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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 13, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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the temperatures holding steady for most of the day. right now 55 degrees in philadelphia. low 50s in doylestown, in south philadelphia, 53, northeast philadelphia at the airport in roxborough in the middle 50s. there you can see the wind mills on the linc which we'll see sunshine for sunday's game. before we get there we're going to get a windy one. the winds picking up. 10:00 out of the west at 20 miles an hour. the strong winds carry us into the afternoon. clouds and some sunshine at 1:00 this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> so a few updates on construction here on the vine street expressway. at 24th street all lanes open now east and westbound so that's a good thing. we've had that closed between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. you can see cars heading westbound, and they removed the police blocking traffic so watch out for crews on the scene for that. watch for crews and cleanup. a thumbs up because this exit
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ramp is now not blocked. 95 southbound from the on ramp to street road was closed, they removed that blockage so good to go there. again watch out for crews. more construction as well. on route 1, southbound between quaker bridge road and 95 the right and center lanes are closed due to downed poles and wires from an accident. so a few lanes blocked there left and center. >> philadelphia police are investigating after two people with gun shots showed up at a hospital. someone drove the victims to einstein medical center where they are in critical condition. police say they were shot in the area of fifth and rockland in logan but they are having trouble finding a crime scene. officers are combing the area for clues. >> police are investigating a shooting in philadelphia's west oak lane area. a bullet grazed a man in the leg. he was able to walk to mcdonald's to get help. police found him in the parking lot. happening today, a secret service agent with white house
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clearance will face charges of sexting with teenage girls while he was on the job. the agent was arrested in delaware and that's where he will be in court later this morning. matt delucia is live in our digital operations center. matt, some of this allegedly happened when the guy was on duty at the white house. >> chris, that man has been suspended no longer working at the white house and it's the latest in a series of bad press for the secret service in the past few years. first, this is lee robert moore accused of texting and sending nude photos to who he thought was a 14-year-old girl. that was a delaware state police detective. now court documents show that moore allegedly communicated several times with underage girls through social media apps and the one that the police used is called kick. not a good time for the secret service as i mentioned between prostitutes and allegations of sexual misconduct the scandals are growing and the director has said that the secret service needs to be cleaned up. >> it's going to take time to
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change maybe some of this culture. our mission is too important for this to happen. it undermines my leadership and i won't stand for. >> lee robert moore has a court date later this morning. he has been suspended from the secret service, his security clearance was also pulled. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." fire officials will honor the first woman firefighter to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. commissioner will dedicate a memorial plaque in memory of joyce craig. she died from injuries suffered battling a house fire in december of last year. after her death the mayor promoted her to the rank of fire lieutenant. philadelphia police hope disvideo will help them catch a man suspected of killing a man at a bus stop. he's wanted for murdering william vaughn, stabbing him at a septa bulls stop, at broad and arch in september. police say the suspect could be
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homeless and say this video captures the man in the subway before the confrontation. in an interview the victim's mom talks about the pain of her loss. >> i'm waiting for any day now mom. >> the family told us they believe he was stabbed because he tried to intervene in a fight between the man and someone else. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> we now have the pictures of the man police say pretended to be a member of the military on veterans day. authorities in atlantic county charged michael quarter with violating the state's stolen valor act that makes it a crime to impersonate a military member or veteran. porter identified himself as a member of the u.s. army military police, was carrying a police radio, handcuffs and a handcuff key. >> a smack in the face to those
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who did serve for our country. >> men and women serving today, the veterans, you know, they are being recognized. who made the sacrifice. we have this gentleman who hasn't. >> the officer who arrested porter recognized him from unrelated dealings in town and knew he didn't serve in the military. a bucks county man is behind bars accused of posting bogus ads to craigslist to get revenge on a police officer. police say john d'angelo posted ads luring people to that officer's house at all hours of the night each ads he posted for sex, according to investigators he did this as payback because police cited his pawn shop in south hampton for violating federal laws. they say it didn't take long to figure out that d'angelo was the man behind the ads. >> retaliation against a witness is always extremely serious and we do not take it lightly. computers are traceable, phones are traceable. everything has records if you choose to do this, we're going to find you.
