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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we're looking at a wet tuesday, a rainy ride to work or school. we'll tell you what it means for your morning commute. >> the cops were everywhere, the dogs were everywhere. the helicopter was hovering. >> neighborhood chaos after a violent home invasion. how two men managed to escape and where one of the suspected burglars turned up after the crime. >> the fight for 15. what workers have planned that could impact where you eat today. 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. you'll want to hear that story and hear this before you decide what to carry out the door. >> plan on taking the umbrella. the rain is going to be steady through the morning. the light rain started overnight and now we've got steadier heavier downpours in delaware, south jersey and we're tracking this one area through new
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jersey. new castle county saw its first, the heavier showers in camden county, beryling town county, this area is starting to taper off. the rain is going to be here most of the day. 57 degrees at 7:00, and 10:00 this morning a little warmer but we won't see the sunshine today so not going to get the fast warm-up like yesterday. we will see a steady wind out of the east northeast at 12 miles per hour, a little stronger at 1:00. 61 degrees at 1:00. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching those wet roads with your first alert traffic. >> we'll get it by the time the show is over we'll be able to say wet roads without having a space between it. we're on 95 now around cottman avenue. they zoomed out so you can see what is going on. an accident scene on the northbound side so taking out the two left-hand lanes, so not a huge backup behind it. the drive time is still 15
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minu minutes. so a little slower than normal. but we're going to look at where we typically see jam-ups in the morning time. that's heading toward center city. usually jams up first. woodhaven to the vine only 15 minutes, 13 minutes on the schuylkill no problems on the blue route we're in the green all across the board. a heads up later on this evening, watch out for stadium area traffic, especially if the roads are wet or possibly still raining. wells fargo center, the philadelphia flyers versus colorado avalanche that will be happening around 7:00 p.m. 5:32. beaten up and robbed inside his own home. police are searching for two suspects, wanted in a violent home invasion in franklin township. katy zachry is live where one of the suspects was last seen. walk us through this. >> reporter: tracy, that suspect was last seen inside this wawa store along delsy drive. where we're standing this is
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just a short walk from the scene of the home invasion, and police say it was at that scene where they had the suspect nearly surrender. here is a picture inside the store after he walked in sunday evening. franklin township police say he and another man are wanted for tying up, beating and robbing a middle-aged man in his apartment on old dutch mill road. police were called there and they got on scene fast enough to corner one of the suspects. >> i stopped, you know, i submit and then he hopped the fence, boogied out of here. and then boom, cops just swarmed up, he bolted, and the whole place turned chaos. >> reporter: and that suspect, the one who ran away, he was last seen going through a swampy area and soon after he appeared in this wawa, again he was caught on store video. police do not know where me is at this time or where his accomplice is. in the next half hour we'll go
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into detail about the condition the suspect was in when he walked in and what he said to people in the area. reporting live in franklin township, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." today a judge will sentence this man who pleaded guilty in the murder of a philadelphia police officer moses walker. chester mcfarland took a deal in exchange for his testifying against co-defendant rafael jones. this surveillance video shows officer walker in august 2012 in plain clothes off duty on his way to the bus stop in north philadelphia when jones and mcfarland tried to rob him. jones shot and killed the officer. in june a judge sentenced him to life in prison without parole. officer walker was a 19 year veteran of the police department, due for retirement shortly after his murder. >> in harrisburg lawmakers are making progress on the state budget specifically education funding. the two sides reached a ta teative deal on a break through school funding plan.
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it's one of the sticking plans of the budget negotiations until now neither side could agree on the numbers. it could mean as much as $750 million for schools. lawmakers need to work out where the money will come from. this would be the biggest school funding increase in state history. the proposal comes as programs aring cut and districts forced to take out loans because of the budget stalemate. governor wolf is optimistic the vote could come next week. >> from our south jersey bureau appears atlantic city won't get a state bail out. chris christie vetoed most of the bill. the key bill would have left remaining eight casinos make payments instead of paying taxes, that way casino operators would know exactly how much they owe instead of facing potential huge increases each year in taxings. the one bill the governor did sign provides extra aid to atlantic city schools.
