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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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alert for more break-ins. good afternoon, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm keith jones. new video now of the burglar in action. it's a story we first told you about yesterday, but today police believe he's responsible for even more crimes. ted greenberg is live at the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau. >> ted, this crime spree is taking a toll on businesses and police. >> it really is, keith and jackie, and police believe the same man is involved in all of the burglaries and they want to catch him before he breaks in anywhere else. >> he smashed the bottom. >> reporter: he found the damage his surveillance cameras captured the crime as it infolded. >> a little bit scared, worried, never expected it to happen to us or anything like that. >> reporter: police believe the break-in early tuesday morning was among a rash of burglaries over the past three weeks targeting businesses in at least five atlantic county communities and bass river township in burlington county.
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>> it's becoming bigger because it's continuing, and basically it kind of straps our resources as it continues. >> reporter: at least seven of the crimes have happened in galloway township alone. investigators say in most of the cases a man with his face covered uses a hammer or pry bar to smash glass doors or windows. once inside, he heads straight to the registers to steal whatever cash he can find. police say the burglar has been seen leaving in a dark colored car, possibly a honda civic. >> someone's going to know the person appearing in these stills, hopefully someone will call in and give us a lead. >> reporter: at this restaurant, the burglar caused $500 in damage but got away with just a few bucks. >> the guy must be desperate, you know? must be really desperate for loose change. >> police say it's likely other people are involved and in one of the cases the burglar was
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seen getting into the passenger side of a car. live at the jersey shore bureau, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. we might work for the abolition of all weapons. >> new at 5:00, a rally at villanova university began with a prayer this morning. students gathered to protest the school's decision to add armed security on the main line campus. several dozen students participated in a half hour of silence on school grounds. university officials announced the change earlier this month citing safety concerns. armed police officers will be added next fall. >> i don't think it's a solution to the problem and i'm not convinced that our whole student body would feel safer with the presence of an armed police force. >> students involved in the protest say they feel excluded in the decision. officials say during villanova's two-year public safety
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assessment process the university did extensive research and benchmarking of best security practices in higher education and engaged our community throughout that period. villanova's decision was part of an ongoing decision to enhancing the safety and security of our campus. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> two big weather stories, a dramatic drop in our temperatures for the weekend and a massive hurricane poised off the coast of mexico. it could be the most powerful storm ever. >> hurricane patricia is expected to hit the popular tourist destination of puerta vallar vallarta. americans are trying to get out before it's too late. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is watching patricia's path. >> first, meteorologist brittney shipp is following falling temperatures. >> our temperatures from this time yesterday were anywhere between 10 to almost 20 degrees warmer in the mid to high 70s and now we're at 64 degrees in philadelphia, 59 in pottstown.
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temperatures currently in allentown at 60 degrees, low 50s in the poconos. on top of that we have the cool air blowing in from the north, feels colder than the actual temperatures. they are sustained out of the north at about 10 miles per hour in philadelphia to 14 in the poconos and we are seeing wind gusts closer to 15, 20 miles per hour. here's a closer look at your 24-hour temperature change map and it shows that our temperatures are 17 degrees cooler in the poconos from this time yesterday, we're down 11 degrees in philadelphia, same thing in atlantic city and dover is down 13 degrees. so as we head into the rest of this evening it's going to be a chilly friday night ahead. by 8:00 p.m. as you're heading out for dinner temperatures closer to 52 degrees for philadelphia. already starting to drop down into the 40s in allentown, low 50s in wildwood and this is going to set us up for a chilly start to the weekend. 6:00 a.m. talking about temperatures in the low 40s for philadelphia, if you're an early riser on saturday, we are in the 30s for allentown and in the poconos. same thing for trenton and barely at 40 degrees in wilmington.
