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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> that breaking news takes us to newcastle county, firefighters now have a hands him on a fire. -fire chief gave us an update. >> it certainly is an uncan my coincidence. >> well, that uncan my coincidence is now playing into a camden county boy. >> there are some people who will never like the police. some police who won't get the need to connect with community. >> the next top cop, philadelphia's incoming police commissioner lays out his plans for when he takes over the boards. and begging for books, we'll extrain the struggle for some students and how their principal is making sure that they have what they need to get an education. >> this morning, we are tracking the showers. we take a look at the art museum
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in philadelphia. we will tell you when the rain will arrive. we also have some much colder weather for part of the weekend, too. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> bill henley has you covered with all your planning purpose himself. bill. >> for now it is dry. if you are going to be out of the house for a short time now you will have no problem. the wet weather is just to the west it is chillier this morning. a little chillier compared to yesterday at this time in dover and mill vial down by 8 degrees we will see that into the signatures in spite of the rain. right now 51 degrees, that's up 2 degrees in the last hour in philadelphia, in spite of sunshine just yet. it will be up before 7:00. look at the temperature.
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near 60 degrees. that's at 10:00. as you go into the late morning and afternoon hours, parts of the area will see some showers. we will go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast. jessica boyington has your first alert forecast. >> we are on the 42 freeway around route 51. so northbound lane are in here, headed to 295. against philadelphia right now. to the wall at the bend, you are having no problem there. northbound to the bridge. a four minute drive time. that's actually light for this morning. watch u watch out for the schuylkill westbound but you can see the drive times are still okay. 13 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we had ongoing construction there. we will have updates on that when i come back in the next ten minutes. chris. >> all right. let's get back to our breaking
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news this morning, where firefighters have now contained a fire at the recycling center. you see it here in this pick. we have just learned the name of the company. this is gold medal environmental on south hills street in newcastle. we just heard from the fire chief. he spoke live with our matt delucia. he told us they're not sure what started the fair. it was all contained in the building there. some recyclable materials were burning. the fire is under control. no injuries. this morning, we have new information on the mysterious death of that little boy in camden county. >> nbc 10 learned his aunt appeared before a grand jury this week him sources close to the investigation confirm the grand jury subpoenaed 20-year-old senior ra, the sister of his dad dj. a year ago, she made a video for a college project about the death of a young boy and her nephew portrayed the boy in the video. now her attorney says that's
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pure coincidence. >> it's a red hering. i would encourage people not to focus too much on it. i think it's a waste of time. >> five weeks ago, his father reported him missing. the boys body was found in a park about a half mile away. the autopsy and toxicology tests provided no clues about how he died. happening today the chester county da's office, the d. a. will talk about sexting and cyber bullying at local schools. this comes in the wake of a sexy scandal in the different east town school district. authorities charged three students between the ages of 11 and 15 with sharing child important. police say the students shared erotic exclusive pictures of themselves and sent rumors the class made was in an erotic video they downloaded and
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shared. >> we have new information this morning on the george washington bridge scandal. a former appointee now wants his trial for that scandal moved out of state. an attorney for a former executive, his attorney says it's impossible to get a fair trial. beroni and former staffer bridget kelly are accused of ork straight a scheme to snarl traffic as political payback. two months ago, we had pope francis here. now we are months afrom the democratic convention in philadelphia. >> planners will invite businesses to look at ways from the event. here's a live look in south philadelphia where the convention was held next july. the host committee will launch an online seminar to show businesses how to get listed in a directory of vendors for the
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convention. minuteman press on south broad street is among those to cash this. the company showed off merchandise it has already printed for the convention. philadelphia's mayor elects a named richard ross, jr., to be the next city complexer. ross says he will build on his predecessors in january. it has been an outgoing for police chief ramsay. he hopes to have police officers from diverse backgrounds. he says he also wants to condition a dialogue on police brutality and misconduct. >> to me, they're not mutually exclusive. there is a way to have them both happen at the same time. have you to have a dialogue so that people can hear each other.
