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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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in. >> breaking news, a deadly plane crash. these photos show late night recovery efforts in new york after a plane crashed into the water. fog could impact your ride to work or school. bill henley is tracking showers. we'll get the timing of that. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. >> yes, he is a one-man show. bill henley has a lot on his plate including limited visibility\. >> traffic cameras show the fog
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best. this is the new jersey turnpike, you see light fog north of delaware memorial bridge. much of the rest of the area is seeing thicker fog in new jersey especially. parts of delaware, too. some of it is inching into pennsylvania, northeast philadelphia airport is now reporting quarter mile invisible. that's dense fog also from mount holly, tom's river, to the south, millvale is seeing fog, visibility was down to zero, a few minutes ago, it's improved there. thick fog in dover. so a foggy start, but a mild morning with temperatures that will be climbing in spite of cloudy skies. the fog and clouds will hang in there. there is a chance of a shower. we'll go through the future-cast, right now, jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the roads for fog, jessica. >> so fog and construction is rally what we are dealing with this morning. right now we are dealing at the schuylkill expressway, cameras are turned to the onramp to head
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eastbound the vine street expressway is closed with construction. eastbound and westbound between broad street and the schuylkill. we saw police activity. schuylkill moving along nicely. we have no problems a. 12 minute drive time from the blue route. everyone is moving around. as for the p.a. turnpike, watch out for construction there as well. eastbound the left lane of the onramps are closed. crews working on those an ramps as well, chris. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of new york. at least one person died when a plane took off in this area crashednary queens. >> that single engine took off just before 17:00 last fight. less than an hour a crack off queen's, new york. matt delucia is live at northeast philadelphia airport with details on what we have
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learned overnight. you have been reviewing radio transmissions from the police shortly after it went down. >> reporter: from that audio, we can hear the frantic search for survivors shortly after that crash. we know the plane took off at about 7:00 last fight. it was on the way to new hampshire. it never made it. take a look at some of these images we got from last night where we could sigh what appears to be a piece of that plane found in the atlantic atlantic ocean him we know a plan's office was found in breezy point. vrths have been finding more and more pieces of that plane. calls came in shortly before 8:00. it wasn't long before that debris was spotted. they were going over the radio calls. a frantic search out there, indeed, plenty of questions this morning, including how many people were on that plane and what connections they had to
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this area because of the fact that that plane took off at 7:00. we are trying to get that audio for you when we see you again at 5:00. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> today a pretrial hearing is scheduled for one of the two men charged with killing a man. the officer strupt interrupted an attempted robbery. you remember this story in march. wilson had stopped by the game stop video store north philadelphia to buy a gift for his son's 10th birthday, according to investigators, he walk into a robbery and ho got hit. wilson was shot, i'm sorry, officer wilson was shot six times. police say, while trying to protect the customers in that store. new information on the jersey
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jam bridge scandal, the federal trial of two former allies of chris christie has been delayed. the defense attorney requested more time to review documents. the two are charged with conspiracy and fraud for allegedly orchestrating a scheme to shut down lanes and snarl traffic on george washington bridge in for the lee. prosecutors say it was payback for not endorsing christie's 2013 re-election bid. there is new information about the dozens of journalists at the philadelphia enquirer, the daily news and, who will lose their jobs by next month. yesterday 46 staffers were told which jobs are being eliminated. we now know that will include some long time reporters, editors and various production staff members. the corporate other than, philadelphia media network says it's a part of a restructuring move and out placement firm is helping workers find new jobs. the newspaper guild plans to challenge some of the layoffs. the job cuts become effective
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december 4th. well, a homework assignment is sparking a lot of concern in one jersey town. >> 8th graders were asked to analyze a scenario about the teen who was drinking and had a one night stand and then got herpes. the teacher wanted students to apply principles to that scenario. when she saw her homework assign vp, she wanted answers. >> i have told these kids everything they should ever have to know about sex, drugs, alcohol, one bad decision will lead to the rest. this is vulgarity at the utmost. >> the superintendent said it is aligned with new jersey common core standards. parents will be meeting with teachers to discuss their concerns. 4:36. paying for patriotism. >> that story is turning a lot of head.
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a new report lists the phillies among dozens of teens that got paid to honor the military. ahead, will you hear the philly side of the story. this was one sad looking christmas tree. there we go. >> in the city of reading. >> i thought the story turned out well. they ended up decorating the trae. got some attention. we'll talk about that story in a minute. first, a foggy start for many of you. low visibility across much of south jersey. meteorologist bill henley is back with a look at when that fog will lift and when some showers may arrive for the weekend. stay tuned. in is.
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>> coming up on 20 minutes before 5:00. in new jersey, this is what much of the area looks like, 295 is
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one of the many spots seeing very thick fog to start with this morning. low clouds over center city, northeast philadelphia also getting some of that thick fog, 93% humidity. but it's still mild this morning, in fact, it's warmer than yesterday. it will take a warm-up to get fog. it is difficult to see that warm-up, not much sunshine expected during the day today, a quarter mile invisible. starting to ease a little bit in toms river. not in millvale. it's thick there. dover reporting that thick fog, no showers in philadelphia. they're really not that far away, light showers now in southern chester county. there is a chance you will see a spotty shower. in spite of the cloud, look at the temperatures. very unnovember like.
