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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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nearly 200 kids were involved or watched the brawl yesterday afternoon. >> and students tell us fights like this are actually very common, but many think this one went entirely too far. nbc 10 has been following this story since it unfolded last night. randy, we knew more arrests could come and more charges. what did we learn about all this? >> reporter: right now at least five teenagers facing criminal charges, including rioting and assault. meantime, four allentown police officers were injured in this fight, all while this school, allen high school and the entire community, is grappling with this viral video that appears to show teenagers attacking cops. as classes let out at allen high school today, police and security made their presence well known. this after a massive brawl yesterday caught on cell phone video almost 200 students at a fight in the streets just blocks from campus. >> it was crazy.
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it was a lot of kids. >> reporter: as police arrived to break it up, the teens turn on the cops and begin attacking officers. at one point, a teenaged girl is seen beating an officer on the ground. >> looked like they were attacking them, looked like on the corner. >> reporter: witnesses in this allentown neighborhood say these large after school fights happen all the time. >> they fight with the cops, they fight with the security guards, they just show them -- they show no respect for nobody. they don't carement. >> reporter: allentown police say five juveniles have been arrested, the injured officers are expected to be okay. >> four of our officers were injured yesterday and we are going to continue to investigate this until everybody that was involved has been identified. >> facebook, snapchat, twitter, it was everywhere. >> reporter: students say the video is disturbing. she's disgusted with her classmates who took part in this fight and then bragged about it
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online. >> it's bad, it's really bad. it's sad that students think it's okay to act like that. >> reporter: now the school district did release a statement say they do not tolerate this behavior. meantime, local officials here in allentown are saying these officers who are responding to the fight showed great restraint dealing with the group of 100 to 200 teenagers. live in allentown, randy ji gyllenhall, nbc 10 news. >> this is one of the incidents in the lehigh valley this week, reading intermediate high school was put on lockdown after a large fight erupted in the cafeteria. police had to use pepper spray to break up those students. and we have new information about a lockdown yesterday. police now tell us the contraband they found on campus was 50 bullets, no guns were found, and no arrests have been made. that school was closed today while police investigate. happening now, police and
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local churches are partying on mischief night. it's an effort to eliminate vandalism and violence. in the past the night before halloween in camden was marked by fires, smashed windows, and looting. officials say tonight's celebration helps police make their presence known and have fun with the kids in the neighborhood. i want you to see this, too, these kids in wilmington aren't complaining about the weather today. what a day to hang in the playground, the kids are in costume as they get excited for halloween. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joining us now. they may need some jackets over those costumes. >> very well, temperatures are going to be on the colder side tomorrow for trick-or-treaters, especially tonight, too, but you definitely want the jacket tonight and tomorrow night. temperature change over the past 24 hours around 10 degrees colder through most of the area, 12 degrees colder in millville and dover than yesterday at this time, so we've obviously seen a big drop in temperatures.
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you felt it when you walked outside today and even now it is chilly outside, 60 degrees in philadelphia, northeast philly app right now millville and atlantic city, 58 in reading, 56 pottstown. tonight temperatures will be dropping even more. it's going to be a colder night tonight. by 7:00 p.m. if you have the friday night plans we're looking at clear skies, temperature around 55 degrees. by midnight tonight. >> its will be in about the upper 40s, so it will be getting quite a bit colder. then tomorrow morning when you wake up and walk outside, by 8:00, temperatures in the 30s. for a lot of the area, areas north and west through the lehigh valley, right around freezing. coming up we'll take a look at your saturday morning and also your trick-or-treat forecast and some milder temperatures, too, heading our way. that's straight ahead. >> right now at 5:00 a police chase ends with an arrest and an officer getting run over, but the vehicle that hit the officer was a philadelphia police van. nbc 10's harry hairston joins us live from west philadelphia with
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the story. first off, how is that officer right now? >> reporter: well, the officer's doing okay. i'm going to give you a bit more about the officer in just a moment, but i just want to share this with you, new information we just got in about the suspect. we have his name, we're going to hold that until he's formally charged, but he is 30 years old and from the bronx and an uber/lyft driver. back to the officer, he is in the hospital right now at the presbyterian hospital with a broken foot and fractured toes, as well, but this all happened about 1:30 this afternoon. take a look at this video, folks. we'll show you what the police say this individual did. he got out of his car this afternoon around 1:30 and officers saw him take out a baseball bat and break out three windows on this suv. i'm told a plain-clothes officer first saw this and gave chase, eventually on foot, then a marked vehicle got involved in a chase and it was a parallel chase and at some point the plain-clothes officer tackled