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>> if you are stopping for breakfast keep this in mind. fast food workers are planning their largest strike ever today. their latest step in the fight for $15 an hour. workers had planned walkouts in 270 cities including philadelphia. picketers will start near 31st and allegheny before a rally at city hall this afternoon. >> arrest in a delaware murder 30 years in the making. next, cracking the case, how police put the pieces together after all of these years, in a crime that led them all the way to georgia. plus, rising waters. we'll take a closer look at video that threatens several school buses and texas and prompted lawmakers to take action. >> the falling water this morning is the problem, the roads are damp, it is 53 degrees at 5:36. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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21 minutes before 6:00. the rain is coming down, cape may is seeing steady and heavy rainfall in the area. and we will see a rainy morning. it's this afternoon that we may see some breaks in the rain. but not the wind. that steady wind bringing the moisture into the area. winds are a little stronger at the shore, 17 miles an hour now in wildwood, dover seeing 17-mile-an-hour winds. the rain coming down, cape may you can see some steady rain there. and it's light rain in philadelphia. even a few breaks north and west. that's going to change. we could see heavier downpours, in fact, lining up in virginia and north carolina this morning. so stand by for sunless skies today. not much of a warm-up. 58 for fleet wood, camelback 56, the rain coming down. steadiest this morning, then a few breaks in the rain during the afternoon. the clouds will hang in there for abington, bordentown and
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norristown. warmer at the shore. the ocean waters warmer so rehoboth beach and avalon the low to mid-60s. it will top out near the 60-degree mark for woodstown. when the rain will end with the future cast and the seven-day when i'm back in ten minutes. >> 20 minutes till 6:00. steady rain falling on i-95. hopefully that hasn't led to problems. >> let's find out. jessica boyington is watching the cameras. >> so we have 95 right around cottman avenue. we have good news and an earlier accident scene on the northbound side blocking off a few lanes has cleared. so we can see in our cameras traffic moving through, and we still have 15 minute drive time. no real problem northbound to woodhaven road. watch out in new jersey, for a road obstruction. this is going to be a mouthful. chesterfield southbound at bordentown road an earlier accident there and now low hanging wires from that accident. so they closed it between
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paulson and chesterfield jacobstown road. a lot of names. hopefully you know that area. you'll be fine getting through as you follow the posted signs. area bridges are okay, betsy ross, ben franklin, but watch out on the tacony palmyra has a scheduled opening for 6:00 a.m. in the next 20 minutes or so take the betsy ross bridge. >> thanks. it's 5:41. next the price of safety. we'll tell you about the new push to require seat belts on school buses. plus -- >> i am resigning as president of the university of missouri system. >> campus unrest. we'll break down the shake-up at missouri after the football team takes a stand against racism.
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new castle county detectives say they solve add murder that took them all the way to georgia. >> and three decades into the past. this one went unsolved for 30 years. in july of 1985, 54-year-old piano teacher joe braun was murdered. 14 years later police say two men told them their recently deceased relative killed braun and that his girlfriend was involved. police couldn't tie sandra heartsack to the crime but they took another look and learned that sandra was arrested in 2001
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so ran her finger prints and they connected her to the murder. police tracked her down at a homeless camp in georgia. >> difficult for an agency to put resources into a unit such as a cold case. here's the payoff. >> she will be brought back to face charges. >> the university of missouri's president is off the job. he resigned yesterday in response to a race controversy that included protests, a boycott by the football team and a hunger strike. the university of missouri president tim wolfe is out and so is chancellor lofton. wolf was accused by black student groups being indifferent to a series of reported racist acts on campus. things reach the tipping point when students on the football team threatened to not play until wolf was fired or resigned. which he did yesterday. students say they are glad that he did so. >> i think it was long time
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overdue. i think there has been a lot of racial tensions and i'm glad that something has finally been done. >> i don't think that it is for us for anybody to question what these students say that they are going through. >> now the search continues for an interim president. the university's governing board announced a series of diversity initiatives including hiring a first ever diversity officer. >> new this morning, 20 of the newest child booster seats are in the insurance institute for highway safety's highest rating. the remaining three models rated as good. the institute's evaluation focuses on belt fit, the lap belt should lie flat across the upper thigh, the shoulder belt over the middle of the shoulder. the agency is calling on makers of older models to stop production due to low safety ratings. for a list of the seats and their ratings, zbrous to the nbc 10 app. here is a question for parents getting kids ready for school. if seat belts are required in
