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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  November 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> what i am going to do to move philadelphia forward. tonight, surrounded by all of you, i am reminded it is not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together. he's philadelphia's next mayor. this morning, fresh off a landslide victory last night, jim kenney is already getting to work, two months before he officially gets his new office at city hall. good morning, i'm rosemary connors. the former democratic city councilman is about to formally launch his transition in just a few moments. nbc 10's monique braxton is live
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at andrew jackson elementary school in south philly with more on that. monique? >> reporter: hey, rosemary. a few moments ago i talked to the elections office and they told me kenney garnered 85% of the vote. so i asked how many people actually voted and i was told about 254,000. right now you can see that police and other dignitaries are coming here to the school, awaiting the arrival of mayor-elect jim kenney. he's going to be the 99th mayor of philadelphia. he's launching his transition team in just a couple of minutes. some of the big issues he'll tackle aside from education include no state budget and a new police commissioner. we're not sure if he's making an announcement or announcing people that will be part of his transition team, but no doubt, all eyes will be watching and listening when hebifñj] speaks about 11:15. we'll have it live on nbc 10, our news app, and online. live in south philly, monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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>> thanks for that, monique. now to the suburbs and a close race in montgomery county where voters elected their first democratic district attorney kevin steele. the assistant d.a., republican county commissioner and former d.a. bruce castor 55% to 45%. nbc 10 was at steele's headquarters in king of prussia when the result came in. steele and castor sparred mostly about comedian bill cosby and whether castor when he was d.a. should have prosecuted him for an alleged sex crime. the battle produced heated tv ads. in the end, steele came out the winner. >> this is what this is about. this is about our families. this is about protecting everyone and my family has made a lot of sacrifices for me to be a public servant the last 23 years and i hope to be for the next 23 years because you've
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given me this opportunity to make a difference here in montgomery county. >> as deputy prosecutor, steele has been involved in a renewed investigation into allegations against bill cosby. steel is also overseeing the grand jury leak and perjury case against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. castor posted a statement on facebook after the results came in last night saying "congratulations to kevin steele, the next district attorney of montgomery county and to all the winners in the county races. the voters have spoken and made their voice heard." in an historic shift, democrats will now control the pennsylvania supreme court. voters chose philadelphia judge kevin dougherty and pittsburgh judges david wecht and christine donahue over three republican candidates. the justices will have a 5-2 majority on the state's highest court. we will have more election results throughout the newscast this morning. they're also available any time on the nbc 10 app.
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in delaware county, the police had to get involved in the election process. here's why. >> if you don't get out of here with that camera, i will make sure they escort you out of here! >> arguing and claims of misconduct led to two county sheriff's deputies standing watch at this polling place. in the end, four democrats won borough council seats. former borough manager and poll watcher paula brown says she plans on challenging those results. skyforce 10 was over breaking news in bucks county 40 minutes ago where police are investigate ago crash in upper southampton township. we're working to confirm any injuries and we're also trying to determine how this happened. we'll keep you posted. certainly hard to believe it's early november as we get to
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enjoy another unseasonably warm day. here's a live look along boat house row in philadelphia where i'm guessing a lot of folks will be walking and running along kelly drive today. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to let us know how long it will last. glenn? >> rosemary, it will last through the end of the week. we're going to be close to record warmth today and maybe again on friday. a lot of sunshine again, but it's even warmer than it was at this time yesterday. significantly warmer. we're also cloud-free. moisture continues to stay far to the south. some of it may be moving in later tonight in the form of clouds but take a look at these temperatures. already 71 degrees in philadelphia at 11:00 in the morning. the average high is 60. it's 16 in mount holly. atlantic city, 73 in millville. 69 degrees in allentown. so we're six degrees warmer than
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we were at this time yesterday when we got up to 76é;'í degree. so we can't just necessarily add six to the temperature that we have now -- that we got yesterday but it's definitely going to be warmer than yesterday. allentown six degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. it was 65 on monday, 76 yesterday, now i'm going for 79 today which would tie a record. down to 70 tomorrow because of cloud cover and 77 degrees on friday. that could be even higher than that. so as we go through the afternoon, temperatures in the 70s. we're going to cool down a bit tonight but there's still very little wind. clouds will move and that will be the difference between tonight and last night. we'll see how long this warm weather will last and when we can expect rain in a few minutes.
