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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  October 31, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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n b.c. 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today. excitement is building for this busy weekend. tonight is halloween, and temple takes on notre dame in the biggest game in the owl's history. looks like the weather will certainly be cooperating for our events today. a little bit cool, but you know what, no rain. you can't ask for more. whatever you have on tap today and tonight, we've got you covered. here's a live look outside, off to a chilly start. first alert forecast in moments. good morning, welcome back today. i'm rosemary connors, 5:30 on this saturday, and let's get to the weekend weather now with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. any advice if the fans out there on independence mall. they have been up since for at least 24 hours. >> well, i want to say bundle up, but chances are they are not, and chances are they are
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not feeling it's chilly outside. as you head out to the game, prepare, bring the fleece, a scarf, it's chilly later on tonight, but it is cold now. temperatures in the 30s around the freezing mark in lots of spots. a live look outside, we are looking at clear skies, helping to drop the temperatures overnight. right nouw, it's 16 degrees colder in mount holly and 16 degrees colder in pottstown and 14 degrees colder in millville. below freezing in pottstown, 31, 3 3 in redding, 30s south and east, 36 in atlantic city, 37 in dover. a cold 41 in wildwood, new jersey. nice day today in terms of sunshine starting out and clouds increasing throughout the afternoon, and temperatures rising to near 59 degrees later on this afternoon. chilly night tonight for temple and halloween. talking more about that coming
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up. the cause of this fire in a row home in north philadelphia is under investigation. you sigh the flames shooting from the third floor and roof at the house near 20th and oxford street. crews got the call at 1:50 this morning, and it took them about an hour until 2:45 to get the blaze under control. one person had to be treated for a minor injury. today, the owls in the spotlight, the undefeated team takes on the fighting irish at lincoln financial field at 8:00 this evening. ♪ that energy is electric. they pumped up the players for the biggest football game in school history. owls hope to be 8-0 with a win over notre dame. the matchup brought espn to
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philadelphia this morning, live in independence mall, and it looks like the crowd is bigger behind you. the crowd is huge, arriving by car, cab, busses since 4:30 this morning, posters in hand to cheer on the owls in espn's college game day show. notice the countdown clock now at 3:26 and counting down. we were with hundreds on campus for an over the top pep rally. the band and cheer leaders led faculty, students, and alumni in cheers. the celebration is underway as they prepare for gridiron matchup against the fighting irish. feels like the city of brotherly love is taking a break with the eagles this weekend. it's a buy week for them, and the love fest is focused on the owls, wearing cherry and white.
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we are live from independence hall, and we are live now, there are hundreds circling the stage. the owls will take on the irish at the lincoln in prime time. we are here all morning because it appears some people were up before we did. as a matter of fact, it appears some people never went to sleep last night. it's all in fun and for the owls. historic day, epic, i heard epic yesterday. back to you, rosemary. >> live for us this morning in independence hall. just the kind of crowds you like for live shots out in the field. the matchup may cause traffic trouble in the city. market street where we were were was closed between 5th and 6th until 7:00 this evening because of the game day set, and, of course, there's increased traffic around the lincoln especially as we get closer to kickoff at 8:00 this evening.
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get there a little bit early. we can help you navigate the n congestion on the roads because of the e closures. go to our website or the nbc 10 app for more information. back to breaking news from overseas reported in the last half hour. a russian airliner carrying 200 passengered crashed. the airbus had just taken off from the red sea resort and was on its way to the russian city of st. petersburg. the plane was reportedly carrying russian tourists. reports say the crash scene is in the mountains. we're going to continue to follow the story, bring you updates throughout the newscast, so stick with us. now to new information about a fight between police and students. >> we're going to be transports one officer. >> that's right. that was a fight that started between students as you heard,
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nbc 10 has 911 calls in which officers asked for help for their injured colleagues. you just ahead the phone calls a moment ago. four officers were hurt in the brawl last week that started as a fight between students, police estimate a crowd of 200 other students and watched it all unfold. cell phone video was posted online. five students are now facing criminal charges. today, the deflated remains of the military blimp that crashed in central pennsylvania earlier this week will be removed from the woods. a pennsylvania international guard helicopter is lifting the blimp's hull out of the woods, and military vehicles carry the pieces to an indisclosed government facility. yesterday, they hauled away the tail section. this blimp broke free at a military facility in aberdeen, maryland thursday crashing three hours later. it's unclear exactly how the
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blimp became detached. a substitute bus driver in delaware will not fill in ever again after she yelled at a student, and the incident was caught on video. take a listen. >> i'm not your typical bus driver. i'll lay my [ bleep ] and you and not think twice about it. >> they told nbc 10 the transportation office learned the substitute bus driver spoke to a student in a, quote, unappropriate matter. we are incredible disappointed in the driver's behavior and have taken steps to ensure this individual will not drive for our district again. the district transportation supervisor is calling parents of children on the school bus to talk to them about the incident. sweets no more. the last halloween for treats from a check lot factory with a long history in our region.