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>> he hopes to limit the controversial practice of stop and frisk. bug problems have stripped philadelphia's skoolts of extra resources and complies i supplies in the classment radio. >> that has one principal putting the focus on reading for fun. nbc 10 katie zachary is outside to explain. >> tracy, this principal is not shy at all about the fact that she really becks for books, because many of her students, well, they would not have an outside reading back if it weren't for her. >> by the end of the week, you know, these all could be gone. >> reporter: kathryn mckeller carter has been checking outside books for 8th grade students since the start of the year. she gives away a few books away for good behavior. her supplies are going fast. most of the students don't have their own books or own home libraries and for student who live in homeless shelters, she
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does have that population. this program has even changed their lives. >> they really enjoy getting something of their own. any time anybody is in a shelter. okay, it's about having their own clothes, their own items and having something on a personal level. >> reporter: yeah, really important for them. coming up at 6:00. i'm working on a story about why some of the older students in that elementary school are choosing fun books to read. several grades below them. we will look into that. reporting live in spring garden. katy zachary. nbc 10 nude. >> it's eight minutes after 5:00. clouds are starting to move in. we saw some sun zion yesterday. we will see much less today, in fact, this morning we likely stay dry t. rain will move in
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and be with us into the afternoon hours. 51 degrees right now in philadelphia. we will see a nice warm-up in spite of the crowds. completely dry this morning in cape may. there is a chance cape may will stay dry in the western disturb u suburbs to to north. 51, the airport is cooler. low 40s for chester springs. blue bell is 46. will you see 40s across most of delaware and south jersey. that's to start with. 60s this afternoon. a little fog in and out in the pocono mountains. now a little dense fog to the pocono mountain, clouds for everybody es and some gusty winds, too, will accompany this rainfall. we'll see southerly winds to start with then once the rain
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shifts. it will make for cooler weather tomorrow. today, showers expected la it this morning. mid-day into the early afternoon hours. they won't last long. gusty winds will push the cloud out of here. 60s today. but this weekend, a different story. >> all right. looks good. ten minutes after 5:00. time to get a check of the roads. >> let's see if your ride to work is good for you. >> it looks a little better, especially if you head out the door on the vine street expressway. so they're still in the process of picking up the road work headed westbound. some traffic as you can see in here is allowed to head
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eastbound. watch out for crews, pretty much by the time you get out of the door heading out into center city. we will keep it there. not until close with ongoing construction we also like to give you a heads up. if you are headed out the door flyers versus washington capitals. there will be extra volume around that time. >> we have deadly plane crash in ohio. how experts are narrowing down the factors that may have caused that crash. plus this. >> encouraging diverse di. the new plans that organizers will help the event grow even bigger.
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. >> this morning we are getting a look at this new under surveillance video from tuesday's deadly plane crash in akron, home, that killed all nine people on board. in the backgrounds, you can see the plane going down, then flames and plaque smoke from the crash. investigators say the 2e7b e ten seater charter jet banked left, clipped power lines and crashed into an apartment building. no one on the ground was hurt. the crash displaced about a
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dozen families. the national transportation safety board is looking into several factors that could have contributed to the crash. they are looking at flight records and air track control. verdicts have recovered the plane's cockpit voice recorder. neighbors impacted by the deadly crash are trying to make sense of what happened. >> it looked like something in my afghanistan days, just something, a bomb, and i just said something, i just ran, i was only 2 of a mile away. >> it is 51 degrees a. university of missouri student who allegedly posted an online threat will appear in court this morning to face charges. many students say they were afraid to go to class after someone posted a threat on a social media website yik yak saying i am going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every
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plaque person i see, adding, don't go to campus and we will kill you. this week, missouri's president resigned of his handling of racism on campus. >> we want to him to resign or be removed from his position. it seems the movement is spreading at ithaca college in new york. hundreds staged a walkout. their complaints include offensive remarks and a racially tense party invitation sent out by a campus fraternitiments you are getting that list of new years resolutions ready? really, we are only 49 days away from 2016. new years, of course, a time to make changes. >> a parade that has been a mainstay in philadelphia for more than a century is changing the coming newier. there have been complaints lately about the lack of diversity among the mummers.
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so the mummers are adding a division for ethnic organizations. a mexican heritage group. participation and attendance have dropped off. the mummers say this will ensure the parade grows. >> i think it's great. we need more people to come out. hopefully, they bring more attention. they can see everything. >> the hope is a fresh start with a fresh face. they will continue working the crowd on new year's day. >> look at this, this is new video from a viewer. he sent us venezuela, this emu on the loose and police say they've actually gotten a lot of calls because the big bird keep darting in and out of track and caused a school to go on lockdown monday. now the department offing a culture is asking the police and the game warden to put into this foolishness and catch the bird once and for all.
