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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 16, 2015 3:01am-4:01am EST

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did you figure out our game of guess who? the bronx born two-time emmy nominee who played on j.lo's block, passed on yale, married jamie foxx, tied the knot with her nfl beau is none other than scandal stark kerry washington. >> are she and fitz done? so many questions. >> kerry washington looking like a boss in hugo boss. >> how are you? >> i'm well. extra exclusive, kerry taking a
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break from the drama on scandal and revealing some spoiler alerts. >> honestly the next two episodes were possibly the most difficult episodes i've ever had to film. >> but no matter how bad things get on the show -- >> all of this is on you. >> oh, i don't think so. >> when the cast hits the town they're all smiles. >> i know. >> no, no. the hardest acting i have to do is being mad at tony. >> her costars cheering her on at the aclu bill of rights dinner where she was honored for her activism. >> i so admire the aclu and their work. and to here and be included in tonight's program is such a thrill. >> next up for kerry a little time off as scandal goes on a winter break. but don't expect her to take it easy. you're always super busy on your
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time off. your next time off, do you plan on doing nothing in the holidays? >> what is that? that's like a weird phrase i've never heard of, doing nothing? >> i don't think you have it in you. >> no way. >> first, brace yourselves for what could be splitsville between fitz and olivia. in a little more than a year the obama administration will say farewell to the white house. michelle obama is continuing to lend a hand to those in need. >> extra thank you for getting the word out about let girls learn. >> first lady michelle obama's historic trip to the middle east, extra invited along for an exclusive sitdown interview. speaking at the y summit here in qatar the mother of two teenage girls telling us her mission to educate girls world wide is
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personal. >> everywhere i go i meet these amazing young girls who are hungry for an education. >> opening up about growing up in chicago. >> i grew up in a working class family that valued education. >> and it led her all the way to 1600 pennsylvania avenue and after seven years in the white house she still looks back at day one in disbelief. >> oh, it was so surreal. one minute you're standing next to your spouse taking the oath and then you're in the white house and your head is spinning and you don't know where your shoes are and what door is the bathroom. and we were doing that while trying to get kids started in a new school and making sure they were getting their homework on time. so it really took me a couple of months to even breathe deeply and to realize oh my god we're in the white house. >> it's time to get ready to go back to a world outside the spotlight. >> i'm trying to keep my regular life mojo up.
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>> she says it's the little things in life she misses. >> walking outside by myself, going into a grocery store and picking out my own apple and checking it out and reaching into my pocket and pulling out my wallet. i don't even know where my wallet is right now. i don't think i've seen it all day. i think it will be a few years after we leave that i'll have a chance to reflect and think about this time. it's been a gift for me and my family. it's been an honor to serve. >> michelle obama will continue to serve the girls throughout the world who aren't getting an education. >> the world can't afford to lose that energy, that promise. >> now, to the other side of the aisle, mario is talking movies and politics right now with one of his idols clint eastwood. >> the outlaw josie whales. dirty harry. extra exclusive with living legend clint eastwood, the
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hollywood icon and famed republican opening up about the race for president. >> you're a fellow conservative in hollywood like myself. >> we'll both be drummed out. we'll never work again. >> what are your thoughts on the republican field right now? >> i think there's quite a few of them that are good people. i think people are looking for somebody who's outspoken and who isn't afraid. and he seems to have kind of a fearless attitude. i like ben carson because he's kind of a common sense guy. anyone of them would be better than what we've got. >> are you planning on attending the gop convention? >> i don't know. >> clint busy right now directing sully right now with tom hanks, the drama about the pilot who made the miracle landing on the hudson river. >> on the universal lot where i
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started out in 1953. >> is there a chance we might see you in front of the camera soon? >> maybe someday somebody will get up with a really good role that fits my curmudgeon personality. >> the eastwood rarvench foundan is run by his daughter allison. >> we rescue dogs and cats and find them forever homes. >> i've had everything from pot bellied pigs to lab rats. >> is it true you're allergic to horses? >> when i turned 40 for some reason i started getting a lot of allergieallergies. >> clint back in the saddle. what is your favorite western of yours. at extra coming up, the beauty blog. derek jeter's super model fiance
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hannah davis showing off her enormous engagement bling. what she just revealed about their big day. then tyra living the fab life. what had her losing it onset. plus the victoria's secret models s and the kardashians, n.
