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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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meteorologist bill henley is standing by with a look at the current temperatures. tracy said not that warm yet. >> no. but lots of smiles again this afternoon with bright sunny skies. the temperatures have dropped into the 40s for most spots, now down to 50 degrees in philadelphia. that's down a degree in the last hour. look at pottstown, reading and mound holly, low 40s for millville. a couple spots might see a 30 or two or in the 30s. upper 30s. sunny skies and the temperatures turn around in a hurry. like yesterday we'll see a fast warm-up. 74 to 77 degrees this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back. right now jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching an accident where we have sky force 10 now. live over top of this scene. you can see we do have a jackknifed tractor-trailer on route 322 out in gloucester county. right around meeting house road.
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blocking both lanes and both directions. so that is closed. no access right in there. your best bet for alternate to get around is to take oak grove road which pretty much runs parallel to the scene. 295. that's the closest highway to that scene that's not a toll road like the new jersey turnpike. no access again in both directions on 322 at that point around meeting house road. downed poles and wires and a fuel spill. there will be a cleanup for some time. time and time again what i am going to do to move fill ford. tonight surrounded by all uf i'm reminded it's not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together. >> he tweeted that too shortly after he won. former councilman jim kenny will become the 99th mayor of philadelphia.
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kenney a democrat won in a land slide against republican challenger melissa murray bailey. today kenney will begin the process of taking over for mayor michael nutter. matt delucia is live in center city. so matt, the new mayor-elect talks about education as a top priority. not a big surprise there. >> reporter: not a big surprise at all. those inside and outside of city hall believe that education should be a top priority in the next mayoral term. failing schools, budget irk-of-issues and that continuing stalemate in harrisburg are all things that mayor-elect kenney will have to deal with. for now a celebration. from last night this is his victory party. the former city councilman got 85% of the vote against republican melissa murray bailey's 13% so a major victory indeed. the new mayor-elect talked about several issues last night but most of all he emphasized that commitment to improving education. >> i want a lot of things for
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our children, quality schools, pre-k, community policing and job opportunities that can support their future children. most of all i want them to grow up in a philadelphia where we all look past our differences and join together to create a better place for all of us to live. >> mayor-elect kenney will be sworn in on january 4. this morning though he will launch his mayoral transition process. and coming up at 6:30 the top three things the new mayor will face once he gets into office. you know one of them, education. we'll see you in about 30 minutes. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> we'll see you then. democrats will now control the pennsylvania supreme court. voters chose philadelphia judge kevin dougherty and pittsburgh judges david wecht and christine donohue over three republican candidates. democratic justices will have a 5-2 majority on the state's highest court. we'll have more election results throughout the show this
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morning. all of them are available any time you want them on our nbc 10 app. >> 6:04. a woman in montgomery county is probably still shaking after watching a train obliterate the car she had gotten out of. this was around 2:00 this morning near the intersection of fourth and depot streets in bridgepofrmt the woman was trying to cross the tracks when her car stalled. she got out and was on the phone when a freight train came along and you see the results there. no one was hurt. the car was towed and the train kept moving. >> today the jury will continue to deliberate on whether chucka fattah jr. is guilty of fraud. in closing arguments prosecutors claim fattah lied to banks to get business loans which supported an extravagant lifestyle. they said he lied on his taxes to cover his tracks. prosecutors told jurors that fattah's services were effectively a sham. fattah is acting as his own
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lawyer and he says he's confident that he's proven he is legitimate. >> i feel great. look. i'm very excited. i'm looking forward to the jury getting the opportunity to make a decision in this case. >> fattah's father congressman chaka fattah was in the courtroom during the closing arguments. like his son he expressed confidence in the justice system. he is married to renee chenault-fattah. >> a child porn scandal rocks three schools, three students arrested and charged with cre e creating and sending pornography. katy, there could be more arrests here. >> reporter: that's right. police say expect more arrests, tracy. those three arrests have shocked parents and students, young kids in this area. many who take selfies. one of those arrests happened
