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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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air. 61 degrees, just about 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. >> i love when tracy works the sunshine. that's what we got. lots of sunshine, first alert forecast. bill. >> i'm not on that e-mail chain. maybe tomorrow. we will have sunshine tomorrow. it's today that will see another big warm-up like we had yesterday. we are starting out calm and with clear skies. >> that means a chillier start for much of the region compared to yesterday. 43 in mount holly, 445 in wilmington. most of the area in the 40s. everybody will see sunshine, it will warm us into the middle 70s. just a few scattered thin clouds. no showers expected. they'll see enough sunshine to
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see the temperatures go higher than that. a few other spokes. we will go through the spots when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. >> on the southbound side, we have two left-hand lanes blocked, traffic moving by. that's gad news there you see that in here. off the off-ramp and extending into some of the lanes on 422. you can see drive times are doing okay. still at 8 minutes. these are the eastbound lanes. from 29 to the schuylkill, it hasn't even bugged yet for the morning. we will check out the schuylkill flying through the area. eastbound, westbound, no problems. this is center city area. we have a 12 minute trip from the blue route, average speeds are 60 miles per hour. i'll come back in ten minutes
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with a check on your traffic. >> an update on breaking news out of reading, berks county, this will take you to the live picture. crews have the house fire under control now. this is 9th where the fire started in a row home around 3:30. flames spread. the fire did reach three alarms at one point. firefighters still on the scene, you see there. smoke continues to rise. no reports of injuries. we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. new from overnight, police are trying to figure out who fired a stray bullet that hit a home in philadelphia's overbrooke farms neighborhood. nbc 10 was on brockton road around 1:30 shortly after a woman said she had been awoken to breaking class if. a bullet went through a window. no one was hurt afternoon. a driver loses control, crashes into several parked cars in north philadelphia. it came to a stop.
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there was only minor damages to the house. no reports of injuries, three swooex vehicles on the block were damage. at the stroke of midnight, it became illegal for pennsylvania's attorney general to practice law. now her law license has been suspended, will she be able to do her job? >> everybody is asking that question. we can tell you that this is the first full suspension to serve as pennsylvania's attorney general. overnight, we have been looking at the legal ramifications. kathleen cane has been lying about it. the temporary suspension could prevent her from having any involvement in the criminal and civil cases, her office oversees. it does not remove her from office. governor wolf as you know has earned that she stepped down.
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the safe constitution lists three ways election officials may be removed. by legislative impeachment. by court action, usually filed by the ag or droempb. in this case, it's unclear who would be willing to do so or by the governor. for reasonable cause after due process and then the senate would have to vote by a two-thirds majority. in the meantime, cane is still checking her $159,000 salary. she is also receiving health and welfare benefits, excuse me, health and retirement benefits. so the next half hour, we will look at what's ahead down the road for the state as well as the attorney general. >> thank you, monique. happening today the new jersey state senate will vote on whether to override governor chris christie's veto of a gun control bill. it requires law enforcement to
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be notified of potential gun violence. he wants a broader overhaul of how the mental health issues. democrats say republicans can stand by their initial vote and support the override. 27 votes are needed to reverse the veto. today, the mayor is welcoming the public in city hall to hear the state of the city address. mayor eric jackson says he has worked to strengthen public safety, encourage economic development and he took office in july of last year. beginning at 5:00 p.m., he will go over what progress has been made in those areas and more. the family of a three-year-old found dead is preparing for a funeral later today. meanwhile, the attorney for the boy's father is talking to nbc 10 after prosecutors reveal new evidence in this case.
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the 22-year-old's father is in a live report. camden county prosecutors say he was not sexually assaulted. they say there was no evidence of forced entry into the home. he says investigators told him his client is not a suspect. >> he is trying to answer the same question everyone is trying to answer. he has the added burdz under the law. >> investigators are waiting on toxicology results. an autopsy on the cause of death came back inconclusive. philadelphia police arrested a man who they say carjacked a temple university football player at gunpoint and robbed another student the same night. t the 26-year-old stole a football car as he was leaving a restaurant last week.
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a few hours later, investigators believe they robbed another student at gunpoint. police are still searching for the second suspect. wanted, police in new jersey are looking for a white supremacist dad who dresses in nazi uniforms and got national attention for aiding adolph hitler. detectives say he is wanted for sag gra rate issed assault after a domestic incident on sunday night. he made national headlines seven years ago when he asked the supermarket to make a cake for his son titled happy birthday, hitler. investigators are asking anyone who knows to give them a call. septa police say they want to see this post-eagle's game punt. this under surveillance shows eagles fans pun wereing a new york fan in the face of trash talking.