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the jury is deliberating on whether chaka fattah, jr., is guilty of fraud. prosecutors claim fattah lied to banks to get business loan which is supported his extravagant life-style. they say he lied on his taxes to cover his tracks. prosecutors told jurors fattah's concierge services were effectively a sham. fattah says he's confident he's proven to the jury he is a legitimate businessman. his father, congressman shaka fattah, sr., was in the courtroom yesterday during those closing arguments. the congressman is married to nbc 10 anchor renee chenault-fattah. a close call for a woman who watched a freight train obliterate the car she had just been driving. this was around 2:00 this morning near the intersection of fourth and depot streets in bridgeport. police say the woman was trying to cross the tracks when her car stalled. she got out of the car and was on the phone with aaa when a freight train came along and
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crushed the car. thankfully, nobody here was hurt. this morning, police are trying to find the person who stabbed someone on a septa bus in west philadelphia overnight. it happened at 46th and market streets. according to investigators, the suspect slashed the victim in the forehead before running off the bus. no word on a motive here or that victim's condition. one man is in critical condition after someone stabbed him during a bar fight. police say the fight started in a bar near thompson street in the city's port richmond neighborhood. the fight spilled on to the street and that's when the suspect pulled a knife. police haven't made any arrests in this case. i want to show you this new video released by police of a man whom they are calling a suspect in two armed robberies in west philly. authorities tell us that the robber hit a man in the face with a gun at a takeout food store on nord 52nd street. he took the man's wallet. a few hours later he went to a
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snow know mini mart on walnut street not too far away. this part wasn't show on video but he followed a victim out of the store and threatened to hit him with a gun. the victim handed over $80. if you know anything, call philadelphia police. neck in neck. the new national poll that suggests donald trump may be coming back from his latest slump. plus, the troubling results for hillary clinton. we'll explain that after the break. later, more troubles for volkswagen. details on a new recall involving some of the automakers most popular cars. another very warm day across the area for this time of the year. i'll let you know when it will start feeling more like november again. that's just ahead.
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we have breaking news of the woman accused of crashing her car into spectators at oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. she's been formally charged. 25-year-old adacia chambers faces four counts of second degree murder and 46 counts of felony assaultment chambers has remained in jail since the october 24 crash that killed four people and injured 46 others, including many children. now the political news. a new poll shows two republican presidential candidates are running neck in neck. the national poll out of quinnipiac university shows donald trump with a one-point
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lead over dr. ben carson. trump has 24% to carson's 23%. senators marco rubio and ted cruz trail with 14% and 13% representatively. the same poll shows jeb bush, carly fiorina, chris christie, and john kasich all in the single digits. on the democratic side, former secretary of state hillary clinton has an 18-point lead over senator bernie sanders but things are worse for clinton in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup with carson. clinton trails carson 50% to 40%. clinton also trails rubio, but according to the quinnipiac poll, she would defeat trump, cruz, and christie. today the first day the candidates can file for the new hampshire primary and donald trump was the first republican in line. he filed paperwork at the secretary of state's office this morning in concord. the first candidate overall to file was democrat martin o'malley. the former maryland governor signed up to participate at about 8:30 this morning. each candidate, by the way, has to pay a $1,000 filing fee.
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former florida governor jeb bush is also in new hampshire. he's attending an education reform event in manchester. it's part of his "jeb can fix it" tour. later he's set to hold a town hall at a world war ii museum. we just learned moments ago officials in chicago say a police officer carefully staged his suicide after committing criminal acts. the death of officer charles gliniewicz prompted a massive manhunt. the 52-year-old radioed on september 1 he was chasing three men on foot. backup officers later found his body. an investigation revealed the officer died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but the officer's family members are dismissing the suggestion of suicide. when is the last time you thanked someone who helped you? someone who did you a small favor or went above and beyond? or maybe even put their life on the line for your freedom.
