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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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this time yesterday. 53 degrees in chester springs.
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. closer to the shore we're around 60 degrees. our satellite radar shot shows we're going to see quiet conditions. we saw the cold front move through and now as we head into the rest of today we'll see plenty of sunshine, it will just be cool and feel cold with that northerly wind moving in. this is a system we're tracking and it's going to give us a chance of sunday showers but as far as today is concerned we will see lots of sunshine. here's how your day will break down. by 1:00 p.m. 60 degrees, by 4:00 p.m. 62. by 7:00 p.m. 56 degrees with clear skies expected. your headlines are we'll see colder temperatures today. tracking a chilly start to your saturday morning and sunday showers. i'll go over the details on that in my full forecast. vai? >> we confirmed two philadelphia police officers injured after a chase is and crash late last night have been released from the hospital.
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skyforce 10 was over the scene in west philadelphia around 10:00 last night officers tried to pull over the driver of a black cadillac for having dark tinted windows. the driver took off. blocks later he, the boned a police suffer, sending the suv on to the sidewalk and into a street light. this is what it looked like from the ground at 59th and masters street. officers later found a bag which appeared to contain marijuana inside the cadillac. a witness captured the moments after the crash on his cell phone and told us what he saw. >> they were coming up at least 80 miles an hour plus and the guy didn't want to stop at all. ran through the red light. >> reporter: then hit the cop? >> head on, yes. >> reporter: the driver of the cadillac was taken to mercy hospital in stable condition. his female passenger also hospitalized and no word on any charges. a philadelphia police officer on his way home from work was involved in in a crash in the fishtown section of the city.
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this happened in frankford and gerard just after midnight. the officer was treated for minor injuries but is expected to be okay. no one else was hurt in this crash and no word yet on what caused the crash. in lehigh county, a four-month-old marriage ends in murder and authorities say the victim's husband confessed to the crime. police say gordon rorbaugh confessed to killing his wife. investigators say he strangled her with an electrical cord, stuffed a sock in her mouth and taped it shut. the couple was married in july but separated. he is in custody facing homicide charges. four frat brothers from new york are back home after posting bail. five were arraigned yesterday on murder charges, accused of killing another student hazing incident in the poconos. police say the fraternity members physically abused chun
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deng, a baruch college student. police say they tried to cover it up. a magistrate set bail at $500,000 for four of the suspects and $150,000 for the fifth. all but one posted bond. defense lawyers called deng's death a tragedy but said their clients didn't intend to kill him. they call it a fraternity prank gone horribly awry. the fraternity itself is charged with murder and 32 others are facing less serious charges. investigators are trying to get in touch with this giants fan in the red jersey you see here. an eagles fan beat him up at the 69th street station after monday night's game in philadelphia. septa police say they identified him through surveillance video and they're hoping he can provide more information about his attacker. the parents of a man accused of trying to lure children claim their son is harmless. they say 26-year-old daniel lee has autism and just likes talking to children. lee was arrested near wayne elementary school wednesday.
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concerned parents called police after they say lee scared their children at the playground. he allegedly talked to them about finding an abandoned cabin in the woods. police arrested him and lee is being held on $100,000 bail while he awaits a psychiatric evaluation. meanwhile, philadelphia city leaders are showing off their bravery. here's a look at one logan square in center city which is being transformed into a cliff face for philadelphia's outward bound school's annual building adventure fund-raiser. 100 business leaders, students and teachers are rappelling 31 stories to the ground here. now, earlier this morning, sixers mascot franklin took part dropping 418 feet down the side of the building. participants are asked to raise $2,000 for the student to rappel. all proceeds provide scholarship
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support for students from underdeserved philadelphia communities to take part in the philadelphia outward bound school. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will rappel the building this afternoon. he's no stranger to this event. he's done this before. he's done this before. this is filed video from one of his previous journeys down the side of a skyscraper. 7-0. temple university's football team is celebrating perfection. we were on temple's main campus as the buses rolled in this morning. that was long drive back from greenville, north carolina. that's where the owls made history, beating east carolina last night. this is temple's first 7-0 start ever. and students in the school band, they watched the road game from the center. temple scored 14 points in the fourth quarter to rally past east carolina 24-14. next they take on the fighting next they take on the fighting irish of notre dame.