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investigators want to talk to both the victim and the attacker. you can watch cell phone video of this incident that police are currently reviewing on nbc 10 and our news app. forget about joe combieden in the oval office. he will not run for vice president. he made the announcement yesterday with his wife and president obama at his side a. grieving process was pivotal in his decision not to run. beau is our inspiration. unfortunately, i believe we're out of time the time necessary to mount a winning campaign to the nomination. >> recent national polls show biden if he ran, a distant third for the dra democratic nod. >> now your nbc first alert weather with meteorologist bill
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henry. >> getting ready for another nice day a. chilly start this morning. this afternoon, september-like temperatures plenty of sunshine, it turns colder for the weekend. it's dry the morning. the temperatures are fallen into the 40s. reading 25 degrees. 50s in cape may and philadelphia a. few hidden clouds moving through. 51 degrees, no sign of showers in the region. >> that is camelback. you see a couple lights on. no sign of any serious weather moving through the pocono mountains. you will see scattered clouds at times during the day today. enough to warm us into the 70s. even in the mountains, allentown, most of the area is in the clear. 72 this afternoon for camelback. fleetwood and pens burg will warm to 75 later today. look at these numbers, new hope, morgantown, 77 this afternoon.
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heading to the shore, 74 degrees for rehoboth beach. the jersey shore up to 73 degrees, cape may and nothing but sunshine, you will need your sun class ifs, you will be able to ditch your jacket you need this morning. thorn dale, wood town all up to 75 degrees today. but it does change this weekend. i twot the 7-day forecast for the cool down and the showers when i'm back if ten minutes. >> a good thursday morning a. good time to look at traffic. >> jessica boyington, what do we know? >> it's about five minutes ago on lincoln drive. that's right. we have an accident around rightenhouse street. not really any word whether these roadways are closed. definitely police activity in the area if you want an alternate, take one. traffic is moving by. as for the 42 freeway out in new
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jersey around the new jersey turnpike, you see it smooth sailing here. these are the northbound lanes, if you are headed up towards the bridges into philadelphia. >> that drive time is low for this morning so far. we have a four minute drive time. we'll have more updates and check in with 95 when i come back in the next ten minutes. tracy. >> a little past 6:00. >> a damper on your children's christmas week list. what's this? >> i'm live, coming up, i'm explain why fall foliage made your way to your morning commute.
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i want a supreme court judge who knows the law. for the past seven years, i've served on pennsylvania's second highest court.
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and the bar association has given me their very highest rating. i want a judge who understands regular people. i was the first in my family to graduate from college. my dad was a coal miner. my mom- a factory seamstress. i want a judge with integrity. me too. and that's why i'm running. i'm christine donohue. it's time to bring integrity back to the supreme court.
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>> there is new information about the hazing death of a new york city college student in the pocono mountains. police charged five fraternity members with third degree murder yesterday. they are due in court later today. they're the last of 37 people charged in the death of a man. investigators say in 2013, the frat members physically abused him in a brutal hazing ritual, fogged him unconscious and tried to cover up tear actions. today an autopsy will be performed on the body of a 26-year-old woman found dead in lehigh county. police are calling the death suspicious, her body was found just before noon yesterday in whitehall at her home on south fifth avenue. it remainings unclear how she died. you may start to see trains running a little bit slower than usual. and it's all because of fall leaves.
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katy zachary is live to explain. good morning. >> they're pretty to look at. now a nuisance on the track. they could delay this quite bit. the cars can crush the leaves. it produces an oily slippery substance they started to power wash the track at night the clear the oil. >> i never heard of this before. >> i never thought of this as a train problem. >> that i never heard of. there it is. >> if have you to be at work at a surgeon time, that will be an issue. >> someone falls in full swing and power washing is not enough to remove the oil from its tracks. septa brings in a gel substance mixed with sand.
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they say that usually works. >> mass transit. time to get a check on the roads out there. jessica boyington. >> we checkt outside that problems. sky force 10 overtop of lincoln drive. two vehicles in an accident seen. so if you want to avoid it, on will be condrive approaching the scene no problems on that road as for now. starting to see some delays. the taillights to the vooip street expressway.