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the suspect, they both rolled into the street, and that's when the officer's foot got ran over by the police vehicle. once again, i just want to tell you that the suspect is an uber/lyft driver. we talked about him more with lieutenant john walker. >> it's an uber/lyft car, looks like it's registered in new york, so we're not quite sure why he got out of the vehicle and damaged the parked vehicle. the owner of the vehicle is not in the city and nobody in the car at the time, so we're not sure what the motivation was, but we'll get to the bottom of that. >> reporter: we are also learning that the owner of the vehicle that was damaged is not even in the city, they say he's out of state, as a matter of fact, so there's still no word and no motive as to what caused this. we're hoping to find out more about that, but police tell me that the suspect did complain of some aches and pains and he's in the hospital for observation. we'll have more on this for you coming up later on as we get more information. reporting live in southwest
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philadelphia, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. >> harry, thank you very much. if you were in downtown wilmington this afternoon, you might have seen or heard a group of protesters. more than 100 people marched through the city demanding answers for the death of jeremy mcdole. back on september 23rd the man in the wheelchair was shot and killed by city police officers. a 911 caller told police mcdole had a gun and had already shot himself. take a look at the cell phone video. it shows officers yelling at him, then shooting at him when he reaches for his waistband. tonight his sister wants to know what happened in the final moments of her brother's life. >> i want answers, i want the names of the officers who executed my brother. >> the city hasn't released the officers' names, only saying three of the officers were white and one was hispanic. they are now on paid administrative leave. the attorney general's office tells nbc 10 its investigation
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is still under way. we have new information on the military's efforts to recover that runaway blimp that crashed in central pennsylvania wednesday. crews plan to review the remaining section of the blimp this weekend. that will require some heavy lifting. a pennsylvania international guard chinook helicopter is said to carry the hull out of the woods, taken to a newly created clearing, loaded on to military vehicles, and driven to an undisclosed government facility. it's the biggest weekend in the history of the temple football program. >> that's right, the undefeated owls, 7-0 right now, they are getting set for the fighting irish. it's a nationally televised primetime event, too. reason to celebrate. there was a party atmosphere on north broad street as students enjoyed the pregame pep rally and included the football team, cheerleaders there, as well as the band. >> and a live look now from sky force 10 over independence mall.
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that's where espn set up a special stage to broadcast coverage of tomorrow's big game and that's led to a lot of traffic changes downtown. jessica boyington has more on what you need to know to get around the city. >> hey, everyone, jessica boyington with a lot of things going on in philadelphia this weekend that are going to tie up your commute. we have lincoln financial field you may have heard temple versus notre dame 8:00 p.m. starting tomorrow night and a lot of things going on involving the game, espn's college game day will be this weekend also. market street will be closed between fifth and sixth, sixth treat will be closed between arch and market street until about 7:00 p.m. on saturday, but parts of market street will be closed until 1:00 p.m. on sunday. as for the philadelphia rock and roll half marathon going on saturday morning and rolling closures on portions of the parkway. market street, spring garden street, 15th and 22nd street. mass transit will also be affected, detoured buses for
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septa 17, 33, 44, and 48, but your alternate is to take market frankford line, they'll be having buses stopping around the fifth and sixth street closures. patcoand septa will be adding additional trains for passengers. this weekend we fall back, meaning it will soon get dark outside a lot earlier, daylight saving ends 2:00 a.m. sunday. set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed. an extra hour of zs and more light in the morning. the tradeoff, of course, earlier nightfall. safety officials say use the switch to standard time as a reminder to switch out the battery in your smoke alarm. >> important update right there. gunfire erupts, by the way, during a football practice at the jersey shore. listen. >> i'm across the street from park avenue, gunshots like crazy. >> witnesses call for help after bullets hit nearby cars and a father sitting in the stands. the search is on for the
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shooters. plus, major developments from the campaign trail, including a big blow to jeb bush's presidential hopes and what the republican candidates may refuse to take part in one of their scheduled debates.