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at 11:30, nbc 10's george spencer is live with fans on campus celebrating temple's success. happening today, one of philadelphia's oldest schools will receive some special recognition. students, faculty, and local dignitaries will be on hand this afternoon to help dedicate an official historical marker at the entrance of the william penn charter school in east falls. penn charter is the oldest quaker school in the world and was established by philadelphia quakers and william penn back in 1689. catastrophe on a country road. new information about a deadly crash involving a bus packed with tourists in france's wine country. plus, history making hurricane. the extremely dangerous storm that could be poised to take aim at a top tourist destination south of the border. i'm tracking a major cooldown. temperatures about 15 degrees colder today. plus how that will affect your weekend. the details coming up in my full forecast.
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new information about a deadly crash in france's wine country. another person has died bringing the death toll to 43 after a bus collided with a logging truck and then caught on fire. the bus is transporting retirees in a day trip when the crash happened in a small village in the bordeaux area of the country. nbc's keir simmons is in london with the latest.
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>> reporter: the horrifying remains of the bus a burnedout shell where 42 people died, the worst accident in france for over 30 years. a collision with a truck carrying lumber on a remote road near the famed wine country of bordeaux. rescue teams airlift it had wounded to hospital, nine injured who escaped. survivors seen wrapped in foil blankets to keep warm. relatives embracing, in shock, and reports say all of the passengers killed were members of a retirement group on a one day tour. the french president said this morning he was plunged into sadness by the tragedy and promised a full investigation. the road where the accident happened said to be notoriously dangerous. now it's taken the lives of at least 42 who, despite the efforts of 60 firefighters could not be saved. and the french interior ministry is warning the number of dead may climb. four of the injures are in a serious condition, two with head traumas, two with serious burns
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and just to understand the impact of this, it's reported only 700 people live in the village where many of the elderly passengers come from all know someone who died. >> reporter: we know the identity of the soldiers killed in the fight against isis. joshua wheeler was killed in a rescue operation in iraq. the department says wheeler died from small arms fire during the mission. the oklahoma native is the first american to die in iraq since u.s. forces withdrew four years ago. american special ops and kurdish forces landed yesterday morning. the raid was supposed to rescue kurdish hostages about to be executed. kurdish troops stormed in but isis guards fought back so u.s. troops decided to step in. 15 yards were taken out but not before the american commando was shot and killed.
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gunfire erupts in a college campus in tennessee killing one man and wounding two students. this happened at tennessee state university in nashville. police say an apparent dispute over a dice game led to the shooting. the man who died isn't a student. three people were shot last week during a house party across the street from the university. no one was arrested in that shooting. new information about the motive behind a deadly sword attack at a school? sweden yesterday. police say the attack was racially motivated. many students thought the attacker was playing a halloween prank because he was wearing a military-style helmet and black mask with a sword in his hand. the teacher and a student died. another teacher and student were stabbed but survived. this morning we are hearing from the family of four-year-old lily garcia, the little girl killed in a road rage incident in new mexico. alan garcia says he was driving on interstate 40 in albuquerque when he was cut off by another
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driver. according to garcia, he made a gesture at the other driver and that's when the car pulled up next to his truck and the driver pulled out a gun and opened fire, killing lily who was riding in the backseat. now this isn't the family's first tragedy. lily's mother lost her brother to murder 12 years ago. >> i thought i lost my world when i lost him but it doesn't compare to losing a child. it doesn't compare at all. >> police arrest theed the other driver seen here, tony perez. he is charged with murder. a crash leaves a box truck dangling off a bridge over the chesapeake bay in maryland. there's no word on what caused this crash which involved multiple vehicles. the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere is on a track toward mexico. the united states government is urging americans to steer clear