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morris town 73, saaderton into the low 70s. you could see a cloudy skies at the store, cape may, after loun to 71 degrees. cloudy skies, some fog in parts of the area, especially in lower bucks county, lower montgomery county. this afternoon, cloudy skies and a chance of a shower for melbourne, wilmington and woods town. there is an end to the 70s, if you get tired of them. the 7-day forecast, a look at the weekend when i come back in ten minutes. >> no, no, not kidding. no. >> not there yet, bill. well, low beams are the order of the morning if you travel in much of south jersey as we saw there. >> right. let's get to more pictures and information. jessica boyington is watching 295. >> right around west sfep stepford, doing better.
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further forth, around hamilton, trenton and burlington county. you can see invisible here. southbound from 42 to the delaware memorial bridge. 23 minute trip, no problems. once you get over into department, watch out for some ongoing construction that's on 495 t. northbound ramp to terminal avenue is closed throughout the rest of november. as for mass transit. we currently have no problems or delays. chris. >> have you ever been to a football or baseball game within they honor the military on the field? it's usually a moving patriotic display, right? >> but the boast says they actually paid for that patriotism. the phillies are on the list of 50 teams, according to feds. you can hear about it coming up. next, talk about dropping in unannounced. you won't believe the guests who quite literally surprised everyone at one packed restaurant.
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paying for patriotism.
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a my report shows at least 50 different sports teams seechd received money at games. >> phillies are among those games. vai, we see these tributes on tv and in person at games, what itself the big deal with this, who is making an issue about this patriotism? >> chris, tracy, republican lawmakers released a report yesterday at a news conference, they claim it details widespread evidence the department of defense paying professional sports teams and leagues such as the nfl, major league baseball to honor american soldiers at sporting events. this shows the department of defense paid nearly $7 million in taxpayer money to honor the military over the past four years. such tributes include national anthems, full field, american flags and ceremonial first pitches. lawmakers slammed sports leagues over getting paid for the events earlier this year and this
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year's defense authorization bill includes language banning the pay. now, let's give you a live look at citizens bank park. the phillies received $38,000 over a two-year period. it's not illegal. the phyllis said a statement -- lawmakers say the problem is the patriotism is being bought using taxpayer money. >> then to find out the taxpayers are paying for it. it kind of cheapens the whole lot and that's simply not right. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell says the laeg will
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investigate, if any inappropriate payments were found the money will be refunded in full. we continue to monitor this, live in the digital operations center, nbc 10. turning to decision 2016, today marco rubio carley fiorina and bernie sanders are filing papers with the new hampshire secretary of state to get their names on the ballots for the state's presidential primaries set for february. in the next year, will you see a lot of political ads on tv. this morning, we have new information about who's paying for those ads. outside the super packs, 95% of tv ad spending on the republican presidential rait race t. democratic side the campaigns, themselves, are responsible for 95% of tv ad spending. the pro zwreb bush super pack right to ride spent the most for ads so far. you probably also seen commercials for this weekend's "saturday night live" hosted by
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donald trump. you won't be seeing this one anymore. >> zrump hosting "saturday night live" with musical guest sia and because of equal time rules, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> let me just say this, ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> nbc immediately pulled that promo. meanwhile, national latino groups have pulled trump. they say the network is prioritizing ratings over the controversial comments trump repeatedly made against mexican immigrants. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. >> donald trump is the message that dozens of protesters had outside nbc headquarters last night. they're trying to stop trump. one protesters says he has more than 500,000 signatures demanding trump not to host. you know, it's not always a pleasant surprise when someone drops in unannounced for dinner.
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right? >> especially when someone drops in. a suspected burglar did fall through the ceiling of a restaurant. watch the top middle of your screen, he cut a hole in the ceiling, so he's crawling trying to make his way to thes office. ceiling tiles start to give way. he falls through on the diners below, no one was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henry. >> it is a cloudy start this morning and foggy in some areas. not everybody is seeing the thick fog. that's a view from one of our fine cameras outside this morning, it's showing a list of fog. near the city, light fog, that's thicker in parts of new jersey, northeast philadelphia seeing some fog. in the hamilton area, you can see light fog along the new jersey turnpike. it will take hours to clear.
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then we'll see cloudy skies today. 57 degrees in philadelphia. 6 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. it is still going to be a mild afternoon, once the sun is up, slow warming process will start. we won't see the sunshine. we will get a few scattered showers in the area. this morning, radar showing light scattered showers moving into chester county. this is a possibility for some spots. not everybody will see the rainfall. it is going to be light. this weekend, there is a chance of showers on saturday, 63 degrees, turning cooler on sunday with lots of sunshine, so enjoy the 70s while they're here. >> we will. thank you, bill. ten minutes until 5:00. we have a lot of fog in south jersey. >> let's see the vine street expressway. jessica. >> so we have a little update. we have the ongoing construction that closes at between the schuylkill expressway and broad street in both directions.