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>> court officials say d'angelo hasn't complied with his bail restrictions to turn over guns and until that happens he's >> a developing story, a pentagon official confirms a u.s. drone strike targeted a vehicle believed to be transporting the islamic state militant known as jihadi john. it's not known if the strike killed him. he's also known as mohammed emwazi. we saw the militant in a series of videos as an executioner believed involved in killing two u.s. journalists and u.s. aid worker. officials said he is a british citizen. >> a south jersey congressman returned from afghan. he went to get a look at the u.s. military strategy there, came away saying it's not time to pull troops out. and he says military leaders told him isis is just waiting for the u.s. troops to leave. we'll have more with congressman
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norcross sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press." today philadelphia is going green. not because of the eagles but because of the city's ongoing fight against litter and illegal dumping. the philadelphia streets department is celebrating america recycles day with the opening of its sixth sanitation convenience center. it's a new facility in port richmond at north delaware avenue between castor and lewis streets. it really will give uf easy access if you want to discard recyclable trash including electronic, tires, mattresses, and box springs. >> didn't you know delaware is listed as the most dangerous place in the country for pedestrians. today officials are doing something about that. highway safety leaders will discuss upcoming enforcement and education efforts in hopes of reducing pedestrian deaths and injuries on state roads. the say it's dangerous because
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of its divided highways. 8 minutes after 5:00. it's friday and it is a bit windy this morning. during the day today we will have gusty winds and that's going to keep our temperatures on the cool side. a cool day with readings in the 50s through the day. this weekend, though, it gets colder. especially on saturday. but sunday we'll see colder weather too. reading right now, clouds, 53 degrees, 55 with scattered clouds in philadelphia in the clear at cape may, 55 degrees. just about everybody is starting in the 50s this morning and everyone will feel the wind too. it's really just getting started. we'll see stronger winds this afternoon, this evening. in fact, parts of the area could see winds gusting to 50 of owe excuse me, 40 miles an hour. temperatures in the 50s, wind gusts at 26 miles an hour in the pocono mountain, that's lower than it was last hour when it was 33 miles an hour but it will
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blow clouds through the area. they are on the move already. we'll get breaks in the clouds so a bit of warm-up but not a huge one. clouds, sunshine, 48 degrees in the camelback, low 50s for fleetwood and pennsburg. sunshine will break through the clouds at times for bordentown, new hope and abington, 50s at the shore. warmer with bright sunshine through the day. avalon, cape may will warm up to 57. inland 56 for philadelphia. cooler for malvern and thorndale, wilmington 54. changes ahead for the weekend. the seven-day when i come back in ten minutes. >> we'll stand by for those changes. it's about ten minutes after 5:00. something to watch for headed out the door soon on one roadway. >> jessica boyington has that. where are we talking? >> we're in white moore township we have a downed tree at joshua road. with police activity there, an active on the scene directing
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traffic. you'll be fine when you head over that area. not a lot of traffic. the roads are green. for 295 out in west deptford around 644, southbound no problems from the 42 freeway in new jersey to the delaware memorial bridge. 23 minutes. and heading to delaware once you get there watch for construction on 495, the northbound ramp to terminal avenue, that will be closed throughout the end of november. when i come back we'll do another check on mass transit. >> thanks. this morning a new study shows an increasing number of children with autism. >> that's right. new data suggests more children now more than ever are being diagnosed on the autism spectrum. coming up the new information behind this new study as well as why some parents are pushing for the the diagnosis. >
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million student march. what these young demonstrators in philadelphia are fighting for.
