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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  October 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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today pack to where it should be i this. let's go to the pro. >> wasn't anything that i said then. >> nothing that you told me. >> just observation. >> this is just how i see things. >> actually, maybe have to upgrade your status because you're right on target. it's a chillier start, you can make some progress. you can absorb it more. definitely cooler we're in the 40s now, it's slowly but surely dropping in philadelphia, dropped it 4 degrees now the last hour. 47 in roxborough, south philadelphia 45. so start in the 40s but it's 50s to near 60 degrees this afternoon. 11:0054, 58 at 2:00 and climbing. neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. jessica boyington has your friday first alert traffic.
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>> we love fridays. we see less volume and most of the majors than the rest of the week. right now we're coming up on a little after 6:00 in the morning. we're starting to sioux see everybody out. around sikts:76, the ben franklin bridge. no problems from camden and the temple versus notre dame game. we're dealing with a few things independence mall around that area. market treat in that area. that's there until 7:00 p.m. on saturday. 17, 33, 44, 48, they will be detoured as well. your alternate is the -- stops around the fifth and sixth street and adding extra trains on start to accommodate extra passengers. the rest of our drive times we're starting toy is slow
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spots. a 14 minute trip. no problems on the blue route. >> thank you. four police officers hurt in this confrontation with students outside a school in allentown are out of the hospital this morning, their cell phone video. it happened outside allen high school. the oofsers responding to a group fighting in the street. they try to break it up but the offers quickly became targets and were attacked. a woman officer tackled to the ground and one began pummeling her. take a look. >> we bleeped out some of the cursing. they took three students into custody.
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detectives hope to use video to identify even more of the suspects involved. new prom overnight. several truck fires considered suspicious. nbc tep was in west philadelphia and lancaster avenue as crews worked to put out flames there. no one was heard on what caused these fires. >> every year for the past 15 years delaware county teachers have gotten a chance to go back to school for a day of training how to keep students safe. the focus this year is all about the teachers. nbc 10 match is live. a lesson on how to aprovided incorrespondent relationships with students. >> katy t programs from the dikt attorney if you have ap inappropriate conversation you will be investigated and possibly arrested. later on this mofrp are morning
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they vx the safe school summit. this year the focus will be on training teachers about what is okay and what is not when it comes to i want acting with students. m it's in the roos room or the field. this is a big subject matter. this has happened before. now involving a former teacher william barber wa was sentenced for being involved with a 15-year-old female student. >> being a father, it scares you. you wonry, not only but what someone is texting him or outside contacts. you have to be worried about it. any inappropriate cop tact we don't want to have. >> people should watch what they are doing. >> sure. you want to be cautious. you don't want to be in a situation where you are reviewed for inappropriate dehavier. i think most act occasionally we want to make sure the teachers
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understand that. >> reporter: it is a kind of thing you would think is common sense but the folks here just want to make sure that everyone is the on the same page. the advice for parents, if nothing doesn't seem right get l.a.'s office know and it will be investigated. matt delucia, nbc news. >> happening today a suburban philadelphia cab driver allowsed of shooting his bass is expected in court. he shot his. >> referee: boss, the dispute over money that he felt he was owed. after the shooting clark would not let any one call 911 until someone wre a check. he didn't get car. his boss is expected to be okay. >> a judge acquitted a best man accused of assaulting a police officer during a wedding brawl in philadelphia. matthew is free following a three-hour nonjury trial.
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the brawl video you see from 2012 broke out after a post preding party. it went viral quickly. again, sentenced to two years prodags after immediating guilty to assault. >> still no decision whether or not a 14-year-old accused in the filling of her own mother will be tie -- accused of plotting to kill her mother and then helping to get rid of her boat. in march the ex-boyfriend allegedly stabbed the mother. the eighth-grader and her 21-year-old poyf ahelp bipartisans tried to get raid of the body. the teen demanding that she stop seeing her march. silver next denied knowing about her death and police found these tex messages.
