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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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like ready hard. you know, don't need to. i rode just normal. just a little bit in the end. other than that, it's amazing. >> congratulations. and tom, victor is keeping it together but he's right on the brink of letting it go. >> i expect a lot are like that, donna. the people in kentucky appreciate good horses, and they are thrilled as victor waves to them and gives them a last look at american pharoah, winner of the triple crown and now the breeders' cup classic.
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[ cheers and applause ] as the crowd acknowledges the great championship, let's go to kenny wright. >> all right, tom. we're still hearing the crowd echo down here. bob, congratulations. did you know it was going to be such a spectacular finish? >> we were hoping. he was doing so well coming up. you know, victor, doing great. he let him roll. i'm just proud of my team, zayat, jimmy barns. we'll never have another one. people came to see this.
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it's very rare. i had more pressure -- this is for pharoah, i wanted him to go out the champion he is. what a horse. i'll never have a horse like him. >> great job, jimmy barns, ahmed zayat, excuse me, bodey, justin, what a spectacular finish today. what did you think it was going to be like coming in. >> in the hands of the master, bob. we're happy with his career. >> the roar of the crowd a little similar to belmont today. >> unbelievable. once in a lifetime. so in debt. we owe him the whole world. america, my family, everybody. what a horse. >> what a horse indeed. what an exclamation point to this career.
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>> indeed. american pharoah who wears those earplugs maybe can't hear the crowd as well as we do. i think he understands he is one of the greats. payouts are up. let's look at the payoffs here in the classic. american pharoah paying $3.40 and $2.40. a lot of those wins won't be cashed. effinex second and honor code could only manage third, produced a $76 exacta. >> horse racing can be such a sport of not just triumph by heartbreak. so many times you see it set up like this and you don't get the payoff. there's not that fulfilling ending. i can't imagine what's going through -- emotionally what's going through the minds of za t zayats, baffert, espinoza.
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>> even nonracing fans, i think, will remember this race for a long time, forever, by winning the triple crown and putting a exclamation point on his career by taking the classic. what a great scene here at keeneland. he did it with authority. victor espinoza riding him to the line, a decisive winner and the crowd going crazy just as they had when he won the triple crown. american pharoah is the breeders' cup classic champion. been conditioned perfectly by bob baffert and his wife jill already in tears. the zayats did such a great job of sharing their horse with america all year long. they could only breathe a sigh of relief as he goes out a big-time winner with a big smile from victor espinoza and thanks
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to superstar colt american pharoah. bob baffert urging the crowd to enjoy it, because it's the final time you'll see american pharoah. a wave to everyone. it has been a wonderful year. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*.
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♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini-wheats® great images of victor espinoza and now a live shot as the crowd still abuzz after the victory by american pharoah. headed back, no doubt, for some carrots a little later tonight. >> we always want so much more from our athletes, one more.
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one more home run, one more touchdown pass, one more birdie putt. american pharoah just gave us our one more. >> what a memory. here is our complete order of finish. a tip of the cap to keeneland in lexington for doing such a fine job hosting breeders' cup. it was one to remember as you see the complete order of finish. now for the presentation of the classic trophy. we will go down to the winners circle. >> it is mayhem in the winners circle following the breeders' cup classic winner american pharoah comes through. obviously some good company in the winners circle. the owners ahmed zayat, presentation with kate upton, actress, model, longines. >> congratulations, you guys. it was such an honor to watch
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him race. i know win the grand slam and have a course record. here is the trophy. >> ahmed, what was going through your mind when american pharoah in the breeders' cup classic much like he did in the triple crown. >> we want him to go out as a winner. american pharoah is the winner! [ cheers and applause ] so thrilled and grateful and humble. this is for america, this is for the sport. what a brilliant job bob baffert. >> congratulations to the zayat family, first ever grand slam winner. tom. >> all right. thank you very much. as american pharoah heads back to his stall. coming up next except on the west coast, local news. tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central "dateline." later "saturday night live" with host amy schumer and musical
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guess the weekend. thanks to equibase, database. on behalf of our whole team, so long from keeneland where american pharoah cemented his space in race history with the finale. we share the joy with this remarkable horse who showed us how thrilling and fun racing can be. what a great ride he took us on. >> to the finish, american pharoah, victor espinoza. and they are into the stretch in the slot at pimlico. american pharoah has pulled away. the 37 year wait is over, american pharoah has won the triple crown!
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and they are into the stretch. american pharoah has a four length lead. american pharoah comes into his final furlong. he's got a five, a six-length lead. a triple crown winner, breeders' cup winner, the horse of a lifetime.