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a building partially collapsed in midtown manhattan today, killing one construction worker and trapping another for
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hours. it happened just before 10:30 this morning on west 38th street. the building was being demolished to make way for a luxury boutique hotel. right now the cause is under investigation. 19 workers were on site at the time. the worker who was trapped, by the way, is in serious but stable condition. u.s. commanders are headed into syria. the white house made that announcement today. it didn't specify, though, an exact number, but says the commandos will work with syrian troops in the fight against isis. this marks the very first time american troops will be openly on the ground in the war torn country. to politics now, as jeb bush's campaign faces money troubles, a high ranking official is off his team. christine shicone is the first high profile aide to leave, days after the bush campaign announced a reorganization, but that's not the only major announcement involving the presidential candidates today.
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chris pollone has our decision 2016 coverage. >> the debate over the debate continues for the gop. nbc news has confirmed that some of the campaigns are planning to meet sunday without the republican national committee present to discuss their dissatisfaction with the debate process so far and specifically their criticism of cnbc's wednesday night debate. ahead of the meeting, reince priebus in a letter to nbc news chairman andy lack, "the rnc is suspending the partnership with nbc news for the republican primary debate at the university of houston february 26, 2016." in response nbc news released a statement saying in part, "this is a disappointing development, however, along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo, we'll work to resolve this matter with the republican party." the move comes after several republicans called wednesday's debate on cnbc unfair. >> republicans are annoyed the rnc didn't negotiate well in terms of getting good moderators
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in some of the debates, had these moments where they were annoyed at the moderators. having said that, i don't think the debates have served the republican candidates badly. >> reporter: this week's republican debate certainly wasn't bad at all for ted cruz and marco rubio. both campaigns say they've raised a million dollars each since then. for jeb bush, a different dilemma, a promise to supporters, word is he's privately reassuring nervous donors who wonder if the former governor's slimmed down campaign operation and performances can be turned around before it's too late. >> it's going fine. >> reporter: are you having any fun? >> yeah, you saw it, having lots of fun. >> reporter: bush insists his campaign is far from over. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. will it be a slam dunk for democrats or come from behind victory for melissa murray-bailey? on tuesday philadelphia voters decide who will be the next mayor, but before you cast your
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ballot, we talk candidate to both candidates about the issues that could impact your job and your wallets. >> if we're able to attract manufacturing companies to work around the liquid natural gas we can provide here, we can have the next generation boom. >> i'm not interested in raising taxes, but having what's appropriate for people to live in philadelphia. >> 11:30 right after "meet the press." news thousands of students have been waiting for, now eligible for federal pell grant money. a new experimental program today for high school students who take college courses through dual-enrollment programs can apply. they'll invest up to $20 million in the 2016-'17 school year, helping up to 10,000 students. pell grants don't have to be repaid. right now at 5:00, a rowdy scene near independence mall.
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espn is set up shop right there, you see them, for saturday's big showdown between temple university and notre dame. >> nbc 10's george spencer has made his way over there. seems a lot calmer. i know earlier you were surrounded by temple owls. >> reporter: jacqueline, much calmer scene, the scene up on the temple campus is electric and here in old city is a bit calmer, but still frenzy if you're some of the television crews working to set up for tomorrow morning's espn spectacle. you can see really a full city block of market street is their stage and their setup area. earlier this afternoon in north philadelphia students from temple carrying signs boarded buses to come down this way for this afternoon's pregame broadcast. but it really is tomorrow that is the big show. espn's college game day is a football season juggernaut and tomorrow morning the focus will be on our city and our team's
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big game. no matter who you're supporting, the energy around the matchup tomorrow really feels special. >> very excited. when we planned this trip, it was, okay, we're either going to go to the pitt game or the temple game. we decided to come to philadelphia, then it turned into a big deal. >> a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, certainly the talk of the town. that's why we came down. >> reporter: talk of the town indeed. you can see the view from high above where i'm standing from sky force 10, independ mall and independence mall on your picture really gives a sense of the scope of this setup and where it's located in the city. as we come back down to our live ground pictures, you can see that the congestion here in the area of fifth and market, at least so far is pretty minimal so far this afternoon. we'll be keeping an eye on that part of the story through this rush hour. right now we are live in old city, george spencer, nbc 10 news.