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we are slowing down at the normal prochlts no problems from mat transit. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we are exactly one hour before sunrise, we are going to see a lot of sunshine, this is a live look at the npc 10 studios. three miles an hour. so much of the area is a little cooler, 51 degrees, a degree cooler than yesterday. parts of south jersey are a little chillier than that. right now clear, sunshine will be bright through the day. if you like yesterday, a good possibility i like today, too. temperatures will be just as warm if not a bit warmer. this will likely bring us rain. look at the storm, oklahoma into
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texas. that system will go through the weekend. 60 degrees for 8:00. hour by hour temperatures into the 70 by 1:00 this afternoon and climbing. so stand by for another beautiful autumn day. look at these numbers, 74 to 77 degrees. we are normally in the mid-60s this time of year. so a nice warm-up today. but it's back to normal. it's a little cooler tomorrow. 49 in the morning. 63 in the afternoon. the wind will be proceeding. plenty of sunshine, the wind settles down saturday morning, which means a colder morning. 39 degrees t. suburbs will be colder. tonight's rebound in the afternoon. a chance of showers primarily in the morning on sunday. by late in the day we see sunshine, dry for monday and tuesday. a chance you need your umbrella again wednesday. >> 30 minutes past 6:00 right now. if you parents don't want to hear it for the holidays, there may be a shortage of legos. the danish company says it may not be able make up in of the building bricks for the rest of the year because of high demand
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for the toy in europe. today the front runner in the race for the white house on the democratic side is putting her campaign on pause as the benghazi attacks take center stage. after years of money problems the river sharks are getting knocked out of the park, saying good-bye to the professional baseball team may not be the end of campbells field.
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. >> folks in our area are losing one of the professional sports
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team the river sharks baseball team ended operations after 15 seasons. it's all over a dispute at campbell's field. a few years ago it was a danger for forechosier. >> it was a sad day for us. our owners organization and most importantly the fans. >> come ron county says it is an active organization to bring organization to the new stadium. and good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we are on route 73, in mount laurel, new jersey. everything is moving smoothly there. no problems with the turnpike or 73. the right-hand lanes, no problems there either. when i come back at 6:30, we will have an update. let's get a check of the
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forecast by bill henley. >> this time of year, really nice weather. we saw a beautiful day. it's 76 degrees yesterday afternoon. even though it's cooler in some spots, down by 4 dries in northeast philadelphia. 2 degrees in atlantic estimate i think we will light up warmer this afternoon. which means, we will warm in the upper 70s. big changes for the weekend t. weekend forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> pennsylvania's attorney general is no longer allowed to practice law. toni braxton explains, that's not going to stop kathleen cane from headed into work today. >> they vow to remain in office. after the break, we will look at three ways that he may be removed legally by the state. as police officers in new york continue to dpreev, the murder of one of their own, another officer 2,000 miles away is fighting for his life this morning. just ahead, the traffic stops that went horribly wrong.
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well, we knew it was coming. now it is official. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane's law license is suspended. why she says she still is undisturbed. suffering from a rare cancer, on top of that, there may have been a medical mistake by doctors making his fight to live even more difficult. >> a chili start this morning. but we will warm up. we will tell you how long these above average temperatures will stay around. they won't warm up fast enough for you. >> it is going to warm up with sunshine today, meteorologist bill henley has the details. >> we are getting closer to
6:30 am
sunshine, the skies brighten up. it's still crawling at this hour. it's been holding steady in philadelphia. 51 degrees. most of the grassy area is running cooler, 40s for womening torp, south jersey, millvale to 42 degrees. 46 in wrights town, look at south philadelphia at 41, upper 40s for rocks borough at the airport there. we will see sunshine 52 at 8:00. 11:00. by 2:00, middle 70s and still climbing. we'll go through the traft neighborhood by neighborhood, right now, jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> we are watching the schuylkill expressway around beaumont avenue, where we are seeing slow speeds on the eastbound sidet. with the slow drive time, additionally watching accidents off to the right-hand shoulder
6:31 am
from the on ramp. this is the third we seen an accident. watch out for that american right if here. it seems to be a problem that's reoccurring. 18 minutes, though, from the pluto the vine street expressway. also moving over into jersey, westbound around route 73, reports of property damage in the area as well. a poll down, not blocking any of the roadways. all lanes opened, though. >> as of today, pennsylvania's top law enforcement officer is not allowed to practice law. attorney general kathleen cane's license is now suspended. nbc 10 toni braxton is live with a look at what this means. walk us through this. >> hey, tracy, this suspension is temporary. it does not have an end date. but this is the first full day as you mentioned. so overnight, we have been looking at the legal ram physicians of what this means --
6:32 am