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of beaches and rough seas on mexico's southwest coast and workers were boarding up buildings at hurricane patricia is heading toward the pacific coast of mexico. it's a powerful category five sto storm. it has maximum sustained winds of about 200 miles an hour. you can see here a hurricane warning was put into effect for a stretch of coastline that includes the tourist resort of puerto vallarta. >> you'll notice big changes with our weather. temperatures will be much cooler than what we saw yesterday. so colder day on tap for us, that will give way to a chilly start on your saturday morning and i'm also tracking sunday showers but until we get to sunday we will see drier conditions. our temperature change man shows we are down 19 degrees in the poconos from this time
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yesterday. ten degrees cooler in allentown, ten degrees cooler in atlantic city and we expect by the time we get to to the afternoon about pho-to-be about 15 degrees colder today. temperatures stay in the low 60s on this friday. saturday 64 degrees. we'll warm to 66, a little bit above average as we head into sunday but a live look outside right now where for philadelphia we're at 59 degrees. our humidity is at 42%. take a look at the wind speeds out of the north at 15 miles per hour so we are seeing that cold wind come in from the north. you can see a cold front come through and that's why our temperatures will be much colder than what we saw yesterday and the day before. closer look at the rest of our temperatures at 45 degrees here in the poconos. 56 in allentown. 57 in pottstown. 60 degrees in wilmington. 59 in northeast philly. 58 in trenton. temperatures at the atlantic city airport at 59. 60 in wood vine and that cold air will be locked in over the next couple days here so we'll stay in the 60s through the
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weekend and into most of next week. so those high 70s are nowhere near our seven day forecast. so we'll be cooler over the next week or so. satellite radar shows quiet conditions sand we expect to stay completely dry but i am tracking changes as we head into the weekend. it comes from this system here that's moving into the dakotas and manhattan and minneapolis. as we progress our model, most of this moisture stays throughout the great lakes. it will transition closer to us and the tail end of that will give us a few showers as we head into sunday. this will be in your early morning hours, closer to 2:00 a.m. if you're an early riser, you'll deal with light rainfall, but we'll see die conditions through the entire weekend. highs around the region today
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much cooler than what we saw yesterday so staying in the low 60s for philadelphia, high 50s in pottstown. 60 in allentown, 51 in the poconos and as we push into the start of your weekend, by 7:00 a.m. we'll see a cold start to the morning so back to the 30s with our overnight lows in places like allentown, reading, stretching to trenton. barely at 40 for philadelphia. it will be cold if you have early morning activities on saturday you want to bundle up. but as we get into the rest of the afternoon, our temperatures will warm into the low 60s. tomorrow and today 60 to 363 will be our range. sunny and breezy. we see wind speeds sustained at around 20 to 25 so a breezy day throughout the rest of your friday. a.m. cold expected by sunday, a chance of a shower in the morning before 8:00 a.m. 66 on sunday and if you look at monday, 62 and our next chance of rain comes on wednesday. >> thank you, brittney.
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another one bites the dust. the crowded field of presidential hopefuls for 2016 isn't feeling so packed anymore. the candidate who just announced he's bowing out of the race. plus, a secret drug tunnel. agents found it along the u.s./mexico border in california. we'll tell you who's been arrested and the unusual way the suspects hid the entrance.
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parents, check your child's toy box. build a bear is recalling more
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than 34,000 stuffed animals because of a choking hazard. the recall is for the starbrights dragon. the satin seam can open allowing the stuffing material inside to be exposed and then children could choke on it. no injuries have been reported and you can return the stuffed animal to the store and exchange it for another toy. a network tv star made a stop in philadelphia this morning. today show service dog wrangler on independence mall early this morning. it's the last stop by the way in a three-city tour for the therapy canine. the puppy with a purpose did climb the rocky steps while he was in town. of course he did. but his handlers say he was not allowed to eat a cheese steak. ♪ ♪ beautiful and soothing music with an inspirational message.