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demanding change. sky force 10 was over center city philadelphia as a group of local college students marched through the streets in a call for financial help. yesterday's protest was part of the million student march. the group wants free college tuition, the minimum wage
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increased to $15 an hour and elimination of student debt. many tell us they are worried about the struggles to pay back student loans. >> it's fair. we shouldn't be in debt for trying to -- especially at this point college is a necessity. so if you're going to make it but you say it's a necessity but you can only go if you can pay then that canceled out so many people. >> protesters wanted to show solidarity with the students at the university of missouri. >> missouri has ignited a national movement from ithica college in new york to now yale. thousands across the country are standing with missouri after racially charged incidents renewed how colleges deal with diversity. mizzou named michael middleton as interim president until a permanent replacement can be found. middleton who is
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african-american takes over for tim wolfe who resigned on monday amid protests. >> the fight against autism may have taken a step back. new research suggests the disorder is on the rise and the number of diagnoses is higher than ever. katy zachry is live at children's hospital of philadelphia with a closer look at the numbers. >> reporter: we'll get into the reason behind the numbers in a minute. first, we're here at children's hospital because it's among one of the leaders in autism research. so this new information that's come out this morning will no doubt have an effect on the work that they do here. this new study shows that one in 45 children is diagnosed with autism. that they fall somewhere on the autism spectrum disorder. this is a rise from the old numbers where it was 1 in 68 children was diagnosed with autism. it's important to note this is the not because more children are suddenly affected by the disorder but over the years the definition of what conditions
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fall within the spectrum has broadened. >> we're asking questions better, and that people are aware of the diagnosis and using the label and perhaps this is a label or diagnosis being used. >> reporter: it's interesting to note that some experts say parents actually will push for an autism diagnosis because there is so much research and money in services that follows that kind of diagnosis. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." it's 5:16 and let's make sure the roads are clear. no one wants trouble on friday morning. getting to work. you want to get there. >> smooth ride. jessica boyington is watching 95. >> so fridays you are actual ly one of the lighter days of traffic. tuesday is the heaviest. i attribute that to weekends
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being longer for some. around girard avenue, into the vine street expressway we're at 13 minutes, in the green, no problem. southbound lanes in here action that's where you're headed to the center city area. no problem headed northbound. now we're on 95 in pennsylvania but we're going to move over to 95 in delaware right now where we do have construction on the northbound ramp to 896 northbound, that is closed this morning and a fly down 95, nothing's being set back there. northbound, southbound, 295 to 495, the most it's going to take you about 11 minutes and mass transit, a great alternate so far for the morning, if you don't want to get in your car, running on time with no reported delays. back in the next ten minutes and check on your morning traffic. 17 minutes after 5:00. a cool day, a little chilly this morning especially with the wind
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that is going to be ramping up this afternoon. dry right now though there are some scattered clouds in philadelphia. 55 degrees. the wind is out of the west at 13 miles an hour. we have seen some gusts this morning. right now actually winds taking a break and the flag, that's a temporary situation, we'll see strongest winds this afternoon and this evening. the temperatures that are in the 50s right now really aren't going to change much during the day even though we'll get sunshine, it's 55 in blue bell, cooler for eagleville and collegeville in the low 50s and pottstown at the airport this morning. sunshine and clouds, the clouds are already here. but we won't see wet weather during the day today. there is a chance parts of the area will see a shower tonight, however. we'll clear out, see some sunshine, and the temperatures stay in the 50s today. we'll be watching to the north, late tonight and early tomorrow morning. some scattered snow showers possible in the pocono mountains. but no accumulation expected.
