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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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schools, the kids hid the pictures from their parents until one alert parent found them. >> several students have now been arrested. nbc 10's doug shimell is joining us live outside valley forge middle school with more on the investigation. doug? >> reporter: police say many of the students do not realize or fully understand that these sort of pictures and the resulting charges aren't going to fade away and may stay with them and haunt them for the rest of their lives. the fight broken up and the arrest made at tredyffrin east town middle school was over bullying, police say, involving porn. >> a perpetrator got an image from the worldwide web and portrayed that image as a victim classmate. >> reporter: investigators say there were two more arrests at conestoga high school of students taking pornographic selfies and trying to sell and distribute them.
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parents say they had heard nothing from the school district. >> something like that is coming out, they make it more public and, you know, to protect individuals, but also older students. >> i want to know what they are going to do about it and how soon, really, that's the main thing, make sure that kids are protected from things like this and what they are going to put in place to prevent things like this happening in the future. >> reporter: detectives say more arrests are expected. >> this is a cautionary tale. you need to trust, but verify your children. that means you need to pay attention to their social media habits. >> reporter: police say perhaps even more worrisome is that many of these pictures were sent blindly to chatrooms that are often frequented by pedophiles and because location technology was turned on, they fear the pedophiles could easily retrace the pictures back to an address. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. detectives in south jersey also made a child pornography bust today. police say they found pictures
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and video inside a washington township home this morning. christopher ferguson is in custody and facing child porn charges. officers took computers and other electronics from the home. decision 2015 will bring a new mayor to philadelphia. voters casting their ballots today for either jim kenney or melissa murray bailey. >> history would point to a democrat winning. the last republic mayor in philadelphia was 60 years ago. >> lauren mayk caught up with both candidates today. lauren, the democrat not taking anything for granted, even if history is on his side. >> reporter: a good idea on election day, good evening to you and if you didn't get a chance to vote today before work or as you were running errands, you have a little less than two hours to do it this evening at places like this. this is the cedar park recreation center here in center city, and the mayoral candidates, though, they started early today talking to voters, talking to us, and using those final moments of the campaign.
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in old city this morning, democrat jim kenney cast his ballot. the former councilman is running to be the city's 99th mayor. he told us his election day includes thanking poll workers for their hard work to make elections like this possible. his opponent, melissa murray bailey, was joined by her young daughter at their polling site today. as a republican, she has a built-in challenge in a city where registered democrats outnumber republicans 7-1. >> you do everything you can, you have a message that resinates with the people and when your message resinates, party lines don't matter as much. >> reporter: kenney tells us he's not taking anything for granted and encourages philadelphia residents to vote, no matter who they choose. >> people in iran don't take it for granted, people in south africa don't take it for granted, people who lived down south in the '50s and '60s don't take it for granted. i think people need to get out and vote. >> reporter: turnout in elections like this one
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traditionally not huge. back when mayor michael nutter was elected in 2011, the turnout was a little more than 20%. nutter is a democrat and he won with about 75% of the vote. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. and nbc 10 was at the john anderson cultural center about two hours ago when mayor nutter went to the polls. he's voting for his own replacement, of course. the mayor's last day in office is january 6th. voters in new jersey have a lot of choices on the ballot. all 80 seats up for grabs in the general assembly. no statewide races. the polls close at 8:00. and as soon as we get final results, you'll have them on the nbc 10 news app tonight, then we'll break down the key races this evening on nbc 10 news at 11:00. to our weather, and it's starting out to be a november to