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today is operation gratitude day, a chance to show your appreciation for the men and women of the u.s. military. captain jonathan niblock has been involved with the past five years now, thank you for being with us, captain. >> thank you. >> what is operation gratitude? >> operation gratitude was started in 2003 and it's since given out over one million care packages to soldiers deployed. since 2003, it's expanded to a little bit beyond that so it's now soldiers that are deployed, family members, wounded warriors and veterans in nursing homes or v.a. hospitals. >> veterans day, of course, is coming up on november 11. why is it important to have another day to kind of rally the community together? >> well, really it's just to keep us out there all year round. it's not just about veterans day, it's all year round. and really any support that can be given is outstanding. i've personally been a recipient of one of these packages and it
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just brightens your entire day to know somebody cares. >> what did you they have? what can people gather and donate. >> really we're looking for toiletries, snacks that are stable, beef jerky or candy or stuff like that. really the letters mean so much when we get them whether it's from adults or children. but really the toiletries, the clothing, and even now the stuffed animals maybe for the children of some of those that weren't able to come back. >> captain jonathan niblock, thanks for being with us. we have more information about operation gratitude day. it's happening from 8:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. there are dropoffs at a number of philadelphia area office buildings. you heard the captain mention some of the things you can drop off there. toiletries, snacks. to find a location near you and
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to learn more about the items needed, head to our web site, or you can check out the nbc 10 app. captain, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate all you do. >> thanks for your support. as warm as it was yesterday, it's even warmer today. and by more than just a little bit. another beauty out there, lots of sunshine across the entire area. we are tracking some showers as we go through the week and the potential for record warmth, some today, some on friday. that that sunshine certainly helps. 71 degrees at 11:00 in the morning. about the only thing that stopped this big climb and the temperatures, that east wind. it's only six miles an hour now but it may increase. six degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday when we got
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to 76 so by the end of the day i'm going for about three degrees warmer than yesterday. then tomorrow we'll be somewhat cooler but that's still ten degrees above average. we're 23469 allentown, 68 in doylestown, 71 in coatesville, 71 in washington township and mount holly, 69 in wilmington, 72 in wrightstown. we've got a bit of a sea breeze here at the beach, 66 in beach haven and 62 in louis, delaware. no clouds around. the moisture the south is still there but starting to creep up a little bit. we'll be seeing moisture come in off the ocean later tonight there's hardly a cloud in the sky. maybe a few fair-weather clouds near the beaches. look what happens through the night tonight. these are low clouds across the area.
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they're not producing any kind of rain but when you get up tomorrow morning it would probably be cloudy and that's going to help limit the temperature rise tomorrow. there we are also, a couple sprinkles around from time to time during the day so we're not tracking any kind of heavy showers. these are all light. in some cases just sprinkles. as we go through the day tomorrow and tomorrow night we watch this cold front come down, it could potentially produce a shower friday night and then it gets trickier for saturday. the front that's coming down is stalled to our south so there's a chance of rain especially in delaware and extreme south jersey for saturday. more on that a little bit later. but the warm air, yeah, it's peaking on friday and if we get enough sunshine, there will be some records tied or broken then. through the rest of the day today we have nothing but sunshine.
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unseasonably warm, near record warmth, highs in the mid to upper 70s. some place could touch 80 degrees. then on thursday temperatures down a bit because of all the clouds. chance of a couple light showers, even warmer on friday, 77 degrees. a chance of showers delaware south jersey on saturday as we cool down. then we cool down even more on sunday and monday. happening right now in south philadelphia, mayor kenney is talking about the transition to his new administration. let's listen. >> give her a hand. today we are formally launched our transition process. our transition period will be focused on turning ideas into actionable policy as well as .no car
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starts today and i invite philadelphians to share their ideas how we can create a better city for everyone. again, i just want to -- i can't contain my excitement and thrill and pleasure with being in the jackson school and having worked with lisa kaplan over these years, with these teachers and
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administrators and students. lisa is the type of person you can't say no to ever, she will hound you to death until you do what needs to get done. but that's emblematic of great leadership and we're happy to be here with her and that's why we chose jackson as our starting point for the transition. so thank you for coming. and any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> reporter: let's ask you about your education. >> i went to our lady of mount caramel, st. joe's prep -- >> reporter: i know that, but about pre-k. >> that's mayor-elect jim kenney talking about the transition to his new administration. as you heard him mention, he'll be hosting town halls. he's starting a web site called inviting philadelphians to share their ideas. we'll have more this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00 p.m. the time is 11:22.