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well, when it comes to beauty, business, fashion, food or design, she has got you covered. please welcome my girl tyra banks. how are you beautiful? please have a seat. great to see you. are you having fun on fab life? >> we're having a ball. >> they're also keeping it real. tyra opening up to me about the emotional revelation she made on the show about her struggle to have a baby. >> it's like, okay, now i want to and it's not so easy. it wasn't a planned topic. i just kind of shared and got emotional. it's like what's happening. we actually stopped down for 20 minutes and then decided to continue. >> you were so in the moment. >> yeah. >> are you open to adopting? >> do you need to be adopted? i've always been open to everything, adoption, having my own. i'm open to it all. >> america's next top model,
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final season. >> now it looks like our studio partner is kind of taking some more research just to see how much people want this. i don't know. maybe there will be more. we'll see. >> top model friday nights on the cw. please be sure to watch tyra in fab life weekdays. check your local listings, everyone. it's the most watched fashion spectacle in the world and with all eyes on the victoria's secret fashion show, of course the kardashian's had to make an appearance. >> hi guys. i'm kendall. i'm very excited. >> extra exposing all of victoria's secrets from the sexiest show on earth. no surprise bigger than this. kris jenner and her excaitlyn together hugging it all out.
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front and center even though kendall revealed this secret to extra. >> i told the rest of the family to stay back. it's like too much pressure. >> red hot and blue the next, revealing these preshow butterflies. >> i almost cried in my first fitting. >> her bff gigi hadid also working the runway. >> it's great because we got to support each other and give each other some little tips. >> the two celebrating off the runway. yolanda foster spilling this secret, her daughter was rejected twice before landing a spot in this year's show. selena gomez performing and fangirling. and making this confession. >> i did have mcdonald's this morning. i actually got it sent here to the victoria's secret show. adriana lima and behati prinsloo
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exposing their routines. >> i've been working out for like three months for this. >> cutting out sodas and hamburgers, all the good stuff. she is no stranger to fashion or gracing the covers of magazines. with me now hannah davis. hello gorgeous. first of all, let's get it out of the way. got to hand it over. well done, sister. he did good. he of course being derek jeter. were you completely surprised? >> yes, yes, i was. i didn't see that one coming. >> now you're going to get the questions, when's the wedding? >> i don't know anything yet. we're trying to enjoy this stage. we're so private with everything that we'll be super secretive about when, where all that stuff. >> and then it's my job to ask you a hundred questions and you guys pretend it's somewhere else. you are a busy woman. >> i am. >> project runway junior.
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tell us what this is about. >> it's essentially the same show as project runway but our designers are 13 to 17 years old. i never thought i'd host anything in my life because i'm a little bit terrified of the cameras. you have no idea. i am having a heart attack inside. >> no no. you make a living in front of the camera. >> but normally when we're doing shoots and stuff there's like three people onset. >> you've done plenty of stuff with us before. >> so here's what's coming up next on "extra." >> nailed it. coming up, dennis quaid reveals the troouth about his ge viral freakout. and why his new gig as a cut throat billionaire sound familiar. oscar winning beauty jennifer connolly revealing the one thing keeping her out of
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comedies. >> my husband and my kid and probably other people make fun of me sometimes. plus we're at the voice
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welcome back to "extra." while everyone has been talking about gwen and blake and gwen and gavin and the nanny, they just want to talk business. >> i am having a really good time, yes. >> their first voice red carpet since going public as a two-some. gwen steps away from blake shining in a sequinned minidress. literally dancing around the gwen and blake questions. >> my team is better than ever. >> that's it? that's the reason you're having more fun? >> i got a little bit of a raise. absolutely i'm having more fun.
