to different them a call. seta police want to talk to both fans haved in a fit that happened after the eagles-giants game monday night t. under surveillance video released yesterday shows the eagles fan punching the giants fan after trash talking between the two police say the assault happened at the 59th street energy nal. they want the victim and ape
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tack tore come forward. they say there are two sides to every story. there is cell phone video that shows the punch much more clearly. we can't show you that on the air because of certain rules. you can watch it in full on if you are charges ramsay, leaders will meet with president obama today t. group is in withdrawing to call for reducing crime by reducing unnecessary arrests. these police chiefs formed a new coalition to reduce crime and incarceration they push their all termtives to arrest, reducing the number of criminal laws and ending mandatory minimum prison sentences. >> if you put a gun in somebody's face and say, "give me your money," that's a crime. if you get caught with ten bags of heroin, do you think that those two crimes should carry the sail weight in the criminal justice system? >> we have to have another
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solution, not just non-arrests, but placement in programs that can lead people to sobriety and non-violence. more than 2 million people are in prison, that's more than any other country in the world. a philadelphia boy is fighting for his life. >> it's like a nightmare. >> his father says the cancer treatment given to his one-year-old son was way too strong. you will hear just how much chemo they say the boy received and what the local hospital had to say about it. later, fighting for redemption. what employees of a local mall are doing to keep the stores closed. 51 degrees, a little cooler than yesterday. another gorgeous day ahead. we will go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood just ahead.
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>> 20 minutes before 6:00. a pretty nice start this morning. skies are clear. the temperatures have come down. it is in the low 50s in philadelphia. a little breeze that we'll be picking up as the day goes on. sunshine bright. a few high clouds next chance of showers coming in this weekend. this morning, though, sunshine, a chilly start, 49 in the suburbs, 50 degrees in center city. this afternoon, a different story. look at the numbers, 76 for reading. upper 60s for mount pocono. a few scattered clouds at times. right along the coast, it will be warmer today, lower to mid-70s. 74 in rehoboth. firksd williams town, all in the 70s today. but today, may be the last day of this for a while.
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the 7-day forecast, i'm back in ten minutes. >> about 20 minutes until 6:00 now. let's get you prepared for what you will face on the roads this morning. >> we're in heaven right now approaching the ben franklin bridge at the toll plaza. you can see no problems headed in that direction. a lot of times during our rush hour. not right now, we will see backup right in there before you get to philadelphia. no problems across the board. we looked at headed toward the ben franklin bridge. the rest of the bridges are clear. the betsy ross. the walt whitman is clear in or out of philadelphia. as for some construction the jersey turnpike southbound, too. 195 is closed only from the car lane only. you can watch out for that and construction in new jersey,
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north and southbound check in with mass transit when i come back. >> this morning, a family says their one-year-old boy was given too much chemo. you will hear from the father who says he is living through a nightmare. plus a road rage incident that left a little girl dead this morning. police in mexico say they have a break in the case. >>
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. >> this morning a family wants answers. their infant son is battling a air form of cancer allegedly received ten times the amount of keep term treatments. the 11-month-old is being treated at saint christopher's hospital t. father says the dose which was supposed to be 3.3 milligrams was allegedly 33 milligrams and was administered for five days straight. >> he says this is one of the biggest medical mistakes in 35 years. we go through all this pain, losing hair, from all the pain that he is going through. >> the little boy is fighting under care. we reached out to them, they
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declined comments. however the harris zopp family provided nbc 10 with letters they allegedly received from hospital officials. one says isaac was treated for an unusual and serious cancer. the calculation was inaccurate. it goes on to say this complication is a cause for great regret t. family says the hospital told them they'll continue to investigate the case. now, this is new from overnight, liss in albuquerque, new mexico, have a suspect in custody who they say critically injured a police officer. they shot him in the head and neck. the officer underwent several surgeries. the police department has not released his or her identity. the georgia bureau of investigation is looking into the deadly shooting of a man. this is new dash-cam video to show what happened on october 15ing. the officer says he ran the driver's info and discovered the man had an outstanding warrant
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for drugs and weapons charges. when confronted, he says the driver pulled a gun. that's when the officer pulled his gun and shot him several times. the man later died. first responders will gather at the national september 11th memorial to pay tribute to that police officer killed in the lynn of duty last night or two nights ago. meantime, this under surveillance video is giving us a new look at the suspect. it appears to show high rhone howard riding a stolen bicycle moments before the shooting. police say howard fired at least one shot which killed officer randolph holder. he was arraigned wednesday night for the officer's murder and other crimes. his family members described him as a loving and easy going man. >> i'm about to get into --
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[ inaudible ] >> officer holder's father says his son was going to be promoted to detective and was about to close on a new house. funeral services are set for next week. then he will be buried. it's 5:48. new mexico police have made an arrest in a case of road rage. police say it started with them cutting each other off a stretch of an interstate in albuquerque. one car started firing rounds and one bullet struck and killed 4-year-old, lily garcia. the police chief says we never seen anything like this. >> to me, this is one of those crimes which is unexplainable. >> 32-year-old tony torres was arrested wednesday and charged with the little girl's murder. it's 5:48. vup degrees as the bucket impasse stretches towards the four month mark, services are
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rubbing out of cash. in delaware county, this program they say they have enough money to make it to mid-december. that means they need money by then. they're frustrated and concerned about what would happen to staff and what would happen to the kids. >> the most important. is what could happen to that child? it's not a number. she's not a number. not when you come to know and love them. today's child is the name of the program. they say the state owes them money for the program. they will try to cut student loan debts. council will look at ways to tackle the problem of student debt. they will also suggest ways the city can help higher education. a recent federal reserve bank
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shows the rise of student debt correlates to a decline in small businesses. also today, candidates for philadelphia offices talk about issues facing the city. republican mayoral candidate barry will be there as will democrat kinney, they will advocate development for women and youth services. at ten before 6:00. we have an update out of reading, berks county. we are now live on the scene the fire started around 3:30 in a row home. then the flames spread to other homes. can you see firefighters still on the scene, smoke continues to rise. no reports of injuries. we will bring you updates on air and in our nbc 10 news app as soon as you get them.