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getting to the source. chipotle reveals the source of the e. coli outbreak that sickened several dozen people and closed quite a few of its restaurants. and later, reducing the risk. the one thing new mom cans do to help prevent one kind of cancer down the road.
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working in an environmentally green office could make you smarter. a new study put workers in various simulated office conditions then tested their mental performance.
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researchers found test scores were twice as high for people in builds with enhanced ventilation and low levels of chemical pollutants. that's compared to workers in conventional spaces. marijuana enthusiasts took a hit during elections in the midwest. next, why voters in ohio who wanted to legalize marijuana decided against it in the end. and later, a black tie gala in philadelphia next weekend will bring out the best and brightest children. how you can participate in the little smiles star thon.
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just about 11 sc:30. mayor-elect jim kenney has formally launched his transition effort. as he puts together his new administration, he's launching a
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web site to invite philadelphians to share their ideas to move the city forward. the former city councilman won an overwhelming victory to become the city's 99th mayor. jury deliberations are continuing in the fraud trial of shaka fatah, jr., the jury came back into the courtroom a few moments ago to ask two questions. we'll let you know as soon as the jury reaches a verdict. philadelphia police hope you recognize the man in this video whom they say robbed two people at gunpoint. according to authorities, both crimes happened in west philadelphia, one on halloween night, the second robbery happened a few hours later. in one case, the robber hit the victim in the face with his gun. plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, a great day to be down the shore. maybe a stroll along the beach. here's a live look from our camera atop the marquis de lafayette hotel in cape may.
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first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to fill us in on the forecast. glenn? from the shore to the poke no -- poconos, there's french manor, the leaves past peak in the poconos but peaking in other parts of our area. and some of the coolest places in our area are at the beaches. we're cloud free virtually everywhere. some moisture to the south. you can see near norfolk some of that will creep up over the next 24 hours or so and we'll probably be cloudy by this time tomorrow. it's 71 degrees already. 73 in millville, the average high temperature for this time of the year is 60. we're even higher than that in the poconos. several degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. and we reached 76 but we are going to be seeing a bit of an east wind that could prevent it
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from getting to 80 or above and setting records. we'll drop tomorrow because of the cloud cover and go back up on friday close to record levels the. for the rest of the day today we see a lot of sunshine, temperatures well into the 730s, starting cooling down by 7:00 and then the clouds start moving in. we'll see if there's rain coming along with those clouds in the seven day in a few minutes. now to breaking news, sky 1230rs is li force 10 is live over the delaware river where there is report of a body found the river near the torresdale section. stay with us throughout this newscast and check with the nbc 10 app for updates. now to more election results across our area. three spots were open in montgomery county for judge on
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the court of common pleas and here are the winners. republican risa vetri ferman. in south jersey, bob andrezejczak and bruce land beat the republicans. in district two, democrat vince mazzio and republican chris brown will return to trenton. in the race for city council, cheryl parker won the ninth district election over kevin strickland. for a look at the most candidates, check out the nbc 10 app. voters in ohio made their choice clear, they are say nothing to legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. many voters say they chose no for moral reasons. other voters wanted to legalize marijuana, decided to vote against it as well because they say they didn't like the idea of a select group of wealthy investors controlling production of the drug.