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as we go into the rest of saturday afternoon, our temperatures will struggle to even get to the 60s for philadelphia. mainly stay in the high 50s for our suburbs to the north and west of town, but we are tracking much colder air coming in and sticking around for the weekend. also weekend showers and staying cool into next week. your seven-day forecast coming up. right now we want to check in with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for a closer look on the powerful hurricane hitting mexico. glenn? >> yeah, brittney, it is very, very close, the eye is very close to the coast, the coast is already being battered by this hurricane. there's no way that it is going to miss, and yet they are called hurricanes in the eastern pacific, no matter what anybody tells you, it's typhoons in the western pacific, and the eye is very, very small, but the winds right around that eye are incredibly intense. you can see that it is making that turn right into the coast, there's no way that it makes a
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left turn or anything like that, and as you can see, the winds now 190 mile an hour sustained winds as of 5:00, so it's down 10 miles an hour from 200, with gusts of 245 miles an hour. the pressure up just a touch, but from record levels. the strongest hurricane to make landfall just last year, haiyan in the philippines, 195 miles an hour, so we're very close to that or camille at 190 miles an hour. now things are going to be getting worse and worse. workers have been boarding up the buildings as hurricane patricia heads toward the pacific coast of mexico. powerful category 5 storm. it had winds of 200 miles an hour, of course, the hurricane warnings in effect. and you have a combination of the extreme winds, plus the big storm surge, and we're not going to be getting video until at least tomorrow, so whatever you see tonight is just ahead of the
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storm, it's going to be much worse than anything we'll be seeing tonight. >> all right, glenn. and at home you can track the hurricane's path with our nbc 10 news app. you can watch the storm in mexico and also see the weather in your neighborhood. meanwhile in france, the families of more than 40 people are reeling after a tour bus crashed, killing their loved ones. at least 43 people died when a bus hit a logging truck. the victims all retirees were on their way to wine country for the day. the crash is the deadliest highway accident in france in 30 years. the reason he's gone remains a mystery, but today a local community comes together to celebrate the life of 3-year-old brendan creato, who died last week. brendan's body was found in the woods in haddon township last tuesday just hours after his father call eed 911 to report h missing. cydney long joins us live from haddon township. this is such a tough day for
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residents and family, of course. >> reporter: as you might imagine, it's been an incredibly difficult day here, the very same friends and neighbors who crowded the church pews this morning, they are the very same people who ran out of their homes the very morning that brendan disappeared, praying for a positive and a different outcome to the missing little boy in his pajamas. hundreds of mourners packed the holy savior church in haddon township's west mount neighborhood steps from his grandparents' home and blocks from where he vanished. today they said good-bye. we asked scott kelley how will he remember brendan. >> i think the father described it the best, mischievous, he was spontaneous, he loved music, the beatles yellow submarine was the last song they played in there. >> reporter: kelley holds the creato family dear, especially now. >> i was spending time with brendan in the basement a few
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months ago, but when i heard this, i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the mass program about a little boy who loved legos and super heros reads in part, "we have loved him during life, let us not abandon him." >> we don't know who did it. it's scary. it really is scary. >> reporter: it's been 11 days since the father's 911 call and since brendan's body was discovered. the community doesn't want this investigation and answers as to what happened to be abandoned now. >> very unusual circumstance, kids are very well watched by neighbors. >> we have to find out what happened to this little boy, because they had us all out here looking for this child. >> reporter: leslie says it doesn't matter if you live in haddon township, camden county and beyond is prayerful for answers and she has faith. >> it's not something that's immediately knowable. there's so many questions and they'll keep following up on it. it's not something that's going to -- they are not going to let it go away. >> reporter: and we just learned
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from the little boy's family about a half hour ago that they do plan to bring all of the flowers from today's church mass to this cooper river park location quietly and privately a little bit later on this evening. live in haddon township, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. to this now, a controversial family detention center in our area will not have its license renewed. some human rights organizations are demanding even more. supporters of the ruling gathered today to celebrate in south philadelphia. the detention center in berks county holds refugees and their children seeking asylum in the u.s. the head of pennsylvania's human services says the license will not be renewed in february because the facility isn't operating as originally intended. but advocates for the detained refugees want the license pulled now. they say the medical needs of children in the center are being neglected and the sexual assaults have happened inside that facility. >> the facility can't be
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operated as it is now with parents and children together. >> he's hoping that the facility doesn't just lose its license, he wants it completely shut down. in other news, his visit to philadelphia was full of remarkable moments, from the pope mobile to parkway mass, a lot of special creations were made just for pope francis, so what's happening to it all? we're finding out and seeing if you can still get a look at it. plus, losing a favorite at the philadelphia zoo, remembering klondike the polar bear and what the zoo plans to do to fill his paw prints. also, dropping the pressure, a new tool to help people with cataracts and glaucoma that may be able to leave the eye drops behind. more about it next.