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>> is there a particular reason your smile is bigger? >> that's weird. >> here we go. adam playing protective brother. gwen and blake having fun playing avoid the question. again, one thing blake will admit to having a blast fuelling his feud with adam while taking his new girlfriend's side. >> crazy. >> i can't stand blake. >> he really loves to get under adam's skin. >> i was irritating the crap out of him. literally eats the guy alive. it's why i do this job. >> another thing eating adam up, not being in new york last night to watch his super model wife behati prinsloo walk the victor victoria's secret catwalk. all right. time for a little pop quiz. the film is the 1986 cult
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classic labyrinth starring david bowie and this future oscar winner. >> that's jennifer connolly. >> she's got those distinct eyebrows. i loved her being locked up in a target at night and roller skating around. academy award winner jennifer connolly is one of the most beautiful women in hollywood. >> they're quite stern looking brows, right? >> revealing why her trademark eyebrows are keeping her from getting a starring role in a comedy. >> even when i'm thinking i look a little bit cross sometimes. >> her new drama shelter. directed by husband paul bettany, jennifer says there was no drama behind the scenes. >> we didn't really butt heads. no juicy gossip. >> i tried to give her as much
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comfort and security in that. the moment i started writing it, i began to see her in the role. >> connell lolly transformed in homeless heroin addict. >> i was that guy who would step over a homeless person and go onto the lavish excitement of my movie star life. it's funny because i wasn't raised like that. >> connolly a mother of three revealing how emotional she got dropping her oldest off at college. >> not polite crying. it was full on, wow, something's really really wrong here. >> see the tears flow, shelter in theaters now. well, they star in the series all about the cut throat high stakes world of new york auction houses. the hype campaign for quaid's the art of more started with
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this wild gone viral melt down. that had everyone wondering for days if it was a pr stunt or a full-on freakout. >> i'd done this skit for funny or die which turned out to be a spoof. it was fun. >> the world of art auctions can get real shady. . >> some of my collections didn't come through the normal channels. >> it's fruitful ground for drama. >> betrayal, greed. >> it's a famous blond billionaire that may have influenced quaid's new role. >> you were sort of influenced by donald trump. >> he just happens to be a reality mogul in new york city who has aspirations for political office. >> congratulations on the show, guys. >> thank you. >> you can check out all episodes of the art of more on
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crackle. coming up, the house that's all air. >> this is probably the sports and entertainment estate in the world. >> inside air jordan's estate and it significant price tag. then michael keaton's passion project. why he may be looking at a second straight oscar nomination. but who's not on his must-see list. >> i'm not going to use the word or the name. next. but right now the first ever awards kicked off in hollywood. these unsung character actors the inaugural honorees. they are the best friend, the sidekick, the crazy uncle, the awards appropriately ana lly nar
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art carney. the whole show is executive produced by his son brian and elvis duran.
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welcome back to "extra." now get out your checkbook. we're taking you on a little star reality tour of the house that pretty much invented the term baller. >> he's number 23, air jordan. some even call him the greatest basketball player of all time. now the retired star is letting go of his highland park, illinois, mega mansion. >> this is the house that he built during his years of success. >> this is the house that mj built, seven acres, 56,000 square feet. nine bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms. that's just the basics. >> with the way this property is created, it's a neighborhood within a neighborhood. >> it's big. >> the agent giving me the dpragrand
3:26 am
tour. >> he wanted to create a place where he could get away from society. when he retreated home he wanted to have every amenity for him and his family. >> this fully equipped gym got him and his teammates in tiptop shape. >> they had what was called the breakfast club. and he started inviting his teammates to come and train with him. that was the year before they won their first championship. >> he had his own card room. and check out his regulation basketball court. >> you are buying a peace of history. this is the preeminent sports and intentertainment estate in world. >> if you want to be like mike, live in the house that mike built. >> from air jordan to bird man michael keaton may be heading for his second straight oscar nomination with his powerful new film. based on the true story of the
3:27 am
team of journalists that blew the hid off the catholic church sex scandal. >> it's rare that you get to be in a film that has the potential to have this kind of impact and mean something. we've got two stories here. >> critics already buzzing this performance could land keaton his second consecutive oscar nomination. you went through all of this last year. >> yeah. >> are you ready to go through it again? >> sure. >> he's really focused on the presidential race. >> you have been enjoying watching the debates? >> oh yeah, in that really great and horrible kind of way where you kind of can't believe what you're seeing and hearing. >> as a journalist, what would you ask donald trump? >> i'm going to be honest with you, i've avoided this person in particular because i'm not going to honor even using the word or the name.