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>> well, if the bird was on the road, we'd show it to you. >> you never know, exactly they always start with weird intros, weird intros. no, just cars. it's a little boring. but it's what you want to see. there is nothing going on. on the new jersey turnpike. no problems there. but once you get to the department memorial reports, volume because of construction three lanes lost. once there, on 495 north bound, that's closed around november with construction and on 95 the northbound ramp to 896 northbound is closed. we will take a look at 95 and the drive time there to see how we're doing, picking the flight, looks great. you can see everything's green. northbound or southbound from
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295 to 495 is an 11-minute trip. i will check in to see if that construction is clear when i come back in the next ten minutes. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 18 minutes after 5:00. dry right now. >> that will be changing during the day. it is also chillier, low 50s in the city. 40s for much of the rest of the area 89% t. rest of the area is the temperature at 51 now is back in the 60s. we will not see much of it during the morning or early afternoon hours. 51 at the airport, look at the 40s, doylestown, trenton in the upper 40s. at the shore, 40s for cape may at the airport, 48 degrees. here come the clouds him so the
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temperatures will not go much lower, and this rain will be moving in later this morning, will see a nice warm-up during the day. 60 for parts of the area. later this morning, the showers arrive. allentown, 59 degrees into the low 60s nor norristown. mount holly, showers likely there. it will likely stay dry in cape may, rehoboth and dover. watch most of the cloudy skies this morning and into the afternoon. showers moving through west chester and through new jersey as well. >> a little less likely you will see rainfall in wilmington a. cool change for tomorrow, though, winds will be gusty. not just friday, also on saturday. most of the day in the 40s with the winds blowing. the wind dies down saturday night. gets colder sunday morning, 35 degrees. near 60 sunday afternoon. here come 60s next week, in
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fact, wednesday closer to 70 degrees is there that's what i'm talking about for november. thank you, sir. next, door buster deals from the comfort of your home. we'll tell you how wal-mart is trying to make things simpler for black friday shoppers. less chance of being tramppled. how one restaurant is trying out a new system that may not necessarily save you cash. .
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joe's crab shack is testing a no tipping system at more than a dozen of its restaurants. instead the company will pay servers, hosts and bar tenders at left a $12 an hour. usually they get $2 plus tips. if this is successful, more joe's crab shack will follow suit t. change will provide greater financial security for employees. menu prices will also increase. in a little more than two weeks. it's black friday. one major retailer is laying out its plans. landon dowdy is here with this morning's cnbc business news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you as well. wal-mart unveils black friday plans. it will offer the same blockbusters deals online and in stores at 3:00 a.m. eastern time and in stores at 6:00 p.m.
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eastern time. you can try it out now on the wal-mart app. futures are higher. the market is trading lower for most of the session on low volume likely due to the veteran's day holiday as the bond market was closed. we get data on unemployment and several reserve officials are speaking. investors will be listening to any comments about interest rates. the nasdaq losing 16 to 6057. tracy, back over to you. >> landon dowd di, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 5:51. 51 degrees. clouds are moving back into the area. if you are headed out the door right now, take an umbrella with
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you. no problems westbound around lehigh street. when we come back, we'll have another check on your morning drive. we'll be right back. .
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>> sexting in schools. we'll tell you how a district attorney in a local county is
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trying to help students from getting arrested like their classmates did recently. >> we will tell you when the temperatures are expected to take a dip. we'll get you prepared. no worries it's 5:28. >> we had nice weather yesterday. rain moving in later this morning. meteorologist bill henley is standing by. not too bad out there right now? >> no, just fine. still on the cool side right now. but the temperatures are running into some clouds. without the cloud, we get a quick cool down with clouds coming in it's completely dry at this hour. >> that changes because of this. look at the showers moving into western pennsylvania. later this morning, early this afternoon, that's when we will see the wet weather. be every the wet weather arrive, temperatures move up. we'll be back in the 60s this afternoon. 46 in potts town. 49 in wilmington. a quick warm-up during the day
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with cloo is to start with. by 10:00. we'll be up to near 60 degrees. into the low 60 as showers continue into the early afternoon hours. but they're not going to last all day. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we had some construction projects, that were running behind schedule closing it in both directions. as you can see right here, are you headed west dound bound, 30 strait station right there. eastbound to 95, no problems all lanes moving. you should be fine. in new jersey, east and westbound between 21st and logan square. two lanes getting by. mass transit


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