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governor john kasich, a republican presidential nominee, praised voters for their no vote. marijuana supporters say they will try again to push for legalization. now to news overseas. the investigation into the deadly crash of a russian passenger plane in egypt continues amid a new claim the militant group isis brought it down. nbc's bill neely reports from cairo. >> reporter: they're getting closer. investigators now focusing on a few small sections of the plane. no traces of a bomb, no evidence of explosives found so far according to reports on russian media. but the heat flash detected from the plane by a u.s. satellite proves there was an explosion that split the plane in midair. the evidence now pointing towards some catastrophic event that made a fuel tank explode. or a bomb. >> whether it's mechanical or intentional, that's yet to be determined. >> reporter: all the bodies recovered are in russia being
11:35 am
identified. the state news agency says those in the back of the plane suffered injuries consistent with an explosion. the tail was found three miles from the rest of the plane. they're now examining a repair job on a tail that was damaged hitting the ground 14 years ago. the terror group isis is active in egypt and claims it downed the plane. the truth will likely emerge from the two flight recorders. investigators analyzing these now but making nothing public. isis today has repeated its claim saying "we downed the plane, we don't have to tell you how we did it." nbc news has authenticated that comes from a recognized isis source. if it was a bomb, there will be evidence -- explosivove residuea timing device like a circuit board found in december '98 when pan am 103 exploded over lockerbie, scotland, but so far
11:36 am
no such evidence has been found so spare a thought for the families of all those on board who still have no idea how on earth this happened. back to you. >> that was nbc's bill neely reporting. officials say a russian-built cargo plane that crashed this morni ing -- a separate crash we're talking about -- was overloaded. this was in south sudan, at least 25 people died. a child and an elderly woman were pulled alive from the wreckage. sources at the russian aviation agency say it's common for security services to put family members on cargo planes. the flight normally carries 12 people but the crew added more passengers. back here in the u.s., miami-area police found a man and a young boy both dead inside a pickup truck just hours after they issued an amber alert for a six-year-old and his father. investigators suspect that the bodies are that of the missing pair, but they have not
11:37 am
confirmed that information. police are investigating a possible link between this case and the death of a woman who was found inside a home in a miami suburb. a woman who was in charge of caring for bobbi kristina brown is now facing charges she's been impersonating a nurse. police in north carolina arrested the woman on several charges, including identity fraud and nursing without a license. she spent a month caring for brown at an atlanta-area hospice before brown's death in july. a hospice official says the company performed a background check on the woman and reviewed her references. the police report shows no indication that brown's care at the hospice facility was compromised. lettuce, tomatoes and garnishes. investigators say that's the source of an e. coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants in the pacific northwest. chipotle has closed dozens of restaurants in oregon and washington state after 30 people got sick. federal investigators say they're working to trace the e.
11:38 am
coli to its source. a washington woman who claims that she felt ill after eating a burrito bowl is now suing chipotle for tens of thousands of dollars in damages. on the west coast, look at this incredible video. you can see large boulders blocking a california highway after a major rock slide. this is highway 178 in bakersfield. they were already dealing with the aftermath of a recent mud slide. now they have to deal with this. the road was shut down while crews used front loaders to move the boulders. today first lady michelle obama is visiting qatar to praise the country for providing opportunities for girls and women to learn and work. mrs. obama attended the official opening of the world innovation summit for education as part of her "let girls learn" initiative. she gave a speech talking about the horrific practices against women such as genital mutilation and cutting. >> we truly want to empower
11:39 am
girls to learn then we need to ensure that their bodies are a source of pride not pain or shame. >> earlier in her trip, she met with u.s. troops at the headquarters for u.s. central command in doha. conan o'brien joined the first lady and helped entertain the troops. the owners of a religious store in connecticut say their prayers have finally been answered. somebody stole a five-foot statue of jesus last week. the owners pleaded for it to be brought back and finally the statue was returned on sunday on all saints day. apparently whoever took the statue, though, thought it needed a makeover. the formerly white statue was painted red, white, and brown, as you can see. nobody has come forward and admitted to taking and repainting the statue. now to a recall we want to let you know about. more problems for volkswagen. the car make zeroualing 92,000
11:40 am
cars to fix a problem that can knock out the power assisted brakes, that includes beatle, golf, jetta and passat models from 2015 and 2016. a plan to fix the issue is expected by march of next year. until then, vw says owners should keep driving the cars. time now to check in on this week's wednesday's child. a sweet and bright little guy who has a lot of love to give. he's hoping to find a forever family to support and nurture him. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to devon. he wants to be a firefighter someday. eight-year-old devon is a little shy but it doesn't take long for his adventurous and inquisitive nature to shine through. he has a passion for all things fire fighting so we took a tour at the fireman's hall museum in philly to find out all about it. >> see that? that's an old water pipe.