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remember. 70-degree days, but how long is this going to last? >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now with his first alert forecast. we should enjoy it while we can, glenn? >> yeah, a lot of happy people out there the last couple of days, and those happy with today's weather, you're going to be happy with tomorrow's, too. clear skies out there and it's been quite a mild day with temperatures well into the 70s. there's no cloud cover at all across the area. we are watching moisture to the south, some of that may creep up by thursday, but certainly not going to affect us tomorrow. 66 degrees even at this hour. the average high is 61. we've gotten into the mid 70s. look at this, 5 to 10 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. and the temperatures getting up to 76 degrees today, close to that tomorrow. little bit cooler on thursday because the clouds and then
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another day. maybe close to record levels on friday. more about how long it's going to last and when the next rain is coming in a few minutes. jury deliberations have ended for the day in the federal bank and tax fraud case against the son of congressman chaka fattah. fattah jr. represented himself in court. closing arguments today, prosecutors describe the business dealings of fattah jr. as a sham. nbc 10 george spencer joins us live. today's deliberations were really brief. >> reporter: the jury had only been deliberating for about 30 minutes when the judge let them go until tomorrow morning, but it had already been a long day of closing arguments with fattah claiming to be a million dollar businessman. and prosecutors saying he was a, quote, unqualified dropout. >> he's an idiot, period. >> reporter: chaka fattah jr. pulled no punches this afternoon as he described the u.s. attorney leading his prosecution, an attorney from the same federal office that
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will soon prosecute his father. congressman chaka fattah sr. was in the courtroom today listening as his son summarized the defense position and as u.s. attorneys called fattah jr. a cheater and a deadbeat. during the trial fattah has acted as his own lawyer. was representing yourself a good idea? >> best idea i ever made, considering i had no choice but to put on my own vigorous defense. >> reporter: fattah said he didn't have money for legal fees after overreaching prosecutors decimated his businesses, shouting at times in front of a packed courtroom, prosecutors closed their case with a very different story, saying fattah enterprises never had clients, so he lied to banks to get loans and then lied on his taxes, too. as they close their case, they said to the jury, "this man's a scam artist and every one of you knows it."
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with 23 counts against fattah, there is a lot for this jury to sort through. they will continue their work tomorrow morning at 9:30. live at the federal courthouse, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> fattah jr. is the son of congressman chaka fattah, the congressman is married to nbc 10 anchor renee chenault-fattah. frustration is building tonight for the family of a 3-year-old camden county boy. today marks three weeks since search teams found brendan creato's body along the cooper river. a lawyer for the boy's family spoke to us today, sharing the boy's family reaction to learning prosecutors are no closer to solving the case. >> because it's an ongoing investigation, there is no duty by the prosecutor or law enforcement to share anything with us, and we understand that, we respect it. on that issue i don't know my clients are too happy with that. >> toxicology reports came back negative this week, that means
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there were no traces of drugs in brendan's system. autopsy results also proved inconclusive. the next time your power goes out, you can get a text message. peco reveals a new texting program, you can report power outages and receive updates on your cell phone. customers must register their cell number with their account. tonight, julie wollman will become the tenth president when she started in president, currently the president at eden bureau university of pennsylvania. quentin tarantino is speaking publicly about controversial comments he made that prompted a number of police groups to boycott his movies. >> philadelphia police among them. the director told the l.a. times he will not be intimidated by the law enforcement groups and that this is all an attempt to bully him. the boycott stems from tarantino's comments at an anti-police brutality rally in
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brooklyn last month. he said he was on the side of the murdered in his words, but today he said he doesn't believe all cops are murderers. tonight at 6:00, empty shelves, the call for help this time of year. the pantry desperate for donations. right now operation vulture vanish under way. tonight the plan to get rid of the pesky creatures in one local city. tracking some showers for later in the week, plus how long are we going to get the 70-degree temperatures? first alert forecast is next. for the girl scout meeting...