ramifications of what this means going forward. historic election, first democrat. first woman to be elected as pennsylvania's attorney general. this temporary suspension of her license could prevent her from having any involvement in criminal and civil cases in her office. but it does not remove her from office. so the state's cons stulgs lists three ways an elected official may be removed, first by legislative impeachment. then court action, usually filed by the a.d. or county district attorney. in this case, it's unclear, who would be governor for reasonable cause and the senate could conduct a two-thirds majority vote. governor wolf earned to step down -- urged her to step down. but cane vows to remain in office. so in the meantime, while she fights the perjury charge, she
6:33 am
will collect $159,000 a year as well as all of her health and retirement benefits. we continue to see what's ahead as this historic action takes place in the state. live on the set for the art museum, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. breaking news from overnight. police in albuquerque, new mexico, will have a suspect in custody who they say shot and critically injured an officer. the shooting happened last night in a traffic stop. court authorities, suspects shot the officer in the head and neck t. officer underwent several surgeries overnight. and the police department has not released his or her identity. 6:33. meantime today at the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan, first responders pay tribute to an nypd officer killed in the line of duty earlier this week. yesterday, firefighters saluted a police motorcade as the notorious officer pulled his body to a manhattan funeral
6:34 am
home. family members describe him as a loving and easy going guy. >> all he wanted to do and [ inaudible ] >> officer holder's father says his son will be promoed to detective. he said the suspect in the murder faced the judge last night, tyrone howard is facing first degree murder charges. meantime, new under surveillance video appears to show howard riding a stolen bike moments before the shooting. police are pursuing howard, a suspect in an armed robbery in an empty car lot. chris cato live, an arsonist is targeting churches in the st. louis area struck again early this morning. in most cases the damage was minimal like this one here. this is a live picture of the damage to a check church in st. louis. an arsonist set fire to the front doors there. this makes the seventh fire, the
6:35 am
seventh church set on fire in the past 12 days in st. louis. now as i said, in most cases, the damage was min ma'am. but in one case, a church was almost destroyed. the atf and st. louis police are investigating. they say these fires span several different denominations, but five of the fires were set at predominantly plaque churches. so the atf and police are vecking to see if this could be a hate crime. they say it's clearly the work of the same person and is also clearly the work of someone trying to send a message. they're not certain what that message is at this point. so seven fires, 13 days of churches, now they're still looking for the arsonist that is setting these in the st. louis area. chris cato, live in our breaking news centers. now to update you on this breaking news we have been following for you all morning long, crews putting out hot spots at a house fire in reading, berks county.
6:36 am
a live picture where the fire started around 3:30. the fire reached three alarmts. firefighters still on scene making sure the fire is spleet e completely out. we will keep you updated on air and our nbc 10 news app. today's presidential candidate hillary clinton will be before a house committee on benghazi. four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stephens died in the attacks on the u.s. consulate on september 11th, 2012. clinton testified about benghazi 2013, she took responsibility for the department's failures leading up to the attack. meantime the top super pack backing-ing harrisburg has released its first paid tv ad. take a look. >> as secretary of state, she stood strong for america, traveling almost 1,500 million
6:37 am
miles, 97 backing down, now everybody is paying politics over benghazi. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable. we put together a benghazi special committee. >> usa today says the six figure ad will air in the early voting states of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. he is winning his fraud case as he continues to represent himself in federal court t. 32-year-old is accused of misusing monies from business loans. at times during yesterday's court session, there were heated exchanges. a former college room nate testified that fattah didn't do much in college but eat pizza and watch tv. >> another mark zucker burg, bill gates, they're continuing to try to layout their weak case. it's not going so well. they got a team of people. a team of experienced people. you saw them blowing up in the
6:38 am
courtroom. >> a client gave his work high marks and says that evidence proves he is a successful businessman. fattah's father say he is in a separate grand jury indictment t. long time congressman is accused of misusing campaign funds, donations and grant money. he also denied all wrongdoing. his trial is scheduled for next may he is married to anchor renee fattah. she is lablgd as person e in the indictment and an affiliate of the fattah enterprise. the feds allege she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged with any wrong-doing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:38. look at this beautiful vow from the comcast center. sun is coming up after 7:00.
6:39 am
though it's chilly. 40s and lie 50s september like, upper 70s, warmer today than yesterday. unfortunately, turning cool. more typical this time of year on friday. it's sunday we could see wet weather, showers. i don't think we see snow flakes like we had. 45 in reading. 51 in philadelphia. cape pay is 64 degrees. there is a beautiful view looking across the delaware. very little movement in the water but the winds are light and dry air. which is what we have this morning. that's when you get your chilliest temperatures. sunshine, though, you see a few scattered clouds as times. there is a cold front on the night tonight. 70s for allentown, reading and quakeer town, a lot of sunshine, norristown hits 76.