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>> i think george is more familiar with the traffic congestion than all the people that were around him about an hour ago. >> big hype there, hyped for tomorrow. >> yes, they are. george, thank you very much. let's turn to sheena now and see how fans will fair tomorrow night. >> yeah, it's going to be colder tomorrow night, but at least it will be dry. i think that's what we're all hoping for. we can deal with the cold, but it is going to be colder to start off your weekend. tomorrow morning 30-degree temperatures come back into the forecast and, of course, we're talking about the big temple game, your halloween forecast for the trick-or-treaters, so i have that coming up in just a minute. otherwise we do have some rain in the forecast, though, maybe sunday a couple showers, but mostly coming monday. then we'll see some milder air returning. here's a live look outside right now, center city seeing sunny skies, 60 degrees, almost ten degrees colder than where we were yesterday at this time, so it is certainly quite a bit colder outside, the average high is 62 degrees, remember yesterday we got to 72.
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today more than 10 degrees below yesterday's high temperature and if we go into the weekend, it's going to be cold saturday, upper 50s, but by sunday we're going to get back to 67 degrees, so milder and on monday temperatures will be in the mid 6 0z. don't forget, though, sunday morning that is fall back, so at 2:00 a.m. sunday, set your clock back one hour and sunset on sundays will be at 4:59 in the afternoon. it's going to start getting dark an hour earlier now because of that. we are looking at the cool air still moving in through the entire area, 57 degrees allentown, 58 reading, 57 degrees millville and dover and tonight many areas will be in the 30s. we're nice and dry on satellite and radar, just some clouds off to our west, but that's really about it. clear skies and colder temperatures set in as we go overnight tonight. if you're heading out tonight, if you have the friday night plans, take a jacket with you. you'll want the jacket early tomorrow morning, 8:00 temperatures, 30s for most of
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the area, 33 for allentown. 34 in reading, 37 wilmington, 39 in millville, so it is going to be a cold start to your saturday, but the forecast for the entire day looks pretty good. here's future weather, we stay dry, just about partly cloudy through saturday afternoon, into saturday evening, looks great for the temple game and the trick-or-treaters, then more clouds move in as we go into sunday. by monday, though, we have a better chance for rain and the milder temperatures return as we go into sunday afternoon. so sunday definitely the milder day out of the weekend. here's your halloween forecast, sun will be setting at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. we'll start to get dark around that time. by 6:00 p.m. temperatures for the trick-or-treaters in the mid 50s, by 8:00 p.m. 53 degrees and by 10:00, halloween night, right around 51 degrees. for the notre dame and temple game at the linc, chilly one, 53 degrees by 8:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. temperatures in the upper 40s. i think we like the dry forecast. don't mind the cold temperatures, as long as it's dry for that.
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tonight 31 for the low temperature in allentown, 33 pottstown, 35 for the low in millville. those numbers will be hitting around sunrise tomorrow. through the afternoon, mix of sun and clouds, chilly day, temperatures in the upper 50s most of the area, then the milder air coming back sunday. the rain chance really gets here on monday. mostly south of philadelphia mid 60s. look how the temperatures rebound, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, we're back in the 70s. it was the news that just devastated bacon lovers, you know who you are. health officials warned us it could cause cancer. now they have a new message that just might make you feel better about indulging in this breakfast favorite. plus, the family's loss, but why this bike has special meaning for one local father.