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this is the peabody youth orchestra of baltimore who will nmpl a very special concert in philadelphia tomorrow to mark the 70th anniversary of the united nations. the harmony for peace foundation is presenting celebrate peace for u.n. 70 and here with us this morning is tammoko tori, the executive director and she is here with seine, a 17-year-old student who is this year's junior peace and music ambassador. thank you both for coming. >> good morning. >> tamoko, tell us about how you're promoting peace through the arts. >> the foundation was founded in 2009 and we are based here in philadelphia but we have a global operation so we have concerts in various places in the world and of course from three years ago we've made a commitment that we will have a large concert, mega concert, in this city every year and this is our third year and then we
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believe that the music is so powerful to express our hope for the good world, peaceful world and, you know, spread the global friendship. >> it does have a wonderful message but tomorrow's celebration is more than just a concert. >> october 24 is annually united nations day, u.n. day, and this year particularly is the 70th anniversary of the united nationss so we're celebrating the peace and the we're celebrating the united nations anniversary. >> seine, tell us about what it means to be a junior peace music ambassador and how music has shaped your young life. >> oh, well, i'm very glad that i was chosen as the third ambassador for harmony for peace foundation and i believe also last year i saw this documentary called "new york trauma" that
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goes to north korea and i was very deeply inspired by how music as this universal language that can promote peace and friendship because you don't to know the -- you know, you don't have to know the words to understand music, you just -- when you listen to it you feel that is the meaning right there. and i believe it's a very effective way to promote peace and friendship to other nations. >> music just sort of transcends all language, doesn't it? cultures. >> very much. >> it's multicultural and i think frommer you're from, backgrounds and faith and the language you speak, music is actually the -- >> it's an international language that we all understand. >> yes. >> by the way, what instrument do you play? >> i play the violin. >> the violin. >> i bet you're wonderful at it. i wish you'd brought your violin today. >> i did! >> well, unfortunately we don't have time but we'll have to go to the concert. the harmony for peace foundation presents peace for u.n. 70 in honor of the 70th anniversa venf
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the nations at the kimmel center for performing arts and nbc 10's doug shimell is the emcee. go to or check out the nbc 10 app. tamoko, seine, appreciate you coming in to tell us about it. >> thank you so much. well, marathon on capitol hill. former secretary of state hillary clinton undergoes 11 hours of grilling as lawmakers demand more answers about the deadly attacks in benghazi in 2012. and are you clamoring for cabernet. details on a thief who's apparently a lover of pricey vintages. his fight over fine wines was caught on camera.
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if you're out and about you may have noticed we have breezier conditions than we've had and you'll notice temperatures cooler than they've been the last few days as we look live now at center city, philadelphia. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with our forecast. temperatures are much cooler than yesterday. look at our 24 hour temperature change map. it shows we are the 20 degrees cooler almost in the poconos down ten degrees in allentown, six in pottstown, four in philadelphia and ten degrees cooler in atlantic city so i'm sure you notice the difference when you stepped outside. temperatures are in the mid-40s for the poconos. 57 in pottstown. 60 degrees currently in wilmington and 59 in wild wood so yesterday we actually warmed into the high 70s. 77 degrees. now as we go into today we will be about 15 degrees cooler as we push into the afternoon. only warming into the low 60s.