6:40 am
along with mount holly. at the shore, cape may up to 73 degrees. 75 in dover this afternoon. and look at the middle 70s for wilmington 77 for philadelphia. changes for the weekend, yes. you will feel the difference, saturday morning 30s to start with. 64 degrees the showers on track mainly sunday morning. by sunday afternoon, we get some sunshine and back into the middle 66. 7-day forecast when we're back in ten minutes. >> you can't look far for this weekend. >> wow. >> we have track and an accident. >> jessica buying torp, where on 95? >> we have been following this accident scene all morning in newark. so 95 southbound. we had two lanes blocked earlier. now we have just the right lane blocked. now we're in the middle of rush
6:41 am
hour, we are starting to see people check in a few moments ago. down to the single visits approaching that accident scene. moving over into winslow, township, new jersey. watch out, westbound on route 73, a poll down with an accident in the area. all lanes opened, though, with that property damage. you can get through. no problems or delays right now on the atlantic city expressway. >> thank you, jessica. a boy has new struggles to deal with. >> this is one of the biggest medical mistakes in 35 years. next what a family says wentz terribly wrong with this little boy's treatment. and philadelphia's archbishop has a controversial message for catholics, why families with one or two children are sad.
6:42 am
. vince mazzeo-
6:43 am
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan,
6:44 am
even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
6:45 am
>> happening today, barbara bush is visiting philadelphia. she is the ceo of global health core. she will present a personal journey as well as how it has grown and help improve health disparity in areas they serve. this morning a family wants answers, their infant son battling a rare form of cancer, allegedly used ten times the chemotherapy treatment he was supposed to. he was treated at st. christophers hospital. his father says the chemotherapy dose supposed to be 3.3 milligrams was allegedly 33 milligrams and administered five
6:46 am
days straight. >> this is one of the biggest medical mistakes in 35 years. we go through all the pain, losing hair and pain. >> the little boy is now being treated at philadelphia hospital in philadelphia. they decline comments, citing patient confidentiality. however the harrison family provided nbc 10 with letters they received from hospital officials. one says isaac was being treated for unusual and serious cancer. the calculation done was inaccurate. it guess on the to say this complication is a cause for great regret. the family says the hospital told them they will continue to investigate. new mexico police made an arrest in a case of a road rage that left a 4-year-old girl dead. it started with cars cutting people off in albuquerque. vergs say tony torres was in one of those cars.
6:47 am
he fired at vehicles, killing 40-year-old garcia. the police chief says he's never seen anything like this. >> to me this is a crime that is unexplainable. >> toerdz was arrested wednesday and charged with the little girl's murder. officers are tracking down. police say he has confessed. it's 6:47. president obama will veto a $612 billion defense bill. it would increase defense spending by adding $38 billion to a separate account. president obama also disapproved a provision of bill. he says would complicate the closer of the u.s. detention center at guantonomo bay, cuba. also happening today if washington, philadelphia police commission charles ramsey and more than 100 law enforcement leaders from across the country will meet with president obama. they are a part of the new coalition to reduce crime and
6:48 am
incarceration. they are pushing congress and state lawmakers to three things, alternatives to arrests. reducing the number of criminal laws and mandatory minimum prison sentences. >> you put a gun in somebody's face and say, "different me your money." that's a crime. if you get caught with ten bags of heroin, do you think that those two crimes should carry the same weight in the criminal justice system? >> you have to have another solution. not just non-arrest. but placement in programs that can lose people to a lack of sobriety and violence. more than 2 million people are in u.s. prisons. that's more than any other country in the world. a group of conservative republicans in congress say they generally support paul ryan, the speaker of the house. they aren't prepared to actually endorse him. last night 70% of freedom caucus members agreed to the endorsement. the rules say they have to reach
6:49 am
80%. it comes with conditions and endorsement. gop leadership will vote for the next speaker a week from today. >> plaque friday is big business. new stores actually open earlier. >> one mall wants to bust that trend, workers have started a petition on asking that management reconsider opening the mall at 6:00 on thanksgiving nate. they say taking people away from a holiday based around time with family and friends, we reached out for comment. we haven't heard anything back. >> an interview with a french catholic magazine. he says, quote, it's sad to see so many couples cheat themself
6:50 am
out of more love and joy by only having two children. he gas on to say he wishes we had more large families. it is the cost of raising them, according to data from the a culture department, it will cost more than $245,000 for a middle income family to raise one child born in 2013 from birth until 18. >> that number doesn't factor in the expense of sending a child to private school. according to educational association, the average catholic elementary school costs around $3300 and $8700 for high school. when questioned about the high cost of raising children. they said god will provide for families to raise multiple children.
