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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10's tim furlong is skbrojo us live with the ways the school is helping students try to stay safe now, tim. >> reporter: that's right. it happened over here, literally across the street from the university of delaware police department, they say a guy walked up behind the young woman, took her into a construction area over there in the dorm complex, he grabbed her, forced her over there. tonight police want other students to be extra aware now of their surroundings. >> i got scared, especially since it was so close to my dorm. >> reporter: university of delaware students got the emergency message on their cell phone that a man tried to sexually assault a female student very early thursday morning. she came out of a dorm alone after midnight and the attacker forced her into a dark construction area. fortunately, she fought him off. >> she essentially kicked him in the groin area and then was able to separate some distance and get away from him. the zipolice department has hundreds of cameras around
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campus, they are trying to see if they caught a glimpse of the attacker. >> the police, i see them everywhere. >> reporter: the cars are hard to miss in newark, but police say they want students to walk in groups, especially at night. they should stay on well-lit paths and stay where the police cameras are. they also want students to use the live safe app to keep an eye on each other. >> type in your friend's name and show you exactly where they are and keep track of it. >> reporter: on the app you can tell your friends to keep an eye on you as you get from point a to point b, the app a number of ways students can keep themselves and their friends safe. >> crime is everywhere and anyone can be a victim at any time, so it's important to be aware of your surroundings. it's important for us to keep the community notified of what's going on. >> reporter: the victim didn't get a great look at the attacker. as for other services on campus to protect students, the university of delaware offers self-defense classes all over the newark campus, blue emergency phones, pick one up, goes to the police department.
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they also have an escort program where a student will come over and walk you from point a to point b. right now the message to students at night, do not walk alone. live at the university of delaware in newark, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. to our weather now. feeling much more like fall out there today as we take a live look here at the foliage in the poconos. beautiful evening, down about 15 degrees from yesterday and it's going to get much colder tomorrow. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us now with his first alert forecast. some places could get into the 30s this weekend. >> many places are going to be in the 30s by about 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow morning if you get up early enough. definitely going to feel it. in fact, bright sunshine during the day, clear skies tonight, diminishing winds and a cold air mass is going to allow temperatures to really plunge. it's already down to 48 degrees in mount pocono. they'll be in the 30s before midnight. 61 degrees in philadelphia, 50s in the surrounding areas
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already. so we have seen a drop just in the last hour. and we're ten to 15 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. mount pocono, 19 degrees colder, and the north winds bringing in that colder air, 5 to 10 miles an hour winds now will be diminishing to allow the temperature to drop even farther. so as we go through the evening, we're going to be seeing clear skies and look at this, temperatures dropping into the 40s, even at philadelphia by midnight and that means 30s in many of the suburbs. you'll see if it warms up at all over the weekend and if we get any rain with the seven day in a few minutes. happening now, smoke still pouring from this synagogue in north jersey. we last told you about this fire last hour. you're looking live at the synagogue in new brunswick in middlesex county and we've learned the fire started on the third floor of the synagogue before it shot right through the roof of the building. the building was also evacuated. fortunately, no one hurt.
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a silent protest at villanova university today, students taking a stand against bringing armed police officers to campus. the university announced this week that 20% of its public safety department will be trained to carry guns by next fall. nbc 10's jacqueline london is joining us live in our digital operations center. why are students so against this decision? >> jim, the villanova students demonstrating today say the decision to arm police officers is in response to fear. school officials did cite the recent shooting at a college in oregon and the fbi warning of its threat to local schools. students think establishing an armed school police force is a betrayal to the commitment of fostering trust, truth, unity, and love. the students also say they feel excluded from the decision making process. the school last hosted a public forum on the issue back in 2013. today students marched in silence around campus to make sure their voices are heard.