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cars why not school buses? the feds say it's time for a change. 25 million children ride a school bus every day. the american academy pediatrics say four children die. video from seat belt manufacturers show unrestrained dummies thrown through a bus while those belted in remain in their seats. only six states require seat belts on school buses. the top highway safety officer is pushing for tougher rules. >> seat belts save lives. >> the school bus industry argues getting children to buckle up is challenging, they say it should be up to the state or local authorities to decide whether or not to require seat belts, also since equipping a bus with them costs 7 to $10,000 per bus. >> i wonder how seat belts would affect this situation in texas. if students had seat belts on this bus. this is from inside bulls as the
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bus hit flood waters. you can see the water coming on the bus. this is why lawmakers in texas are pushing for a better flood warning stext several buses were threatened by the rising waters. the drivers had to think quickly after they realized they were surrounded by water. the problem is there were no barrier gates so drivers kept moving through the roadway until they hit the flooding. >> communication for that to happen and it could have before i got there it would have to go back to the station, from the station, back to the bus driver. we don't have the capability of bus drivers talking to one another. they don't have each other's numbers. >> the officials are addressing that and asking for road improvements in that part of texas. coming up on 11 minutes before 6:00. it's a rainy start, the rain started early in the morning, it's a steady light rain falling
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in philadelphia. but with the wind blowing it's out of the east-northeast at 10 miles an hour, it feels like it's coming down heavier. the temperature, 54 degrees, thankfully warmer than yesterday when it was so much colder. we're not going to see the big warm-up with clouds and rain. it is going to be a dreary tuesday. rainfall and steady wind, the wind a bit stronger in delaware and south jersey. 17-mile-an-hour wind in wildwood. the northeast winds bringing the moisture in and you can see it coming at us with rain. now there's a few breaks in the rain north and west and to the south, so we will get some breaks in the rainfall during the day today after pretty steady rain this morning. then these bright clouds moving through, the carolinas into virginia, that's another round of rain potentially heavier coming in late this evening and tonight. futurecast shows noon time might see breaks in the rainfall in delaware and south jersey. some showers in the area and potential for heavy downpours during the evening hours for lancaster, berks, lehigh
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counties and upper montgomery and bucks counties, those showers wilt be moving toward the pocono mountains by 11:00 this evening. the rain still falling in philadelphia but take a look at this. overnight tonight really tapers off and about this time tomorrow morning the last few showers will be in the area. and during the day for veterans day tomorrow, it will be dry. but today, the opposite is true. cloudy skies, rain, in the upper 50s and low 60s and wind up to 15 miles an hour. rain ending overnight tonight. tomorrow turning partly sunny in the afternoon, veterans day, 64 degrees. after a morning low of 51. another round of rain for thursday, then it's bright sunshine for friday and the weekend will be dry but cooler for saturday and sunday. we'll see temperatures in the 50s. it's sunday morning and monday morning that's turning cold again, back in the 30s. >> all right, bill. thanks for that. umbrellas required. hopefully you don't wa to wait too long for the bus. now to work with 95.
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>> looks like brake lights on parts of 95. jessica boyington will show us if there is a backup. >> so we're on cottman avenue now. this is a new thing we've been talking about from earlier this morning. so, what it looks like in here all traffic completely stopped at this moment. i'm not quite sure if there are lanes through the area now. but a vehicle right in the center not sure if it's an accident or somebody that's spun out going around the curve and it's slippery. we'll have updates for you, it just popped into our system here at the nbc 10 studios. we're around cooper road in voorhees, new jersey. wet roads there. everybody is moving along nicely. and we'll keep it over in new jersey, as you can see everything is still moving along nicely on route 30 at white horse and clemententon road. we'll have another update on 95 more details when i come back in the next ten. >> up next, a buck in the
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bedroom. oh, my. we'll explain how this deer made it into a family's home and he didn't want to go away easily. what happened when police arrived. then there were three. two players from our area among those three sitting strong at the world series of poker finals in las vegas. we'll take a look at who has the best shot of winning.