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here. another one took place at valley forge middle school and another at conestoga high school. the youngest child involved is just 11 years old. and these kids are accused of sharing erotic and explicit pictures of themselves and classmates on line. in most cases we're told the students were taking inappropriate selfies and sharing or selling those pictures. in another instance a student downloaded an erotic video and tried to pass it off as a female classmate. >> and making these arrest there is is a statement that parents beware of what your children are doing because the next victim could be your own. >> i think i want to know what they are going to do about it and how soon really. that's the main thing. make sure that kids are protected from this and what they are going to put in place to prevent this in the future. >> reporter: pennsylvania is one of 21 states that has sexting
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laws. charges can lead to felony convictions and having to register for a -- as a sex offender. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." 6:07. today we'll hear from the parents of little isaac harrison, the 11-month-old boy who was repeatedly given overdoses of chemotherapy bay local hospital. his parents say doctors at saint christopher diagnosed him with a rare cancer and gave him 10 times the dose of chemo he was supposed to get. st. christopher apologized. he is being treated. today his parents will discuss what impact the overdosing has had. >> happening today, governor tom wolf will visit the port of philadelphia. the governor plans to announce a plan for the port among the nation's leaders in handling steel, imports and cocolorado jim kenney says he supports the
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expansion. he will work on plan to bring thousands of working class jobs to philadelphia. >> eight minutes after 6:00. our skies are nice and clear. look at cape may. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the temperatures were killy yesterday. they are again this morning with clear skies overnight. the temperatures have been steadily coming down and the numbers are still going to fall a little more until we get bright sunshine. you'll feel the morning chill, see the brilliant sunshine and then i'm tracking clouds on the way and will start moving in later tonight and you'll see cloudy skies tomorrow. in the clear for doylestown, philadelphia, it's 45 in doylestown. 41 in millville and slowly falling to 50 degrees in philadelphia. that's a nice sunny view or about to be sunny.
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bright sunshine and we'll warm even the mountains in the 70s. very little wind. it's calm for most areas and just a little breeze for philadelphia, wilmington and trentons. light wind and brilliant sunshine. a fast warm-up. they will start moving in late tonight. during the day, nothing but sunshine. southbound copied and pasted the forecast. look at the 70s for doylestown, norristown and mount holly. warmer along the coast up to 70 degrees for cape may, vineland will farm to 75 and inland, sunshine, philadelphia, in the middle 70s. there are changes as we go closer to the weekend. i got your seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> it's about ten minutes after 6:00. over breaking traffic news.
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all lanes of 322 in gloucester county were shut down. >> right. to give you a better view of what's happening. >> right. all lanes in both directions is important. no access to this point now on 322 as you can see we have a jackknifed tractor-trailer, there are downed poles and wires blocking off the roadway. as well as a fuel spill. there's a lot of cleanup involved with this scene. no traffic moving through the area of 322 both directions around meting house root. your best bet is oak grove road. a little nord an parallel. no problems on 295 by that scene that runs beyond that. so that's a good alternate. mass transit, we're starting to see delays, the broad street line for septa is having signal problems at fern rock so up to
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10 to 15 minute delays there. more when i come back in the next ten. >> thanks. it's 11 past 6:00. chicago residents are in disbelief after a 9-year-old child was killed. ahead the calls to end the violence from the city's youngest residents. the reward police hope will lead to answers. if the race was today it came down who hillary clinton and ben carson? a poll that looks a it the hypothetical match-up.
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back to our decision 2015 coverage. in south jersey democratic assemblyman bob andrzejczak and bruce land beat the republican ticket in the first district. also in district 2 the incumbents held on.