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and they may be hard to find. sunshine, we'll see it today breaking through but the gusty winds will be keeping us cool today. low to mid-50s this afternoon. and colder tomorrow, especially the wind, 39 in the morning, 51 the high temperature most of the day, the wind chill readings in the low 40s on saturday. then the wind dies down late saturday, making for a colder morning sunday. a pretty good warm-up for the eagles game on sunday. sunshine near 60 degrees in the afternoon. and monday we'll see sunny skies, look at the temperature, rebounding into the 60s for monday, tuesday, and even warmer on thursday, a chance of showers. >> with temps like that it's hard to believe that winter is around the corner. here is one sure sign it is coming. snow plows getting maintenance in delaware. nbc 10 was in middletown new castle county as workers were inspecting making sure they have all of the gear they need for the winter. officials say regular maintenance is the key for keeping the plows on the road
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and they are also urging drivers to be careful when the first snow starts to fall. with winter on the way, this is a good time to check out glenn "hurricane" schwartz's long range winter forecast. it includes how much snow we're going to get and which month will be the snowiest. i read it on and i kind of like what glenn is saying about our chances of getting a lot of snow this winter. look for that on and the nbc 10 app. you know air b and b played a role in people finding a place to stay when the pope was in town. the company is trying to make it more profitable. next, supply and demand. the pricing changes on air bnb that gives renters more input. and faster than a speeding bullet, how plans for a bullet train are getting off the ground in this area that could make your weekend trips to new york a lot quicker.
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campbell's soup is recalling spaghettios because of a potential choking hazard. pieces of plastic have been found in some cans. it involves 355,000 cans. the 14.2 ounce ones product date of february 22, 2017, return to the store and you'll get a refund. >> airbnb has a new tool that
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allows hosts to set prices. landon dowdy is here with details. good morning. >> hey tracy, good friday morning. airbnb will offer variable pricing a move that could generate more cash for the company and its hosts. reports say it will adjust room prices based on real time changes in demand, prices could be lower on week days but rise if there is a convention in town. hosts will be able to set minimum and maximum prices. it works with philadelphia officials during the pope's visit in september. the city changed the zoning regulations so rentals could be in residential areas and there was 8% hotel tox on the rentals. on wall street stocks may struggle after the market fell on thursday. futures are lower, the index is back in the red for the year. on a sharp drop in oil prices, gold hitting the lowest since 2010 and differing comments from several fed officials about the
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need for a rate hike next month. look for data on retail sales and inflation. the dow falling 254 points to 17448, the nasdaq losing 61 to 5005. >> thanks. have a nice weekend. >> 5:25. 55 degrees. we're in the 50s now and will likely stay in the 50s thanks to this. the wind. that is going to get stronger during the day. gusty winds and that's going to make for a colder weekend too. your hour by hour forecast ahead. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> we're looking live around route 100 at route 30 so. no problems here through the intersection. but that's not the same story across the board. >> i'm matt delucia, a secret service agent is off the job this morning amid allegations that he sent nude photos and text messages to underage girls.
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that coming up. >> plus, on the run. philadelphia police are looking for one of the two men who they say shot a man to death hours ago in the city. we'll tell you how officers caught the other person they believe was involved.
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sexting sting. a secret service agent charged with protecting the white house is at the center of a scandal in delaware. >> and tragedy in the streets. unconscious man lying in the road and a driver coming down the street, what police are saying about the bystanders who tried to help. >> and we expect to get hit with some gusty winds today. look at those. really moving on top of lincoln financial field. we'll tell you what you need to know as you head out and we'll look at some cooler weather on the way. it's 5:29. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. you have wind turbines on your property, then you'll be getting a lot of power today. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with his first alert forecast that includes the strong breezes. >> it's going to be a windy one and hold our temperatures in the 50s which is where we're starting off this morning. the wind is blowing, the strongest winds wilt be this afternoon. right now 13 miles an hour in philadelphia, a little stronger
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for wildwood but at the shore we could see winds of 40 miles an hour. that's all going to combine to keep our temperatures in the 50s. 55 in philadelphia. we'll likely come down a little before sunrise, then come back up in the middle 50s by 10:00 this morning, look at the winds, steady at 20 miles an hour with higher gusts, and the winds will blow some clouds through the area at 1:00 this afternoon. 56 degrees. the stronger winds later today and some chillier weather for the weekend. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in 10 minutes. it's a friday. jessica boyington has your traffic. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway. we're okay around 202 so westbound drive times from the vine street to the blue route, average 62 miles per hour. you can see east or westbound no problems and i checked in with the eastbound drive time as well, we're pretty much at the same speed right now. if you're heading out in whitemarsh township, blocked at joshua road with a fallen tree. police actit


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