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>> from our nbc 10 delaware bureau, police need your help catching a thief who stole a special bike. a new castle man uses it to take his young son with down syndrome on walks. police say it was stolen from the victim's backyard yesterday. a neighbor spotted the crime in action. while we're talking about new castle, listen to this, a unique project is aimed at helping veterans who suffer from
5:27 pm
post-traumatic stress disorder called planting hope with honey bees. it helps delaware vets make the transition back to civilian life. we spoke to the project's first participant, u.s. marine corps veteran ronnie haslett who spent the last few months learning how to care for the bees, establishing hives, and selling the products at local farmers markets. he looks forward to helping his fellow vets. >> i didn't suffer any kind of post-traumatic stress, i wasn't a combat vet, but i had friends who did see some bad things and maybe need an outlet. beekeeping, you have to be calm doing it. >> the state expects to introduce a few vets into the program next year after the hives mature. to a frightening scene on a jersey shore football field. gunfire erupts while teens are practicing and a father is caught in the cross fire. plus, a man accused of impersonating a police officer. see how he rigged his car to try and trick suspecting drivers. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> let's talk about your first alert weather. it's a nice day for this. look at those trees. live look up at the poconos at the autumn leaves. beautiful this time of year. >> it's gorgeous and the weather is starting to feel like fall again before the temps bounce back up next week, sheena? >> that's right, it is going to
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get quite a bit colder going into the weekend but don't worry because we have another rebound coming with temperatures in the 70s believe it or not. right now close to 10 degrees colder than where we were yesterday at this time, many areas earlier today were 15 degrees colder, but right now we're at 60 in philadelphia, 54 degrees, 57 right now in wilmington and washington township. through the lehigh valley about the mid to upper 50s here, 57 allentown, 58 degrees in reading and really these numbers are only going to be dropping from here on out for the rest of tonight. if you think it's chilly outside right now and you're heading out later, you definitely want a thicker jacket with you. 57 right now millville at the ac airport, 57 degrees also in dover. take a look at future temperatures, by 10:00, 11:00 tonight, many areas will already be in the mid to low 40s, allentown could be at 39 degrees, then tomorrow morning almost the entire area sitting in the 30s by the time you walk outside. if you're going to be heading
5:32 pm
out around 8:00 tomorrow morning, you want to bundle up. upper 30s philadelphia, mid to low 30s in the lehigh valley and some of the suburbs in jersey and delaware in the 30s. cold start to your weekend, even cold later tomorrow evening for the trick-or-treaters, so bundle up for that. good news is we stay dry. coming up, how chilly your halloween forecast will be for the trick-or-treaters, also the temple forecast and mild air returning. when that's set to arrive straight ahead. right now at 5:00, the man accused of impersonating police is behind bars and police are looking for anyone he may have pulled over. the mercer county sheriff said he was arrested yesterday after probation officers searched his suv. they say it was outfitted with custom police lights, strobe lights in the rear and front, along with a police placard which you see right here. they also found police decals and handcuff restraints. state police clothes and empty
5:33 pm
pistol holder. what a difference a year makes. people in the poconos can finally celebrate halloween 52 weeks late. why you ask? most celebrations were cancelled last year because of the man hunt for accused cop killer eric frein. frein allegedly ambushed and shot two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them. the man hunt lasted 48 days, during which time people were locked inside their homes in monroe and pike counties. frein, a self described survivalist was captured by police a year ago today. his trial is expected to start next year. corporal brian dixon died in the shooting, trooper alex douglas, who suffered a shattered hip, is still recovering. changes are coming to philadelphia's biggest newspapers, the owner of the philadelphia enquirer and philadelphia daily news has announced plans to merge newsrooms and cut jobs, but they will continue to put out two separate newspapers. will also be part of
5:34 pm
the consolidation. principal owner says the merger will make the company more efficient and is expected to save philadelphia media networks between $5 and $6 million. right now no word on how many jobs will be cut. nothing like the aroma of driving past the chocolate plant, and the wilbur chocolate plant for 113 years, most thought it would pump out sweet treats for 100 more but yesterday the owner announced the plant will close in january. about 100 people will be out of work, another 30 will be relocated to other statinestate. the museum and candy store will be staying open. the budget crisis and impact on the future of horse racing. state officials have pushed back a deadline to reach a deal on the horse racing industry by another week. the original deadline was today. governor tom wolf said the funds that paid administrative costs for racetracks will run out of money and the tracks will close if the industry doesn't pony up
5:35 pm
the costs. horse breeder is keeping a close eye on the talks but says changes are needed. >> need to improve our product, that's the first thing, then we need to promote our product once we improve it and get more participation from owners and breeders and people in the state instead of transferring so much money out of the state in purses. >> the agriculture secretary is optimistic that the extra time will allow lawmakers to come to an agreement. officials at harrahs are betting that big changes at the gaming complex will attract a younger crowd. from our partners at philadelphia business journal, the casino plans to add a live music venue and expand its bar. friday through sunday, the million dollar renovations are expected to start next month and finish by christmas. here's what it will look like, three-story entertainment center designed to look like a typical philly neighborhood street and will sit at the unused northern
5:36 pm
end of the casino. local bands will be featured on saturdays. and more renovation news, this time in kensington. getting a $17 million facelift. the apartments will replace the shuttered textile factory. the new kensington community development corporation is overseeing the rehab. in addition to 51 low to master's degr moderate income apartments, new sidewalks, and trees. if you have peanut butter, time to do a new check. a popular peanut butter brand announced a recall. dangerous item found in some of their jars. and still ahead at 5:00, a double dose of severe weather, a closer look at the damage of flooding and tornados in texas.