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republican chris brown and democrat vince mazzeo will return to trenton. and then in the race for philadelphia city council cindy bass took the eighth district seat. sherrel parker won over ken strickland. for a look at the candidates with the most votes you can tap the nbc 10 app. we'll have more throughout the show and again they are all available on the nbc 10 app. voters in ohio made their choice clear. they are saying no to legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. many voters said no for moral reasons and though many others wanted to legalize marijuana they voted against it because they didn't like the idea of a select group of wealthy investors controlling production of the drug. the governor there a republican presidential nominee praised voters for their no vote. supporters say they will try again to push for the legalization. now in decision 2016,
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america is evenly split a year away from the presidential election. >> so we're talking about a possible match-up between democrat hillary clinton and republican ben carson. a new poll finds that this hypothetical race between the two is tied. carson and clinton with 47%. carson's campaign explained where his support is coming from. >> family people, younger christians, women usually the age 45 and up. and that is our core base. but we have a pretty broad appeal. >> the new polls showed clinton beating every republican candidate except carson with whom she is tied 47%. >> chris christie is campaigning in new hampshire where he is still down in the polls, christie said he is hoping to build off of the momentum he gained in last week's debate. christie is in a tie for sixth
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place. later this morning donald trump and martin o'malley willble in new hampshire to file papers for the primary election. that first in the nation primary is scheduled for february 9. >> a newsroom merger in philadelphia is costing dozens of people their jobs. the owner of "the philadelphia inquirer" and the "philadelphia daily news" last week announced plans to merge newsrooms. now we're learning those papers will lay off 46 workers as a result of the merger. that will save the media network 5 to $6 million a year. >> authorities in chicago are offering a $20,000 reward to find gunman who murdered a 9-year-old boy. you can see one neighbor's disbelief last night. police say someone gunned down tiesean lee as he was coming home from school. they say the fourth-grader was shot in an alleyway near his grandmother's house. a child who lived nearby summed up the community reaction. >> i feel sad because it's a
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quiet community. i wish it would stop, make peace with the world. >> authorities say they don't know if tieshawn was the target but several were in the alley arguing at the time of the shooting. >> the new york city bus driver shown on surveillance video running over an elderly woman and leaving the scene is now behind bars. surveillance video shows the moment before the bus hit the woman crossing a street in brooklyn. the driver pauses before taking off leaving the woman in the middle of the road to die. witnesses describe after grisly scene and say the bus driver appeared confused. >> i don't know if he know but he stopped, then started going. i don't know what was -- nervous or -- i have no idea. >> the driver has been suspended without pay pending results of the investigation.
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if 322 is on your morning drive you're going to want to make alternative plans. >> jessica boyington has details and the picture we're getting from sky force 10. >> right. that's in gloucester county where we have all lanes blocked on 322, you can see the reason here. that's a jackknifed tractor-trailer, so because of this accident there are downed poles and wires, creating a difficult route to pass by. additionally a fuel spill. 322 both directions right around meeting house road, that's where you're going to run into this problem. you can take a highway to get by. you can take oak grove road if you want to stay locally and get where you have to go. you're otherwise going to be stuck. mass transit, we're seeing market-frankford line is suspended from broad street line express right now but local
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service is still running with a 20-minute delay. and starting to see volume where we normally do around girard avenue. starting to see a string of brake lights. i'll be back with another check on traffic. >> when she's back in ten minutes we'll see a lot of sunshine, the sun will be coming up. skies are clear. a little bit of a glow on the buildings, this is a twilight now. 50 degrees in philadelphia. it's going to be a quick warm-up like we saw yesterday. that is the warm. most of the area is chillier. you'll need a jacket. clear sky, the view from the comcast center. like yesterday, temperatures back in the 70s. right now toms river is in the 30s. low 40s in wrightstown and millville, pottstown, 41 degrees. and some spots have dropped in the 30s, even in montgomery
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county. bluebell is 41. it's close to that. look at collegeville at 38 degrees. so you need a jacket to keep warm. bright sunshine as the clouds stay way to our south during the day today. those clouds will bring us a chance of showers for tomorrow, just a chance, we'll see the clouds roll in tonight. low clouds possibly some fog overnight and into tomorrow morning. then during the morning hours and the afternoon a chance of scattered showers, mainly north and west. for today everybody sees sunshine. sunny skies, a mild one. 74 to 77 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow still mild in spite of a mostly cloudy day. a chance of scattered showers, 73 in the afternoon. on thursday, 73. on friday, 77. but it changes saturday. a chance we'll see showers, the heart walk happens at citizens bank park, a possibility it will stay dry. so the weather should not hamper their reaching their goal of
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raising $2 million. by sunday, the temperatures will be coming down. 57 the high temperature. it gets colder monday and tuesday in the 30s. >> from 75 to 39. thanks, bill. 6:22. a year after being shot in an ambush that took his partner's life a pennsylvania state trooper is doing something amazing. and this. >> if you don't get out of here with that camera, i will make your day -- >> tempers flare at the polls. what led to this shouting match between a former official and poll worker.