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64 degrees on saturday. on sunday 66. so we are going to see average conditions over the next couple of days here so those well above average temperatures are gone, a cold front moves through as we went into last night and that's what helped drop our temperatures. the other thing i'm tracking, as we get into the weekend, is a chance of sunday showers. it's going to come from this system right here. we will also see temperatures staying nice and cool, close to average into saturday and sunday. more details in my seven-day forecast. >> thank you, brittney. this morning we know the identity of the first american soldier killed in the fight against isis and the first american serviceman to die in iraq since u.s. forces withdrew four years ago. 39-year-old master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in a rescue operation in iraq. richard engel has more details on that raid. >> reporter: nbc news has learned new detail this is morning about the commando raid that rescued about 70 hostages
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in iraq. u.s. and allied kurdish forces took off in five helicopters heading to an isis prison on the outskirts of the town of hawija. u.s. officials say the prisoners were about to be executed, mass graves already dug. american forces manned the perimeter. allied kurdish fighters stormed in but met heavy resistance. then nbc news has learned one wave of americans followed by a second moved in to help, worried their allies or the hostages would be killed. but isis managed to shoot one american commando, described by u.s. officials as selfless and heroic and whose actions saved lives. he was the first american to die in combat in iraq in four years. and questions are being raised why are so-called advisors now involved in close combat. >> in that support role they are allowed to defend themselves and
11:33 am
also defend partner forces and to protect against the loss of innocent life. and that's what played out in this particular operation. >> u.s. troops have been operating here in iraq for months on an advise and assist mission. now some are wondering whether they will be more frequently on the front lines of the war against isis. richard engel, nbc news, erbil, northern iraq. there's now one less contender in the race for the democratic nomination for president. former rhode island governor lincoln chafee announced this morning that he is dropping out of the race. chafee broke the news at a women's forum hold by the democratic national committee in washington, d.c. >> as you may know, i've been campaigning on a platform of prosperity through peace, but after much thought i have decided to end my campaign for the president today. [ audience reacts ] thank you. >> chafee struggled to raise money and generate enthusiasm for his campaign and his exit leaves just three candidates for the democratic nomination.
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one of those candidates, of course, is former secretary of state hillary clinton. she also addressed the same women's forum. her appearance came a little more than 12 hours after she finished marathon testimony before the house select committee on benghazi. a hearing that was expected to last eight hours went much longer. nbc's tracie potts shows where you say things stood after the questioning finally wrapped up well into the evening. >> i don't know how you're doing, but i'm exhausted. >> reporter: after 11 hours, republicans admit they didn't learn much. >> i don't know that that she testified that much differently today than she has previous times she's testified. >> reporter: it went on and on and on. >> how late are we going tonight? >> are y'all serving breakfast, congressman? >> reporter: so long at one point, clinton could barely talk. >> you need some water, ma'am? >> reporter: this time clinton kept her cool. >> i've done everything i know to do. >> reporter: republicans honed in on e-mails, what's there and what's missing. >> i didn't conduct the business
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that i did primarily on e-mail? >> it's not a matter if you knew about them it's a matter of what you did about them. and to us, the answer to that is nothing. >> reporter: democrats accused the republican chair of creating an unnecessary show. >> do we want to badger you over and over again until you get tired? until you get the gotcha moment he's talking about? >> reporter: clinton focused on the four americans killed in the 2012 attacks in benghazi. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> reporter: it quickly deteriorated into partisan bickering. >> you need to make sure the entire record is correct, mr. coupleings. >> that's exactly what i want to do. >> reporter: hundreds of security requests from ambassador chris stevens never reached clinton's desk. >> over 600 requests. you've testified here this morning that you had none of those reach your desk, is that correct also? >> that is correct. >> reporter: half a day under the microscope and still no resolution. and even though they're done with clinton for now, the committee chair says they've got
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more witnesses to interview. we don't know how long this is going to last. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. now to decision 2016. we're watching the gop race heating up as republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson surges in the key early state of iowa. and you might see this new ad on tv soon. >> people are so concerned about the future, the future for their children, the future for our nation. >> reporter: carson released the new ad on his web site. it shows him talking about the need for an honest government. carson is edging out donald trump in a new poll. quinnipiac university released a new iowa survey yesterday and carson leads trump 28% to 20%. trump has been leading is almost every poll up until now, coming in third in this poll marco rubio with 13%. meanwhile, paul ryan announced last night that he is, indeed, running for speaker of the house. the wisconsin representative