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a forensic account agent walked through chaka fattah jr.'s finances during his fraud trial today. the agent testified that fattah jr. paid $16,000 to a casino. previous witnesses for the prosecution have testified that fattah jr. had gambling debt. fattah jr. is representing himself in court and says he did nothing wrong. fattah jr. is the son of congressman chaka fattah, he is married to renee chenault-fattah, she is on leave from the station. decision 2016 now, today
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lincoln chafee ended his democratic presidential campaign. the former governor of rhode island struggled to raise money and generate enthusiasm. another race for the white house that's been dominated by two names, talking, of course, about clinton and trump. now another name is ridesing, too, republican ben carson. >> carson is the new leader in two iowa polls, the latest out today. nbc's steve handelsman has the story from washington. >> reporter: ben carson is on a roll, the retired neurosurgeon in kansas today surged to a big lead with iowa republicans in today's bloomberg/des moines register iowa poll. 28%, up 10 since august, donald trump at 19, down four. >> every place we go, we see large enthusiastic groups of people, who are anxious to have a government that is honest and that is decent. >> reporter: decent, carson speaks the language of evangelicals who now back him by almost 2-1.
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donald trump does not. >> trump has said things he doesn't have to ask god for forgiveness, but iowa traditionally backs evangelical candidates and ben carson fits more of that mold than trump. >> did you know washington is built on a swamp? >> carson is airing his first campaign ad. he's raised more cash than any other gop candidate. jeb bush polling fifth in iowa today announced drastic staff cuts. >> hello, everybody! >> reporter: by contrast, this was democrat hillary clinton today in alexandria, virginia, she's on a roll. clinton dominated her debate, lincoln chafee today dropped out, joe biden did not challenge hillary, and she did not stumble in the benghazi hearing. >> you know, a lot of things have been said about me, but quitter is not one of them. >> reporter: the democrat race seems more stable, while the republican is anything but. next week is the third gop debate, where a lot more eyes and ears are sure to be on ben
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carso carson. from washington, steve handelsman, nbc news. you may have noticed a new morning host on the nbc "today" show, it's wrangler, a puppy with a purpose. today he hit the streets of philly. the yellow lab is being trained by nbc anchors, staff, and a dog handler to become a blind dog for the blind. today he hung out here at independence mall. >> wrangler, as you see here, is such a good sport. he's such a good sport, has such a great temperament, guys. >> that was wrangler this morning on the "today" show as he was surrounded by supporters. he'll be visiting other cities around the country. kudos now to a local educator, a top ten finalist in the 2015 prize, principal of west philadelphia charter elementary school. the prize recognizes a school administrator who's accomplished more with less. the judging committee says she
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used grants to offset budget cuts and partner with a community and local charities. the honor comes with a $20,000 prize. then there's this, feeling better through art. a new mural at the children's hospital of philadelphia now greets patients in the gastrointestinal center. the 38x8 foot jungle themed art work was created by a local artist with the help of about 30 patients. it's designed to allow additional patient contributions, too, in the future. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good evening. what a difference a day makes. yesterday was more summer-like conditions, temperatures in the mid to high 70s, now today you're in the low 60s and we're going to stay that way into the weekend, so much colder temperatures in store for us, especially for tomorrow morning. plus i'm tracking a chance of weekend showers and we plan to stay cool into most of next week. we get even colder, a closer look at our 24-hour temperature
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change map that shows we are down about 17 degrees in the poconos, down 12 degrees in allentown, 15 in pottstown. temperatures close to 10 degrees cooler in atlantic city. so for philadelphia we saw a high yesterday of 77, now today 64, by tomorrow down to 60 degrees. we're heading from well above average to well below average temperatures, especially as we get into saturday. sunday we'll start to recover just a bit, heading a few degrees above average. closer look at our temperatures for philadelphia, lots of sunshine, 64 degrees, our humidity is low, still comfortable out, our wind speeds out of the north at about 10 miles per hour but take a look at the wind zbgusts, still dealg with the cool northerly air coming in and breezy conditions through most of tonight. current temperatures at 51 degrees in the poconos, 63 in atlantic city, same thing in dover and we're at 63 degrees in wilmington, 61 currently in wildwood. in the mid 60s for millville.