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she needs to go caleb. i'm going to the bathroom while a military blimp in north central pennsylvania took aim at the crippled aircraft. military crews fired those shots, displayed it yesterday. the crews were able to find autumn of the special radar equipment on board but officials say it could be weeking before they can actually remove the bli blimp. >> it's big. right. tough terrain down there. it's a very shaped marines with a supreme running through it. they have been able to care off the attorney on. >> 6:07. check this out. the linc all decked out in
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cherry and white. here is a look from our owl's nest what we're calling it now. the eagles are off this week so that manes time and energy to focus on the owls. three of the players on the notre dame roster are from the area including will fuller, here is a clip from a few years ago in high school. he graduated from roman catholic. he went that great then. fips to notre dame before signing date but fuller wears his luchb on his arm. he hopes temple can recruit more local talent after its. >> i guess like all of the good players that come out of philadelphia they don't go to temple go i guess it can get
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some good players to go to tem bell. >> you think you would play against temle with the owls play? >> that's why i said it's like a treem dumb through. going to be cool. >> who'd have thunk it. noter game numbing in, starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow at independence malm. >> now your first alert weather. >> it will be cool for the game but i'm not sure that's what he was talking about. the chchs have dropped we're not seeing the 60s we started with yesterday. a northwest wind bringing in that cool change. that breeze will be blowing on throughout the day. it will be dry though chilly.
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45 allentown, 40s at 46. you'll need your sunglasses as a bright sunshine. nothing to show you here. the radar will stay dry for today. the nearest showers are northwest. those won't affect us but weather in new mexico. and texas. look at those downpours. we could see some showers in the area from that system later in the weekend. 50s for camel back, 57 in weet wood. new hope, bordentown and at the more low 60s, 60s this afternoon for millier and uny skies. those winds will keep things dry. and the winds will die down for halloween night. the temperatures coming down too. nothing terribly staring.
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partly cloudy, 53, temperatures falling at 7:00 saturday evening. >> thank you, bill. a lot of people taking area bridges at this hour. jessica, you have an eye on those? >> that we are, katy we're looking at all of the area bridges. we have a disabled truck taking out a lane westbound into philadelphia. the tacony pal maya. an increase from the vine street expressway. just 16 minutes. vai and katy. >> thank you. we have breaking news from overnight in our capitol. in the nick of time lawmakers passed an am beneficiary out budge. not yet done. mor more thing that needs to happen. >> china's kild child vool over. why the country hopes this will
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help future generations.
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breaking news from overnight the senate aprove add two-year budget and debt deal that averts a national default. the bill is on its way to president obama right now. senators passed the budget bill shortly after 3:00 a.m. the house approved it wednesday, the bipartisan deal sets the budget through march of 2017. and averts a threatened government shutdown. presiding over the budget vote was a brand-new speaker of the house. lawmakers officially approved congressman paul ryan. the wisconsin congressman takes over for john boehner who is stepping down. ryan says he hopes to unify a sometimes fractured republican party. >> i'm not interested in laying
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blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> and you remember ryan was mitt romney's running mate in the 2012 election. he was first elected to the house in 1998 when he was just 28 years old. now at 45 he is the youngest speaker in nearly 150 years. >> a philadelphia senior center says it can only afford one more paycheck because of money it hasn't received because of the budget battle that's going on in harrisburg. center in the park in germantown is cutting exercise and other classes. on any given day you can find up to 200 seniors here, dancing, learning and sharing but in two weeks the center's 29 employees will start working without pay or be laid off. >> i'm plotting it as i go along. i can't make any promises or statements right now about how
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long i'll be able to do it but i'm going to hang in here as long as i can. >> pennsylvania has been without a budget now for almost four months. >> ft. lauderdale's airport is open after a plane caught fire. passengers on board another flight was recording this video here out of their windows. from above you can see the plane surrounded by foam that crews put out, to put the flames out. an engine caught fire while the flight was getting set to take off to venezuela. one passenger seriously injured, burned, about a dozen have minor injuries from sliding down the chute during evacuation. >> obviously what goes through your mind is i mean is this going to consume in seconds or not. >> investigators are aren't sure what sparked the fire. >> beginning today in lehigh county you'll have two new spots
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to drop off unused and expired medication. county and health officials will announce the placement of drop boxes at two hospital locations, you can use the boxes to dispose of unused prescription and over the counter medication and do it anonymously. officials say it's unsafe to simply throw out the medicine or flush them down the toilet. china abandoned its controversial one child policy. while many welcome the news for others they say it's too little too late. the program was meant to control a baby boom. but it led to an estimated 300 million abortions. in the country that favors boys, girls were abandoned or killed at birth. yesterday the country announced it's ending the policy. women can have two children. the reason china's population is aging and its slowing economy needs young workers. women on the street were happy about the move. >> i want to have, yeah, maybe
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one boy and one girl. >> one child too lonely. i think the people should have the right to have two. >> the reform is bittersweet for women now older and don't want to have a second child at this point. and other women say they will still only have one child because they cannot afford two. >> if you've got kids you're heading out the door, we've got help for you. >> right. jessica boyington with a look on the roads right now. what's going on? >> we are in the lehigh valley. 78 around lehigh street no problems to talk about in the area. you can see our cameras moving along nicely all directions. we'll check out our drive times around the chester county area. route 100 southbound no problems, 7 minutes from 13, 113 to route 30. no problems on 30, 202 great too. northbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. evonl a seven minute trip. another check when i come back.