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newspapers back christine donohue for supreme court. saying this daughter of a coal miner gets the highest rating from the bar association. they call donohue uniquely qualified. and cite her commitment to restoring integrity. both business and labor endorse donohue because she's independent and fair. prosecutors. firefighters. people who keep us safe - all back donohue. on tuesday - christine donohue. let's restore integrity to pennsylvania's supreme court this is nbc 10 news.
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>> dressing up like witches and ghosts, not so much the norm anymore. check out these kids who celebrate halloween with a vocabulary parade. several hundred students showed off their costumes, which featured vocabulary words to describe themselves. >> so cute. >> how adorable are they? parade of kids. you play be out buying costumes and candy and thinking about all that money, the cost of it, but we found halloween is actually one of the least expensive holidays of the year. >> that's right. take a look at this, the average american spends about $75 on halloween, but compare that to other holidays, christmas, for instance, $805 per person. mother's day second there on the list, don't want to miss that one, $172, and valentine's day, another important one, $133 per person. >> puts it all in perspective. >> yes, it does. if you love bacon, a lot of
5:40 pm
people do, we may have some good news for you. >> a lot of people got upset with this when they heard last week that bacon could cause cancer, but now the world health organization is clarifying its announcement. we'll explain next. sheena? >> and i'm tracking colder temperatures as we go through tonight and into your weekend. i'll show you what your halloween trick-or-treat forecast looks like, if you'll need to bundle up and, of course, the big temple game with milder temperatures in the seven-day forecast straight ahead.
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5:42 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> a football practice interrupted by gunfire and one of the bullets hit a father watching his son play. >> tonight the pleasantville community is on edge as police try to find the people who fired those shots.
5:43 pm
nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has more. >> gunshots like crazy. >> where at? >> literally next to the park. there's a bunch of kids outside. >> reporter: frantic 911 calls just obtained by nbc 10 poured into the pleasantville police department right after bullets started flying feet from where kids were practicing on a football field last night. frantic coaches immediately told them to drop to the ground. >> we hear like a pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: a man on the bleachers who was watching his son play was shot in the shoulder, bullets also hit figueroa's mini van parked across the street with his wife sitting in the driver's seat. >> van is nothing, that you can fix. kill some kid, you know what i mean, now you're talking about somebody's life. >> reporter: police believe the shooting followed an argument between two people who were not involved in the football practice. one man was spotted riding away
5:44 pm
from the scene on a motorcycle or motorized bike. the dad who was shot is now out of the hospital. >> there's nothing to indicate that the victim was anythingiz& other than an unfortunate bystander here at the game like everybody else was. >> reporter: the incident rocked a community that was already on edge after two deadly shootings this month less than a week apart. >> just extremely frustrating to know that these people have no regard for children. >> reporter: police stress this is still very much an active investigation, but at the moment they say it appears there's no connection between what happened here and the two recent homicides. in pleasantville, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. check your cupboards for peanut butter, the maker of skippy recalling jars of reduced fat peanut butter spread. some jars may contain metal shavings. if you have it, return it to the store you bought it from for a new jar. while you're there a the grocery store, probably thinking do i buy some bacon.