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right now at 6:00, as the screaming fans show, the spotlight is on the temple owls. the undefeated football team is preparing to play the biggest game in the history of its program. the owls face off against the notre dame fighting irish tonight. kickoff is less than two hours away at 8:00 p.m. good evening. i'm denise nakano. here's a live look inside lincoln financial field from our eagles nest camera, where all the action is taking place. and tonight, we've got your team coverage. we begin with george spencer, who's been talking to excited fans outside the stadium. george, tell us how the fans are feeling about their chances
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tonight. >> denise, i'd say cautiously optimistic. certainly excited. this is nfl-level tailgating out here. you can see the crowds of excited temple fans. they've been out here grilling, drinking. many of them since noon this afternoon. and in just two hours, all the eyes shift to the linc and temple football's biggest game ever. >> the owl's cherry-colored flags have never flown more proudly outside the linc than they did today. and for once, the fans dressed in green here are the competition, not the home team. >> go, owls! >> go, owls! >> for the mckerry family, all of them temple grads, tonight's push to keep the football win streak alive is personal. >> we're really excited. we've been waiting 50 years for temple to get to this point. >> i grew up, my whole life, in the temple family and we've always been the basketball school. >> notre dame! whoo! >> reporter: notre dame fans are just as loyal, and for many of
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them, longtime allegiances are at play tonight, too. >> my father was a fan, his father was a fan. >> and now you're a fan? >> now i'm a fan. and so are my sons. >> reporter: indeed, the fighting irish put up a frightening fight, appropriate for this halloween night, among costume wearers of all ages. >> this is chase. what are you for halloween? >> a leprechaun. >> a leprechaun! >> and this little guy -- >> he's a temple fan. he's an howl. >> they're a spooky fan base. so they've got a bunch of -- >> and you guys out here. >> we'll be hooting and hollering for them. >> for some, temple and notre dame allegiances are so complicated, they made shirts supporting both teams. >> people might think you're very confused? >> i'm not confused. my wife will say i am. >> reporter: and now for the owls' fans whose support is unwavering, the anticipation will finally end. >> ready? >> reporter: you can get a sense
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of some of the excitement out in this parking lot tonight. this excitement is really just a sampling of what we've seen today. excited fans of all ages. this football team has unified the temple community. we're live tonight at the linc, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, george. many temple fans have been up all night. they made their way to independence mall before sunrise for espn's broadcast of college game day this morning. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal continues our team coverage at the linc. randy, these fans still have many hours of excitement ahead of them. >> it has been a long day of partying, and some of them waking up 4:00 in the morning to get to independence hall for college game day. you just saw george in the thick of it with all those fans. that tailgating began at about noon. and today, you'll see some of those fans, some of them already coming in, getting their tickets ready and heading into the stadium to get their seats for an 8:00 p.m. kickoff.
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the biggest football game in a long time. the espn broadcast earlier today, that was the big event of the morning. college game day on philadelphia's independence hall. that's a national showcase for the city. and a very huge moment for temple. the school in the spotlight this weekend, like they've never been before, ahead of the most important game in temple football history. students and alumni bringing signs, waving banners, walking down from north broad, not wanting to miss this moment. >> having college game day here, when we found out last week, the campus has just been ecstatic all weekend. we're coming in undefeated and looking to put a whooping on notre dame. >> today i'm rooting for notre dame, but in general, temple fans came out and showed their support. >> it will be packed inside the linc. philly not usually known as a football kind of town, but it's the home of rocky balboa. so temple students hoping for a similar upset tonight.
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>> and the matchup between temple and notre dame has been causing some traffic detours in philadelphia. market street is closed between fifth and sixth until 7:00 tonight because of the game day set. and of course, there will be increased traffic around the linc tonight. the temple notre dame game isn't the only big event happening tonight, because it is halloween. nbc 10 and mullica hill gloucester county what we caught one family doing some early trick or treating. let's check in with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, brittney shipp. we all want to know if the weather is going to cooperate tonight for everybody heading out. >> it is. and the weather is already cooperating, because our temperatures will be a little bit on the chilly side, but our conditions are going to stay dry. that's one of the most important things. here's your halloween forecast. the sun already starting to set. it started to set at 6:00. we are seeing temperatures closer to 57 degrees by 8:00 p.m. 53. we'll see a few clouds hanging around by 10:00 p.m., if you're out late. temperatures at 51 degrees. so currently, if you're heading out the door right now, we're at
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56 degrees in northeast philadelphia. low 50s in allentown. a chilly halloween in the poconos with temperatures at 46 degrees. tonight, we will see cloudy skies, but dry conditions. i'm tracking a few changes as we head into tomorrow. a slight chance of stray morning showers. i'll let you know which neighborhoods in my full forecast, but coming up, we're tracking how cold it's going to get for the temple games tonight. those showers tomorrow morning. mild conditions and i'm also tracking monday rain. i'll have all that coming up in my seven-day forecast. denise? >> thanks, brittany. a south jersey child is hospitalized with burns after his halloween costume cashes fire. the boy brushed up against a candle, causing his costume ignite. it happened this afternoon on the 900 block of stockton drive and harriston township gloucester county. he was taken to the burn center with second-degree burns. the islamic state group is now claiming responsibility for bringing down a russian jet, killing all 224 people onboard.