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>> i don't think it's a solution to the problem, and i'm not convinced that our whole student body would feel safer with the presence of an armed police force. >> the school sent a statement to nbc 10 saying they are very supportive of the students' right to profess, but the school says they did extensive research on the issue for the last two years. they say the decision to arm officers is, "part of angoing commitment to enhancing the safety and security at campus." villanova has 75 members of the public safety department, about 20% of the workers will be trained to carry guns. in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. on a much lighter note, it's the best time ever to be a temple football fan. the owls are 7-0 for the first time in school history after they beat east carolina last night and riding high on all that momentum, the school wants to build a new $100 million
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stadium on its campus. the potential new 35,000-seat stadium one built at geasey field, the northwest corner of the north philly campus, where the field hockey and women's lacrosse teams play, but they are scheduled to move to a new facility anyway, regardless if a new football stadium is approved. the stadium will be a part of the december meeting of the board of trustees. the project has already received several seven-figure commitments for funding. a serial burglar targeted six communities in two jersey shore counties, and tonight police are working with new video of the suspect in action. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg takes us through the crime spree. >> reporter: police say he's a serial burglar, the same man who they believe has been on a break-in spree at the jersey shore. >> hopefully he gets caught, gets caught, gets punished for it. >> reporter: the burglary in his restaurant early tuesday morning was among a rash of break-ins over the past three weeks,
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targeting businesses in at least five atlantic county communities and bass river township in burlington county. >> it's becoming bigger because it's continuing, and basically it kind of straps our resources as it continues. >> reporter: at least seven of the crimes have happened in galloway township alone. investigators say in most of the cases a man with his face covered uses a hammer or pry bar to smash glass doors or windows. once inside, he heads straight to the registers to steal whatever cash he can find. police say the burglar has been seen leaving in a dark-colored car, possibly a honda civic. >> someone's going to know the person appearing in these stills, hopefully someone will call in and give us a lead. >> reporter: police say it's likely other people are involved. in one of the cases a burglar was seen getting into the passenger side of a car. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. police in deptford township
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are looking for a man who robbed a bank late this morning. the man handed the teller a note, he got away with $4,000. a k-9 unit briefly tracked the suspect but then lost the scent. anyone who recognizes this man in the corner of your screen should call deptford township police. today a community came together to celebrate the life of 3-year-old brendan creato, the child found dead in haddon township last week. mourners shared tears and hugs after the hour-long service today. creato's loved ones spoke at the funeral and his favorite song the beatles' yellow submarine was played on the piano and violin. family friend scott kelley knows brendan's parents and grandparents are devastated and the community is still feeling that pain. >> people were devastated. i was watching on the news, you know, and putting memorials up, people that don't even really know them. kind of pulled the community together. be nice to find out what happened, too. >> the camden county prosecutor
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announced this week that no one forced their way into the father's apartment the morning brendan disappeared and he had not been sexually assaulted. pennsylvania lawmakers are figuring out how they can remove attorney general kathleen kane from office. some state senators announced today they are forming a special bipartisan committee on the issue. this comes a day after kane's law license was suspended as she waits for her trial. she's accused of leaking secret grand jury information to a reporter and then lying about it. kane says she can still do 98% of her job without her license and she denies those charges. tonight, pennsylvania lawmakers appeared no closer to ending the spending stalemate in harrisburg. it's been 115 days without a state budget and tonight there's a new fight to keep lawmakers from going on a scheduled break. senator art haywood wants them to stay in harrisburg until a budget is passed. without state funding, some preschools say they'll shut down on november 10th. some schools could have to close, as well, and some food pantries fear they are going to
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run out of food. a new jersey high school is dealing with a bedbug scare right now. deptford high school alerted parents they found a bedbug at the school. school officials say they are proactively treating the school but there does not seem to be any threat of infestation. happening right now, the family of a 2-year-old boy found wandering around love park is getting the keys to a new home. the toddler's parents say they spent the night in the park with their 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. when everyone else was asleep the boy wandered off. he and his sister are now in the custody of the state, but the family is hoping that they will be able to get their children back now that they have a permanent home. a group called chosen 300 ministries raised more than $12,000 to help get the family a home for a year. reaction from the family tonight at 11:00. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, an atlantic city park is getting shut down after a homeless woman was knocked out there last weekend.