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>> temple students and a youth group got a small taste of what it's like for the homeless in philadelphia last night. members of temple's chapter and the bright hope baptist church coalition rallied and held a sleep-out. they used card board boxes as
6:26 am
beds to try to tuns challenges that homeless young people face every day. >> we actually sleep out here for a couple of hours to simulate what it would be like to be homeless to make yourself aware. >> the problem of youth homelessness is exploding. we have a lot of youth homelessness in various areas. >> the groups collected donations for homeless shelters. the digital team knows about this problem very well. they spent two months investigating youth homelessness. check the "nbc 10 news" app to see our special project, the faces of homeless youth. good morning everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your first alert traffic now we're looking live over top of a scene in woolwich township, route 322 closed both directions around meeting house road due to a jackknifed tractor-trailer and there's downed poles and wires as well as a fuel spill.
6:27 am
so, no traffic allowed by the scene right now. you can take local road oak grove road or 295 approaching the 295 scene now. for now no access there. more on this when i come back around 6:30. for now a check on today's trauk with meteorologist bill henley. >> a cold start in the mountains, clear skies, 30s in lake pocono. the rest of the area is in the 40s and fill international is 50 degrees. you need a jacket this morning and sunglasses during the day. >> the voters have spoken and did so pretty cloudily. jim kenney will be philadelphia's next mayor. matt delucia is live at center city and matt, the mayor-elect is already turning focus to the future. >> reporter: there is a lot of work to do that begins today with a transition into the mayor's office. that will happen in a few months. we're going to take a look after the break at the top things that the new mayor will have to focus on. we work weekends here.
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because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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kenney wins. we'll get to that in a moment. first this breaking news. jackknifed tractor-trailer in gloucester township. >> a live look at the scene. we'll tell you how to get around. as tracy mentioned jim kenney, philadelphia's mayor-elect now. what his plans are for the future and why he's going to get to work starting today. and talk about a winner. that would be a winner not a winter. doesn't feel like winter. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s again today. >> it's nice. >> hard to believe it's early november. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on this wednesday. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. about 6:32. let's get you updated on the warm-up. meteorologist bill henley not soon enough though.
6:32 am
>> right, you need your jacket this morning but skies are clear, we're moments away from sun rise. you can see the glow on the buildings this morning. and like yesterday, it's going to be a quick warm-up. right now 50 degrees. and that's the warm spot. philadelphia international. 40s for wilmington. northeast philadelphia at 47. and look at south philadelphia at 41. so a chill is in the air. but with sunshine look at the numbers. 54 at 8:00, by 11:00 this morning we'll be close to 70 degrees. and then like yesterday, well in the 70s this afternoon. so some areas will be warmer than others. we'll go through the forecast when i'm back. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> and we're watching an accident scene in new jersey and in gloucester county closing down 322 in both directions, we have sky force 10 over top of the scene. right around meeting house road, and there is a jackknifed tractor-trailer shutting down both directions, and all lanes right now.