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sent a letter to members of the house republican conference informing them of his candidacy. the memo called for republicans for a more conservative agenda and a unified gop under his leadership. new england police are trying to track down a thief with very expensive taste in wine. surveillance video shows what happened when a clerk caught him attempting to smuggle a $200 bottle out of a store in bloomfield, connecticut. he escaped after a brief struggle but police believe he's responsible for at least a dozen other wine crimes, including theft of a $4,800 bottle from a restaurant. look at this new video. a drug tunnel found along the u.s./mexico border. homeland security officials raided the tunnel wednesday night and discovered more than 800 packages of marijuana. they arrested 16 people. the tunnel entrance was reportedly hidden inside a fake
11:38 am
carpet store south of san diego. according to the feds, the tunnel had its own lighting system and rails to transport the drugs. sheriff's deputies near salt lake city, utah, have arrested a mother and father after a teacher found a meth pipe in an eight-year-old's book bag. the discovery prompted deputies to go to the students' home where they say they found the child's parents and grandmother had all been using illegal drugs around three young children. the children are now in protective custody. temple university is celebrating an historic victory by its football team. nbc 10's george spencer is live at the campus. george, you talk to some of those excited fans today i understand. >> reporter: vai, the excitement is understandable after the major victory last night. the temple football team is 7-0 for the first time in its history with the excitement of success, though, also comes anticipation of what's next. nbc 10 was with the team as they
11:39 am
returned home on their buses down at the football complex early this morning. it was obviously a long drive back overnight from north carolina but it was a happy drive after their win against the east carolina panthers. the team has really been on a hot streak since the beginning of this season and last night did keep that going. but now the team's focus is on a mighty opponent. notre dame and the upcoming faceoff on halloween. for student fans, though, the record so far this season is the talk of the campus. >> last night there was a lot of mixed feelings, everyone was really nervous. we were all really nervous going into it. then the fourth quarter happened and like all that emotion we had got inspired again, like, that's, like, we have such a good team now, it's exciting. >> we're walking around like good luck, like you guys are the best and they're so happy. they walk around like excited. >> reporter: people are definitely talking about it. >> yeah, they make us look really good.
11:40 am
>> reporter: that they do. nbc 10 was with some of those fans watching their team from afar in philly as you heard the students say this impressive football win streak has really unified the campus as a whole and you can bet that a number of those fans will be rooting for their team as the team goes up against notre dame in that big game one week from tomorrow. a game that will be played on a national stage. it's a good time to be a temple owl. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> george, there is a new trend in some classrooms around the country and as nbc's joe fryer reports, it's causing some students to take a stand. >> reporter: the old-fashioned school desk is getting a makeover with new models that shift between sitting and standing. >> when you start to, like, kind of space out in class you can stand up and you refocus. >> when i get into school i like to stand up but after recess i
11:41 am
like to sit down, rest my legs. >> reporter: there's a new normal for fifth through eighth graders at alexandria country day school in virginia. >> the research is clear that standing is far healthier than sitting and we wanted to do something bold. >> reporter: standing desks are popping up in schools, businesses, and even the white house is reportedly requesting money for them. >> my reaction is this is the future. i mean, what you're seeing on your screen is the future. >> reporter: researcher james levine says getting students to move around more helps not just their bodies but their brains with test scores jumping 10% to 15%. >> the data consistently demonstrates that when children are allowed to move during their school day they learn better. >> reporter: at this elementary school in northern california nearly every classroom had standing desks. >> standing more helps me not be so jittery. >> reporter: those ones don't transform into a sitting position but students don't seem to mind.
11:42 am
do you ever get sick of standing? >> no. not that much. >> reporter: the key is mixing it up. when they're tired kids are encouraged to take a seat or swing their legs on a part of the desk called the fidget bar. >> why do they work so well? >> the kids are standing up straight, they have great posture. it seems to be giving them more emergency and better focus. >> reporter: parent juliet star helped raise money for the desks. she hopes to put them in every public school through her non-profit stand up kids. she says flipping an elementary school costs about $150,000. >> if these desks are going to last 15 or 20 years, this is a single-fixed cost. but a long-term investment in kids' health. >> reporter: a way to help students take a stand. joe fryer, nbc news, california. small but mighty. how a device no bigger than the date on a penny could give help to millions of americans with vision problems.