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we're going to tell you how police are trying to make the park family friendly again. glenn? well, strongest hurricane ever recorded is hitting mexico right now with 200 mile an hour winds. details on that and how it could impact our area next week.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> new at 6:00, the pennsylvania spca says it's getting justice for this pit bull and three other animals found in a philadelphia woman's home. the spca says she pleaded guilty to four counts of cruelty for the unsanitary confinement of this pit bull named kirby, as well as two other dogs and a cat. the spca is hoping all the animals can be adopted. new at 6:00, police in atlantic city are working to make a high crime park safer. a homeless woman was knocked out last weekend, video of the slap at browns park went viral. >> bing! >> the man in that video has been arrested, but now police are trying to deal with the bigger problem of stopping frequent crime in browns park. our sister station telemundo 62
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shows us how. >> it's not the best area, because i try to usually go around instead of through just to avoid problems. >> reporter: it's an area used for everything but recreational purposes, according to some residents who walk by browns park in fear. >> at night it's really shady. the problems, the people are drunk, you know, it happens, and they come into the park and, you know. >> reporter: this image will soon be replaced with a colorful and safer environment. >> i anticipate there will be additional cameras that will be able to monitor the activity in real time what's going on here. again, that will give us the ability to essentially conduct a virtual patrol. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they wake up early just to clean up the needles and other drug paraphernalia from the ground left behind by the users before kids walk to school and catch a glimpse of reality. >> we met with the neighborhood community and they told us what they'd like to see included an
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alley for younger children. >> reporter: city officials say social services will also play a key role by assisting people in need. >> there's not a lot of places for the younger crowds. they have a lot of casinos and so what i did here, they are making more things, a bowling alley out here, like a theater, so i think that's definitely going to help the community. >> reporter: the cost of the project is $1.5 million, but other parks around the city have also gone through similar transformation with set hours of operation. the same will be implemented here in may when the project is complete. in atlantic city, nbc 10 news. the strongest hurricane ever recorded as people in mexico bracing for 200 mile per hour winds tonight. hurricane patricia only formed on wednesday, continues to churn and grow moving towards the mexican coast. it's expected to make landfall near the tourist resort of puerta vallarta. a live look there now, no strong rains there yet, but more than 7 million people will be directly affected when that storm makes
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landfall later tonight, including tourists from the u.s. hotels right now are being evacuated and people are being told to move as far inland as possible. nbc 10's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us now with more on the monster storm that really ramped up fast. glenn? >> yeah, jim. looks like it has made landfall in mexico and areas of evacuations, already taken place. anybody within 100 or 200 plimi of this thing has to hunker down wherever they are right now because you can see the eye has crossed the coast. it was just a tropical storm yesterday, it increased over 100 miles an hour in just one day from the biggest intensifications we've ever seen. and some of the lowest pressure that we've ever seen. the pressure has gone up a touch just before landfall, the wind speed down a touch, so 190 miles an hour, still going to make it one of the strongest to ever hit any portion of the earth as far
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as we know. obviously, the earth is millions of years old, so there could have been some kind of hurricane ages ago stronger than this, but at least in the recorded history, this is what we have. haiyan just last year in the philippines, 195 miles an hour, camille in 1969 in mississippi, 190. andrew in florida in '92, 167. it's going to be up there in the 190 mile an hour zone. so we're much colder around here, we've got some weekend showers and more on that strongest hurricane ever. we have clear skies out there right now. it's 61 degrees, the humidity is low, 12 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. and yesterday we were 77 degrees for the high. today 65. that's exactly average. tomorrow we're going to be even cooler before we go up a bit on sunday, then back down on monday. right now it's 48 in mount pocono, you can see the northerly wind that's bringing in the cooler air, combine that
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with the clear skies and lighter winds and these temperatures are going to drop really quickly during the next several hours. we were in the 60s just an hour ago, so just like that the temperature has really plunged. so you're going to need that jacket tonight. that's for sure. and the low temperatures down near the freezing mark in allentown, 35 in pottstown, 37 in trenton. much, much colder than the last few days. still have clear skies out there now as a weak front back to the west got some showers with it, but it's not that strong and it's not all that wet either. as we go through the night tonight, of course, temperatures going down into the 30s in allentown by 11:00 and into the 30s across much of the area by tomorrow morning. then the clouds increase a bit during the afternoon and it's pretty chilly in the 50s most of the day across most of the area, but no rain. no rain tomorrow during the day or the evening hours. if we do get any rain it's likely to occur after midnight