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>> about an hour from sun vise we'll see plenty of sunshine but it's not going to be a massive warm-up like yesterday. 48 degrees, the wind is blowing, the wind chill is a factor. feels like 43 degrees with the westerly winds at 10 miles an hour. the wind is blowing, it's going to be warm once the sun comes up, a warm-up but the wind is going to ensure that the temperatures stay lower. the wind chills range from 30s in the pocono mountains, and it's going to be a chilly start this morning. the sun will be bright, the breeze blowing and temperatures in the suburbs at 41 degrees, 46 degrees in the city. a few scattered clouds at the shore, sunshine for the rest of the day today. over the weekend on sunday we'll see some of those clouds, a slight chance after weekend
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shower sunday. today sunshine, breezy, 57 to 61. tomorrow morning will be cold in the 30s in the morning, 58 during the afternoon. bright sunny skies, a beautiful saturday. great for trick-or-treaters and the temple owls game. great weather also for the walk to defeat als at citizens bank park. that's sunday morning. a chance of a shower later on sunday into monday but not a lot of rainfall. a warm-up tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> thanks, bill. the new york sometimes has some at vice. as usual the governor has a fiery comeback that is the just ahead. also next, you don't need a train or a car, soon all you'll need is foot power to get from philadelphia to koung county and back again. we'll explain.
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today a new link will open between philadelphia and lower merion. officials will gather for a ribbon cutting this morning on the manayunk bridge. it had been closed for 30 years now but will reopen to pedestrians and bicycles part of hundreds of circuit trails and connects the historic kinwood heritage trail with the schuylkill river trail. good morning were. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're watching route 30 now around 295 in hadden heights, new jersey. all lanes moving great. no problems there or restrictions. but we're starting to see volume on some of the majors. i'll tell you where that is when i come back. for now let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> the wind is blowing and that's bringing in cooler air. 47 degrees now at 6:25.
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the temperatures are falling until the sun comes up, the temperatures will go lower. with the wind blowing it feels chillier. feels like the 30s and 40s this morning. >> the undefeated owls getting ready for a big day on the national stage and this may be the biggest game in temple's history. monique braxton is live at independence mall with more on the preparations for the game. good morning. rfrmths vai, the game is the talk of the town and you know it's a big dole when market street is shut down. we'll have a preview after the break. it used to be illegal.
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atlantic county didn't allow its elected politicians to take large donations from contractors doing business with the county. then will pauls changed the law, allowing him to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash. now pauls is taking thousands from those who want to move casinos to north jersey, threatening our jobs and our local economy. and he said he wants the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." we just can't trust will pauls.
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court owls fever is here. you are looking live at the eagles nest which has become the owls nest in honor of temple as temple gets ready to take on the
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notre dame fighting irish. there are a few traffic changes you need to know about. >> we're off to a cool start but we'll wepd a beautiful fall day. our hour by hour in a moment. good morning and welcome. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with that halloween forecast, the game forecast. >> i'm going to need the next half hour to do all of the forecasts. take a break. we're looking at a cool start, a chilly start compared to yesterday. when we were in the 60s, clear skies over center city and the numbers have been following. we're looking at temperatures that are in the 40s and the 50s that we saw most of the morning so far have mostly disappeared. 52 in dover. 48 in philadelphia. trenton 47. 42 in mount poke. it's tilly too. there is a breeze blowing. you can see it in the flag here
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at the nbc 10 studios. bright sunshine all day long. 2:00 this afternoon we'll inch closer to the 60-degree mark. got your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back. right now it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> thank you, bill. good morning. we're watching the area bridges now where we're doing okay for the most part but we do have a disabled truck on the walt witman bridge. from new jersey into the philadelphia area, right lane is closed. for the tacoma palmyra, southbound right in here you can pretty much see bumper to bumper. speeds are down as well. into the 30s. but if you're in delaware on 95 watch for ramp closures on 95 northbound and southbound and to 896 northbound closed.
