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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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college campus, this time in tennessee. and this time there's a certain event that police say led to the shooting. we're following breaking developments out of nashville. a police chase in philadelphia ends in a crash that injures four people including two officers now investigators are looking into whether there may have been drugs in one of the cars. >> and not a bad start for an autumn morning here. a live look at boathouse row on the schuylkill river. it is warmer this morning but we're tracking a temperature drop coming up for the weekend and a chance, a chance of showers. don't be too alarped. we'll have the timing coming up. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm rosemary connors. we don't want anybody to put their plans on hold. be aware. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley. he fills us in on the details. >> i'm planning to sleep through the showers and a good chance you will too. but we do have wet weather on the way for the weekend. today we'll stay dry. look at the warm-up this morning compared to yesterday. 8, 9, 11 degrees warmer for
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mount holly. millville is 15 degrees warmer. it's the pocono mountains that cooled off. we're looking at temperatures that just dropped in the 50s for philadelphia. 58 in millville. and atlantic city, doylestown 52. south philadelphia is 55, northeast philadelphia, roxborough in the middle to upper 50s. we see a lot of sunshine, the temperatures cool down by 7:00, the sun is up after 7:00, by 10:00 the temperatures are up a little bit. it's the northerly winds that's going to put a lid on our temperatures today. that being said we're back in the low 60s this afternoon at 1:00. 60 degrees and the wind will still be kicking. we'll go through the forecast and the high temperatures i'm expecting neighborhood by neighborhood. when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has the friday morning traffic. >> bill, we're watching two accidents that popped up in the last 10 minutes or so in montgomery county. another one in lansdale on seventh street and heads up if
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you're heading out on the 42 freeway. we reported that the 42 northbound ramp to route 130 westbound is closed, reopened this morning so good to go there. you'll have no problem getting off of that exit ramp. let's keep it in new jersey around the camden area, so right in here is the ben franklin toll plaza. if you're heading off this last exit here, before philadelphia and camden, you'll be fine also. mass transit when i come back in 10. >> we continue to follow breaking news from overnight. a shooting on a college campus in tennessee left one man dead and two students hurt. police say the shooting happened after a fight over a dice game at tennessee state university in nashville. the man who died is not a student. we don't know his name of the two students who were hurt, are expected to be okay. right now we don't know if the shooter has been arrested. we also do know that anyone who is not a student has been told to get off campus. they are not allowed on campus
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there. last week timothy state university may sound familiar because last week three people were shot during a house party across the street from the university there. no one was arrested in that shooting. a philadelphia police officer on his way home from work was involved in a crash in the fish town section of the city. it happened at frankford and girard after midnight. the officer was treated for minor injuries and is expected to be okay. nobody else was hurt. no word yet on what caused the crash. we have new information this morning about a police chase and crash in philadelphia that injured two police officers and two other people. george spencer joins us live from west philadelphia. what do we know? >> reporter: chris, sounds like all of this started around 10:00 last night when officers tried to pull over the driver of a cadillac for dark tinted windows. instead of stopping the driver took off. new this morning we have video
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from an eye witness that shows the aftermath of the crash that followed. in that video you can see some of the responding officers moving around the scene quickly. the suspect apparently t-boned a police suv at 59th and master. the force of that crash sent the suv over the curb, slamming into a street light, then knocking into a house. police tell us inside the cadillac they found a bag of what appeared to be marijuana. one neighbor who was just getting home at the time watched it all happen. >> as soon as i get out of the car i see the car fly past me at a high rate of speed and look up and he had hit head on with a police car. >> sky force 10 flew over the scene last night, two officers were injured with some cuts to their nose and some head injuries. they were taken in stable condition and they should be okay. both the 23-year-old driver of
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that cadillac and a female passenger who was also inside, were also hospitalized. they should be fine as well. but at this point the police investigation into what started all of this is still continuing. live this morning at the 19th district in west philadelphia, george spencer, "nbc 10 news." >> let's head to lehigh county where a 4-month-old marriage ended in murder and authorities say the victim's husband confessed to the crime. according to police gordon rorback admitted to killing his estranged wife jillian in her apartment in white haul township. her mother found her dead. investigators say rorback strangled her with an electric cord, stuffed a sock in her mouth and taped it shut. the couple got married in july but recently separated. >> it's crazy. what's the point of getting married when you're going to kill your wife. >> rorback is in police custody facing homicide charges.