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>> next up, keaton tackles another real life role based on the founder of mcdonald's founder ray crock. >> it's really an interesting story. another true story comes to life on the broadway stage. new yorkers are still buzzing about opening night for the new musical on your feet, the story of dplgloria and emilio estefan. the couple behind the musical on your feet named after one of gloria's biggest hits. ♪ get on your feet >> we went for the things that tie us together as human beings, the same struggles, the same loves, the things that we all care about no matter where you're from.
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>> we're extremely happy. >> daughter emily playing a special role. >> i think this play is about giving a lot of people opportunities that haven't had many. >> the one song that's the most pivotal and emotional song in the whole play, she wrote the music. she wrote it while she was a freshman in high school. it is time for shop the scoop. what do we have today? >> this week we have some unique gift ideas for the holidays. first up these hand made necklaces. you will be amazed at how easy to wear these are and customizable charms. they start at 19 bucks. let's move onto the music lover that you may know. this is a great gift idea. a portable bluetooth speaker by super sonic. the great thing when you're streaming music if you get a
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. extra extra. well, when it comes to your health and well-being they are two of the most trusted names out there. please welcome doctor and lisa oz. big month. a lot of big folks on. >> you created this wonderful foundation, it's called bobbi chr kristina's veserenity house. >> christie brink brinkley open
3:35 am
about life with rock stars. >> i do like them. >> it's food that's good for you but tastes amazing. >> she knows he's horrible in the kitchen, but how well does she really know her husband of 30 years. time for the not so newlywed game. >> what was his favorite movie? >> godfather. >> yeah. >> shrek. >> what's courtney's favorite show? >> anything real housewives. >> i would say game of thrones. >> yeah! >> i've survived so far. >> i'm come to realize that mrs. oz and i would be a great couple. >> now we have broken up two marriages. thank you so much for playing the not so married game anymore. . now to another doctor looking to help you improve your
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health and diet, his number one tip? get off your asset. >> a lot of people think that fat makes you fat, but it's not true. if you're putting healthy fats into your body, it's actually going to help your body lose weight. so the best thing about living an alkaline diet is when you start to put these foods into your body, the fat cells literally shed away. >> kelly ripa praising the diet. >> it's changed the whole way i think about food. it's a very manageable cleanse. i actually eat much more on this cleanse than i do in my normal life. i think it's responsible for me not being in pain. >> but this is still kind of a diet. so what should you avoid? >> things like coffee and processed foods and meat and
3:37 am
dairy and gluten and trans fatty acids. >> then what should you eat? >> spinach and call and grapefruits and avocados and limb months and limes. almonds a almonds. >> use the 80-20 rule in favor of alkaline foods. now from the runway to the red carpet, no one's more dialled into the fashion world than instyle's hal rubenstein. >> fashion isn't just about lackilack i looking good, it can inspire how we feel. his new book the looks of love. >>. >> the famous put a ring on it
3:38 am
video. the great thing at the end of that video, she kind of gives it away. the glove she's wearing reveals a 17 carat ring. mr. big is not her big love. new york city is her big love. what she did to transform the perception of new york from this dark scary like dangerous place into this place where magic happens. >> you said you had a view, not the view. >> the most popular tourist attraction in america. >> the looks of love available now. now let's get to all the celebrity news making headlines. it's this weekend's extra extra. hello mr. dicaprio. leonardo the man of the hour at the first-ever sag foundation gala. scand leonardo given the actor's
3:39 am
inspiration award. tyra banks fab life family is getting bigger and she scant wait to meet her cohost chrissy teigen's bundle of joy. former cosby kid mall con jamal warner fighting to protect his classic '80s sit come in the wake of the scandal. >> it's still an important part of our meramerican culture. modern family is paying it forward. ty helping young people in foster care via the kids in the spotlight initiative. the program funds kids in group homes to write their own short films. go to kids in the mixologist has create add
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five star cocktail menu that will quench your vegas thirst. >> this bar is located right smack dab in the middle of the casino so it's very interactive. we are tieing in social media to encourage our guests. >> stop by and post a pick of any of their exclusive drinks including her signature cocktail the bubbly black rose. >> his new album tangled up and his new single crash and burn. >> it's kind of like a mix tape, man. there's not really any two songs that sound similar to each other. >> the lopezs are here to celebrate the launch of my tequi tequila. >> it was a fiesta with my best friends from my new brand.