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>> thanks, jessica. the owls are in the spotlight. we are one day away from the biggest football game in temple history. >> a look down lincoln financial field. it has been transforped into the owls nest and there's not going to be one bit of green there. parts of independence mall are shut down in preparation and that's where monique braxton is live. they are going to shut this down. >> reporter: i know, vai. everybody is so excited. temple's owls in the national spotlight. look at market street. it is jut down for the biggest show down in temple history. the spotlight on the owls as they take on notre dame. there's a pep rally this afternoon on campus, fans including students, parents
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alumni and faculty are psyched. >> it's really cool. i'm excited. i can't wait. >> we're not some cinderella story. worked hard and they earned this chance we're going to play and see what happened. >> reporter: septa is adding trains to accommodate the crowd. college game day live in the morning with a grid lirn, and independence mall is serving as the backdrop. the owls take on the irish saturday night and we'll definitely be there and have the outcome for you. >> historic start, isn't the only thingy we may keep him out of the season. read how temple's winning ways could help the team score their own football stadium. new from overnight crews put
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out a fire at a newly constructed home in manayunk. an investigation into the cause is under way. >> happening today, another familiar face is expected to testify for the defense in shauka fattah's trial. yesterday fattah opened his case with testimony from former rendell. the defense believes the testimony legitimizes fattah's businesses. chalka fattah is the accused of bank fraud. the koung sman married to "nbc 10 news" ang kerl renee chenault-fattah. >> a man admitted to supporting isis. he pleaded guilty in court
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yesterday. his brother and two others are also charged. prosecutor is say he bought a plane ticket for his broth tear fly to the middle east to join isis. his sentencing is set for february. >> police are looking for a gunman following a shooting in the brewerytown neighborhood. the zrim is in stable condition after police say he was shot in the neck. it happened at 29th and girard avenue early this morning. the victim told officers the shooter was wearing a hooded sweatshi sweatshirt, approached him and opened fire. >> there are calls for chris christie to drop out of the race for president after the debate. here is one exchange with the moderator john harwood. >> all types, i laid out. >> in zbhoft. >> no. you want to answer? because i got to tell you the
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truth. even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude. so. >> yesterday "the new york times" editorial board call forward christie to drop out. the headline said governor christie, time to go home. it said new jersey is in trouble and his presidential run is nothing more than a vanity project. >> can't read the article because i don't have a subscription but i can tell you this i am not going anywhere. joe biden may not be making a run for his party's nomination but still trying to have influence on the race. aids say biden will have bet bernie sanders yesterday. the two men talked for about an hour. biden reportedly also spoke with hillary clinton by phone last week. little philadelphia boy is on the mend after what his family believes was the case of devine intervention.
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>> the 3-year-old walked away after falling out a window on the picture of the last supper with christ. the family september us a photo of that. it was outside their point when the boy pushed through the window and fell on the pictures. the family calls it a peer kel. we're not sure why the last kuper was outside the home but the camly moved it back inside as a result of what happened. 6:37. skies nice and clear. and it is a chilly start this morning. the temperatures much lower than yesterday. there is a northwest wind, a little breeze, that is the dry cooler air. it's going to assure that we get a halloween street. we'll be dry though cool. 48 degrees to start with.
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it's 54 in cape may. you can see the skies are starting to priten. that clouds where they are going to stay. right sunshine. and a jacket this morning. but umbrellas, radar is clear for the area. nearest showers to the northwest. those are not coming our way. but over the weekend could see wet weather that is the producing big shoups in central texas. partly to mostly security councily guys. 49 this afternoon. you'll see bright sunshine and that steady breeze. at the shore atlantic city will top out at 60, warming to the 58 for vineland and dover in the upper 50s today. sunny skies, 60 in philadelphia and wing min tong.