6:51 am
>> says me streets adds a new character to the family. julia, she has autism. her condition coincides with the debut of a new song celebrating our differences. it's all a part of the program to promote educational awareness about autism. >> now your nbc 101st alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> there is a good chance oscar wouldn't be pleased with today's weather. everybody else. lots of sunshine will be here. you can see our skies, nice and clear the wind dies down. >> that allows temperatures to cool off. 51 degrees in philadelphia. 40 for most of the reeft of the area. a few scattered clouds, no rain, not expecting rain today. the weekend, that's a different story. you should see showers. 46 in chester springs. quakeer town back in the upper 30s, look at shenandoah, 58 degrees.
6:52 am
46 and it's 43 in millvale. sunshine, scattered clouds temperatures back in the 70s, upper 70s this afternoon. a cold front comes through tonight. it's this that will bring us rain over the week. look at the storms wageing across texas into oklahoma. and kansas, and even into nebraska this morning. those heavy showers will stay in the mid-west and the plain states during the day today. but tomorrow night, they'll be moving into the mid-west and saturday night, they finally make it into pennsylvania. >> that line of showers that will reach us sunday morning. there you can see the showers at midnight in central pennsylvania. until then, we should be dry, sunny and mild today. 74 to 77 degrees this afternoon. yesterday's high 76. we're right pack in the same territory. we're back tofall tomorrow, 63 after a morning low of spine 49, a breezy, sunny day on friday,
6:53 am
scattered clouds on saturday after a cold morning in the 30s. warm up to 64 showers, late day sunshine on sunday, trying out monday, tuesday, another round of showers possible tuesday. >> heading out the door. >> a lot of red lights out there. i can't tell if they're brake lights or police lights, fill us if. ? brake lights and police lights on the schuylkill expressway around belmonte avenue, eastbound, this is the third time we've seen an accident in the last two weeks or so. this is a spot we need to watch out for. now the ramp is back opened. now we see brake lights in the morning hours, eastbound to the vine street expressway. a 24 minute stretch.
6:54 am
don't worry about this accident scene. pretty much out of the way watch out in furyk, delaware on 95 southbound now the left lane drops to slow speeds on the southbound side. >> a pennsylvania top lawyer can't practice law. kathleen cane was suspended at midnight. toni braxton is live for us with a look at what it all means, monique. >> hey, vai, after the break, we will look at what options the state law maker passed and what cane is saying about it. .
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come fall, i like to get a taste of everything the state has to offer. like this famous winery nestled in the hudson valley. or the award-winning vineyards of long island. this cooperstown brewery belongs in every beer lover's hall of fame. you can even try new york's exceptional cider and spirits. this fall, drink in the beauty of new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone. i'm live overlooking the
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philadelphia skyline. this is one of the cities now represented by an attorney general working with a suspended law license. what that means is kathleen cane now pennsylvania's first democrat and first female ag cannot have involvement overseas. the governor wants her to step down t. state compensation says she may be removed by court action or the governor. in a two-thirds majority vote by the pennsylvania senate. cane vows to remain state attorney general while she fights her perjury charge against her. we will be watching developments in harrisburg today and keep you abreast of what is next in this saga involving pennsylvania's attorney general. on the steps of the art museum, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. hey, everyone, i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic.
6:59 am
earlier, we reported an accident scene westbound route 73 with a poll down. the poll is in the area for cleanup. all lanes opened for now. 95, right around 322, major delays there, approaching the bridge this morning. for the rest of our drive times, 95 southbound into the vine street expressway, 34 minute trip, having slow speeds on the schuylkill to the center city area. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a beautiful start a. live view from sky force 10. a few clouds there, the temperatures at this hour are still falling. that's going to change, 18 minutes past 7:00. 53 degrees right now. we are heading for the 70s this afternoon. right now 40s for most of the area, but it will not last long. a quick warm-up by 11:0075. middle 70s by 2:00.
7:00 am
>> beautiful that, sunrise. >> awesome. >> the "today" show is up next. >> you can always get updates on news and weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. .


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