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and the best chance would be about between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. on sunday. so if you wake up late enough on sunday, you may miss it. and sunday afternoon should be pretty decent. decent weather for the eagles against the panthers on sunday night. temperatures in the 60s with cloudy skies but no rain is expected and not a whole lot of wind either. 42 for the low in philadelphia tonight, 32 north and west with clear skies during the day tomorrow a lot of sunshine to start, then clouds increase later. highs only 60 degrees. seven-day forecast, that early shower 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. on sunday, then nicer afternoon, then cooler again on monday and tuesday, then, yeah, some of the moisture from patricia comes over and could bring some showers late wednesday, into thursday. danny pommells from comcast sportsnet, eagles need more from sam bradford. we'll hear from him coming up, plus the temple owls sweeping the nation that's next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hey, danny pommells with you once again. 48 hours is all that separates us from eagles/panthers for an nbc 10 sunday night showdown. nelson aguilar and keiko alonso out for the game, while cooper and kendrick, as well as ryans are questionable. demarco murray coming off his best game last week against the giants and really the bright spot for the offense. murray seems to be gaining some confidence each passing game and says it is a team effort. >> i think it has a lot to do with just how hard we work and how guys are starting to come together and the game plan has
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been put in by the coaching staff, you know, those guys do a great job putting us in great situations to make plays, so i think collectively we're playing well right now, but all has to do with how we're working throughout the week and making sure we're prepared on sundays. >> in order for the birds to have success sam bradford has to limit turnovers. nine picks this season and was asked this week if he's happy with where he's at at this point in the season. >> as far as trying to predict how the season's going to go and where you're going to be, especially coming off the injuries that's hard to do. you know, would i like to have been sharper? absolutely, but at the same time i think i've done some things really well. i think just looking to continue to improve each week. >> we are the only place you can see it, sunday night football, kickoff before 8:30, coverage comes your way 7:00 with football night in america, where else but here on nbc 10. now to the birds of a different feather, can't always use that analogy, but works here.
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temple owls taking the nation by storm. here they are arriving home early this morning after reaching 7-0 for the first time in school history. they got home at 5:00 a.m. after their flight was delayed three hours. next up notre dame on halloween night. for the head coach, the approach is no different. >> we tell our kids, you know, every game is a big game because we're in it. it's fun, college football tomorrow, eagles sunday night, but the biggest game for us is the one we're playing. it's a great team, you know, notre dame is, obviously, great for the city, great for our fans, but for us, you know, all we can control is the same thing we've tried to control last night, which is how we play, how we prepare, how hard we work. >> yeah, game of the week results are in, it's a good one. complete highlights at 11:00. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet, we'll be right back. it used to be illegal.
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atlantic county didn't allow its elected politicians to take large donations from contractors doing business with the county. then will pauls changed the law, allowing him to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash. now pauls is taking thousands from those who want to move casinos to north jersey, threatening our jobs and our local economy. and he said he wants the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." we just can't trust will pauls.
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all right, there's patricia making landfall in mexico right now, and in just a few minutes we'll be doing a parascope on
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nbc 10. you can see, tune in there at 6:30. >> all right, for all of us, i'm jim rosenfield, have a good evening. tonight. the strongest hurricane ever, a category five monster making landfall with winds close to 200 miles an hour. urgent warnings and evacuations in mexico. entire cities could be wiped off the map. al roker is here. hillary clinton's first interview since beng and a downturn four jeb bush, trailing in the polls and making major cuts. is his campaign in crisis. >> our investigation into artificial turf made up from groundup tires. kids play on it every day after the epa refuses to answer our questions now congress is demanding answers. and the package pile-up thanks to the explosion of online shopping, a delivery


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