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williams town. and the weekend, we rebound in the afternoon and looks like it's going to be dries for trick-or-treaters as well. the strict or treat forecast is calling for a cruel evening with temperature. our changes ahead, the seven-day forecast when i'm back in 10. >> thank you, bill. 20 minutes waiver 7:00. some hope to commuters in the lee high value. time to get involve to south jersey. i think we're going to talk about some issues. starting to see big delays, we're looking at 76 around market street. atoching the walt witman bridge area. or you get into fill we're seeing 15 minute drive time. heavy in the red. approaching from 55 to the walt whitman bridge a disabled truck in the right lap blocking that
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out. that's probably contributed and what is to all of this delay and backup. to 295, in south jersey give yors extra 10 minutes. people tell, watch out for road closures. most of that activity until 7:00 p.m. had septa buses detoured. 17, 33, 44 and 48, atnality to get around that. the market frankford line making stops around these areas and atting ekts tra trains on saturday. >> thank you, jessica. ducking, bobbing and weaving, what maryland cyclist had in texas. this yen erld boy went from this to this. next, the forry of ing genuity and trip to the library.
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one final race in the career of american pharoah. one final work out for the legendary colt in lexington, kentucky ahead of the breeders' cup classic tomorrow. so far things are said to be status quo for the triple crown winner. said to be happy and working well. and you can watch the breeders' cup here on nbc 10. coverage starts tomorrow, 4:00 in the afternoon before you go trick-or-treating. >> new surveillance video shows bullets flying as bikers run for cover. what you're about to see took place back in may. 9 were killed when two rival biker gangs clashed on the patio. authorities charged 1 sech77 pe.
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>> we're hearing from a boy who was seriously hurt in a shark attack. raymond was body boarding on wednesday when the shark bit him in the thigh. raymond says he was scared but the pain wasn't all that bad. >> sure. came out of nowhere, then just started kicking and kicking. >> brave. raymond will continue to recover over the weekend and return to school on monday. officials say shark warning signs have been posted since the attack. in a record number of sharks many swimming off the coast of southern california and scientists are saying it may be an indicate they're el nino conditions. 90 of the animals migrated the last two winters suggesting that the water temperatures are
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staying warmer. due to the slight rise, so sharks are staying put. >> new information about the canadian whale watching boat. crews lifted the hull above the water line. they recovered electronic here from the ship. they are continuing its investigation even though it did leave the seen. searchers will continue to look for sixsixth passenger. >> crews getting a handle on a fire that continues to burn in southern california. but evacuation waigs orders remain for communities near the flames. on the ground and from the sky crews are fighting the fire that is burning a portion of the los padres national forest. >> a young boy from delaware
6:47 am
needed a hand literally. >> he simply went to the library and printed one. collin was born with those short fipgers on his left high. he did research so he and his bam down loaded plans for an artificial working hand. they used the 3d printer to hold 24 parts over 12 hours. they created a working stand. >> i'll still be a righty, can't really change that. but yeah, i'll be able to work with them pretty much equally. >> now some students are working on a special glove that will help colin allow him to move those fingers individually. usually a photo calm ruins a picture. it turns it intoing is magical. a photographer had been stopping
6:48 am
photos with this guess star and the here. she says the deer walks up to the kids, each the sleeping child. just a baby. maggie is now considered a regular part of the family and apparently more than five photo shoots. >> a picture perfect day with lots of sunshine. typical for late october. we're starting off the clear skies, we were so warm yesterday but with clear skies overnight it's really cooled off. this is a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. 48 degrees in philadelphia. 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. morning at the same time. and with a little bit of a breeze it feels even colder, like it's 43 degrees right now in the city. look at that commanding view from center city, this is from the comcast center. clouds in the distance.