5:45 pm
everyone loves bacon in the morning. if you're a bacon lover, we got bad news this week. >> that's right, many were devastated to learn processed meats like bacon have been linked to cancer. well now in response to a lot of miserable meat eaters, the world health organization is clarifying that research that you heard this week. they say the latest review does not ask people to stop eating processed meats, only that eating fewer foods like hot dogs, lunch meats, and sausages can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. next year the organization plans to take another look at the controversy. in moderation, as we always hear. prepare for sticker shock when health insurance open enrollment begins this weekend. >> that's right, the cost of premiums under the affordable care act has gone up. the 2016 marketplace opens up on sunday, but you can already take a look at what's available online at a new feature helps customers guess the cost of deductibles, co-payments, and monthly
5:46 pm
premiums, and starting with this year's tax return people without medical insurance will be hit with a penalty $325 or 2% of their income. next year the penalty jumps to nearly $700. friday night flashback is brought to you by philadelphia's credit union. >> time now for our friday night flashback. we show you the pros as they once were. >> tonight we focus on eagles defensive end who was one of the nation's most highly sought after recruits coming out of detroit, michigan. made history becoming the first player from the state of michigan to play in the u.s. army all-american bowl. in fact, he captained the east squad and blocked a field goal. he led team to his first detroit public school league title as a junior, finished with 56 sacks and 112 tackles for loss as a lineman and linebacker. brown did it all, played fullback, kicking field goals, and punting, and his favorite
5:47 pm
high school memory is when he played out of position. >> when i ran a fake punt and scored a touchdown in the state playoffs and we were down four, coach was like, man, you want to run a fake one? i think it was like five minutes in the game and we were struggling a little bit. he was like let's just run it, you know, i don't think nobody want to tackle you. sure enough, i made one miss, and i was gone up the sideline. it seemed like nobody wanted to tackle me. >> did you see the size of him waiting for that snap as a punter? >> impressive when you hear the details. of course, nbc 10 has all the best high school highlights tonight in our weekly high school blitz. >> from jersey to the suburbs to the city, high school blitz has you covered tonight at 11:00. nbc 10 is also your official eagles station. even when the birds are off.
5:48 pm
this sunday on eagles game day kickoff we talk to malcolm jenkins about the season so far. you'll also hear from nurses at temple hospital who watched the eagles players help victims from last may's amtrak train derailment all coming up sunday at 10:00. >> moving now to the wells fargo center where the 76ers play their first home game tonight. the celebration of a new season also comes with memories of the past. >> that's right, danny pommells joins us from comcast sportsnet. the sixers will be remembering two legends. >> yeah, you can make that three, the sixers home opener is tonight. they'll recognize part of their past, moses malone and darryl dawkins both passed away suddenly this off-season, along with long-time statistician. tonight the team will honor them with video tributes, as well as patches on the uniforms. another way they will recognize
5:49 pm
the nba stalwarts. >> we've taken the 13 stars and blacked out three of them for the season on the court to give people a sense of the type of people and impact that three incredible legends have made on this franchise. >> coming up at 6:00, more on the sixers home opener, plus the temple owls, just a day away from their showdown with notre dame. for now, danny pommells with comcast sportsnet. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, certainly a colder day today than what we had yesterday. good ten degrees colder across most of the area. here's a live look outside right now, perfectly clear skies as we look across center city and the clear skies are really going to help temperatures drop tonight. it will be colder tonight, many areas in the 30s when you wake up early tomorrow morning and a chilly halloween forecast. if you're heading to the big temple versus notre dame game, chilly for that, too, especially for the tailgaters, but we have showers in the forecast, not for tomorrow, but early as monday
5:50 pm
possibly, may be couple sunday, but monday is the day, then we get milder after that, believe it or not. we are looking at 70s coming back. until we get there, though, today we got to 60 degrees, tomorrow upper 50s, average high is 62, so we'll be below average starting out the weekend, above the average as we end out the weekend, so by sunday around 67 degrees, monday we are starting off the week in the mid 60s. right now, though, about the upper 50s through allentown, reading, 55 westchester, even in glassboro 55 degrees. 57 dover and millville, and these numbers will all be dropping down most into the 30s overnight. now it's going to be wet for parts of the country off to our west for halloween, wet trick-or-treat forecast with the rain you see, but not us. we're going to be staying dry, watching that rain as we go into monday and the end of the weekend, but for now we'll be staying dry and colder. area of high pressure off to our west pulling down that cold air, but that's going to give us temperatures in the 30s to start
5:51 pm
your morning tomorrow, then the upper 50s through the afternoon. here's a look at future weather. gets even colder tonight, so you'll want a thicker jacket with you. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, cold when you walk outside. partly cloudy skies, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening chilly for the trick-or-treaters, temperatures will be in the 50s and the 40s through trick-or-treat time. 6:00 sunday morning more clouds moving in and through the day pretty much sunday we'll see more clouds, but milder temperatures. that's going to be the mild day out of the weelkend. trick-or-treat forecast, it will be starting to get dark at that time, mid 50s by 6:00, 8:00 around 53 degrees, 10:00 halloween night temperature around 51 degrees. for the notre dame/temple game temperatures will be in the 40s by 11:00 p.m., upper 40s, but the start of the game the 50s, but it is going to be chilly. good news, though, it will be dry for your temple forecast.