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later, something dangerous in the peanut butter, recall that has you checking your pantry. it used to be illegal. atlantic county didn't allow its elected politicians to take large donations from contractors doing business with the county. then will pauls changed the law, allowing him to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash. now pauls is taking thousands from those who want to move casinos to north jersey, threatening our jobs and our local economy. and he said he wants the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year."
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lysol. start healthing. ♪ yeah, click welcome back on this saturday morning. well, if you have not stepped out yet, it's cold. temperatures below freezing in some spots this morning, looking at clear skies, though, a live look outside, looking from the cape may cameras, temperatures in the low 30s there every in the mid to low 30s, some spots in the 40s. clear skies in the area, mount poccono, and 36, and that's the story for all areas across the region. we are looking at allentown at the freezing mark. below freezing in pottstown at 31. 41 in philadelphia, that's the hot to the, and 43 in wildwood. today's highs at 359 degrees in philadelphia. 56 in quakertown. 357 in redding. bucks county, montgomery coupe
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in the 50s, and south and east, 50s, philadelphia tops out at 59 with mostly sunny skies. increasing clouds throughout the afternoon especially in the evening and nighttime hours before the showers return on sunday. more about that coming up. on this halloween, sorry to bring sad news to chocolate lovers, but the wilbur chocolate plant will be closing. earlier this week, the plant's owner pulled the plug announcing they will close shop in january. about 100 people will be out of work and another 30 le lrelocato other states. the plant's museum and candy store remains open. tonight, when the kids trick or treat for halloween, make sure they are safe when it comes to the sweet treats. the american association of poison control says parents should inspect all candy for holes or tears before the kids dig in. also, throw away pieces that
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look like they were tampered with, what could be a choking hazard, and avoid home made treepts from strangers, folks you don't know as they could contain unsafe ingredients. if you and your child wear face makeup this evening, test it on another part of the skin first, not right on your face. make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to the makeup, and avoid applying it to your eyes awash it off completely. if the makeup has a bad smell, throw it away as it could be a sign of contamination. with the regular season winding down, playoff excitement is building on high school football fields across the region. a rundown of the friday night action next from the blitz.
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police in bucharest, romania
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are trying to identify 27 people who died in a fire at a nightclub. the pyro show sparked the blaze last night, and 300 to 400 people packed in the club located in a basement. when the fire started, they stampeded for the exit. more than 140 people are still in the hospital this morning. several local hospitals are paying out millions to resolve allegations billing irregularities for heart devices. more than 450 hospitals nationwide in the u.s. greed to a $250 million settlement over electronic deflib laters. officials say doctors broke federal billing ruling for implanting the heart devices in medical patients. chrisiana care and hospital in newark paid $2.5 million, and cooper in camden paid $1.2 million, and universal health
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services paid $4.9 million. drivers say their vehicles filled with smoke while behind the wheel, others steering went out at highway speeds. we looked into the claims against one car maker, and we have a preview of the story seep here on monday on nbc 10:00. >> caller: this mechanic says water leaks in the trunk causing a short in the electronics. >> there's been fire, never seen it, but you can see how it happens. >> a lot of smoke. >> reporter: walter hill says he car filled with smoke. >> if there was anything combustible in the trunk, this would have gone up in flames. >> reporter: the manufacturer denies the defect. the nbc 10 investigators asked what, if anything, the national highway traffic safety administration is doing about it, and we'll tell you which cared are allegedly affected. for the investigators, nbc 10 news. now your nbc and first alert
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weather. all right. it's a cold start to the day. temperatures in the 30s. also the 40s. right around freezing in so many spots, below freezing in a lot of spots. weather headlines on your saturday morning, a cold start, you feel that the minute you step out. looking at the forecast for halloween, also for the temple game tonight. temperatures will be chilly tonight in the 50s, and then eventually dropping into the 40s. we are also looking at the potential for sunday showers, and it's early in the and out of here, showers on monday. right now, the cold start, 44 in philadelphia, and that's actually the warmest spot in the area, wind north at 5 miles per hour, and temperatures across the region north and west, 32 in allentown, and 34 in mt. pocono, and 31 in redding. 31 in ben salem, 36 now in atlantic city, 37 in dover, 32 in millville, new jersey. freezing mark there.