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this is nbc 10 news. >> shelves are empty and so are people's stomachs. >> when it's 70 degrees outside, it's hard to imagine people that have to choose between heat and food. the warm weather isn't a help to those who rely on fall and the holiday season for donations. deanna durante takes you to c n there. >> these seven-minute meals go a long way, as well. most of us consider that a side to the chicken or something, but that might be an entire meal for somebody who needs it. >> reporter: it should be the busy season for workers and
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volunteers, but stocking shelves is not a job that's needed. >> what walks in this door today can literally be somebody's dinner tonight. >> reporter: the local food pantry is putting out the call its shelves are bare and as we head into the holiday season that's bad news for folks who already have it rough. >> need a little something extra to get through. >> reporter: more than 300 families rely on this community food pantry and when they show up tomorrow morning they'll find only one box of cereal for breakfast, they need vegetables, meat, anything to get them through the winter. >> tuna fish, canned meats, peanut butter. >> reporter: brian cole has been on the board since 2013. he says both facilities are overused. cole says this time of year especially rough, because donations are down and the needs, he says, just got greater. families burned out in last weekend's fatal fire have been leaning on the help because they lost everything. >> they were coming here to get clothes to go to school, which
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isn't really the food drive part of it, but it shows it's a community center. people know to come here when they are down and out or need a little help. >> reporter: help may be on the way. about a dozen businesses from banks to coffee shops are asking customers to donate. canned goods are piling up and cole is hoping it is enough to get through the winter. >> tough on a 70-degree day to think about people, you know, worrying about either heating their house or providing a meal for their family. >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> rather than a lack of food, it's what was found inside food causing problems in new jersey. the police department says someone reported a candy bar contained a paper clip inside. the person says they were trick-or-treating in the colonial manor section. police in chester county still trying to track down where two children got candy with sewing needles inside. a trooper shot during an ambush completed quite the accomplishment. alex douglass completed 47th for
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the new york marathon over the weekend. he used a three-wheeled cycle powered by hand. douglass had a full hip replacement since he was shot in december of 2014. his accused shooter, eric frein, will stand trial next year. right now there's a plan under way to get rid of those pesky buzzards in one part of delaware. >> big birds causing big headaches in the community of felton. about 200 turkey vultures are calling the city home. they've caused damage to homes with their sharp nails and beaks. so about an hour ago people in the community started letting the turkey vultures know they are not welcome. they are making loud noises while firefighters shine high intensity lights all in an attempt to get the birds to go elsewhere. we're in felton and going to have a report on their efforts coming up tonight at 11:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
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>> pretty spectacular weather during the day today. not only with all the sunshine and the mild temperatures, the fall colors at their peak, it's just incredible out there. we're going to continue this warm weather for the rest of the week. we are tracking some showers, by not much rain if any the rest of the week. clear skies now, not a whole lot of wind either. 66 degrees, five degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. yesterday 55, tomorrow 76, thursday 72. only reason it's down on thursday is because of expecting more clouds to hang around. the average high, 61. so we were a full 15 degrees above normal today. it's down to 53 in mount pocono. they are up to 70 today. 65 in reading. 64 in allentown. >> temperatures are holding up, very, very light southwest wind, 57 in mount holly and in
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ricetown 59 in atlantic city airport. we've had no clouds across the area today. we're watching the moisture to the south. starting to make a little bit of a motion to the north, but it's going to take a while at that speed to get up here. and just a little bit of it's coming up here. so first of all we'll go through the night tonight, this is the future satellite and radar, so if there were clouds, we'd be seeing them. not tomorrow morning. here comes some. coming down, up from the south, so tomorrow's bright and sunny, then tomorrow night and into thursday, that's when the clouds start coming. nothing more than a patchy light shower here or there. and some of it during the night, thursday night, by friday we're starting to dry out as the cold front finally comes down. so the warm air is with us. covered all the way down to the great lakes, so it's going to take a while for any colder air
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to come down. that will start happening on saturday. we've got the surge on sunday. and then after that, it starts easing up again. so with this kind of weather pattern, yeah, you can get a cold front come through and you can get pretty chilly, but not for very long. starts warming up again. 54 degrees for the low tonight in philadelphia, clear skies, 47 north and west. during the day tomorrow, repeat performance, sunshine, light wind, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. and the seven-day forecast, probably 70-plus on thursday, despite mostly cloudy skies. chance of a couple of showers. probably be on the light side, even if they happen. friday, 77 degrees. if we get enough sunshine, some places going to see it close tov 80. the record for friday is 79 in philadelphia. some other places could be vulnerable for records there, too. then on saturday, it's definitely cooler. and we drop the threat of
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showers for saturday. and no threat of showers for sunday, but it will be a whole lot cooler, but not for long. hurricane, thanks. i'm john clark. how many injured eagles now healthy coming out of the bye week, and jordan matthews talks about eliminating the drops. birds getting ready for the cowboys. that's next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. the eagles got healthy over their bye week.