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big hit for the temperatures and again as we go into tomorrow, even a bit cooler than that. breezy conditions expected tonight, wind gusts about 20 miles per hour for philadelphia, trenton stretching tout to lancaster and future temperature map shows us this cold air is here to stay, going to settle in over us as we head into saturday, sunday, and extending into monday. we have high pressure in control right now, that's why we saw lots of sunshine and calm conditions under satellite radar, but i am tracking changes, you can see the system right now moving through parts of minneapolis, also stretching out to green bay and as we go into the rest of the next 24 to 36 hours you'll notice all this moisture starts to transition closer to us. tomorrow we'll stay nice and dry, but as we get into our overnight hours tomorrow, heading into your early morning hours on sunday, that's when we'll start to see light rain moving in. if you're an early riser, definitely dealing with rainfall, even though it's going to be light for doylestown, allentown, also reading, moving
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through philadelphia 7:00, 8:00 a.m. and offshore by 9:00 a.m. heading into tomorrow temperaturewise barely into the 60s. philadelphia 60 degrees, same thing for pottstown and allentown. tonight clear, much cooler than what we're seeing, 42 degrees for philadelphia, 32 for suburbs to the north and west. between 58 and 61 your highs tomorrow. seven-day forecast shows a chilly start to the morning. tomorrow, look what happens sunday, light chance of showers and then we see temperatures staying in the low 60s monday and tuesday. a scare on a south jersey road. a school bus smashes into a tractor trailer on the highway. why police are now looking for the truck's driver. also, sniffing out parkinson's. how your nose could lead to an early diagnosis of the disease.
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we want to get right to breaking news right now. these are live pictures of a fire at a synagogue in new brunswick, up in north jersey and middlesex county. firefighters are attacking the flames right now from the air. you can't see visible flames, seen from a mile away in that busy area. as soon as we know more about this in terms of injuries and how it started we'll make sure we get the information back out to you. in the meantime, we have new
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information about two injured philadelphia police officers, both are now out of the hospital. sky force 10 was over their crashed car last night, cell phone video shows what happened after officers tried to pull over the driver of a black cadillac, who then took off. during the pursuit the car t-boned a police suv, slamming it into a street light at 59th and master. the levoy theater is struggling to pay back a $1.6 million loan from the city. now town officials say foreclosure is a possibility. upcoming performance include american pie singer don mcclean. we reached out to the city and the theater for comment but have not heard back. the philadelphia zoo is mourning the death of one of its polar bears. 34 years old, klondike was the oldest polar bear in the country. the zoo announced that klondike was euthanized this morning after a decline in her health. they say she was having trouble
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standing and walking and didn't respond to treatment. klondike arrived at the zoo more than 30 years ago. the philadelphia zoo's other polar bear coldy-locks is also 34 years old and now becomes the nation's oldest polar bear. eye pressure linked to cataracts and glaucoma force many to use eye drops and now a tiny new medical device could change that. to stop eye pressure, doctors inserted a small implantable device on to the eye called eye stent, it's smaller than the date on a penny. doctors say afterwards there's a measurable drop in pressure and 75% of patients stop needing at least one medication. >> basically a snorkel, lets fluid go directly bypass the filter that is the mesh work and get from the inside of the eye directly to the outside of the eye. >> doctors in our area offer eye stent, which is covered by most
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major health insurers. well, we're used to being diagnosed by scans or blood work, but now doctors are looking at a new way to uncover illness, smell. researchers are studying whether the skin of people with early stage parkinson's have a unique odor. they think by finding the molecule responsible for that smell they'll be able to detect the disease in its earliest stages. very interesting there. all right, we all know this, we covered it extensively in late september, the pope's visit to philadelphia made a lot of memories. >> specially designed chairs, robes, even rugs created for the pope in philly. now what's happened to all of that? can you still see it anywhere? you know what, he just had to take them home, answers ahead. doesn't really matter, somebody that actually needed a kidney. >> talk about an amazing gift, the tray that left three families with new leases on life.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> we have new information now about that synagogue fire we first told you about a couple minutes ago in north jersey. this is a live picture now from the synagogue in new brunswick, middlesex county. we learned the fire started on the third floor then shot through the roof. you see the smoke pouring out right now. we also learned no one is hurt.