6:33 am
you can see crew on the scene trying to clean that up. downed pole and wires as well as a fuel spill. so expect cleanup to be out there for some time. your best bet for an alternate is this scene is in here, take oak grove road which runs north and a little parallel, otherwise jump on a highway, take 295. also watch out for delays for mass transit. the broad street line is running local service now dealing with a 20 minute delay. the broad street line express is suspended right now due to track problems. market-frankford line shuttle bussing between fern rock. no problems for new jersey dart or patco. >> it's 6:33. mayor-elect jim kenney is getting down to business. kenney will tell us what's next in his official transition from candidate to mayor. matt delucia is live in center city. you're looking at some of the issues the new mayor will face
6:34 am
when he takes office in january. >> reporter: the two major things off the bat, education and naming a new police commissioner. there are a number of issues facing the new mayor. you look at the headline of the "daily news" this morning, says he's smiling now but philly's mayor-elect is facing a mountain of work. take a look. last night all smiles at the victory party. this is at the national museum of american jewish history. he got 85% of the vote against republican melissa murray bailey's 13%, the largest margin in recent memory. the new mayor-elect talked about several issues, i also spoke with a political analyst what should be happening right now. he believes the top three things to work on right away is the police commissioner job, two, how to fix the education problem in the city and three, >> he's going to have union
6:35 am
contracts come up as mayor nutter had them and this will be tricky because he is close to our municipal unions, our blue and white collar workers and is going to have to walk a fine line. he wants to support them and-y will but in a way that is fiscally responsible. if that's not done the money has to come from somewhere. >> reporter: a little perspective there. and the mayor-elect will be sworn into office as the next mayor of philadelphia on january 4th. later on this morning, though, he will be unveiling his mayoral transition plan. of course we're going to follow that. live outside city hall. >> there is election day in delaware county. police were involved yesterday. here's why. >> if the you don't get out of here with that camera -- >> paula, if you don't get out of here with that camera, that's a poll worker firing back at
6:36 am
paula brown who was armed with a camera yesterday. arguing and claims of election misconduct led to deputies having to stand guard. brown clashed with precinct officials saying she will challenge the results of the balloting. in the end four democrats won seats. the outcome of another closely watched race could have an impact on the case involving bill cosby. the newly elected montgomery county district attorney is a man who has been involved in the reopening of that investigation into claims against the comedian, claims of sexual abuse. monique braxton is live with more on how the cosby case became a big issue in that race. >> reporter: that's right. you also know that the victory reflects the shift in democratic voters in montgomery county. they now lead the gop by nearly 9%. steele will lead more than 100
6:37 am
county prosecutors and investigat investigators. the ads portraying his opponent republican bruce castor as a prosecutor who would not charge bill cosby with sexual assault a decade ago definitely made a kinks. democrats say steele who switched parties spent $92,000 on ads and last night the 48-year-old thanked his supporters. >> look, this is what this is about, this is about our families, this is about protecting everyone. and my family has made a lot of sacrifices for knee to be a public servant. the last 23 years and i hope to be for the next 23 years because you have given me this opportunity to make a difference here in montgomery county. >> reporter: steele as a deputy prosecutor has been involved in a renewed investigation against cosby. he is overseeing the grand jury leak and perjury case against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane.
6:38 am
now bruce castor posted this comment last night. congratulations to kevin steele, the next district attorney of montgomery and all of the winners. the voters have spoken and made their voice heard. we're going to follow the transition and all of the investigations involving the new d.a. kevin keel. live in norristown, monique braxton. >> you can check out the entire list of races get all of the results from across the area any time through the "nbc 10 news" app. >> 6:38. new from overnight police want to find the person who stabbed someone on a septa bus in west philadelphia. at 46th and market. the victim was slashed in the forehead. no word on a motive or the victim's condition. 6:38 and the sun is up. our skies are clear so we'll see
6:39 am
plenty of sunshine through the day today. and it will be unseasonably warm again today. 76 was the high temperature yesterday. right at that level again later today. but clouds are on the way. they will start moving in tonight and it's different forecast for tomorrow. 45 right now in doylestown. sunshine and 50 in philadelphia. millville, the chill, 41 degrees. cape may, nothing but sunshine. the skies are completely clear, and after a cool start it will be low 70s this afternoon. even at the shore. yesterday we're falling short of that 70-degree mark in spots. wilmington is 46. it's short on heat in pottstown and reading at 41 and in camden county we have 40 degrees for pennsauken and haddonfield is down to 42. camden is in the 50s. the clouds are still to the stout. they will stay to the stout today. overnight they will start moving in. enjoy the sunshine. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast 70s for reading, allentown and
6:40 am
quakertown. brilliant sunshine all day long for norristown, trenton and mount holly. rehoboth beach, 70 and 70 for dover, later today in the 70s for west chester 73, warmer in wilmington and philadelphia up to 76 degrees. forecast when i'm back. >> for more than an hour now we've had a tractor-trailer that closed down major highway in gloucester county. >> details, jessica boyington has been watching it. >> this is going to be a major impact on your morning commute out in new jersey. 322, so right in woolwich in gloucester county, and that's meeting house road we have a jackknifed tractor-trailer, downed poles and wires. you'll want to get atlound for the morning. take oak grove mold or 295 if you want to jump on a highway. speaking of more accidents, a
6:41 am
few at montgomery county, one stream wood avenue and under the railroad underpass a newhanover road and north charlotte streets. the rest starting to see impact. the schuylkill expressway, this is around the roosevelt boulevard, slow headed eastbound and westbound. so slow to your morning commute. >> the mystery into what or who killed brendan creato has deepened. a twist that involves youtube. the owner of this defunct casino wants to open the doors to people searching for a new home. the plans and how it involves refugees.