11:41 am
>> devon is a really sweet, funny eight-year-old. he is in the second grade, he likes school. he enjoys basketball, especially football. >> he had a great time looking at all the fire equipment. he even got a chance to try on firefighters' gear. he has dreams of becoming a firefighter in the future. tell me why you think it would be a fun job devon? >> i like putting out fires. >> you think it would be cool? >> yeah. >> reporter: the ideal family would be able to provide love and support. devon would thrive if he's the youngest in the home. >> we're looking for a very structured, committed family for dev devon. he has experienced some loss in his life. we want a family that's going to be committed to nurture him and be patient with him and just show what i am a loving family can give him. >> reporter: he is ready to share his love with a forever family. >> devon would offer a lot of love to a family, a lot of laughs. he's very kind. >> reporter: devon is this
11:42 am
week's wednesday's child. >> great smile. if you'd like to make devon's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our web site, and search "wednesday's child." you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. finally, house work helped. all those guys who try to get out of doing household chores, you might want to think again. a new study reveals another reason why it could be beneficial. it's been very warm and dry for this time of the year but rain is going to be heading our way and temperatures eventually will get back to normal. i'll let you know what to expect and when just ahead.
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advances in diagnosing and treating chronic disease are allowing most people to live longer lives, but a new study shows death rates are climbing among white middle aged adults. researchers say the rise in deaths isn't caused by chronic disease, instead it's caused by an epidemic of suicides and substance abuse among the less educated. the death rate for middle aged americans with no more than a high school education grew by 20%. meanwhile, the death rate fell for those who went to college. women who are depressed during their second trimester of pregnant i have more likely to be sedentary and more at risk for extra weight gain and gestational diabetes. scientists recommend earlier
11:46 am
intervention in a pregnant woman's mental well-being which could help prevent physical deterioration later in the pregnancy and they say doctors should encourage activity so moms to be aren't sitting as much. a new study out from our area from lankenau medical center shows breast-feeding may decrease a woman's risk for an aggressive form of breast cancer. hormone receptive negative breast cancer makes up one-fifth of all breast cancers in the u.s., but researchers at lankenau hospital found women who breast-fed were 20% less likely to develop this type of particular cancer than those who did not breast-feed. ladies, there's a way to get your husband to do more dusting and vacuuming -- tell him it will lead to a better sex life. a new study shows men who do their fair share of the household chores have better and more frequent sex with their spouse. scientists say if the husband isn't doing his share the wife has to pick up the slack. that can lead to anger and bitterness among couples which can have ramifications when it
11:47 am
comes to intimacy. to avoid that, researchers say chores need to be taken care of in a way that feels balanced to both spouses. i won't try to transition from that to our next story. we have an interview coming up. the stars will be shining bright next weekend for a big black tie gala in center city, philadelphia. instead of movie stars and other celebrities walking the red carpet, this time some very special kids are in the spotlight. stephanie tomko is here to talk about the little smiles stars ball and she's joined by courtney simmons who's going to this year's ball, you've been to a few. we'll talk about your experience in just a moment. but steph i want to talk to you. tell us about little whiles and why it's important for kids to have this event. >> little smiles is a nonprofit organization that partners with hospitals and shelters in the area. we work directly with social workers and nurses and they submit requests to us for kids in their care. so each year our biggest fund-raiser of the year is the
11:48 am
stars ball gala. we go back to those same social workers and nurses and ask them out of all the extraordinary children that you care for, is there one that really stood out this year that you would like to walk the red carpet with us in november. so this year we have 13 kids, each from different hospitals in the area and they will join us on november 14 and walk the red carpet as our celebrities. they'll spend the day at strand salon in philadelphia having their hair and makeup done and tuxes and hair cuts and arrive by limo and walk the red carpet. it's pretty fantastic. >> royal treatment! >> absolutely. it's really, really fun. >> courtney simmons, you started going to the ball in 2012. tell us about your experience and what you see coming back. >> i just said to stephanie that my first stars ball was in 2012. i was a star so i got to walk down the red carpet and i remember being so, so, so excited. before because you spend so much time -- i had chemotherapy. you spend so much time thinking
11:49 am