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the building has been evacuated, but again, live pictures of firefighters fighting the flames that may still be present in the building. as soon as we have a better update, we'll make sure we get it out. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now 5:30, a cold start to the weekend. going to feel much different from last night. meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the fall chill. >> we've been spoiled with the warm weather. >> we have over the past couple of days, starting on wednesday temperatures in the mid to high 70s and now today we're a lot closer to average. right at 64 degrees and by the time we see saturday roll around we'll actually be below average. below average temperatures will be short lived. sunday we recover a bit, but we are not going to get as warm as yesterday and the day before. so right now temperatures throughout the region at 64 degrees in philadelphia, 59 degrees in pottstown, 60 degrees in allentown, low 50s in the
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poconos. 64 currently in millville and our city planner shows us we are going to see a chilly night ahead, especially for the friday night plans. 7:00 p.m. 59 degrees, cold wind blowing in from the north, by 10:00 p.m. the low 50s and tonight we'll drop down into the low 40s. it is going to be a cold start to your saturday morning, especially if you're in our suburbs to the north and west of the city, dropping into the mid 30s in pottstown, freezing in allentown and the poconos. chance for weekend showers into sunday, all the details in my seven-day forecast. 115 days and still no budget in pennsylvania. >> the lack of money is being felt by schools and social services. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is here with the latest now on the push to solve the standoff. jim? >> one state senator is urging his colleagues to keep working until they reach a deal. this all comes as we're closing in on four months without a
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budget. schools are borrowing money to stay in session and today art haywood brought together social service groups that say they may have to take a break soon if they don't get the funding they need. >> how can we allow organizations to run out of money that provide social services and not be in harrisburg to negotiate the compromises that are going to take to fund -- to fund these services? >> a spokesperson for the senate majority leader told nbc 10 even though rank and file members are not required to be in harrisburg, leadership still working on a deal and members could be called back in just a matter of hours if need be. that's the latest live in the digital operations center, jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. back to you. the justice department will not bring charges against lois lerner, the former irs official was at the center of a political controversy over the processing of applications for tax exempt status. two years ago an inspector
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general's audit said irs agents improperly singled out tea party and other conservative groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax exempt status during the 2010 and 2012 election. how about this, a former pennsylvania high school teacher's guilty of boosting the grades of female students in exchange for nude pictures. wesley amy taught at state college high school. three students testify that amy encouraged them to send him the nude pictures. a different teacher said she noticed that the girls were suddenly getting good grades for work they didn't do. check out this new video just in of a burglary, a surveillance camera picked up this man knocking on the door of a house, meanwhile, a different suspect is breaking in a rear window. they leave the house with the home owner's flat screen tv. they fled in a mercury grand marquis. police say all tips will be confidential. new information on a college
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football player accused of stabbing his teammate. marquis stewart is said to be arraigned on november 15th after he appeared for a preliminary hearing today. police say an ongoing dispute led stewart to stab his teammate several times at a dorm earlier this month. all right, looking at this next piece of video it's hard to believe there was only one minor injury associated with this crash. this is on highway 35 just south of monmouth road. just before 7:00 this morning a bus with only the driver onboard hit a tractor trailer parked on the side of the road. the bus driver is okay. the truck driver was not in his truck at the time of the crash. don't look for thunder and lightning today and tomorrow if you hear loud booms in lakehurst. it's utility training fired between 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.,
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officials say anyone nearby can expect loud booms and might feel the ground shake. new details tonight about the commander raid that rescued about 70 hostages in iraq. 39-year-old master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in the operation. the defense department says wheeler died from small arms fire during the mission. the oklahoma native is the first american to die in iraq since u.s. forces withdrew four years ago. u.s. and allied kurdish forces took off in five helicopters heading to an isis prison. u.s. officials say the prisoners were about to be executed. american forces manned the perimeter, allied kurdish fighters stormed in. five months after his death, princeton university will pay tribute to nobel price winning mathematician john nash. tomorrow the ivy league school will host a day of academic panels and remembrance events to honor the man whose life inspired the 2001 film "a beautiful mind."