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now the eastbound side is still closed to traffic. actually, no, it looks like they let a car out a few moments ago. i checked my camera around the schuylkill. you can see traffic moving along in both directions. no problems now. watch out for crews. so eastbound to 95, you should have no problems. no problems. that's real time if there ever was one. route 202. no problems, northbound or southbound, we're in the green with our drive times. still an 11 minute trip. now, moving over into new jersey, we're watching out for heavy fog today. also construction the off-ramp southbound car lane only ramp to exit 7-a, which is 195, it's closed through november. chris. >> we will learn which days will be the busiest for traveling around thanksgiving. my money is on the wednesday before and sunday after. i'm just guessing.
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airlines for america will announce the forecast. holiday travel has increased in this country. so we'll find out if that trend will continue. the group will also review how much money the airlines have made this year. from turkey day to preventing a holiday rerun, a local business is making sure that reading's official christmas tree doesn't disappoint visitors, good if frey's announced it will cut down a fir. a concolur fir. anyway, the tree is being given to the city of reading. a stark contrast to the tree on display last year. remember this one? it became known as the charlie proun tree, it was kind of scragley, had branches were
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gappy. viewed to have some really big on ams to hide those? the city adorned it with a single bulb just like the one in the "peanut's" version. listen to this breaking news from overnight, following this story, a small plane crash actually, the plane left this area and crashed and killed one person. ahead at 5:00, we're working to find out more information about the plane and who was on board. also next -- >> it's not a toy for us. it's how we talk to each other. >> someone stole this family's i-pad. next, why the thief may have no clue what kind of damage he did. in
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. >> happening today the megajobs fair at the esperanzsa college
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of eastern university. other companies will be there offering jobs. this morning, jurors will resume deliberations in the federal fraud trial of fatau, jr. he arrived at the federal courthouse yesterday. it was the first full day of deliberations, they claimed he lied to banks to get business loans, which supported his extravagant lifestyle. they say he lied on his taxes to cover his tracks. the defendant is the son of a congressman who is married to anchor renee fatau. kenny is working on his administration, he visited a school. education specifically pre-k education sa a priority for him. >> i'm not coming in with big promises. i'm coming in with promises that can be akeefd.
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>> make your decisions, a couple times you may have a bad call on it. move on. >> that, of course, is outgoing mayor nutter offering his advice to his successor. he advised kenny to get some rest after all that that campaigning. governor tom wolf says a new project could add several thousand. well paying jobs. >> crews are dredgeing the philadelphia river to allow larger ships to come to the port t. project is on track for completion in 2017. in other news, a glocester county woman is pleading for help. someone stole her son's ipad. stacy sanchez was unloaded groceries in her apartment when someone took the table. it may sound like petty test. it's actually much worse. her son has autism and down's syndrome. he used the specially outfitted ipad to communicate with his mom. >> to other people, it's just a
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toy. but for my son, it's the way he specs to me. how to tell me what's wrong. how he's feeling what he wants, what he needs and i don't have money to replace it. >> sanchez called police and apple to check on a warranty the location service find my ipad hasn't helped track it down so far. well, soon, this will be a place for two military veterans and their families to call home. habitat for humanity spent yesterday building a duplex t. home will help restore independence for a veteran in need. the way to give back to those who give so much to keep us safe. >> it's definitely a port of our core values, to give back. the veterans do so much for us, though. it's the least we could do. >> the project will take nine
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months to comploochlt one local group serves our military year round. now they're asking for help. operation gratitude sends care packages to soldiers oversea, wounded warriors, veterans and nursing homes and families of soldiers who didn't make it home. they're asking for toiletries, non-perishable snacks and clothing. an organizer told us about the impact of operation gratitude. >> personally being the recipient of one of these packages, it brightens your entire day to no someone cares. >> you can drop off anything you'd like to do nate between 8:00 and 1:00 today. for a list of those businessess, log on to nbc news at 15:00 a.m. starts right now. >> nbc 10 breaking news. a plane that took off from northeast philadelphia crashed in, no. this morning, at least one person is dead.
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we are gathering new information now on the investigation. also breaking from overnight, two people are dead after a shooting at a montgomery county apartment complex we are live on the scene asking questions about the causes. >> as you hit the roads, put those lights on low beams and take it slow. there is thick fog in certain parts of the area a. live pick here coming from one of our cameras. some drivers will need to take their time this morning. we'll have what you need to know. good morning, welcome to nbc news today. >> let's talk about the fog and the warm-up to come in the weather center. >> new jersey is seeing the worst of the fog this morning, this is 295 and hamilton new jersey. it looks like it's starting to ease a little bit. but there is still a possibility it will get thicker before it clears out completely. the fog will be slow to clear.


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