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the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. >> talk about walking in on something in the bedroom. look at this. hello. don't mind me. just checking out your bedroom. that's a deer, a buck that wandered into the master bedroom of a home in indiana. the family came home to find the young buck testing out the mattress. police arrived, ushered the deer out. it got in through another window and they say the antlered intruder left a mess behind. that will happen with deer. a big win for animal activists. sea world announced it's ending the killer whale shows at its san diego park it it plans to
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phase out the shows by 2017. this after criticism over the treatment of the or kas, the killer whales, the park plans to replace the shows with a different experience. it's not clear whether the show that sea world parks in orlando and san antonio will also be phased out. >> this morning a spokes western for vladamir putin says accusations his country's track and field athletes are doping are unfounded this after a drug watchdog group says russian athletes should be banned from next summer's olympics until the country cleans up its act. the anti-doping answer panel says the russian government is involved in a cover-up by its track and field athletes. the agency says the russian intelligence agency actually spied on russia's anti-doping lab and helped find some of the problems. because of that russia could face sanctions including a ban from the games in rio. >> it's a decision that will impact many in this area. the state of new jersey is
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trying to decide if fantasy sports should be considered gambling. a state assembly committee heard testimony from industry executives yesterday who claim that fantasy sports are games of skill, but if fantasy sports are considered gambling then voters will have to decide whether to amend the state constitution to permit it. many states are pushing for regulations for fantasy sports including the use of websites like fan duel and draftkings. and speaking of gambling, then there were three. today a poker player from montgomery county is favored to be the next world series of poker champions. it's down to the final table and north wales native joe mckeon has two thirds of the chips in play. he has a huge lead. the 24-year-old is playing in the world series of poker's main event which wraps up too. if he wins he will take home more than $7 million. but there are two other players in his way and one of them is also from this area.
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josh beckley is in third place so far. yesterday thomas kanooly of cape may was the first eliminated from the table. >> the president of temple university is now on board with plans for a new on campus football stadium. he wrote an editorial in the "inquirer" saying that the $100 million project is a quote logical next step for the school, his reasons, momentum at the university, and the need for a new game day experience. we all remember when college came and set up an independent poll. right now the owls are playing home gamings at the linc. temple will work with homeowners and the city council to iron out issues. some neighbors we talked to aren't sold on the idea. >> would they want it in front of their doors? that's all i got to say. they wouldn't won't it across from them. >> temple plans to answer more questions about its plans at its
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board of trustee meeting next month. >> fresh off a win some of the birds channelled their inner dr. seuss to promote child literacy. eagles players dressed up as what else, thing 1 and thing 2. it's part of the siegels partnership launch at the book drive. the green eggs and ham is of course eagles green. >> brandon and john are guys i've known for a long time, the perfect guys to do that. they are kind of goofy that way. >> the kids were mesmerized. >> they like goofy people like that. thank you. you're watching "nbc 10 news." nbc 10 nous at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. if take it slow on the roads out there. trust me. we're off to a rainy start this morning. >> here is what it looks like on
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first alert radar. a wet and windy tuesday. it's about 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. warmer out there than it was yesterday but with it comes the wet weather. how did you say it yesterday, wet weather. something like that. right to bill with the first alert forecast. >> it is rain and it is steady this morning. experienced it coming in and most of the morning looking at rainy conditions. the light rain extending into the lee high value in northern new jersey. we've seen heavier through salem, gloucester, camden, now burlington camden on the way to ocean county. it's sitting light rain in philadelphia. where it's heavier, and into cape may we could see an inch of rain. less all thing in philadelphia. 57 at 8:00, by 11:00, should be in the low 60s. you see not a big warm-up. the easterly wind w


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