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>> investigators are trying to get in touch with this giants fan in the red jersey. they want to set up an interview with him. an eagles fan beat him up at the 69th street station after monday's game. police say they identified the giants fan through the surveillance video and they are hoping that he can provide more information about his attacker. >> four of the five fraternity brothers charged in a hazing death are home after posting bail. they were arraigned yesterday on third-degree murder charges accused of killing another student in the pocono mountains two years ago. police say fraternity members physically abused chun deng, a student. police say the fraternity brothers tried to cover up what they had done. a magistrate set bail at 500, 0 500,000. defense lawyers called the death a tragedy but said their clients didn't intend to call him. they call this a prank gone a y
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awry. the fra tern city charged with murder and other members are facing less serious charges. >> it's sentencing day for the heavy equipment operator who pleaded guilty in the 2013 deadly center city building collapse. the collapse killed six people and injured more than a dozen others. the man at the center of today's sentencing is 44-year-old shawn benscott. he pled guilty and prosecutors have agreed to recommend a sentence of no more than 10 to 20 years. authorities say that he was high on painkillers and marijuana when the wall of the building he was demolishing collapsed onto the salvation army store at 22nd and market streets. the victims were buried under the rubble. earlier this week a jury convicted contractor griffin campbell for his role in the collapse. on monday he was found guilty on six counts of involuntary manslaughter. campbell described himself as the scapegoat for the the architect who oversaw the
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demolition project. but prosecutors say that it was campbell who controlled the work site. in the meantime, new legislation is being proposed in philadelphia to help prevent future disasters like the deadly collapse on market street. according to our partners at news work, city councilman jones has introduced a bill that would impose civil litigation against contractors who fail to report unsafe conditions on a demo site, something that they are not required to do right now. from our trenton bureau, democrats in new jersey's state senate have voted to override governor christie's veto on a new gun control bill. >> i will not ask you again. >> tensions flared yesterday with some lawmakers exchanging bitter words, it's designed to alert police if prospective gun buyers seek to expunge their mental health records. they need 27 votes to override the veto. the bill needs two thirds
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majority in the assembly to take effe effect. >> it's 5:08. if you're not on the temple bandwagon yet now would be the time. the owls made history last night, beat east carolina for temple's first 7-0 start in school history. students and even the school band watched that road game from the basketball arena, temple scored 14 points in the final four minutes to rally past east carolina's 24-14. >> everyone is excited for that. it's a lot of good energy. >> it's great, temple hasn't been on top a long time. it's great to see and i love it. >> the owls were down at halftime but the defense stepped up big in the second half, forcing two turnovers and blocking two punts. >> our defensive kids kept saying what's next. i thought even going out and blocking in the second half, we overcame and shooting ourselves in the foot a lot of credit to them, but our kids played hard.