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fast food burger chain five guys responding to viral video showing a brawl inside one of its miami restaurants. the video has been shared nearly 100,000 times since its facebook debut. five guys called the actions unacceptable. it's conducting an investigation. not clear what started the fight but it involved customer and several workers. >> 6:45. it's been more than three weeks since a 3-year-old camden county boy was found dead. as the family's frustration builds we're learning about an eerie connection between the victim and a documentary about a murdered child. search teams found brendan's body back on october 13. creato's aunt produce add home made documentary in which brendan portrays a child who went missing and later found dead. the clip has been removed from youtube. an attorney for the family calls
6:46 am
the video a red herring. he went on to share the family's reaction to learning that investigators are no closer to solving the case. >> because it's an ongoing investigation, there is no duty by the prosecutor or law enforcement to share anything with us, and we understand that, we respect it. on that issue i don't know that my clients are too happy with that. >> toxicology reports came back negative that means there were no traces of drugs in brendan's system. autopsy reports already proved inconclusive. >> from our delaware bureau federal researchers released findings how wilmington can reduce the number of shootings and violent crime. there was a study that identifies risk factors for gun violence in wilmington. the cdc suggesting that state agencies need to do a better job of sharing data to identify those at risk for committing gun
6:47 am
violence. stats show most people who committed gun crimes already have criminal backgrounds and had disciplinary problems in school. >> so many times that there was an opportunity for intervention to occur before the person got to the point of committing the crime by violence with a gun. >> last year at wilmington, 127 people were shot, 23 of those died. new castle county police are getting help. delaware crime stoppers is going to start allocating reward money for people who call in tips, the county is partnering with a company that gives citizens and businesses more tools to keep property safe. quite an accomplishment here for a pennsylvania state trooper. he has a lot to be proud of. it came more than a year after he was ambushed in pike county. these are pictures of alex douglas, in this after he finished 47th in the hand cycle
6:48 am
category for the new york marathon over the weekend. douglas had a full hip replacement since he was shot. his accused shooter will stand trial next yore. his colleague was killed in that ambush. >> time to go to new york for a look what's coming up on the "today" show. >> we get a preview. good morning. >> good morning to you. coming up, donald trump under fire yet again for a twitter post. >> i think we have issues with our connection. they are going to talk about donald trump's twitter post and also more about this nbc news/"wall street journal" poll that pits hillary clinton against ben carson and what would happen. interesting. >> we'll see them at 7:00.
6:49 am
11 minutes before 7:00. we've got some bright sunshine already up and the temperatures are about to turn around in a hurry. look at that, completely clear, it's a live view from the comcast center looking past the delaware river, the temperature 50 degrees in philadelphia. that's as cold as it's gotten in philadelphia. the rest of the area seeing cooler numbers. like yesterday, brilliant sunshine and just light wind we'll see a fast warm-up. look at that sunshine at the shore. that's the view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. plenty of sunshine but that changes for tomorrow. 46 in wilmington. northeast philadelphia at 47 degrees. and look at bluebell down to 39, while it's 49 at eagleville, collegeville is 38. showers, clouds to our south where they will stay today. tomorrow, that is a different story. we'll see showers moving in or the chance of showers. today you see the cloud cover going to the futurecast.