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but it has offered no evidence and is not known to have the capability to do so. the plane had just taken off from a red sea resort when it went down in egypt's sinai peninsula. this is the first look at wreckage. the plane was carrying mostly russian and some ukrainian passengers when it went down. egyptian officials say the pilot reported technical difficulties and wanted to make an emergency landing. the metro jet crashed in an area where egyptian forces have been battling an islamic insurgency. new at 6:00, a motorcycle rider is dead after his bike crashed into a van at west oak lane. ed the just before noon at broad and hanes streets. you can see the van flipped over on its side. the driver of the van told police he stopped at a stop sign, looked both ways and kept going into the intersection, and that's when the bike hit the van's bumper. a philadelphia police sergeant is recovering after being hit by a suspected drunk
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driver in kensington. investigators say a 48-year-old man was speeding when he crashed into the back of the sergeant's car on the 3200 block of kensington avenue. the other driver was taken to the hospital with a cut on his head. he was arrested for dui. now, this comes after another police officer was run over by a police van yesterday in west philadelphia. investigators say the officer was chasing a suspect who smashed an suv with a baseball bat. they got into a struggle and fell to the ground. then, the van ran over the officer's leg. the officer was released from the hospital yesterday and will have to undergo surgery tuesday. from our lehigh valley bureau, emmaus high school will open monday with extra security. it was locked down after a box of ammunition spilled on to a hallway floor. students were interviewed, but no one was arrested and no gun
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was found. school closed friday after rumors of an attack surfaced and police are still investigating tonight. tonight, a runaway blimp is out of the woods in central pennsylvania. a chinook helicopter airlifted the remains of the military blimp and dumped it in a nearby fie field. military crews hauled it away. the blump crashed wednesday after breaking lose from its mooring in maryland. it knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers. the army has already begun taking claims for damages. well, for the second weekend in a row, parts of texas are dealing with widespread flooding, and if that is not enough, they also got hit by tornadoes. a look at the damage, still ahead. plus, flames tore through a north philadelphia row home overnight. how those affected are getting the help they need. this flu season... remember this. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+.
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in texas, six people are dead after severe weather hit the houston area this morning. a tornado flipped campers upside down at this trailer park. no one was hurt here. the deaths are blamed on flooding, strong storms dropped up to 3 inches of rain an hour in some places. roads and neighborhoods quickly flooded. and you can see behind me, the sun is already setting. i'll have your trick or treat forecast coming up, plus i'm tracking some changes. rain is back in our seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when to expect it, coming up.
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the red cross is helping four people with a place to stay after this fire burned through a north philadelphia row home. crews got the call just before 2:00 this morning for reports of flames shooting from the roof of this house near 20th and oxford streets. one person was treated for a minor injury.
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from our nbc 10 delaware news bureau, a seaford man has been charged with his fifth dui. willie davis is behind bars tonight. state police say a trooper was conducting a traffic stop on seaford road when a car driven by davis passed by without stopping or moving over. and that's when the trooper followed his car, pulled it over, police say davis had alcohol on his breath and was driving on a suspended license. the battle over pennsylvania's budget took center stage in delaware county today. residents gathered in media, with a message for governor tom wolfe. stop holding taxpayers hostage. wolfe was in town for a get out the vote rally, but some parents used this event as an opportunity to get the governor's attention on the impact the ongoing budget stalemate is having on their children. >> the budget hasn't passed. we don't have workbooks for our kids. we've written letters and signed
6:29 pm
petitions and nothing's happened. we heard the governor's going to be here, so we thought, let's get a group of people out here and maybe he'll sign a budget. >> pennsylvania has been operating without a budget for the past four months. runners rocked out through the streets of philadelphia today for a popular race. >> whoo! the american association for cancer researchers rock 'n' roll half marathon returned philadelphia for its sixth year. the course featured live bands and cheerleaderings along the route and runners travelled from 50 states and 20 countries to take part in today's race. some tricks and treats for the adults, as well as the kids at today's pumpkin fest. the head houts district in philadelphia hosted the new fall event. and for the adults, live music, seasonal brews, and food and for the kids, there were circus performers, pumpkin painting,
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hayrides, and more. well, it is time to fall back. you can enjoy an extra hour of sleep tonight thanks to daylight savings time. it happens at 2:00 a.m. sunday, so you may want to set your clock back before you go to sleep tonight. experts say it's also a good time to put a new battery into your smoke alarm. one of my favorite times, gaining an extra hour of sleep. now, a closer look at our headlines, we have a lot going on, lots of activity, as you can see, from the lake, the parking lot is full. i'll have your chilly temple game forecast. we are tracking a few a.m. showers tomorrow morning, and then we'll see more mild conditions. and then another chance of rain as we head back to work on monday, but right now for cape may, we're at 54 degrees, our humidity is at 62%. winds out of the south, it's chilly if you're taking your kids out right now for trick or treating, but a close look at


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