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he was killed in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. nash had a long history at princeton, receiving a degree there in 1950 and became a senior research mathematician at the school in 1995. have a look at this, a tractor trailer loses its cargo on a bridge in northwestern pennsylvania. the cargo, by the way, was a house. take a look, interstate 80 in columbia county, traffic had to be detoured another another truck could come in and haul the house away. we can report no one was hurt. well, a bat's a bat, now chicago is keeping a promise on a wager with the mets. the frightening ride that will have cubs fans fuming. and wait until you hear what this man with disabilities says happened to him when he tried to get off an airplane. it used to be illegal.
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atlantic county didn't allow its elected politicians to take large donations from contractors doing business with the county. then will pauls changed the law, allowing him to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash. now pauls is taking thousands from those who want to move casinos to north jersey, threatening our jobs and our local economy. and he said he wants the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." we just can't trust will pauls.
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it's jail for the caseworker who stole from the family he was supposed to be helping.
5:40 pm
william price of linwood will spend five years behind bars. he's also ordered to pay restitution of $125,000. price admitted to stealing from an elderly couple through his job as a caseworker with atlantic county protective services. three others from the company have also been charged with stealing millions from older clients. today lawmakers in washington looked into what is being done to protect seniors from predators. >> house subcommittee is investigating a way to keep them safe, online safety, money wiring scams also called grandparent scams were part of today's discussion. that's when scammers pretend to be grandchildren in trouble with police and needing money. federal officials are focusing on that and health care related scams. they also want to stop con artists who steal bank information from the elderly. listen to this, a man with disabilities crawled off a united flight at reagan national airport earlier this week.
5:41 pm
he says the airline failed to help him off the plane. he says he was left waiting in an aisle seat after all the other passengers had left. united airlines says they regret what happened and are compensating him for the travel. tell you what, understand what it's like to give or receive a transplanted organ, but it's easy to understand how that type of gift can turn strangers into fast friends. >> that's just what's happening with a group of six people involved in a remarkable chain of kidney transplants. marquis sha valentine gave her kidney to lisa ash. lisa's husband gave his kidney, his best friend tricia meyer gave her kidney to her mom. the six are now joined near the hip and have decided that this has to become a new family unit. >> gives me goose bumps. i think we should get together
5:42 pm
once a year in july some time or close to the date as we can and that way we keep in touch. >> part of history and part of each other lives in each of them. really remarkable. facebook is expanding and taking on google in the process. a new search feature allows users to look for topics and check out public posts dating back to the start of facebook. it encourages users to search on the social network rather than visit a search engine like google. facebook is also challenging twitter's recently launched moments feature that allows users to see the biggest stories of the day. one thing's for sure, football fever has our area pumped up right now. temple's making history and hopes to keep up the momentum. we'll hear from players and fans next. and i'm sure you noticed the changes today, temperatures dropping more than 15 degrees. how that's going to affect your weekend. i'm tracking all the changes coming up in my full forecast.