11:43 am
gearing up for a cooler weekend. i'm tracking a chance of showers. i'll let you know how this will affect your weekend. that's in my full forecast after the break.
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a new study by the children's hospital of philadelphia shows female high school athletes are more likely to have knee injuries than males. most of their injuries occurred while playing soccer,
11:46 am
basketball, and lacrosse. experts say programs focused on reducing injuries for those at risk sports could decrease the number of knee injuries. you have probably heard of an alcohol breathalyzer, and now researchers in washington state are working on a similar device for marijuana. the hand held device accurately detected thc 15 out 306 times. that's the chemical in marijuana that gets a person high. well, researchers are working to make it more accurate. they are conducting a second round of tests and if all goes well they will send a breathalyzer to police departments so officers can use it some time next year. the smallest medical device ever approved by the fda is helping patients who have cataracts and glaucoma. nbc's brittany glazer shows us the tool that's giving them freedom from constant eye drops. >> reporter: jim watson relies on his vision. as an attorney with lots to
11:47 am
read. it was on a vacation two years ago when he realized his eyes weren't as healthy as they used to be. >> i told my wife the auto focus camera wasn't focusing when i was looking at it through my left eye and she told me it was and came here, was referred to dr. murray, had an occlusion, a vein collapsed in my eye. >> reporter: ophthalmologist virgil murray also diagnosed watson with cataracts and glaucoma, pressure within the eyeball. >> you knew it was there. it felt like something pushing outward on your eye. it wasn't or shorrible. >> reporter: eye drops lower the pressure but dr. murray says if the glaucoma is not controlled a patient's field of vision will continue to shrink, causing blindness. >> most of the time the pressure goes up in the eyes too high, starts to damage the optic nerve. >> reporter: one new tool is the eye stent, the tiniest implantable device approved by the fda, put in during cataract
11:48 am
surgery. >> it's basically a snorkel. it lets fluid go directly -- bypass the filter that's the mesh work and get from the inside of the eye to the outside of the eye. >> reporter: how small is the tiniest implantable device? smaller than the date on a penny. >> about one millimeter long. about half a millimeter high. >> reporter: dr. murray says the eye stent has been very effective with patients. seeing a measurable drop in pressure and 75% of them stopping at least one medication. >> that was nbc's brittany glazer reporting. if you happen to be over the age of 50 or have a family history of glau co-marx it's important to schedule a screening with your eye doctor. well, it was feeling more like summer yesterday and today heading into the weekend it will feel more like fall with a cold front that will drop the temperatures 15 degrees. it will be colder today. that sets us up for a chilly
11:49 am
saturday morning, temperatures in the 30s and 40s to start. then we're tracking sunday showers so a few changes into the next couple of days. you can see the changes had already started. almost 20 degrees cooler in the poconos we're down seven degrees in dover and our high yesterday at 77 degrees, now as we go into the rest of today we'll stay in the low 60s, 64 will be the high as we head into saturday and then on sunday 66 with the average for this time of year right around 65 degrees. so right now in philadelphia, a cooler start to the late morning. 59 with lots of sunshine. our humidity is low so that's comfortable but we are seeing a cold wind out of the north 159 miles per hour gusting up to 20, 25 miles per hour throughout the rest of the area. so it's colder than this time yesterday. we're at 56 in allentown. 55 in quakertown. 55 in washington township. if you're with us in trenton,
11:50 am
we're at 58 degrees. 59 at the atlantic city airport. 57 in lewis and then coastal look at our future temperatures. it shows that cooler and mild air far to the south of us, now this cold air is here to stay at least through the weekend so for today, saturday, sunday, you'll notice cooler temperatures and even as we get into next week. our satellite radar shot shows not a whole lot happening so high pressure is in control of us. we will see lots of sunshine today, dry conditions, but this is the system that will head our way into the weekend. the good news is right now the timing will be in your early morning hours. this is right around 2:00 a.m., showers moving into allentown, reading and lancaster and then moving through philadelphia closer to 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. a few light showers along the shoreline and most of those will continue to push offshore. so your highs around the region