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ed temperatures from yesterday, milder 24 hours ago, 14 degrees colder in millville, 14 degrees in allen, 16 degrees colder in pottstown. chilly at 59 degrees, milder on sunday. a live look outside, dark right now, but we are clear. that's bottoming out the temperatures right now. wince the sun comes out, there's a lot of the sun to start out our saturday before we bring in the clouds later on saturday. future weather shows that, a lot of sunshine to start out with, and increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. by 4:00 a mix of sin and clouds, and clouds begin to feel in tonight, so for your halloween plans, the temple game, a cloudy night, temperatures in the 50s to start out the game, 50s to out trick or treating, and dropping into the 40s. overnight, more clouds, potential for showers to start out your sunday. we're going to see clouds, and by the afternoon, much better weather later on sunday, partly sunny by 5:00
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sunday. sun, clouds, chilly, at southwesterly at 5-10 miles per hour. that's later on this afternoon, and that helps to bump up the temperatures by 59, and it's bringing in more clouds later on this afternoon. halloween forecast, yes, it's chilly, but it's dry. 56 by 6:00, and 8:00 is 53, and notre dame versus. a big game. the forecast is good, just bundle up. 8:00 kickoff, 51 by 11:00, and 59 this afternoon. milder on sunday. 67, and then by monday, we're beginning to see cloudy skies, a rain chance especially south, 65, nice tuesday, sunny, 72. temperatures into the mid to upper 70s wednesday, thursday, and friday, and friday, mostly sunny, nice, 75. >> all right. the temple owls play tonight. that's the focus this evening. we want them to win, and, of course, eagles have a by week. we're following what's happening on the high school football gridiron. here's this week's high school blitz. >> not many weeks left of the
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regular season of high school football winding down. off implications on the line for teams across the region. i'm danny, and let's kick off with one such matchup in south jersey. the valley has not beaten cherokee since 1977. l- getshthe rock haends off to john and his legs do the rest, dodging the defenders and taking it to the outside. 54 yards to the house. cherokee knocks off rv 35-12 and the streak continues. township looking to keep the four game winning streak alive against the holy cross, an ominous night there. the price was right, right into the living room for the easy score, and the township wins the fifth straight 47-20. burlington city, faking out the cameraman, but he knows where to go to make a house call. takes the handoff and off to the races. they win 38-0.
5:51 am
turn up, senior night, playing host to chi chester and chris thomas fakes the handoff plunges into the td. a lot of that in this one. they honor the seniors with a human victory, 41-7. visiting sun valley, the qb on the lock, sets sights downfield, finding a wide open receiver. to zone, a golden night for the knights if you will. newstown, heat in on tension for the post season action. the b, a rough road. sails deep downom7 the field, d into the hands carmen, and they win a close one, 20-17. skylights, father judge looking to end the eight gaming streak, but no luck. they plow in from four yards away, and they win for the nint
5:52 am
time in a row, 9/$41-14. upp upper dublin on the board first thanks to the 36 yard field goal. upper dublin for this one'of wi 31-0. white marsh, finding the opening, takes it up the gut for six. white marsh gets the w-14. on the doorstep. carter rumbling towards the end zone, but he's brought down. the ball is loose, and they settle for the field goal and bulldogs pile on the points from that point winning 56-0. >> you're watching high school blitz on nbc 10. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for the shoutout ladies. the cheer leaders chee on the team. they had plenty to be excited about. the running back is going nowhere, andse the overbrook a
5:53 am
offense strong, 20-15. he is a baller. the running back avoids thevod tackle, in one of three touchdowns. they had 30tñ 5 yards, and won it 26zñ -27. >> come on. lincoln cheer leaders gets the team fired up. lincoln qb, just kicked ?7óoff,d the ball ends up in the hands of ncolng lucky is sometimese better than good. after that touchdown, lincoln shuts out 25-0. [ cheers and applause ] >> king of washington locking horns, the king quarterback hairgs calls his own number plowing over a defender into the end zone. do work, young man. washington 34-24. and mlk beatsp
5:54 am
central lighting up the score board against kensington. going deep, and look at the catch by colin washington getting the foot down, back corner of the end zone, central in this one, 46-0. check it out. we can now reveal the three games vying for votes for next week's game of the week. some big ones. downingtown west and pgeeast, creek, and academy park and more. vote early, vote often, tell a friend. you can also call to cast your vote. that's all, we're out of time. a great day.
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states including delaware. just tap the app to find out if your jar of peanut butter is on the list. we have more information there. hey, is pink your color? if so, fork over a lot of green. this rare pink diamond is expected to fetch over $28 million in an auction next month in geneva. the jewel will be the largest gem in its category to ever go on sale. 1% of diamonds produced worldwide are colored, and 1% of those are pink. the undefeated temple owls battling notre dame this evening, and the city is ready for an exciting sports day ahead. we are live along independence mall where the crowds are building. hey, monique. >> reporter: hey there, hundreds here preparing for espn's "college game day," the eagles joining any many minutes. we'll have a live shot for you
5:58 am
next. all right. hopefully they are bundled up this morning because temperatures are at the freezing mark in many spots, 44, though, in philadelphia. a live look outside, clears, cold temperatures, and it will be a chilly day and chilly game day forecast. we'll talk about that coming up.
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right now on nbc news 10 today, a live look as temple physical is in the spotlight, the irish are coming and owls fight to keep a perfect record. it is crowded down there to say the least. espn's "game day" is in town, and we are live with a preview. flames shoot through the roof of a row home, and details on the crew's efforts to get flames under control. it is the last day of october. it feels like it. some of us are waking up to temperatures in the 30s this morning. the trick or treating forecast just ahead. good morning, welcome back to nbc news today. i'm rosemary connors, 6:00 on this saturday, and we are


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