6:50 am
keeps those clouds way to the south. by early tomorrow morning, though, we'll get some low clouds, coastal clouds that take over delaware, south jersey and philadelphia. could see spots of fog to start with tomorrow. no sign of showers at 4:00 in the morning. but as the morning progresses we could see brief downpours, mainly in pennsylvania according to futurecast at 9:00 thursday. a slight chance of a shower in delaware and south jersey. we go into the afternoon you can see those showers in this out but. could see breaks of sunshine along the coast. inland it's going to be a mostly cloudy day tomorrow. in spite of that it's still going to be mild. the rest of the work week will be mild. that includes today too. sunny skies, mild, 76 yesterday. we'll range from 74 to 77 this afternoon with a gentle breeze out of the south. clouds move in tonight. won't be as chilly to start with
6:51 am
but it's not going to be a sunny day. cloudy and a chance of scattered showers. 73 after a morning low of 52. then the temperatures bump up for friday. only to start coming down this weekend. mostly cloudy friday, 77. could see showers on saturday but there is a possibility they will stay to the south so the the heart walk, citizens bank park, could stay dry. 62 degrees. brill yabt sunshine for sunday but look at those temperatures. instead of the 70s in the 50s and it gets colder monday and tuesday mornings. >> 9 minutes before 7:00. sky force 10 is over a new accident from kblosster county to in chester county. >> jessica boyington will show us where this is happening. >> we're in west bradford township now. sky force 10 is over top of this scene. another serious accident on thorndale road and boulder road. this vehicle actually off into
6:52 am
the ditch. all lanes being blocked. we do have a fire engine on the scene and police activity. no word on injuries yet. all lanes blocked off in here. vor to mass transit. the broad street line a local is all that's moving, 20 minute delays in the express and spur suspended currently and they are shuttle bussing. patco, new jersey transit okay right now. starting to see delays on the 42 freeway also in new jersey around dep fert at 41. we're starting to see that delay or to 295. we'll update in the chester county accident in five minutes. >> reporter: good morning. i'm matt delucia live outside philadelphia city hall. a new mayor has been elected for
6:53 am
the city. after the break, what happens next?
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6:56 am
good morning. i'm matt delucia outside city hall. the next mayor of philadelphia has been chosen. former city councilman jim kenney, 99th mayor, he claimed a big victory with 85% of the vote. he thanks supporters and pledges to do more for education in the city and other big issues face the mayor including naming a new police commissioner. later this morning kenney will unveil his transition plan. we'll follow that throughout the day. the celebration is over and the work begins now, exactly two months away from inauguration
6:57 am
day. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> i'm monique braxton where the democrats have spoken. kevin steele the new leerd of prosecutors here at the courthouse. steele spent 92 grand. steele as deputy prosecutor has been involved in a renewed investigation into allegations against cosby. steele is also overseeing the grand jury leak and perjury case against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. castor congratulated steele as the new district attorney in montgomery county. monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: i'm katy zachry live in berwyn. one student at this school behind me was arrested for a form of sexting, and two others.
6:58 am
police say students as young as 11 years old were sharing explicit pictures of themselves and their classmates online and in one case a student tried to sell a picture to another classmate. reporting live in berwyn, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." sky force 10 is live over top of an accident scene out in chester county in west bradford township. serious scene going on, a lot of crew on scene, cleaning this up. on thorndale road at boulder road. so your best bet to get around, poor house road that runs south of this accident scene. or take route 30 to get by the whole scene that runs on top of that right now also watch woolwich township. a jackknifed tractor-trailer,
6:59 am
downed poles, wires and fuel spill. it's chilly out but we've got sunshine. that's a nice clear sunny view of center city. not a cloud in the sky this morning. the temperature 49 degrees, that's one of the warmer spots still in the philadelphia area, the airport is now at 50 degrees. but it's down to 40 degrees in chester springs and 45 right now in trenton. but we'll see sunshine through the day. 54 degrees at 8:00, by 11:00, 68 and then in the middle 70s that's 2:00 this afternoon. at that hour the temperatures will be climbing. >> terrific. >> we call that good leaf raking weather. >> that what you'll be doing today, in the shorts? >> we're out of time. the "today" show is up next. we'll be back with local news, weather and traffic.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. was it suicide? investigators set to reveal significant new information in the death of a beloved illinois police officer. his shooting initially blamed on three unidentified suspects, sparking a massive manhunt. we're there live. troling tweet. another controversial twitter post from donald trump. this time showing rival jeb bush in a mexican sombrero. and in another photo next to a swastika as a new poll just out this morning has ben carson topping hillary clinton in a potential matchup of front-runners. butah humbug. two major airlines announce they are raising backage fees just for the holiday season. how much will you be paying for your trip


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