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>> the owls are rank today with 2nd. up next for them they could make a statement here, they take on number 11, notre dame at the link on halloween. get ready for that. ten minutes after 5:00. what a mild morning we've got so far. temperatures are cooling off and we will see a cooler day with a nice breeze out of the north but lots of sunshine too. that changes this weekend, i'm tracking some showers that will be moving through during the weekend. doesn't look like it's going to last through the weekend, however. 45 in mount pocono, look at the temperatures northeast philadelphia and atlantic city, upper 50s, should be in the middle 40s right now. clear skies in center city. like yesterday we will see plenty of sunshine, different from yesterday the direction of the wind so we are going to be cooler this afternoon. we are dry, you see the showers offshore, that's the cold front that came by the area yesterday
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and that's going to give us the cooler weather for today and for the weekend as well. the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood, 51 degrees for the pocono mountains, 58 in quakertown and just up to 60 for allentown and reading. plenty of sunshine for doylestown, trenton and mount holly and nothing but sunshine at the shore today. 61 in cape may, 62 in dover and vineland 60 degrees this afternoon. and very low asks for wilmington and williams town, westchester, 59 degrees this afternoon. look at the weekend forecast and the full 7 day when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> it's 11 minutes after 5:00. if your morning drive takes you through south jersey watch for construction. >> give yourself a few extra minutes. let's check in with jessica boyington for the details. >> hey, rosemary, chris, we're out in south jersey, watching for construction on 322 around 54 at 12th street there is a traffic shift so watch for that. right now not a heavily traveled area but something to give you a
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heads up for. in south jersey on the 42 freeway, right around 41 we're at deptford so the northbound lanes here that's what's headed toward the philadelphia area, if you have to get to 295, no problems and five minutes past this point from 55 up to the walt whitman bridge. mass transit, no delays. all running on time. no delays there. it was a hearing that went on for more than 11 hours. >> thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> in the end, the republican chairman said he didn't learn anything new. how hillary clinton kept her cool during the marathon session that's next. and is it all over for one of clinton's rivals in the race for the white house? dprak lincoln chafee says he will address the future of his campaign.
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>> we're following a tragedy, breaking news in france where at least 42 people died in a bus crash in southwest france. this happened east of the wine region. most of those killed we're told are elderly tourists. this is apparently a senior citizens group on a tour bus. the bus crashed into a truck and caught fire. the video you're looking at is the staging area where emergency medical responders are gathered. some did manage to escape by breaking windows.
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at this time at least 42 dead in a bus crash in france. >> more news oversea this is morning. we are awaiting the identity of an american commando killed in a rescue operation in iraq. he is the first american to die there since u.s. forces withdrew from iraq four years ago. america's special ops and kurdish forces land neerd an isis prison, the raid was supposed to rescue kurdish hostages about to be executed. kurdish troops stormed in. guards fought back so u.s. troops decided to step in. 15 guards were killed but not before the american commando was shot and killed. new information this morning about the motive behind the deadly school attack in sweden yesterday. police say the attacker was racially motivated. many students thought the attacker was playing a halloween prank when this unfolded. he was wearing a military style
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helmet and black mask with a sword in his hand. a teacher and a student died, another teacher and student were stabbed but they survived. >> 5:17. no doubt hillary clinton is probably tired this morning after testifying for 11 hours yesterday about the deadly attacks on benghazi, libya on the u.s. consulate there. the former secretary of state and democratic candidate for president answered republicans' questions in that 11-hour marathon session. she firmly defended her record while trying to avoid damaging her campaign. >> you know, i would imagine i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. >> the hearing revealed little new information about the 2012 attack that claimed the lives of four americans. clinton testified that she never received a request for more security from u.s. ambassador
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chris stevens though he did make those requests to security officials. >> it is official. paul ryan is running for speaker of the house. the wisconsin representative sent a letter to members of the house republican conference informing them of his candidacy last night. the memo is ryan's rallying cry to republicans for a more conservative agenda and a unified gop under his leadership. >> talking decision 2016 now, the democratic candidates for president could be down to three today. former rhode island governor and u.s. senator lincoln chafee says he is going to be discussing the future of his campaign a little later on. former virginia senator jim webb ended his campaign on tuesday so that leaves the other democratic candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley. >> the bill cosby controversy finds itself at the center of the race for montgomery county district attorney. democrat kevin steel aired
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another political ad attacks his opponent for not charging cosby with sexual assault when castor was the d.a., a former employee says that cosby drugged and attacked her at his home. yesterday castor posted his own ad saying that steel could have done something since he was a prosecutor at the time. >> despicable desperation politics, disgusting lies, kevin steel had the power to help victims of cosby but he sat on his hands. >> castor's ad says the identity of other accusers became available after he left office. >> 5:19 on friday.  delaware should probably leave earlier. >> don't linger too long watching us on the news. i shouldn't encourage people to do. that you want to leave the house early. there's a problem out there. jessica boyington will tell us what's going on. >> really what it is is construction on 95.