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friday night flash back is brought to you by philadelphia's credit union. >> friday night, which means high school football takes center stage, rather, for all teams across the region. >> and before they were pros, current eagles like vinny curry were once high school standouts. like he is now, curry was all smiles for his high school yearbook photo. curry played his high school ball at neptune, high school in new jersey. curry grew up an eagles fan and was a decorated player in high school. curry returned this past year to the second annual football camp and when you asked about his formative years he points out how different things were back then. >> just saturday morning waking
5:46 pm
up, you know, nothing to eat, not going to eat that right now. just become around the guys and going pregame warmup, all the trash talking, you know, it was a little bit more nonstructured than the nfl. you could do a little bit more. >> a lot more focused now. centered on that healthy body. don't forget, we have the very best of our area's high school action tonight on our high school blitz. some great games tonight, including our game of the week. count on nbc 10 for all your highlights on nbc 10 news at 11:00. the eagles and owls are sharing the spotlight for football fans right now. >> temple owls also have a national audience the following weekend then. danny pommells is live at comcast sportsnet with both stories. great time to be in philly, danny. >> you know it, keith. football fever and the only prescription is more birds. first the eagles preparing for primetime with sunday night football here on nbc.
5:47 pm
running back demarco murray coming off his best game as an eagle last week against the giants. it was really the bright spot for the offense. murray seems to be gaining confidence with each passing game and says it's really a total team effort. >> i think it has a lot to do with just how hard we work and how guys are starting to come together and the game plan has been put in by the coaching staff, you know, those guys do a great job in putting us in great situations to make plays so i think collectively we're playing well right now, but has to do with how we're working throughout the week and making sure we're prepared on sundays. >> cue the music, this is the place for sunday night football. kickoff shortly before 8:30, coverage begins at 7:00 with football night in america right here, where else, but nbc 10. now the birds of a different feather, temple owls arriving home after reaching 7-0 for the first time in school history last night. next up the national spotlight on halloween night, but for the head coach, the approach is no different. >> we tell our kids, you know,
5:48 pm
every game's a big game because we're in it. it's fun, we'll watch football tomorrow, eagles sunday night, but the biggest game for us is, obviously, the one we're playing. it's a great team, notre dame is a great for the city, great for the fans, but the same thing we control last night, how we play and prepare, how hard we work. >> looking like robert de niro with the lighting there. coming up at 6:00, more on the football birds of both feathers. thanks for the laugh, keith, back to you. >> thank you very much, man. speaking of sports, workers at six flags great adventure won a bet based on the series against the new york mets and chicago cubs against their sister park six flags great america. that's located near chicago, so tonight the park will be known as six flags great mets and its signature roller coaster called
5:49 pm
goliath will be called go mets. now your nbc 10 weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> big changes today, mostly our cooler temperatures. temperatures dropped over ten degrees in most locations, going to stay colder into the weekend, also tracking a chance of weekend showers on sunday and into next week we'll still stay cool and below average. look at the last couple of days, in the 70s, especially yesterday at 77 degrees, now today 64, take a look at saturday, we are going to struggle to even hit the 60s. so all of a sudden it feels like fall and right now you can see the sun setting over the philadelphia skyline. temperatures still at 64, wind speeds at 10 miles per hour, wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour, so that's cooler air coming in from the north. cold front moves through, that's why we're dealing with cooler temperatures. right now 51 degrees, 59 in pottstown, 63 in wilmington, 63 degrees currently in dover and in atlantic city.