11:51 am
for today, much cooler than what we saw yesterday. yesterday high 70s. today 62 in philadelphia. 60 in reading, 61 in wildwood and temperatures in atlantic city in the low 60s as well. so by saturday morning most of our temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s when we wake up versus our temperatures in the 50s or high 40s for most locations then as we get into the afternoon on saturday our temperatures again staying mainly in the 60s. so for today 60 to 63, sunny and breezy, wind gusts to about 20 miles per hour. sustained wind speeds 15r7bd. seven-day forecast shows that as we go into the next couple days we stay around average or below it. we track a few chances for light showers heading into sunday and then we stay in the 60s once again into next week and then by wednesday we track another chance of rain. stay with us, you're watching nbc 10 news.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
ronald mcdonald really does have something to smile about this morning. for the first time in two years, mickey d's has seen a quarterly increase in their sales after years of more and more customers opting out of the big mac and fries for healthier options. mcdonald's officials announced their strategy to turn things around and it's paying off and they're loving it. nbc's craig melvin has a report.
11:55 am
>> reporter: the golden arches are going. mcdonald's reported thursday earnings grew to $1.3 billion, or $1.40 a share. that's a 23% increase over the same period a year ago. >> thank you, have a good day. >> reporter: but what's behind ronald's apparent resurgence? mcdonald's chief executive credits the chain's focus on fewer bigger initiatives. in the last few years, the company has added healthier options and switched out ingredients in a bid to keep up with competitors at chipotle, subway and panera who are already meeting customers' demand for healthier natural men yaw options. >> they are certainly making an effort to make their menu healthier. they've made a commitment to use cage-free eggs in their products and if you buy a happy meal you can opt for fruit instead of fries if that's what you want. >> it's time to put more mmm in your morning. >> reporter: and making every night owl's fantasy a reality,
11:56 am
they offer all daybreak fast. and while all-daybreak fast seems to be a success so far, it's mcdonald's slow evolution that has wall street and consumers' tension. >> mcdonald's has to react. they have to change their menu. they have to offer healthier options if they are going to succeed in the fast food space. >> craig melvin reporting. their fries are still the best, by the way. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00. it's an all new "ellen" with oprah winfrey and australian punk band five second of summer. then this afternoon, armed intruders storm the home of a former eagles superstar. today the battle that happened inside desean jackson's house and what may have sparked the crime. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. do we have time for weather? >> not sure, do we? >> we have five second. that's all the time we have. have a good weekend.
11:57 am
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fluzone high-dose vaccine.
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>> abigail: yes, ben, i'm fine. just--i'm just at the house with jj and my mom talking about some family stuff. okay, i'll be home soon. love you too. >> jennifer: just seems so odd to me that roman would call this meeting and then be so late. >> jj: he's probably just busy. hey, i saw where that story was retracted about you and me dealing drugs at the horton center. >> jennifer: i know. thank god, jj. >> abigail: yeah, mom was reinstated to the board too. >> jj: yeah, yeah, i saw that. i guess now it's good how i got clyde arrested. >> jennifer: honey, i know that you're feeling pretty full of yourself right now 'cause you helped throw clyde in jail, but the fact that you went out on your own and took chances that you had no business taking-- >> jj: mom, chill, okay? everything worked out. >> jennifer: i just--really, i don't think you realize the danger that you were in. >> jj: you know what? let's talk about something else. how come you just lied to ben? how come you didn't tell him we're at t p


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