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os ka oscar de la hoya. >> that was an experience. . >> see party highlights this season on the
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closed captioning and other consideration for extra provided by --
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that's going to do it for this weekend's "extra." we leave you with a sneak peak of the return of johnny depp as the mad hatter in the through the looking glass. >> please, sir, the hatter is in danger. >> young lady, your time is up. >> this cannot be good. ♪ ♪ >> hello, ellis. ♪
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there can k be peace and security in the region and less lessening the threat -- >> would you trump donald trump or ben carson right now. >> some of the words they're speaking are concerning me, but that's why we have campaigns. i'm more currented about hillary clinton saying the united states leadership doesn't have a role in this. >> so you agree with governor o'malley? >> about what? >> that america's leadership role. that they have to, that this is america's fight more so than the world's fight.
3:47 am
>> it is both. and i think governor o'malley probably agrees with me. if he is suggesting that we need to lead, kudos to him. we cannot lead from behind. we need to inspire our arab partners and the european countries, the n.a.t.o. allies, all of them. unleash a strategy on isis. >> let me go to the refugee issue, should we still try to accept some syrian refugees and what do you do with them? >> the majority need to be safely kept in syria. we need to build a coalition that can fight assad and isis. i think our focus ought to be on the christians that have no place in syria any more.
3:48 am
they're being beheaded and executed by both sides. ultimately the best way is to have a strategy to take out isis and assad. >> it will mean some boots on the ground. >> absolutely and it should be designed by our military without their hands tied. we ought to know exactly what it will take and we can't do it alone. that is an important lesson from history, but we need to lead. who will take the leadership role? i think having a no fly zone will be an important part of this. there are many other things we need to do in won sert with our allied. >> okay, governor bush, thank you, stay safe on the trail, sir. let's get quick reaction from the panel.
3:49 am
>> i heard an attack against hillary clinton, he is opened up some lines for the republicans to jump in. you know, she refused to talk about radical islam. he is said it is not necessarily america's lead. i also heard her say that she disagreed with the president about containment. >> you were whispering when i asked the question about donald trump. >> i can here the bush advisors saying just say no, donald trump. >> it is absurd. he is making the argument that these people are not equipped with the knowledge or experience. and they say would you trust him and the appropriate answer is no. frankly what is interesting is i think he will also expand that argument. it's not just carson and trump, it's people like ted cruz who refuse to, for example, back the
3:50 am
enforcement of the redline. who is opposed to putting ground troops in the united states. called syria a civil war. there are some candidates, not just the most extreme, but a variety of other candidates that are vulnerable. i think jeb bush will exploit that and really put it to -- >> what he is seeing is what happens when you go after donald trump. >> and there is a large portion of the republican electorate that doesn't want to put boots on the ground. >> about 67% are in favor. >> there are estimates that it would take 30,000 to 40,000 troops, boots on the ground. people, not just boots, people to get rid of isis. that's the private assessment. they say 30,000 to 40,000. somebody has to come up with those troops.
3:51 am
who is it supposed to be. the answer is if you decide to do it, it will be the united states. >> assess what you heard on the policy front, michael lighter. what did you hear from governor bush that you would say what do you think he got right and wrong? >> i think two key points, one assad remains the core of this problem. until we have a good strategy to get rid of assad and think about what comes after, isis will continue to prosper. he is the root of the problem. second is many of the policies he suggested, those are hard. you have russian planes flying combat missions. advance russian weapon systems, our ability to operate is that much less. >> what we have learned, whoever said politics stops at the water's edge needs a gps. it is obviously not.