5:50 pm
wildwood in the low 60s this evening, 64 degrees in millville. and our wind speeds are going to continue to stay breezy into the rest of tonight gusting upwards of 23 miles an hour, closer to 11:00 p.m. up to 20 miles per hour in trenton and start to relax a bit into tomorrow. so that cold front moves offshore and now we're going to see the cooler air sticking around. that's going to lead to a chilly weekend start for us on saturday nor morning and philadelphia closer to 50 degrees for allentown, in the mid 30s. if you're closer to the shore, mid 40s, but still going to be a cold start, colder than what we're used to or what we've seen over the past couple of days. radar shows quiet conditions for us, barely any clouds, also going to contribute to how cold we're going to get. then we'll stay dry into tomorrow, but this is a system that's going to give us a chance of showers as we head into sunday. it is going to be into our early morning hours on sunday, so our future weather shows us as we get into the weekend, nice and dry all through saturday, you'll
5:51 pm
notice the clouds increasing, especially saturday night, so by 5:00 a.m. dealing with a few little showers here from philadelphia, stretching into our suburbs to the north and west, out to toms river. by 6:00, 7:00, that's when the rain will be right over philadelphia, down into dover and millville and wilmington. by 7:00, 8:00, you'll notice most of the showers move right offshore and we'll see cloudy skies remaining, temperatures pushing back into the low 60s, close to average and definitely going to feel like fall as we push into the weekend. highs around the region tomorrow 60 degrees for philadelphia, 60 in pottstown. tonight clear, much cooler, temperatures at 42 degrees in philadelphia, dropping down into the 30s for suburbs to the north and west, then we'll see a mix of sun and clouds on saturday. temperatures range between 58 and 61 degrees. seven-day forecast shows as we warm up on sunday it will be short lived, back to the 60s we go. 60 degrees on monday. tuesday 62, our next chance of
5:52 pm
rain by wednesday. hundreds of thousands of people filled our philadelphia streets for a chance to see the pope in his pope mobile. >> so where is the pope mobile now? that's the question. you're looking into the fate now of the famous fiat and some of the other stuff, too, that was made just for pope francis.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
there were so many memorable aspects to the pope's visit, so what happened to all of the special items created just for pope francis? >> nbc 10's lauren mayk went to find out where all the things like his chair and the pope mobile are right now. >> reporter: the mass drew hundreds of thousands, all wanting a few moments close to the holy father. but what becomes of the items so close to him? >> what we're hoping to keep here at the basilica will be the chair used by our holy father pope francis. >> father dennis gil is director at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> we had everything here because they had to take down the set on the parkway and get ready for monday. >> reporter: were you worried that something might get lost in the shuffle? >> i wasn't really worried, because we had a checklist. >> reporter: it included the chair, of course, but also the altar, which will go to a parish in need of one. area parishes also getting the small metal containers used for communion. there were 1,500, but some
5:56 pm
things not so easily distributed, remember that welcome carpet? its length one-quarter of a football field. >> what we were thinking was cutting it up into several smaller pieces and then distributing it that way. >> reporter: from the mass they'll keep a set of linens used to wash his hands, but not what he wore. father gil tells me there was a request for the pope to keep them. >> i asked the archbishop, archbishop said of course, so the holy father took them back to rome with him. >> reporter: that's kind of thrilling to know they sort of live on. >> they live on and they are beautiful. >> reporter: the vestments that pope francis took back with him, well, he has already used those again. on the parkway, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> so what about that pope mobile? the famous fiat that pope francis used. >> lauren found out first of all there were two fiats for philadelphia and they are in an undisclosed location awaiting instructions from the vatican. >> the arch die sis tells us
5:57 pm
they are not on church property but can't say where they are being held. maybe we'll never know where they are being held. jim, over to you now for 6:00. >> i'm not driving the fiat. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, an atlantic city park where a woman was knocked out is getting shut down for a makeover. we'll tell you how police are trying to save the area that's become a hub for drugs and crime. glenn? >> the strongest hurricane ever recorded is now making landfall in mexico and the monster storm could have an impact on our area. i'll explain how. but first, a university of delaware student fights back when a man sneaks up behind here and tries to attack. find out the evidence police are using and see how they are trying to keep the campus calm.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news at 6:00, get the guns off our campus. why students at villanova believe their school is betraying them by arming campus officers. first, a university of delaware student kicks away a man who tried to attack. now police are scanning through 400 security cameras as they try to track down the suspect. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. police say that attack happened as the student walked to the store late at night. the suspect pushed her to the ground yesterday on the university of delaware campus in newark outside smythe hall.
6:00 pm
nbc 10's tim furlong is skbrojo us live with the ways the school is helping students try to stay safe now, tim. >> reporter: that's right. it happened over here, literally across the street from the university of delaware police department, they say a guy walked up behind the young woman, took her into a construction area over there in the dorm complex, he grabbed her, forced her over there. tonight police want other students to be extra aware now of their surroundings. >> i got scared, especially since it was so close to my dorm. >> reporter: university of delaware students got the emergency message on their cell phone that a man tried to sexually assault a female student very early thursday morning. she came out of a dorm alone after midnight and the attacker forced her into a dark construction area. fortunately, she fought him off. >> she essentially kicked him in the groin area and then was able to separate some distance and get away from him. the zipolice department has hundreds o


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