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>> coming up on 9 minutes before 6:00. a nice clear view across the delaware. northeast philadelphia in the 40s. >> we will see sunshine, that doesn't change today. the werksd a different story. trent on at 48. womeningtop down to 41 now you have to go inland to find the 40s. north field at 49 degrees, a rain of chill in the air this morning. season clouds. these will pass by. the weekend will see these clouds move in and that will bring us a chance of some
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showe showers. a beautiful day. lots of sunshine nowhere near as warm. the colder air arrives saturday morning. 39 degrees saturday morning a. chance of showers. >> all right. bill, thanks for that. eight minutes before 6:00. let's check the roads. >> the quakeer town area. we have a look at that. >> they can't seem to get it out of the way. even though it's basically under control and over into that right-hand shoulder. around east on road we're starting to see more traffic and vehicles move through the area. but again, push over into the
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shoulder. use caution if you are traveling through watch out, route 21, to route 73, two lanes are blocked. mass transit the goods way to go this morning. there are certainly no problems so far or delays. chris. >> without a license, pool. 's top lawyer can't practice law there morning. how kat line cane sakathleen ca she will be without a job. why it's a good idea to have more children. why a lot of the parents say that's not for them.
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. >> the vatican says reports the pope has a brain tumor are untrue t. pope's head is absolutely perfect, the rumors began because they said pope francis has a small curable tumor. he recently sought treatment at a clinic near peta.
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the brain lesions can be treated without surgery a. vatican spokesman calls the report unfounded and the paper says it's standing by its story. here's the problem, the brain cancer specialist i'ded said he never examined the pontiff and also says the reports are completely false. the leader of philadelphia's arch diocese thinks it's s.a.t. sad. archbishop said as much in an interview with a french catholic magazine as he attends a meeting at the vatican. he says it's sat to see so many couples cheat themselves out of more love and joy by having only two children. he goes on to say he wishes he had more large families because they're the hope of the church. probably the biggest factor in keepingfullys from having more children is the cost of raising them. it costs more than $245,000 for a middle income family to raise one child born in 2013 from
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birth until age 18 and that doesn't even count the extent of sending a child to a private school. according to national catholic educational association the average catholic elementary school costs around $3300 and add to that another 8700 for catholic high school. so when questioned about the high cost of raising children and the high cost of school, archbishop said, quote, god will provide for families to raise multiple children. >> well, we all know that black friday is big for business it seems more and more stores are staying opened. never actually closing. the staff wants to buck that trend. >> workers asked management reconsider opening the mall at 6:00 thanksgiving night these
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workers say it takes them away from a holiday we reached out to the mall for comment. >> they've debated it every year. >> 6:00 thanksgiving. i got my stretch pants on. going back, my third. >> you are not running outside. >>. i'm not in that shopping. >> we're not on plaque friday either. >> thanks, chris. >> nbc 10 news starts right now. >> nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news, a house fire in redding. live on the scene, firefighters got it under control. we will tell you how that fire started. pennsylvania attorney general law license has been suspended, but kathleen cane says that's not going to stop her from doing most of her job. we have a picture perfect day on the way. we start off with a chill in the
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air. 61 degrees, just about 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. >> i love when tracy works the sunshine. that's what we got. lots of sunshine, first alert forecast. bill. >> i'm not on that e-mail chain. maybe tomorrow. we will have sunshine tomorrow. it's today that will see another big warm-up like we had yesterday. we are starting out calm and with clear skies. >> that means a chillier start for much of the region compared to yesterday. 43 in mount holly, 445 in wilmington. most of the area in the 40s. everybody will see sunshine, it will warm us into the middle 70s. just a few scattered thin clouds. no showers expected. they'll see enoug


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