6:49 am
those are not rain clouds, we'll be rain-free today and looking good for halloween. 48 in philadelphia. but down to 47 now in trenton, millville at 49, 40s for pottstown, and bluebell at 46. north and west, collegeville is 42 degrees, we have seen some 30s but you won't find them at gilbertsville and pottstown. upper 30s at that. a few clouds, they are thinning out. those were the distant clouds we saw. and the satellite does show what will be arriving over the weekend. look at this cloud cover. behind those clouds is rain. the heaviest in central texas. i'm not expecting heavy rain. the future cast does give us a chance of showers but first we'll see the clouds. that rain making progress over the next 24-48 hours. saturday morning we'll see evening for halloween we'll see partly cloudy skies, and any showers should hold off until
6:50 am
late sunday. by sunday at 11:00 we could see rain. until then we're going to see dry conditions. sunny skies, breezy today. and that's going to keep temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. northwest winds will die down which means tomorrow morning will be colder to start with. bright sunshine for saturday, 58 degrees, and near perfect weather for halloween. a little on the chilly side. temperatures in the 50s in the early evening, and the temple game will be dry with partly cloudy to clear skies also in the 60s r. on sunday it will be warmer, after a cool start there is a chance of a shower during the day. but as we saw it's more likely later in the day. perfect for the walk to defeat als. if you get to that and nobody is around probably because you forgot to turn your clocks back. might want to do it buff go to wed, get us back off daylight
6:51 am
saving time into monday. we could see showers to start with. but later in the day we'll be clearing out. stand by, in the 70s. we'll see afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 70s. >> i think i counted three perfects from bill. it's going to be a good weekend. >> like to turn back. an extra two. >> we'll not see you here monday morning then. >> let's check in with jessica boyington who is looking at route 42 in south jersey. >> i only deliver bad news, that's the thing about my job. 42, major clays around 41 in deptford almost at a standstill. this is rare for this time, 22 minutes, i don't think i've seen this for months for this increase. we have a disabled vehicle on the northbound side overthe walt
6:52 am
witman bridge. this is about a four-minute trip. you're adding 20 minutes to your morning drive. for the schuylkill expressway or flying through the conshohocken curve you can see the typical delays. that's 21 minutes. westbound from the vine to the blue route, 20 minutes so. we're almost watching there. mass transit, no problems but it's 10 minutes before septa's trenton line. >> good morning. i'm live in media, delaware county. teaching the teachers. why educators will be in the spotlight. what's appropriate and what's not. >> reporter: i'm mo meek braxton along independence mall. the street is shut down. we'll tell you after the break.
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good morning. i'm matt delucia live in media happening today many of the educators here in delaware county will get a lesson in what is okay and what is not when it comes to interacting with students. the summit is happening today and in the past it has focused on bullying and shootings. the focus turns to those leading the classroom. i spoke with the district attorney yesterday. this is something big enough to warrant one of these major learning sessions. he has investigated teacher ips the past for inappropriate behavior and would rather not have them be the focus of investigations in the first place. the hope is after today there will be a better understanding of what is appropriate and what is not. if they do not follow the protocols there will be
6:57 am
consequences. and i'm monique braxton where a stage is being set, a preview of one of the biggest games in the history of temple university's football team. this is the biggest showdown in temple history. the last time we saw a stable and monster set up is when pope francis is in town. we are embracing the owls as they take on the fighting irish. there will be a pep rally for everybody will be bleeding cherry and white. fans are psyched. septa is adding extra trains for the anticipated crowd, now espn's college game day will be live from independence mall in the morning, a gridiron is in place. the owls take on the fighting
6:58 am
iri irish. we'll be there, we'll have the game for you t outcome and we'll continue to cover all of the excitement this weekend. live on market street. monique broxton. >> i'm jessica boyington. we have one more check watching route 202, reports after a collision at reader road. back up in both directions. so watch tor that fedding out the door. speaking of bridges no problems. we have a disabled truck west from the new jersey side into philadelphia approaching the walt whitman bridge. i'll show you what that is doing to new jersey. a huge back up in runnemede. we're at 29 minutes northbound from 55 through the walt whitit
6:59 am
bridge. 95 and the schuylkill, slow in the normal spots. no problems southbound. >> a big cooldown compared to yesterday morning at this time. look at that beautiful view of center city. you see scattered clouds, those are not rain clouds, they will be moving out, bright sunshine at the shore after starting with some clouds. in the distance there are the clouds, this is the view from the nbc 10. 49 degrees, that's 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. the westerly winds at 10 miles an hour. we've seen some gifts through more than 20 miles an hour. starting to settle down. with bright sunshine though we're starting in the 40s, we'll warm toner 60.
7:00 am
>> happy thanksgiving. >> or what, halloween. i can't wait. good morning. breaking overnight. a dangerous fugitive wanted for opening fire on an officer in tennessee killed in a shootout with police. at massive week long manhunt now over. we're there live. nbc news exclusive. the mother of the victim in that sexual assault case at a new hampshire prep school speak out for the first time. >> it's been excruciating for her, but she wanted to do what was right. >> as owen labrie is sentenced to one year in prison and a lifetime as a registered sex offender. grand old problems, republican candidates planning to meet about changing how future debates are organized as jeb bush tries to fight his way back


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