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so, might set you back a couple of minutes if you have to take 202 from 95 out through delaware, northbound and southbound ramps to 202 are closed, just follow the detour signs they have posted. you'll be fine. there's not a lot of delays. i checked our drive times in delaware. the p.a. side around cottman avenue, no problems here. you can see if you're headed south from woodhaven to the vine street expressway we have a 12-minute trip. heading out on the blue route, we're in the green, still at the most it's going to take you 18 minutes northbound from 95 to the schuylkill expressway. i'll have another check on traffic when i come back in the next ten minutes. in two hours we'll be watching the sun come up. right now it's the temperatures that are coming down in part because of the breeze that's blowing this morning. the wind has shifted, it's now out of the north at 12 miles an hour gusting to 18 miles per
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hour in philadelphia bringing in cooler air. but slowly cooling down. we're 8 degrees warmer than we were yesterday morning at this time. clear skies over boathouse row, beautiful view there and we'll see plenty of sunshine like we saw yesterday. we don't get the temperatures we saw yesterday. a cold front went through the area, those clouds are now offshore. that's not an issue for us for the rest of the weekend. this will be. look at the line of showers and some thunderstorm activity, don't think we'll get the thunderstorms but we'll see the showers come sunday morning. for today, it's sunshine and a warm-up by 1:00 this afternoon. in spite of the northerly winds we'll hit 60 degrees. cooler weather tomorrow morning. it gets dhily, 39 degrees, that's center city. so the suburbs will be colder. but the cold eases in the afternoon, 6 they degrees. then the rain comes through. by sunday afternoon some breaks of sunshine and lots of sunshine for monday and tuesday. you might need your umbrella again at times on wednesday and
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thursday. >> we'll stand by for that. 5:21 now. there is trouble this morning for gnc. a lawsuit accuses the business that sells all natural dietary supplements of spiking those with something not so natural.
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>> former subway pitch man jared fogle is out of a million dollars, the restitution he is ordered to pay to ten victims has been sent out. fogel pled guilty to child porn
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and sex crime charges. the victims were given checks for $100,000 each this week. four more victims could have their checks by the time the disgraced spokesman is sentenced. organization's attorney general says that gnc sold supplements spiked with illegal ingredients. landon dowdy is here to fill us in. >> good friday morning to you. gnc one of the largest retailers of supplements has allegedly sold products containing two illegal synthetic drugs according to a lawsuit file bid organize's attorney general. the are not approved in the u.s. and considered potentially dangerous. it alleges that gnc knew it was illegal as early as 2007 but chose to sell thousands of sup presidents containing the ingredient. they say these claims are without merit. and on wall street the markets
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look to end on a positive note. the stocks rallying with averages closing at some of the highest levels since the august market turmoil with sharp gains by positive earnings, no major economic data today. the dow up 320 points friday to 17489, the nasdaq up 79 to 4920. and stocks on pace for their first four-week winning streak this year. back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thanks for checking in with us. 26 minutes after 5:00 on a late october morning. we should be in the 40s but we're getting a really warm start. 58 degrees here at nbc 10. and we are on track for a sunny day. there are changes ahead for the weekend. see if anything has changed on the roads. jessica boyington has first alert traffic. we're watching lehigh valley now, bill, around route 22
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approaching route 309. northbound. no problems there at all. so smooth sailing. we'll have another check on traffic when i come back. >> i'm george spencer in west philadelphia where a police pursuit led to a frightening crash. coming up how it all began and how the officers are doing this morning.
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we're following breaking developments from a shooting on a college campus. it happened overnight near nashville. one person is dead, two wounded. details are ahead. >> in philadelphia, two police officers in two citizens are recovering from injuries this morning after a chase led to a crash. we'll hear from a witness who recorded video of the aftermath. >> pleasant but cooler weather on this friday as we take a live look over philadelphia and the ben franklin bridge. the weather team is tracking a temperature dip plus the chance of showers. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm chris cato and temple wins, temple wins. the owls 7-0. we have new video of the players


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