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nelson aguilar is back, kiko alonso says he expects to return sunday night in dallas. he's missed the last five games with a knee injury and he knows it's big for him to be back with the team. >> very important, you know, when you miss time, you know, it's never fun, so, you know, i'm anxious to get back out there. >> the eagles have got to help out sam bradford. they lead the nfl in dropped passes. jordan matthews has a handful. he says it's been embarrassing, but he got a mental break over the bye week. >> fortunately, i have a quarterback like sam who's going to continue to trust me, but at the same time there's that other hand of where i feel like, okay, if i was an issue, would i trust me and i want to make sure i'm that guy for him, especially on third down in the red zone when i need to help out my team. >> the eagles, cowboys, sunday night football here on nbc 10, your official eagles station. we have a post game show afterwards. temple football coming off
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their marquee national game against notre dame. coming up, smu on friday night, owls back at practice, last week was so emotional, so much attention and hype around the campus and the city. matt rhule is trying to guard against a letdown coming off the notre dame game. >> i don't know that our team has let it go yet, and that's a scary thought, because you have to let it go. life moves on. no one cares about what happened. i don't know if all of our coaches have let it go. better let it go quickly. i've already moved on, and i'm ready to move on to smu. >> hopefully they let it go friday night. flyers defense having a tough time, they lose medvedev. flyers lost in vancouver last night 4-1, so they've lost four in a row. they are getting outscored 14-6 in the losses, but coach dave
6:26 pm
hextall has one positive going into tonight's effort in edmonton. >> we have to come back, quick turn around for tomorrow night, entire group, you know, as they always do, stick together. and the phillies are reportedly buying out cliff lee so he's going to get an extra $12.5 million. add it up, last year injured most of the year, he made $37.5 million. good work if you can get it. >> omg, john. >> yes, smh. >> all right, well tonight on nbc 10 at 11:00, a fraternity under fire. the local university taking action against its chapter. that's tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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[gus singing] ♪ dashing through the snow ♪ careful on the ice ♪ keep scratchin', cousin joe. ♪ [cousin joe singing] ♪ oh gus, you're much too nice! [gus singing] ♪ a gift for uncle dave, and 1 for auntie jane ♪ ♪ mom and dad and grandpa zack all get a scratching game ♪ [everyone singing] ♪ oh, instant games! ♪ instant games! instant games for me! ♪ ♪ 6 new holiday instant games from the p.a. lottery ♪ keep on scratchin'! is this really november? do i have the right seven day up there? yeah, 77 degrees for a high tomorrow, in the 70s for the rest of the week. friday close to record levels, then it's going to get colder over the weekend, but not freezing cold. >> no. we'll take it.
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>> stay connected on election results on the nbc 10 news app. >> we'll be here tonight at 11:00. for all of us here, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. tonight, final moments, strange sounds caught on the cockpit flight recorder that doomed jetliner that plunged out of the sky. new clues tonight to solve this mystery. nbc news exclusive. our new poll redeveloping the one republican who stands the best chance against hillary clinton. and our conversation with president obama on the 2016 campaign and what he calls the silly season. high stakes. the biggest swing state of all. is it a tipping point for the nation. a big money fight with a famous singer caught in the middle. and a big reality check have a social media star taking a stand against living your life online. her message to girls, uncovering the truth behind those glamorous pictures.


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