5:52 pm
for tonight, though, dropping into the 30s for areas north and west, especially low 30s, allentown 31 degrees. 38 for philadelphia. millville dropping to around the mid 30s, 37 for the morning low in wilmington. tomorrow, though, mix of sun and clouds around, it will be a chilly day, 57 to 60 degrees for the high temperature. pretty cold start to your weekend, colder afternoon, then we go into sunday and we'll be milder, 67 degrees and there you see the fall back clock. sunday 2:00 a.m. we fall back one hour, gain an hour of sleep, but now for sunday, sunset is going to be 4:59. take a look at the 70s next week. i think that makes up for it. elsewhere, tornado strikes texas. that was just the beginning. how severe flooding also left behind devastating damage.
5:53 pm
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a surreal scene in southwest texas as a flood sweeps dozens of halloween pumpkins down a bridge, and flooding isn't the only issue in texas. the national weather service is trying to confirm possible tornados in several texas counties. >> nbc's erika edwards has more on this damage. >> reporter: near austin, roads turn to rivers friday as a powerful storm system dumps more than six inches of rain an hour. flash flood swept one woman's car away.
5:56 pm
she was pulled to safety from the rising waters by passersby. >> i turn around and got sucked in. >> reporter: a flooded parking lot turned pumpkin patch sent hundreds of pumpkins floating down a road. in san antonio, officials reported more than a dozen road closures friday morning as the weather pattern soaked the already saturated area. before dawn, the weather system triggered possibly tornados near austin. from the air, the path of destruction could be seen for miles. among the hardest hit, the local high school, where parts of the roof and several walls were ripped apart. twisters strong enough to toss the steel base of a mobile home on to the roof of a noesh hotel. another possible tornado ripped apart several buildings in the small texas town. crews spent the day working to restore power to hard hit areas as the cleanup from the powerful storms begins. erika edwards, nbc news. coming up next on nbc 10
5:57 pm
news at 6:00, temple pride is taking over philadelphia as the owls get ready for the biggest football game in their school's history with perfection on the line. we'll preview their nationally televised showdown with notre dame and take you to celebrations happening right now. glenn? >> of course, i'll have that temple/notre dame forecast, plus tell you how chilly it's going to be for trick-or-treating tomorrow night. plus, teenagers turn on the police outside an allentown school. some students are now facing charges. we'll show you more of this video and get the latest on the investigation.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
teens fight police in this brawl outside an allentown high school. we're going to talk to frustrated parents and get the latest on arrests and tell you why this could be part of a bigger problem in the lehigh valley area. but first, excitement and some congestion in center city this weekend for what might be the biggest college football weekend in philadelphia history. good evening everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. temple university students rallied on campus this afternoon. cheerleaders, band members, and
6:00 pm
fans were pumping up the players for the biggest football game in school history. the owls are hoping to go 8-0 with a win over notre dame tomorrow. nbc 10's george spencer is joining us live from independence mall where espn college game day is set up for tomorrow. this is the real deal, fans across the country paying attention to temple right now. >> reporter: this is a very big deal both for the team and for the city, jim, the excitement, the anticipation will all be focused here tomorrow morning. you can see the setup is really expansive, that high tv set and then plenty of space for a large crowd, but by tomorrow night, all of the eyes will shift south to the linc where this unprecedented season faces its toughest test yet. on a walk in the middle of temple's campus this afternoon, shouts of support from the team's biggest fans. early tomorrow morning many in this crowd will head south on brst


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