3:52 am
this is another example of when we will find out if the law of gravity has been repealed. if there is one thing you could drive people away from people like trump and carson, is that there is a serious threat. every time we made that assumption, up to and including that thursday night lonesome roads face in the crowd rant, it turned out the voters said no. >> very briefly, talking today, you heard that i'm talking about getting nato involved, russia is in the air and you can't have them in the same region at the same time. and if assad is not going to go, we'll let him say. >> you brought up the rant. let me show this. before paris, i think there was some people that thought is this the beginning of the end. sheer what trump did to carson. >> he took a knife and he went
3:53 am
after a friend. and he lunged that life into the stomach of his friend. but it hit the belt. give me a break. >> he also cursed. he insulted iowa voters. >> and he said that -- i think that jeb bush, the other folks making some of these arguments, are really going to have to man up. i think when donald trump says something like this, you don't really hear from the bush campaign a response. >> but the key to this thing, and i think we have been missing this for months, is that for the trump supporters, they say fine, look what the experts did.
3:54 am
and that in some ways ends the argument. >> i'm going to pause the argument and when we come back we'll have more on the democratic debate last night. - you set rules around the house, right? so set rules for your kids when they go online: don't be a cyberbully. no racy selfies. and remember everyone can see everything you post, even grandma. rules keep kids safe online. the more you know.
3:55 am
the panelists here, more on the democratic debate, let's play the clip first. this is hillary clinton, getting attacked by bernie sanders for taking so many donations on wall street, here was her rebuttal to sanders. >> i represented new york on 9/11 when we were attacked. where were we attacked? we were attacked in downtown manhattan where wall street is. i spent time for them rebinding. it was good for new york, for the economy, and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists that attacked our country. >> a 9/11 defense. it reminds you of rudy giuliani
3:56 am
when he was running for president. >> does this matter? i want to show a quick excerpt of after democratic focus group quickly last night on who do you trust on terrorism. >> of the three candidates on the stage, who do you feel is most capable of dealing with issues like terrorism. how many say o'malley? how many say sanders? how many say hillary? the entire group. >> well, that kind of says -- >> these are democratic voters. >> he is was secretary of the state, she speaks about it knowledgeably. >> i think these are democratic voters, and of the three, they have a point. the question is in a general
3:57 am
campaign, does someone like a chris christie take her on and say madame secretary, you were secretary of state, you said al-qaeda was on the run. and he she better have a better explanation. >> people feel threatened. the political compass tends to swing right and to swing to secure. the fact that he is was there, whatever the merits, compared to her opponented and most of the republicans, is an advantage. but i do agree once again that the -- or at least i think we have to hold our fire. i keep thinking through this entire campaign it is possible that all of the laws of political gravity are in suspension. if that is the case you may find people saying the insiders didn't know what they were doing. >> michael lighter you worked
3:58 am
with her in moments like this. he is was stronger than the president. from a counter terrorism perspective broadly, the bin laden raid and others, i think he is was strong. i think he is understands the limits of u.s. power. he is is more hawkish than the opportunity president. >> one counter intuitive theory is that in times of crisis, we don't know whether voters will go for the big strong man theory, and donald trump, for his lack of experience in this field, may be appealing to people. the laws of conventional experience and gravity may not hold. >> we don't know how personally threatened voters feel, either. we were making assumptions, and i kind of, you know, i really felt what happens in paris a
3:59 am
lot. i'm just not sure how part-time are going to feel about it this year. >> did everything change, jeff? >> erg changes. for 48 hours. >> only time will tell. and another serious point, the one word that no one should use about this attack is senseless. they knew precisely what they were doing. >> it was not random. >> and i think the problem that hillary will have, he is is more hawkish, but he is she is in a democratic primary. does she continue -- >> thank all we have for today. we'll see you next week if it is sunday, it is "meet the press."
4:00 am
as paris begins its third official day of mourning today, sadness turns to terror for a crowd at a memorial there. the city of light is on edge again after firecrackers send people running for their lives. france's most wanted. right now ap international man hunt for salah abdeslam. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. we'll have live coverage of the terror in paris in a moment. first, the weather and after a gorgeous sunday here the work week is off to a cool start. we take a live look at boathouse row. temperatures warmo


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