you're not pretty and all of these things and for one night you get someone else to make you all pretty and to doll you up and then you get to the salon and everyone's like what can i get for you? what kind of makeup do you want? and they make you feel so special. then you finally get to the event and i remember sitting in a limo waiting and waiting as we got out and the people were screaming our names and taking pictures. it was like, gosh. so we walked down the red carpet and everyone is screaming your name, you can't figure out how everyone knows your name and they're waiting for your autograph. i felt like i was on top of the world for that night and so i've gone back every year just to watch the look on other kids' faces. >> wonderful. great to hear. thank you for being with us. we have more information about the little smiles stars ball, a night at the oscars. it's happening next saturday, november 14, from 6:00 in the evening to 11:00 in the evening at the philadelphia marriott downtown. for more information, if people would like to get involved they can, right? >> go to
11:50 am all of the information for tickets and timing and all the exciting events is right there. >> awesome. thanks, steph. thank you, courtney for being here and telling us about your experience. glad to see you're doing well. >> thank you, guys. thank you. certainly not feeling like november out there and we've got the warm weather to last through the end of the week. another beautiful day with lots of sunshine. not as sunny tomorrow. we're tracking showers, some could affect the area tomorrow and also some potential record warmth. at least near record warmth. we have clear skies now. 71 degrees. an east wind is the only thing
11:51 am
preventing us from getting significantly warmer. 71 in mount holly, 73 in millville. we're getting a bit of a sea breeze so it won't be that warm at the beaches but it's incredible, another beauty. we have moisture the south and that will be creeping up the coast over the next 24 hours. we'll probably wake up to cloudy skies but look at the temperatures. 70s across much of the area except much cooler at the beaches. as we go into the evening hours and overnight, watch these clouds coming in from the ocean. these are low clouds. the rest of the atmosphere above that is still pretty dry so about the most you can get, a few little drizzle drops or sprinkles out of it as we go into tomorrow morning. there you can see by tomorrow morning it's fairly cloudy. it doesn't prevent the temperature from getting fairly
11:52 am
warm but maybe just barely to 70 instead of closer to 80 degrees. you also see a few it will potential showers there during the afternoon. then on friday what we'll watch is a front coming in from the west. that's going to help clear some of this stuff out. so friday morning we could start off on the cloudy side and then as we get more sunshine, the temperature goes up then and, of course, it will depend on the sunshine, just how warm we get. friday looks to be another warm day, then front comes down, cooler air comes in over the weekend, especially on sunday but it won't last. it won't necessarily be in the 70s next week but it won't be that cold. sunny and unseasonably warm today, near record warmth, highs in the upper 70s. here in 70 tomorrow with clouds around. chance of a couple of showers.
11:53 am
friday a chance of a shower in the evening that is going get warm during the afternoon, if there's more sunshine it could get close to 80. delaware and extreme south jersey has showers saturday as the front stalls to the south temporarily then significantly colder sunday and monday before we warm up again. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon on ellen, she talks with michael keaton about his new movie. plus, we follow up the story of an 11-month-old cancer patient who was the victim of a medical mista mistake. a local hospital gave him ten times the dose of chemo. an update on his health and what's next for his family. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. to an update on our top story, philadelphia mayor elect jim kenney has launched his transition effort. he spoke at the andrew jackson school in south philly and says he'll hold neighborhood town halls to gather ideas from philadelphia residents. he also says his choice for police commissioner the city will come from within the department. the former city councilman won an overwhelming victory last night to become the city's 99th mayor.
11:57 am
that will do it for us at 11:00. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and everybody here at nbc 10, i'm rosemary con no, snors. have a good one.
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>> chad: my lawyer had better be in here this time. >> andre: oh, no need for a lawyer, chad. not when it's just family. >> chad: how'd you manage this? ah, either your kid must have gotten those braces he needed, or did you choose the all expense paid trip for you and the mrs. to paris? >> sit down. i wouldn't get in my face if i were you 'cause you don't have a lot of friends around here. >> chad: nah, just a lot of people on my father's payroll. >> andre: i see solitude has not mellowed you. >> chad: what the hell do you want? >> andre: i thought, as most of salem is across town celebrating detective brady's wedding, it may be a good time for us to have a chat, dimera to dimera. >> ben: [sighs] just the two of us. [sighs]


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